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It’s common for us to doubt our value and significance. Yet, in Psalm 144 David is struck by the mind-blowing reality that the God of all creation, the One who bids billions of stars to shine in the heavens and commands the powerful waves of the oceans to stop at waters’ edge, cares for wee-little humans like you and me.

The very thought of it leaves me breathing deep, shaking my head in wonder with the psalmist. “O Lord, what is a human that you care for him, a son of man that you would think of him?” (Psalm 144:3, CSB)

Jesus had a lot to say about this topic. When it comes to knowing the value God places on us, the way He cares for us, let’s turn to Jesus’s comments about sparrows. Do you know much about these little birds? They’re a dime a dozen. Highly common. Highly overlookable. The way many of us women might feel on any given day. Look at what Jesus had to say in reference to both ordinary little sparrows (and you):

“Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies? Yet not one of them is forgotten by God. Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.” (Luke 12:6–7)

For context, Luke 12:1 tells us that Jesus was addressing “a crowd of many thousands” when He spoke of the value God sees in each person. Many thousands. The rich. The poor. The average. The misfits. The bland. The spicy. The employed. The unemployed. The talented. The crippled. The lonely. The well. The sick. The married. The widowed. The single. The stressed-out. The curious. The masses! This wasn’t just a pep talk to encourage His besties! He was talking to the gamut of humanity. This is important because it makes those words He spoke that much more amazing.

Think about what He said! You know those sparrows that are sold in the marketplace for next to nothing? Those overpopulated little flyers? My Father doesn’t forget even one of them! He remembers them all.

You know what this means, don’t you?

God remembers and sees you too.

You. Have. Value.

You are not forgotten by God.

God sees everything about you—even your screw-ups, failings, fears and doubts—and He finds value. I don’t love my children any more or less because of the way they dress or because of how well they can sing, throw a football, play chess, or pray publicly.

God doesn’t love you and me any more or less because of what we can or cannot do, or because of how good or bad we are either. He loves us because we are His. Made in His image. Fashioned by His heart.

Believe it. Even if your life wasn’t planned in the heart of your parents, it was planned in the heart of God. You are His, and He remembers you. By name. You, me, and the stars. He knows us all by name: “He determines the number of the stars; he gives to all of them their names” (Psalm 147:4).

God cares for and knows all about you.

He knows how you like your coffee or tea. He knows your weaknesses and insecurities. He knows all of the things that make you unique, even if you’re an identical twin! He knows the things that make you tick, the quirky things, the things that cause you to beat yourself up, and the things that put a fire in your belly. And He knows how many hairs are on your head. Incredible!

And Jesus didn’t stop there. He looked those people eyeball to eyeball and told them, You … and you … and you … and you … and you … and you … are worth more than a whole mess of sparrows!

God really is that into you.

Because you are His.

Handcrafted with divine devotion.

I can’t help but notice that before Jesus told the people how valuable they were to God, He said, “Don’t be afraid” (Luke 12:7). Don’t be afraid? Why would Jesus say that? I wonder if it was because He knows that many of us are afraid that our lives don’t matter. We fear insignificance. We worry that our contributions are dumb, weak, and worthless.

I wonder if it was because Jesus sees beyond the prodigal to the potential, and He wants us to stop listening to those other voices and let Him—our Creator—tell us our value.

And I wonder if some of us might be afraid of God’s love. Afraid to be defined by His grace. Afraid to be refined by His holiness … to be set free, because those old chains that bind and hinder are our normal.

Jesus made it clear: In God’s eyes, you are valued. You are loved, cherished, seen, and adored. Don’t doubt it for a second.

Dear Lord,
Thank You for always remembering me and for loving me for who I am, where I am. Thank You for caring for me. Please help me accept this as truth when I doubt my value.
In Jesus’ name, amen.



Where does this message find you today? Leave a comment on my blog. Write a prayer of response, pray for a few other women who comment. Let’s connect in community and take this conversation deeper.

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Love you guys!

