Please Make The Pain Go Away!

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Preston dribbling2

As the basketball game heated up and the man-to-man coverage got up close and personal, he took an elbow to the ear. Seconds later his world went silent on the trauma side. Stunned, he continued to play and pointed to his ear as he ran down the court telling his coach about the situation.

“I can’t hear in my left ear!”

Wait, what? I read his lips from the stands and wondered if I accurately interpreted what my son had just communicated. (My stomach did the I-hate-when-my-kids-get-hurt twist.)

Preston shooting2

“I think he just told coach that he can’t hear out of his left ear!?” I said to the friend beside me.

My guess proved to be accurate.

Preston came out of the game and spoke with the athletic trainer. She listened to the recap of what happened, evaluated his ear, and then allowed him to go back in the game since he wasn’t in pain and no bleeding was visible. He finished the game in an oddly muted reality.

Preston BB running

We got home late with our tall, tired teen and decided that we would get him in to see a doctor if his hearing didn’t come back or improve by the next day.

Morning did not bring the healing we had hoped for so we headed to the urgent care.

The doctor listened to the accident recap and then looked inside Preston’s ear. He saw through the tympanic membrane and quickly identified the source of the silence: bloody fluid had puddled on the other side of his eardrum due to the blunt force of the trauma.

THE BAD NEWS? There was no immediate solution for the hearing loss. An invasive procedure could be done by a specialist, but wasn’t recommended.

THE GOOD NEWS? He said that Preston’s hearing should return and his ear will eventually heal. His body will absorb the fluids over time. We’d just have to wait. It could take a few days. Possibly even a few months.

Preston dribbling

The diagnosis was as much sweet as it was bitter, but honestly we were hoping for a quicker solution. A speedier healing. A faster resolve.


Make the pain go away, Lord! Now. Now. NOW!

I like things to happen right away. {You too?}

When our hearts are wounded from unexpected relationship traumas, we want to click a simple prayer button and make everything whole and well.

When questions are many and answers are few we want vision for a mile but often get just enough sight for the next step.

When our over spending choices slash us like falling prices, we try to throw a little sanitizing scripture on the gash of our debt and get out of it in the microwave minute of extended credit.

Preston shooting

But life doesn’t work that way. Freedom doesn’t work that way. Quick faith fixes are not a biblical guarantee. Healing often takes time… and sometimes it doesn’t look like we want it to look. The way we think it should look.

Yes. God does sometimes rescue and bring us healing immediately, but He’s not obligated to. He’s God, He’s able, and He’s sovereign. Remembering this helps me to trust Him when life gets scary and stressful. {Tweet this!}

I think on this and a barrage of questions flood my mind.

Are there really life-impacting lessons to be learned in this lingering?

What if God wants to use the strains, stains and disappointments we face to refine us – restore us – strengthen us – and to draw us to His side in the desperation?

What if God’s plan is to teach us to know Him in new ways as we struggle to hear, to hope, and to heal?

What if instant healing or quick answers would rob me of greater depth?

If these “what if” wonderings are on point then I’m all for the waiting. Because I really do want to be a woman of depth. Don’t you? Isn’t that what faith is all about? The assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen? (Hebrews 11:1)

If I always get what I hope for right away and can always see clearly, then how will my faith grow?

While Preston waited on his healing I prayed that the lessons we learned would be rich along the way. In the waiting of each trial, you and I will grow in faith as we lean in closely to listen to the whispers of the One who is compassionate, faithful, and trustworthy.


Please forgive me for the times when I tell You how to fix me.
You are the all-knowing One. You are the all-powerful One.
You are the God of all wisdom, grace, compassion and strength.
I need You, Lord, and I choose right now to trust the plan of
healing You have for me and for my loved ones. Thank You, Father.

In Jesus’ name, amen.



Read Hebrews 11 and take a walk down history’s holy halls of faith.

Write a “by faith” statement for your life. What would you like to be written about you in the archives of humanity? {Share your “by faith” statement with me in the comments section!}

Can’t wait to read what you share!



