Red Lipstick

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Red lipstick

When my three children were young, it was a challenge to keep track of where they were at all times.  My husband and I baby proofed the house as best we could, used gates and did our best.  I’ll never forget the day that Preston and Kennedy were accounted for in the playroom, but Hunter had wandered off.  I called for him, but got no response.

Curious, I headed for the front staircase and listened for his little two-year-old voice.  I checked his bedroom – no Hunter.  I checked Preston’s room – no Hunter.  I checked Kennedy’s room – no Hunter.  By now, my heart was racing and I was growing concerned.  As I headed into my bedroom, I began to hear faint noises from the master bathroom. Our bathroom mirror gave me all the information that I needed… Hunter had gotten into my red lipstick.

It. Was. Everywhere!

I wanted to laugh. I wanted to cry!  He was unaware of my presence as he continued his creative red-lipstick artwork on my walls and on the linen closet door. I quickly crossed the threshold of the bathroom door and confronted my little chubby-cheeked ‘red lipstick-all-over-his-face’ boy.  He immediately hid his scandalous red tool behind his back…thinking I was none the wiser.  I asked him what he was doing, to which he replied “Nothing.”  In my best trying-not-to-laugh mommy voice, I continued to ask him a series of questions and he continually denied any wrongdoing.

This makes me wonder; how many times have I gone before the Lord in prayer holding a tube of red lipstick behind my back.  How many times have I – and do I – think I’m pulling one over on Him?  Just as simply as I saw the tangible evidence of Hunter’s red face, God sees our hearts and knows what we’ve been up to.  He sees pride, anger, gossip and bitterness.  He sees un-forgiveness, un-confessed sins, the habits we cling to, the shows we watch, the private texts and conversations that are happening and the books we read that don’t honor Him.  He sees our failures and lovingly longs for us to allow Him to clean up the mess we’ve made. (TWEET THIS!)

The Bible calls us to a higher level of living. A higher level of holiness: in Christ. “Since we have these promises, dear friends, let us purify ourselves from everything that contaminates body and spirit, perfecting holiness out of reverence for God.”  2 Corinthians 7:1

A few years back, after praying about my constant need for restoration and forgiveness, I was inspired to write a song called “Restore.” Pause for a moment of reflection as you listen to the song now:

Before the messes and secrets in our lives can be cleaned up, our red lipsticks need to be tossed.  What is your red lipstick today? We all have them. Are you ready to hand it over to God?

Dear God, please forgive me for the things in my life that I’ve kept from You or tried to hide from You.  You deserve better from me.  Help me eliminate everything in my life and in my heart that “contaminates my body and spirit.”  I want my life to be a reflection of Your holiness.  In Jesus’ name, amen.


FOR YOUR REFLECTION and RESPONSE: Consider the red lipstick(s) that God may be calling you to toss aside. Seek Him in prayer and toss away! Ask God to strengthen your faith and to purify your heart, then leave a comment below saying, “I tossed my lipsticks!”

Do you trust that God’s plan for your life is better that your plan for your life?

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  1. Please pray along I have a Bsc and Meng. In Petroleum Engineering and I dont have a job after a year this has caused me to get frustrated from time to time and bring out red lipsticks. I do think God is taking me through a phase but I try so hard not to be depressed The devil always goes after our joy which should always be full . This is my first time sharing this. I try my best to toss the lipsticks.

  2. Please pray for me for I am a continuous work in progress. There are a few lipsticks that I have tossed. But Lord I look to you for the tossing of the rest of the lipsticks. I agree with my sister when she said that she felt as though she was mocking God by continuously going back for forgiveness but not necessarily turning away from sin. I realize that I am not relying on my father fully for complete deliverance. But i still declare that I have tossed my lipsticks!!!

    Thank You Heavenly Father 🙂

  3. I’m am tossing my red lipstick along with my wanting to know all of the whys and confusion and pain that comes along with it. Today I release all to HIM so that I can become more obidient and pleasing to HIM.

  4. I am trying really hard to toss my lipsticks. I have at least 2 of them that really need to go. I’ve tossed them out and then gone back into the bin and dug them out again so many times. I feel as if I’m mocking God by asking for forgiveness every time I repeat the SAME sins. Help me Lord to overcome this.

    1. When a person is truly wanting to please God, they find their sins abhorrent. Please know Jamilla, that even though you keep diging them back out of that bin, your HEART is what God sees. He knows the struggles of our humanness, because Jesus was fully Man as well as fully God. He was tempted in every way just like we are. And His mercies are new EVERY morning. So let go of tomorrow, stop looking back into that rearview, and give those lipsticks to God to deal with. You can overcome this with His help. God be with you and strengthen you as you continue to give these lipsticks to Him. 🙂

      1. Mickey, although your reply was for Jamilla, it was also for me. I have tried so so many times to toss my lipsticks only to go an retrieve them. I am 54 years young and have custody of my 3 year old granddaughter. To deal with the stress of the situation I drink just so i can sleep. Then i feel so guilty. I feel God thinks when is she going to get it right. Your comments have given me hope. Thank you and continue to pray for me.

        1. Father, I pray for Faye, that You would show her how to come to YOU instead of drinking to relax. Lord, it’s so hard sometimes to just come to YOU for our peace. We want to ‘fix’ things on our own, to take control somehow. I pray that You would show her that YOU are really her peace. As she gives her burdens to You Father, I ask that You would show her how to mentally ‘see’ them lifting up to You and coming OFF of her. Lord, I thank You that we are a work in progress, but that it’s ALL under your care and that your Son’s blood makes us PERFECT in Your sight. Help us as we struggle to become free, to give to You those burdens and fears. Lord, especially for Faye, I pray for her to release the future to You, for herself, her daughter and her grand daughter. You know her every need. We know that You are sufficient for her. Your grace is so plentiful! Thank You Lord. In Jesus’ name. amen.

  5. I tossed my lipstick!! I am letting go!! Tired of pretending. I am coming clean. Hold me in your arms Lord and wrap me in your love

  6. Please pray for me. I have tossed my lipstick of cigarettes away several times and went out and bought a new color! I’ve prayed and want to be delivered from this nicotine addiction. Please pray for my mental health as well. God is good and the source of all my strength.

  7. I laughed as I read Psalm 69:5 this morning after this devotional time. It says, “O God, You know my foolishness; And my sins are not hidden from You (NKJV).

  8. When my 3 year old was having a temper tantrum yesterday, I thought “Why can’t he just be obedient to me!” Then the Lord gently laid on my heart that maybe I was doing the same thing…”why can’t she trust in my promises and be obedient:-)” WOW, Take my red lipstick Lord!!

    1. I have tossed my lipstick too!! I trust that the Lord has me right where he wants me and when it is time to move he will move me.

  9. “I tossed my lipsticks!” – GREAT read! Made me giggle at your little one! I love how our children humble us and we are taught much bigger lessons – God gets our attention!

    1. I love the lessons that I have received from the devotionals that I have been reading. I too have tossed my lipstick. I am happy to say that the Lord has dealt alot with me on these things that keep me from drawing near to him. I am so thankful for the confirmation that he gives me not only through his word through others that are obedient to what he wants them to share. May God richly continue to bless you with words of encouragement and truth.

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