The Trust Fall

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Trust Fall
Our arms were braided across each other’s and our hands were locked tightly. As the young girl stood on the tall tree stump above us she looked over her shoulder and saw with her eyes that our formation was tight…that we were ready for her. She heard with her ears that we would catch her…that we would not let her get hurt. Yet the fear that screamed in her head told her not to do it. Not to fall backwards.

Her legs shook and lips quivered. Other campers had gone before her and her cabin mates had successfully caught each one. But this camper hesitated – allowing the looming possibilities of failure and pain to paralyze her from action. The risks just seemed too great.

She trembled.

We encouraged.

She cried.

We encouraged.

Then, finally, with determination in her heart, she took the plunge. She fell straight backwards onto the safety net of our arms. We bent low to the ground giving way to her fall and caught her with cheers of excitement. She did it! As her trembling legs regained their confidence, she stood tall and beamed from ear to ear – realizing that she had faced her fear. Joy was felt from heart to heart as each of us rejoiced with her.

Mission accomplished. Early in the day, we had trekked across the campgrounds to the “Trust Fall station” as a group of counselors and campers who didn’t have a shared experience among us, an unconnected strand of strangers. Now our wooded team-building time had come to an end and we left the trust fall station having bonded deeply as a group of new girlfriends prepared for a fresh journey of fun and adventure.

Each of us took turns at the Trust Fall that day. We all faced a set of scary circumstances and were forced to work through our doubts, tremblings and fears. As a result, we learned valuable lessons and strengthened our relationships.

Since my days of being a camp counselor, I’ve faced many scary life Trust Falls: financial trials, relationship strains, relocations, sick loved ones, and difficult family matters. I’ve trembled and I’ve cried. I’ve been paralyzed by “what ifs” and “whys.” We all go through difficult seasons and trials; times when we want to see the invisible arms of the One who says He will catch us; times when we are afraid to fall into them.

Wherever we go and whatever we face, God is with us – yesterday, today and forever. He bids us to live by faith, not by sight (2 Corinthians 5:7). He wants us to trust Him. He catches us when we Trust Fall, when we live by faith. And to encourage us along the way He spurs us on by sending a cloud of witnesses who testify of His faithfulness. “Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us”  (Hebrews 12:1, NIV).

Today, whether you identify with the shaky young camper on the Trust Fall stump or with the cabin mates who were filled with encouragement for another, God wants you to trust Him…right where you are. It might be scary. Tears might be shed. But God is faithful and can be trusted.

Like the Psalmist, let’s choose to say, “But when I am afraid, I will put my trust in you. I praise God for what he has promised. I trust in God, so why should I be afraid?” (Psalm 56:3-4, ESV)

When we Trust Fall from our struggles into the faithful arms of God, we are freed from the fears that paralyze us. Trust Him today, friend. A cloud of Girlfriend in God witnesses are cheering for you!


Dear Lord, You are good, loving and faithful – and You know exactly what I’m facing. Please take this burden from me. Help me today to fall into a deeper place of trusting you. In Jesus’ name, amen.


Trust prayer

FOR YOUR REFLECTION and RESPONSE:  Leave a comment below about what God is calling you to trust Him with today… or give a shout out to the girlfriends who have been with you on your trust-fall adventures!

Thanks for doing life with me!








*Today’s post is adapted from Trusting God by Sharon Jaynes, Gwen Smith, & Mary Southerland by permission of Multnomah, division of Random House, Inc.

** Trust fall photo by Stephen Nelson Photography via Flickr

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  1. In reading Trusting God Right Where You Are; I am encouraged and challenged to keep trusting in my all knowing Father. You see, our daughter has been a challenge since her teen years, and now at 20 years old, she is still going down a path of self-destruction. She has been in a mental hospital, snuck out of the house at night to be with an older man (her father & I did not know this man), lied about being at a friends house when actually spending the night with a man, and currently lying about working when she was asked to not return until a rape investigation was complete. I am trusting God to bring her back to His arms completely, but I’m afraid she’s going to harm herself and everyone around her until this happens. Please pray for her to not be complacent about her relationship with God and to ask forgiveness before its too late.

  2. I am having a hard time figuring out where to go with my writing. I want to start a blog, but I don’t feel ready. One the other hand, I don’t want to skip out because of fear. So, my struggle now is discerning between fear and my real limitations.

  3. Our 5 pound 10 weeks premature granddaughter is having hernia surgery this morning. Trusting God to take care of her and bring her home soon. She has been a miracle and taught us so much already!!

  4. I just read this in the airport while waiting to go to Spain for a 13 month missions trip. Needless to say, I’ve experienced more than a bit of fear in the past few weeks, and this was the perfect encouragement.
    God bless!