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  1. By Faith I know that in GOD’s timing all things will work out for my good. And that I know God WILL!! And that GOD will get the glory out of me.

  2. My faith statement is that God put an annointing on the desires of my heart and use me ro reach out to those who are hurting in ways that he has healed me that I am able to encourage people, that I use my story ro give others hope, that I was able to change at least 1 persons heart and direct them towards Jesus.

  3. By faith I am trusting you Lord to bring me through this horrible challenging and awful time. I heard your instruction and I have been obedient. I am broken, I hurt and I am in pain. But more than that I trust you and by doing the godly thing instead of what I wanted, I believe you will take care of me. Amen.

  4. Faith statement
    To encourage others & share the love of Jesus.
    After reading all this comments there are so many of these issues i’ve been thru & still dealing with other issues. To each of you never give up hope. Jesus promised He would always be with us. My heart goes out to each of you & I wish I could just give you a big hug! I know there will be times you feel alone, afraid & overwhelmed. Sometimes I have to go minute by minute but you will overcome!
    Prayers for all of you!!!


  5. By Faith, Trust, and Prayer- I have become clouded in all of my tragedies.. When will I begin to see the brightness, of the sun? I have strength, I have determination, I have the fight, still left in me… But, when am I going to see God’s work??? I’ve been robbed of a life!!! No one would ever want to walk in my shoes… Including, ME. SORRY!!!

    1. Charly
      I’m so sorry that you’ve gone thru & still are going thru a lot. It can feel quite lonesome especially if you have no one to share or talk to. I can completely relate. I have been thru some very tough things the past several years &have felt no one could possibly understand. I felt alone & afraid & I didn’t know how to find any peace or how to apply anything I read. I was so consumed with my situation. I’m sure you can understand & relate. Little by little I have regained peace in certain areas but it is definitely an on going struggle to hang on to. I hope this my help you. Just to let you know your not alone & things will get better. You can send me an email if you would like to talk or call me but be sure to leave message so I know who is calling. I will be praying for you & hang in there! It will get better.


    2. Charly,
      When I read ur words “I’ve been robbed of a life”, I get taken back to when my words were the same. But have cheer because what someone has taken from u, Jesus can & will give it back to u multiplied 10×!! U must not look at ur past or present circumstances in a negative way if u want to heal and move past it. We do not understand why we endure bad things but I have become a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and everything can work to the benefit of us as I let go of the pain anger and disappointment I held in my heart and realized that I could take my pains of life and use them to help.others that are experiencing what we have. I truly believe that some times we go threw things so that God can use us to help others. Chin up and I hope that this encourages you some!!

  6. By faith, God’s plan and purpose for me here on earth will be done, to change me from the inside out and to help me to love more like Jesus in this world that is filled w so much hate and division.
    By faith, I will trust my God to bring harmony back in my family.
    By faith, my daughter will be heal and free from her anxiety and hope for her to believe that he is Lord of all.
    By faith, my husband’s health condition will be heal and also for him to learn and believe God is our Savior and healing father.
    By faith, my son to believe in himself more and in God. For him to know he is loved by a God who is mighty, wonderful and he has a plan for him because he knows of the kind n loving ways he has. Lord touch his loving heart in ways to change others at the way they may look at themselves. Use him to do your will on this earth.
    By faith, I believe in God who every day reminds me, he will not forsake me or abandon me. He is a God of awesome power and no matter what others think or say I will continue to praise and worship him all of the days of my life for he is my strength and my rock. Amen

  7. By faith I held on to my marriage after infidelity had torn it into a million tiny pieces. I spent time praying, reading, crying and pleading with God to show me what to do. After 6 years of highs and very dark lows I finally was able to forgive and let it go because I never lost my faith. Oh it was so small at times you couldn’t have seen it with the naked eye. All the books I read stated “Our marriage is better than ever” and my response was “Bull”. I got to the end of my rope one day, left my home not knowing where I was going just knew I couldn’t go on like I was. I ended up spending 24 hours by myself in a hotel 150 miles away and this is when I heard God tell me not to give up. I bought the book “The Power of the Praying Wife” devouring it in just a few days. I can now say our marriage is better than ever. We are going to celebrate our 35 years together in a couple weeks. No matter much pain you are in never let go of your faith. Our God is an awesome God.

