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Several years ago my spiritual life took a dramatic turn for the better. Since that time, I’ve witnessed the Lord move in amazing ways, and have felt Him guide me like never before.

What’s the big secret? Why the big change?

Simple: PRAYER.

There is unexplainable power in prayer.

No, prayer isn’t new to me. I’ve prayed ever since I was a child. But even though I love God, I often struggled to remain focused during my quiet time… or to even carve out a daily quiet time, for that matter. My crazy, creative mind has a strong tendency to wander. My heart does too. So a few years back, I began keeping a prayer journal and my faith has really grown as a result.

My journal isn’t fancy or expensive, just a notebook that can be picked up anywhere, but it has been a power tool for God’s movement in and through my life. By keeping my heart focused in prayer, my journal has fanned the flame of my prayers, and has fueled the fire in my soul to connect with our active and living God who longs to be the center of my attention.

It’s not rocket science and there aren’t any special tricks.

A prayer journal can be an effective tool for spiritual growth, but the power is in the praying. How do I put my power tool to work? I start off by writing the date. Then I jot down whom I want to pray for and what I want to pray about.

I also love to write out Scripture passages that have spoken to my heart.

Then I go to my Father – focused and fearless.

God is the source of all power, and prayer is essential to experiencing His power in our lives. (TWEET this!)

Prayer quote

Martin Luther said, “As it is the business of tailors to make clothes, and of cobblers to mend shoes, so it is the business of Christians to pray.” Prayer moves the hand of God, yet, statistically; most Christians spend less than 5 minutes a day in prayer.

That’s just crazy!

Why would we expect God to show His power in our lives if we don’t give Him more time than we spend brushing our teeth each day?

Are you experiencing the power of God in your life? Would you like more strength, peace and direction in your days?

Go to God in prayer: when you are hurting, when you are angry, when you need direction, when you need answers, when you need hope, when you need healing. Ask Him for forgiveness, courage, strength, confidence, and perspective. Go before Him with praise, adoration, humility, honor, and worship.

So – grab your Bible, a journal, your iPad, a notebook, or a piece of paper and focus your heart and thoughts on God. The main thing is to get alone with God. He just wants you to come.

PLEDGE: Let’s commit together to spend more time on our knees! Raise your right hand and say out loud: “Lord, it is my sincere intention to seek you more fervently from this moment on.”

God promises us that when we seek Him, we will find Him!

Let’s seek Him.

Holy Father, Thank You for allowing me to come to You in prayer today. I humbly bow before Your throne of grace and ask that You would forgive me for all of the times I have failed to come. I need You more than I know. Please help me experience the fullness of Your life-changing presence in a fresh and powerful way. For Your glory and in Jesus’ name, amen.



Consider keeping a prayer journal. Grab a pen and a notebook and get started! If you don’t know where to start, use this as a template to begin: Begin reading the Psalms during your quiet time. Journal what you learn and write down the verses that stir your heart. (There are 150 of them and if you meditate on one or two each day, you could be kept busy for a few months!)

Ready to commit? Click here to leave a comment saying, “I’m in! I will fervently seek God.”

Love doing life with you!


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  1. “I’m in! I will fervently seek God.” Thanks Gwen. I needed this TODAY! I’ve been saying it for weeks that I haven’t been praying enough. I have faith, but just not backing it enough, *working”.

  2. I’m in. I will fervently seek God! The problem I have is getting into all these wonderful Devotions and Bible studies online instead of finding Him for myself in HIS WORD!

    1. Post
  3. I’m in all the way!!! I just want to say THANK YOU LORD, for always being available to me even when I have did a quick prayer, you still answered. Sometimes I didn’t hear from you, or the answer was no, but it was and always will be Your will that I will follow for the rest of my days!!!!! Amen.

  4. Greetings. I would like you to pray for me for healing of mind and restoration of my spirit. I would want healing for my memory/intelliect and I want to feel God’s presence and joy again, and that every area/aspect of my life would have a resurrection and healing. This includes being able to bicycle and exercise, do jewelry and other art creation, and spending time with family and friends again. For work, I want to find a good school with good teachers/students, a happy work enviroment, and close to home as i am a substitute teacher looking for a suitable place for on-going work Two, Pray for salvation for two friends Israel and melinda and that God would bless our friendship and cause it to grow and prosper in communcation and sharing. . if you could pray this in a long term fashion, (6 months) I would be very thankful. I really want God’s presence and sense of peace and his direction again. Restoration for my health and life.


