The Mystery of Infinity

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My curiosity begs to understand life. My mind longs for logic. I am not overly fond of ungraspable concepts. When I was a child I asked a million questions. Why is the sky blue? Are angels all men? Why do bad things happen? Why can’t we send my brussel sprouts to the starving children in Africa? Who created God?

I wanted answers.

I still do.

Give me a story that grabs my attention at the beginning. Fill it with intrigue. Throw in some high conflict and drama in the middle and then catch the bad guys, tie up the loose ends and call it done. Cue the applause. Bring down the curtain. But don’t even think about leaving me hanging… and certainly don’t ask me to tune in next week for the missing story-pieces.

Now that you are clued in on a bit of my “crazy,” you can imagine how I reacted as a youngster when the concept of infinity was introduced in math class. Suit me up for a straight jacket and take me to a rubber room. I thought my math teacher was nuts. You mean I’m supposed to comprehend, work with, and accept something that has no beginning and no ending? Really? That’s not neat. It’s not simple. It makes my brain hurt to even think about it!

Pure frustration, packaged in a sideways figure eight.

A mind-maddening math mystery.


Once I rose above the psychological drama-trauma of this new math concept, I figured out how to solve problems with infinity: even though I couldn’t fully wrap my brain around it. I completed my homework assignments and passed the tests without so much as running my fingernails down the chalkboard in a defiant, adolescent tantrum of revolt. Miracle.

There are a few characteristics of God that I find difficult to grasp. As you may have guessed, His eternal nature is one. It’s not easy to understand. As much as my inner four-year-old would like it to, the Bible does not begin with once upon a time, and it does not end with and they all lived happily ever after. The love saga of God, written in crimson by Christ, is a mystery that began before the dawn of time and goes on forever.

God’s existence defies space, matter and time. It transcends it!

Let what Scripture has to say about His eternal nature blow your mind for a minute…

Behold, God is great, and we know him not; the number of his years is unsearchable. (Job 36:26)

Have you not known? Have you not heard? The LORD is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He does not faint or grow weary; his understanding is unsearchable. (Isaiah 40:28)

God is God. He is great. Unsearchable!

There is no one like Him, not one. Not now. Not ever.

He is uniquely and mysteriously eternal.

He is El Olam: The Everlasting God, El meaning “mighty one,” Olam meaning world, universe, everlasting time or space.[i] His existence cannot be featured on a timeline because it does not come neatly packaged with a clearly defined beginning and ending. In fact, He is the Beginning and the End – the Alpha and Omega – the First and the Last.

There is no one like the God of Israel. He rides across the heavens to help you, across the skies in majestic splendor. The eternal God is your refuge, and his everlasting arms are under you. (Deuteronomy 33:26-27a)

I would guess that, like me, you love the thought of God as your refuge. My heart completely resonates with the concept of His everlasting arms beneath me. Holding me. Protecting me. Guiding me. Do I fully understand it? Not at all … but it sure does help me to accept the concept of God’s eternal nature. More than that, it helps me to embrace His infinite nature.

When we allow the One who is beyond space, matter and time into our space, matter and time, we position ourselves to experience El Olam as a refuge for all eternity.

You and I run out of energy. We grow weary. We lose heart. God never does. The Everlasting God does not faint or grow weary and when we call out to Him, He renews our strength and revives our hope.

Yeah. I’m the girl who wants life to make sense, but I’ve been learning that there are some things in life that we just need to accept, rather than understand. Things we need to take at face value… at faith value. For me, this is one of them.

I worship El Olam – who was and is and is to come. Infinite Grace. And I’m grateful that on the day my lungs exhale my final earthly breath and my eyes lift to see Jesus face to face, all my questions will be not only satisfied, but also forgotten. Not just for a moment, but for all eternity.


Heavenly Father, El Olam, Everlasting God,
You surely are great! You are the most amazing mystery I will ever know. Help me to trust You, beyond my understanding. Increase my faith, and help me reflect Your infinite grace.
In Jesus’ name, amen.



Our problems are finite… they have a beginning and an end. God’s ability to meet us at each challenge is not limited by space or time. Are there people or challenges with which you feel God is calling you trust Him deeper with? Let’s take this conversation deeper. Leave a comment, prayer, or response on my blog wall.

Music Connection… I’m a worship girl, so I want to be sure to point you to a song that celebrates the ungraspable nature of our awesome God. The song is called “Unsearchable” and it is the title track to my “Unsearchable Live” CD. {I have posted lyric video for Unsearchable on my blog so you can hear the song in its entirety.}





Thanks for doing life with me.

