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🌸 Hello and happy Friday! Today I’m excited to introduce you to my sweet friend ELISA PULLIAM who is sharing both a guest post and a GIVEAWAY of her brand new devotional book, UNBLINDED FAITH.

I appreciate many things about Elisa, but one key quality is that she’s a Bible girl. Dedicated to the Word. Not afraid to go deep and be vulnerable. Her new devotional book is described this way:

Unblinded Faith invites you to take a holy pause and experience a fresh encounter with God and His Word. This 90-day devotional is filled with thoughtful application of Scripture to help you see God personally and know His love for you.

It is possible to take God at His Word. It is possible to embrace His promises, even when your circumstances challenge your faith. You can experience the fullness of God’s love, kindness, grace, mercy, and wisdom—no matter where you find yourself today. If you crave unshakable hope, it’s time to embrace unblinded faith!

Now, grab a fresh mug of coffee and enjoy this excerpt taken from Unblinded Faith, and be sure to LEAVE A COMMENT to enter to win a copy of the book!

The Potter’s Hands

Do you ever wonder about what God was up to when He was busy creating you? Do you find yourself questioning whether He messed up?

In my early twenties, I had the opportunity to take a pottery class with my friend at the local university. After a semester of practice, we thought we knew enough to set out on our own and worked out a deal to use the studio on campus to perfect our craft in exchange for supervising student use of the space. For weeks upon weeks, we showed up, determined to become accomplished potters. Alas, the progression never came.

To create a beautiful clay vessel, you have to start with the right kind of clay. Kind of like how we are all different within the body of Christ and not meant for the same purpose.

Next, you get rid of all the air bubbles in the clay by repeatedly throwing it down on solid surface before slamming it onto the wheel, making sure you get good suction. A bit like the sanctification process we go through to become more like Christ.

Sitting in the proper—and most uncomfortable—leaned-over position, you bear your weight onto the clay to center it. How often does God allow uncomfortable, stretching, pressure-filled life experiences to transform us into His perfect vessel?

Finally, you pull and push against the clay to create the shape you had in mind. Ah, more sanctification leading to transformation.

When it’s the shape you desire, you cut it from the wheel with a wire and let it dry before moving on to the next stages of carving the foot and glazing before firing in the kiln. Sanctification continues.

Want to know what all my efforts effort resulted in?

My masterpiece—an itsy bitsy bowl fit for holding a tea light candle.

I took pride in that little vessel simply because I made it. Imagine how I would feel if that little pot took offense at my effort! But isn’t that what we do, as we read in Isaiah 45:9, “What sorrow awaits those who argue with their Creator. Does a clay pot argue with its maker? Does the clay dispute with the one who shapes it, saying, “Stop, you’re doing it wrong!” Does the pot exclaim, “How clumsy can you be?”

Imagine how the Master Potter treasures us, His masterpieces, because He’s skillfully and purposefully shaped us into His vessels.

We all look different.

We all fulfill a unique need.

Yet we’re all made through a similar process. He knows where to push and pull on our hearts to make us into the vessels He had in mind before we took our first breath. He knows the glaze that best suits us as well as the firing temperature that won’t cause us to implode in the kiln. Yes, God is the Master Potter who knows what He’s doing with His clay.

Let’s Pray

God, I choose to believe You are my Creator and knew what You were doing when You made me. Thank You for being the Master Potter who shaped me into a unique and precious vessel. Lord, forgive me for doubting Your design. Open my eyes to see the ways You’re working in me to refine me and accomplish Your purpose in my life for Your glory. In Jesus’ name, amen.


How is God leading you to embrace His work as the Master Potter, who carefully formed you and shaped your life?

Excerpt from Unblinded Faith: Gaining Spiritual Sight Through Believing God’s Word by Elisa Pulliam

Congratulations to our giveaway winner: Carrie!

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Elisa Pulliam is the author of Meet the New You and Unblinded Faith as well as a speaker, life coach, and founder of She is passionate about inspiring women to experience a fresh encounter with God and His Word for the sake of impacting the next generation with Kingdom hope. Elisa strives to savors everyday life with her husband, Stephen, and their four incredibly different tween and teenage children.
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  1. Thank you so much Ms. Elisa Pulliam an excerpt from your book Unblinded Faith. When, I was reading about the clay, and how you molded the clay into a tea light bowl. I thought about how God is constantly molding me into the person he wants me to be. Yes, it’s painful sometimes because, he’s refining me for his kingdom. So, I’m willing to go through the fire to become more like our Savior Jesus Christ. I chose to make heaven my home, and am willing to go through being molded by his Word, and staying obedient to his Word, and what he wants me to do.

  2. Bless you my sister. I would love a copy of your book. It looks like something I could share with my family. Again God Bless You!!

  3. Great story! I too often complain to my Master about my flawed vessel. Can’t wait to learn even more from your book!

  4. It’s never too late! If it weren’t for God and my belief in Him, I probably wouldn’t be here today. I was the “1 out of 99” that He came for. I tucked Him away in my heart, because of life experiences and the doubt that it brings. He was there time after time in my failings. I now dwell in His word and find comfort in His love, grace and tender mercies. I’m 69 years old now, and have realized that I have missed out on so much of Him. Your excerpt touched my heart and I know how beneficial it would be for me! I want so much more enlightenment, so that I might share it with the younger generation. To let them know they need to “know NOW” so they don’t miss out and have regrets later.

  5. I love that we are all so unique! We are exactly who God intends us to be in this moment. It’s God’s job to transform us. It’s our job to let him, to be present, to be malleable, and trust Him through the process.

  6. I would love to have this copy. It looks like a amazing book. I love how it’s a new way of looking at things

  7. Would love to have a copy of your new devotional. Often I find myself doubtful of my purpose here but I must remember I am wonderfully and fearfully made!

  8. This looks like a “Must Read” Devotional. May God continue to bless you as you bless others with your gift of writin

  9. How good is God! My pastor is teaching on this very subject of The Potter’s Wheel. Thank you for your words oh Lord for they shall be heard throughout the world.

