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Happy Friday, friends!

It’s GUEST POST and GIVEAWAY day! Yay! 🌸 Every once in a while you come across someone who is so different from you, yet so much the same that it’s slightly scary and completely amazing all at the same time. Today I’m excited to introduce you to someone who fits that description for me; her name is KRISTEN WELCH, and she’s the author of a new book called Raising World Changers in a Changing World.

Those in the blogging world know Kristen as the heart and soul behind the popular parenting blog We Are THAT Family. To you and me today, she is a visiting voice of wisdom and a source of inspiration and purpose.

And I’m confident that this post is gonna blow you away… to a place of challenge, unrest and excitement. You don’t have to be a parent to be motivated by what Kristen has to share. God’s heart is global and ours needs to stretch to the ends of the earth to meet His. I know mine can use some stretching.

Now, grab a fresh cup of coffee and prepare for the Lord to stir you in beautiful ways as you read this excerpt by KRISTEN WELCH from her new book, Raising World Changers in a Changing World. {And be sure to leave a comment to qualify for the GIVEAWAY!} 🌸

Life’s Too Short To Stay In Your Comfort Zone

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone,” Neal Donald Walsch. I couldn’t agree more with this. Get out of your house! Leave your neighborhood! Introduce your kids to people who are different than your family!

Raising world changers starts with letting our kids be who God created them to be. Sometimes we can help them discover just who they are by leaving our comfort zones. Getting out of our cultural bubble of safety and security has taught us many valuable lessons in generosity. But you don’t have to leave the country to learn them. Serving refugees or the homeless in the heart of your city, visiting a nursing home, volunteering at a women’s shelter, fostering kids, opening your life to people who are different from you, or doing something that risks your comfort will set your family up in the classroom of life.

Here Are Eleven Lessons We’ve Learned About Generosity:

1. When we leave what we know, we discover what we don’t know. The way we live isn’t the way the world lives. Stepping out of what we know is eye opening.

2. Discomfort is a great way to appreciate comfort. I can’t think of a better way to create an environment of gratitude than by being temporarily uncomfortable.

3. Fear will paralyze us if we let it. Trust will thrust us into adventure. Risk can be scary, but if we only do what we’ve always done we are limiting ourselves. With wisdom and trust in God, we can live an adventure.

4. Bad things can happen in the middle of our comfort zones too. We can’t let the fear of the unknown stop us from living. The safest place for our family is wherever Jesus leads us. We aren’t called to safety, and what’s completely safe these days anyway?

5. We really don’t have as much control as we think we do. Travel of any kind reminds us how little control we really have. It’s also true of life and especially parenting. We can’t control everything or everyone; letting go is a great way to grow.

6. Our strengths and weaknesses are revealed in the unknown. I discovered one of my kids is a natural-born tour guide. She loves leading our family to unknown places. We’ve also discovered a whole list of weaknesses (such as don’t give Mom the map) about each other.

7. We need each other a little more when we are uncomfortable. Nothing creates a unified team spirit like the unknown. We realize we aren’t quite as tough or as independent when we are unsure, but it’s okay because we have each other and we discover together.

8. We change our perspective. I’m a huge fan of perspective. We need to shake things up to become more grateful for what we have. Nothing gives us a new perspective more than seeing how other people live.

9. We create memories that will outlast anything we can buy. By far our best memories have been made outside of our comfort zone. And hopefully we are teaching our kids that people and places are more important than stuff.

10. We become more compassionate. When we break out of our bubble, we open our eyes to people around us. It becomes the fertile ground in which compassion is born and grows.

11. We see God more clearly. Risk positions us to reach out to God—to ask for help, to pray for peace, and to see the world a little better and God a little bigger.

Congratulations to our giveaway winners: Jenny McGee and Jeanine Brooks! HURRAY! HURRAY!! It’s a Giveaway!
Kristen is giving away TWO copies of Raising World Changers!

Kristen Welch was born and raised in Texas. Her parenting blog, We are THAT Family (, has grown a committed community of readers. Kristen has a regular column in ParentLife magazine and is a frequent radio guest and speaker. Author of Rhinestone Jesus and Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World. Kristen is the founder of Mercy House, a nonprofit maternity home in Kenya that rescues young pregnant girls from extreme poverty. She also started Fair Trade Friday through Mercy House, which is a fair trade subscription club that empowers impoverished women in 31 countries. Welch lives with her family in Texas.
Kristen is the bestselling author of Raising Grateful Kids in An Entitled World and Raising World Changers, releasing May. 1, 2018.

