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My curiosity begs to understand life. My mind longs for logic. I am not overly fond of ungraspable concepts. When I was a child I asked a million questions. Why is the sky blue? Are angels all men? Why do bad things happen? Why can’t we send my brussel sprouts to the starving children in Africa? Who created God?

I wanted answers.

I still do.

Give me a story that grabs my attention at the beginning. Fill it with intrigue. Throw in some high conflict and drama in the middle and then catch the bad guys, tie up the loose ends and call it done. Cue the applause. Bring down the curtain. But don’t even think about leaving me hanging… and certainly don’t ask me to tune in next week for the missing story-pieces.

Now that you are clued in on a bit of my “crazy,” you can imagine how I reacted as a youngster when the concept of infinity was introduced in math class. Suit me up for a straight jacket and take me to a rubber room. I thought my math teacher was nuts. You mean I’m supposed to comprehend, work with and accept something that has no beginning and no ending? Really? That’s not neat. It’s not simple. It makes my brain hurt to even think about it!

Pure frustration, packaged in a sideways figure eight.

A mind-maddening math mystery.


Once I rose above the psychological drama-trauma of this new math concept, I figured out how to solve problems with infinity: even though I couldn’t wrap my brain around it. I completed my homework assignments and passed the tests – without so much as running my fingernails down the chalkboard in a defiant, adolescent tantrum of revolt. Miracle.

There are a few characteristics of God that I find difficult to grasp. As you may have guessed, His eternal nature is one. It’s not easy to understand. As much as my inner four-year-old would like it to, the Bible does not begin with once upon a time, and it does not end with and they all lived happily ever after. The love saga of God, written in crimson by Christ, is a mystery that began before the dawn of time and goes on forever. God’s existence defies space, matter and time. It transcends it!

Let His eternal nature blow your mind for a minute…

Behold, God is great, and we know him not; the number of his years is unsearchable. (Job 36:26)

Have you not known? Have you not heard? The LORD is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He does not faint or grow weary; his understanding is unsearchable. (Isaiah 40:28)

God is God.

He is great.


There is no one like Him, not one. Not now. Not ever. He is uniquely and mysteriously eternal. El Olam: The Everlasting God, Olam meaning world, universe, everlasting time or space. His existence cannot be featured on a timeline because it does not come neatly packaged with a clearly defined beginning and ending. In fact, He is the Beginning and the End – the Alpha and Omega – the First and the Last.

Abraham called out to El Olam. In Genesis 21:33, we read, Abraham planted a tamarisk tree in Beersheba and called there on the name of the Lord, the Everlasting God. Moses referred to the eternal nature of God as well. Just before he died, Moses called God Elohei Kedem, the Hebrew name that means Eternal God, when he handed out blessings of strength and security to the people of the tribe of Asher.

There is no one like the God of Israel. He rides across the heavens to help you, across the skies in majestic splendor. The eternal God is your refuge, and his everlasting arms are under you. (Deuteronomy 33:26-27a)

I would guess that, like me, you love the thought of God as your refuge. My heart completely resonates with the concept of His everlasting arms beneath me. Holding me. Protecting me. Guiding me. Do I fully understand it? Not at all… but it sure does help me to accept the concept of God’s eternal nature. More than that, it helps me to embrace His infinite nature.

When we allow the One who is beyond space, matter and time into our space, matter and time, we position ourselves to experience El Olam as a refuge for all eternity. You and I run out of energy. We grow weary. We lose heart. God never does. The Everlasting God does not faint or grow weary and when we call out to Him, He renews our strength and revives our hope.

Yeah. I’m the girl who wants life to make sense, but I’ve been learning that there are some things in life that we just need to accept, rather than understand. Things we need to take at face value… at faith value. For me, this is one of them. I worship El Olam – who was and is and is to come. Infinite Grace. I’m so grateful that on the day my lungs breathe my final earthly breath, and my eyes lift to see Jesus face to face all my questions will be not only satisfied, but also forgotten. Not just for a moment, but for all eternity.