Would LOVE to hear your thoughts on today’s posts in the comments. 🙂





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  1. I struggle with letting go of frustration. My health plays a major role in my life leading to failure….my greatest fear. I am absent from work at least one day a week. I hurry to catch up and at times fall short of the goal…all because I’m in pain or sick. I trust God to take care of me and the organization I run. I just haven’t let go of the frustration I feel each time the pain flares or another virus makes me ill. I am working on perseverance but failing. Please pray with me that I may trust beyond the pain and illness and persevere to the promise God holds for me.

  2. Thank God for equipping and blessing you to be a blessing to others by spreading and sharing his word.
    Yes God is unsearchable and eternal.He is infinite and is the ceator of the heaven and earth.Thanking him as he is our strength and helper and he enables is to trust and have faith in hi.
    I believe that he is able and he will help me overcome any situation only for his glory.Thank you?

  3. Hi thanks so much for your devotionals I always enjoy them most mornings with my coffee like a sweet piece of cake I eagerly tuck in and finish every morsel could you please pray for our family I have 3 addicted children the youngest who is 23 is also Gay I have struggled for many years with a pain in my heart and a sadness sometimes thinking what did we do as parents for this to happen I have had to overcome many negative emotions and put my trust in God that my children who have all been brought up in a Christian home have been taught right from wrong will like the prodical son come home any way thanks once again


  5. I know without a doubt that the timing of God is perfect as I read this today. The struggle that I’ve been facing for months is this…
    My entire life I’ve been a planner, a thinker, I’ve never been able to help but lie in bed at night or in the wee hours of the morning and plan tomorrow/today, making a mental checklist of what must be done. Lately, however, I find it hard to think of what I need to be doing in the next moments! I’m forced to blindly wade thru each day praying that I at least complete what is necessary for living.
    Although I’m under a Dr’s care to try to define this issue, I think it’s all hormones. Menopausal stuff…
    Either way, this experience has drawn me closer to God. I find myself in constant prayer begging God to direct my steps so I don’t get hurt and so I can take care of my disabled husband and our child. I have always joked with my husband and what would happen if my mind went before my body did… We’d have to move in with one of our older boys!
    Please pray for me and us but in the meantime I am getting closer to God than I ever imagined.

  6. I’ve been reading these devotionals now for a couple weeks. They’ve become an important part of my day and yours it right to my heart Gwen. I’ve been struggling with some relationships in my family for some time now. My youngest brother is a drug addict and my mother has enabled him for years. This has worsened since my middle brother died from an oxycontin overdose 6 years ago. I’m afraid it will worsen even more now that my step father passed away in June. I have an autoimmune disease which causes me significant pain, fatigue, and difficulty with daily function. At the end of October, I attempted to take my life, believing that I and my children would be better off. That I just couldn’t handle the physical and emotional pain anymore. Recently, my mother told me that I was a “pathetic excuse for a Christian” and that she “doesn’t see me do anything physically for anyone!”
    Its only through knowing Gods love for me, trusting His love for me, knowing He will carry me through any storm, and believing God has a plan for me, that makes me able to be hurt by this, but not let it define who I am. I’m seeing a counselor and learning to set boundaries when it comes to my family relationships. I have to do what is healthy for me right now. I didn’t die that terrible October night and it was only by a phone call from my adult son to my husband to see if I was ok (after we’d exchanged texts), not a moment to spare. I’m fortunate. I have a lot of work to do, but want you special ladies with GIG to know how integral you are in my healing! Thank you and God bless for the wonderful work you do!

  7. I feel understanding the infinity of God is beyond us but I believe that my Jesus and Lord helps me to understand what has happened in my life and not all is good but He was there to carry me through. Right now I have been diagnosed with uterine cancer and thought I had and individual insurance policy to cover my health care and found out Friday that it doesn’t cover surgery. The hospital calls for 50% down if no insurance and we don’t have that kind of money. I have to trust that my Lord will take care of this and I will still get my surgery February 3rd,2017. I have many people praying for me and the situation and my Lord does answer prayer. He is great and I know He does answer prayer. I do appreciate GIG devotionals daily and they are very lifting and encouraging.

  8. God has laid it on my heart to tithe. I’ve been praying a lot about this because we are living paycheck to paycheck. But “God loves a cheerful giver”, right? That verse keeps coming to me. So I don’t know how and it’s not for me to know, but I’m going to give my 10%… I have faith that God will bless us because of this!!

