Shattered Matters

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I’ve been through hard times. I’ve asked the question why on many occasions. I’ve begrudgingly said goodbye to family and friends in order to say hello to strangers and scary new places. I know the matter of being shattered.

There was a season when Brad and I lived in four different homes, in four different states, within four years. It was a very difficult time of my life. From Ohio to Pennsylvania to New York to North Carolina, we made our way across the East Coast with three little ducklings in tow. Back then, the uncertainty of tomorrow caused me a great deal of stress. A certain muscle in my back is twitching just thinking about it.

The chaos began back in 2000…

We lived in a snuggly little town just outside Akron, Ohio and God had just nudged me into public music ministry. I sensed Him asking me to join Him on a new faith adventure, and I said, “Yes!”

So, after much praying and planning, I sifted through a list of songs I had written, connected with a producer, flew to Nashville, and recorded my first CD. Did I mention that I also had two very active little boys who were under the age of three, and that I was pregnant with our third child? (Go ahead, laugh at me. The timing didn’t make sense to me either.)

At the same time, Brad was doing well with his company and would soon be promoted. It was also a time of rapid and rich spiritual growth for Brad. He became the leader of our adult Sunday school class at church and led admirably. I was so proud of him.

We loved our church, were plugged into ministries, and got along famously with our neighbors. We were comfortable, content, and settled. Life was good.

But it seems to me that God doesn’t necessarily always want us to be comfortable and content. (I say that tongue in cheek, of course.) Our comfort turned to chaos quickly when, just weeks before Kennedy was born, Brad accepted a job promotion that would uproot us from Akron, and transplant us in the suburbs outside Philadelphia.

Saying goodbye to our community was torture. We had blossomed into young adults in Ohio. We exchanged our sacred marriage vows there. Gave birth to our babies there. We grew in faith as a family there.

With each farewell, the weight of sadness grew heavier. When moving day arrived and all the boxes had been loaded, we hugged our neighbors one last time then drove away. As our home faded from sight, I realized that a part of my heart would always live in Ohio.

Once we got to our new house, I cried buckets of tears out of frustration, exhaustion, and sadness. Tension and stress became my new closest friends. The moment I said yes to God, so much of what had been comfortable and familiar was stripped away from my life. Of course, the timing wasn’t coincidental. God allowed what was comfortable to be removed. He then led me to a place where I would have to trust Him and lean on Him in ways I never had before.

Broken became my middle name.

When we moved the only thing I could do was hunker down, spread out my motherly wings, and care for the babes in my nest. I changed diapers, chased toddlers, and cherished naptimes for almost a year. Friendships blossomed between me and other young moms, and the ladies’ Bible study at church became a vital link to both God and other women. As I studied Scripture, the Lord began to birth new songs in my heart, and although I wasn’t serving in music ministry right then, I processed my faith and life by writing songs.

Fourteen months after our transition, when the chaos had finally turned to calm, Brad hesitantly announced that it was time to move again. He would take over a territory in Syracuse, New York. Were we the punch line in someone else’s joke? We always said we wanted to live in a sunny, warm place. Now we were heading further north. Yuck. We prayed fervently about the move and felt God leading us in that direction, but I wondered if God’s compass was broken. As we packed boxes once again, questions danced around in my mind.

Had I heard Him wrong?

Why would God call me to a task and then herd me across the country like a nomad’s cow?

Starting over in New York had a strangely familiar feel. The first few months were busy and lonely. I spent much time meeting neighbors, figuring out the aisles at the new grocery stores, and finding out the best routes to take to Wal-Mart, to the post office, and to the pediatrician’s office. Finding a new church was a whole ‘nother challenge. But, in time, the matters of being shattered eventually lessened as we assimilated into the community and a wonderful church family.

The Syracuse summers were lush, but the winters were long. Though snow fell often, to the tune of 150 inches a year, God’s grace fell even more. He blessed me with deep friendships, intense Bible studies, and godly leadership from the pastors at our church. Brad and I immersed ourselves into the community, even though we anticipated that our time in New York would be brief.

Then, seventeen short months after we unpacked in Syracuse, Brad accepted a new, can’t-pass-it-up business opportunity, and we moved to sunny Charlotte, North Carolina.

What an exhausting journey. With each move I experienced both bitter and sweet moments, but the aftertaste of the bitter moments seemed to linger a little longer than the sweet ones.

It was a difficult four years.

I’ve heard it said, “If the mountain was smooth, you couldn’t climb it.” (TWEET THIS!) There’s a lot of truth to that. Through the mountain of pain I scaled in each move, God brought me closer to Him and taught me important lessons that I surely wouldn’t have learned otherwise. Lessons about trusting God with my friendships, with goodbyes, with loneliness, with my family, with anger, stress, and faith. Through it all, I’ve come to know this for sure: in all things—even the hard things—God is sovereign and can be trusted. (Another TWEETABLE!)

He can be trusted with your family and with your finances.

He can be trusted with your health and with your wealth.

He can be trusted in times of victory and in times of misery.

He can be trusted in your sunny celebrations and in your shattered matters. 

I know from personal experience that in the painful, tear-filled days, God is still good and can still be trusted. I know He is faithful. I’ve witnessed His strength in my weakness. I’ve felt His comfort in times of loss. And though we aren’t always kept from experiencing shattered matters, we never have to endure them alone.

He reached down from on high and took hold of me;
He drew me out of deep waters.
(Psalm 18:16)
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Dear Lord, Thank you for always being by my side. Thank you for giving me your strength and grace when I am simply weak and broken. Please help me look to you in every shattered matter. In Jesus Name, amen.


NEED PRAYER for a shattered matter? CLICK HERE to post a prayer need in the comments section, and let’s PRAY for one another today. It is such a beautiful thing when women of God join together in prayer!


Here are a few songs to soothe your soul… Broken Into Beautiful, You Are Mine, and Healer of the Broken.

Today’s post is an excerpt from my book, Broken Into Beautiful, which features my testimony, along with Scriptural truths and stories of how God has brought restoration the hearts of many other women who had painful life wounds. Explore God’s purpose and hope for your life today as you read Broken Into Beautiful. To order the book, go to Amazon, your favorite Christian bookstore, or for a signed copy, order from my web store.

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  1. I’ve also moved often.. 6 times, around the country and us territories, 6 times in the last 14 years. The last 3 times were without my 2 young children after my divorce, and my military job didn’t allow me the opportunity to have custody. Now, after 3 1/2 years in the same area as them, and finally working towards rebuilding a very tumultuous and volatile relationship with my oldest (13), I am due to move again, and am desperately praying for a new assignment still here in Southern California, or better an extension at my current job. The fear of losing my children again and missing the rest of their childhood is tearing at my heart and causing more anxiety than I’ve ever felt before.