  8. By Faith Statement

    By faith, I will trust that God has a plan despite the disease my Dad and Mom face and fight every day. By faith, I will choose to believe that you love them and have a good plan for them even in the face of Parkinson’s. By faith, I will continue to ask that you heal my father of this disease, and even if you don’t I will continue to love and honor and trust you.

    By faith, I will believe that you have the best plan for my life even if you never give me an earthly husband. By faith, I will believe that you will bring me together with an earthly husband if that’s in your will.

    By faith, I will choose to believe that you will always provide for my every need and take care of me in every way.

  9. By faith in my God of mercy and grace, I can face each day with assurance that I am not alone as I encounter life’s obstacles and joys. Looking for God in the trials, I grow in faith and allow others see God’s grace through me. Appreciating God’s blessings fills me with the joy He promises to each of his children. When I have experienced losses in my life, each loss opens a space for new blessing, Not necessarily better, but one specially chosen for me.

  10. By Faith I received my children and the God, who
    Strengthing us through our darkest time when
    Lost our baby, will surely provide for us. Amen.

  11. This is a Good one. As for me I have this my stand that have been helping my faith . “if God won’t do it, let it remain undone” I tell u girl friend, is working for me

  12. By faith, Gabrielle waited for the Lord’s best and wonderful plan be done her son, David. David will walk in the Lord’s path and experience all the Lord’s goodness and grace for his life. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!

  13. I like reading your encouraging words they give the insight into the word and help me understand why I need to be patient and hold stead fast toGod’ word.Because I have been going through a lot.

  14. By faith, my youngest sons (Theodore) both surgery went better than expected after the fact.
    By faith, we had the money that we needed to fix what was needed for our vehicle.
    By faith, I have made it through thick and thin with the ongoing struggle of having a child that has ADHD and ASD.
    By faith, God has shown me in what field I am to go into.
    By faith, I will finish and have all the knowledge to help all in my care, and those around me.
    By faith, we will have that house.
    By faith, our children will be saved, and learn from my husband and my mistakes.
    By faith, God will provide all the more, as we serve him.

  15. When my husband died I needed help with so many things. I was alone and grieving. I prayed for help from God continually. It took awhile but over the next 6 months several people that were strangers to me showed up and gave me help and support. All of these people have become close friends. If you stay in faith and trust God, prayers are answered and God shows His love. Trust God and believe He provides what you need. You are never alone or without his love.He hears our prayers and shares our grief. Donna D’Amato

  16. 2016 was a difficult year, but by faith in God’s word, my sister and I were healed of breast cancer. My only sister and I were diagnosed with breast cancer in the same week, but praise God today we are both cancer free. I am a registered nurse and I had the opportunity to read my medical record, but I chose to only listen to and read what God’s word said about my healing. I live by faith not knowing what tomorrow may bring but being fully confident that whatever comes, my God is able. God has never failed me yet! I love to tell my friends that God is fighting for me, and HE WINS EVERY TIME!!

  17. By Faith I claim all God promises.
    By Faith I claim He will be my strength through all I go through.
    I thank you and Praise your holy name My God, My Jesus, My Father…….

  18. By faith, I know God is working in my life! My relationship with Him is getting deeper by the day. I am really excited about my journey with Him, as I yearn for his love and grace!

  19. I love the Lord for He is good. His Love will live forever. I trust the Lord.I have had a rough time in the new year as I met someone who was much younger than me.We got attracted when we were supposed to just be friends.We got the message that this was an unhealthy relationship and if we were just friends we would be OK.We have both been in severe pain and ask the Lord to clear away the pain and help us have boundaries.We like each other and want to say Hi but he works in the place I stay at.I think the Lord will be with us if we say Hi & a few words of chit chat.
    Thank you for reading my comment & pray for us to “toe the line”
    God bless.

