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I gave her instructions for the job. “Clear the furniture from the room, vacuum thoroughly, and then I will show you how to mop the wood floor.” Once my daughter got through the first two of three steps, I joined the cleaning party to teach the age-old-mom-class, “Mopping 101.” Awesome.

Class began with a few mopping fundamentals. “Shake the bottle of the polish before you use it. Do one small section at a time. Mop along the grain of the wood. Put some arm strength into it and always – always step back to see if you missed any spots.” I gave a quick demonstration then Kennedy took the mop and got busy on her weekend wood-floor polishing project.

As I walked away, it hit me.

The lesson.

In order to see where the polish had been applied on the floor – in order to see if there were any mistakes or overlooked places – a mopper needs to step back and look at things from a different angle. From a fresh perspective.

To gain perspective in life, we often need to step back too: away from our emotions, our plans and our expectations – in order to consider the big picture. The God-picture.

It is so easy to get lost in the drama-filled challenges of life and become overwhelmed by our circumstances. Can I hear an Amen? I do this all the time! I get sucked into the drama of a moment and see only what my emotions allow me to see: a dim, slim and flesh-led view.

Let’s be honest, we all have some level of drama, dreams and expectations. And that’s not a bad thing. But if our emotions lead our responses, it can be difficult to see beyond our moments and mountains. When our hearts are consumed by the emotions of a moment, we can lose sight of what honors God and what really matters.

So what’s a woman to do?


Step back. Pray. Ask God for vision and perspective. Consider His Word. Remember His power, provision and plan. Move beyond self-led reactions to Spirit-led responses. The late pastor and theologian A.W. Tozer wrote, “Sometimes when we get overwhelmed we forget how big God is.” (Tweet this!)

Our perspectives change in God’s presence. We gain clarity and peace when we adopt God’s perspective instead of our own. His sight is pure, full of grace and eternal – while our sight is often imperfect, narrow and worried about the now. Proverbs 16:3 says, “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and He will establish your plans.”

David stepped back in awe of God’s love. “When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have set in place, what is mankind that you are mindful of them, human beings that you care for them?” (Psalm 8:3-4)

He reflected on his own ways verses God’s ways. “I meditate on your precepts and consider your ways.” (Psalm 119:15) “I have considered my ways and have turned my steps to your statutes.” (Psalm 119:59)

Jesus also encourages us to step back from worries and fears. ““Consider the ravens: They do not sow or reap, they have no storeroom or barn; yet God feeds them. And how much more valuable you are than birds! Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to your life? Since you cannot do this very little thing, why do you worry about the rest?” (Luke 12:24-26) When we consider the ways that God has provided in the past, it helps us to trust Him in the present. (Another tweetable!)

Kennedy rocked the mop that day in our kitchen because she heeded my directions and consistently drew back to gain perspective on her polishing. Step back today and position yourself in God’s grace. Consider the big picture. Lay your day, your plans, your thankfulness, your people, your problems, your wins and your losses before God. Trust His ability to work in and through it all. Relish the perspective and peace that rises and then be prepared for those around you to be drawn to the able, faithful God who is at work within you.

Dear Lord,
I know I need to step away from my emotions, expectations and plans.
I want Your perspective, Your dreams and Your responses to be mine.
Cover me again with grace, order my steps
and equip me fresh with Your Spirit.
In Jesus’ Name, amen.



Are you ready to step back? What will that look like for you? CLICK HERE to leave a comment with a response to those questions or simply leave a comment saying, “I’m taking a step back!”

As always, you make my life richer. Thanks so much for seeking HIM with me. I really love hearing from you and can’t wait to read your responses!

Warm Blessings,



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  1. Heard the Lord say this morning “ take a step back “ found this devotional, thank you for sharing your story, I need to step back and look at the bigger picture of what God is doing and not get caught up in the drama and emotions, I have been pressing forward… now I see I need to step back and look,

  2. Father knows what the future holds, he can see the short falls that we, mortal beings cannot. Turning it all over to Him in true Trust is the most difficult thing we can do, because we want things fixed in our way, now! We do not want to wait on the Lord. Thank You, Almighty God, for your patience in my many shortcomings and answering my prayers on behalf of myself and my family in your timeline not mine. Your mercy and love endureth forever, Amen

  3. wow, I needed to hear this today! I am thankful my dear friend sent it to me before I did what my heart felt like doing. I have felt that my husband has been short changed in life and certain people just didn’t care enough about him to be there for him, so I was going to step in and let “those” people know!!! Thank you Jesus for you word that comes at the right time. And for good friends that are lead by you to deliver
    it to me.