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  1. Thank you,
    I can read the words, I can understand the meaning. I find a disconnect. Not to say I don’t believe that God is love. I know
    Gods character is love. I struggle with feeling love. I can say thank you God for loving me and not feel it I understand it because He’s been good to me I have good health I’m financially okay. God has given me enough to be able to share. I pretend to be okay I feel out of place I don’t seem to belong. I have overwhelming feelings of being disconnected. Maybe I’m just wrong .. Perhaps I just have to accept it and know it. . Therefore my prayer is Lord I know what your word says. I know your word is true. Help me.

  2. Thank you for the powerful but much needed message. My parents always told me I was not planned, that is one of the most powerful memories that stick with me growing up and even now as an adult. They loved me but always hearing that story leaves me with pain and hurt on the inside. I was and am judged because of the way I do not always finish my thoughts and my hair is not like others.
    Today I struggle with not feeling like an adequate special education teacher because I have not unlocked how to get some of my new students to be engaged.
    Your message has me in tears because I thought I had stopped believing the lies but after reading this I must be believing lies because it hurts.
    Thank you for sharing!

    1. Post

      Oh, Angie. I’m so grateful for your willingness to share this. I’ve just prayed that the LORD would seal the truth of this message deeply in and upon your heart, friend. May HIS LOVE and TRUTH be your freedom today and everyday. You truly are treasured.

      In Christ,

  3. It’s funny how i can see the worth in others though. How special ordinary people are. My daughter and I used to be so close and now I feel like I don’t know her anymore I feel she misunderstands everything I say and she makes me feel small. I love her so but feel inadequate as her mother. I am divorced. Still I pray . If we are breathing we have purpose and the only way to live is according to God’s Will. Psalm 143.8

    1. I was an introvert and had lot of inferiority complex as a child, a young girl and a married till I experienced God’s love. My Lord assured me that I am unique and he doesn’t call the qualified but qualified the called.

      Dear Lord thank you for choosing me as your child and for assuring me that I am special. Help me to serve you Lord.

  4. Dear God, You are perfect in every way and holy! Yet you still love me! That’s an awe-inspiring thought! You take away my sins on the cross and look to me and see Jesus’ blood which paid the ultimate price for my sin! Jesus You are everything and the fact You love unconditionally is something that keeps me going especially when there’s no husband who may ever love me. But God said:
    “For your Maker is your husband— the Lord Almighty is his name— the Holy One of Israel is your Redeemer; he is called the God of all the earth.

    In a surge of anger I hid my face from you for a moment, but with everlasting kindness I will have compassion on you,” says the Lord your Redeemer.”
    ‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭54:5, 8‬ (‭NIV‬‬),8.niv

    HALLELUJAH, in Jesus’ Name, Amen

  5. God is so Awesome, while in prayer this morning before I even read your blog, this is what I was praying about. Thank you for being obedient to God. Great word. Praying for you always

  6. Thank you for the words of encouragement when I’m feeling so lost! What a blessing! I’m looking forward to my daily email.

  7. God, thank you for seeing the value in me and all the ladies and men that read today’s devotional. Thank you for seeing us past our abilities and reminding us that we have a value that is out of this world. God I ask that anyone that comes across this prayer or devotional will blessed by your presence today. Stir up the gifts inside each one of us and allow your glory to prevail in us all. Teach us by your spirit how to OWN our value and walk worthy of the calling God. Help us to not be afraid of what you have for us but remind us that YOU know the plans you have for us and it’s to prosper us. Teach us to simply follow you when you tell us to go and be obedient and diligent in all you’ve asked us to do. God my plea for myself and your people today is that we be in perfect communication with the Holy Spirit today, walking in his divinity and understanding who we are to you. Bless the works of our hands, give us a breakthrough in the areas of our lives where we feel barren and teach us to live by what we believe will happen not what we can see. We love you we thank you we honor you we glorify in your name and the works of your mighty hands. Have your way with us today Lord. Amen

  8. This message spoke volumes to me. I am an introverted person wanting interaction on my terms but feel the Holy Spirit nudging me to step out of my comfort. I’m fighting it an trying to justify that this is who I am but praying that i will receive the strength needed to walk the path to do HIS will.