  5. On this day-5 months ago we buried my precious Mom who lost her battle to cancer. I lived with my Mom and was her main caregiver. The pain that I feel is so deep & I cry out to God to please ease this pain and emptiness that I feel. I Trust in Our Lord & have Faith, but during “those moments” I feel alone and miss her hugs & her unconditional love sooo much. She was a great Christian woman who taught us to have faith, trust and love in Him-He always carries us through.

  6. I, too, have difficulty trusting God. Maybe the storms in my life are just Him changing me. My family HAS made it through each difficulty, but how much of it is consequences for wrong decisions? I married the wrong man, not a bad man, but a man that has turned his back on God. A man, because of his own bad choices, may never have a job that can support us in this economy. My son is on SSI and I worked a part time job, but it’s over for the summer. It’s not enough. I work odd jobs to supplement and get us through for the next few days with food and gas. Everything seems to be slipping away. Things are breaking and we can’t repair or replace them. After spending $1200 on car repairs, it’s still falling apart. We can’t even afford car insurance for one car. Some weeks we have to go to our church food pantry for food, but there isn’t any because it’s getting harder for them to get in at the food bank and when they do, there isn’t much to choose from. I serve in my church, but feel such a disconnect from the others. I have prayed and prayed. It’s so discouraging! I do have faith that our God and provide, but I’m finding it harder to trust that he will provide for us. I’m supposed to be a light in this world. How can I share my story with others and shine that light when everything is going downhill? I am so afraid of what is coming.

  7. My boyfriend and I are in an interracial marriage and his parents don’t approve. Please pray for him as he is forced to choose between loving his parents and having a Godly, loving romantic relationship. It would feel like giving up if he just listened to his parents, but he is feeling the terrible pain of disappointing the parents he loves. Please pray for us!

  8. I am having difficulty balancing my time. I am a full time post grad sudent, a mother to two awesome sons, an amazing husband and work 25hrs per week, just relocated to a new country and exams around the corner. I need the constant reassuarance that God put me in this place and will see my family and I through, no matter the struggle, He will come through for me as He has always done

  9. In June of 2009, I gave my life to the Lord. I have emphysema but was faithfully attending church, But in March of 2010, I went into the hospital because of this illness and haven’t been going to church since that hospitalization. I have been on oxygen 24-7 since then. Some days my breathing is better than others. I want to start going back to church, but I just don’t seem to have the faith to step out on God’s word that He will give me both the physicality and breathing capacity to start going back to church. I’m faithful in prayer and daily devotions. I daily ask God to work on me and fix me so that I will start going back to church.

  10. After reading these other comments, my problems suddenly seem rather insignificant but they are issues nonetheless…I am a 22 year old college graduate (graphic design) and am looking for a job. My parents, especially my dad, are nervous about the application and hiring process. Lately it is so difficult to talk to him without having a fight or him snapping at me. I want so badly to be independent and move as far away as possible, but I know God is teaching me patience and respect. They also disapprove of my boyfriend of almost 4 years. Like any couple our relationship is not perfect, but my dad is very hard and judgmental on him. He is such a nice guy and a Christian, and everyone but my parents is supportive of the relationship…he never even comes over to our house for dinner or goes to church with us. It’s really hard seeing so many friends getting engaged and married, with happy proud parents, and having a deep sadness that my dad especially is rejecting my bf based on ridiculous and racial stereotypes. He has his own apartment and car and my dad claims he “can’t support me.” He dresses well but forgot a belt once and my dad claims he “sags his pants to be a gangster.” He says we have nothing in common and are not compatible. I have tried to defend him and his good money habits and well-groomed appearance, and I embrace our differences because I feel they make us work even better. My whole life I have worked hard to make my parents proud and I keep feeling like they don’t trust me and don’t support any of my desires. Maybe it’s just hard for them to let go. But I am praying and trusting God to show me what is right – both for a job and for the future of my relationship with this young man.

    1. Have you ever asked your dad what he sees in your bf that you don’t? He is a guy and can see the guy things that we girls don’t. Maybe no man is good enough for his little girl. I was in a three year relationship once and my family didn’t like him either. They saw in him what my blind and unconditional love for him could not. The end of that relationship devastated me because he, instead of God, was my all in all and I did not want to let go. Can’t say I did much better with the next one either, but I’m stuck with him. So many of us girls want that knight in shining armor, but we are all flawed and need to depend on God and His word. Put Him first and all else will follow.