  4. I am facing a financial problem and have been for years. This problem is to big for me and I have been asking God, is there a part that He wants me to play in resolving this issue. For example: Should I contact my members of Parliament, write to the supervisor or just leave it alone. See the thing is, the more I step back the more these people walk all over me or maybe I think I’m stepping back. This is an issue that keeps reoccurring. it’s as though they have targeted me because I am not doing anything about it. I continue to hope in God and there is an old saying God helps those who help them self. But I would like to think that I put my whole life in the hands of God, asking Him for direction in all things.

  5. Am stepping back and trusting God. You see I have a felony from 2000 and I have allowed myself to be held back from truly trusting Him when it comes to a job. I think negative every time I apply for a job. Tomorrow I have a job interview at 8am but my mind gives a fear that am not getting it because of the felony
    I’ve made mistakes and I know that now my steps are ordered by God. So tomorrow I go to the job interview trusting God and praying that I accept His will in my life

  6. -Psalm 120:1
    “1 I call in the Lord in my distress,
    and He answers me.” HALLELU YAH!
    Let us give over our emotions, plans, and desires to HIM- THE GOD WHO SEES US {El Roi}- and be aware that HE knows best! Amen

  7. I started this devotion today with a prayer that GOD would speak to my heart today through this devotion and scripture I was about to read. My marriage is in crisis and has been for years… With up and many more downs, I’m not sure if what GOD’s plan is for me. Not sure step back to give time for healing and change or stay where I am and pray for the change to come while im here???? Please pray HE will reveal his plan to me soon!

  8. Hi, I took a step back this morning, wrote down a list for God to take care for me. I kneed down ask God to set me free from many of my worries, then I went to the shredder and shredded my list, knowing that God will respond. Thank you Gwen for the uplifting devotional this morning. Margo

  9. I also find myself overwhelmed with circumstances. Recently, very costly car repairs but I God is already working it out. I’m taking a step back . . . 🙂

  10. I have just recently been doing my daily devotional using your website and everyday have been touched by your and the others words. I am a constant worrier and I am learning to try harder and harder to put my trust and give my worries to God. I know, like the ravens, he will provide. I need to step back and give it all to him. I also struggle with muscular dystrophy and that slows me down and makes me feel like I don’t do enough for Him or my family. Please pray for me to stay positive, remain in His word, and trust in Him completely.

  11. This is an awesome discussion,for me stepping back seems so hard my husband and I have 33 yr old daughter who has 2 children. She’s bipolar and the med profession can’t seem to get her meds right. She can’t hold a job she won’t go to church she has no friends left and she can hardly function in situations like this how does a person step back?

  12. Thank you for the words ‘step back’. I’m always trying to rush ahead of God and not wait for Him to react first. Stepping back means you can look around you and see all the things you have been missing on your challenge to get the answer on your own. Stop, look around, take a deep breath, and enjoy what you have and what you see. God is working on your answer and he does not need your ‘help’; He’s got the best answer for you!

  13. Thank you for this word today….right on time. My mind is overwhelmed trying to be a perfectionist….so many things to do….trying to do it all by myself…..concerned what others think if I don’t get it done or do it right. I am stepping back….tired of being a people pleaser and let God direct me in what I need to do.

  14. Thank you for this. I needed this word today. I have been dealing with emotions of working 2 jobs, 3 kids, single mom, my car was totaled so I’m without a car for now, my health and to top it off my boyfriend left me. It’s so easy to get caught up in the emotions and the hurt. I trust that God has a plan for me and reading this message telling me to take a step back has really helped me to gain perspective on everything going on around me. I am stepping back and surrendering to God. Thank you for this message!