  9. This morning I woke up not feeling the best, feeling overwhelmed with life, I dint feel like waking up to pray or do my devotional studies and then I read today’s message! Lord how you talked to my heart!!! Lord you know the people that make me feel insignificant and one person in particular that I was praying about this message changed my day completely because even though people overlook my value you see every single effort I do to be the best Christian woman that I can be. Thank you for this message God Bless You all 😊in Jesus mighty name 🙏

  10. This message was right on time. In a time when everything is questioned I have found it very easy to doubt myself and become frustrated when others don’t always see my worth. I am so glad that people may doubt me, but God doesn’t and he finds worth in me (his creation). I love the analogies about the sparrows. Thank you for your works and sharing with the world.

  11. Thanks, I struggle with SAD. I have lots of anxiety especially with the barometric pressure. Changing fast. Temperature drops and going up. I am moody and depressed until the weather changes. My legs buckle. This message was a good reminder to me that God loves me even bad days

  12. Your blog reminds me of the word of the Lord where it says I am fearfully and wonderfully made. God took great care, caution, purpose, planned out how He created me. I want to live this out, be reminded over and over again. When I ponder my worth may it give me pause to glorify God. God reward you.

  13. This past week I found out what happened to my birth mother after 65 years when she left me and 3 younger brothers. I have wondered if she left because she loved us or didn’t love us enough to stay. I still don’t have a lot of answers but this morning’s essay gives me an overwhelming sense of peace. My life was created in God’s heart, not my parents’.
    Thank you, Gwen.
    And, Thank you Gracious God, for all the ways You find to touch us, our broken hearts, our harried thoughts, our busy minds…and give us peace.

  14. I often feel insignificant. I wonder if I am following God’s will and plan for my life and if I have made or am making a difference. Am I shining His light? Am I witnessing like I should? Am I significant to others?
    I want to leave a mark; God’s mark.

  15. Hi Darlene,

    I read your comment and I want you to know that I will be praying for you every day. During Covid 19 church services are at home. I haven’t been a part of a real church in many years but I find that watching Amazing Facts and David Jeremiah are reassuring for me. I don’t know where you live but please find these two incredible men of God each Sunday starting at 8am EST. I hope that today finds you peace and reassurance throughout your week. Please stay in touch.

    In God’s love,

  16. I’m in a new life phase…two of my children have left the nest. One is on his own and working and the other is far away in college for the first time. My last one is now a junior in high school. I’ve kind of felt down and thought what is my purpose now….it feels very empty in our home.

  17. Thank you Gwen for sharing this! I pray that we all know how important we are to our Creator and that we are willing to give him our best today. I pray for those you have read this today that they will be lifted up and feel their worth to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  18. I know as a woman who has questioned everything at different part of my nearly 40 years on earth. That we are so quick to but pressure and identifiers on ourselves. We judge ourselves we compare ourselves.
    And ladies we interact with each other on that mindset. If we could get over our self judgment and the fear of being judge or even held to impossible standards. From how we parent, what we do, are we single moms or married, what our husband does, how our home look and compare. In the looks department we rip God masterpieces to shreds most days. Admittedly I do.
    I’m never thin enough, pretty enough, and all my flaws run constantly though my mind. I am a girl mom. I have two daughters 18, and 11. Man I wish I saw myself though there eyes on days that are less frequent than it was when I truly felt needed. But to them I’m amazing. Which blows my mind. I mess up a lot and I see myself though impossible standards.
    As our nation defines who we are and what our values are. We are in crisis.
    Can we stand on both sides and just love one another. Respecting each other’s gifts. Can we all be kind to ourselves? And listen and show another women God created as uniquely as awe are. How awesome they are?
    Gwen, Much needed message as our nation is so divided and we as women count ourselves less than!

  19. Thank You. It is so refreshing to have a reminder. In the midst of doing life and everything that goes with it, it is easy to question your worth and what you can accomplish.

  20. Wow, the statement about being afraid to embrace God’s Love is powerful. For decades into adulthood, I was conditioned and programmed to adopt a low self-value, which led me to chase contentment through romantic relationships and tangible means. I’ve learned that my identity is defined by God alone and I am beautiful, cherished and loved as a single woman of God, gifted and blessed by the Lord in many ways.