  9. the mystery of infinity had intrigued me in the past. sadly or happily, whichever way you look at it, i had ceased my questions. i said sadly because it seems that I live just to exist. My dad who was a very good and kindly man, and a devout believer in the Lord, recently passed after a lingering illness. My world has turned upside down since he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s and eventually passed due to complications from both. What keeps me going is God’s promise that my earthly father is now in heaven and singing with the angels.

  10. Just yesterday I was in the same…searching for the unsearchable. The answer is right within us. The mystery unfolds beautifully right before our eyes and His creations. That is when I stop the questioning and firm back in the path..Thank you for sharing your reality. Bless you always,


  11. I have always struggled with, who causes the bad things that happen in life, is it God punishing us for sin, or satan because he is a lier and a murderer as the Bible says. David lost a child because of adultery with Bathsheba, I lost my first born, I had a huge sin also in my life, was that God’s judgement, taking my child or was it satan who sometimes wants us to belive that and it is actually him, satan? No easy answers, I understand.

  12. Last year, I happened on your website “Girlfriends in God”. Since then I read GIG daily devotions. Your picture on each devotion, I see such a “real devotion to our God. Thank you for the inspirational devotions and expressing friendship through these devotional emails. Just want you to know even though I am now a senior citizen, I am till learning. God will plant those people who can speak directly to that one person what he wants them to hear and learn. Sharon, Mary and you have touched me immensely. Thank you …..

  13. I am so grateful for the Girlfriends in God emails I receive each weekday. So many times they strengthen and propel me to be able to get through the difficult times I currently am wrestling with. 4 months ago, my husband of nearly 25 years told me he wasn’t sure if he wanted to continue to stay married to me. We’ve hurt each other over and over again throughout our marriage – not deliberately or with a mean spirit – but because we ourselves were hurting. While opposites attract many times, we are very similar in our personalities and viewpoints, which for many purposes has been a good thing. But the fact that we both avoid conflict and ignore issues rather than dealing with them head on has resulted in us both being very hurt with very few opportunities to apologize, make changes, and grow together. I have begun therapy on my own and have already discovered many things that are helping me understand and make changes. He started therapy as well, but because his therapist just wasn’t a match (therapist was so bad he-the therapist-actually fell asleep in one of their sessions), my husband’s ability to make any progress has been halted. He’s discouraged and is stuck in a place where he doesn’t have any direction – says he has no feelings for me and nothing to help guide him as to where to go from here. I’m asking for prayer for us both – that God’s infinite power, love and mercy will intervene, deliver us from our pain, and enable us to forgive each other and make a new start.

  14. HALLELUYAH! LORD, You were, You are, and You infinitely will be! You are everything to us and our source of anything good!
    Please, help our souls to place You first and at the very center of our lives so that we will bring all honor & glory to Your NAME! Your love reaches down to us and holds us tight! May we remember, LORD, that You are Omnipotent (the All-Powerful God) and our problems pail in comparison to Your power!
    -Help us to be obedient!!-
    “8 And being found in appearance as a man, he humbled himself by becoming obedient to death— even death on a cross!”
    Philippians 2:8

    -Please, show us Your power afresh!-
    “How great are your works, Lord , how profound Your thoughts!”
    Psalm 92:5

    Amen ♡

  15. Hi Gwen…thank you for this morning devotional. I am bless, You remind me that no matter how tough life is, God is able to get beauty out of the ugliness that is around us…when we experience life, tough life where everything seems lost and hopeless, He is able to rescue us and restore all to us. We don’t have to live a life in captivity of our past and circumstances. His judgement will be just so I can trust Him. Thanks again…and my prayer is that we get to know God. Know the God the deliver, the God that is always with us…amen

  16. Please pray for the men, women & children of Boise Rescue Mission Inc. including staff. Illness has hit as I’ve never seen the likes. Also, pray for my husband and I for direction. He lost his job just before the New Year and has not heard back from unemployment or any of the jobs he’s applied for. God is our healer and source. In Him we will put our trust.
    God bless,
    Twila in Nampa Idaho

  17. Please pray for me for a few things at this time. I am having surgery this Thursday to remove some pre-cancerous cells in my cervix. Please pray that this goes well and that my body can fight off as quickly as possible the virus that caused these cells to become abnormal. Another item of prayer- I am a foster parent, and my last placement of two girls ended abruptly when there was a dramatic incident with one of the girls and I could no longer positively parent them. I am thinking of switching foster parent agencies as I feel like the one I am currently working with has treated me very poorly. I no longer trust this agency. This has been an item of stress for me as I have been through a lot of pretty negative experiences with this foster agency, though I have felt guided by God to foster parent again. It has been difficult to understand why my last foster parenting experience ended so dramatically, as I definitely felt called by God to foster parent for years and years. Please pray for my decision whether to switch foster parent agencies.