  2. Please pray for me to finally say good bye to a long few years of health trials and anxiety and looking for my purpose ..pray God peace will overflow in me and I will finally totally let go totally and trust him that all will be for my good. Pray for healing body and mind..

  3. I have been dealing with cervical spine herniated disc which give me lots of pain all over my neck, face , headaches and pain on my arms and legs. I also get anxiety and I have sleep apnea. Please pray for me, my husband and my two daughters .

  4. I really liked what you wrote. I am hanging on by a thread. I know that God hasn’t left me and that i can trust him but i guess my problem is control because i know he means all my heart aches for good, I’m just afraid he may want me to suffer a bit longer and that make me feel like I’m dissapointing God because I’m so depressed even though I know it’s for my good. I feel hopeless and i’m suppose to rejoice in my hardship I just cant muster up genuine joy at these times.

  5. I absolutely loved reading this devotion. It surely reminds me of many times that I felt broken from the start of 2016 until the end. I quickly learnt lessons from the trials I faced of family turning on me, talking down on me, temptation s trying to seep into my family along with others unhappiness with themselves trying to bring me down. I found much comfort with God this year and all my days because through it all he comforted me through the many tears I shed, the heartaches I felt and gently put me back together piece by piece. God also brought me many blessings even when I thought my focus with life was being attacked God kept my eyes on brighter things. He blessed me with a new sweet daughter this year guiding me through my first step to nursing and helped me overcome heartache with blessing me with a friend that I thought I didn’t have. God is amazing and I’m very thankful for his grace

  6. Oh my goodness Gwen. I live in the Syracuse area. Oh how I’d love to be in NC. However that’s not the plan for my family right now and that’s okay. I pray for each of you ladies and pray for my friends Brianne who is going through a divorce and my friend Mary who is as well. I myself have been there and through it all God has a plan. Blessed be the name of the Lord.

  7. Loved this! I’m almost eighteen and getting ready to graduate from and honors boarding school and head to college in May/August. Keeping my eyes focused on what God is calling me to do with my life.

  8. The Lord has blessed me so much with your devotion today. I was recently accepted as a transfer student in a “one spot available” program and was having a stressful day worrying and thinking over all the change that is coming my way so quickly. Leaving home for the first time, in a new area surrounded by new people and this devotion gave me so much peace. It came at exactly the right time. God has blessed me so much and this proved to me that He has set my path and He will bring me through it.

  9. Just tonight over a mish-mosh of left overs for dinner; my husband and I shared with our 2 girls 5 and 10 the journey the Lord has sent us on. From Arizona to California; from California to Colorado; and Colorado to Texas. Each relocation had the Lords blessings attached, but we didn’t know about them until we were long on our way. Cancer battle and cure, adoption not once but two times, failed adoption (heartbreaking) family members passing, loss of pets, job loss and gain. The Lord carried us through the darkness only to brighten our light. Searching for a new church is always the hardest for me because I love fully. I am friend you have to kick out the door because I want to stay and love on you. We are 3 months settled into a new home in N. Dallas and I pray I will be obedient to Gods call regardless of the comfort it brings me. I want to glorify Him in all of my days in all of His ways:) Oh fill me Lord with your purpose and not mine.

  10. The saying “I’m a hot mess” describes me to a T right now. My relationship with God has suffered. My relationship with my family especially my husband has suffered. My passion is gone. I don’t know if it’s depression or just have lost the passion about everything I care about. But what’s amazing is that the Lord keeps putting things in my days to remind me that He’s still with me. For example, I read your devotional this morning. The Bible verse 2 Corinthians 4: 7-9 really spoke to me. Then I found a link on 10 things to make your husband happy. I know these are tools that I can use but my spirit is still heavy. It’s hard to put into words all the emotions and also lack of emotions I am feeling. Please pray for me. I believe in the power of prayer. I have experienced it first hand before.

  11. Gwen, Thanks so much for this devotional. Within the past year, I have changed 2 jobs. He told me I would but I thought that it would have been for the better, but in my eyes its not. The first job meant I was away form my husband and son all the time, sometimes I did not see them. I was constantly depressed and sad, so I left that job. I was home for 2 months, then I got another job which paid much less than the previous one, but I took it as it meant I could be with them at nights. I know there is a lesson to learn, I have learned to let go and trust him more. Having my greatest fear materializing made me cried so many times, I don’t understand “His method of madness” but what can I do? All I can do is trust him…

  12. I have been broken and partially put back together for several years now. I cling to Christ but have not had any energy to hardly make it though a day. I need to do more and be able to give back to those around me to to not feel exhausted every moment hoping to just be.

    1. I totally agree with u. I too am lonely and broken. I needs Gods energy to just get thru the days. I also am hoping to just be. I need Gods blessing everyday. I need him to guide me all the hours of the day. I really need God to lead me to a honest and rewarding position to feel better about my life.

  13. I think I could relate to this message today because we have experienced some rough times in our 38 years of marriage. Losing a business and having to file bankruptcy I thought was the most devastating thing but I asked God for strength and he gave it to me. We were able to rebuild our credit, keep our home and we had three beautiful and healthy children who later gave us 5 more healthy and beautiful grandchildren. Just when I thought life couldn’t get any better the bottom has now dropped. My husband has ALS and this has been a really tough journey. I have had to do things I never imagined I could do which I know that is God’s strength but it is still tough and I pray for my husband to be the strong man and our rock again. I know that my plans aren’t always God’s plan so I pray for strength and guidance through this next journey.

  14. Moving…this is something that I am having to pray about right now! I have always wanted to live in the country but my husband was city! And I emphasize WAS! 15 years later and he can’t stop talking about moving to the country, planting gardens and living off the land. As much as I wanticipate to move this would but us,away from our church that I love, my kids love, and that we,are so involved in! But it would also put us closer to family! Family that needs God in their life, that we could connect with and influence if we found the right Church in that area. My husband is miserable at his current job and this could open the door to something new for him. I just know how messed up things can get when you don’t do things in the will of God so I am praying for closed and open doors and for guidance.