  10. thank you for sharing what God has given to you to help women. This piece from your book was very encouraging and insightful.

  11. Wow! What an insightful devotional. I rollercoaster from comfortable with who I am to wondering whether I’m really any good at anything and wishing I could change my body. I need to meet reality head-on. My body (assuming I’m taking care of it) is just the way God created it to be – shape and height. Complaining about it is stating that I believe God made a mistake. No! I am the person God created me to be. Finding out how God wants me to express that person means abiding in Jesus daily, learning from my failures and growing in spiritual maturity. It does not mean wishing God had made me differently

  12. It’s a nice book hope I can have one to guide me more on my journey of faith with God. God bless 😇🙏🏻❤️

  13. I love starting my day with a reading from a devotional book! This one sounds perfect for me as I often question my purpose.

  14. By the Holy Spirit that dwells in me I pray for the renewing of seeing each individual as Gods image….to treat everyone with love

  15. I thoroughly enjoyed the devotional about the potter and the clay. I am in a place right now where God’s is giving me beauty for the ashes of my divorce and making me into a new person. I am turning 71 years old soon and I really didn’t think I could go on living when my husband left me for a younger chick. But my God is making a masterpiece out of all the brokenness and pain, and I am able to smile again and I have hope through Jesus Christ. Sorry this is so long, but your devotional really encouraged me and I wanted to tell you why.

  16. I simply love the title of your book. Can’t wait to see how you will nudge us from our comfort zones .

  17. i am a wife, a mother of 2 teenage boys and am a caregiver. I have given my heart truly to God about 7 mos ago. I would love to try your devotional to help me become a reflection of Jesus. I want to learn to apply what im learning.

  18. Even before we were even formed in our mother’s womb, God knew how we would be created, what our scroll of life would be like and how He, the master potter would eventually would help us through our liffe’s journey.
    I am definitely interested in reading the book!

  19. Elisa,
    That was an amazing devotional. Your parallelisms were beautifully expressed. It truly touched my heart. I look forward to sharing it with my daughters, “daughters-in-love”, “granddaughters -in-love”, friends and teenaged granddaughters! Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

  20. The fire may be hot, the pressure extreme but willing to be made into His masterpiece for His own purposes! Praying this for you too!

  21. I truly loved the passage today. I sometimes have difficulty in this vein. I am very hard on myself and have to learn to stop and just believe that God made me who I am and he loves me just as i am.

  22. Thank you for centering your messages and books around the Bible. Thank you for providing truth!!!

  23. Hello Elisa. I thoroughly enjoyed your May 4th devotional- The Potters Hand. I have to remember that I am safe in my Heavenly Father’s Hands no matter what difficulties I’m facing, I would love to have a copy of your book- Unblinded Faith. Your excerpt from this book ( Gaining spiritual sight through believing God’s word) really touched me. Thank you for your kindness and inspirational literature.

  24. Beautiful and encouraging words Elisa. How often have I tried to mold myself instead of letting God mold me?

  25. Everyday I feel I need reshaping, I start out strong and weaken by the end of the day and end up beating myself up. I have to be reminded I am a Masterpiece in Progress. Thank You for the Devotion and the chance to win your Book

  26. Boy oh boy did I need to hear this! I have often question God’s reason for forming me the way he did and have never thought of myself as a masterpiece. This brought tears to my eyes. This will definitely be added to my bedside table.

  27. Would Love a new read and author. And new encouragement I could use this book right now I’m going through a lot

  28. I praise God that HE is the Potter and I am HIS clay and He continually shapes and molds me to be more and more like himself…
    I am thankful that He chose you to remind us and encourage us that We are His precious creation. I so look forward to your devotional that will spur us on to continue to grow into the woman He created me to be..
    Thank you for listening to Him to encourage us!
    May He continue to guide you and direct your path…May He pour His blessings upon you…

  29. What a wonderful analogy.
    We should not argue with God on our imperfections
    Acceptance of self is a difficult challenge BUT so necessary to move forward in our relationship with God

    Love the excerpt and would be thrilled to win the book!

  30. Thank you Heavenly Father and Gwen
    For bring this book to my attention.
    I am truly going through the storm right now and I need some assurance that everything is going to be alright. I would really like to win a copy of this book
    Unblinded Faith

  31. Hello….I’m thankful to be clay in the hands of an Almighty Potter. I have experienced deaths of both parents and a twin brother along with years of dealing with a husband with clinical.depression. I learned like Paul to be content. I have learned to accept what Gid allows, knowing that I’m on the Potter’s wheel and God is making an Awesome Vessel For His Glory and Ultimate Purpose. It so precious to know that He is mindful of me. When He finished with me…I will look just like Him.

  32. Love this analogy! So very true how He makes no mistakes, and there is beauty in our pain. He is using our struggle for His ultimate glory.

  33. I think it is Gods hand that I read about your book. I have been in despair in the last few weeks. I sometimes wonder lately if he is listening to me.

  34. Loved this. When we finally accept that God is the potter not we ourselves, only then can he take our lives and mold us into vessels in service to his kingdom .

  35. God has created a unique me and He has a sanctification process uniquely tailored for me as well. No cookie cutter growth plans! A good reminder when I wonder why I — or others — aren’t growing in the faith in the way I expect. Thanks, Elisa!

  36. Learning to embrace the me God created and to allow Him to do the changing has been a gradual learning that I need to be reminded of every now and again.

  37. I hope Kathy Michau receives your book. It sounds like she is facing a most challenging surgery and recovery! I pray they can find the issue, and relieve her pain. IN HIM, JULIE Maxwell

  38. Thank you, O Lord for being the Master Potter who skillfully and purposefully shaped me into a unique and precious vessel You are the Master Potter
    who knows what is doing with His clay.

  39. As a young widow of five years, and a retired teacher of 4 years, I am trying to find my niche. I teach 3rd and 4th grade girls in Sunday school, substitute teach, and LOVE being with my family, which includes 5 grandchildren. Some days, though, I feel “lost” in the day to day routines of life. I would LOVE to have a copy of your book. I know it will be a blessing to me.