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  1. I may be too late for this, but I’ll give it a try. My husband and I have lived overseas for almost 25 years, first as missionaries in Kazakhstan and later in China and The Republic of Georgia as international schoolteachers. Consequently, our children have also grown up overseas and developed a completely different perspective on life. Although they have gone to school with many wealthy families, they have also served in their communities with the poor and disabled and seen people who have very little smiling and laughing. I would not change that for an insular life tin the U.S. We have taught our children that, although there are some things they miss by not growing up in America, they have gained so much more by experiencing the world and its people.

  2. The way our World keeps changing we need to raise World Changers that can think and see how the world is changing so they can keep up with all the changes and get ahead of what is happening in the world. We’ll be steps ahead of others.

  3. Leaving our scary and limiting comfort zones is scary – and freeing – and rich! Thank you for beautiful reminders.

  4. A great rhema word for us all as believers and our greatest example is JESUS. Thank you for this timely book, the harvest is ready, we must go to where they are! Blessings.

  5. I love this…..”We can’t let the fear of the unknown stop us from living. The safest place for our family is wherever Jesus leads us.”
    Thank you this encouragement in this crazy backwards world! Bless you, dear sister!

  6. Leaving a message on this is outside my comfort zone…however the message heard from just this one excerpt…was loud enough for me to want to read on more. Thank you for opening that door.

  7. This was truly amazing and gave me insights that I didn’t have!
    Our son is grown, but I have two grandchildren and after reading this, I am going to implement these ideas and hopefully they will make a big impact in their lives.

  8. Love the message and points well made. If each child could reach out to one other person, there would indeed be a changed world, Young parents it is now up to you to challenge and inspire your children for Christ’s sake and their own sake. We older folks need to continue (or begin) to shower love and compassion to ALL people.

  9. Boy, did this list challenge me! I plan to print it and post it where I can see it daily. Thank you for the chance to win a copy of the book.

  10. What a great list of things to be mindful of by stepping out of our comfort zones. An encouraging message- thank you!!!

  11. I would love to read this! I would then have my 4 girls read this. I want my girls to know that they can do anything thru Christ!

  12. I love the way you think and share it! I know some of my most special family memories of my childhood were very simple and without all the big expensive things this world has to offer. Getting out of our comfort zone is stepping out in faith and letting go of fear! Thank you for sharing!

  13. Oh, I am interesting in this book because I am a Mom of four wonderful boys and I want they all turn in World Changers. Really Kristen Welch God guide you to wrote this book. This is truly true. I like it. Blessings!

  14. I started reading this book two days ago and I love it! If I win the copies I’m going to give them to my sister in law and a friend because it’s so good it needs to be shared, but I’m not sure my copy will be readable when I’m done!

  15. Wow I love how your mind works and I love how adventurous you are with us girlfriends of God. Awesome advice and love the different ways you look at life. I’m ready to get up -pack; and let God lead me to my next destination. Thank you for what you have done for all of us girlfriends. Keep on giving !

  16. I struggle with living a bold life for Christ because of fear. Fear of ridicule, rejection, saying the wrong thing, or not knowing an answer, etc. I want to raise my newborn daughter to live boldly for Christ. This post has definitely come at the perfect time!

  17. I wonder if today’s post was written just for me. My son is grown so I dopn’t think it applies to Raising him. I think I’m the one that needs to move out of my comfort zone. I have just been asked to pray about stepping into a leadership position in my bible study group. And I am praying. I just wonder if this post is my answer.

  18. I got out of my comfort zone when I could pray for anyone anywhere when I ran across someone or friends who shared what they were going thru. I was taught to say prayers for someone while growing up from the church but never heard about praying in public. I love Jesus.

  19. No 10 means a lot to me.
    My granddaughter and I go out on the streets in Cleveland, Ohio. We had out gently used purses filled with personnel hygiene items. The ones we connect with are so appreactive of the suggested.
    Coming out of my bubble has blossom into a beautiful outreach.
    Every purse has a Bible in it. I thank God for blessing the homeless and opening my eyes to some beautiful people that I may have never met.

  20. Heading out this weekend to buy my copy. The excerpt has me wanting to experience much more than my comfort zone. I’m excited! Thank you for sharing✝️

  21. I have never gone over sea other than to visit on short term mission trips! I was mission’s major in college! I felt God wanted to do something else but always have the disire! I learn ed that after your in the culture for three to six months ethocenrricity sets in and you world can crash!