  6. So much truth! Taking the time to write out my worship and prayer after my morning devotional keeps me not only more focused, but my prayers become more Holy Spirit directed…less selfish.

  7. I’m in. My mind also wanders as I try to pray. I love what you have to say about prayer and about keeping a journal. Thank you and bless you.

  8. I pray every day. Most times the same prayers for my family, friends and their needs. I talk with God in my thoughts throughout the day. With Hope I pray He hears and that my prayers don’t get lost amongst the millions of prayers that He hears every minute of every day. I have been feeling compelled lately to repeat the same prayers often to cover my family with His love and grace and keep them in His care. I have read many times that we should go in private and pray, and in private, He will answer. Lately I have read that I should pray the Lord’s Prayer and not be too wordy because He knows our needs before we ask. I know I can be very wordy and repetitive. I am feeling very confused as to exactly how I am suppose to approach God in prayer. I have a feeling He thinks I’m a broken record. If you have any advice or insight, Gwen, I would be so grateful. Thank you for your dedication to God❤️

  9. Thank you Gwen! I may be older than most of your guests and respondents, but I wanted to share how the Lord has blessed me at a time in my life that I look back on with thanksgiving! I had about two years during peri-menapause that I had great difficulty sleeping. At first I was very frustrated, but I began using that time in the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep to study my Bible and pray. I learned so much, and was so blessed with my so very rich time with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I even got to the point that I looked forward to my insomnia times to pick up where I had left off! I am sleeping better these days, but I learned a valuable lesson. Use the time God gives you to get into his Word and Pray! Shannon

  10. “I’m in! I will fervently seek God.” I have been struggling with this area for a very long time. I get so busy being busy that I seem only to throw words God’s way. Thankfully, I know He hears them and has continued to cover me with His grace. I am going to change that beginning today!!

  11. hi! so I know this may be kind of random, but i have a really hard time with my mind wandering during prayer. also, when I pray I always feel guilty for asking God for things. i never really feel like my prayer is fully answered either. what i normally ask for is just a better disposition on life and not to let the little things get me down, to be happier. I dont have a lot of bad things going on in my life but i seem to make myself think there are. i always ask for God to help me with this but.. it always seems like it works for a few days and then i go back to thinking myself into sadness. any help???

  12. I’m a little behind in reading my email as I have been sick for the past week. I just read this post today, and it really spoke to me. My prayer life has been lukewarm at best. Although, I do talk to God as my day goes on. As I was reading your post, a thought came to my mind that I am going to try to put into practice. I have five children and two and one-third 😉 grandchildren. Today, I am going to purchase eight inexpensive notebooks in their favorite colors and start a prayer journal for each of them. This will be my legacy to pass on to them when I finally meet Jesus. I had thyroid cancer five years ago, and I now suffer with vocal cord paralysis from the surgery. I cannot do the things I once did because it has affected my breathing to the point that I can barely do much physically anymore. I joke with my children “That I am your mother.” in my best Darth Vader voice, because my middle son in his innocence mentioned that that’s who I sounded like right after my surgery. My aunt died of the same cancer when she was just 56. I will be 55 in April. I know that only the Lord knows when He plans to take me home, but I feel that I will not live to be very old because I have lung problems due to the breathing issues (COPD, chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, etc.). I own nothing, so I have nothing to leave my family when I pass away, but I believe that the idea that you have sparked in me would be more awesome than all of the money in the world. Thank you so much for posting this. I have been inspired to pray more and leave a legacy doing it.

    1. What a wonderful idea Carletta! I’m sure leaving your kids a book full of prayers that show your love for them will be worth more than any earthly possessions you could ever leave them!
      I pray for a supernatural restoration of good health. I pray the time he gives you here on earth will be filled with his love, joy and peace. God bless you. xx

  13. I am a missionary serving in Mexico. I have been working on a prayer journal format for the ladies who I lead to help them and to help me to focus on prayer. We are just finish our first month and first trial with our journal. Excited to see

    God moving and answering prayers.

  14. “I’m in! I will fervently seek God. It is good to know that it’s not only me that has difficulty in focusing and my mind wandering Today is my first day I start my journal. Gwen thank you and the girlfriends for your inspirational devotionals which has helped me especially during some difficulty storms. God has truly blessed you all.

