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A few years ago my mother in law gave me a 12x magnification hand mirror as a part of a gift. She said that she uses hers all the time and expected that I would love it. Never thinking I would actually need or use it, I thanked her with all the grace I could muster and put the mirror away where I put the gifts that I never plan on needing or using. (C’mon. I know you have a spot in your house for that kind of gift too, right!?)

Fast-forward a few years…

My teenaged son was working on a self-portrait for art class and asked me if I had a hand mirror. Since I remembered that the 12x magnification mirror had a normal-mirror side, I ran and got it for him.

After his art project was completed, Preston returned the hand mirror to the top drawer of my bathroom vanity. (SO not where it had been!) Not long after that, on a grooming day, I reached for my tweezers to pluck what needed plucking, and in doing so my eyes fell upon the 12x magnification mirror.

“What the heck! I’ll try it,” I thought.

Insert freaky horror sounds here…

I was not at all prepared for the revelation of my up-close and personal reflection. My pores looked like swimming pools and my stray eyebrow hairs looked like tree trunks. Even the super tiny fine ones! It. Was. Crazy.

And I must tell you; eyebrow plucking has never been the same for me since!

Here’s why: prior to having this hyper magnified experience, I’d always thought I did a good job plucking my eyebrows. But the clarity and power that came with the 12x magnification mirror has changed the game. Though I used to think I did a good job plucking, now I know that I do – because what is not visible to me in a normal mirror is vibrantly clear in the magnified one. So now every stray that doesn’t belong gets gone!

Over the years, I’ve found it far too easy to go through my days in a way that’s similar to how I used to pluck my eyebrows. I’ve allowed only the easily visible sins to be plucked from my life, leaving me blissfully unaware of the smaller, harder-to-see stray responses, attitudes, thought patterns, and choices that need to be plucked as well. This is still a constant struggle!

God’s plans for us are so much greater than this type of living. He tells us that we are to be holy as he is holy (Leviticus 11:44,1 Peter 1:16). How can we? With His help… and only with His help. We can trust that he is ready to be there every time we need Him because He knows and loves us more than we will ever be able to grasp.

God knows us perfectly. He’s familiar with all of our ways – good and bad. He knows where we go, what we think, how we feel, what we prioritize and how we respond. He sees us on the mountaintops and He sees us in the pits. The psalmist David proclaimed that before a word was even on his tongue, God knew it completely. (Psalm 139:4)

He loves us perfectly. His love goes before us, behind us, above us and below us. He compassionately protects, provides for, and cherishes us. Psalm 139 blows me away! I just can’t wrap my mind around the thought that God, who created space and time, is not constrained by space or time. He loved us and knew us before we even were!  All of the days of our lives are ordained and were written in His book before one of them came to be. (Psalm 139:16)

In awe of our all-present, all-seeing, all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-loving God, David deeply desired to live a life of pure, responsive worship. He cried out, “Search me, O God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.” (Psalm 139: 23-24)

That’s a 12x magnified prayer, my friend! David prayed for purposed purity to rise. He wanted God to show him the stray sins that he could not see – SO THAT the Lord could then lead him to a better, more holy way.

If you and I can get this… if we will determine to prioritize this type of praying on a heart level and allow God to sift through the stray sins of our lives, the Spirit of God will lead us to new heights, widths, and depths of His love, purity, and power.

Ready for a deeper, 12x magnified adventure with God? JUST ASK… Lord, search me! Know me! Show me! Then, JUST LISTEN… and be prepared to move in the direction of His leading and His love.

Dear Lord, Search me. Know me. Show me. Please shine your holy light on any shady areas of my life that need correction or direction. Crush any stubborn ways that keep me from Your will and Your best. Magnify any secret sins or unknown compromises that hinder my holiness. And move me forward in Your grace so that I can be led by Your Spirit and so that others can see Your love through me. In Jesus’ name, amen.


Read Psalm 139. Journal a prayer response.