  15. I am taking a step back! This past weekend, our family was a part of a fine young man from Alto, TX who had suffered an aneurysm on the football field on a Friday night and later passed away the next day. During that uplifting 3 hr. home-going ceremony, I took a step back and examined my life. I saw many of my former students, greeted them with hugs, and how are you doing. I wondered if I had touched their lives in ways that my Lord would be proud. (We as teachers always wonder that! 🙂 ) The longer I live I know that I have to reach out and touch as many lives as I can with a servant heart, compassion, and love. It is one of the Lord’s greatest commandments. I love your ministry with GIGs and what it means to me and so many others. God Bless You!

  16. This word today is what I need at this very moment. Stepping back and let go and let God be in control. Stop trying to handle things on my own. Your devotionals are really beginning to help me. Thanks Gwen!!!!

  17. This message is so me especially, I struggle daily with life decisions that I allow my emotions to lead leaving me stressed, confused and full of depression. Allowing the Lord to lead me would give me great peace. Build my trust and faith in him. Today I pray the Lords guidance and trust his decisions over my life.

  18. Every morning the first thing I do is read Girlfriends in God; it never fails that the word put in front of me each morning is something that I can relate my struggles to! God has been working in my marriage and my life in ways that are so incredible! I needed to remember to step back and look! Have I missed anything in my spiritual growth? Have I missed a step or are there steps I need to repeat in the healing of my marriage? Your words continually help my heart to heal and help me to see things in Gods perspective! I thank God for giving you the gift to share your heart with us! God is good ALL the time!

  19. I shared this with my husband this morning and we are in complete agreement! We are BOTH taking a step back for a fresh perspective!

  20. Thank you so much, yet again, for sharing your wisdom. I’ve probably already commented on this one in the past but it always seems to come back and smack me in the face. I live by emotion. I respond by emotion. And I get all worked up and miserable because of it. I know that God has gifted me with sensitivity that others lack but often I just let it rule my life. Recently I feel I had really been doing well at going to The Lord when in the past I have not. However yesterday was definitely not one of those days and I was a mess. Today is a new day and I will rejoice and be glad in it and I will lean on and abide in Him to lead me where He wants me to go. I was really wallowing and enjoying my feelings of deservedness and self pity so I thank you and I’m sure my husband and son thank you, too, for bringing my eyes and heart back to The Lord yet again!

  21. Wow, Tia really summed up my life for me. Right now, though, I’m just working on giving God the control over my words, actions, and emotions.

  22. I’ve heard this twice in the last two days. Okay God I’m listening.
    Sometimes I know I just get my head down and keep plowing through all I have to do but it’s such a relief when you do step back as the picture becomes clearer. I’m going to work on this x

  23. This word is for me because I’ve been struggling with my emotions as regards my relationships. I find myself taking wrong steps and making decitions that still leave me on the same spot just because am scared of an end result of being hurt or dissapointed. But the more I take a step the more i see my self being hurt. Am so ready to take a step back, reflect on how God has helped me in the past and trust him to handle my present emotional pains. I’ll just look unto him alone for help so he him alone can perfect all that concerns my relationship. Am subscribing to God’s perspective. God bless and enrich you Gwen for this inspiring word.

  24. This was a great help to me today. My business partner and I are starting on a new adventure. She is a baby believer and I know God has me in her life to help build her up and her in my life to remind me to take things slow! Proverbs 16:3 says, “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and He will establish your plans.” We needed a fresh infusion of God’s Word for our business. Thanks so much!
    Beth from Ohio

  25. The devotion for today was just what I needed. I am having a major disagreement with my husband over one of our children. My child has a learning disability and I want her to go to a public school which can offer more ways to help her than the small private school she is currently attending. I never fight with my husband we have a great relationship and this has put a wedge between us. So I am going to take a step back, rely on God, and change my perspective. Thanks for this it has really helped me.

  26. Thank you. I to really need to step back and look at things ………….i know God knows what is best for me. There are a lots of pains hurts in my life. but when i look back and see each has been for my molding and helping me to let go of self and cling to God.Though at those times i did not realise. Today i see Gods great love and care in it all…………………….. thank you Lord for being such a loving caring Father .