    1. Shae

      I read your comment and I chose those “romantic relationships” and what the world had to offer. I am also a single woman of God and I’m proud of who I’ve become. We are both gifted and blessed by God, each and every day.

      In God’s love,

  21. I thank you Jesus for loving me through all of my flaws. Thank you for loving ME . I thank you for G Smith for her daily words…. Amen

  22. I needed to read this this morning. I’m struggling with depression, anxiety and PTSD. I once had strong faith and feared nothing. When my husband passed away in my arms after fighting cancer for 6 months I was very angry with God and I turned away from the church my children and I attended. It’s been a battle for me ever since. I try to read my Bible and devotions and it’s a struggle. I want that to feel the strong faith I once had. I want to feel it in my heart and soul when I pray cry out to God but all I feel is emptiness. I want to find a church home again. I feel lost confused and empty. I feel stuck and I’m fighting everyday to get out of this horrible feeling. I’m tired of feeling nothing.

    1. I am so sorry honey. God can handle your anger and He understands why you are angry. I lost my husband to cancer when I was 28, the journey to healing takes time. God knows and is holding you even though you don’t feel it.

    2. Darlene,
      I was holding my husband’s hand with my head on his chest when he died. It had been a long sad journey. I remember that day and sometimes it still knocks the breath out of me. I turned for a bit from everything religious. After a while, I knew that I had to do something to get out of the funk. I knew that God was faithful even when I had not been. I was empty and defeated. I cried out to God and returned to church and doing the GIG devotional. I prayed even though I felt they fell to the floor. Some time, subtly I begin to feel the stirring of the Holy Spirit. It wasn’t some big flashing light kind of thing, but one of those slow subtle, when did that happen kind of thing. I pray for you to find peace and encourage to keep doing those things you know are right. God is faithful and will bless you with a restored faith and a healed heart. He loves you so much. Darlene, I will pray for you today and continue to bring you to the cross.
      In His Grip,

    3. Hi Darlene, my name is Melanie. I am praying for you today. I have been in a similar place as you in my past. Losing someone you love can leave you reeling. I will pray that you find the joy that the Lord has for you and His strength that comes from it. If you need a friend please feel free to email me. I will keep you in my prayers.

    4. My hear and prayers go out to you Darlene. Your pain is unimaginable but, God loves you and cares about everything you are going through. My spouse has chosen to leave me for someone else after 30 years of marriage. Life is hard but I’m learning fist to go to God everyday even when I’m not feeling up to it. He gives me strength daily. My emotions are all over the place and that’s okay. Grief needs to be processed. Remember the things He has done for you in the past, look at the birds the trees your children and see His wonderful creation. I would encourage you to seek out Christian friends, church members and councilor to walk beside you as you move closer to God. I’ll be praying for you. God bless!

    5. Darlene I am so very sorry!! I can’t image. I am so very sorry. Praying for you. God can more than handle every bit of emotion you throw at him. Don’t be upset for anger your grieving.
      I too have PTSD and anxiety it tough. And I am so sorry you husband isn’t there to take you in his arms as you cry. But Jesus can feel so far away and next we might actually feel his presence. I am so sorry for you loss

    6. Hi Darlene,

      I read your comment and I want you to know that I will be praying for you every day. During Covid 19 church services are at home. I haven’t been a part of a real church in many years but I find that watching Amazing Facts and David Jeremiah are reassuring for me. I don’t know where you live but please find these two incredible men of God each Sunday starting at 8am EST. I hope that today finds you peace and reassurance throughout your week. Please stay in touch.

      In God’s love,

    7. I am so sorry for your loss. I too lost my one true love and thought the pain would never leave me. As much as I loved my children and tried to help them through our grief, I too felt far from God. Please my dear, believe me when I say He is as close as your next breath and will ease your suffering. It took it’s time, God was patient with me, but when enough time passed and I fell to my knees to give myself permission to go on without my love God healed my heart. I pray for you a healing and God’s peace.

    8. Your words are the same ones I prayed this morning. How what I need to hear are simply and quietly given amazes me. Thank you for putting those words down in print. They were intended for me and others like me to hear.

