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🌸 Well, hey there! Happy Friday! It’s GUEST POST and GIVEAWAY day and our featured friend today is author TRICIA GOYER. And lemme tell ya, this excerpt from Tricia’s book Walk It Out is going to be all up in your business. It hit me hard in the heart and has my mind reeling in deep reflection. I believe it will do the same for you too. SO, I invite you to take a deep breath, send up a quick prayer that the Lord will speak in personal ways, and take a walk in this challenging excerpt of Tricia Goyer’s WALK IT OUT.  {And be sure to leave a comment to qualify for the GIVEAWAY!} 🌸


I am exuberantly happy when I watch my family gathered around the table enjoying a meal. I love to see my children dressed in clean and comfortable clothes. Even as a teen mom I found great purpose in pulling my newborn son’s clothes out of the dryer and folding them. Caring for another person felt good. Most of us do long to help others, but knowing how to do it can be daunting on many levels. Even today one of my greatest joys is meeting the needs of others. So a few years ago when I traveled with a group of bloggers through the Kibera slums in Africa, I felt a deep helplessness. The needs were so many, so great, I couldn’t begin to meet them. Dear Jesus, I asked, what can be done here?

I pray that same prayer every week when I head into inner-city Little Rock to meet with the young moms in our support group. I’ve seen where young women turn when they feel they have no one who will help.

“This lady contacted me on Facebook. She saw I was a single mom and told me she knew a way I could make money fast,” one young mom confessed. “She introduced me to some people, and I sold my body. It was just horrible. I can’t believe I did that. And now this lady won’t leave me alone …”

People in need are easy prey for those who want to exploit them for their own gain.

When men and women reach the end of their resources, any promise of a way out of hunger and/or homelessness looks like a lifeline. Many reach out to anyone throwing them a rope, not realizing it’s a chain that will entangle them, pulling them even further into dark depths.

Most teen moms in our support group come from single parent homes or live with an extended family member. They face continual loss because of addictions, violence, and abandonment. Caught in a generational cycle of poverty, they have no idea how to escape. I want to help them, but I also worry about causing more harm than good.


If I give them too much, will they stop trying to be resourceful? Will they look to me to save them instead of to God? I don’t want these young women to become dependent on the gifts of strangers or the system; I want them to learn to be independent and to provide for their families themselves.

Yet I sometimes wonder if such concerns are just an excuse for not helping more. After all, showing compassion to the poor is part of our job description as believers.

Then the King will say to those on his right, “Come, you who are blessed by my Father; take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world. For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.

Then the righteous will answer him, “Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you something to drink? When did we see you a stranger and invite you in, or needing clothes and clothe you? When did we see you sick or in prison and go to visit you?”

The King will reply, “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” (Matt. 25:34–40)

If Jesus walked through my front door, I’d have no problem giving Him everything I have to give. So why do I struggle to give to others? I confess that sometimes I look at the needy and am tempted to think, They just need to stop their destructive behaviors and get their act together.

I don’t know about you, but for me some of the hardest Scriptures to come to terms with are ones that address helping the poor. Maybe because I know the cost of “my” gifts. To give something someone  needs, I may have to give up something I want.

Most of us will not be called to literally die for a friend, family member, or neighbor. (Aren’t we glad about that!) In comparison what God asks us to do seems far less costly: simply share what we have. Jesus laid down His life for us; can’t we head to the store and buy fifty dollars of groceries for someone in need?


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Tricia Goyer

Tricia Goyer is a God-centered, passionate and charismatic author with a detail-focused approach to her unique blend of writing. A prolific writer, she’s published over 70 books, including Walk It Out: The Radical Result of Living God’s Word One Step At a Time.
This USA-Today Best-selling Author has also won a two Carol Awards and a Retailer’s Best Award. She was also an ECPA Gold-Medallion Nominee and a Christy Award Nominee.
Tricia’s debut novel, From Dust and Ashes, was about the liberation of the Mauthausen Concentration camp in Austria at the end of World War II. Tricia researched at in Austria and interviewed over 100 veterans to collect their remarkable experiences…passing them on to a new generation of readers. Tricia puts the same dedication and detail into every book she writes.
Tricia’s writing style is vivid and heartwarming, allowing readers to take home more than engaging stories, but also incredibly inspiring messages of faith and hope. Her goal is to write stories that matter. Tricia Goyer is a homeschooling mom of ten, grandmother of four, and wife to John. With a busy life she understand the importance of making every word count.
To find out more about Tricia go to:

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  1. Loved this reading today – amazing how it fit into my day of going into the inner city to do home visits with people. Thank you!