  18. I am that one that needs things to make since, and when it doesn’t I am lost. Your posting blessed me dearly, especially when you defined EL OLAM. He is the mighty one, world. He is everything. Things that has happened in my life, I didn’t understand. Why my brother took sex from me at twelve. Later at 17, I was taken advantage of by another brother several times. I grew and blamed everything on myself. I was hard on me and others. I still don’t know and understand why, but I am now trying to know God personally. I can’t understand Him, He has no beginning or end. Keep me in your prayers…..Love you!

  19. Gwen, thank you for this devotional. There are so many things I struggle with when it comes to this concept. Not about God being infinite, but about my trust issues. I understand faith and trust go hand-in-hand, and I don’t question my faith and my belief in God at all. I know he is my Father, my Refuge, my Strength, my everything, but I have trouble getting to that place where I’m completely able to let go of the worry, the stress, the bills, the things that make me nuts….the things I’m supposed to know in my heart that God will provide when I need them. It makes me question whether or not I’m being a good enough Christian or if I’m doing something wrong that I can’t hear that still, small voice, or if I’m hearing it and not understanding it. I want this perfect relationship with Him and I feel like I’m not there at all. How do you ever get to that place where you’re completely trusting and not worried about the small stuff? Thank you and God bless!

  20. Struggling with my divorce. I left because my husband had two emotional affairs with the same woman. I left and became involved with a man. It has been 10 months and my divorce is final. Not one person feels I should go back to my husband but I have no idea what to do with this man I am seeing and basically had an affair while I divorced my husband. I do not see how my now divorced husband and I could ever reconcile because of all our collateral damage we have created that now involves another woman (different from the one he had the emotional affair with) and my guy who I care about deeply but really don’t want a relationship with but feel obligated since I divorced my husband. What a mess! My mess…my fault….my hurt….my continued mistakes!

  21. I’m struggling with the place of justice in forgiveness. Does forgiving mean you don’t stand up for yourself, or you let bad things happen to you? Does it mean I don’t pursue justice because I’ve forgiven someone, or people? God forgives me everyday, and he hasn’t asked for justice, or that I be punished. If you have scriptures that will aid my understanding, please share them as I remain open to the leading of the spirit of God. Thanks.

  22. I love Girlfriends in God ..Great lesson today and beautiful song !! To God be the Glory !! I have grown so much in the Lord the past few months and I love the hunger He has given me !! Thank You for your talent !!

  23. I have problems with imagining infinity and forever and since always. These are God-sized concepts that we need to take on faith. Thank you for what you shared. I also need God’s arms around me and His grace for my salvation. I have put my faith in the Holy Spirit of God and rely on His constant presence in my life.

  24. I have a non existent relationship with my parents and one of my siblings. I had to get myself distance many years ago after a big blow up due to their negativity and hatefulness. It’s been very peaceful for me having them out of my life but now and then things hit me from outside that brings it all back up. They talk about me to outsiders telling untruths. I’m constantly conscious of what others think about me because of the untruths that my family spread. I continue to not defend myself or talk negative of them knowing that I have to strive to be pleasing to God and none of that matters. It gets harder and harder and it kills me when I hear the things, especially my dad, whom I was always very close to, says about me to people. I’m really struggling with this right now and trying to stay strong. I pray for them daily that they will open their eyes and hearts to the evil around them that keeps them filled with untruth and see the negative around them that is not healthy for anyone.

    Please pray for strength for me and for them to leave me alone and see how unpleasing they are to God when they spew out such mean hateful things, especially when they are 1/2 truths because they don’t know what they are talking about.