  11. Hello Gwen,
    I have just started to get the GIG daily devotions and really enjoy them. Having been a Christian since childhood, life with Christ has had it’s moments – good and bad (well on my side anyways). We are now facing the ultimate challenge of my faith. My husband of over 20 years and I go to Mayo clinic every couple years for check ups. Usually it ends up being minor adjustments. This time the results last Friday included the C word. My husband has melanoma- inside. No outward signs. I have not asked Why, but am trying to fully trust The Lord and walk by faith not by sight. We find out more this week in terms of the extent and etc. when looking into he future, the what ifs are terrifying. I know God does not give us the grace to handle the future- norore than we can handle- only the present, but human nature gets in my head and if I do not bury my heart and thoughts in Christ, it is impossible to keep hope alive. I ask if you and the GIG network can please pray for us and that we stay strong in our faith day by day. And if this burden can be taken from us… We know Jesus is with is every step and we want to grow in Him through this ultimate test. Thank you!!! Bobby and Whitney from St Maarten

  12. Hi Gwen, and fellow Girlfriends in God! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to comment on what God is asking me to trust Him with in my life at this moment. Just taking a few minutes to pray and write about helps ease the burden! I’m a single mom back in school after a 3 year break, during which time I gave birth to my now 4 yr old, amazing little girl and worked full time. I’ve spent this past semester living abroad in Chile for the opportunity for us both to experience another culture and language. Just as important if not more so, was taking the opportunity for she and I to live on our own, as we’d been sharing a house with my dad and stepmom prior to our move. I think I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it, and God has given me the strength and courage to make it thus far. I have less than two months left here, and my finances are running extremely low. I was granted a scholarship, but I’m living off of student loans now and barely have enough to make it through this month. I want to make the rest of our time as pleasant and memorable for my babygirl as possible, but the stress of finances coupled with upcoming final exams and the still-present language barrier feel like too much for me to handle sometimes. I pray God continues to bless me with good health and a positive outlook. I am thankful for the wonderful support network of family and friends He’s given me back home and look forward to being reunited after our adventure here. Thanks for listening 🙂

  13. I am finding it difficult to let God take over. My husband (married almost 34 years) has contact with other women where they send him messages to visit, etc., he visited a brothel less than a week ago — although he says he was just curious and wanted to see where they were, that he did not go in. How can I stay with this man, he just keeps lying?! God said that a marriage is sacred, that what He put together no man shall force apart. But how can I stay? Over three years ago he had a “Damascus-type experience” whereafter he begged me for forgiveness and promised he will spend the rest of his life making up for all the harm he did (before then he had other relationships and visited prostitutes). I wanted to divorce him but God forgave him then and I felt that I should also forgive. He was diagnosed with bladder cancer a few months later and it took a year of difficult treatments before he was clear of cancer. Now, two years later, he is going down the same path again and just says that he doesn’t know why he’s doing it. I feel that I have to talk it out tonight but don’t know what to say, what to do. I cannot afford to live on my own as I have left my career to look after our child and follow him to another country for his career. I know we have no savings or anything to support me on my own. Please please pray for me, pray that the Holy Spirit will talk through me and that I will do what God wants me to do.

  14. I have been struggling for years through Overeaters Anonymous to let go of compulsive overeating – to “let go and let God”. My health, my self image and my emotional well being have suffered since my compulsive eating began in my early twenties. I am now 65. I know God is there for me and only he can “restore me to sanity” (Step 2). Every day I try to let go but apparently I am still hanging on – unable to “trust fall”. Your message has touched me. Please pray for me that I can fall back on God’s faithfulness and truly let go.

  15. I have a son that has fallen into such a life of sin. We have been praying for him for several years now, things are getting worse and he is falling deeper into trouble. I am having so much conflict as to why there hasn’t seemed to be any discernment, revelation, and Godly wisdom happening for him. I know the Lord won’t violate our free will, but I also know that we can intercede with prayer for our children. I am praying for the doors to Godly situations to be opened, that no man can shut, and for doors to be closed to this destructive life he is living. I am feeling sure the Lord hears my prayers one day, and the next thing I know there is more bad news. I am reading the book by Stormie Omartian, The Power of Praying for Your Adult Child, I am also doing the study book. I just feel that maybe the Lord isn’t hearing my prayers for some reason, I have been confessing my own sins, and clearing up my own life, so that my prayers will be powerful for my children. I somehow feel I am falling short with the Lord somewhere in all this, I know I need to claim healing in my son’s life, and have no doubt, yet I am still struggling with this assurance that the Lord hears my prayers.

  16. Hello Gwen,
    Your prayer of trusting the Lord was very touching and especially designed for me as I feel that I have been going through a never ending storm. I am so baffled by the fact that I have been struggling with one thing after another that I wonder if relief is even a possibility. I am been asking where is God in my stormy life? Am I in His will at all? I am also confused because in the midst of this mess which I have been hoping will turn into a message. I have been ask to go on a mission trip next month, I try my best to get out of it but it appears as if God is not letting me out of it. I said that because in spite of all my excuses things seemed to be moving alone well with my team members to my benefits. My biggest fear is that I am so empty and may not be useful at all to anyone which could very disappointing for all the efforts made on my behalf. My questionable health does not make things any easier at all. I have been praying but I have doubts that my prayers are being heard.