  23. I have many devotional readings that pop into my inbox each morning. I love them all but the title of this one made me jump to it first. I have always struggled with my place in the world, and even when I did find places I did fit in, I always feel like an imposter. It’s a great reminder that no matter who we are or what we do, we are valued by the only One who matters.

    Dear Heavenly Father, please bless my sisters and I today with the knowledge of our important place in your plan. Let us see our worth according to you word. Thank you for Gwen’s words and continue to bless her ministry to reach people who need you Father.

    We pray all things in the holy name of Jesus. Amen

  24. Thank you God that despite what man thinks of me and the assumptions they make about me, you know me for who I truly am. You created me in your image, therefore. I am a King’s kid, I am royalty and I am great! In times of doubt and when I’m unsure of my capabilities, bring to my remembrance just how awesome my Father is and the value he placed over my life.

  25. Thank you, Gwen for the devotional above. It’s very hard to get that ‘stuck into my heart/head, especially after being reared by a perfectionist mom, whom I trust is w/the Lord now. And then by a certain nationality of people, who control nursing facilities (Creoles), & who expect disabled people to ‘take up their beds & walk’! They belittle me (others also) by their gossip & shunning to help in any way they can, even if it’s minute. You’re then made fun of. Tongue spreads fires throughout home. I’m made to relive my past. Understand? Lord bless.

  26. I thank you Jesus for loving me with my warts and all and thank you for people like Gwen who share your word an thoughts that show us You are always with u and love us from the inside out Amen ‼️🙌

  27. Thank you Jesus that the precious lives of my grandchildren were planned in the heart of God and they each of them are valuable to you. Thank you for loving me. Continue to show me how to show your love to all of those around me but especially those at home.

  28. father lord, thank for loving me just a i am, where i am, thank you for loving me even when i am most unlovable to most people but not to you, help me to know with out a doubt in my heart how much you love me, and never forget it. please stir up that love inside of me so that is flows through me to others. in Jesus name Amen

  29. father lord, thank for loving me just a i am, where i am, thank you for loving me even when i am most unlovable to most people but not to you, help me to know with out a doubt in my heart how much you love me, and never forget it. please stir up that love inside of me so that is flows through me to others. in Jesus name Amen

  30. Prayers and blessings, sisters. I’m right here with you. Thank You Jesus for Gwen and her obedience to You. Thank You for these women who are co-laborers for You. Help us all during this season, and remind us that we are to be anxious for nothing. You’ve got us and You love us fiercely. In Your precious Name I pray. AMEN!

  31. Thanks Gwen!
    You hit the nail on the head! When I read your title this morning, I was filled with peace. I often deal with issues of worthiness. Your devotion was so uplifting! Thank you for all you do!

  32. Sweet Gwen,
    I thank God for your ministry, I thank Him for your heart.
    Thank you for this much needed reminder and promise of God’s love for me/us.

  33. Please remember me in your prayers that will not just read it but believe it. I needed this more than you know. I am fighting Extreme depression and anxiety I just feel alone and worthless. What a blessing. Thank you for sharing

    1. Praying for you Subrina. As women I feel like we do put a lot of pressure on ourselves but our God is greater than all of that. This message brought tears to my eyes as well because I struggle with the same things. Have a glorious day.

    2. Morning Subrina and all….. just whisper His name as you breathe deeply throughout the hours of your day. HE is with you! Prayers… Emily

  34. I truly agree with all that was written. I myself was struggling to believe in something not to long ago because l was going through a tough time in my life where l knew and felt that l had given everything inside myself just to end up by myself was hard but then l remembered him my savior my healer my everything my Heavenly Father was there his words his love his understanding l was okay. Believe because he is real l am living proof 🥰

  35. Thank you for the wonderful word.

    I was feeling undeserving, broken and un-appreciated but the word of God has reminded that it does not matter how my life is currently. Whether sick or not, happy or not, financially stable or not. God loves me the way I am. People may doubt and have reservations about who I am but My God is always with me and I am worth before him. I will praise God for the revelation and my prayer is that his word may never depart my heart.

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