  25. Thank you for your devotional. I am in need of prayer as I am at the end of my rope. I am so complete overwhelmed and confused and hurt at how my life can be such a wreck. I try to pray I try to do what’s right but it doesn’t seem to matter. My heart is heavy I really want to have peace

  26. My struggle is standing for my marriage. My husband and I attended a marriage worship event June 2015. He gave his life to God, admitted how selfish and hurtful he had been , ALWAYS putting bowling and his bowling teammates before me including allowing them to treat me badly and say horrible things about me when they didn’t really know me at all. He knew God spoke to him as they used “bowling” as an example in the event. He renewed his vows to me that night. 2 months later he had not made any time for me and continued to leave me out of his,life. Then just stopped talking to me like I no longer existed. He contacted me 4 months later and started saying he lover me , wanted to show me etc. He omay wanted to text not see me. He started a fight about something when I brought up us sering each other. We said hurtful things to each other. My family my friends all encouraged me i deserved better to leave. I had no real Christians around for support. I didnt need to leave because he would ignore me, contact me to make up then start a fight for me to stop existing. This went on for a few months then I heard he had a girlfriend. I felt God saying I needed to stand for my marriage. God provided the opportunity to talk and he was open to it and said his feelings were powerful. Then he spoke with this other woman and his heart was hard. He has ignored my efforts to contact him. He admitted to my face he is married and commenting adultery. My family is against me standing and it’s scary at times because I love my husband. I’ve loved him for 23 years and I dont want to be rejected or look foolish for my stand. Then I believe if God did this he will finish it. I just ask for a sign He wants me to stand for my marriage and that he is working on my husband, Carlie, as I haven’t seen or heard from him.

  27. An interesting devotional this morning that I hope to incorporate in my committee meeting later today. Personally I have never had a problem with infinity either in math or in faith and in truth never imagined it could be a stumbling block. So I must thank you for helping me be more sensitive to what might be a problem to some and what might be a way to spark an interest in others.
    My personal focus today is to thank God for His wonderful gift of salvation by trying to share His love with those I meet, to especially search my life instances where there is a need for reconciliation, and remember that I God sees me as worthy of His love.
    Thank You, Love always, Sue

  28. My struggles are deep because I am a child of God first, and also a child of a mother who is mentally ill. Somewhere along my life I have become the responsible parent to my 66 year old mother who along with her mental illness also struggles with drug addictions. The one great Praise I have given to God is in growing up with my mother, It gave me great strength to accept that I am not a perfect mother of my 3 children but I have grasped hold of the important little things that matter. Giving them God as a guide to use along their individual journeys has proven to us all that God is so Good and forgiving. I cannot help but long for that relationship that I see other’s have with their own mothers good and bad but always loving. My relationship with my mother is mostly hurtful, with every glimpse of hope of healing, they are always shadowed with darkness and repeating the usual bad habits. My Christianity is always used against me which can be so heartbreaking at times and then constantly has me doubting myself. As much as I would love to be like my siblings and cut tides with my mother I cannot with clear conscience do that, so I continue to love and be there as much as I can without allowing her total control of my life. Just hearing that our struggles are not infinite gives me hope in the most heartfelt way. Thank you for your encouraging words.

  29. Every morning at 530am with coffee I read your passages. Some hit the nail on the head for what I am going through.
    I pray differently now and more focused to please help my husband find work.
    Inspirational you are. Every day! I thank you for what you give me each and every day.

  30. Upon waking this morning, a blue disconnect was blocking my spirit. As I began to dissolve it through positive thought and prayer, the thought image that God was holding me from beneath, like a hammock around my back, and loved me all ways…came through. Then you message was first in the email cue today, as if the Creator planned it! Thank you. Your message Gwen is mortar to the brick of faith for me today.
    God Bless You!
    Mary Heather

  31. Thank you for your devotionals, each time they hit home! God is unfathomable and understanding is too hard to understand at times. I wish I could say my struggle is with other people, so much easier to figure out what is wrong with them, right?
    No, my struggle is with the friend I have known since I was six years of age…
    God himself, not Jesus because to me Jesus came to save us. We know that was accomplished on the cross and then his resurrection. No, my struggle is with the One who allows/allowed the bad things to happen. I am pissed at God, and pardon my bluntness, but my New Year’s resolution is to be real, authentic, and that is how I feel. I still love him, however; which leaves me in quite the dilemma.
    I will keep reading, I will keep coming to the well to drink. I know he meets me, even if he sits a ways away from me, at my request.

  32. I tend to forget that my situations and problems are finite, but my Heavenly Father is infinite. He’s been there and knows all about it. Because of this truth I don’t need to worry, fret or fear. The infinite God, my Heavenly Father is with me all of the way. Yay!