  15. I’m in. I want to proactively seek the mighty God who hears our prayers and moves our mountains. Yes my mind wanders… I am going for the journal tonight. Blessings Gwen…

  16. i’m in, my spiritual life is in shumbles, i sometimes dont know what to do, mostly my prayer is not to the point, sometimes i become blank and in the middle of prayer i start concentrating on the problems i have. hoping this will help me dearly, my soul is willing to have the closest relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ but my fresh is failing , SO HELP ME LORD… thanks so much Gwen for the insipiration

  17. I’m in, definitely in ALL the way. I have a hard time focusing sometimes when I am in Prayer time too. I plan to use the Prayer Journal and studying the Psalms as you suggested. Please pray for me as I continue My walk with the Lord Jesus.

  18. I did need to have a kick in the pants. Being a prayer warrior is a gift, it must be used. Thank you for writing about this matter.
    Prayer is powerful and answered prayers when written in a notebook, stand out and are beautiful testaments to Gods power, and then give Him glory and praise.

  19. I’m in! He is the center of my life and I want nothing more than to walk with Him every moment of every day.
    I started a journal yesterday after reading this devotion, thinking I would have nothing much to write. BUT, once I started writing (and praying and listening) I quickly filled 5 pages with what God is doing in my life ( and in my family). And I woke up this morning with even more to record!! What an awesome tool!! Thank you Gwen 🙂

  20. I’m in. I read a devotion from a book every night in bed and then ‘try’ to pray. My mind wanders and then it’s morning. Maybe this will help. Before I was diagnosed with cancer and had to quit my job, I prayed every morning. But now I can’t seem to find a time that works……what? I don’t even work now, how can I not find time. I am committed to this and will set aside a time each day and be faithful with it.

  21. I’m in. I will start back keeping my prayer journal. I want to become more focused and less wandering when I pray.

  22. I’m in! I love to talk, so I start my prayers off on track but soon find myself talking about
    everyting else like I’m talking to a friend. I get off the subject of what my prayer was about. I pray God will help me stay on track and focus on my prayer needs instead of how my day went. Truly love Girlfriends in God! and love the way God uses y’all to help others(me). God bless!

  23. This will help me with my quiet time to keep a journal and a place to keep what I am learning. My mind often wanders when praying and sometimes I’m all over the place with what to read for my quiet time each morning. Psalms sounds like a good place to start.

  24. I’m in! God has already provided a journal for me. I have had one next to my bed that was given to me for quite awhile but just didn’t know how to use it. Well now I know where to start! This is such a blessing! I will fervently seek God with all my heart, with all my mind and with all my soul!

  25. Thank you so much for this! I thought that I was alone in my struggle to pray. My intentions are so strong every day and every time. I just have trouble staying focused. So busy with work and life and being tired. I will definitely try this. Thank you again!

  26. “I’m in! I will fervently seek God.”
    I NEED to be more intentional and accountable, praying this time I’ll be able to.remain focused. Lord, please forgive me for the times I stray and loose focus.

  27. I’m in:) I have kept a prayer journal since my young teens. I will be 55 this summer:) Through my journaling, God has counselled and comforted me with His promises through some very dark seasons in my life. As with King David it has been a private place to pour out my heart. As you empty yourself and cry out to God He is faithful to pour back into you courage, strength, peace and joy.. You too will experience James 4:8 “Draw near to me and I will draw near you.”. Today I would describe these precious times with the Lord to be more like a Romance. I carve out extended times I can be alone with Him. My husband refers to this time as my “Appointment with the King” You will find that with time your pages will be filled less about your needs and more about His needs. As you journal be expectant to hear a Rhema word, while you are waiting on Him…like young Samuel. Begin with words of adoration and exaltation to the One Who is The King of Kings…Name above all Names.
    In journalling you will be basically logging your journey into His presence. There will be a renewing of your mind and you will learn how to keep your mind stayed on Him…Ps 16:11 “In Your presence is fullness of joy” Blessings

  28. I’m in. I always get so distracted or have one eye in the time especially in the mornings. Then I get guilty. Glad to know I am not the only one

  29. I’m in! Thank you for those words. I am currently unemployed and looking for a new job and really enjoy my prayer time. I am so afraid when I do go back to work my prayer time will be compromised. I want to make my prayer time more fruitful than it is today. I think this will work.