Heavenly Father, El Olam, Everlasting God, You surely are great! You are the most amazing mystery I will ever know. Help me to trust You, beyond my understanding. Increase my faith, and help my life to reflect Your infinite grace. In Jesus’s name, amen.

Music Connection…
I’m a worship girl, so I want to be sure to point you to a song that celebrates the ungraspable nature of our awesome God. The song is called “Unsearchable” and it is the title track to my “Unsearchable Live” CD. Click the box to listen to the song…

Our problems are finite… they have a beginning and an end. God’s ability to meet us at each challenge is not limited by space or time. Are there people or challenges with which you feel God is calling you trust Him deeper with? Let’s take this conversation deeper. Leave a comment or response below.

Thanks for doing life with me!


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  1. I am struggling to trust the Lord with the life of my daughter who has mental health and drug use problems. We have had to release her with love whatever may be. Our hearts are broken and we are struggling to stand on our faith in this very real and painful trial. I know God is all powerful and can accomplish anything, it is up to us to let Him! Pray for me:)

  2. Dearest Gwen,
    I’m am new to your blog. Awesome blog, thank you and I thank God for people like you that are purpose driven and can be there for Woman like us that need that extra encouragement. May God continue to richly bless you and all the you are doing to spread the love of God.
    Yours in Christ,

  3. Dearest beloved Ana,

    Know and trust in God, as only He can comfort you in the darkest moments. I can so relate to what you are going through right now, I too have a husband who has done hurtful things in the past and still does to this very day, all I do is find peace in God and His word, the truth has a funny way of surfacing and the men beg forgiveness from us eventually. All we can do is forgive them each time as they know not what they are doing, as they are only caught in the trap of the devil. We can only pray and fully rely on God to speak life into our situations. I will lift your marriage up in prayer, try to be silent when you find these messages or overhear these conversations, I know they are hurtful and one is human to feel the pain. Lean on the one true Gospel truth and be at peace with yourself. If you have children busy yourself with Bible study and enrich your kids wisdom, I find this helps keep me calm and to have that inner peace. God bless and may He always hold you in the Palms of His hands. God bless you and your husband in abundance overflowing. Also remember to be specific when you pray over your husband’s life. Take care.

  4. Hello,

    Thank you so much for your daily devotionals! You posed a question at the end of the devotion today. You asked “Are there people or challenges with which you feel God is calling you trust Him deeper with?” I have challenges with a relationship and career path. I am currently working in a school district as a teacher assistant and I want to become a teacher. However I studied for the rest to be certified and failed it in March. I have prayed and asked God if this is the path that He has for me to take. I’m very at peace and love to work with children. But what I want to know is how do you determine if it’s your way or God’s way? Is it your flesh or God’s purpose? I have scheduled to take the exam and want to be clear on if I should take it again before the test date comes. I want to make sure this is what God has called me to do. Other wise it would be a pointless desire.

  5. God is telling me to WAIT ! To wait on His perfect timing….to wait is active which means to continue to do my part while I wait for his answers on a specific 23 year relationship in my life. He is calling me ti trust Him more now than ever. I want to make things happen, to force a decision, but although waiting means to be still and know that He is God, I will trust Him and do nothing in this certain relationship BUT also at the same time I will continue to reach, stretch and grow moving forward on the path He has for me knowing and trusting that His timing is always on time….

  6. Yes God is asking me do I trust Him with my husband who is addicted to drugs so please pray with me as I trust God and do not lean to my own understanding Amen!

  7. My husband has been seeing another married woman for a month now. He just confessed it last night. Everything within me is screaming to trust God to get me through this painful time and light the right path I need to take. I need to feel his presence and peace now.