  15. Ty for that story, The stress u endured sounded astronomical, Im in a dtorm right now , i need prayer , I have been at the same place for 8 yrs now, the landlord has decided he wants me out amd is pushing it to court, i have been looking for a place, but so far i only fpund i place and had a issue with this lanlord before, i was supposed to rent from him 8 yrs ago and he devided aftwr i gave notoce to my landlord that he did not want to rent yo us so i was left without a place, so dealing with tjis recent landlord and looking for a place with my 17 yr old has been a challenge, me and my husband has been seperated for 2 yrs so im on my own, i dont do good with stress and change , some days i just sit in the bathroom at work and cry, i feel so broken and alone, so now im facing eviction and finding a place i can afford, i also need prayer for me and my husband, i feel hopeless, i need peace of mind

  16. Oh Gwen,
    Even tho some of the details are much different the feelings of being shattered, lonely and disappointed are much the same. I’m facing some very hard changes and yet I know God is calling me in a new direction that is uncertain, challenging and a little scary. Please pray that I have the strength to walk out every detail he leads me to take and that only HIS voice is the one I hear and follow. Love your ministry with Girlfriends in God and hope to one day be able to go on the cruise with y’all. What a fab experience I think it would be to be on a boat with so many wonderful Christian women and leaders and just soak in God’s Word and teachings. Prayers for you and your ministry and family!!!

  17. Hi Gwen…

    Wow you are an angel of God.. I so needed this message.. 2016 has been a year of transition for me and God has been consistently asking me to fast in order o get revelation. This past weekend I committed to doing so and oh my word I have just been experiencing isolation.. last night it got so bad I was looking at my phone like x20 and no messages nothing.. I cried and asked our Lord is this what you wanted for me? To be on my own? Yes I was having a pity party..

    I got over it and He said..Trust me for the breakthrough you are needing.. it’s in the spirit realm already. What I need from you is reliance on me not man.

    I am a 37 almost 38 year old young professional ? single no kids. Let’s just say God is taking me the long way round in life as I’ve had to grow a lot.

    So when I read your Shattered Matters article I was like…yay.. what a word in the moment. So encouraging. I will go through the reading and exercise later tonight.

    Thank you so much

    Stay blessed and may God continue to increase your creative capacity.

    Love & light

  18. Prayer for my mother who in the hospital with a bleeding colon and she has opted out of the surgery (other health issues). Prayers that God touch her body and stop the bleeding and strengthen her children with love, peace, joy, faith and grace.

  19. I pray for strength and courage as a woman of God to handle any situation in life.I want the spiritual strength and wisdom.

  20. I am having a difficult time with my oldest daughter, she does not like the younger sister and is trying to make me chose. If I have a relationship with the youngest I will not be able to be a part to the life of her and her children. Christmas was suppose to be at her house and now I am not sure what is even going to happen. I love them both, there are lots of things I do not agree with about the decisions my youngest has made but how do you just turn away from family and how do you tear families apart over stupid petty stuff.

  21. Thank you for sharing your Shattered story. Those tough times are exactly what I am feeling the past few years. I want to trust and have Faith that God’s Plan is perfect and His Will is Good. Loneliness is overwhelming. Empty Nest is so difficult. Moving has left me feeling very scared and lonely. I long for healing, and comfort, and God’s Peace. Pray that my heart can forgive those who have wronged me, and that I can find forgiveness from those I have wronged, and that all wounded hearts can be healed. God Bless and Keep You!

  22. Hi Gwen
    So inspirational. Please pray with me for my marriage. My husband filed for divorce and Im still fighting. The Lord gave me a word in July while I was sleeping a voice like thunder woke me with these words…I RESTORE… I know I serve a God that hate divorce. Even though he filed for divorce he never moved out of the house. The last 3 weeks he is the old person I knew and he is spending christmas with me and my 10 year old daughter. She is also battling with the situation and pray every night with her dad that Jesus must change his heart of stone to a heart of flesh. He do not have a relationship with Jesus.

  23. Great devotional! I myself have never moved. I am 63 years old and I have lived in the city of Buffalo NY all of my life. So I have no idea of what it is like to move from state to state. But I can imagine it was very difficult.

    My prayer request is that God would show me where He wants me to be and how to get there. I have been wandering all through my life. From belief to doubt and back again and again. I think I am finally on the road but still, every now and again, I find myself getting distracted and going astray. I fight it but the devil knows exactly what to tempt me with. The devil is cunning and sly. So I keep fighting it, but sometimes the devil just seems to get the better of me, and once again I fall. I fail. May the Lord give me His strength, wisdom and courage to begin again this journey! In Jesus’ name, amen.

    Thank you Gwen! As always, your words are very inspirational!

    God bless you!!

  24. Going through a tough time financially. I have worried about
    this until it has made me physically I’ll. Trying to start over
    in a new career at my age is very challenging, to say the least.
    Praying for God’s guidance and provision over my life.

  25. I’m so thankful for your devotions! It seems like I get exactly what I need to hear everyday. My husband left almost 10 months ago and this is our first Christmas apart. Of course it’s not bothering him because he has his mistress to spend it with but it is tearing my daughter and I to pieces. At first I chose to stand and fight for my marriage however that didn’t really work because I mistakenly thought it was my job to “fix” it. I now see that it isn’t my job to “fix” it but to step out of God’s way and let Him do what only He can do. I pray everyday for God to open my husbands eyes to Satan’s lies and to put a desire in him to turn his life over to God and truly want to have a relationship with Him. I want my marriage and my husband but even more than that I want him to be truly saved. This has definitely been the hardest year of my life and the most trying season I have had to endure. Your prayers are appreciated more than you know.

  26. Shattering…my marriage. Please intercede on my husband & my behalf. We’ve been experiencing some difficult issues lately. His attitude towards me hasn’t been the best, but I still love him…because God is love & I know that it’s in the valley that we grow. I just want to be respected, & I long for the communication aspect of our marriage to be renewed. I’ve forgiven him time & time again, but his attitude is so nonchalant. Thanks for your prayers in advance.

  27. Please pray for Luke today. Luke is a new Christian, and being slaughtered by the enemy. He is without fellowship and Christian people in his life, because even though he accepted Jesus into his heart, he does not attend church, or read the scriptures. The source of his Christian life is overhearing the word preached, and a grandmothers prayers, and what she will text to him to keep him uplifted. He is having horrendous time at his job with a very evil person that has been using and abusing him for a long period of time. He needs the strength of God to overcome this evil. Please pray he has Gods grace and favor over him today and the days ahead to be courageous and overcome his fears of what this person has done, and is still doing to him. Please ask God to remove all his fears, and cover him with His Protection against all the evil that this person is trying to inflect on him. He has been so ‘fearful’ to the pint of illness. He needs your prayers today especially, and also in the days ahead.