Grab your Bible and a journal or piece of paper and then fill in the blanks of these verses:

“Where can I __ from your _______? Where can I ___ from your __________? If I go up to the __________, you are ________; if I make my bed in the __________, you are _________. If I _________ on the wings of the dawn, if I ________ on the far side of the sea, _______ ___________ your hand will ________ me, your right hand will _______ me fast.” (Psalm 139: 7-10, NIV)

NOW, let’s make that personal. Fill in the following blanks, inserting YOUR people, places and heart matters.

“Lord, Your loving presence is incredible! Your Word assures me that even if ______________ happens, you are there. When I’m overwhelmed by the circumstances with _______________, you are there. When I find myself filled with fears and doubts about ______________, your right hand will hold me fast. Thank you, Lord. I cherish your presence and love you too.”


Leave a comment or a prayer request in the comments section. Then pause to pray for some of the other prayer needs on my wall. 

Every step of transformation begins with the heart of God. If you would like to learn more about how your brokenness can be reworked into a picture of God’s beauty, order my book Broken Into Beautiful. This resource will help you experience the power of hope, healing and restoration!



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  1. pray that our son will realize his cruel words hurt deeply and that God would show him his “wrong thoughts toward his parents. Pray that his wife could be used of God for healing in this broken relationship.

  2. My husband is a Vietnam veteran. Even so he came back with all of his body he is haunted by the horrible things he saw over there when he had just turned 18 years old. After that nightmare which included the killing of their own children just to be able to kill a soldier, he got married and his wife aborted their baby. These things have caused him to turn to alcohol. He has been drinking so much that his Dr says he is drinking his self to death. I have been trying everything I know to do to save him. We have been married 20 years and his drinking got worst the last few years after he retired. He has been to a Christian rehab for 2 1/2 months which did not help because he was drinking within 24 hours after being back. He hates his self and says everyone would be better off without him. The VA is no help. I am trying to get his Dr to put him on a drug called antabuse which would make him very sick if he drinks alcohol. That seems to be the only thing I can think of to help him. All of this is killing my nerves. I pray that the Dr will put him on this medicine and that he will stop the drinking before it destroys him, my health and our marriage. Please pray for us.

  3. I read most of the comments below and many of them were heart wrenching, but some were filled with hope and support.
    Many of us read I Corinthians 13 and sort of get the first and last parts of it that use the word love; but most of us overlook the part about being known. It says, “For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.”
    We overlook the concept that to know ourselves is really a part of God’s love for us, and until we learn to let God show us our “little foibles”, which may irritate others greatly, or even separate us from Him we will act like we are the whole ones and others are the ones with bushy eyebrows. I’m not writing from ignorance. I have been divorced three(3) times. Two important things I have learned. First, self-knowledge can be a painful thing; but God has done all that is necessary to remove the guilt and heal, if I will accept it, whether I “feel” it or not. Second, getting outside myself and showing love to those around me, including an unfaithful ex-wife, and being thankful in adversity really is a wonderful thing. This poem shows some of how I feel

    Love Always

    I carry His love with me always.
    It’s written for others to see.
    It’s shown by a smile or a gesture.
    It’s free; like He gave it to me.

    I know I don’t always share freely.
    Sometimes He gives me a shove.
    Sometimes I forget how He suffered
    Sometimes I don’t honour His love.

    But the times I honour His goodness;
    The times when I cherish his love;
    The times I reach out to someone
    I know that He smiles from above.

    So I hope you will feel as I touch you
    I hope you can see that it’s true
    There’s love that He’s given me freely
    And He wants me to share it with you.