  30. Thanks Gwen, this was an answer to my prayers today. I lost my husband of 35 yrs. in Jan 2014 to suicide and I have been trying to find someone to help me figure out how to get past this. I have seen doctors and talked with family and church friends, but I still feel disconnected with God. While reading your blog today I realized that the way to get past it is to get closer to God. God has given me an amazing strength this past year. I have so many people tell me “you are such a strong woman” and I always tell them no I’m not, but God in me is. I love the idea of a prayer journal, I actually have a leather one that my husband bought for me several years ago and I never really used it. I plan to start today. I feel that this will not only help me stay focused, but it will also be a good way of tracking all the prayers that God answers. Sometimes we forget how many times God really does answer our prayers. Maybe not the way we think he should, but in his way, which is always the best.

    1. What a beautiful way for God to lead you. Thanks so much for sharing your heart and your story. I see HIS hands all over it. Let me know how the prayer journal works for you!


  31. Valerie: My time with the good Lord alone usually happens when I am driving and stop at a church–any church. I park my car and get out, walk up the stairs and pull the door handle to see if it’s open. When I am inside, I sit at the front, closest to a statue of my Jesus. I talk to Jesus out loud, I pray out loud, cry and cry out for those so dear to me. They need healing-spiritually, physically and mentally. It’s a tall order, but I know I’m in the right place, because I’m not strong enough to do this on my own. I read some of the Psalms outloud. It is an amazing way for me to surrender myself in God’s house. We have many friends and family who are experiencing very serious and deadly heath issues. I ask my God to heal them-I lift their names outloud.
    Keeping a journal is something I would like to add. As you have mentioned, we can write pur favourite scriptures which help us immensely.
    Bless all of the women on our journey together!

  32. I’m in. I so want to keep my thoughts at bay when I am praying. So many times my head gets in the way. I am ready to focus only on the Lord during my prayers.

  33. I have kept a prayer journal in the past, even led ladies retreats on keeping one — but I need to get back to it. Thanks for this encouragement and motivation. I’m in. God Bless you ALL!!! =)

  34. I’m totally in!!!!
    I had several journals throught the years but since I moved abroad and left them I erased this important part of my prayer and devotional life.
    Thanks for remind me about it!
    God bless your heart

  35. I’m ready & committed thanks for the guidance. .. got my pen & notebook & will do my best thanks for providing me way to do it. Also look forward to Broken event thanks forever grateful, Ginger 🙂

  36. I’m in! This was so awesome to me for so many years I have struggled to spend time with God in prayer and always beat myself up about in. I have made a new commitment to my self to get into the word more and pray more and your web site has helped me in so many ways.

  37. I’m in! Thanks for inspiring me to recommit to prayer journaling & in a fresh new way. Although I pray daily it’s been sometime since I’ve journaled. I miss that sweet deeper fellowship that I had once shared with Him & looking forward to reestablishing this time with Him.

  38. Im in thank you for sharing. I kept rebuking myself thinking I was not strong enough as a Christian because my mind wandered. So again thank you.

  39. I’m in too! God is amazing, I asked God for direction in what to read next in the Bible and I felt Him telling me to start in Psalms, and get this, to write down the verses that were: promises and commandments. This devotion reading today Gwen, I feel is His confirmation to me to do this! Thank you. Blessings, Judi

  40. I’m in! I will fervently seek God! I’ve been keeping a prayer journal for the past 2 1/2 yrs and love going back and seeing the work God has done through prayer building my faith, hope, & trust in the LORD.

  41. I’m in, the power of daily prayer is how I get going in the morning. God is so good, he listens if we just make the time. I believe he is just waiting for us (his children) to “be still and know” and the power of the Holy Spirit rains down and fills are hearts and soul . Blessings to all you sisters today Love Lisa from Atlanta

  42. I have struggled with praying meaningful prayers because of my ADD. I am easily distracted & find myself praying just to get it checked off for the day. I hunger for a prayer life that will bring me closer to God! I am in Gwen & I thank you for your honesty about your own prayer life!

  43. I have been doing this for years since we were involved in navigators 2-7.
    It is encouraging to hear you say this as it has revolutionized my time with the Lord.
    But you are right I could spend more time and I commit today by God’s grace to do that!
    Thank you for your devotions

  44. I’m in. It’s so true. It’s so challenging when we think of all the things that have to be done as women, and as mothers, we get distracted. I often forget how much closer to God I become when I pray.