  8. I have always struggled with the feeling of being unworthy. I always wanted to be worthy and wanted to be looked upon in a positive manner. Due to things in my past, I have always struggled with the feelings of inadequacy, not being ‘good enough’ etc.. the list goes on. Anyway, since I went back to school and am close to graduating with my bachelors, so many opportunities have come my way. However, my past feelings of inadequacy come to rein me in when I am ready to step forward into uncharted territory. I know that God is with me and is leading me away from my past and into a new way to serve him, yet I still struggle with this fear. I know that God wants me to put all my faith and trust in Him and I am working on it. I am slow when it comes to progress sometimes, but my Father knows me. I am just grateful he is patient.

  9. I’m the girl who wants answers to some perplexing marital issues. I want my spouse’s answers to make sense but they don’t. So do I just need to accept, rather than find understanding? The following all takes place since April 2015:
    1) I found a text message from him to a female co-worker in response to her text that said, “O.K. Baby.” I ask, “Why are you calling this woman, Baby?” His answer? She works w/me, everyone calls each other “honey or baby.” It doesn’t mean anything and she’s old.”
    2) I overhear a conversation telling his buddy, “She’s good…and I’m going to enjoy it just cuz I can.” I asked him what he meant by that comment and he doesn’t remember saying that. “Perhaps I was taking about a concert.” Weeks later he says, he doesn’t talk like that…and wouldn’t have said it. But I documented his comment right after he said it because I too can forget.
    3) I discover he took a female co-worker on his fishing trip w/him and his brother but he never bothered to inform me or asked me how I would feel if he took a female with him. When I question him why he didn’t at least consult me, his answer was, “She’s Sgt. Davis, we work together and she and everyone else there asks me when I’m going fishing because they want to go to.”
    4) I discover 2 Viagra pills on the shelf as he’s getting ready to go on another fishing trip. I happened to see him grab the bottle of those blue babies, take some and placed them on the shelf. 5 minutes later get up and ask why is he taking them on his trip? He sais he was planning to taken them 1 hour before getting home and now I’ve ruined everything. Really? Never in 5 years has he been ready or initiated intimacy upon coming home from an exhausting & fruitful day fishing!
    Ladies, my sense of peace is disturbed and I’m hurt left wondering can I trust him now? Do I go with my intuition, my gut feelings? Do I believe him?
    I’m pressing into God seeking His answers with all this nonsense? I know God is bigger and better at solving all my dilemmas and I simply need to trust He’s working in my behalf. I know not to be worried or anxious for anything…but it’s tough work to remain in peace. Honestly, I want to run but I’m running and clinging to Jesus! The One who sees me and knows me and will go to battle for me.

    Thanks for allowing me to vent and I hope to hear from anyone with advise.

    1. Dear Ana – this is such a personal cross that you are bearing that must be tearing you up right now and I pray that Jesus will guide you with the right questions and fill you with peace so that you will be able to focus on honesty in answers and not on emotions. Please know that I will be praying for you as well as GIG so that you have the strength to bear this and see all things clearly. Is there any way you can check things out?

      1. Thank you Rose. This is tearing me up. I have peace for hours then I feel broken. I praying for strength & wisdom. I so appreciate your prayers and your time to reach out to me. I’ve searched for counsellors the last couple of weeks but their fees are $150 for 50 min. I’ve thought of hiring a detective, buying spyware…then I think God knows & He will expose darkness…but it’s so hard to wait & see the salvation of the Lord.

  10. I just started with Girlfriends In God devos and have been really uplifted by them. Today’s was especially impactful. My daughter has been going through an awful stretch of night awakenings. It’s encouraging to know that God will meet me with this problem and to remember it will have a beginning and an end. Blessings

  11. I truly enjoy reading Girl Friends in God devotional every day. All of you are such a Blessing to me. I look forward to reading it, can’t wait to hear and see what God is telling me each day. Thanks to all of you GIG’s for this Blessing.

  12. Thank you for being so transparent to share, it’s made it easier for me to open up! Currently, I feel challenged in the area of ministry and my relationships with others. It’s made me vulnerable, I feel exposed and at times cast out into the sea in search of my rescuer. However, I take comfort in knowing that through this refining process , God is drawing me closer to him. It has left me in search of wanting more of him, re-discovering just who he is. I truly look forward to end results.