  33. I love that God is infinite, everlasting, all powerful and all knowing. Thank you for this reminder. I feel so empowered by these encouraging words.

  34. Thank you for todays message. I’m having problems with my relationship with my daughter and yes I’m having trouble trusting that God will take care of it. I want to believe that all things well work out not in my time but in his. Please pray for me to leave it in his hands. Again thanks for your message. God Bless.

    1. Thank you for posting Sandra. I came to the blog today because Gwen’s message gave me hope, but I was looking for something more personal. Just like you, I am struggling with the relationship with one of my daughters. Thank you both for reminding me that God never grows weary, that his timing is perfect, and in the meantime He lovingly holds me and protects and comforts my heart. As I pray about my situation, I will lift you up as well!

  35. Gwen, I am starting a new semester of college and I am starting to worry like I always do. I get anxious about my success and how I will do this semester. I also get feelings of sorrow because I miss home and my family. My classes are going to be difficult so your post helps me realize that I need to place my trust in God. Please pray for me.

  36. Gwen
    I love reading your daily writings. Knowing that our God is the beginning and the end , infinity is a hard concept, and yet is such a comforting concept. To know that He is with us every second of the day brings tears to my eyes. I annoy even imagine life without Him.
    I work at a high school and see many things, sad things with some of our students. There is one in particular this year that my heart strings just get pulled by. I feel as if people have just given up on him. I know he does drugs to what defeee I am not for sure. His friends say it’s marijuana. Parents are separated a volital home life he lives with dad which he is always gone. Dad kicked him out, I could go on and on. Please pray that God will direct my heart. I want to talk with him but don’t know if it is the right step.

  37. your daily devotional inspire me every day I ham asking for prayers since this weekend I send a message to y oldest daughter that has not spoken to me or 2 years and I have not seen my first granddaughter and grandson since then I pray that God through his son will get to see them these year Happy New Year

  38. I needed to read this. I am learning daily I must trust God thru it all! It can be so difficult to trust the Lord because I want instant results. I am inspired to try a little harder and dig a little deeper in Jesus name. Thank you! I always enjoy reading Girlfriends in God.

  39. There are challenges that I struggle with almost daily. Thank you for the encouragement & desire to bless others. I definitely need to trust Him deeper. I need to trust always that God is able to accomplish what concerns me. Praying He meets your needs & all others who trust in him as well.

  40. I just had to share this and boast in His name. I just started Bible Study last week and we are studying the names of God. There’s a book by Kay Arthur. Last night I was reading an excerpt where I did an exercise and asked God to show me one of His names, and I would boast in His Name when shown. The memory verse was “God’s name is a strong tower and the righteous will run in and be safe” ]Proverbs 18:10. When I woke up, I was reading your devotion and behold, one of God’s names was there for me! El Olam, Everlasting God! I burst into tears. This is a first for me and I want someone else to know. God is great, everlasting and my refuge.

    1. Ooooh Tracy thank you sooo much for your inspiration; shout from the mountaintops sister!!! I remember when I was first a Christian and I didn’t know I could pray for specific things like that and thankfully my girlfriend said,”absolutely pray specially so God can reveal Himself to you”. And it is absolutely amazing when He does that right? And He doesn’t have to show us but He does and He wants to because He know we yurn for Him and to know Him!!! Great testimony girl keep shouting❤️

  41. Morning Gwen!
    First God uses all of you ladies in powerful ways to speak to us women at the precise time. So please know, your commitment to seeking God to guide your pen or keystrokes is making an impact in ways you can’t even fathom. So thank you.
    Now, I have a question that I am hoping you can help me with. My 10 year old son has been asking many of those same questions that you right up in today’s devotional. Can you steer me towards some literature that I can use to help me help him get some answers? Or even literature that is age appropriate for him and I to work through together? Sometimes speaking to children on their level is a struggle for me (a teacher I am not). And while he is asking the questions and seeking I really want to respond.
    Thank you for your help on this!

  42. I am grateful for “Girlfriends In God” everyday. I’m having trouble seeing the homeless and the mentally ill in our airport. While I think I’m compassionate, I hear stories of how ungrateful they can be at times and it frustrates me. All I can see is that stranger at the door that may have been Jesus and I turned them away. Pray for me please.

  43. Gwen,

    I was going to post a prayer request, but Inhappened upon a few of the others & just felt compelled to find out more from Sharon about the needs of her daughter & the cost of the car engine. Please share any details with me, I would like to help out. Many blessings, praying for all!