  45. “I’m in! I will fervently seek God.” It good to knwo that I’m not the only one who mind wanders while praying. It’s my pray for you women and myself to stay focus while praying.

  46. I am in!!!! Just before reading this, I was driving and saying to God how I needed to spend more time in prayer with Him! God is do confirming!


  48. I’m in. I know the importance of seeking God on a daily basis and I try to make sure that this is a regular part of my life. I have been in the Psalms and the Lord says for us to cry out to Him and He will answer. As we are to praise God continually, I believe we are to pray without ceasing.

  49. I can totally relate when you say “My crazy, creative mind has a tendency to wander”. It reminds me of the hymn “Come, Thou Fount” when it says, “Prone to wander, Lord I feel it, prone to leave the God I love.” I am in! I will fervently seek God! “Here’s my heart, Lord, take and seal it, seal it for Your courts above”.

  50. I am SO in !!! And I needed this today — saying my final good bye to a dear friend, and hoping her husband and children can find peace in remembering what a beautiful soul she was — -and to remind myself to NOT take so many things for granted, and ask for God’s strength to direct my path to Him and not the things of this earth — Thanks be to God for my friend, and the impact she had on my life —

  51. I’m in! I will fervently seek God in prayer. I too am a “mind wanderer” and have trouble staying focused in prayer and quiet time with my Lord. Thank you, Gwen, for the encouragement.

  52. “I’m in! I will fervently seek God.” Several months ago I began setting my alarm on my phone to wake me at 5 a.m. so that I could pray before the busy day began. I have kept it up. And recently I began praying in the evening before I go to bed. I have found that I have been sleeping better, more peacefully. As I seek His presence through the Word each day, I discover new inner feelings which can only be the Lord letting me know that I am headed in the right direction. Thank you for all of your great songs & devotionals. They are always an inspiration to me!!

  53. I have been journaling since Nov 2013 and, yes, it is empowering…bringing me boldly to His throne. He meets me, admonishes me, guides me and showers me with love. Our God is an awesome God!

  54. I’m in! I want to seek Him fervently! I love how when we share, we realize we are more alike than different. I am amazed God Loves and Uses me, Just As I Am! I wanna be more for you Lord!!!

  55. I’m in! My mind wanders all the time as well! I’ll wander off, feel bad and start over with my prayer. Thank you so much for your daily devotions.

  56. I’m in. Thank you for this direction on how to pray. I have a big problem with my mind wandering also. Glad to know I am not alone in this.

  57. I’m in! I needed this message today. It’s so comforting to read all the comments and realize that I’m not alone in my struggle to stay focused while praying. God bless!

  58. I’m in! I will fervently seek the the Lord! Hallelujah! Thank you for showing us a way to enhance our prayer time as well as deepen our relationship with God. May He richly bless each of you.

  59. I”m in, I will fervently seek God! I read the Girlfriends In God every day messages and forward them to my daughter. Thank you!!!

  60. I’m in!!! It’s so funny this was what I woke up reading this morning, I was just telling my husband last night that I feel like I’m not as close to God as I was before and I was so much happier when I was! Getting my journal today!!!

  61. I’m in! Please pray that I will fervently seek God. I need to to pray, read and reflect on God’s word each and every day. God bless you.

  62. I”m in! I keep a prayer journal as well, but I also write my entire prayer in it. Instead I am going to try the way you have suggested.

  63. I’m in! I will feverentky seek God! It is awesome to see confirmation of God’s word. My pastor just spoke on this last week. I want to tap into the power that God has stored with in each of us. I must be connected to Him at all times. It is Hus strength that carries me through. Thank you Lord for love and mercy. I seek You!

  64. Thanks for sharing. For the past weeks my prayers have always been a drive through prayer. This message has given me strength, courage,faith to seek GOD more fervently which will strengthen my relationship with him. I’m in! I will fervently seek God… God Bless you Gwen!!!

  65. I’m in! I love journaling and I’m so glad you’re recommending it to others. Keep up the great work, God bless xx

  66. I’m so in. I’ve been trying to pray and my mind will wonder about, so with the journal ive never had one but this idea will definately help me to kinow him better and to have intimacy with Him. Trully i want to give him my heart completely. Be blessed all..