  17. I am having difficulty trusting God in giving him my addiction to alcohol. I want to quit, but on my terms, which end up being unsuccessful. I worry about loosing friends, being bored, and being left out. Instead, I should give it up to God and follow his will. I find myself giving it to him, then taking it away. I am now, 4 days sober and pray it is the beginning to a new, happier life! Lord, help me to trust fall into your arms!!

  18. Thank you so much for the devotional. I have been out of work for about 7 months and my husband’s salary is quite low as we’ve a few debts to pay. Our savings have run out & I need to trust God that He has the perfect job for me. And that He will provide for me & my husband. Thank you once again, stay blessed”

  19. Gwen, I just read the Trust Fall newsletter and your question about what God is asking me to trust Him in or through really got me thinking, especially with what I am going through now. What he wants me to trust him in is:my health, my finances, my struggles at my current job, whether or not I should move into a new apartment, and finding me a godly man to marry along with children(either physically or by adoption).

  20. I just read the devotional today and was reading over the blogs below, and Trisha’s hit home with me. My husband and I have stepped out in faith to move for ministry. We bought a home believing this was where we were to be, but our current home remains unsold. In two weeks we will own two homes. We can manage this for a while, but it is difficult not questioning our decision in light of this situation. I know God is able, but if we have moved ahead out of his timing I have to admit I wonder if he will provide….

  21. Thank you …this has been so right for this day. I has a phone call just before I read this to say that my only sister has been taken to hospital and is seriously ill. I don’t know the full circumstances as she lives 80 miles away! Would appreciate prayer for Helen today. She is a believer, but her husband is not. Pray for God’s to work mightily in their lives today

  22. I am having a hard time trusting that My children will follow God. It’s hard when my husband is an unbeliever to trust that my children will grow up to serve him with just my example in the house to follow God. I also am having a hard time believing that my husband might one day become a believer. We have been together for 11.5 years and every once in a while I see a glimmer of hope but nothing ever comes of it. How I pray that one day he will surrender his life to our Heavenly Father

  23. I just read my devotional. The timing was perfect.
    Yesterday was a horrible day I got so kicked down
    with negativity and just feel so overwhelmed. This
    reminds me that I MUST trust God in everything
    especially in times like I had yesterday. Thank you
    and may God continue to bless you.

    1. I second Belinda’s comments. Yesterday was an absolute horrible day and I did not trust God with my future marriage. My student’s devotional this morning reminded me that my life has meaning and when I read this at night I was renewed with God’s spirit. God has control over my and my husband’s life. He will remove all obstacles so we may grow together in love and begin to build our Christian home. Thank you for your devotionals, they are a true blessing.

  24. I am having a hard time trusting GOD to restore my Marriage deciding should I get a Divorce because my husband a I lived separately for 2 years but he stays in my place and refuse to move in with me or pay any bills in my place. He wants to continue to be with me but not commit to our marriage and live as one under one roof. I love the father God with all my heart and want to follow to help me in the word. I pray to the Father and his Jesus and the holy Spirit NOT to get a divorce which god don’t. believe in DIVORCE. My flesh and mind wants to, but the soul refuses . Thank-you Girlfriends

  25. I invaded the privacy of a man I once cared for. Because of that wrongful action he became distrustful of me but instead of ending the relationship he took it upon himself to make sure I knew how my selfishness had caused great despair in his life and others. For the past six months he has said and done things to me so that I would know what I put him through because of my own distrust. I tried to make him understand ones wrongful action does not make it right to have a wrongful reaction. But, instead he threatens to turn me into the authorities. My pastor, friends and professionals all tell me I need to just ignore him…but because I can’t bear to have someone dislike me I pressed on to try to help him. You see the vicious cycle. But, through it all God has shown me who He is and He loves me…I didn’t understand that love before. He has literally been my strength and refuge through it all. I never understood what having refuge in God was…until during my deepest despair when I read His word I felt as though the rest of the world couldn’t see me or touch me as long as I stayed there…in His word…with Him literally over me, protecting me. Now I put my trust in Him…because He’s already planned my future and knows how it will end and if I stay in His shadow (though he knows I will continually let him down) the end will be for my good and His glory.

  26. Trusting God even when I can’t trace Him is something that He’s allowing me to do; day-by-day. I’m having to trust Him in every area of my life and it’s not as hard as it use to be; especially since His recent healing me in illness, bringing me through and out of very crucial situations and confirming His Word regarding HIs purpose/will for my life. It’s my assurance in remaining at peace in my heart/soul with those facts…evidence and having that same peace and even more to lay hold to when other challenges arise and times such as the ones I’m faced with now arise. I guess that all I’m needing and truly desiring is that assurance in my heart that He’s pleased and that I’m doing all that is within my power to let say; “Thank You Lord & I love You!” Please continue to pray for and with me. God bless you.