  13. This has spoken to my heart. I have a situation that has required faith beyond understanding. For me, this level of trust in God is different than any situation I’ve experienced in the past. My sister is a full blown alcoholic. She’s made a mess of her life and harbors resentment against us, her siblings. Anything that any of us has ever done in the past to hurt her feelings (in her mind) is having them held against each of us. She’s made it a personal goal to try to destroy the family’s relationship with her and each other. (There are five of us siblings). She speaks badly about each of us to mutual friends/family, but has particularly chosen to make our youngest brother take the brunt of her hatred and anger. Her actions lately, which I will not specify, are so vile that they can only be explained as originating from the pit of hell. Fervent prayers are going up constantly and I’m believing God in His mercy will deliver and restore her.

  14. “Then Sings My Soul,My Saviour Lord,To Thee…!” God’s Love and concern for me have helped me to see how really Great and Mighty He is.He has carried me through the challenges of life.

  15. I think of when my son holds his newborn baby and my grandson clutches with his tiny fingers around my sons pinky finger… Who is holding who? That’s how our lives are in Gods arms. He holds us. We hold on to Him to steady our soul, but our everything rests in His care.There is none like the God of Israel. He rides across the heavens to help you, across the skies in majestic splendor. The eternal God is your refuge, and his everlasting arms are under you. (Deuteronomy 33:26-27a). Love the daily devos!!! And I’m completely in love with Jesus! Blessings!

  16. My daughter and her husband. Their whole family needs God so desperately. Their lifestyle is unhealthy on many levels. It’s very hard to see my grandchildren raised in their environment. I have found it very hard to trust God in this situation.

  17. Yes! God is working diligently in me to show me, teach me how to forgive someone who has not sincerely apologized for the terrible pain they have caused me and my family, nor have they asked my forgiveness. In fact, they show no remorse at all. I’m having an extremely difficult time getting past it but I know that, in HIS time, God will get me there!

  18. Your devotionals are always so timely. I know we serve a God who is all knowing as well as infinite. I am always amazed that He orchestrates devotional to meet our needs at the appropriate time. I don’t know how He does it.
    God’s continued blessings and guidance on you.

    1. Annette, you are so right! I have thought the same thing about how each day the Devotionals speak to me, just think, they speak to all of us at the same time and we all have different situations, but in God’s Eyes, they are all the same. I love how the Lord speaks to me each and every morning and all day long. I am learning to listen more and more!

  19. I want to go deeper in faith, but I have lost that peace, I am dying and as I drew closer to GOD my sister and mom could not stand that I was happy, so I let them drag me down so far that I am having so much trouble even feeling GOD’S love now, and I am just lost with out it, I am just empty and at this point don’t know how to get it back.

    1. Lift High the Cross, the Love of Christ Proclaim! Read Psalm 51, my memory verses are 10-12:
      “Create in me a clean heart O God and renew a right spirit within me, Cast me not away from Thy presence and take not Thy holy spirit from me. Restore unto me the joy of Thy salvation and uphold me with Thy free spirit.”

      I am telling Satan to “get behind you!” Our Heavenly Father will uplift you and bring you back to His loving arms. I will pray that our El Olam will reveal to your Mom and Sister why you are so happy, you are going Home to be with Him. You are still in His loving arms! Wishing you all the Blessings flowing down from above, in Christ’s Love.

      1. Thank you so much for this, it brought tears to my eyes, thank you, all though I have read 8 bibles in 6 years, I have trouble with remembering were the verses are, but each time I have read the bible, GOD has reviled something else to me, I have a lot of time on my hands as I am only 51 and am disabled, thank you so very much. GOD bless you for your kind and uplifting words.

  20. I am so very thankful for clicking on your name on FB…I needed to read your wall…needed to be reminded that God has a plan for me. Thank you!!! Please pray that I will turn my all…over to Him and simply trust!