  67. “I’m in! I will fervently seek God.” I need to discipline myself, to pray and read God’s word everyday…

  68. this is a great message! I need to learn to be on my knees more longer…thank you God for the grace. I’m in! I will fervently seek God.”

  69. I’m in and want to seek God fervently! I want to get to know God more intimately and grow on my spiritual walk.

  70. Thank you for sending me the link for this blog Gwen. And as so many others have commented, have struggled to stay focused each day on the Lord and prayer. Glad to know I am not alone and with prayers from others I know I can improve.

  71. I’m in!! thank you thank you thank you for all you Godly women are doing to influence women around the world.! I declare many many more blessings over your lives and pray that God’s grace, favor and power is with you always!

  72. I’m in also! I find myself sometimes not carving out time in my day to talk to God, and it seems on those days I seem to fall into sin more easily! Thank you for reminding me to stay focused on The Lord through prayer!

  73. “I’m in! I will fervently seek God.”

    Thank you so much for this post! I’m on day 2 and am loving the quiet time with our Lord!

  74. I started doing this years ago, and it was a real faith-strengthener. I go back to those journals of 6-10 years ago, and I am amazed at the number and kinds of prayers that God has answered. Funny enough, I am now thankful for the ones He (apparently) did not answer. In His infinite wisdom He did not give me a serpent when I asked for fish, but looking back I realized that quite often I had asked for serpents; He never gave those to me even when I asked. I stopped keeping the journal a few years back, but now I’m in!!

  75. I am so excited to start this study of Psalms. I am making a commitment to focus and get in His Word!! Thank you Gwem for this opportunity to study in quiet time with the Lord and also ecommunicate with other women.

  76. I’m in! Grabbing a notebook right now and placing it near my Bible as a reminder to start keeping my prayer journal! Love the idea, since often times during prayer I wander off in so many directions I forget everything and everyone I wanted to pray for!

  77. I’m In! Thank you for getting me back on track again. Like a lot of people my mind does wander and it is very frustrating. Of course I know that it is Satan doing this, but we can’allow it to continue or stop us

  78. In in!! Lord provide a journal please~ This is CooL! God bless you all Nd our prayers be heard, Amen!! 🙂

  79. I will fervently seek God. Itry to but it seems hard with my financial and health issues. I will trust God to help. Sometimes feel a sense of hopelessness because this is happening for long time.

    Thank you, Gwen.


  80. I’m in! I will reverently seek God!!! I have been battling with committing to God, thanks Gwen for helping me get back on track!!

  81. I’m in! I’m starting my prayer journal right now! I thought it was just me that has problems with my mind wandering.

  82. I’m in! Have never utilized a prayer journal before, but definitely wanting to experience a deeper relationship with God. Thank you, Gwen!

  83. I’m in. I will fervently seek God. Thanks for helping me start. Again. I am away from home, but I do have a Bible. May God bless you.

  84. I am in . I will fervently seek God. I have struggled in my daily prayer, but I must continue in Jesus name. Thank you for this encourage.

  85. I’m in! I will fervently seek God! I had that same conversation with myself today before I read your blog. Thank you for your support.

  86. “I’m in! I will fervently seek God.” Amen! Thank you and God bless you and yours always. I LOVE to pray! So I promise to do more then I’m doing. Love you Jesus!

  87. I’m in! I will fervently seek God!!! This little devotion was right on the money for me!!! I pray that I will have the energy to wake a little earlier so that I can do this wholeheartedly. Thank you so much for listening to Him and bringing this to us.

  88. It’s so easy to live life in our own strength. And if we’re not in constant communication with the Spirit of the living God, then that’s exactly what we’re doing. Great post to remind us how simple it is to be in God’s presence – we just have to go to Him in prayer.

  89. I’m in! I’m new to this though and may have a very hard time staying focused. I have ignored my need for Jesus for too many years now. I will fervently seek God!

  90. Thanks So much for the inspiration….I look forward to your daily read everyday …May the Lord Bless and Keep you !!!

  91. I’m in! I will fervently seek God! Today I did my first-ever prayer journal–it was really wonderful to use! I get so off track when praying sometimes, trying to pray for every person on Earth and every situation that could ever happen, & I still feel like I didn’t pray enough. This was so helpful, I felt more closure at the end of my prayer. And I cannot believe all the lessons God taught me just from Psalm 1:1!!! Thank you!