  40. Since I had my first back surgery in 2013, I have marveled at the complexities of the human body and all of the ways that things can go wrong. LOL Now I am facing the hardest challenge so far, actually harder than the last surgery I had which left a 17 in. incision straight down my back, because it is unknown. For 8 months I have been in constant, severe pain and no one knows why.
    If I ever needed to hold onto to what God has promised, it is now. If I ever needed to know that He will not leave me or forsake me, it is now. If I ever needed a consistent time in communication with Him, it is now.
    Thank you for your prayers…

  41. Just read the excerpt from Unlined Faith and would really love to read more. Much love and blessings.

  42. I too tried to be a potter not as easy as it looks. I would have very upset if the few things I made and treasure were to tell me I was doing it wrong or was clumsy. I never thought about God having the same reactions to my comments about my self!!

  43. I need to definitely spend more time with God and in prayer. Any book that would help me with this would be a blessing.

  44. I WISH I could get my heart and mind to ACCEPT your words about God’s master piece love for His creations you mentioned. I believe He loves, …proving it by Christ’s sacrifice but my heart/mind cannot accept or grasp He feels the way you say about me.

  45. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win this book. It’s really a great opportunity to not only read it but to share it with others.
    Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to offer it to us.
    Most of all thank you for allowing us to be a part of your daily life in that you would take time to think of your fans.

    Take care!

  46. Before I understood the important of those trying tests God allows us to go through, I asked him to please give me a break. Just for a little while. I realize now that I never want Him to stop. I want Him to continue to mold me into who He plans for me to be.

  47. Thanks to Girlfriends in God that I connected with & follow daily their saturated , biblical , teachable , applicable blogs & emails! I enjoyed the beautiful excerpt from Elisa from Unblinded Faith! It’s because of faithful women like you all that I can build are stronger relationship with Jesus & come to really know Him better.

  48. Would love to win this book. Would be a great Mother’s Day present for my mom. Thanks for the giveaway. May God bless you.

  49. I am in much need of unblinded faith. Thank you for posting the clay Potter story. It did give me hope and insight.

  50. After reading the excerpt, all I wanted to do was keep going! I need this book in my life & know exactly who I’d pass it to when I finished.

  51. Yes!! All the time I wonder if God messed up when he made me! If he loves me, what sin is hindering and/or burdening me, what I’m doing wrong, why am I struggling so much? Am I just a screw up doomed to hell… ugh..can I do anything?
    I need prayer, and faith, and belief, and….

    Then I was checking my emails. And I read your sample devotional, and was like Yes! Yes! That’s me… and started relating to the article (except, I think I’m more severe, it’s all about me you know.. enter rolling eyes now)..

    I especially liked hearing about your masterpiece-“an itsy bitsy bowl fit for holding a tea light candle.” that you took pride in because you made it.

    I am no artist, but sometimes I like to paint rocks… Just recently, I painted bumblebee’s onto a couple of little rocks, for a long time friend of mines birthday present… We’ve called each other the “B’s” for years.. and those little rocks, they kind of looked like a 5 year old did them, but I couldn’t get over how cute they were!! I kept looking at them, and saying, “Wow, Those are so cute!” and liked what I had made too.

    But, the struggle has been so much lately! My Daddy moved to Georgia a little over a year ago, and then he took ill last February, and I flew out there to be with him, had a rental car, and used my personal insurance. (MISTAKE!) I dented the front fender, and didn’t worry about it, as I used my insurance. In March, my insurance denied it, and come to find out I have insurance only on MY car..and the rental car place wants $1600…Then in April, mine and my husbands bank accounts were completely depleted for a totally different reason, and we are still struggling to get the money returned, and haven’t been able to pay for our prescriptions, the dented GA car, extra essentials/luxuries, My marriage is struggling, complete silent treatment, I’d say on both ends, Anddddddd, I struggle with depression, and today it feels severe, like a heaviness that is just sitting on me, and I want to burst into tears for no particular reason… work.

    And then, back to the second paragraph of this novel I’m writing.
    I smiled this morning, after I read your sample devotional… and felt not so all alone. I remembered, that while I was in Georgia, God granted me that I got to see my Daddy taken off life support, getting a bit better, talking to him, in his right mind (he still needs salvation so pray please!), getting a hug and kiss (sorely missed), And even though, all of our money (a whole whopping $1800) was depleted, we were blessed with a weekend camping trip with our church, and that we have a great church family, the bank returned the $125 fee it charged to deplete our accounts, we’ve been able to pay the minimum on a couple of our bills, we’ve had food to eat every day, and a roof over our heads, and lastly, that God is showing me he loves me in little ways, little devotionals that just happen to be similar to my day, and that I need to pray more, and seek Him more, I could go on and on..

    Thank you Elisa-I would love a copy of your book.
    Thanks for letting me share

  52. I have been through so much and now found out hsve 3 rd stagekidney failure due to theLupus. I trusting him for everything.

  53. This sounds like an incredible study and I would love to win this so I can present it to our 5 year old Bible Study with women of all ages and I can safely say most, if not all have said on occasion, why did God create me like this or something of that nature. I think this would be an amazing study for our 36 member bible study. But, if I don’t win it, I’m hoping to get info to our leader to peruse the content for our study. Thank you and God bless you for caring enough to write this.

  54. I am fearfully and wonderfully made. The Lord is still working to refine me. Thank you Gwen for the opportunity to win a copy of Elisa Pulliam’s Devotional UnBlinded Faith!!

  55. I am God’s masterpiece and life may not always feel good as I am being transformed into the woman He is creating me to be.

  56. Great devotion. I once heard it asked… Do you suppose it hurts God’s feelings when we criticize ourselves? “But, I worked so hard on making you.”