  28. Three weeks ago today my mom went home to Jesus. I knownshe is whole and healthy but sure am missing her, and hurting for my dad. They were married 61 years.

  29. Reading this made me think of my daughter and all she us going thru with her father, My ex. He has been diagnosed with lung cancer and has a clot in his lung also. Prayers don’t seem to be enough and last night him telling her he wasn’t feeling well worried me. I know how a clot can let go and cause death. Although on thinners and taking chemo, I often wonder how such a loving God causes a person who does not deserve to suffer, suffer. Or turning the table let an animal be abused. I love God with my whole heart and soul and although I don’t always meet his criteria of how to live or think or carry myself, I still believe he sees and hears me crying out for his healing hands to heal my daughters father. I hope you understand what I am writing. It’s not to be or sound mean in any way. I need myself a lot of prayer, I’m in a ba hum bug mood once again..and I long for it to be how it was.

  30. Please pray for my marriage which is in turmoil. In February it will be 14 years but I am not sure I can make it. My husband is unforgiving of some things I have done(mismanaged money) and seems intent on mistreating me.i live in anxiety everyday not knowing what it will bring and it seems like it’s better for it to just be over. I seem to be the only one fighting but I am growing weary. I don’t know what to do and am TRYING to wait on God. I am praying, meditating, and reading scripture but this load is getting so heavy and I don’t know how to fully turn it over to God.

  31. Shattered. Fostered a little boy for 5 months. Everything came crumbling down. I know God told me He was restructuring us. I just need to remember that on the tough days.

  32. I remember lying in my room when I was in high school and writing in a journal to my future husband. I’d write all sorts of notes and questions and things I’d wonder or ask this man when I eventually met him. I would wonder where he was and what he was doing and if he was thinking about me too. It has always been such a strong desire in my heart to find a wonderful man cto marry, someone who would love me and cherish me and appreciate me for the person I am. I always thought I would get married right out of college, just like my parents, so when that plan didn’t work out, I started to get discouraged. A school mate snatched my future husband away from my arms just because she had spiritual powers, all hope was lost to me before i came across the help doctor (
    ) who i confided in, i told him my long story and he helped me regain back my lover with his prayers which is now my husband today. if you have any problem email the help doctor (

  33. Please pray for my precious 3 year old granddaughter. Her Father is narcissist and abusive. He is suing for joint custody and is wealthy and has unlimited money for Attorney’s and court fees. She is being mentally and physically abused. My daughter is fighting for her and it’s taking a toll. She has MS and a deep rooted faith in the Lord! It is the most heartwrenching thing that I have ever been through watching her being manipulated by her Dad. Especially at this precious young age. Please pray for God’s protection and for the Judge to rule in this child’s best interest. Prayers for the Lord to continue keeping my daughter healthy! Praise to God for being with us every step of the way❤

  34. I was driving home about 20 minutes ago thinking what is a word to describe how I am feeling – then after reading some emails I saw in the title the “Shattered” and that is exactly how my heart is feeling – I am trusting my Father to return me to my intended betrothed…..but in the meantime………… please pray for great supernatural patience to be still and let my Daddy take over 🙂

  35. Please pray for my family and my marriage. I can literally feel our marriage being torn apart. I’ve been married for 20 years and have forgiven my husband numerous times for infractions against our marriage vows and have stood by him. This time I feel him pulling away and from me maybe for good this time. I strongly suspect that he’s having an affair and it’s tearing me apart inside. It’s taking a toll on me especially because I’m struggling to overcome depression after losing my mother last year. With both my parents now deceased I have been leaning on my husband and children even more. Of course I lean on the word of God as a survival tool. I just feel so abandoned and broken. Shattered. There’s days when I feel like giving up and cry out for mercy. I beg God to take me home! This is so hard. Please pray for my husband that God would change his heart and pray for me as well that I would have the strength to keep going. And please pray for peace in my marriage and in my home. Thank you.

    1. Dear Heavenly Father, show yourself strong in Loni’s marriage. She needs You more than ever. Allow her to surrender her marriage to You. You are the only one who can help mend her broken heart, give her clarity & peace, & restore her marriage. Allow her to trust in You & You alone. Amen!

      Blessings be unto you & your husband,

  36. Please pray for my guidance in life after my soon to be ex-husband asked for a divorce after 25 years. I don’t believe in divorce yet am the one who filed just because I’m tired of being so unhappy in the marriage. His drinking has caused him unclear thinking over the years and has diminished our marriage to nothing. Our two adult children have difficulties becoming responsible adults. Everything seems in great turmoil. I try to pray for direction, calm and peace in all our lives but lately it really seems nothing is helping.

    1. Oh Jesus come and make beauty from these ashes – Spirit of the Living God restore what the enemy has stolen and redeem the lost time – Redeem it Lord – You are able – heal, restore, transform Jesus that is what I love about you Lord is your power to transform hearts and minds – Bless you

  37. I am a widow – but the one joy that I had was a relationship my younger daughter (42 yrs old) was in. Seeing the glow of Love in each of them made my heart sing with the praises of Love. My husband and I had loved through 40 yrs. He didn’t live to see this relationship in living. But this man broke up with my daughter a couple of yrs ago (he had some good reasons, that I can’t share online) – but I prayed and she prayed that they would find their way back to each other. 2 months ago he married a gal he had been seeing for a year, that he met at Church. My daughter is handling it OK (except for the normal stages of letting go and putting this relationship behind her) Me – I am having a very difficult time, seeing her alone. She’s beautiful, smart and funny, and very loving. I don’t know why someone hasn’t come into her life in the past 2 yrs, so I am worried and just had soooo kept hoping she and her now past love would reunite is now gone. Please add your prayers, that someone worthy of her love and her’s of him will come into her life sooner rather than later. I want to see that glow again. Thank you for the opportunity to share my need for prayer. God Bless each of you. I am praying too for each of you that has requested it.

  38. I can totally relate to this. We just moved 7 weeks ago to Grand Rapids, MI. I thought it’s what I wanted but I find myself missing our life in Indiana. We were there for only 5 years but had become “settled” and “content”. Here, I feel miserable and not content. I long for peace again. I do nothing but worry about the finances and my business. My husband is wonderful and has been trying to get me to let go and let God take control. It’s easier said than done.