  92. I’m in! I will fervantly seek God. I keep a journal where I write scriptures or notes or thoughts from devotions that have stirred my soul to boldly pray or simply feel His presence during my quiet prayer time. I will begin using it as daily prayer journal, too! Thank you.

  93. “I’m in! I will fervently seek God.”

    define:fervent (paraphrased from Google): fiery passion

    Take my passion for life, my wit, my vivacity, my intelligence, my persistence, my anger, my pain, my creativity, my wish for good-all these gifts you have given me, and help me to focus them on praising You, the giver of all good things.

    Thanks, Ms. Smith!

  94. I’m in. Thank you Gwen. I never knew there were so many girls like me. I cannot think to pray for even a few sentences and then my mind takes me elsewhere. It’s so hard to find the time and then when I do it’s while I’m at work cleaning or such. Then my mind is off on a tangent so many times. I get frustrated and depressed cause I am missing something in my relationship with him. I trust him and believe that I have him in my life but I know he longs for me to talk to him and he to me. I started a journal and never finished it yet. I have 3 kids, 2 teens and a 3 yr old. Between teens school and activities and a 3 yr old with appointments and always wanting mom I rarely get quiet time. Pray for me that I will find that quiet time to read and pray without something demanding my attention, and that I can learn to concentrate and focus my mind on praying and praising God while I work. I pray for all other requests here that are similar. I am glad to know I’m not alone. You got me right at the heart of what I need. God bless. I love your music too.

    1. I am bipolar & my mind seriously wandered when I tried to pray silently. So, I began praying aloud at home, in the car, outdoors. Now, after almost 1-1/2 years of journaling, I am once again able to pray silently. Not always, but most of the time. Hang in there sister! And, ask for the Holy Spirit’s help. Blessings.

      1. Thank you Gail for responding now. How perfect is God’s timing. I can’t believe that is what I wrote 2 years ago and I still struggle. I’ve been recently drawn back to journaling a bit more, and getting more into God’s word again. Struggled with over business for a while and completely lost the journaling. But praying out loud, I think through your response that is what he’s telling me to do. I journal all my prayers that manage to happen. Write them out like a letter to God, but then it’s one topic at a time, and certainly not a prayer list for people, or different things I need to pray about. I love my journal, but it should change more to that list and then pray about it. I have to get the concept of actually praying out loud. My faith is mine, I am a quiet person, and not good about sharing what I’ve learned. Praise God for His timing, that this would come out again. Bless you for sharing your experience.

        1. You are most welcome. I hesitated taking the time to respond; but felt led to do so. And, that dear lady, WAS God’s prompting, I am sure. He is an awesome God! Blessings.

    2. Same here, Laura. It’s good to know we’re not alone in what distracts us. I pray we all find our focus during quiet time with God.

  95. I honestly have had a prayer journal on my mind but didn’t know how to go about using it as a tool! Thank you! I’m in! Blessings!

  96. I’m in! God has used you to answer my prayer of direction to how to journal and spend quality quiet time! Glory to God! Bless You!

  97. Your devotionals have been such a great blessing to me. I do have my devotions at home but I find that when I get to the office and need to find some peace I read the daily devotionals. it is the very best thing that I have ever done.God bless you and your faithfulness in preparing these. I believe that you are directed by God to send me direct messages each day. Be blessed and continue to write for His glory. Much love to you all.

  98. “I’m in! I will fervently seek God.” I pray throughout the day, but I don’t set aside a specific time. Thank you for this reminder that I need to include a time set aside for intensive prayer. God’s blessings

  99. I’m in! I will fervently seek God!

    Thank you so much for reminding me that all I need is to go to God everyday!!!

  100. I’m in! I’m so glad I’m not the only one whose mind wanders when praying. I pray that this helps me stay focused on my LORD. Blessings to all.

  101. I’m in! I just had this conversation with God this morning on my way to work and asked Him to forgive me for not coming to Him as I should. This devotional this morning is my affirmation. Thanks!

  102. I couldn’t agree more! I started doing this a few years ago and have grown so much closer to the Lord than ever before. It is amazing to look back at what I have prayed about and what God answered. He is so good!