  57. My husband was diagnosed this week with glioblastnoma brain cancer who’s is not curable. He had surgery last Tuesday. What a shock and what feelings of hopelessness. We love JESUS and are dependent on Him. Please pray for us

  58. Faith can be hard but once you believe its hard not to have hope even in the hardest circumstances

  59. What a wonderful way to express how GOD is molding us to be who HE wants us to be! Great message! GOD BLESS!

  60. Thamk you for the wonderful devotional,we sre fearfully and wonderfully made,fsthrr is is the master potter molding and shaping us into his image.God bless.

  61. How true this rings for me – While my husband endured a 6 year illness that ultimately lead to him seeing God in all His glory, I wrestled with the “whys”. But during that time God used this trial to help me become more patient with not only my husband but it lead to me realizing how God wants me to be with all His loved ones! He truly molded me like the clay and I did resist at first by being angry and hurt; but, as time went on, I realized how His hands were molding into His path for me.

  62. Thank you for that beautiful devotion. We are truly “fearfully and wonderfully made” aren’t we?
    Blessings to you as you continue to lead other women unto the Love of our Lord!

  63. I don’t open every email but I was led to open this one.
    It’s been a difficult time. Divorcing after 21yrs of marriage, stayed home to raise our kids, the last 6 yrs of marriage was mentally & financially abusive. My husband turned into a Narcissist or maybe he always was. But I have leaned on my faith to get me through this time. Those days when I want to go back, (yes, there are those days) and the Lord reminds me, it’s all you knew but I have all you will ever need!
    I am trying to read/listen to anything that will grow my faith in my Savior!

  64. This book and your words about what it entails has touched on a topic that I struggle with. It would be an amazing book for my library.

  65. I know that God, the Master Potter, created me for a purpose. I may not fully know it or understand it, but I know that the Lord will push me in the right directions and down the right paths. All I have to do is “BE STILL”! Thank you. God bless you!

  66. I have always wondered why I was created the way I am. Being a twin, my brother and I are so different. I’m a reborn again Christian and I feel this book will help in my studies. God bless.

  67. Oh how I need this devotional! I don’t argue with God but I do question why I look like I do and why I’m the way I am. I want that confidence that I’m exactly like God intended me to be. Thank you for considering me for this giveaway and God Bless you.

  68. This excerpt from “Unblinded Faith” spoke to me in a powerful way today. I have been a Christian for many years, but recently have found myself shamefully arguing with my Master Potter. Thank you.

  69. I never knew this verse existed in the Bible, eventhough I went through a full Theology study. It struck me at the heart! I am so grateful there are people like you to open peoples eyes to the truth of scripture and our own place in God’s heart. Thank you from Ruth in the Netherlands.

  70. Thought this message was very inspiring. I always enjoy
    Reading other things from other people Girlfriends of God,
    Is a favorite and I love when they have their friends add
    Their devotional’s also. God has given me many blessings
    For which I am grateful.

  71. BLESSED Day Elisa. You have no idea how your word today jumped at me. I’ve been intentionally reading the devotion reading plan for your Unblinded Faith and each day I keep asking myself why did this book come at a time when all I want is CONFIDENT HOPE AND UNBLINDED FAITH IN MY CREATOR. I’m going thru a difficult circumstance and GIRL I can’t begin to tell you how my time with the LORD has been so unbelievably amazing, good, beautiful and scary all at the same time. I NEED my CREATOR to NOT GIVE UP on ME. I know beautiful things will come out of this trial I’m in right now. All I’ve been asking him for over and over again has been FAITH, TRUST, HOPE AND CONFIDENCE IN HIM. I really hope I win the book as I feel you, your message and your book came into my life path for a reason. BLESS YOU Elisa for being HIS earthly vessel for the women here still living to GLORIFY HIS WILL AND PURPOSE.

  72. God is amazing. As I woke up today, I am struggling to feel the beauty within the masterpiece God created me to be. He spoke to me yet again – when I read your post, I know he hears my prayers – in moments just like these! Thank you – even if i don’t win!!

  73. I could so use this. I’m going through a tough situation and pray daily that I can surrender totally to Him and let Him mold my life how he has planned. To totally trust Him and desire His will.

  74. God’s plans are always best for us, no matter what. We can’t always figure out what he’s doing, but we can trust Him to prepare us for that plan. As the song says, “if we can’t see His hands, we can trust His heart!

  75. Amen!
    Thank you so much for that lift up this morning!
    The reminder of what our Lord has in store for all of us as the sculpting and molding transpires in all circumstances is so overwhelming and amazing!
    God is Good All The time!
    Have a wonderful blessed day!

  76. Sometimes I get frustrated after a massive stroke and aging but when people get upset with me I point upward and tell them….. talk to Him, He made me this way and all for His glory.

  77. Elisa, thank you so much for putting the Lord and pottery together in a way that I hadn’t thought of previously. I too tried to become an accomplished potter, but I was to focused on the outcome and not the process. Your post was that ah-hah moment needed to show me that I have to allow the work to move through me, be receptive to the tension and unafraid of the pressure of being shaped into a more Christ centered vessel.

  78. After reading the excerpt from ‘Unblinded Faith’, I was derailed; in a good way!

    The profound realization that my Heavenly Father’s design was specific and intentional, took on new meaning. He imagined me, then lovingly formed me, and brought me to life. I was/am created after His image, there is no no greater love.

    Thanks for a word, spoken during a season in my life, when I needed it most.

  79. Wow, such a beautiful depiction of the Master Potter. The pray is an amazing prayer. I will be sharing this with other women. Thanks.

  80. Beautiful excerpt! Reading through was exactly what my soul needed on this Friday morning! Thank you for sharing!

  81. OH MY!!! The devotional you shared from the book, “Unblinded Faith” was exactly what I needed to read today! I can only imagine what the rest of her book contains! Grasping such deep meaning in scripture like Elisa Pulliam did in today’s shared devotion is what my heart longs to do. I would love to receive her book!!

  82. I’ve been moving into a new phase of life this past Year and it’s been hard so I would love to read this book!

  83. Sometimes we believe we could have done a better job of making us who we are but wow! We should not . God made us who We are for a specific purpose,to glorify Him.

  84. I never realized that I was offending the Creator when I belittled myself. I always had a poor opinion of myself but it didn’t occur to me that I am NOT junk. God made me and God doesn’t make junk!