  22. Mt first born son is my hero. As a child, he had a heart for God and shared it each and every time he got the chance. Like many people do, he got a little far from what he had been taught and shared as he had done when he was younger. Through much prayer and encouragement, as well as “letting go and letting God”, once again became an amazing leader. He joined the military and became a “warrior for God” as well as an amazing soldier. He even went through the Airborne training! Today he is married and has 5 super awesome children, each growing in God through the leadership of their father and mother. He has a fantastic job and has gained a reputation as an honest and caring man, saving the company millions of dollars by implementing new and innovating ideas.
    I don’t mean to sound bragadocious, but just sharing what God can and will do IF we follow him. I still have times when I call my son for sound, Christian advice which he freely gives. I have been so blessed by him as well as my other two children and thank God often for His gifts to me.

  23. As it says in Phillipians 1-3 I thank my God upon every remembrance of you.
    All you beautiful friends have been ou he’d many with your words, lesson from God.
    I ray that God blesses each and everyone of you.💖💞💖💞

  24. Would be great to win! As a foster mom and my hubby a foster dad need to raise our kids (whenever placed) teach them right from wrong. Christian values in today’s broken horrid world

  25. Although my children are grown, I have five grandchildren ranging from eighteen to five years old. I would love to give a copy of this book to one of my children for my grandchildren. Today’s world is exciting but frightening. I fear for all of them. We all need help these days. Your book sounds just the remedy for raising God-fearing, loving, children.

  26. I’ve followed Kristen & Mercy House for quite awhile. This title is definitely on my to-read list. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  27. Wow! Well said Kristen!
    I need to share…
    I will get this book whether I win or not!
    I’m a mom, grandmother & great-grandmother. I’m also a Christian counselor…

  28. Wow looks like a great book I will have to get a copy and read it..I am in a very different stage of my life ( not chosen by me ) so I am trying to find my way..and get out of my comfort zone… Thanks for sharing your wisdom..GG

  29. This book looks like a delightful read! As a single mother of a lovely 7 year old girl, I think this book will be immensely helpful in navigating life’s challenges and guiding her on her journey to becoming a Godly woman.

  30. I think this book would be so helpful to me raising my step-children. I think it could help me to make an even more significant positive impact on their lives. I really hope I can win a copy.

  31. The only thing constant is change; but God never changes. This article came my way at at significant time when I am seeking God on moving from my familiar home town to a state I have never been in towards the father of my child wishes for us to be closer to him in Texas. I have been able to relax more the past day or so, because I let my child go enough to spend the night at his cousins house. He is learning something good and new, and I am surely doing the same. I have been free to read these articles, regroup, and discovered something about how I associate with others a little differently or more freely when my little one is not around.

  32. If the rest of the book is as relevant as the points shared in this email, this book can be a great resource for parents, children, and people in general!

  33. The title of the book caught my eye. Our children are grown, but we definitely can have an impact on our grandchildren. The only way we can grow is to adapt to change.

  34. This is so true. Since my involvement with Compassion International began about 6 years ago, I have learned so much about extreme poverty and how so much of the world lives. I thought I was grateful before, but now……..every day I feel as though I live like a queen. Kids here today are so spoiled and they think this is just how it is. It’s so important to make sure they know how blessed and fortunate they are to live in a land of plenty, with safety & security for the most part.

  35. I absolutely love this! It has been my own passion as I was raising my children – helping them to engage with people & cultures that were different from their own by serving, giving and building relationships that were “others-centered”, taking them to places that were globally and culturally diverse so that they could see God’s awesome plan for the world at large. As my children have grown & now are raising families of their own, my desire is to impart that same legacy to my grandchildren as well. Thank you for helping to promote the love of Christ through a bigger worldview!

  36. As a late in life mom I have embraced that my son is much different than his brothers. I now make time to take him to places I couldn’t afford to or had time to and also embrace other cultures and most definitely take advantage of the freebie stuff. Im grateful God allowed me to bear another child late in life and gave me the resources to take of him. One of the things I also find helpful is planning our day on a calendar this way we get to do a lot of stuff. Yes Im excited about doing things with my kid…. We are most definitely balling on a budget.

  37. I’ve been sharing about compassion this week on my personal Facebook page and I love this…”10. We become more compassionate. When we break out of our bubble, we open our eyes to people around us. It becomes the fertile ground in which compassion is born and grows.”