  27. Trust falling for His plan for me. Im trust falling for a mate for me. Im trust falling for victory over my finances. Im trust falling for victory over my anger and doubt. Im trust falling that the Lord my God will avenge me of my my enemies and those have hurt me, that they shall repent and turn away from their wickedness. Im trust falling that God will provide all my needs according to His riches in Heaven. Im trust falling in control over my language. I trust you Lord, I am at tje end of me. I am SO over me. You alone can take rhese shattard, mangled, ugly pieces of who I am and restore and make something great for your glory. In Jesus’ name Amen

  28. I lost my job in October for the 2nd time in 2 years and cannot seem to find another job and my unemployment benefits will be gone in August, I am having a difficult time trying to trust God to see me through when it comes to how I will continue to pay my bills and feed my family or should I say myself because I make sure everyone else eats and I sacrifice a lot to spread what we do have to eat. What is God trying to show me in yet another lost job? I keep seeing Be Still and Know but when your back is against the wall and you don’t know where you will get your next penny is kind of hard for me. I know Proverbs 3:5-6 says to Trust in the Lord but it really is getting hard. I stress and worry daily but only God knows how I feel I do not share my fears with my family.

  29. God is calling me to trust Him with my 19 yr old son who has really doubted his beliefs and seems to be walking away from the Lord. Also with season changes and what is next for my life.

  30. Thank you Gwen I read your devotional often and today God is speaking exactly to my situation through you. We are facing a financial crisis and are unable to pay our mortgage. I am so afraid and I don’t know what to do. I feel guilty for crying and not standing up and being strong in faith. We are both in our late fifties and this house we bought in 2010 is the first house we have ever owned in our lives. Years ago before we were married I had days when I didn’t have food to eat and I am so afraid of going back there. I can see that my husband is trying not to show his fears for my sake but I know underneath he is as afraid as I am. Please pray that I would have peace and that God would work a miracle for us.

  31. hi Gwen

    my name is Fani, i am facing a really big Trust Fall… it’s regarding my daughter

    the fall is so high… the scare is so big… and the pain so
    deep…and is been there for more them 7 months…i want to fall
    there… in the jesus arms… but i am paralised…i am scared… i need
    help… praying…so my fear go,s away and i take the step of trust…
    this is the biggest one in my walk with God in 12 years… thank you for
    share this

  32. I am struggling to trust God about becoming a SAHM when our son is born in a few months. I never thought I would have children, much less be a stay at home mom but here I am! I know it is what he is calling me to do for our family but it is scarey to give up something that has been a part of who I am for such a long time!

  33. I read the devotional on the Trust Fall, and the Holy Spirit met me right where I was. He spoke so clearly and said to me if you’re going to Trust me, then you have to have Faith that I am your Faithful GOD. I’m believing GOD to make the impossible possible for my family and I to move to a new home. We have some credit issues but I’m asking GOD for a miracle. Please come in agreement with me. GOD said it, I believe it, and that settles it. AMEN!

  34. I am having to trust God with my family, my children, my home, meeting with my husband, and contact with him/kids, my future. I am having to learn to relax in him and rest in the shadow of his wing. I pray God gives me the strength and grace I need to get through this time and even though I can’t see my future he can. i don’t want to fight and waste emotional energy. I hope he will pick me up and carry me when …..

  35. I am having difficulty trusting God with my father. He has dementia and it appears to have gotten worse. I am a nurse and I recently started working nights. My father has been displaying some inappropriate behavior recently. I am afraid to leave him alone. I am so thankful for this devotional because it is exactly what I need for this moment. Thank you and may God continue to bless you.

  36. I am Trying my best to just leave all my worries and concerns in God’s Hand through this Storm in my life. My husband lost his job the day after we signed a least on a new house. So, now we are living at his mothers house with 7 people and my 6 makes 13 people in a 4 bedroom home. It is Unbearable at times, but i know god is faithful..I pray and pray but it seems i keep asking myself “WHERE IS GOD IN THIS”! I don’t want to feel this way at all because i was raised in church most of my life , so i Know GOD!
    I know i need to just leave it in god’s hand and know that he will deliver us from the storm… oh, and at the end of this month my in-laws are moving back to their home town, so we definitely have to find a place like ASAP!
    I just need to Trust that we will Help…

  37. I am in a relationship with this man and I feel alone! I feel neglected. He seems more interested in other things than me.
    Lord Jesus, am giving up my man Santi to you. Please take this fear I feel in me . I give you our relationship that you will guide and lead us. Let Santi know how I feel and love me the way you love me. Help me to be prudent too. I trust you Father in this. In Jesus name , Amen!

    1. Don’t give up the hope that the right man will come into your life at the right time. Even if it is the one you are with now, just keep handing your desires over to God – what you want and value in a relationship and trust that He will provide that love and comfort and sense of belonging and security. God is so passionate about you, He will be everything you need and will give you the strength to wait with hopeful, JOYFUL expectation. Waiting is hard, hoping is hard, but somehow through God’s awesome plan it is worth it.