  85. I never thought about it this way. I am arguing with the Creator of the Universe about what is wrong with me. There is nothing wrong with me since He made me. I need to rely more on him for my words and actions.

  86. I’ve been thinking about taking a pottery class! There’s a new place here in town that recently opened! I know God is working in me to mold & shape every bit of me! After reading this I think I’m going to go for it!! ❤️

  87. God amazes me everyday. He knows my thoughts and my heart. Reading this made me remember “He is the potter, I am HIS clay.” He molds me daily to the person he created me to be. Wow. Thank you for reminding me of this. I needed that today. Have a blessed day everyone.

  88. I’ve been a little too busy telling my Potter-Father that He needs to stop this! Because it hurts sooooo much, I assume it can’t be His will or He can’t be using it for good. Wrong! Thanks for the timely reminder…

  89. I loved your excerpt and would love for the women I minister to through my non profit women ministry W.O.M.B. (Women Overcoming Many Battles) to be blessed by your message as well. Will there be a bible study as well?

  90. The end result of your masterpiece made me smile and thankful that God has a wonderful divine purpose for my life. This year He has slowly and lovingly ushered me into stepping out in faith and it has been an eye opener. It has made me bold and confident in who I am in Him, oh, how I have wasted so much time.

  91. Over the last 3 years my life has taken some very sorrowful and blinding turns yet when I cry out to God his admonition to Be Still and Wait come thru loud and clear. He’s shaping me into a better, more God filled person and every day I can look back and see how he’s changing me. I’m very excited to read this book.

  92. I have gone through so many transformations in the past 2 years and continue to question what God’s plan is for me because he has definately put me on an unexpected path and i feel somewhat confused, lonely and a bit weary. I would love to read your book.

  93. I just read this post and would love to win this book! I am a widow of two and a half years and have realized that God wants me to use this time for more Bible study to get to know Him better. I took my first online Bible study I Want It All with Gwen Smith and learned so much I didn’t know. I just ordered two more of her books so can’t afford this one right now. But I know if God wants me to have it He will make a way. God bless you!

  94. Hello Elisa
    I would LUV nothing more than to recv this 90 day devotional due to I often wonder if I am spinning into the mold that God planned for me to spin into or am I spinning out of control. Thank you for bringing God’s word to BLESS/KEEP others on theiui r planned path according to HIS was word.

  95. One of my biggest struggles is looking in the mirror and seeing flaws. This devo reminds me that in my imperfections, God sees beauty – because He created me after all! With all my scars, with all the loose skin from having children, with all the grey hair – He loves me anyway. Each of these are treasures of a life well lived when viewed through the eyes of God. I try every day to see myself as He sees me.

  96. You know God is on the move! He has been working with me on several matters. I am excited to say .. I am gathering several not many, elderly women, so we can do Bible Study together..keeping our faith strong!! My first study is the ARMOR OF GOD. Really excited about what the Holy Spirit spoke to me about.
    I would love to win your devotional book.. It would bring insight in our gathering.
    Thank you

  97. It’s amazing how God leads us to the perfect place at the perfect time. The last couple days I have been struggling with who I am and who I was meant to be. I haven’t checked my email in weeks and this morning I did and came upon this. God is so good! Thank you for being the person that God made you to be. Even if I wouldn’t win, I will be purchasing the book, and if I do, then I can share with a friend. Thank you!

  98. I really enjoyed the interconnection of our Master Potter and her experience of her pottery experience. I have never taken a pottery class and was unaware of the progression. This gave me an uplifting feeling. God is so good

  99. God has been refining, shaping and restoring me into someone that is so different. Exposing all of myself and expanding my vision not that I fully understand all that He wants me to do. Waiting on Him as i’m having so many pushes via email and others around.

  100. I thought that the reading on t he Potter’s wheel was awesome. I like the title Unblinded Faith. I am blind and I have to trust in the Lord so much. I used to be angry because I was blind but now I have embraced it and no longer have shame or anger. I now feel that God made me this way for a reason and a purpose! I feel I am supposed to educate people about being blind and about guide dogs. I also belong to a few blind support groups and feel that I am a person who helps people by encouraging them and telling them my story how I overcame anger and depression. Jesus has been so good to me. He has transformed my life by his great love. A song for you: You are the potter, I am the clay, mold me and make me this is what I pray. Change my heart oh God. Make it ever true. Change my heart Oh God may I be more like you! That is what we want dear Lord to be more like you! blessings to you all!

  101. Enjoyed the excerpt. Helps me to read practical applications of God’s Word that I can share with others. May you do well with your book. Thanks for sharing!

  102. I love waking up and doing my bible reading and devotionals. I would so love to read this one….as sometimes I question things about myself……I don’t have the gift to talk…..but then I see I do have the gift to write. But that doesn’t always help. I cant write to people I meet! I need to use my voice. Many see me as shy and some probably see me as rude, because I don’t know how to make conversations. !!! To know further Gods love and faithfulness reminds me I am a child of God…made unique!!! Thank you!!!!

  103. I loved your devotion, it was just what I needed to read this morning! You have a wonderful way with words! I would love to win your book!

  104. I have a friend that would love to read this book and needs to read this book! It would be a great gift!

  105. God is so good! I LOVE reading all my GIG’s messages/devotionals every day! They have made me a stronger Christian and has helped me with my struggles.

    In Jesus Precious Name, Amen

  106. Hi,
    I seriously need something like this in my daily life. I’m looking forward to learning more. Thank you Gwen Smith and Elisa Pulliam for all you do. I needed that this morning.

  107. I am approaching a time in my life where many changes are coming and I have been praying that I will have the courage to set aside my will and become the clay that God can mold into the vessel I was meant to be according to HIS will. It has been a struggle because like so many of us, I really don’t like change. Just from reading this excerpt from Unblinded Faith, I know that this book would be a tremendous help to me.