    I am so looking forward to reading this book and reclaiming known practices and learning and implementing new practices to further develop my walk with the Lord and in turn sharing Him with others.

  38. Yes life is to short to stay in your comfort zone. So go do something out of the box be brave for who knows what the outcome will be.

  39. I deeply wish I had done these suggestions when my children were growing up. Their lives would be so enriched now and other’s lives as well. I’ll start now with grandchildren.

  40. Desiring to make the world a more Godly world. Strong hold in your Faith showing to our younger generation that God is the true source to making it through each day! Constantly praying for your needs, watching it all unfold! Keeping your Faith through Grace is obviously the way!

  41. I am eager to read this book! My kids are all adults now, but three are living at home. The principles work no matter how “old” your family is. Thanks for writing on a great topic and thanks for sharing!

  42. Sounds like a wonderful book. Even though my children are grown, I want to be able to teach, lead, and encourage my grandchildren.

  43. I would love to read this book with my husband, for some motivation to step outside our little world and experience what God created for us to enjoy and appreciate. Thanks, and God bless you! Brenda

  44. Thank you for this – we are going to Guatemala next week on a mission trip as a family and this just solidifies even more why it is such a great thing for our family and for God.

    1. God’s blessings upon you as you & your family fall in love with the people of Guatemala! A piece of my heart resides there eternally. I have been involved in short-term mission trips there each year since 2010 and am excited every time I hear of others going to serve there!

  45. I can’t wait to read this book! I always need inspiration to step out of my bubble! I love to try new things but get stuck in my comfort!
    Thank you
    Jacque mama of 4💗

  46. I was encouraged by this word, would love to win the book to learn how to get out of my comfort zone and let be myself an example for my family.
    God bless you Kristen.

  47. Would love to win a copy of this book. We as a family desire to be missionaries and this sounds like a great read for us.

  48. My 23 year old son has a progressive neuromuscular disease. Just getting out of the house is out of his comfort zone. I have been praying for ways to encourage him. I know God has a wonderful plan for his life beyond the walls of our home. He has always been the least adventurous/outgoing of my 3 boys. His friends from high school have all moved on (it’s what happens, I know). My son is reluctant to make new friends and has been rejected on several occasions making him more closed off. I have been praying that God stretch his boundaries giving him hope and purpose. I believe this book could give us some great ideas. Even though he is not little, he needs encouragement.

  49. I can not wait to read this book. I have two teens and I am always trying

    to figure out how I can successfully get them to see there is so much out there

    that we can do to make a difference, But they are both very much the kind that don’t like change and stay in their comfort zones. They both have a heart for God, Sometimes I feel like I am pushing them away from it all instead of drawing them into it.

  50. I am one who has always lived in fear. I was brought up that way and I said I would break the cycle of negativity and fear; however, I have not done so yet. I would love to live outside of my comfort zone and just can’t seem to make that step happen. I would love to read your book to help encourage me to finally take the adventurous step out of my comfort zone and into God’s will.

  51. Hello, I just want to share that raising my children while my husband was in the Air Force was the best thing we did for them. My husband and I are both from a very small town born and raised; it had its good qualities but by moving away to a big city, we both had to grow up. Our children saw the world totally different than how we grew up in it. So glad for the opportunity and I learned to rely on our heavenly Father for guidance, fellowship and help.

  52. This is exactly what I needed to read this AM. We live in Westlake Village and my kids live in a bubble. I look forward to reading your new book with my kids and together step out into new adventures, with the Lord’s leading.

  53. Yes this is all very true. I grew up “safe” in my little rural town. We left our home to go to the same grocery store, or department store weekly. I can say my adventures were the yearly trips to Canada, camping, (just our family) and when a nice lady asked if she could pick me up to go to vacation Bible school. My family did not go to church. I feel pulled to leave my house now that I have turned 60. I live but feet from the old farm house, now torn down, where I grew up. Because of a hearing issue I find it so hard to be out with people though my soul craves it. I hope to soon be able to hear. I get a cochlear implant next week. I want to teach a Bible study and play my guitar again and sing my songs that have stories attached to them. Thank you for this article, it makes my yearning to be with others stronger.

  54. What a great insight to ways to get our kids involved in the world. I loved reading this excerpt from the book. This book sounds like a winner to me. 🙂 May the Lord use it mightily to make more and more and more world changers out of this next generation.

  55. This is sooo true! I have learned this through out the years and believe God has made us to step out of our comfort zone to serve him. We are here to serve and love everyone! Thank you for sharing this!