  27. Aida. _ Taking a step back and seeing what God can do, My husband and I signed up to do A homegrown at our home. It is scary for me because it is hard for me to speak out in front of others, even Christians. I WILL STEP BACK and see what God has in store for me and others in our group. I AM WILLING AND ABLE. Jesus is in charge.

  28. This one really spoke to me today. My issue is with expectations and I continue to work on them. I live the way you write Gwen. I wrote in my journal today, that I thank God for you and your words. I work on keeping God at the front and seeking his direction on my journey. Thank you for continuing to share your gifts with us…

  29. Thank you Gwen so much. I know this is God speaking through you as this is exactly what I need to do so I can move forward today. Let go and let God. It gets so heartbreaking when all your life you feel sooo alone. I know God is there and I love that but when family constantly lets you down it still hurts. It can be a very sad world we live in. Taking a step back and looking forward to making a change.

  30. Thank you! This is a step for me to look from God’s perspective instead of my own or what I think the perspective of others’ is. At 51, I still allow my painful childhood drag me down and damage family relationships. I tried so hard to keep my children protected that I have smothered them in love that they have a difficult time being around me.

  31. I am taking a step back to review my past relationship, and remember that the breakdown was his infidelity — and step back to have faith that God DOES have a plan for me — and plans for my boys — a step back to remember to TRUST him …….

  32. Thanks for the reminder that as God orders events in our lives, He takes in consideration past, present, future and comforts us in our troubles so that (with a purpose in mind) we can comfort those in trouble (not sit wallowing in me, myself and I) with the same comfort we ourselves have received form God.

  33. I appreciate this encouragement today. There are so many things going on in my life right now that I sometimes feel I’m going to overwhelm God with my concerns. How silly I am to feel that way. Even as I read the scripture in Luke 12 I can feel how big and powerful God is and that no concern or problem is too much for him. I needed this as a reminder to lay all of my worries at his feet, he loves me, he cares for me, and no problem is too much for him to bear.

  34. With tear filled eyes I say thank you for another timely post! Please pray for me to step back and see God, others, life and myself through God’s eyes. . . .The way in which I should and not through/with my emotions!!! I really appreciate it and I feel I need it now more than ever before! ;.-)

  35. Thank you for the beautiful devotional! I am ready to take a step back! It reminds me of the song by Carrie Underwood, “Jesus Take the Wheel.” The problems that seem so big to me are nothing to God. Why do I worry and become so anxious over them? As the verse says, it does not add one hour to my day. No, it wastes many hours of my day! I want God’s perspective, not my own and the peace that will follow!

  36. I’m going to step back and evaluate my words before I say them, to make sure that they “build others up according to their needs, so that it may benefit those who listen.”

  37. I thank you for following God’s lead and speaking to me this morning with your devotion. I am leaning into God to direct my path and give me strength to accept changes in my relationship. He must take a step back & find his direction, which in turns puts my direction on hold. I was certain God led us to each other and am struggling with the possibility that I really hadn’t heard God’s voice. Your words give me encouragement in taking this break, to know that this step back is still seeking God’s lead and that we are still walking in His ways and allowing Him to work in our lives.

  38. Love this! I am taking a step back today! A family member that I see every week loves to pick and poke at myself and my daughter. This past week it got the best of me (how many times do I need to be the bigger person??). It has drained my energy and is stealing my joy! Right this minute I am taking a step back! Love love love this! I need a new perspective! Thank you so much for this word today. Blessings for a wonderful weekend.

  39. Today I need to step back from my frustration over my daughter’s future. She is an amazing, beautiful, smart young woman who has not been able to settle down to a permanent job since graduating from college almost 4 years ago. The one job she did have was not a good situation, so she left after only 10 months. Since then, she has done contract work for a great company – but it’s a very on and off schedule, spent a good part of the past year working at a small college in Greece, but is now back home waiting to hear from a company she had 2 good interviews with. Her confidence is waning and frustration is growing and I SO want her to get this job. I am very emotional and passionate about my childrens’ wellbeing, so I have a very hard time stepping back and watching God’s perfect plan for her, and all my kids, unfold.