  108. I make quilts and I have one on my desk that is far from perfect but it still makes me smile and I know that is how God thinks of me. Not perfect but I still make him smile

  109. Thank you Elisa for the reminder that the perfect Potter shaped me in a design fit for His purpose and place for me.

  110. God has been leading me through a season of understanding that only my relationship with Him is what has mattered all along. While I was in fear of not being good enough or having enough compared to others Hes been showing me that none of it matters and to focus my eyes on Him! Your excerpt was a lovely message that i’m on that right path, still focused. Thank you.

  111. After reading that excempt from Unblinded Faith, I know God is molding me and perfecting me and having me seek after Him. I would love to read more and also just grow more in Him.

  112. After my husband passed away I had to move in with my mom who has dementia. I feel I have lost my identity. Mom is worse and I stay stressed. I think I am the clay fighting against the potter.

  113. Wow! Elisa writes like she would be talking directly to me! And doesn’t condemn me for my doubts but admits that she feels/has felt the same way before. Her encouragement is contagious! Thank you, Elisa!!

  114. I love reading devotionals to go with my Bible reading time. This would be a good one to read a d to have my teenage daughters read.

  115. Sometimes we feel like we wish this life was just easier or that God should be leading us differently. Remember, God never fails! He doesn’t make mistakes; though He will allow us to. I will live for more purpose today because you have reminded me that I am His clay.

  116. The visual of the art of making a vessel helps put her words to life.
    I am quick to label myself and have been working in seeing who I am in God’s eyes.
    I like the simplicity of her words and the depth of her message.

  117. I would love to win this book and be able to share it with my family. we could really use it right now. thanks for the opportunity

  118. This perspective helps me to accept my flaws, my scars, both physical and emotional. The Potter is still shaping me and refining me! I would love to win this book and share it!

  119. Ready to ready this one and see how God mold me more like HIS son JESUS thank you Elisa! Blessings

  120. I sometimes question if I’m really where God wants me to be, if I’m doing what He wants me to be doing, or if I took a left turn somewhere and just didn’t realize it. This book sounds wonderful! Thank you for the opportunity to win it.

  121. This is the second book this week I have read a small part of and thought, “Oh no, this book is talking about me!” Too often I complain about who I am, where I am, what I’m doing and how this is not who I want to be, where I want to be nor how I want my life to be at this time. What a lack of trust and faith in my loving Creator!! Thank you for helping me to see me from a very different perspective.

  122. Elisa!!!!! Wow girl, what a picture of words you created in my mind, I could see a college girl working on that itty bitty tea light holder. I could see you gleam with pride on it’s completion! What a picture you created in my mind of God and us (me)! Your self worth just boosted up a notch after reading that I am sure, how could it not?!
    Regardless if I win the give away or not, I want in….I want this devo, no, I need this devo!!! Super job!

  123. I love this comparison. If only we took as much time to live up to our Maker’s expectations as He did in forming us to His likeness, we could have a much more satisfying relationship with the Lord!

  124. So often we try to take things own our own. We forget we have creator who is perfect and will perfect our lives and all situations.

  125. What a good reminder that God created me and thankfully is still working on me, to make me who He has created me to be.
    Thanks Gwen for sharing Elisa’s book.

  126. I love to read book. I would love to win and read her new book. Plus because of finances i cant buy this book. I really would love to tead it.

  127. I thank God for creating me the way He has. I have felt that I was not perfect, but I am reminded by His word that I am!! I would appreciate reading your devotional! God bless you!

  128. Comparing our spiritual growth to the forming of a piece of pottery makes so much sense! Whenever I feel like a smooshed pile of play-doh, I can remember to stand up straight like the vessel God is making me to be! Thank you for this encouragement!

  129. This gives a great picture for someone like me, who knows nothing about the process of pottery making, but quite a lot about life. What an awesome God we have!!

  130. Thanks for the opportunity to win this book. It amazed me at how you described the clay and it’s forming to become what you designed it to be. God designed us with a purpose as well. Like the way you explained that.

  131. This book sounds amazing!! I need to refocus in my walk with God and have a faith that can move mountains!

  132. Thank you for sharing this excerpt. I really needed to see this today. Can’t wait to read this book!

  133. Many times I wondered why God am I here in this place or circumstance. Over the years I have found it was the place where I needed to be to grow closer to my Lord and Savior and also see that He was the one working the plan in my life not me.

  134. I tried some pottery one day…so much harder than it looks, especially getting “centered,” Makes me realize that if our lives are not “centered” on Christ His creation is also not what He intended. In order to find the beauty He desires for us, a life of inner peace, we must be centered on Him. Thank you for sharing.

  135. So thankful that God is the potter of our life
    What a blessing to know he has control tonmold us into what he has created. And sees in each of us
    So undeserving but also blessed. I love you Lord ♥️

  136. I would love to win this book to read more about my Master Potter and learn how to trust his work in my life in all circumstances. To embrace the process of becoming the vessel he’s created me to be.

  137. I have always loved the hymn about the God being the potter and us being the clay. I love how you used that analogy of it and I really needed to hear that today. Thank you for that. I would love the opportunity to read and study more about what you write about in your book.

  138. Sounds like what I need. I know its a difficult journey. Sometimes I feel like I am starting to become the vessel God wants me to be and then something else is dropped in my lap. And the cycle continues. The struggles the conflict the doubts. And then again I think I’m where I should be and I’m there a little longer and then another thing. Look forward to studying your book

  139. Thank you so much for this message. I am 75 years old and still struggle with my insecurities. This resonated in my inner most being. I’ve always felt “less than”. When people teased me, I always laughed with them, but my heart hurt. head knows I am a child of a King. I need to know this confidently. Thank you. Jan Franklin

  140. After reading the ‘Potter’s Hands’, I thought about how many times we try to reshape & remold ourselves to fit societies view of us. What a waste of precious time & effort, when we have been created by the Perfect Master Potter- into exactly what we were intended to be! Enjoyed reading your excerpt & looking forward to more!

  141. Thank you for the reminder that the sanctification process is hard but there is a purpose behind it. A week ago today, I was laid off from a job I love. It is difficult not to question what God is doing. However, I am reminded by your words that God DOES have a purpose for all that he does. Thanks again!