    In God’s great love,

  56. As a mom of twins who often take advantage of having someone by their side always, I look to find ways to show them others need someone to step up and stand by them also!!! I would love to read this entire book!💗

  57. What a blessing to read from your insight. I would love to be able to do exactly this and step out of my comfort zone. I pray God will lead me and I will let him. I long to hear from him.

  58. One of my favorite memories is when I took our youngest son on a mission trip to Jamaica. We bonded beautifully through that experience and I believe it did all of those things you listed by opening our eyes to those less fortunate and helping us to appreciate our own way of life, He returned to Jamaica on another mission trip with his fraternity while in college.

  59. Your words are inspiring me to do more outside of my comfort zone! My legacy is guiding my children grandchildren to be “world changers.”

  60. Leaving our comfort zone can be hard but it is so important. God wants to make us more like Him and that isn’t confortable.

  61. Thanks so much, Gwen for having Kristen as a guest today I was truly blessed. Parenting is so difficult but this message from Kristen was a great reminder of the importance of being intentional about raising our children well by exposing them to different environments Love it !!!

  62. Wish we were young parents again with all the renegade wonderful trends we see! Our daughter and family make us proud – this book is right up their alley….

  63. I wish everyone could go on a mission trip. I would love to share these challenges with my grandchildren

  64. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post. It’s so relevant for the times we live in where fear of others who are different is creating tension and building walls. I love your suggestions for travel and sharing new experiences. May God richly bless you and your family to be world changers

  65. I love the 11 lessons in the email this morning. Really makes you think and reflect about how spoiled we are by not leaving our comfort zone and still expecting God to use us. Moses steppes way outside his comfort zone to serve God. He was a man of few words, the bible leading us to believe that had some sort speech impediment and went and spoke of god having to overcome the fear of stumbling over his words. God bless and thank you!

  66. I am raising two teenage girls and would love to read this book. They are both so different, but created by God to do great things. I think this book would have some great insight.

  67. Thank you for the thoughtful insert. I am a 69 year old grandmother that was asked to travel and live in Italy for 3 years on a military installation. I was very hesitant but your Friday devotional gave me a fresh perspective and a new insight of leaving behind my comfort zone. Again, thank you!!

  68. Awesome inspiration for this Nanny of three who tries to share God and all His goodness with her grandchildren. Look forward to reading the book. May God continue to bless your ministry.

  69. Hi Gwen,
    This looks like a really great book. I would really like to win a copy. You always pick such great authors.

  70. I love this!! We are always having similar conversations with our kids about how not everyone lives the way they do. We try to get them to get a new perspective on lifestyles and to think about others first. I’m excited for this book im already hooked! Raising World Changers! Thanks for for sharing!

  71. I would love to share this book with my daughters who have young children. After reading the excerpt I’d like to read it too! World changer, faith builder.

  72. Our children are grown. Thanks for the opportunity to win. I’d like to win a copy of Raising World Changers in a Changing World for my SIL.

  73. Your book sounds like just what I need right now. Everything you said in your blog is so true. I would love to get your book for myself and also to share it with my daughter and grandson. I have experienced some of what you talk about when I went on mission trips to other countries. Getting out of your comfort zone can be scary but with Jesus by our side, anything is possible! Praise God.

  74. “Walking by faith not by sight.” Is one of my favorite verses & also sums up my life(particularly since ‘08;…when Big* faithful, ‘out of comfort zone’ steps were taken & one after another pretty quickly!).

    I also love your comment “..&what’s safe in this world nowadays anyways.” Lol … as is a good back up in telling others why I feel God leading to do things sometimes but others may be fearful for me& try to put worries/fears/snares in the way.

  75. I have a lot of trouble with wanting to stay in my comfort zone. I need to let go and let God have full control.

  76. I was thrust out of my comfort zone into a new culture on September 18, 2016. I am a Jamaican teacher who had to leave my beloved country in a bid to save my life. I got a job as a housekeeper in a small hotel and had to clean rooms for a melting pot of cultural differences. Some individuals were snobs and others ignored my presences and some hugged me loving my Jamaican accent. Suffice it to say I discovered I had secret prejudices too. A gentleman introduced me to his dog ( a cross between pitbull and Rottweiler ) to say that I was afraid of dogs was an understatement but I bravely said hello to the huge dog who just looked at me through trusting eyes. This animal fell in love with me instantly. I lived with thos animal thereafter for 6 months.