  20. By faith, I trusted the Lord and He brought back my 10 mouths old baby boy back form a cardiac arrest. He is now 17 mouths and doing quite well. And all because of His great grace and mercies.

  21. Kathi Sitek

    By faith, Kathi always drew closer to God even when her faith was shaken and she helped others in their times of trouble recognize their need for God and to draw closer to their Heavenly Father as well.

  22. By faith, I trusted the Lord to heal my daughter of her swollen knee.
    By faith, she is healthy! By faith!
    By faith, I chose not to let my worries consume me; casting them all upon the Lord.
    By faith, my anxiety was quelled.
    By faith, I put my trust in the Lord, so that a small situation will not always seem bigger than it is!
    By faith, I have a new and more Godly perspective.
    By faith, I grew from someone whom was feeble and weak into a rock for others when they are afraid.
    With Christ- all things are possible. All things.

  23. By faith. I will wait upon the Lord to heal my son of his disabilities. By faith, I will wait for the Lord to help my son gain weight. By faith, I will help my son deal with the painful rejection of his peers because he is different.

  24. By faith I will recieve a life and a wife
    Worthy in Gods site
    Blessed and given to me by His hand
    By faith I will obey and worship Him
    I will live a life that My Father is well pleased
    Because I am (by faith) in love with Him

  25. Now that I get the “gist” of what these should look like: Carol lived her life and walked in faith in God despite the sorrows of her grown children, loss of a full-time job (husband) and many other trials and tribulations! Not sure where this verse is, but I was once at the dentist’s office and discovered I would have to have a tooth filled that very day and this verse just came into my head! In this world you will have tribulations, but be of good cheer, for I have overcome the world! I will always cling to that verse! I don’t believe in “coincidences” or “happenstance!” I believe in God’s awesome and mighty power and that His ways are higher than our ways! Thanking all 3 of you for your words that you allow the Holy Spirit to speak through you to all of us. They mean the world to me!

  26. Because Michelle walked in faith, Her Son & Daughter’s are Good GOD Fearing Man &Women.Her husband Loves her deeply as does She Love Him they Pray together & are able to Overcome Fear only because The POWER of CHRIST lives 8n them through the HOLY SPIRIT!

  27. By faith God took the broken pieces of our marriage and brought us close together so that my husband and I could have a marriage that was stronger than we could ever imagine.
    By faith God help my mother get through one of the greatest Health struggles of her life and he continues to bestow His blessings on her for her continued good health

  28. By faith I know that just as God picked up our broken pieces other marriage how old is tight and his love and put us back together to have an even stronger marriage he will continue to show us the way to keep our marriage strong everyday.
    By faith I know that God has brought my mother through one of the greatest struggles of her life and he will continue to bestow His blessings on her for continued good health.

  29. By faith, I will trust the Lord’s plan for me.
    By faith, I will break every chain.
    By faith, I will marry a God fearing man.
    By faith, My family will come together.
    By faith, God will heal me.
    By faith, I will become more emotionally intellectual.
    By faith, I will let go of who I was.
    By faith, I will go to heaven.
    By faith, I will FORGIVE

    1. Post
  30. By faith Rebecca trusted God to provide the man of her dreams. By faith she developed her trust in Him daily. Through trials and hardship she learned to have joy in all situations.
    God is good and has brought a strong Christian man into her life, the count down is on for a May 6th wedding.

  31. I have just been through the same thing with my daughter except it’s been emotional pain not physical. My daughter made the Varsity team her Freshman year and sat the bench for both Freshman and Sophomore year. When Junior year came, we had every confidence that she would be the starting point guard only to have a new coach come in and start a Freshman in the position. I think I’ve been more devastated than she has but I keep praying to stay positive through it all. The season (which wasn’t a good one at all) has now ended. I’m not sure what will happen next but I know Who is in control. By faith, I will earnestly remember that God has every situation and is working for the good of myself, the ones I love, and for all ~whether I can see the reasoning or not.

  32. By faith she believed that Jesus was Lord and received eternal salvation. But it took the rest of her days walking with the Lord to restore and renew her body, mind, soul and spirit. God is good like that!