  21. Hey there!
    First, let me say Thank you So SO much for this post! It has touched my heart and lifted my Spirit more than words can say!! Praise God!!
    And now the struggle: Many family members have pointed out a certain young man to me, saying that they think we are meant to be married. He is a very nice young man. But there is one problem- he has a girlfriend. And because of this I immediately said that marrying him was out of the question! I have no lustful feelings or any attachments to him because I feel like that would be wrong to even suggest it! I do not even want to evaluate him as a suitor, because he has a girlfriend and I think they really love each other! So my older sister (who is married and is the one who seems to be VERY confident about it) told me that people change and that I should pray about it. 🙂 So I am 😀 I am praying for God to be the center of his life and that he will follow where God leads, meaning he might not marry me( which I am fine with). And I am also praying that if God wants us to be married, then He will confirm this to the young man; and that would be my confirmation. But the Really hard part is waiting! This young man is in the military, so I will not even see him for another 3 years. And as far as I know he doesn’t want to marry me 🙂 So I am confused…What if another young man comes along and he is godly and a good man and wants to pursue me?? Do you see what I mean? Should I “wait” for someone who doesn’t even think about me in”that way” or would it be ok to think of other potential spouses? I will always be praying for this young man, but suppose he is not the one God has for me, I am just wondering if it might take years to get the answer…:)
    So there is my struggle at this point! 😀 I know that God is bigger than anything!! And I know that I need to wait on Him! I just don’t know how to tell if this guy is the one…..
    God Bless!!

  22. My husband and I moved to Nicaragua for his job. What was a short term contract has turned into longer. It looks as though we may be staying here on a more permanent basis. We live far away from civilization where electricity and internet go out often, it is always hot, and I have no English-speaking friends let alone Christians. The challenges are never-ending. I always feel out of my comfort zone and surrounded by fear. God is asking me to trust Him on a deeper level. Deeper than I ever have before. I praise God that He is our refuge and that He never grows weary or tired. I do often.

  23. I know that God has healed my husband and marriage. I cannot understand how a loving, adoring, God fearing man could could leave his wife of 30 years with no explanation. When I try to wrap MY mind around it, it makes no sense, and I get frustrated. But God. He knows. He heals. He provides. When I keep my focus on Him, He gives me peace beyond understanding. He will do things I cannot even fathom.

  24. In the midst of a personal hardship & difficult time involving my grown son, I turned here for a devotional and today’s is so appropriate. I pray to God every day that my son will know Him, that he will turn to him in his despair. I continually thank God for allowing this to happen, because I trust and have faith that He will bring this to fruition in His time. My anxiety and fears for my son’s life persist even in prayerful contemplation. I yearn for peace and keep praying towards that.

  25. How do you deal with a person whom you don’t trust anymore? She’s my neighbor and colleague. She has been using us and other people around us, at work especially, for personal gains. I’ve been praying and asking God to guide me in my actions but the last time she has done we wrong seems to be overpowering my Lord’s words. I talked to her about why I was mad at her and I have decided to move away from her. This is my challenge today, I need help and prayers…

  26. Such a timely word for me today. Two people that are very near and dear to me are not getting along at all and I feel as if I’m caught in the middle. I really don’t understand it all because at one point in time they got along beautifully. I am believing God to not only restore their relationship, but to bring it back better and stronger than before. Until then, I continue to pray for both of them and ask God to speak to my heart to give me only those words that will bring new life concerning them. I’ve gotten advice from others… some of who believe that their season of “relationship” is over. I just know that God is not the God of confusion, discord and contempt and believe that the miraculous will happen through true forgiveness.

  27. Thank you for being used of God to change many lives,i look forward to GIG devotions. This one especially has stirred my spirit. I am not as curious as you,lol. Am also glad that on the day when i see Him face to face my questions will not only be satisfied but forgotten. Praise God!