  39. Please pray for my daughter, who is facing trying times with her daughters’ father. He is manipulative and controlling; they split up due to his abuse, and although they are not together he is jealous and still trying to use the children to hurt her. He accused her of neglect and worse, and when she went to court to try to get a visitation order so they have specific times and meeting places, he shouted out more accusations in court while she was not allowed to speak. Now there is pending investigation and she has no funds for an atty. I trust God to take this situation under control and whatever the outcome is His will…but it’s sure hard to not worry, and it is impossible for my daughter. She is an emotional wreck. She has little faith, and I don’t know if she’s even accepted Christ, although she prays. Those little girls need stability and my daughter and us really need some freedom from drama. Thank you for your prayers!!

  40. I am also having issues with my boss. He uses his position in a way that is not godly and because I see it, I side step him at every turn. The bible says to submit to those who are in authority over us for conscience sake but there are some things that I will not compromise on and he knows that I wont compromise. To be honest, I don’t like him very much and I have voiced how I feel to the Lord. I don’t like not getting along with people. Im not a people pleaser but I seek peace and pursue it but that doesn’t mean that I have to be stepped on because of it. I love what I do because it is very rewarding. I am a supervisor and I have 8 employees with whom I try to take very good care of but his attitude toward me is getting under my skin. I need Gods grace and His wisdom to deal with this situation. Thank you and be blessed.

  41. I need prayer to continue to keep my heart and hands open to the Lord. I realized that one of my friendships has been one-sided and it has left me feeling lonely and fearful. I don’t allow a lot of people into my life because when I love, I love hard and the thought of being heart broken just doesn’t appeal to me. This discovery about this friendship has left me very angry. Not sure what I was expecting but Im confused. I understand to a degree but I don’t understand. Trying not to cry about it because I have been here before but it wasn’t comfortable then and its not comfortable now. I feel lost to the point where I don’t even know how to pray about it. Thank you. Be blessed.

  42. I need a small prayer group. I don’t have that and I appreciate your prayers for me. I failed my exams to be a specialist in my profession, I worked so hard for it and I’m afraid I won’t make it through the exams again which will be offered in 2 years time. I’ve also been experiencing failures in friendships and difficulties with work and finances. It’s a real struggle and long journey. Life is really tough and tiring.

  43. I would like prayer if you have the time. My name is Ruth. I was baptized this year and I want to become closer to God. I feel like there is a barrier between God and I, but I’m not quite sure why. Maybe I’m just not seeking Him enough, but I’m not sure.

    1. I am praying, Ruth, that this barrier that you feel be dissolved, and that you feel His love and His presence, and that you are able to experience the fullness and joy of a relationship with Christ.

  44. My life has been broken for over 10 years and I can’t seem to heal. My best friend started seeing my ex prior to our divorce. I did not want the divorce but he did. He is a rancher so our 3 kids are always up there and I feel like I don’t fit in to their lives.. I pray and ask God for help everyday but my heart is just shattered. We were married 23 years and all I want to do is go home. Please pray for my healing and moving forward…

    1. I remember lying in my room when I was in high school and writing in a journal to my future husband. I’d write all sorts of notes and questions and things I’d wonder or ask this man when I eventually met him. I would wonder where he was and what he was doing and if he was thinking about me too. It has always been such a strong desire in my heart to find a wonderful man to marry, someone who would love me and cherish me and appreciate me for the person I am. I always thought I would get married right out of college, just like my parents, so when that plan didn’t work out, I started to get discouraged. A school mate snatched my future husband away from my arms just because she had spiritual powers, all hope was losst to me before i came across the help doctor (
      ) who i confided in, i told him my long story and he helped me regain back my lover with his prayers which is now my husband today. if you have any problem email the help doctor (

  45. I am struggling my way through becoming a doctor. School is intense, hard, and constantly makes me feel like a failure. That no matter how hard I try, how thin I spread myself, I’m always behind. It’s hard enough to find time to sleep let alone allow myself deep quiet times with the Lord. I do my best to read a few verses and pray everyday, but it’s hard to sit still in Him. I also am in term oil in the relationships. I long so much to be married, but the man I knew was God’s man for me is now with another woman. We brokeup bc I turned from God shortly and it reeked havoc on my life. I have never felt so lonely, confused, thirsty for love before. I don’t see my worth or purpose,just constantly asking God to hold me through this.

    1. God knows your heart and He can use any situation, even those we get ourselves into by disobeying! He loved you enough to send His own son; He loves you like a daughter and like His bride; He leaves all his lambs to search for you, His precious lost lamb…you are more worthwhile that you can ever comprehend. We all are! 🙂 Hold fast and know that you are not alone; we’re praying for you!!

  46. My husband and I have been through a lot in our 10-year marriage; fights with my then 19 yo daughter, who was at home when I got married (we eloped), my younger brother…they both lived in my home, but my hubby moved in. I had never been married… It was ugly! My brother and daughter ran to my widowed 80yo mother with their tales, I vented to my Mom when I was angry… I professed to be a Christian, but I wasn’t following after a God… My rebellious daughter left home on REAL bad terms with me and my husband, We were trying to make a child, but I was 47 and had to have an emergency hysterectomy… I had a nervous breakdown and literally ran away from home, leaving my beautiful home and my husband, who was out of town on business, without a note. He found me but we lost everything, because I trusted unscrupulous people to help me. My husband accepted me back. Then his past came back to haunt us and he was taken and put into prison in Texas for a bad check for $1,100 he wrote in 1988… He got 15 yrs! He served 3 and got out, we put our marriages and lives together, but he is on parole. He is a highly regarded engineer and landed a job and we relocated to another area of Texas, I had quit my federal job. Then 2 days before Christmas 2013, he was let go from the company because “they couldn’t afford him” and “not enough money in the yearly budget to keep him.” One year later, he’s trying to gain employment (not in Texas!). So I am praying for a job for him and a move. But through that situation with my daughter, she moved to marry an Air Force man I could write a book!), and she still hates my husband! She has had two beautiful little girls (I was there for both births and even cut the umbilical cords… Me, who’s squemish about blood. But my my husband found the Lord, or the Lord found him in prison… He is not allowed around those grandbabies, even though he loves them too, he has sold a few things to buy them gifts and send me up to visit them! So I am praying for a miracle for reconciliation and forgiveness… My daughter is saved, but she does not always walk with the Lord… And her hubby is a x-box junkie and not saved. I am praying for a miracle.
    I walk with the Lord and trust the job will come and we’ll make rent this month and pay our bills and car notes… I have faith that someday my daughter and her husband will allow my husband to come around and see our grandchildren, but it will take a huge miracle there!
    But to have others to pray for us… Can’t hurt!
    Thank you!

    1. I know that you posted this a few months ago, but I wanted you to know that I am lifting you and your family up. I am praying that God continues to hold you and your husband, and for reconciliation with your daughter and grandchildren.