  40. This was timely reminder for me. The past month has been full of anxieties that a non believer would turn to humanly actions such as depression, name calling and simply complaining through and through. I have chosen to put my trust in the lord for all my needs for him alone knows what I need. The wants of the world are plenty but our father in heaven knows exactly what we need. Stepping back and letting the lord guide is to say with faith, ” may your will be done”. thank you Gwen for this beautifully put reminder to me that I need not worry about which turn my current job takes and where I will be next year, All I know and should do is step back and let the will of God be done for it will indeed be for my God. Amen

  41. I need to step back from fear and trust that God’s in control of my life. I believe that I am making strides in the right direction and I am encouraged that as long as God is my helper, I will continue to make strides.

    1. Great thought, Meisha! I encourage you to get your Bible out and do a word study on fear. (Look up “fear” in the back concordance and then go to the Scripture verses it references.) It is so powerful to be reminded by the Lord that He is God and He is able. Major fear-buster.

  42. Todays message was just what I needed. I woke up this morning reflecting on how God had provided for me ovrt the years. How he had blessef and healed. Then I reaf today’s message and realized that God was reminding me he was the one in control, not me.

  43. This couldn’t have come to me at a better time! Thank God for you, Gwen, and for His timing. My husband struggles with mental an un-acknowledged mental illness and it`s rearing it`s ugly head. I know that God put us together to support and love one another but sometimes in the thick of it I lose perspective and forget truth. I have taken the time to step back and am determined to love this man through this difficult time and know without a doubt that without Gods grace and love and Holy Spirit living in me it wouldn`t be happening. Thank you so much for reminding me of to take a step back.

  44. Thank you for this devotion. I am running behind on my devotions, but I don’t delete them until I read them. I am at a point in my life right now, where it seems that everything is caving in on me. My marriage is rocky, my mother has Alzheimer’s and she does not know who I am, I feel like a stranger at my church-which at this point, is actually the most trying of all the situations I am going through. I feel like if I can find refuge at my church, I can handle the other situations. I thank you because this devotion has given me the insight to step back–away from all the emotions, hostility and feelings of betrayal and just take a deep breath. I need to pray for God’s perspective, because I know everything that I am experiencing is for my good.

  45. i am currently a student studying abroad and my life right now is pretty stressing. To add up to it i have so many things affecting me starting from my past dictating my present, to very low self esteem and having anxiety. its hard to deal with life now and this word just made me remember that the Lord is with me and so all the plans an everything that i face i should just step back and let Him handle it and lead me in the right path. thanks for the word

  46. This has blessed me this morning more than you know…My whole desire is to please God and lean on Him and trust Him…I want to be in God’s Grace…Im taking a step back!!!!

  47. This resonated with me today. My reactions are rarely ‘spiritual responses’. This is definitely a new format for me to work on and a new place of closeness to my Lord. When we reflect on the magnificence that surrounds us, it’s often silly how we worry. He has it all under control. I pray we are all reminded of this as we lose grip on the silliness that we worry about. Praise be to our Lord!

  48. I have a huge change in teaching assignments. From director of a high school choral program to elementary general music. Although I know it’s from God and in the best interest of a school of little people, it’s been difficult emotionally, .professionally and personally. The devil is hard at work creating self doubt and anger.please pray for my strength and well being. Take me a step back and. Look at Gods wood floor.

  49. Stepping back for me has been a lesson that I’m only recently getting to really learn as I wasn’t the most obedient student in the past! For me, it has been about totally surrendering every aspect of my life to Christ beginning with my children. It wasn’t until recently when my little boy came prematurely and had multiple organ failure. God led me to a point where I had to totally surrender the little one to Him & only then did He perform the miracle that He’d been wanting to do all along. He now continues teaching me that each and every morning, I have to place it all at the altar, for only then can he provide the ram.