  142. God is working on my heart and mind through His word and spirit! Thank you Father!!
    I was abused emotionally and physically as a child. I thought that once I married a safe, loving man that loved me…all that baggage would disappear!! No way!
    I’ve always felt bad about myself and wonder how God could really love me???

  143. Great excerpt. I would love to win the book. I do feel overwhelmed at times by the trials I endure and compare myself to others who seem to soar through life.

  144. This is a beautiful picture of our Creator in His design for us all. Life can create our flaws but we have to realize we were not created with them and our Creator can mend us.

  145. In Psalm 139, its says I am wonderfully made and my creater does not make mistakes.Thank you for the reminder that my God is awesome and your devotion sounds like it would be a wonderful Book to enjoy in the morning
    Have a great day and God Bless you.

  146. Such a beautiful reminder today! Thanks for sharing. Hoping to get to read the whole devotional!

  147. Hi , I believe the Lord is with me moment by moment. He is my ROCK and my FORTRESS and has been with me since I was in my mother’s womb.I have been close to death but HE saved me and I love HIM so. He is the LIGHT OF THE WORLD and is leading me to follow Him even in my Retirement Home, ministering to the 80/90 year old residents. Lord HELP Me to LOVE MYSELF & OTHERS & PRAY for those who are MENTALLY DISABLED that they may BE IN LOVE WITH THE LORD & NEVER LEAVE HIM.

  148. To God be the Glory.I really enjoyed reading the excerpt from your book.Thats where I’m at in my life now,I’ve done some crazy wild things and I always ask myself why would God want to use me.I feel unworthy.Would love to read more so I can get a better understanding of me(God’s cracked teacup).

  149. I was personally moved and inspired and would love to win a copy of this book for daily devotional. Thank you

  150. I loved the way you looked at The Potter’s Wheel. Yes we are all different! Thank you for your wonderful insight!

  151. Not knowing anything about pottery, this is so good and insightful! Hope all the devotionals cause this much “rethinking” of what you thought you knew! (Or did’n’t…lol)

  152. I enjoyed this excerpt from your devotional. Very Bible-based and very personal. Hoping to read others!

  153. Loved this devotion. Very thought provoking and convicting for me.
    Would love to read and study more.

  154. What a wonderful illustration! Very vivid yet immediately makes one think and respond with, how does this apply to me?

  155. Wow… I feel like you’ve been eavesdropping on my personal time! I’m in a waiting period which has left me with so many questions. Learning to simply trust Him is part of this refining process for me. I’m so used to doing and working…
    Thank you for writing this!

  156. Thank you for the reminder that God is The Master Creator of our lives, and He doesn’t make mistakes! I would love to have your devotional to help me did in more into His word. May the Lord richly bless you as you bless others!

  157. Thank you for sharing this AMAZING devotional!! I would love to read more from the book “Unblinded Faith”!!

  158. LOVE, love love this devotion. I understand the pottery process. I also took pottery classes in college and have explained the process to my Bible group. God has used many of the steps to making a beautiful piece of pottery to teach me many lessons in life. Thanks for sharing

  159. Thank you for this wonderful reminder to be happy with the person God created as me! Hard not to always be critical of myself!

  160. “Unblinded Faith, ” instantly I needed to know exactly what this broad title would entail.
    In these later years of this earthly life, I daily question my Father’s true purpose in my creation because honestly, since birth, I’ve battled the devil just to at least understand… something.
    Not feeling like I belong. No sense of home. Never the chance of family, love or just a simple moment glimpse of happiness. An outsider always alone. After suicide attempts, during a therapy session, this realization smacked me deep within my very soul…
    Not only was I created and automatically born into this world carrying the sin from Adam and Eve BUT, I also was a mistake that was born as an accident and although innocent baby I was, I now carried not just the 1 sin but gained another because of the 2 that decided adultery, wrecking 4 little girls lives and breaking their mother’s heart as well as simple lust meant more…
    I had the cards stacked against me from that first drawn breath and have fought hard on this bloody battlefield called life, to stay alive and find that purpose He intended in this last chapter of my story…
    Do I think my Father messed up? These past 3 years have been literally the worst hell in my life and that’s being listed with molestation, abuse, rape etc… I lost my strength, my knowledge and my will to not only fight for what my heart knows is right but, I actually was finally broken into billions of pieces and was very close to giving in and letting go.
    Yet, I always had this voice deep within my soul, reminding me of whom I was and how strong I once was… my Father.
    I felt the devil coming after me. I realized that this struggle since birth, he’s consistently attacked, relentlessly from every side imaginable, why?
    The prophesy and end rapidly approaches and the devil is scared, going after those he fears the most, “WARR;ORS,” that will be clothed with God’s Armor as they bring him down in their Father’s name…
    I mean, that’s the only explanation that it could be, right? I held dearly to that within my heart. Even when my best friend and I liked to call her, my adoptive daughter in one split second, the beat to her heart ceased with her 5 year old daughter beside her and her almost 1 year old son asleep in his crib… irregular heartbeat, she was buried on her 29th birthday.
    I clung fiercely to that hope… more pain, more isolation with not one soul around to help break me free until last month. I had someone actually get me away from that hell, I was seeing a glimmer of maybe getting my life back until…
    I called her my Warr;or Sister. We were connected deeply for a reason… her 6 and 4 year old little girl’s called me nana kk just like my adoptive daughter’s 5 year old did.
    In just another blink of an eye, a bump appeared upon her nose, cancer it was. Such a Warr;or, inspiration, fighter and one those blessed by God, not one day did she give in or give up or feel sorry for herself but instead smiles upon her face even when her only car to treatment broke down and even when her beautiful long hair disappeared… as I was breaking free, her girls and her rang the bell when that last final treatment was complete.
    She made it.
    Less than 2 weeks later, she was in ICU where at 29, she was told the cancer was throughout her body and once again she would be put through chemo but only remission could she pray for…
    Not 5 days after that, those beautiful majestic wings opened wide as she carried herself up, up to her Heavenly Father in the sky…AT 29!!!!
    Both… both leaving 2 young children behind… No reason… No explanation… and yet, now within me, the questions come forth to Him from my lips… my life has been nothing but a struggle just to fight to survive. I’ve lost everything repeatedly, my 2 boys are what kept me fighting for during 1 of those suicide attempts, I would have succeeded, God changed my mind and helped pick me up and fight…
    Now, I look around at this world, my life and ask Him, ” Why? Why did I even bother?” Etc…
    He should have taken my life twice over and however many more… I would gladly take the places within this devil’s soil, of such beautiful young and blessed mother’s whom not only had not even half their lives did they live but, whom now both leave precious and innocent children motherless.
    My sorrow was not put upon me from birth for arguing/ debating with my Father… my creator, no, definitely not for that would not make sense for TRUE, PAINFUL, STONE COLD SORROW, I only just found and it was only when instead of giving up, giving in and finally finding the deep miracle of my Father, the Bible and actually believing my purpose was just around the corner this year…
    No, that sorrow was back to back to back with each attempt I fought hard to pull myself back up, it was the devil kicking my face back to the ground and with each kick, the harder it became to breathe as I clawed and gasped for air…
    I apologize for this being so long, I sincerely do but, truthfully and honestly, God may have messed up in my, “OOPS!”, creation and in each decision or change, I admittedly screwed up and always made the wrong turn etc…, yet, He has been there every step I limped and He has put these things or people into my life so I would know what miracles were, that i would witness Angels in human form walking beside us as well as every experience, although continued and painful they have been, I’ve been called upon to help others…
    Biological family, no… He did not give nor send to me for He was the only Family and true Father my heart did finally need.
    I look forward to your book and I definitely know answers to many questions I’ve asked since a child may finally be given and this pain, hurt, isolation etc… this last chapter of my story, just might actually help me to heal through your words.
    Thank you for that catchy title and picking the brief glimpse of written words for just that, reminded me of a long ago person I once was and feared was lost.
    Thank you again.