  44. Thank you for this reminder. God called me to leave a job that I was miserable with in mid-December. Since then, I have started my own blog about HIS Unconditional Love, while pursuing my second passion automotive feature writing. While I love this, the income is no longer there and I feel like I am becoming a burden to my family. I thought that God had me leave my previous job for a new one in the field that I love, but that wasn’t the case. Now, I just pray that HIS plan comes together in HIS time and that I won’t be a burden in the meantime.

  45. I just want to know what it is God wants me to do with my life. I am 41 and I knew I wanted to be a teacher and for 17 years I taught public school, but I don’t love it and my desire to be there is gone, but I’m not sure where I’m supposed to be…..

  46. I loved this devotion! I so much identify with the mystery of infinity. It has often come to my mind, and like you, made my head hurt thinking about it. But at the same time it is amazing and wonderful to think that there is no end to God or His love. A very comforting thought indeed. In order to understand this concept, I try to rely on my childlike faith. Children love these types of magical and mysterious things and accept them without question. That is what I strive for! Thanks so much for this very inspiring devotion Gwen! Bless you.

  47. Lovely reflections Today Gwen thank you. I’m a parent of a 16 yr boy, Rayhan. Each day God is teaching me to walk in greater and greater faith that together, He and I will raise a successful God fearing God worshiping young man . So many times God has said He’s got this. So many times He’s shown me He’s got this…..but the world our there……hmph. I pray that God shut us in, seal us, encase us in His Divine protection just as he did for Noah. Our El Olam is more than able. I just have to keep my eyes fixed on him.

    If you can refer me to devotionals for moms with teen boys I would deeply appreciate it.

    Keep shining God’s light and reflecting His external grace.

    Love Carol-Ann

  48. Thank you for for the post.I have to admit I love reading them..well I dont read all ..but whenevr I do…I am blessed.You shoukd see the screen shots…I have a collection.Well am that girl who is a single mother, in a foreign country who just got fired in my new job. But am also that girl who is a single mother in a foreign country that God is rebuilding and has constantly reminded me Do not be afraid for I am with you..Do not be afraid I will help you.
    So I have accepted that yes for a moment I dont have a job and facing this difficulty with Faith Value..that He EL Olam ..the God who created the heavens and earth will never leave me nor forsake me.That God said in Isaiah 54.11,I will rebuild you and make your foundations with Lapis Lazuri…I so want a ring made of Lapis Lazuri…my God said that on that coming day..which has come (am now smiling when I imagine how Gods word will be fullfilled) in Isaiah weapon formed against you shall prosper…so yes Am on Faith Value mode.
    May God bless you abaduntly and fill your life with His will and peace.

  49. I seek Him n praise Him during rough times; almost 3 years since i started my relationship with my Father…some things hard to comprehend, although i know they’re real n true! Now I’m really trying to indwell in me, “it’s not about me”, i am a chosen belived child of God to do His work n give Him Glory! By the Holy Spirit He will transform me

  50. I am one who has always had to understand and always asking questions. Thank you for reminding me that God is in control he is the Alpha and Omega!! I have been struggling for 2 years to try and understand a senseless divorce with no answers. This message is for me!!! Thank you for you inspiring words!!

  51. Your words inspire me to connect more to our Lord. Isaiah 40:31 Those who trust in the Lord will find new strength. They will soar on wings of eagles. As I read this verse it helped me to put my trust in the Lord, it is an area that I struggle of giving my concerns to our Lord. Thank you for your devotions that I read.

  52. Good morning. I am thankful for your daily message. This and other is helping me develop a better relationship with God. I am gaining a better understanding. I pray that my child will yearn for this relationship and understanding. It is magnificent and wonderful!

  53. Gwen Smith. I know God has moved me up in my work place. After years of teaching I was promoted to administrative assistant. I am having a hard time seeing what I can bring to make a difference. I know I was told the reason I was promoted because Kelly says I am good at fund-raising, working with staff m, and children etc. O am struggling to bring fouth the talents God has given me and be sure if them. I Also want to use them for His Glory but don’t think I am good enough no matter how many people say I am.

    1. You are wonderfully and beautify made in God’s image and you will be so successful. Surely, you were promoted because of your God Given talents and He will bless your path! Prayers and Blessings!

  54. Very thankful for this. I am experiencing challenges and at times just want to give up. However I’m excited to be reminded of the all.mighty God over everything. This helps me to hold on more. Please lift me up in your prayers.