  28. My brother passed away in June, and tho I know he’s with the Lord now it’s been very hard for me. Then my niece, who is really more my daughter than my niece, seems to have gone over the deep end since her dad died. She’s 18 and moved in with a boy who up until the day after her dad’s memorial service she’s only talked online to and never actually gone out. Since then she’s told me things this boy has told her that are obviously not true and I think she’s being used. She’s always been such a good Christian girl and this is her first boyfriend. She’s also told me things that go on wth the other people they share a house with, and none of it’s good. It’s been very hard for me not to be overly critical of the boy and the whole situation in general. I’ve also struggled with anxiety and worrying about what she’s gotten herself into. I finally had to give it all up to God for my own sanity, but it’s hard not to “take it back” from Him. I have to trust that He can get thru to her as well as watch over her while she’s going thru this thing, just as He did for the 10 years of my life that I lived as a total heathen, no doubt due to the fervernt prayers of my mother. Thank you for all you said! God bless!

  29. Hi Gwen… I feel that God wants me to trust him deeper with my relationships with my children. I am hurt over and over by them and I just dont understand why this is all happening, but I am trying to have faith that God is in complete control and has something better in store.

  30. How great is God’s timing! I have subscribed to GIG for about 4 years now, and I am always encouraged to read just the right messages at just the times I need to read them. My faith is really being tested today as I work through the awful decision of divorce from my alcoholic husband. I have prayed, searched and begged with my face on the floor for God to show me what to do. I was trying to be a Proverbs 31 wife! – how could I give up and leave him? I am separated now with my 2 children living with me and living through all the verbal battles and financial battles necessary to get our marriage to an end. Days get hard and I was just praying last night about how blessed I am to feel the Father’s arms underneath me. My most difficult struggle is to keep my emotions out of the daily developments in all this and speak/act with Jesus doing it for me. THAT is trust, and I fail at it so many times. Thank you Gwen for living life with us!

  31. Beautiful words…. I’m a lot like you!!! But thank GOD for sanctification… I’m getting there… HE’s keeping me and I love HIM immensely for it!!!!

  32. Thank you Gwen. Your thoughts are so inspiring. I am learning more and more of God’s greatness and love for us through the Psalm adventure. Thank you for the permission of going at my own pace. I fell behind the first week and found that if I go to fast I’m not getting as much out of it. God’s glory and greatness are all throughout the psalms and that is my prayer. I want to know him and see his glory in all things. I want to know that I have seen him in his glory. The written response is making me search for and get something out of most every psalm. I’ve been a Christian most of my life but have had a hard time reading the Bible on my own and getting anything from it for me more than I already know. Thank you for your ministry in my life. I can carry that written response to other books as well. God bless you. And thank you God for your unsearchable greatness.

  33. Yes! Yes! Yes! I have just begun the journey of wrapping my mind around the concept that a loving God is big enough and strong enough to take the disappointments of my marriage and use this very situation to grow me in strength, confidence, self esteem (Ha! God-esteem is the key) and my own ability to love, understand, set boundaries, and forgive. While Im still very much in the process, I can already see the mysterious gifts that have been lavished on me through God’s grace and infinite wisdom. Mind blown.

  34. Thank you for your eye-opening, encouraging and pondering words. GOD is great, GOD is God, unsearchable? I thought about this and I think He is searchable.
    If we search, we will find Him full of love, grace and compassion. He wants us to search Him so we can see for ourselves how great and infinite is His love.
    So searchable? Yes. Will we come to his end? Absolutely not for He is the Alpha and the Omega.
    God bless you for your thought provoking and heart strengthening words!

  35. Thank you for reminding me how great God’s love is for me. Everyday He has opened my eyes up to learn more about who He is and how much He loves me. Does anyone know what it feels like to not ever experience love and suddenly discover a Love like this one? It’s Amazing! Everyday I hear, see or feel something new as I let go of my control and allow Him to work inside of me. I’m believing that the challenges that I am experiencing now are only temporary. No challenge is too great for God.

