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HP 2011

When our kids were younger, we had gathered as a family around the pull up bar in the upstairs hall to see our oldest son, Preston, display his thirteen year old man-cub strength. Like a chimpanzee, he pulled his lanky frame up and down with ease, impressing us all. When he tired to exhaustion, Preston dropped down and met our enthusiastic applause with a satisfied grin.

As the clapping and praise died down, my then nine-year old daughter, Kennedy, decided to give the pull up bar a try. Lifted to the high metal pole by her strong daddy, she gave her best effort but fell short of her desired goal. With a slightly disappointed – but not defeated – expression, she dropped to the floor, seemingly understanding that it would be a while until her upper body strength could support numerous pull up attempts.

Then my middle child man-cub jumped up to join the pull up party. At two years younger than Preston, Hunter struggled to raise and lower his youthful, tween body on the bar. After a few minor successes – and even more fumbled attempts – Hunter dropped to his feet with a scowl and stomped away angrily.

Before he got too far, my husband and I spoke words of encouragement to him.

They rolled off his wilted shoulders.

He was frustrated to the point of anger.

In his eleven-year old mind, he thought that he should be able to do what his older brother could do. He wanted the spontaneous, enthusiastic applause of an impressed gathering – not the parental encouragement to “keep working on it.”

So he grumbled and stewed.

After a few cool-down moments, my husband called Hunter over to have a private daddy chat. Brad gently confronted Hunter on the negative behavior he displayed. Then, he spoke words of life to Hunter’s little heart.

With eyes that communicated understanding and remorse, Hunter looked at his daddy and vulnerably confessed, “I’m sorry, Dad, I just really like attention…especially from you and mom.”

A beautiful love moment followed.

Brad Hunter 2011
Our days are filled with teachable moments. Sometimes we teach children. Sometimes they teach us. Often both. Hunter’s voice echoed across the globe as he spoke on behalf of all the children of the world. Every child wants attention. Every child wants love.

But that longing doesn’t stop at childhood. His words ring true in the heart of you and me too. Don’t they? Each of us wants to be loved. We all wear an invisible sign that says, “Please notice me!” “Tell me that I’m special.” “Tell me that I matter… that I’m valuable… that you appreciate me.” “Show me that you love me…and really mean it!”

“Long ago the Lord said to Israel: “I have loved you, my people, with an everlasting love. With unfailing love I have drawn you to myself.” (Jeremiah 31:3, NLT)

This weekend we celebrate Mother’s Day, and for many this will be a joyous time. But for some, this holiday stings of an unfulfilled longing, a perceived inadequacy, a devastating loss, or a gaping heart wound. Might I encourage each of you today? Whether you are a mother, a grandmother, a sister or a daughter. Whether you are single, married, widowed or divorced. Whether your loved ones value and cherish you or wound you with broken behavior, you are perfectly loved, known and cherished by God.

Just as He spoke those words to His children, the Israelites, long ago, God speaks across the universe today to each invisible sign…to each daughter’s heart: “I notice you!” “You are special to me.” “You matter, are valuable and are made beautifully in My image.” “I love you…perfectly…eternally…completely, and I really mean it.”

He showed us through the death and resurrection of His son, Jesus.

He speaks it through His Word.

His Spirit whispers it to the hearts of His children continuously.

Are you listening? Can you hear the whispers?


Dear God,
You are always worthy of my attention, my affection, my adoration, and my love. To think that You would choose to love me, listen to me, and draw me to Your heart is simply mind-boggling. You are so good! Could You please speak those words of love to my heart again today, Lord?
In Jesus’ Name, amen.



Do you believe that God notices you? What do you base that on? CLICK HERE to leave a comment on my blog. {While you are there, comment on other posts, pray for each other and encourage one another. Be the beauty. Be the body!}

LOVE doing life with you!


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  1. Thank you Lord for noticing me! “The eyes of the Lord roam over the whole earth, to encourage those who are devoted to him wholeheartedly.”
    2 Chronicles 16:9

  2. I craved the love and the appreciation of friendships until I found a friend in The Lord. My inner soul was never full. I didn’t know I was empty. I would make a mess of one friendship after another or not even invest my time or heart into the friendship because I was afraid to get hurt and there are times I was so blind to the fact that I was the problem. This was a pattern I lived for years and years and until this past fall when a once cracked friendship that was starting to mend led me to the well to hear the word of Christ. Once I sat down and kept quite and Listened to the word of God I would be forever changed! My relationship with my husband would change. Every friendship I had would be forever changed and why? Because I found a friend in Jesus who would never disappoint or leave me. My heart grew 2 sizes that weekend at the well when I was led out of the darkness and into the light. I realized I had to love me first like Jesus loves me and when I did that everything else has fallen into place. No one is ever old, young, too broken or wounded to be noticed, healed, forgiven and loved by God which in return once you love God and then yourself God will bless you with the ones who will love and appreciate you here on earth.

  3. This past Sunday I went to church with my two daughters (17 & 20). My 20 year old has really been struggling in college and just in getting her life together in general. That day in church she was next to me and there was a real presence of God there. I was praying and I held her hand and lifted our hands up together and prayed that the Lord would help my girl and help me to help my girl. When we got home, my husband (who doesn’t go to church, but is a loving husband and father) told me he recorded a program for me to see that he had started to watch. It was a program about ADD and how there are different types and they don’t always involve a hyperactivity factor. As we watched this program it became so clear to us that our oldest daughter was struggling with this disorder and we never even suspected. We just assumed she was lazy and just didn’t care and didn’t want to try. As a librarian I have since done some research and it is so obvious to me now that she had been suffering for so long. We have learned that medication is not always needed, that sometimes its just a matter of the right foods, exercise and proper amounts of sleep. She will also probably need some kind of coach to help her with strategies to focus her attention better. This is all still very new, but I truly feel that God pointed us in this direction and instead of being scared of the direction my daughter was headed, I now feel confident that she will be alright, which has always been my prayer for her. God is good, all the time!

  4. I know the Lord Loves me and is with me even when I feel unlovable. He tells me I am His treasure! To all my sisters out there know that God loves unconditionally and in spite of us!

  5. I know the Lord is watching me. I love Zephaniah 3:17. The Lord is rejoicing over me with singing. I like to imagine Him jumping with jOY!

    Hey fellow Irwin gal – I think wanting attention was what made me such a brat as a child. Ask any of the really old members of Holy Trinity.

  6. I feel the presence of the Lord within me prompting me and gently guiding me along the way. For most of my life I have sort of been invisible to other people. Maybe it is because I am very introverted, shy and quiet. People never seem to really see me. Since walking with the Lord, I have found myself being noticed more. As a matter of fact, one of my sister-in-laws told me there was a light that shone around me. An aura. I know that was the Lord.

  7. When I became a believer 30 yrs. ago, I felt unworthy of God’s love. Being the 2nd oldest and not as smart, I wanted attention. Early on in my walk, God placed an awesome loving Pastor named Jim from Asheville in my life. Every time we met, “He said”: Joy, God loves you! If you were the only person on earth, He would send His Son Jesus to die for you, that is how much he loves you. Over & over again, until it finally sunk in. It doesn’t matter what birth order you are or if your earthly father has abandoned you. Your heavenly Father’s love for you is so great. Be convinced today!

  8. This devotion makes me think of my middle son that craves my attention. Since the loss of his Dad and the abandonment of his step dad, I feel I fall short so many times in handling him the right way. My prayer along with all my kids is for my sons to become God-fearing and God-loving men

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