    George M. Jenkins 11-05-14

  4. Please lift my family up in prayer – my husband and I lost our 3-year-old daughter suddenly a month ago. She was my best bud and the light of my life; her absence is terrible and the grief is crushing. We have a 1-year-old son who still needs love and is still a joy; my husband told me 2 days ago he wants a divorce and he is an athiest now because of what happened with our daughter. Oh, the enemy is attacking fully! My faith is strong, but I am weak and beaten down; my husband is battling demons of his own. I don’t want to lose my daughter AND my husband, but I also want my husband’s eyes to be opened to the love and comfort of God and to be a husband to me again and a father to our little guy……please. We need help.

  5. I am in need of a financial blessing.I know that my God will supply all my needs.He keeps making a way for me. Please pray for my strength as I go thru this season.

  6. My friend Tina has been fighting ovarian cancer for 4 years and has been told that she has 6 months to a year to live. She is currently in stage 1 liver failure. Her life has been very hard and her current living conditions are poor at best. She has no access to any churches that will help her. She has told me that she believes in Jesus and I believe her but just feel like she could use all the prayers she can get right now for both for her health and for her spiritual life. She often sounds so discouraged. Please pray that God will help her to find little blessings in each day and that her faith will become impenetrable and that God will give me the right words of encouragement and comfort at the right time.

  7. Please pray my almost-30 yr old son comes back to our Lord, and that he earnestly seeks and finds a full time job. He should be out on his own, but is reluctant and too much into the world. Chris also suffers from severe psoriasis and we are not able to send him to a doctor, financially. My husband, Dave has been out of work on disability for 13 years now. I have been working at several stressful jobs over the years, and am nearing the age at which I should be able to retire. My husband does laundry, yardwork, car maintenance, but does not seem to see enough to clean the house. Our son does the bare minimum. I do not know what else to do, except to keep praying and ask for your prayers as well. I am feeling frustrated and do not feel I am praying in the right mind-frame. Thank you for letting me unburden, and for any prayers and support. In Him, Sharyl

  8. Prayer for my mother who just turned 90 and is having difficulty remembering things that are important and please pray for patience for me as we take this journey. Thank you!

  9. After 27 years of marriage, I recently discovered that my husband has had multiple sexual affairs over the past 8 years. Devastated is not even close to where I am at right now. He says that he loves me and that he wants us to be whole again, but I just don’t know how to let this hurt go. It creeps up all the time and I find myself very alone and sad.

  10. Please for my adult children who are struggling with addictions (alcohol, anger, unforgiveness, looking for love in all the wrong places/people). Jobs to care for themselves

  11. My son will be coming home from prison next year at Christmas time. Please pray that he will be able to find a job and start his life over in a blessed way this time.

  12. please be in prayer with me for 2 of my brothers who have fallen away from the Lord and have no interest in Him or the joy only He can bring

  13. esther please pray for my husband that God will heal and restore his mental abilities also pray that God would open a door for me to get a job the salvation of my relatives

  14. My son Daniel grew up in a home where he was taught about God. Our lives, personal and as a family were centered on God. As a young adult he decided to walk away from God….make so many decisions without God….which has led him to enormous destruction. He now has a family in great need of God and in need of healing. I and my husband continue to pray for him….that God would redeem him, transform him and guide him to the path that he was always meant to walk on. I sometimes do experience anxious thoughts about Daniel and find myself tearful just to think about his life…so empty of God..and praying at that very moment…”Please God! Please, won’t you find him? Draw him to you”. Will you please help me pray for Daniel? He has so many beautiful gifts that were meant to be used for God’s glory. Thank you.

  15. My husband of 17 years has been struggling with depression and drug addiction for the past 2.5 years. He has good days, and he has bad. A lot of his depression stems from an abusive, neglectful childhood that he can’t seem to let go of. I’m constantly worrying about his mental and physical health. We attend church regularly and pray daily, yet he can’t seem to have a breakthrough. I know that God is with him at all times, He speaks to him, yet my husband will not hear. I pray for a breakthrough, for healing for both body and soul. I pray that the chains of his addiction will be broken so that God’s love can shine from within him. I pray that God will speak so loudly to my husband, that he will not be able to tune him out. Amen.