  50. Marriage of 7yrs, 5 children (ages 3,4,5,7,11). I am 27yrs old. Marriage declined a few years ago when I finally stopped hating myself and making excuses for my husband and why he neglects me the way he does. Bottom line, I recently had gallbladder surgery and hoped he would help take care of me while I was down. He didn’t. I was so hurt, frustrated, above and beyond just wanting to not pray, not cry, not feel….that until I read this article I refused to try to take a step back…..this is nothing but confirmation that I must press towards pleasing God and moving forward WITHOUT anger, bitterness, resentment, hate, and that spirit of wanting to give up. God bless you all GIG! What you do IS NOT in vain.

  51. I love and needed to read these inspiring words on this day. What a beautiful prayer and affirmation that God”s perspective is truly the only one I need. I have been stressing about things so irrevelant to bringing joy and peace.

  52. “Am taking a step back”, to trust God and not my emotions. My dad has gastric cancer stage 4, things are not looking good. He no longer wants to have chemotherapy, he is tired. So many decisions to make but my stomach is always hurting. At times my mind is just running that I can’t seem to get a good night sleep. I pray and pray to stay focus on Him and not the situation. Thank for the reminder to hold on to Jesus.

  53. !Dear Lord, I know I need to step away from my emotions, expectations and plans. I want Your perspective, Your dreams and Your responses to be mine. Cover me again with grace, order my steps and equip me fresh with Your Spirit. In Jesus’ Name, amen.

    This should be posted all over my home when my memory and obedience take a vacation.

    1. Before I read you last line, I copied and pasted your prayer, which I would like to pray as well, to post on my bathroom mirror.

  54. Thank you for this message today. As I read the posts following from your readers I am moved by their hardships and their steadfast belief in God’s wonderful presence in their lives. Today I will focus on God making everything beautiful in it’s time. Thanks again for this reminder!!

  55. Gwen, Thank You so much for your inspirational message today. It is just what I needed to hear to begin my weekend. I am an emotional person, and whatever fears and worries that I have in my life, I tend to focus on them, eating away at my vitality. It wears me down, Oftentimes I have difficulties putting these mental worries in God’s hands, trusting in him to take care of my troubles. I know that when I do step back and trust in God to guide me through, my heart and mind is lifted above the worries, and they do not touch me. I feel God’s comfort, protection and peace. Thank you for this reminder, I had begin to feel myself slipping today, having trouble re-focusing my perspective to higher thoughts.- “I’m taking a step back” !

  56. Thank you for this encouragement! I was just telling my husband today that I feel maybe I’m not cut out for this job anymore. (Elementary teacher) I love what I do but sometimes I feel NO ONE is listening~not my students, not my husband, not the Lord. But my husband reminded me that we do need to step back. It isn’t the whole class or even the position. I need to step back this weekend and determine where the real stress is coming from (or who) and go back there on Monday!! “Faithful is he that calleth you who also will do it”

    (I Thes. 5:24)

  57. One of my best friends a boy from my church that I have mentored for years and is a younger brother to me for so long passed away in a car accident last night. I was told this morning as I was getting to work. I prayed pleaded and cried out to God for it to not be true. I yelled no no no over and over. It is hard to accept but I know where he is. He is at the feet of Jesus. Though he is 6 years younger and he shouldn’t be there before me I know it is God’s plan. I just need to gain that perspective and step back to see what God has planned through this. Thank you for this devotion today 🙂

  58. I am stepping back and letting God handle my life. I know he will do a much better job than me!! I have many big decisions/life changing events coming up and want to be prepared for whatever life gives me. I can do this knowing God already has a plan for me, so getting upset, rethinking or rationalizing is just a waste of energy and time. Thanks for your timely message!

  59. I’m ready for my day to belong to God. My doors are open to let in some cooler morning air, and I’m listening to the unique sounds of the quail in my yard. In perspective, my heart is open to God to let in His will for my day, and I am anxious for the peace that comes from listening for His voice. Have a God-filled day, Gwen.