  38. Good morning, my boyfriend right now works at a hospital and we are Christians and I’ll ask him if he ever shares God to his coworkers and he says no. Because he tells me that he can’t talk about it to others cause they’ll get offended so you have to respect that or you’ll get fired. I understand that but you can always do it in a loving manner. But I just think its fear holding him back. I try telling him but he won’t want to do it. (Note) don’t send anything to my email please thx 😉

  39. My husband has been laid off of his job recently. His job was our main source of income. I work but my income alone will not cover our bills. we have two children and we don’t know how we are going to make it.The only thing we know to do is to trust God. I will admit that I am growing a bit weary and worried. I know that I should have more faith and believe that God will work it out but right now I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. Please pray for us!

  40. This was so timely today. I love this devotional. I was praying before I read this about trusting God with all my cares including all of me. I want to worship Him and leave all the rest to Him. He is so faithful to show us our fears and help us let them go. thank you for your devotion to God and ability to articulate it in such a beautiful way!

  41. I have recently become unemployed and I am very fearful of what the future holds for me, my husband and two children. I have been praying and seeking God’s guidance but he remains silent right now. I know I must just continue praying and seeking His guidance but fear is a very powerful thing and it is clouding my thoughts and actions. I have become very depressed and I pray for the help in overcoming these feelings. If you could please pray for my job placement and help with overcoming depression I would be forever grateful.

    Blessings to all.

    1. Colleen,
      This is the first time I have come over to the blog and what amazes me is the similarities I can find with others, the struggles and fears I share, and the depth of love so many people have for our Father. I will pray for you and want to just send the encouragement I just felt that you really are not alone. Not only do others share the same hardships, but even though I am constantly struggling with believing fullheartedly and letting go and letting God, so many others know his all encompassing love that it He truly is the only one and place that is certain. I have the habit of believing for others what I wish I could believe for myself, but I do believe God must be here. How else could so many of us connect through pain and find strength to ask for help and admit our weaknesses?
      Im sorry if that was confusing b/c I struggle expressing myself (a prayer I like that I would know myself and be more self-assured by trusting my life to Him)but this post reached out to me and I hope you continue in your walk towards Christ.

  42. This past month I was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer, had surgery and had my first of 6 months of chemo infusions and related treatments. Even though I know my God is in control, knowing very difficult days are ahead and fear of the unknown can feel like being on a runaway train!! This devotional message and scriptures gives reassurance in whatever tomorrow holds because God is already there.

  43. Good Morning, I so needed this devotional because I have been having trust issues with my children ,family and career. I am not sure what God has in store for me, I am at a standstill/cross roads and feeling scared at this point in my life but thank you for the reminder to trust in God who has nothing but great things for me.

  44. God is asking me to trust Him with my family and its awful situation. I am going to divorce court on Monday which I do not want to do, but my husband does. He is asking me to trust him through this uncertain time, lack of finances, lack of responsibility by my husband, and with our dear sweet special needs son. My trust in people has been shattered these past few years so I’m finding it difficult to trust God, eventhough I know its the right thing to do. I keep praying for strength and He gives it to me, so I’m getting closer every day.

  45. My trust fall catcher has been my Husband. We have moved often. Actually, the first time I moved was our wedding day from NJ to FL. Whenever we move he goes ahead of us usually 6 months (my son and I). We stay to finish out the school year, he finds a church, and makes friends he believes we will like. He even finds neighborhoods to which we look at in which to live.

    He also is my biggest fan. When I am unsure of myself, he encourages and assists me to make sure I present my best effort.

    Whenever I loose myself in weakness he becomes my strength. I thank God for giving me a husband who is soooo supportive.

    Because of his strength, I have become stronger for him in his times of uncertainty as well.

    God doesn’t give us what we want, he gives us what we need.

  46. I am 59 years old and I have divorced since 1981. I always wonder if I am ever going to be married again. My first marriage should have never been (my mistake there for not listening to the Holy Spirit). I have come close twice but it did not work out.I know that I need to have a deeper relationship with God before taking that big step again. But when you go to church and 95% of the church is married and the other 5% is in children’s church, it gets pretty discouraging. Please pray that I have a deeper trust in my Father who knows what is best for me.

  47. I am trusting GOD for healing in my marriage and for the power of forgiveness. If healing is not in his plan, I am trusting him to make it alright for me. I have been going thru a very difficult time after an infidelity and now I no longer trust my husband. I know that I love him, but I cannot forgive him. I am trusting in GOD to help me to forgive so that I can move on one way or the other, whether I stay with my husband or not. Thank you for this word today, it was greatly needed!

  48. Thank you for this encourging story. The message is very powerful, I will share it with other women through my organization the Spirit of Oneness, Inc. empowering women who are victims of Domestic Violence.
    God Bless and Keep Writing

  49. Wow, this is what I needed. I have just found out I’m in kidney failure and it has me terrified, worried and knowing I need to trust God with each step. Please pray for my doctor’s wisdom and for God to heal me. I pray that He will allow this situation for His glory.