  33. By Faith, I am trusting in God. I am praying for relief from chronic back pain. The pain is overwhelming. I miss my health and my life.
    But I won’t give up. Surely God has a plan for me that I can’t see yet.

  34. By faith I trust that God will provide healing and remission from my diagnosis of chronic lyme disease. By faith I trust that God will use my healing journey for His glory every step of the way and will make me a voice for those that are suffering.

  35. By Faith, I trust God is working in my son’s life and he will fulfill his destiny in God’s Plan for him. I trust in the Lord that “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” Her children rise up and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her: ..Proverb 31:28

  36. By faith, I hung in there and learned to depend on God as I got laid off my job at 30, then again on the next job at 32, played surrogate mom to my niece while I was laid off or under employed for 7 years. During this time, I had suffered depression, severe anemia from horrible menstrual cycles due to the stress of not working, dealing with my neices parents, alcoholic brother, battered sister in law, and the icing on the cake, my mom’s cancer came back. She had surgery, went from from the hospital to the nursing home, from there, to be home with the Lord, all in 9 months time. She was burried on my niece’s birthday. I gained 65 pounds after that. By faith, I hung in there, still working wit my neice and looking for a decent employment.

    But God…

    He gave me a great job with great medical insurance so I could have surgery, finally. I rejoiced like the woman with the issue of blood. He advanced me in my career to a place I never would’ve even guessed I’d be. I’ve lost 55 of the 65 pounds. My neice ended up rebelling and left the Lord, however, I pray that because of the lessons she was taught about the Lord while in my care that God’s word does not return back to Him void. I pray that thoses seeds spring forth in their due time.

    1. KD, you have been there and BACK!!! And by faith you are living and surviving and thriving and telling everybody about how great our God is. Bless you, sister, and keep on keeping on! God’s got your back!!!

  37. By faith I would not be where I am. I am easily taken back by life. God has provided a lot of strength for me. At 19 surgery to remove an ovary, at 23 my father passes away from cancer. I could has easily go down in flames but with God holding me and wiped my tears I carried on. I am 40, I am registered nurses with my BSN, married 14 years. Life has been tough I know I would Not survived without God and my faith. I thank the words God leans me to everyday. Thank you girlfriend in God. I grow and learn form your lessons.

  38. By faith I am trusting in God to bring my prodigal son back to me. We have been estranged for many years. He is walking in the world and wants no part of The God who once saved him from himself. I fear he will never come home , but am trusting in Gods will not mine. Though I am sad I know God knows what is best. I am trusting and waiting .

  39. My ‘by faith’ statement: When situations appear HOPELESS and I suddenly realize they are not mine to fix, I surrender them to the WAYMAKER because I know my Lord is ABLE.
    I want people to say, ‘Yes, Deborah did it His way’! and understood that all her gifts were blessings and an holy arsenal from God to fulfill His Will for her.

  40. By faith I’m learning to trust the Lord and overcome my anxiety. I’m being heeled from the inside out by His grace. I can do all things through Christ who is my strength.

  41. By faith, I know that my Father and God will carry me through and bring me to health where my CLL is concerned and I know by faith that my Father and God made my physical human body perfect in his sight even if I have chronic illnesses and cancer. By faith and through the stripes of Jesus, I claim I will be healed and live the human life my Father and God has promised in his scriptures. By faith, I am loved and I love and trust my father.

  42. By faith me and my husband and our children will be reunited and live peacefully and lovingly together again in Jesus’s mighty name.Amen
    He only is the all powerful,all knowing and merciful God.

  43. I trust by faith that my marriage will healed and we will become so close that one will not fall without the other. I trust that our walk with God will become much stronger. I will not give up on us because I know God will not give up on us. Jesus you said in your word that you would give us strength and I believe it to be already done. I love you God.

  44. By faith, Lynne walked through the losses of 6 close family members in 6 years, and post partum depression and doubt and worry because I felt God there the whole time, even when I could not see Him. Praise God.