  47. I am asking for prayers for my 89 year old mother … her short term memory is very fragile, she lives alone and has for 21 years since my step father died. I ask for prayers for her health and safety, as well as for my ability to know when it’s time to make adjustments to her living situation (having a caregiver live with her). Thank you so much

  48. What a wonderful devotion, thank you. My sister in law went in to cardiac arrest 3 months ago, still on ventilator, is in complete renal failure and has to have dialysis 3 times a week. Her eyes are open but she is not responsive. My brother will not let go, and my nieces think they have put their mom thru enough. I am trying to be there for them all, and comfort all of them. I know God has a plan and it is in his time, it is just so hard explaining and getting them to understand this during this time. I need your prayers!! Well, we all need your prayers!!


  50. Our family is facing a big mountain. It’s a serious situation, very serious. We need prayer for God’s favor. Thank you. I know prayer changes things.

    1. I’m praying for you. Please God start filling JoMar’s life with lovely, godly people and remove the loneliness. Give direction…make it clear so there is no question where you are leading. I pray for a comforting peace to flow through her whole being right now. Fill every void in JoMar’s life in Jesus name. Amen.

  51. I need prayer for a new vehicle. Mine is toast and as a single mom not sure what to do. I know God will fix this situation as only He can. Please pray for me.

  52. This devotion spoke to my heart. I let everything get to me. The littlest thing I always see as the worst. I need prayers that I can let go of my anxiety and let God fill my heart.

  53. Monique, I am guilty of the same thing. I ask God to do something and when His timing seems too slow I step in. And make things worse. I’m almost sixty years old and finally learning to wait on Him. His tming is perfect. Learning is the key word here. Please stand in agreement with me that I will wait on God to restore a broken relationship between my children. That I won’t try to “fix” things on my own.

  54. I need prayer. Recently went through a breakup that has left me lost. I am so very hurt. My children need to have 2 parents, not one. Because Nana and Papa won’t be around forever. Also I hurt my arm about a month ago or so and it seems to be getting worse.

    1. Sandee, I am praying for you honey. Keep the faith….I believe God has that perfect person for you. Maybe who ever he is isn’t ready yet and God is preparing him and that’s why he isn’t in your life yet. Just hang in there and keep believing. God honors our faith so keep the faith, don’t give up and keep praising God that HIS timing is perfect and that he loves you enough to not let you settle for anything less than that perfect man he has for you. I also am praying for your arm 🙂

    2. I remember lying in my room when I was in high school and writing in a journal to my future husband. I’d write all sorts of notes and questions and things I’d wonder or ask this man when I eventually met him. I would wonder where he was and what he was doing and if he was thinking about me too. It has always been such a strong desire in my heart to find a wonderful man to marry, someone who woulxd love me and cherish me and appreciate me for the person I am. I always thought I would get married right out of college, just like my parents, so when that plan didn’t work out, I started to get discouraged. A school mate snatched my future husband away from my arms just because she had spiritual powers, all hope was lost to me before i came across the help doctor (
      ) who i confided in, i told him my long story and he helped me regain back my lover with his prayers which is now my husband today. if you have any problem email the help doctor (

  55. I need prayer. Recently went through a breakup that has left me lost. I am so very hurt. My children need to have 2 parents, not one. Because Nana and Papa won’t be around forever. Also I hurt my arm about a month ago or so and it seems to be getting worse.

  56. Please pray for my friend Mark. There is something that he allows to overwhelm him to the point where he distance himself. He thinks he can handle it on his own. Please pray for him that he would surrender all to Jesus and allow Jesus to help him. Thank you.

    Monique, I lift you up before God and I ask that He would pour out His wisdom upon you that you would know what to do and how to do it and when to do whatever it is that will keep you under His perfect protection and give you His divine direction. In Jesus Name. Amen

  57. I’m broken hearted, confused. I’m waiting on on my boyfriend to come back to me even if he told me that he just wants to be my friend. I still have the greatest of hope. I hear the LORD telling me to wait for him, to be patient, to have faith. It doesn’t make sense, but I feel it in my heart. I don’t know if it’s my wishful thinking or really my LORD sometimes. I think it’s impossible, but then nothing is impossible for HIM. Please pray for us, for me, for him.

    1. Be still and KNOW that I am God – He is God and is always working on your behalf if you trust in Him – He is on your side, no matter what the situation – someone recently told me that Adam wasn’t created until the 6th day because the garden wasn’t yet ready – He had to create “other things” first – so that really encouraged me because if your relationship all marriages are meant to glorify God and if this is the man God intends for you then trust him to “make ready” that which is not yet ready – in both you and the boyfriend – in the “meantime” prepare yourself in every way possible for your future – spend that time you would have with Jesus, pray, worship, surround yourself with His presence especially with other women, and make good choices for yourself – that is what I’m doing – I’m asking God – what must I do to prepare and “make ready” – believing with you friend – Bless her heart – hold her Lord when she begins to grow weary

  58. Need prayer for my family. Praying for unity. There is strong Division and a wayward 16 yr old son rebellious, and an 18 yr old daughter trying to explore the worldly life. They have grown up in church. Praying for peace and unity between my husband and I and how to handle this new season of older teenagers.

  59. This devotional today was a blessing. I am in a financial situation where deliverance is so desperately needed. I realize that when we do things without God driven direction, we run the risk of disaster. I know that we serve a loving and forgiving God, and I am believing God for deliverance and favor. I desire from this day forward to be a better steward and trust God to supply as he sees fit. Please stand in agreement with me that doors will open. The stress of it all has become a bit overwhelming, but I know I have to trust Him. Thank you so much and God bless.

  60. Thank you for sharing. I really needed that today. Depression and sorrow seem to have become a constant reality in my life lately. A lot of what you described in your post is what I am experiencing right now. Although I seek God in everything, pray, and thank God, it seems my life is always in chaos. I know God has a purpose for all of it, and I would like to ask for prayers to open my eyes and my heart to know what that is. I pray for everyone on here to have their prayers answered and that God would grant them comfort and peace. God bless you, Gwen.