  50. Today, I choose to trust God for a job and finances to pay
    my rent. I have been unemployed for over 3 years and each and every time, God has been faithful in providing for our needs. The past two months have been tougher than usual, but I know I am at the crossroad. Will I believe the Word of God or the lies of the devil? Will I choose to walk by faith or by fear?
    This day, I choose to walk by faith and holding on to his promises, for He who
    promises is faithful.

    My rent is due but I know to whom belongs the earth and everything
    in it. I will trust that God has supplied All of my needs according to His
    riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Be encouraged in Lord and encourage others for iron sharpens iron. May our Lord shows His favor to all who are going through tough times for even in the valley He is there. The psalmist said ” The
    Lord is my light and salvation, whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold
    of my life, whom shall I be afraid.” Remember ALWAYS, For He who promises
    is FAITHFUL.

  51. I am putting my trust in God today for peace and a new place to live before my lease is over by the end of this month. I asked the Lord for his will to get this place call Fox Glen Apartment, i love the area but things have not been going well so far but i know God knows my heart and need, i choose not to let fear rule mine life today in Jesus Name Amen.

  52. Trust is a very hard is for me. I’ve been unemployed for 11 months and financially am broke now and potentially could face eviction from my apartment. I know that worry, which is a lack of trust is the main thing robbing me of trust. I feel that this is the time that God is wanting me to solely trust and believe in him. So as he calls me to do whatever I have to do, even if afraid. I know I can stand strong on the truths of his word. He tells us in Joshua 1:9 to Be Strong and Courageous. Do not be afraid or discouraged for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.

    So I know in my heart that I do trust him to provide all my needs, I still want to have the human moment and pick it up and say I’ve got this, I can do it. Reality is I can’t do it. Today I am putting my trust in Him to catch me when I fall. So I pray that whatever Goliath is standing in front of me today I can feel God gentle hand upon me. That my unbelief that keeps me stumbling and not giving up my entire heart to him who should hold all the keys will be changed to belief at the works of his Mighty hand.

    Standing in the gap of prayer for all of you beautiful women today.

  53. Today, I am trusting God to help me make the right choices. I am trusting God to bless me with the desires of my heart. I am trusting and praying that God will do the same for all of you!

  54. I need to trust God with my career, finances, relationships – just all aspects of my life. I need to be able to move when He says without fear consuming me! I need to learn how to completely trust Him!

  55. The Lord is providing me with a time alone way from everyone in retreat for a couple of days. I have been afraid since my abuse memories came charging back and my emotions are in such a deep distress. I want to trust Him that He has a plan for this time to help me to release to Him all my pain. I want the healing that He has for me and I need to let go and trust that He will be in this with me as I face it…..

  56. I need to trust God that he will give our family strength as we go through a huge family change with both my husband and I starting college and my daughter starting preschool. That he can encourage me and show me that this is the right decision for our family and I can pass my classes. I am not afraid!

  57. I am having a difficult trusting God in my storm. My husband was fired over 9 months ago. He has a drinking problem, is unmotivated sleeping rather than looking for a job. He will not get help and will not go to counseling. Thoughts of ending my 27 year marriage are with me constantly. I have asked God to remove this storm, but it continues in its intensity. I’m beginning to think that God wants me to divorce him, but that doesn’t seem in line with everything I’ve been taught.

    1. My prayers are with you. I know you are going through a storm right now in your marriage and finances. Just keep looking towards the hills which your help comes from and God will prevail. Pray over your husband daily, and claim his breakthrough. Speak life over him and not curses. Claim his getting out of the bed and going forward towards his new job. Place him totally in God’s hand and just let go and let God do the rest. If you don’t have the book “The Power of a Praying
      Wife”, by Sormie Omartian, please purchase the book and read it daily repeat the prayers. There is nothing too hard for our God to do for us he just wants us to obey him, serve him, trust him and worship him.

      God bless you my sister,

  58. Good morning, I just read the devotional “Trust Fall” and it did touch me because I am going through some trust issues. Not only in relationships (man/woman), but trying to understand what it is that God is wanting or seeking from me. I trust that whatever he has in store for me is nothing but greatness, but its the thought of the unknown that makes my legs trimble.
    In regards to the relationship, this man that I dated years ago came back into my life with a lot of drama. the moment we reconnected my spirit kept screaming “don’t get too close, its not good for you” but I wouldn’t listen. For some reason I started to believe that us coming together again was another chance for us to try and make it work. But during the time we have been together, my spirit contiues to wrestle with what why he came back and what am I truly doing with a man that does not share the same beliefs or thought about God and spirituality as I do. I care for him very much and I want him to be happy, but I also want to feel that the person that I am meant to be with really wants me – my feelings of spiritual growth, and understanding and some of my misunderstandings also.
    These are my trust fall issues….today

    1. Stay faithful to God and seek him and he will direct your path.
      Always put our father “God” first and everything else will fall in place. Don’t put no one or nothing before him. If anything in your life is very confusing it is not from God.

