The One Day That’s Hers

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Rarely do I see more beauty on the face of a woman than on the day of her wedding. She’s the belle of the ball and she knows it. Her eyes twinkle as she walks down the aisle toward her groom and her smile speaks to the confidence she feels.

And she’s J Lo on the dance floor. Unhindered. Exuberant in celebration of her big day.

Brides are often consumed with the details of wedding planning. They reach out to best friends, family, co-workers and loved ones. They invite others to share in the big day.

There are showers and parties and cake-tastings.

There are presents to buy and dresses to try on, menus to peruse, and tuxes to rent.

Brides know their wedding day is special. They know this is their day for the spotlight. Their day to shine.

A bride laughs, smiles, glows with love…

… and she dances! She celebrates this one day that is HER day!

My heart is moved by a noble theme
as I recite my verses to the king;
my tongue is the pen of a skillful writer.
You are the most handsome of men;

grace flows from your lips.
Therefore God has blessed you forever.
(Psalm 45:1-2)

Royal weddings don’t happen every day. They’re special, grand occasions full of fancy, opulent indulgences that dance elegantly in the dreams of little girls.

Mighty warrior, strap your sword at your side.
In your majesty and splendor—
 in your splendor ride triumphantly

in the cause of truth, humility, and justice.
May your right hand show your awe-inspiring acts.
Your sharpened arrows pierce the hearts of the king’s enemies;
the peoples fall under you.
(Psalm 45:3-5)

All the feels are happening here! Psalm 45 invites us to an extravagant wedding.

The bride is beautiful within, filled with light, love, joy, peace, patience, faithfulness, goodness and self-control. Darkness, hatred and evil have no place in her…

No matter our earthly experiences with grooms, we, the church, are the Bride of Christ. And He is the perfect gentleman. Royal by all accounts. King of kings! But more down to earth and intimate as the closest of earthly friends.

Stand tall, royal Bride.

Put on your dancing shoes!

Your groom adores you, cherishes your love and sees you as beautiful.


My Heavenly King, My Love,
You are the embodiment of excellence, splendor, majesty, truth, humility and justice… surely worthy of all praise! Thank You for seeing me as Your beautiful, cherished bride. Please lead my heart to a fresh place of loyalty and royalty today as I celebrate the blessings found in Your eternal love.
In Jesus’ name, Amen.



Read Psalm 45. How does this stir you toward preparation of Christ’s return?

Read Rev 19:6-10, then close your eyes and imagine the splendor of that day! Worship in response. Write a prayer in your journal or on the wall of my blog.

Grace and Peace to you, friend!



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  1. Praise and glory to God! I’m humbled and grateful for Your grace and love…that you would look at me as a beautiful, adored bride. Thank you Lord, for your love and grace that only you can fill my heart with joy.

  2. Hi, thankyou Gwen! My prayer is that the Holy Spirit the Spirit of prophecy would anoint all my words and actions so that I give clear testimony of Lord Jesus and all may see and know Him. In Jesus’ Name I ask You Lord, Thanking You God our Father, Amen. Love you all, sis Annette

  3. I was praying this morning about my marriage and then read this. I, too, like Fay, never had any of the things you describe in this post, a quick civil ceremony with no twinkling eyes or kind groom, just a man pleased he had trapped the teenager he pursued aggressively. No honeymoon or being made to feel special. So today’s post is completely apt for me as I look only to Christ to love and cherish me. Thank you, Lord for giving me this message today! Hope for the hopeless.

  4. Jesus is the perfect gentleman as you stated, and the perfect groom. He wants nothing more from us than our love, our loyalty. He demands nothing from our flesh, just our hearts. Purest of love. 💗

  5. I have been married 3 times (I always say I had to kiss two frogs to find my prince-smile). And in spite of the 3 marriages, I’m not sure I have ever truly felt like a “bride”–I never had the hooplah and excitement of the planning and the ceremony and the celebration. So sometimes it’s hard to see myself as “the bride of Christ”–my prayer has been and is that God will open the eyes of my understanding so I can “see” myself as He sees me–His bride–His beloved!

    1. Fay,

      I believe when you pray like that the LORD will open your eyes in surprisingly personal and meaningful ways. READ the post again… and imagine JESUS, the perfect groom, on the other end of the aisle (life) you walk…

      Love and blessings,

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