  16. I’m in search of a stronger relationship with God, I need to stay focused on Him. My son is in need of hearing His voice continuously. I am in need of a job I have no money in the bank and my account is negative, when I have money I tithe but how can you if you have nothing.

  17. Praying to be completely free of credit card debt!
    After six layoffs we are experiencing huge credit card debt –
    God keep us faithful in our tithing and we thank you for providing funds to pay off the credit cards.

  18. Just having a tough time making ends meet. I am a tither, have faith and trust God just need some guidance. what am I doing wrong. got some major things that need o be paid for. Please remember me in your prayers

    1. Praying for your money concerns that God will provide and you will learn the lesson the Lord is trying to teach you

  19. AMEN! Inspite of our life’s struggles, we are being reminded
    of how big our God is that he knows all our pains and what is in our hearts. I
    have my share of sadness, pain, and anxiety when my husband chose to be
    disobedient with God’s plans and purpose for our marriage. Please help me pray for direction on how to proceed
    with this marriage, and God’s conviction to remove my husband’s ( Arnold)
    stubborn ways and his compromise to the enemy’s lies. He chose to abandon me
    thinking that this marriage is now worth salvaging.

    Arnold is in need of God’s conviction and the holy spirit’s
    leading, please include us in your prayers.


    1. CECE, I am praying. Going through a similar struggle – it is SO hard!! I know, I know….my heart goes out to you and Arnold, and I pray that reconciliation is possible and soon! Bless you!

  20. My husband cheated and it is such a difficult time.Pray for my children..Pray for me to heal,to forgive and to be stronger and not let Satan attack me with negative and self pity..

  21. I am trying to hold steady and endure in God’s word and guidance in finding work. It has been 4 months since I lost my job of 14 yrs. I was not treated fairly by my supervisor who for a year Spoke horrible things against me. I prayed. and asked God for something better and to help find something greater than what I was doing. Trusting, leaning and acknowledging. God to direct my path. I need à job….bills and college tuition for daughter.

    1. I pray that God will provide a job for you soon and He will meet all of your needs. We are a family of four and my husband is the only provider. We have been through six layoffs in the last 19 years – It has not been easy – our God has been faithful and provided for all of our needs.

    2. I’m praying for you Jada. Watch for the God winks along the way. There is a new season ahead. Phillippians 4:13, “For I can do everything through Him who gives me strength.”

  22. Teachces you and your daughters are in my prayers. Iknow the fear and pain that comes from infertility. My husband and I have been praying for years for children of our own.I know it’s hard, but hold on to his unchanging hand He will see u through. We will reap the harvest of his blessings this I believe. Meditate on these scriptures: Galatians 6:9 and 1Corintians 15:58. Our God is able and there is nothing he can’t do! Be blessed

  23. Prayers for my husband and I but especially myself as we have been married going on 14 years and unable to have biological children. Sometimes it’s a struggle for me as my heart longs to be a mother and starting a family. I am constantly surrounded daily at work, church, friends who are expecting I find it hard sometimes. My husband and I are seriously praying about adoption and feel a calling to adopt internationally. We ask first and foremost that we would have clarity of this being God’s plan for our family, and he would allow the right doors to be open or closed for us. We Pray if God opens those doors we have the courage and faith trust through him to see us through. God will provide in helping us fund our adoption. That God would prepare our family emotionally, physically, mentally, for the journey ahead! We know that God has a purpose and plan for us, and just because a child may not be born from one’s WOMB doesn’t mean they can’t be born from one’s HEART!!!

  24. Please pray for me. I have been struggling with anxiety and some depression. Please pray for strength for me to overcome my fears and anxiety regarding my job that I am not happy with and upcoming events. I know that God is there for me but i have not been able to hear him. Help me to hear him and trust in his healing powers.

    1. will pray for you. also ask God to open your spiritual ears. be patient to HIS leading.. and press forward. there is always hope !