  60. Thank you for this today. Back in April I joined Mary Kay and I prayed about it and I felt this would be something I could do and make some extra money and still be able to help with my grand children when needed. Also, I could with my mom. I have a son that has four children and he is an asst. pastor and many other things at there church so they need me to watch the kids and do things for them, my daughter and her husband teach college age at there church so they need me to watch there children from time to time as well. My husband and I feel like this is a way that we can be part of both of there ministries by helping watching there children while they do what the Lord wants them to do. And if I had a full time job I could not do this. My husband does work full time, but I do not. So that was why I wanted MK in my life at this time. Well I have not been able to get it started and I have been working at it and I feel like such a failure and looser over this. I have worked for Clinique in the past and I know about makeup and skincare. I live in a new area for only a year and really do not know very many people outside of church. And you know you don’t want to bother the people at church all the time. Well, they already have a MK consultant if they wear it. So, I just need to take a step back and see what God has for me in this. I have been praying and asking him to show me is this what I am suppose to be doing, and I just feel like I really do not know. I so wished I had a big picture on the wall saying do this or do that, but it is not. But, I thank you so much for this and I do want Gods perspective, dreams, and responses to be mine. Please pray with me that God will show me if this is what I am suppose to do or not. And then I have this friend that wants me to get into doTerra Essentials Oils, and they are great, but my husband says to me you think that everything that comes along is great. So I do not know what to do.

  61. My stepson is facing surgery this week for a sports injury. It seems to be the worst time possible for this to happen. He was headed for big things & was being recruited to play in college. Now all of that is up in the air. Our family, especially, my husband, is having a difficult time dealing with this & having difficulty keeping the faith, that this was somehow God’s plan. I’ve been having issues, remaining positive & supportive in the midst of all the negativity. Today’s post, reminded me, to step back & look at the larger picture, God’s picture, to note how God has worked in our lives and brought us this far.

  62. Your message today really touched my heart. I struggle with the things that I can’t control – especially at work – and I find it drains me emotionally. I need to remember that everything is part of God’s plan and that I need to trust in him. Thank you for the reminder today!

  63. This was much needed. I have been praying to God to save my marriage and my husband of less than a year said last night he wants to move forward with a divorce. I always need to remember that God has a plan that I can neither see nor understand and sometimes I need to step back and let that plan unfold. No matter what happens, God always has my best interests at heart.

  64. I am stepping back and resting in God to show me where he wants me right now. I have strayed so far from Him and have tried to lean on my own understanding. There are some big potential changes that will be happening in my life very soon.

  65. For me stepping back means letting go of how I see my present situation, and trusting God to take care of me just as He always has. Right now I feel as if I am on the edge of a crumbling cliff with no available help. Of course as a child of God that scenario cannot be true, but without taking that necessary step back I can never see the truth.

  66. I am stepping back……..we have been going through a season that has lasted for years and sometimes it seemed as though God was not answering my prayers. My husband gave up and said that he does not need God any more. It grieves my heart, but, I am praying for him and for myself to allow God to continue to direct my steps. I cannot live without God. I have a holy expectancy that God is blessing us daily and directing my steps no matter how our circumstances appear. Gwen, thank you for the encouraging words today. It lifted my spirit!

  67. Thank you for the reminder that we need to put God first, remebering His might and powerful word and all else will fall in place.

  68. This word for today has touched my spirit. I am so emotional that I live my life very defensively in fear of getting hurt all the time. I am tired of living so. In fact that is not living!!! My heart aches at all the pain from my past. I just yearn to move on. I hate living in such bondage I’m tired of thinking of the past and tear falling uncontrollably. I want to be free from all the hurt in my past so I can live!!!

    1. Hi Tia, you are not alone. I was robbed of innocent child emotions and now as an adult I have to remind myself to look through the eyes of Jesus and not on my own emotional hot mess. He has healed my broken heart and has given me the tools to handle and turn from the sin that was put upon me. I love what she wrote about taking a step back it helps me not to look at myself and how others make me ANGRY or even alone when they are with me (lol) but to see the big picture and the plans that God is working on for all of us including the people who hurt me. I will pray for you and know when those feelings come along your not alone because I feel them too. Our Lord is with us always!