  45. By Faith, I know I will be with my daughter again in God’s kingdom.
    By Faith, I will live in God’s peace and joy despite the anger and fear in our world.
    By Faith, I will forgive myself for not being perfect or sinless and I will show grace to those in my life just as God shows me grace everyday.

  46. By faith Pam pushed aside her fear when she heard God speak, and answered here I am Lord, and she obeyed and moved forward in her walk with Go

  47. By faith, I found a job that fits me perfectly even though I was afraid to take it.

    By faith, I remember whatever my circumstances, God has a plan better than I can imagine.

    By faith, I believe my husband will make the commitment someday to get baptized as an outward sign of his love for the Lord.

    By faith, I trust God to lead me.

    By faith, I know every minute or everyday has a purpose from God.

    By faith, I believe I will finally break the chains of an eating disorder.

    By faith, I believe I am greater than my struggles.

    By faith, I will trust God to steer my paths.

  48. By faith, I know I will see the face of the Lord and my life will be forever transformed.
    By faith,i know my sons will have a blessed life and enjoy the fruits of the spirit.
    By faith,i will meet my father one day.

  49. By Faith I receive children for myself and my two older sisters who have never had children before in our lives even though my two older sisters are 48yrs old. And I am 46.

    By Faith I receive divine directions in my present situation maritaly that looks like a dead end.

    By Faith I receive a wonderful job that I will enjoy in Jesus mighty name.

    By Faith I receive every lingtand outstanding promises of God he has given me and caused me to hope upon.

    Lord I trust you completely and am still waiting for you.

    Thank you for this write up. Am really blessed this morning. God bless you richly.

  50. By Faith I trust God to work it out concerning my relationship, by Faith I trust God that my future is bright, by Faith I trust God to restore my elder sister home to become the kind of home He promised us His Children. By Faith it is well with my soul

  51. I have to yearn for eternal values not others. Im trying so hard I’m in deep depression and can only see darkness when my eyes are closed and have lost my spirtual being, I am fighting the devil hard by reading all I can from girlfriends, bible and other and by faith I know is my only life saving device, and its thru Jesus Christ. Please pray for me.. jeanie

    1. Someone told me what deep depression is like, your living in the basement, you hear what is going on upstairs with your family, going on with living their life, you try as hard as you can to make it up there, you can’t. My daughter suffers from depression and I had no idea what that felt like, sadly, I understand it a little better, its a real struggle, hugs!

    2. Jeanie
      By Faith, I am trusting that God will bring peace to you. Just for today I believe that He can lift the darkness from you. You are never alone, girlfriend. You’re my sister in Christ and I am praying for you.

    3. Just read your post Jeanie and will be praying for you, my sister.
      Praying that God will lift that evil spirit of depression and fill your entire being with peace and joy. Praying that our Lord and Savior will cast out all darkness in your life and replace it with His shining light.
      Stand strong in the Word of our Lord!
      Stand strong in Faith.

  52. She lived by faith. Walking toward God’s Promises, in his Light with Jesus and His teachings, she was Thankful for the Words and Commands written to Light her way. She stumbled and left the path, only to be drawn back by the ties of Faith, and her deep need to see God.

  53. By faith I trust in God’s plans for my future. I was laid off yesterday without any warning or any leads on another job but know He is in charge and if I can be patient and stay out of His way there are great blessings in store for me and my family.

  54. I ask in Faith each day to be a good person, to make at least one person smile, to forgive past hurts and care more deeply for those around me. Thank you God for being by my side.

  55. By faith, I trust God to fully heal my granddaughter from her fainting fall and concussion.

    By faith, I trust God to give me joy in the midst of my husband’s depression.

    By faith, I trust God to shine through me to a dark and hurting world.

    By faith, I trust God.

  56. What great scripture to read this morning!

    It is by faith that I left my job and place of residency to live with family!
    It is by faith that seeds were planted for salvation for my family!
    It is by faith that the Lord blessed me with a husband!
    It is by faith that I drive from place to place ministering to women with very little money to put in the gas tank!
    It is by faith that I cry out to the Lord in great despair and know He is with me!
    It is by faith that I can put down “my ways” and say ok Lord I will trust You!