  25. Cher
    Please pray for my husband and me. We have been struggling for an extremely long time and my husband has given up on God. I wonder if I only have faith in my head but not in my heart. I truly believe that God is able to do all things, but our life does not bear fruit. At this point, He blesses us daily but does not answer my prayers that will allow us to get on our feet and not to burden our friends that constantly bless us. I believe that He must have a plan for us because He keeps us in this situation that seems hopeless, helpless and any other negative feeling that comes to our minds. I believe that I have faith in my mind, not my heart! We need revelation, healing, fiancial blessings and everything imaginable. I do not want to forsake God. He is my everything but I want to grow and make sure that my belief is in my heart not my mind. I love The Lord and yet I am in pain and suffer and I feel totally guilty about these feelings. As the days grow longer, the enemy’s attacks are relentless and my spirit weakens. I want to live for God, knowing that He hears my prayers and will bless us out of these circumstances or give me His strength to endure and grow in these circumstances. I can’t seem to go through everything with peace in my heart knowing that I should be thanking Him for maturing my faith. My husband told me the other day that God has left us. I know that He has not forsaken us! We need prayer! God bless all of you! Gwen, thank you for blessing me daily with GIG!

    1. I will pray for you and your husband. Stand strong and firm in your faith, and believe that all things are possible with God. May your prayers be answered according to His will. God bless you both.

    2. Praying for you Cher. I would also like to encourage you and your husband that when God makes a promise, you can be absolutely sure that He means it for He promises never to leave nor forsake us, that includes even in the low moments. I pray that you hear God speak to you in what you are going through and that through it you grow stronger in faith as your character is being strenghtened.

  26. Please pray for me. I have a blended family and everytime we are all together, the enemy is attacking. There are jealous issues with my step-son, which were planted by his mother. I put on my armor daily but that sneaky satin knows how to attack. Please be in pray that we will be released from this bondage of the enemy.

  27. I am struggling with the circumstances and consequences of my sins and terrified of how it will affect my family. Please pray for them that God will protect them from my consequences. I know God loves me and I have repented, this has been going on for some time, I am just struggling with letting go of the anxiety and guilt over this and knowing God will keep them safe.

    1. “You are my refuge and my shield; I have put my hope in your word. Away from me, you evildoers, that I may keep the commands of my God” Psalm 119: 114-115. Praying for you.

  28. Please, pray with me, for me. I am stuggling so hard with bitterness and unforgivenss and lack of trust. My thoughts turn toward the negative. I really want to let go and walk in the peace and love that God has to offer. I want to walk in hope. I have no hope.

    1. Penny,
      I will pray that you will be released from the bitterness & unforgivenss. I pray that your thoughts will only be positive and from The Lord, which are true, pure, right, noble, lovely, or admirable. (This is from Philippians 4:8-9, which I have written on an index card placed on my mirror so I can read or think about each time I look at it.) here’s to peace and love.

    2. I’m praying for you Penny. Write Jeremiah 29:11 on a small piece of paper. Keep it in your wallet or in your cup holder in your car, a place where you can easily reach it. When you feel that negativity, read that verse or even sing that verse. You will find the hope you are looking for.

  29. Both of my children are struggling with infertility issues and want a baby so badly. It is difficult for me to see their daily struggles. Prayers for both couples is appreciated. I also need prayer that my anxious thoughts will leave and I can give this to God 100%.

    1. I’ve been there. It is not an easy road to travel. Praying for peace and patience as God reveals His plan to your family.

  30. Prayer would be appreciated today as I go to the dr for a lump I found near my breast. It will probably lead to a mammogram and both of the above scare me ALOT. Thanks. T in NY

      1. Lord in Jesus name I bring before you all these prayer requests from your children. Father hear their prayers and please help them. In Jesus name I ask, amen.

        I’m in need of prayer for my friend Mark. Thank you for praying for him. Blessings.

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