  69. My best friend was in a very psychologically and mentally abusive marriage. We became friends over 3 years ago and I have taken the blunt of blame since that time. Recently my grandmother passed away and I have been left the opportunity to take care of my mentally challenged Uncle, whom I love dearly. My friend separated from her husband back in March and has no intention of returning.
    She has lived at my uncles since then…..and it’s been a blessing in so many ways. My uncle requested her husband not come to his home and he overstepped that boundary so I reinforced the boundary….plus sd some defensive things for my friend. She doesn’t have it in her to do anything that resembles hurt,rudeness, or being mean, she is truly a woman of grace. When I texted the husband about thhe boundary and his wife…he in turn showed his boys and it has caused tremendous dissention bcoz of this. I have asked God to forgive my comments I sd in defense of her. I really needed this today. The night it happened I spent quite a few hours on my knees in prayer. I let my emotions do my talking. Her children hate me and really have no reason. Please pray with me that God will enlighten ghe truth and take blinders off the eyes that have them. I need to STEP BACK and trust God knows what he’s doing. Thank you.

  70. I have an emotional difficult employer who never sees me as good enough in all that I do. She makes me feel like any moment I can be replaced. And in reflection on your message from God today, that’s true!. So why worry about about and be lead by emotions of it. I will do my best to God and honor Him in my work and if I am replaced, it is because God has decided and not her. God has the big picture and sees beyond my emotions and knows why I am here in this job, how long my stay here in this job will be and when I am replaced, it will be to move me somewhere else to work for Him, not her. Thank you Gwen for this message from God and following His instructions to post it for me and others.

  71. I’m stepping back to see life from a new perspective, God’s! His view is so much clearer than mine and thru prayer and reading His word, I can see bits and pieces of the bigger picture. Thank you for a sweet reminder 🙂

  72. Oh what a perfect message for me as I am in a new job. It is very different from my former one. I also have a much longer commute which adds to my day. I know that I need to step back from my emotions and be so thankful for this job, a beautiful country drive each day, and know that God has plans for me…to keep me safe as I drive, to give me strength and energy for my day, and great things yet to come with my new co-workers and students.
    God is so Good!
    PS My wonderful retired husband is taking such good care of me when I get home by having something planned for supper. He is doing nearly all of the washing during the week. I couldn’t make it without him. <3

  73. This devotion really meant something to me because I have always been a “people pleaser” and I have been letting our Lord slowly change me into a “God pleaser” instead! But your devotion inspired me in an unexpected way. I am amazed at how you saw something spiritual in an everyday event like mopping a floor. I want to be able to do that! To each day so “God minded” that everything that happens has the potential to bring one of God’s truths to my mind. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I am often a people pleaser as well. I just want everyone to be happy. Your post was a reminder to myself that I should please the one who will never leave me not forsake me!!! God almighty!!!

    2. I also love pleasing people forgeting to ask God for directions to respond to people daily, I often see myself seying yes to people. You’ve just reminded me to say “NO” to some people so God can have his way since God himself is the way..!

  74. I am stepping back to let God show me wether i shd travel home 2 see my Son off 2 school 4 da new term or wether i shd stay. Altho my heart’s desire is to go, i know he will choose which way i shd go and i will praise him, no matter da choice. Bcoz whichever way, it will be 4 my good, prosperity & protection

    God bless u Gwen, u r such an inspiration!

  75. Thank you for the reminder to gain God’s perspective. My step back today will be to pray first and then act. (hopefully, I can remember this each day)

  76. I always find your devotionals are so wonderful, this one really spoke to my heart,beacuse there are times that I do not let the Lord lead me in my life, and things get messed up. It helps to take a step back, and reflect, and let the Lord take control because he knows whats best for us; not me. He gives us the peace of mind when things get out of control. Thanks Gwen for this devotional may God bless you today…

  77. Gwen you had my word for today. I have been living a frustrated life with my workmate. She really is working hard at making my life difficult at the office. But this word has changed me at how I need to deal with her. Instead of lashing at her when she annoys me, I will allow myself step back and allow myself respond in Spirit. Quite great, I might be a looser before her eyes but am a conqueror in Christ Jesus. Thanks again

    1. Actually you are a winner in her eyes as well. She is looking for you to lash out at her. When you turn away her wrath with your soft answer you have conquered her. Eventually she will see she can’t get to you.

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