    I still get frustrated at times and negative thoughts try to creep into my mind. But the difference between now and before is that I’m maturing spiritually. As soon as those thoughts come, I’m trying to think of a scripture to combat them or I’m praying or talking to God, or seeking spiritual wisdom from someone more mature than I. I’m NOT calling friends, complaining or feeling sorry for myself because I’m understanding that all answers that I need are found in His word. It’s bringing peace to me that I’ve never experienced before.

    I don’t think God wants me to try and figure Him out. If I spent most of my time trying to figure out how He’s changed me, I’d miss out on everything He’s trying to reveal to me. He wants me to give HIm a chance and really feel the love He’s always had for me. And that I know I can do.

    Thanks so much Gwen:)

  36. Love the devo this morning!!! God’s eternal nature is SO hard to fathom!! If I think about it too much, it starts to get scary. However, then I remember that I’m not here to understand the makings of God and His omnipotence and that His peace can surround me and replace the fear! Faith is the only thing that covers the confusion!

  37. Thank you for sharing God’s love. I am so thankful that every morning, day after day, God is there with new mercy and grace for me. I not only have more than just a person that is challenging, in almost each aspect of my life right now is a ginormous challenge. Leaving it in His hands is so fulfilling. Leaving it alone after I give it to Him is not so easy! Be Blessed!

  38. Thank you for your story today. I’ve been a Christian for about 10 years now and I still feel like I don’t know God enough. I wish there was a short cut. Sometimes when I read the Bible to understand and know God more, I get nothing. I don’t understand the passages and I get nothing. So I decided to read some Christian books hoping that it would help me…sometimes it does and sometimes it does not (mostly it does not because the books keep telling me things I already know; it’s nothing new).

    I want to know God deeper but it’s very hard.

    1. When I stuggled with this, I started asking God to give me understanding and help to know Him more. He did help me. The scriptures will come alive for you, just don’t give up.

  39. I am struggling with a two year old this summer to sleep in her own bed without her mommy!!!!! Needless to say I have had a rough, sleepless, draining and exhausting summer. Kids go back to school soon and I ask God every day to give me my sanity on days that I just want to lay in my bed and dream. Were my boys this hard to “train”? I don’t remember. Too long ago. But everyday I wake up and God continues to give me the energy to take care of this family he’s given me and along the way I have learned to worship and praise him in the storms of life:) Thanks for all the encouraging words you share with your readers.

    1. Ahhh! The year of two. I scarcely remember the details because it’s been so long since my kids were little, but I do remember the exhaustion! You are not alone, friend. 🙂 Savor the sweet mommy moments and prioritize renew before the LORD so He can unclutter your heart. To prove how much I relate to what you’re saying, watch this music video:

  40. This is such a comfort to me. That my God, Whose heart is for me always is, was and will be.. Walking these days is laying down my agenda to heal myself and laying at his feet to receive what He has planned for me..because He is love.

  41. Needing to trust Him whole heartedly right now.. Especially with my sons future.. He left college to pursue a career and for the past almost 2 years he has work and trained diligently alone but God opened up doors for showcases and his performance has been amazing but nothing.. I don’t know what God’s will is in all of this.. I do not know how to keep encouraged anymore… I know God and believe I just do not understand and perhaps I am not suppose to I don’t know…. Our ways are not his ways… My thoughts are not his thoughts… How do you come to terms with that..

    1. Oh, I hear you, friend. Trusting God is surely a daily journey and constant choice. Not an easy one. But the fact that He is sooo good and so faithful helps. How do we come to terms with it? For me, the more I read the Bible, the more I’m reminded that God’s plan isn’t that we know the details of tomorrow or necessarily get what we want when we want, but to seek and worship Him through each day. He’s at work all around us. The more we seek Him and quiet our hearts before Him, the more we will be aware of His heart-changing, peace-giving presence.

  42. so inspiring , we need to know God more so that when we really face trials and tribulations we know for sue its part of the journey. thank you for encouraging me esp

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