    1. I remember lying in my room when I was in high school and writing in a journal to my future husband. I’d write all sorts of notes and questions and things I’d wonder or ask this man when I eventually met him. I would wonder where he was and what he was doing and if he was thinking about me too. It has always been such a strong desire in my heart to find a wonderful man to marry, someone who would love me and cherish me and appreciate me for the person I am. I always thought I would get married right out of college, just like my parents, so when that plan didn’t work odut, I started to get discouraged. A school mate snatched my future husband away from my arms just because she had spiritual powers, all hope was lost to me before i came across the help doctor (
      ) who i confided in, i told him my long story and he helped me regain back my lover with his prayers which is now my husband today. if you have any problem email the help doctor (

  61. Love reading your devotions daily!! I’ve learned to grown and depend on God!! Truly ~ I SURRENEDERED!! I’m learning to give to Him in Prayer and let Him be who He says He is GOD.
    I had to have surgery done on the 16th of October and I was told that I had to have the money before the surgery was going to be done!
    Well I took matters in my own hands instead of going to prayer with God about it but I took out a car title loan (which I said I wouldn’t ever do again) to pay for this hospital bill! Well one thing lead to another and they loan that I received wasn’t used for paying the hospital bill!
    Don’t get me wrong its being paid for as we speak~God DID/HAVE worked it out but I’m just wanting this car title loan payment to just go away! AND CERTAINLY WHEN I COME OUT OF THIS~NO MORE ever again!!
    Thank you Ms. Gwen for listening and I THANK YOU heavenly Father for taking care of this matter in Your timing!
    In Jesus name, AMEN.

  62. I need prayer! I’ve been involved w a man for the last 4 years and we recently had a beautiful baby girl. I’m a single mother of 6 she makes 7 and I feel so alone. He is very much against a relationship and doesn’t care about me. I need prayer in relying on God to fill the void I feel! I know I need to turn to God to feel the peace I need back in my life and to help me move on with my life without this man being in it. I know I have made him my idol and I need prayer to help me keep my focus on God and keep him at the top at all times! Please pray for me to let go and let God! Thank you!

  63. I developed feelings for a very good guy friend and thought there was a chance at a relationship with him. Earlier this year I expressed my feelings and he told me he just didn’t feel the same way, so we took a break from doing things together. Through mutual friends we were back again in each other’s presence and things felt just as natural as before. I had hope that since he knew how I felt and he was once again choosing to do things with me that his feelings had changed. For the last 4 months I have been battling confusion and hurt, placing expectations on him that he didn’t even know I had. It all came to a head when I allowed myself to turn to alcohol and became angry and very ugly, definitely not the person God wants me to be. We had a sit down discussion and once again he says he has no feelings. I know God is not the author of confusion so without a doubt I know God has asked me to let go of this relationship but it still causes pain in my heart. I pray for my friend that he would find God and see things not through the eyes of society but through the eyes of God (his reasoning for not feeling the same for me has to do with my weight). And I ask for prayer for myself to have peace with letting go and trusting God has a better yes.

    1. I pray for you Casey, for I’m in the same situation. I feel GOD telling me to be patient and wait and trust in HIM. It’s hard. I too can’t let go since we always cross each other’s paths, but he just doesn’t feel the same for me. I shower him with attention and niceness, but that doesn’t work. I’m afraid of the day I hear that he found someone else :(.

      1. I will be praying for you as well, there were so many times I just knew it was God telling me to stay but the situation just became more and more confusing and frustrating. And that I know is not God. I have not given up hope that God can completely turn the situation around but I have surrendered my friend to God and if our paths cross again it will be by God’s will not my own. One of the greatest things I’ve read lately was on The Praying Woman, So God told you he was going to be your husband. Find it if you can, it’s eye opening! Prayers that you find strength and peace!

  64. I have been trying for almost a year and a half to get pregnant with our second child. My daughter asks me if she can have a brother or sister and I just keep telling her to pray. We conceived her on the first try. Now that we are older the doctor told us we cannot conceive on our own, that it would be a miracle. I have asked God to remove this desire from my heart if it is not His will to bless us with a second. We can’t have what so many people take for granted. This pain is almost unbearable, it is as if I am grieving a death. It is that painful. Please pray that God give me the peace, and strength to get through this. I don’t know what His will is.

    1. Veronica, we are struggling the same things. I have wanted a child for 2.5 years now. I have no children, and I’m not even 30. The doctor says I also can’t have children of my own. But I know that God sees our suffering and he is crying along with us. Some days are so hard! How I long to hold a small baby against my shoulder, to dry the little tears and hold her close. I know what it feels like to mourn for your empty arms and that spot in your heart for the little one. I know about feeling so alone – no one really gets it. But God gets it. I hope that you can feel his comfort today – I really believe that His heart breaks when ours do.

      I want to tell you that God is in control, and we can trust that. Nothing happens that he does not allow, and He loves us. He will bring you a baby if He so desires. And if not, He has a very good reason.

      I want to encourage you to be close to Him, to fill the empty space in your heart with Him. Draw as close as you can to our God, and he will bring you through this time. I am not just ‘saying that’. I look back on the last 2.5 years and I’ve never felt God so close, felt so comforted in my hardest days, or felt His joy so strong. Of course it’s still so very hard. But there is blessing God will give us even in the hardest times.

      One thing that really comforts me, and I’m not sure how biblical it is, but in Isaiah 65 there’s talk of a new earth, and they talk as if we’re able to have children in the new earth. I am comforted by the image of being surrounded by a whole bunch of beautiful children in heaven. My children.

      I hope you can know His peace….

  65. I need prayer. I find myself trying to do things on my own and I need God wisdom and direction. I want to trust everything to him and find myself telling God move over, I’ll handle it as if he needs me to do anything. I need prayer

      1. I agree. I know I need to hand things over to God, but when I can’t tell if He’s speaking to me, it’s hard to hand things over. Please pray for me too in this area. I’ll be praying for you too.

  66. Thank you for this devotion…it was just what I needed today. My husband of 10 yrs left me about a year ago and just recently has basically cut off all communication with me. I have faith that God is going to restore our marriage and bring my husband back to him….in HIS timing..that’s the hard part. Please pray that God will restore our marriage and that I will keep praising God while I wait !!

    1. Andrea, I am praying for complete restoration of your marriage. I pray for your husband to fall in love with you all over again and to have a deeper than ever relationship with The Lord.

    2. I’m praying for you! I similarly know the feeling. And it’s the loneliest feeling…. I too struggle with trusting and being patient in God’s timing. Mine is dating someone now and also recently cut off all communication. I pray you have a great support system!

  67. Thank you for sharing Gwen! I’ve been reading your GIG messages for awhile now and I wanted you to know how much they have helped and grown me as a sister of Christ. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. There is some stress in my life that I need prayer for. I may have lost a great sister friend. We had a good relationship but I may have ruined it with poor choices. Would love prayer for guidance on what to do. I have reached out to her but have not heard back. Also, for peace in my workplace. I am a supervisor of three others and two have recently had a misunderstanding that has caused tension. Thank you so much and God bless you and your ministry.