    Thank you for this reminder today! Sometimes I have so much trust in some areas and other areas I don’t. I pray each day for Him to build trust in my heart for Him. When I read this scripture this morning it reminds me that He IS always with me!
    Blessing to you all today❤️

  57. Gwen I am living in faith waiting for God to sell our condo and find a house in the carillon area of Plainfield, il. Knowing that God sees our financials and knowing how are we going to have a life when we have money worries. Our relator left our side and went to the buyers side and now we have 10 days to buy and close on a house which takes 3 days in il. God did just now tell me that in AZ. he was on our side and we got that house in a very fast order when it was going to take longer. Which I just remember that God indeed is on our side and we will be able to get out in less than 10 days and be on our way to a new life in il. Thank you Holy Trinity for your grace and strength and thank you Holy Trinity for your love for me a humble person with many failures and learning how to become more humble to you,

  58. By faith, I have trusted God to get us through dark financial times. By faith, I continue to trust Jesus to walk with me through this life. By faith, I give my children over to Jesus and trust in him for how I have raised them. I continue to pray daily for my faith to be strengthened.

  59. By faith, I trust, believe, and wait patiently for God to prepare me for my husband.
    By faith, I trust, believe, and wait patiently for God to prepare my husband for me.
    By faith, I share His word and believe His word for the full salvation of my loved ones.
    By faith, I will accept His call on my life.

  60. By faith I let go of hatred and anger from
    sexual abuse.

    By faith I forgive, trusting that only God
    sees the big picture and God is just.

    By faith I turn to God when I’m in need. I
    trust God to care for me, be my hope, and give me peace.

    By faith that I sought reasons to live and
    ways to endure when the pain was so great that I didn’t think I could endure
    another day.

    By faith I took my husband back after his
    first affair and loved him.

    By faith I raise my children and pray for

    By faith I am willing to work towards
    restoration of my marriage.

    By faith I keep moving ahead, day by day,
    trusting that God has a wonderful plan for me even when I can’t see it.

    By faith I trust God to bring beauty from

    By faith I look for the beauty and value of
    all people, and by faith I know that I have value too.

    By faith I look forward to earthly death, to not be
    separated from God but be in his presence for eternity, and by faith that I
    keep running the race until God brings me home.

    By faith I search the scriptures for comfort and wisdom, trusting
    that God’s wisdom is pure, without fault.

    By faith I know that all I need and long for can be found in

    1. Your words are revealing a Beautiful Heart.
      They are an inspiration.
      Your words spoke to my heart, and are received like the whispers of my angels.
      The Holy Spirit fills you, and me!!
      You are strong, faithful, and I am thankful you shared your faith statement here.

  61. You loved me through all the years i sabotaged myself, even when i attempted suicide You loved me. i now walk with You, in complete faith and total trust. i know i am completely loved. my heart is no longer clinched in desperation. when i feel the hint of despair creeping in i turn to You and You send the Holy Spirit to me and my heart is filled with JOY! Thank you Lord, God!
    Praise the Lord, our God ! Amen !!!!!!!!

  62. By faith, Diane rested in the knowledge that her beloved GOD was always with her; in the loss of her firstborn son to a sudden and violent death, in the awful silence of waiting to hear if her second-born son was still alive following a plane crash, after the loss of her husband’s job, the forced sale of their house, living with relatives until HE restored what was lost… for by faith, Diane believed and trusted her GOD.

  63. After all I have been through in the last 5 years–breast cancer; knee replacement; emergency shoulder surgery following a fall; and now facing a surgery on my collarbone after falling and breaking it, by FAITH I still can smile and say, “you can’t have my joy~~not today, no way”!!

  64. By faith, I know my son is delivered from alcohol. By faith, I read God’s Word each day about healing when diagnosed with cancer. By faith, I prayed for my sister to find a husband. I have seen only one of these prays come to light but I choose to continue to pray by faith.

  65. By faith, I will put my trust in the Lord. I will stop listening to my own fears and follow Gods plan for it is greater and He is greater.

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