  161. Wow. This excerpt made me think if how many times I have looked in a mirror and criticized the creation He made. I definitely need to take a holy pause each day and thank Him for what he created, and then do what is in my power to keep his creation pristine.

  162. This devotional was inspiring. Life can be challenging but the master has a plan and propose for each of us!

  163. You could not have explained that better .. as a person trying to grow my faith , I question who I am and why I am here .. reading your words made understanding the struggles so much easier … Thank you .. I look forward to reading more .

  164. What a great message, I’m excited to read more! In the world today young woman need to be reminded that God never makes a mistake, and we all have a important purpose.

  165. Lord, our Heavenly and gracious Father
    Help me out embrace your creation in me. Shape me Father and make me satisfied. In Jesus name I pray hallelujah

  166. Our trail and tribulations come to help mode and shape us in what God need us to be. Our trails my feel like they are going to break us but our faith keeps us from loosing our hope. Each trail shapes and mode in the right vessels God intended for us to be.
    To God Be The Glory!!!

  167. Oh this resonates with me! Because I am at the end of my marriage and everything I new has been stripped away. Although I have felt completely hopeless at times with where I will go in this life now, what Gods Plan is now for just me I feel Him calling the me to lay like clay on the wheel. I feel a reshaping, recreating happening and I can either dwell on who I was and the life I had or allow Him to recreate, mold, shape and turn me into some beautiful mater piece.

    I loved this excerpt from the book. I is now on my to read list 💕

  168. I was thinking how much we are like the clay-dirt! We have been picked up and can be formed into anything small or large, something simple or grand, we’ve been chosen for a purpose even though we are something as simple as dirt!

  169. Have thine own way Lord, have thine own way! You are the potter, I am the clay! Thank you Lord for molding me and making me from your will.

  170. This sounds awesome, and I totally love devotional books. They are my favorite. The sample you gave is amazing and God is shaping us each day. I can not wait to read this book. God bless

  171. The book Unblinded faith seems very great for many women, both young and old. I feel that the book can help many women to grow stronger in Christ Jesus.

  172. Amazing this bought tears to my eyes. Now I know I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Thank you

  173. I would love a copy of this book. Sounds like just what I am looking for in a new devotional book.

  174. I have been digging deeper in my faith especially since my OBS “I want it All” and have spent a lot of time thinking about what defines me—my value and my worth HAS to come from my Maker… He sees me as BEAUTIFUL!

  175. I would love this book. It already made me think of myself differently. I’m so hard on myself. It was good to remind me that God made me and loves me. So, I need to love myself. Tks.

  176. Well I was reading this I was convicted because lately I have been questioning God because of things that I’m going through. Struggling in my job personal family problems I’ve been wondering where God is. Thank you for sharing this today I needed that gentle reminder of God’s unfailing love and grace.


  178. How my weary soul needed to be reminded of God’s perfect craftsmanship. While I struggle through the brokenness of Postpartum Depression, I too often question the purpose of such a battle. Thank you for the reminder that His Hands created me, ALL of me, and that He always knows exactly what He’s doing. This too is part of my story and I pray for the strength to have unblinded faith during this difficult time.

  179. What a great devotional to start my day off with! God is good and He makes sure we are usable for Him to others.
    Thank you for the devotional and the opportunity to enter for a chance to win this devotional.

  180. Would love to win your book and learn more of how God wants to shape my life and grow my faith. Have a blessed day!

  181. A great way of leading us back to the master. Manier times we may forget as we rush to and fro of our busy schedules. But this devotional can be ready anytime. What better way than to indulge our selves to draw more closer to God. May we never forget to talk to God.

  182. I want my eyes opened. I want all God has planned for me. Thank you for the opportunity to win this book.

  183. God has many ways and reasons to wake us up each and everyday….. I am grateful he decided to wake me up today. I have a purpose still. Have a God blessed day!

  184. This devotional would be wonderful…the sample you choose to leave was words for my soul today ….Going through a JOB season right now and it was good to be reminded that God is the Master Potter….

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