  59. Today I am trusting God to bring me through breast cancer surgery. My cancer is not life-threatening, but I’ve never had cancer before. God has blessed me with incredible peace, a Christian family and friends. He has even shown me His sense of humor in the last few days! How great is our God and how great is His faithfulness!!!

  60. I have enjoyed some much the devotions everyday. I wanted to ask you ladies if you can tell me what Bible is the best Bible for a study. I have a KJV and I went and bought a NIV Study Bible. I love my KJV but it is so hard sometimes for me to understand. The NIV Study Bible I get lost trying to study it with all the different footnotes and different things at the bottom of the page. It is so wonderful to read your devotions, and when I read them sometimes I think how did you get that from that scripture. I have been praying and asking God to really open my eyes and heart and help me to understand it better. I have been a Christian for a long time and I teach young children a lot through but I wanted to start ministering to women some and I feel like I need a little more. Thanks so much for your help. I just see so many young women going through a lot of what I went through early on in life and I would like to be a blessing to them.

    1. Hi Brenda,

      I had the same problem with NIV or KJV so I got the NLT, New Living Testament. Its much easier to read and understand. If you pray and let your imagination run as you read the Bible, then God will start to open up your eyes and brain to understand it.

  61. I recently knew God was opening a new door for me so I ran through it – changing my course. BUT I have been fearful that I would fail, mess up, be embarrassed. Thank you GIG for reminding me that ALL I need to get through this is FAITH. This morning will will NOT be fearful. Amen! Much love.

  62. Good Morning, I want to quit my job. I entered into an illicit relationship here with one of my co-workers and I am terribly ashamed by that. I repented and I’m walking with God now, but I still don’t feel that I am forgiven. I think what I should do is quit my job so I don’t have to interact with the wrong people. I want to trust that God has something better for me. If I quit then there won’t be a steady income going into my house. God please help me, I trust you know what is best.

    1. Hello Karla. Once you have gone to the Lord in repentance,
      He no longer remembers your sins. The Word of God encourages us by saying “There is there now no condemnation to those that are in Christ Jesus for we seek not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.” Seek the Lord in terms of your job and He will give you wisdom on how to proceed.”

  63. My husband has younger onset Alzheimer’s. He is only 58 and can no longer work or drive. We are wanting to move to the town our son lives in and all of our support groups. I need to trust God, is this what is best for him?

  64. My marriage is on the rocks and my husband of nearly 14 years doesn’t even know. He is happy and feels fulfilled, but I am not. I have discussed this with him but he seems paralyzed and unable to give me what I need. Unfortunately I have made some bad decisions because of this in the past. Some he doesn’t even know of. I am praying for God’s strength and guidance in what to do. I can come clean and let the pieces fall where they might. Or I can keep them to myself and suggest we get help together, which ultimately might lead to me coming clean anyway. I am ashamed of my actions, but desperately yearning for a close and intimate Godly relationship. There is a friend in my life who is a guy. You could more or less say he is waiting in the wings. As tempting as this is, I know God never intends for marriages to end in divorce. And I want to do right by Him. I’m very confused.

  65. I have been without a job for more than 3 months. I live alone and my savings is almost gone. I have a second interview today for a job that is a 40 minute drive and is 10 hours a day, 6 days a week. I am 54 and healthy, but my fear is if I accept this job, will I be able to keep the pace of a 6 day a week job with long hours. Please God make it clear to me that you have guided me to this job and you will sustain me if I just trust in you. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

  66. My boyfriend and I have been dating for quite a long time. We’re both in our early 20s, and he is younger than me. I’m ready for marriage, but he still needs more time and a steady job. I need to trust God for the patience to wait for the best time without feeling like it’s my fault or I am not good enough.

  67. This month I am supposed to buy my boy’s tickets from London to São Paulo where I live. I have been doing it every year as I live away from them and miss them a lot! But this time, money is tight and prices are high! I can buy their tickets but I will certainly have nothing left and, at the moment, without being able to save up… I miss them tremendously and my older one wants to come and be with me for, at least, a year! I have to believe God will provide a way out as He promises to care for us…

    1. Grace, there seems to be no other option than to buy the tickets. God will provide for the rest. I’m sure your boys won’t care how much money you have when they are there, just so they are with you. God Bless!

      1. Thank you Kygrl! I am buying their tickets and living one day at time…Since I came back to Brazil,God has cared for me in big ways,first by giving me a real understanding of my sins and forgiveness in Jesus! Also,by helping me restart my life,which isn’t an easy thing to do here,especially away from my boys. But,each day is planned by God and my trust isn’t in my bank account but in Him who can give us more than we can imagine! To Him all the glory!!!! xoxo

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