  103. I’ve kept prayer journals for the last 17 years on and off. In the recent past, I’ve allowed myself to become slack in doing this, ironically, just as I’ve seen some amazing answers to the prayers cried out in those journals!
    So, today, I’m asking My Papa to help me be totally committed to this practice of prayer journaling. Why is it that we KNOW prayer is the key to our daily walk, and I’ll surely tell you so right now, but this afternoon I might not remember this when my world gets jousled around a little? It’s like I have amnesia that only affects silly sheep!

  104. I’m in! I will fervently seek God. I have fallen away from seeking God; depression has a grip on my life i am scared to make decisions, afraid to move forward. I need to spend time in God’s presence.

  105. I raised my hand while stating my intention out loud. I have to say that it was difficult because I don’t want to just flipantly do something. I really want to do it but I tend to get on fire for something and then get distracted with work, my children, house stuff, exhaustion, fill in the blank. I just started meeting with an accountability partner (I will share this challenge with her, of course) so that should help. Anyway, I just signed up for the GIG yesterday and look how God is already blessing me with this challenge – I asked Him to help me to get closer to Him, He answered, now the ball is back in my court. I look forward to making good choices. Thank you Qwen, and the GIG team, for allowing yourselves to be used by Him so I can be helped.
    Needing to remain dedicated, Andi

    1. Sorry. I was just glancing at the comments and this hit me:
      He sets us on fire, not just for Him, but for our work, for our family, for our homes, and all the gifts that He gives us to be a light. He doesn’t want them to take us away from Him but to bless them and raise them up as a focal point of worship to Him. Satan tries to take our eyes off God even using his blessings, but God wants us to see Him through them and be blessed to turn our eyes to Him in everything.

      I also wanted to say, “I asked…He answered, now the ball is back in my court.” I was really touched by this in my life to think, “Wow. I’ve got to do something with this beautiful ball the Father has blessedly bounced back to me.” Thanks for the insight!

  106. Good to know I am not the only wandering mind. Dragging myself out of depression, I find my prayers mostly to be begging and pleading for strength and to not catastrophize about everything.

  107. I’m in, in fact starting a prayer journal was one of my goals that I wrote out for the month of June, thanks for insight on how to start.

  108. I’m in! I will fervently seek God. Thank you for all your writings- I felt this was for me today. I needed to be nudge to spend more time with God. I am going to try and be more organised as life has a way of creeping in and pushing prayer time out!!

  109. I’m in! I will fervently seek God. I think of God many times a day. I have been so blessed … however, I am looking for a deeper, more satisfying peace and quietness of spending specific time with Him. Our lives seem to be always ‘on the fly’ …. only I can make the time … and I will. Thank you GIG!

  110. I’m in! I will fervently seek God! He has been calling to me for the last month to get a little closer. This confirms it!

  111. I’m in I will fervently seek God. This moved my soul this morning – thank you! It is amazing when we are obedient to that still small voice, I felt the encouragement to open the email and read this mornings devo now – it was an answer to prayer! Thank YOU for being obedient and staying committed to GIG. May God bless the 3 of you as much as He has blessed me and so many others.

  112. I’m in! I will fervently seek God! Question: do you think it’s important to pray while kneeling? I usually pray while sitting, or driving in my car to/from work. I love the idea of using a prayer journal. I think it will focus my prayers to what’s really on my heart, and then I can go back and make a note of answered prayers to increase my faith. Thanks Gwen! God bless you!

  113. I’m in! I love God’s timing- as an end of the year gift, one of my students gave me a spiral bound journal- today will be a great day to see His answers to prayer and praise!

  114. I keep a journal, but after the date write 4 initials down the page
    to help me keep focused PART I do my part and God does his – Praise, Admit, Request, Thank

  115. I’m in! I’m in! I’m in! I will fervently seek God more from this day forward so I will live my life with purpose and by His Will and not my own! Amen!

  116. I’m in! I will fervently seek G_d. I am ashamed of the way I have constantly put Him on the back burner, leaving prayer for when all else was finished. That stops now!

  117. Thanks for the reminder and challenge. I am in. GIG is awesome and thanks for letting God use you in soooo many lives. Love you guys.

  118. Yes! I’m in for Jesus Christ, my Lord and Saviour. I love to pray but these days, I feel sleepy often most the burden comes to pray.
    Please my dear sister or pastor Gwen Smith. Luv u and what u’re doing for the Lord.

    Keep at it, continue to touch lives like you did to me and may God Almighty never forget your labours in Jesus name.

    Judith W. DAKA

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