  55. In worship I stretched out my hand into the universe and beheld everlasting, parting time, matter and space. A magnificent rainbow colored in eternal sun and moonlight, radiant glory. What an awesome confirmation in this morning. My challenges at this moment are so minuscule compared to the refuge my Lord and savior provides.

  56. Thank you for this post. I am reminded again of how His thoughts and ways are greater than what I am able to comprehend. I especially like the verse of His riding on clouds to help His children. Helps to know in the hard places

  57. Though we don’t understand our God is faithful and He is ever present and all knowing. It is His desire that we know Him. Throughout scripture He makes Himself knowable by His names. His attributes. Isaiah 43:10, 57:15, Matt: 5. I had something happen but I experienced blessings that came from God and I knew He was present and through it I experienced His grace. He is with us in our troubles. Praise Him all you people’s, praise Him! Trust in the Lord and do not lean on your own understanding…. Jesus is the King of the universe!

  58. I also like neatly put together packages, all tied up, no loose ends. Like you, I have learned that with God, that complete package looks quite different! I am learning to trust Him no matter how the wrapping looks on the packages. It has alleviated a lot of anxiety and stress. 🙂

  59. Struggling with why our Pastor’s wife was not healed from Cancer, she was diagnosed February last year and died on December 30th after several treatments of chemotherapy. Tragic, husband, children and young grand children left behind, and lots of unanswered questions of why God did not intervene. Enjoy your blog posts. Julie

    1. Oooh how glorious it is. Not that she was taken from her family and all she left behind … but God did heal her she couldn’t have gotten a better healing … I know this is difficult to look at this way but isn’t it true? This has helped me in times of loss and grief. Gods ways are not our ways. I pray for peace and comfort for your church family❤️

      1. I am blown away by your comment. My dad recently passed after almost two years of suffering from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. I couldn’t understand why it happened to a Godly and kind man. I prayed for healing at the onset but later, eventually, prayed for my dad’s comfort. Your statement that “God did heal her” gave me a new perspective. I realized that : yes, our earthly Father was indeed healed, not in the way we had hope for but in God’s design. Our earthly father is finally healed from pain and suffering and is now rejoicing in heaven

  60. Hi pray is .my son has been wrongly brought on charges he name need to be cleared . All I can say any more it get dicult to type it out so one understand. He is Christensen .that my pray for I know own God known the out come to and and my fully believe he will be exonerated by the Judge.I must keep my hope ,trust in God eye on him only to help me known God for sure is on his side .your followers ann amen

  61. Dear GWEN please pray for my daughter Tamera her engine on her car went out two weeks ago and she has been laid off her job she has had a hard 6 months of things she can’t change and is very feeling left down she is unable to fix any of these things on her own and we do not have the money either I know God will find a way but she is doubt filled!!!! thank you for praying for her

    1. Post
  62. I love how you described the Lord, and infinity. I know of Him always being there. I lost my daddy at the age of nine and talked to God a lot. I lost my son at the age of ten, two months shy of eleven. I lie in bed curl in a ball and let Jesus hold me while I cry. I give this advice to others when they lose their loved ones. In 2015 my youngest and only sister left took her life on the nineteenth anniversary of my sons death. I had a tumor, now have dementia and other factors from it. She had depression, I was the one that could help her. She told me ” I don’t want to be the last one”. She succeeded and is not the last one. I now know what depression is. I will not take medication. I read Davids life. I am grateful to have read a devotion about your travels. I to am from Akron Ohio. A tad older than you. Moved South also. Ive followed you, your words click with me. I thank you. Happy New Year!

    1. Post
    2. Robin, I am so very sorry for your losses. My heart just feels so sad for you. I want you to know that it is okay to take medicine for depression. I prayed for you.

  63. Thank you Gwen for your constant inspiration to me and to so very many others.
    Love your testimonies and the way that it ties into the Promises that God has for us. I too was one with many questions (and still have) but have to put my faith in The One, who has all the answers… God bless you and your ministry. With love, Carol.

  64. I am with you in this wanting to understand the infinity of God. Have thought of that often recently. Impossible, of course, for my finite brain … So I accept it by faith. In 2016 was greatly encouraged by your and other GIG devotions. It’s how I usually start my day. Blessings.

  65. Your words always inspire me to draw closer to our Lord! Always!!! Clearly, you are divinely inspired! Happy New Year Gwen!

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