  68. I am asking help for my intelligent, handsome son who is simply throwing his life away. After more tries than I can count he has wasted his opportunity for college. He says he ‘wants’ a job but we see little fruit being born of his ‘searches’ – and yes, there are plenty of jobs in the robust Seattle economy, His friends and cousins have all moved far beyond him in education and careers. He has lied to us and he has taken from us. No he does not do drugs – quite the opposite, he’s a gym ‘rat’, and when not there spends his days and night on the computer. Please pray that he finds his way to the man he should be. Please pray that he finally understands he must work hard to accomplish his life goals as he does to reach his fitness goals. Please pray that he hears God’s voice.

  69. We are asking God for employment for our son. We know God is listening for many blessings have come to him and his family during this time of unemployment. They are a family that loves God and worships him. I liked that saying “if the mountain was smooth, you couldn’t climb it” in your devotional today. Struggles build character and patience. We realize and believe that no problem is too big for God. Would you please pray with us that a job opportunity will come soon? A job that will meet his needs and the needs of his family. Thank you.

  70. I’m 19 years old and I’m struggling to keep this child-like sense of faith in a world that tells me everything is too broken to be fixed. I’m in need of big miracles. For hearts of friends to change, for Christ to be glorified through repaired relationships, for there to be beauty brought forth from ashes. In my soul I believe without hesitation, but my mind is often clouded with fear, doubt, and worry which causes me to feel numb and I lose vision. I become selfish and my willing to serve others slips through my fingertips. But I continue to press on, knowing that there is nowhere in the bible where God told his people to stop praying or to stop believeing and trusting. This world has been stripped from fantasy and as we grow older we become jaded. I don’t want to be that woman. I want to see big things and share big things. I want to be a voice rooted in truth and someone who knows that God can overcome anyone and anything. I want to believe in something bigger than this nasty world. Please pray for my innocence to be protected as I grow and mature and that I would not lose my faith, but that it would instead, be nourished by God. Thank you.

  71. Thank you for sharing. I’ve been widowed for six years. My husband died at 41 from a heart attack, I have 4 children 21-16. I went to grad school and got my masters in school counseling and am niw helping others through their struggles. But I am feeling the need of a good faith based group for support and their is none at my church. I’m am praying and helping so many but feel something is missing. I’m not sure what it is but could use prayers as it gets challenging. I pray for a Godly man also. I think I sometimes get so discouraged as it’s so hard to find a Godly man. I pray God will bring him to me but would love to know that He will for sure. Thank you for you prayers and letting me share.

  72. Gwen, thank you for sharing your heart today. I’m not sure what’s happening in my body, but I’ve been so stressed over my health, finances, life. I have so much to be thankful for but I focus on the wrong things. I need deliverance I know from self-centeredness and worry/anxiety. Thank you again for reminding me that my strength is in Jesus, nothing is too much for Him.

  73. I have been struggling with depression was just put on medication & it’s making me worse. Everyday I seem to get a new side effect. I so need God to give me strength & comfort. To direct me through doctors if this is the right medication. I am having such a rough time. Thank you for your prayers.

  74. I have been struggling through a spirit of depression myself – feeling alone through the Holidays – not having enough money to even pay my rent. I just feel weighed down and scared. I know that God will make a way, I just need to trust in Him. It’s a tough time to not have my family around.

    1. MELISSA know that you are not alone. We are going to touch and agree that an unexpected blessing is on its way for you. You will have more than enough to not only pay your rent, but to even do some of the things that you enjoy. The holidays can sometimes bring those feelings…I have been there, but we will not walk in lack and defeat, but victory…in Jesus name.

  75. I have been supporting our family for quite some time as my husband has only had part time work for the last 8 years. We are now in a bit of a mess financially but are blessed nonetheless. An opportunity has arisen where he is in line to be promoted to full time which would help us tremendously yet he feels doubtful and beaten down that he will not receive this job. Please join me in praying for him as it will do so much more than just provide the much needed financial relief we need. He is such a wonderful husband and father!!

  76. Father God, from you we derive our strength, our courage, our fortitude, our will to keep going. Without you, our messiness of life would be far worse than we could ever imagine. Please do not abandon us. Please be our blessing in every moment and the spaces between moments. Please show us the light where we perceive darkness. Please be the glue that holds us together when we feel broken into many pieces. Please help us to see our many blessings when all we can see is loss and all we can feel is brokenness. You and you alone is all we have and all that we will ever have. In Jesus blessed name, thank you for answered prayers.

  77. This was a very timely message for me. I have been struggling with what I think may be depression and possibly OCD. (unwanted thoughts) ) God has been faithful before and I know He will be again but I definitely need prayer. I have kinda beeen suffering in silence, not wanting anyone to know.

  78. Both of my children and their spouses are desperately trying to have children. It is one of the most difficult things that we have gone through as a family. I know that God has a plan for my children but I am struggling with trusting and having patience for God’s timing. Please pray for our situation as well as the many others who go through infertility.

  79. My husband of 25yrs has admitted my son who at the time was 6 was the reason he married me. He admitted if there had not been this child there would not have been a you and me. I threw all I had at this marriage and still I was lied to. I knew him 5 yrs before I married him. So it proves that you never know someone. Carol

  80. Thank you to GIG for your obedience! I am my shattered matter! I am not only not where I should be, but right now I am fighting to feel! I Believe, and I Know my FATHER CAN!! Right now I don’t have any passion!! My prayer life is lacking, my time management is lacking, my financial management is lacking also!! There is not enough exclamation points or grasp of vocabulary to really express what I feel right now. Also I feel bad because there are individuals right now with health issues, worse finance issues, and homelessness, yet I’m in emotional bag of feelings that increases my feelings of selfishness!! I feel somewhat lost! I want to feel more sincerity for others as well as myself, I just don’t know what to do and where to start!!

  81. I am thankful for your daily words of encouragement. I pray God will continue to align my life these precious gems like you. Please pray for me that I can and will stand on the word of God and grow in my ministry. Help me to recognize tactics that take me off course. I no longer want to shack with my kids fathers and he does not want to commit and move forward so my God is pleased, then Lord move me that your will for my life is done. Help me to no longer be a prisoner to my flesh, I want to be to free!!!!

    1. Glad you are moving in the direction of GOD’s plan, Toni! Here’s another post that might also meet you where you are:

      As you make choices in alignment to God’s will – you will experience deep blessings. That does NOT mean it will be easy… but surely it will be best and blessed. Praying for you now…

      In Christ,

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