  77. I would get this book for my son and daughter in law. Our grandsons are 9 and 3.
    Thanks for this offer.

  78. Very thought provoking and challenging! I’m already praying, “Lord how do you want my family to step out of our comfort zone to share Your love with others?”

  79. Challenges of a Single Mother never changes and is even greater when mental health issues are a factor.

    I am a trusting Mother, A Christian and a believer. I still struggle and I still feel pain.

    I surrender my pain worries and fear to God.

    Your book will bring me hope.


  80. Awesome lessons…..can’t wait to try a few of them out next week on our vacation, and this week around home….thank you!!!

  81. This looks like a great book! Can’t wait to read it! We have traveled a lot with our girls when they were growing up, some vacation and some mission trips. It has shaped them significantly to be more aware and appreciative of others differences. They have learned what a blessing to serve and love others more than themselves!

  82. I have been in a little slump lately. This post was exactly what I needed. Thanks so much! I have a meeting with a couple of my doTerra essential oils team this morning and wasn’t sure what I was going to share with them. This is it!

  83. I have really enjoyed reading this so far and look forward to the wealth of information you have to share. Thank you!

  84. Wow! I love it… All so true.. I have experienced some of those things on a personal level but would love to do this as a family. Thank you.

  85. This sounds like an amazing read. I think it would be perfect for my teenager to help her grow confidence and higher self-esteem as she heads toward high school.

  86. I am turning 64 & thinking about retirement! Changing times as I get older seem to be at times scarier overwhelming decisions than I ever faced durning young years. Do we downsize or wait a bit, what will I do with my time, moving to a new location closer to family, will my Husband & I be healthy, enough income, fear of loneliness, and oh my I could keep rolling. Leaving a comfort zone with God by my side is the only way I will overcome my fears! Love Love any extra Christian enouragement I can lean on to help calm my fears as I move out of my 30 years comfort zone and into a whole new life changing experience!

  87. As a teacher, I see our world changing. I try hard to help others around me, but this book sounds like a great resource to help me as an individual and how to extend and share. I am thankful that God provides me and others with a plan but I know there is more that He wants from me. I need help stepping out of my comfort zone.

  88. “When we leave what we know we discover what we don’t know”, how profane!
    As a Volunteer leader at my church I welcome new ideas to move people out of their comfort zones!

  89. I completely agree that leaving your comfort zone is life changing. It doesn’t have to be leaving the country. I left a career to try something different and discovered just how much fear had a hold on my life. I have had to rely on God for strength I didn’t know I could have. The journey has not been an easy one, but I can say for sure that it has been worth every moment in bringing me to a better relationship with my God, my husband, and my son.

  90. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ, I read the first chapter of your book. I enjoyed the things that you talk about in your book. I am working on doing some things in my community to improve the lives of others. I believe that charity begins at home and spreads aboard I am working for my Lord and Savior Jesus by being of service to the poor people in my community along with my husband. We feed the people in our neiborhood food I they are hungry. I see the need her in my city of Gary to open a shelter for women, men and children of our loving living heavenly father Jehovah God an our Lord and Savior Jesus. Pray for me that the Lord Jesus will bless me to be successfully helping I children.

  91. What a wonderful mission and example for all of us, Kristen!
    I also started a non-profit organization in NC to advocate, educate, support and empower victims of domestic violence to leave the cycle of violence and start giving back by helping others. It’s hard work, yet so rewarding. I thank God for revealing His perfect plans!

  92. What a great introduction and way to look at raising kids. Taking my oldest children on their first mission trip this summer just a few cities over!

  93. I so much want to release my inhibition and move out of my shelterd life and become the world changer i know God calls me to be! The book is a must read! Thanks!

  94. This seems like a great book to help lead me out my comfort zone and to draw nearer to my God. Sometimes we get so busy in this world doing repetition that we forget why we are here on this ever changing world. It would be a great honor to win this book. Thank you for the opportunity. God Bless.


  96. We live life forward, but it’s nice to walk down memory lane and enjoy the past, while on the road to the future…

  97. The book seems interesting to read. I totally agree on the number 5 “We really don’t have as much control as we think we do.” We always have to expect the unexpected 🙂

  98. Out of our comyzone . God challenges us to minister to the world and within our own community so many needs exist outside the four waltbif our home and churches. It is unconditional love that leads us to reach out to the hurting , homeless and single parents that need a hand up .
    Thanks for so clearly stating each topic for focus.

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