  2. I’m struggling in several areas right now and reading this book could provide the direction and perseverance I need to keep my head up.

  3. It is alway good to read other peoples experiences when it comes to world issues…day to day issues…Poverty, Abuse(human/animals, Violence…It breaks my heart and really hurts my spirit to see how our human race became. We have a God of love and the sadness we cause Him, is never thought about as we continue our day to day life…I wish I had a vision for my life, for most of my life it is wasted…I hope your book reaches and touches lives for the better. Blessings. Ronel

  4. That is a most awesome message…thank you for sharing…I am definitely going to check out the book. God’s blessings always!!!

  5. Hello 1st I would like to say how blessed I have been by each of these publications. I am always searching for new ways to help me dive into the, I have a hard time with bible studying, so I can use all the help I can get. Thank you all! Now if I haven’t missed the give away I hope to win a copy, if I could I would purchase as many as I could but I live on a budget so I can do as much as I would like. Thanks for giving g out the opportunity for folks to win.

  6. Yes, this is the Million dollar question for today! I have a brother with addictions and we NEVER seem to know WHAT to give, HOW much to give, etc. but only when it comes to MONEY! So I asked the LORD to give me what He said I should give Him and ALL my Neighbors – LOVE! I never have run out of that and yes, I know he has needs. When I have simply stopped and asked God the WHAT, HOW, etc. as far as monetary and material needs, He has ALWAYS answered through the Holy Spirit! AMEN! Has my brother always done what he probably should…”NO!” but then again, neither do I but I rest my head at night knowing that I DID WHAT GOD TOLD ME TO DO! He will handle the REST! Love you LORD!!!

  7. leave a legacy of the love of Christ to those who have yet to know him or who struggle with the fact that he always will meet you exactly where you are !

  8. I am always in a quandary over giving to the homeless. Our Pastor says not to give to them as we sponsor food and shelter places in our community. However I cannot refuse anyone begging by the wayside as I go shopping. If I have money in my purse, I give it to them. However, I have found that helping my adult grandson has turned him into an irresponsible adult. So we have many decisions that only God can lead us. Thank you for the article, I appreciate your thoughts.

  9. I, too, struggle with this problem. The need is overwhelming and where do I start? Thank you for letting us know that you also struggle. But if we start small, God will show us where we can do the most good. We just need to be willing to follow his example.
    You are an inspiration so keep writing!

  10. This is prominent problem in our country today and one in which many ignore. We have children who don’t have enough food to eat, shoes to wear, clothes to wear, Many who are abused before are eyes. I think just as she talked in Africa it is over whelming and we don’t know where to start. Many see to through money at the problem and this not the answer but we need to provide financially but also time and items needed. It is a tiresome task which many do not want to take on and that is why they throw money into the situation for someone else to take of the problem. Some people could stop their bad habits but that does not include innocent children or those people who are unable to provide for themselves. We need to stop and think what Jesus did for us and then think each one of these people are loved by that same Jesus and we are to love them as He loved us.

  11. This resonated with my personal struggle to help the poor. Thank you for the challenge to go out of our comfort zone, be obedient to God’s word and to bless others in need.

  12. This brings back so many memories, when my infant son and I were abandoned. My husband decided that “I don’t want to be married anymore”. Our baby was only 11 days old. Shortly after that my baby was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect.
    I remember the days following this discovery. I moved back home which was not a good place for us. I ultimately remarried to escape. I wanted my son to have a father and a better life than what I had had.
    The marriage failed and it has taken years for me to come to grips with the realization that, that although I thought God had also abandoned me, He hadn’t. I had failed to recognize him and his touch in my life.
    Helping others has always been a passion for me because I know the walk, and I too struggle with what and how much to give and/ help.
    This much I know for sure, what I have is only by the grace of God, therefore it’s not mine to keep anyway. It’s to be used to give and share with others so that they too might recognize the presence and touch of God in their lives.

  13. I enjoyed the read.I myself have struggled as a single mom,now as a single grandmother. My prayers are always for single moms with children, because I know first hand how it feels to go through hard times. I have learned how to look to the Lord Jesus Christ, and he has supplied my needs. Since being saved from sin,I didn’t have to get a sugar daddy to help me.

  14. As a retired person I do not have lots of money and limited in giving. I have given when I worked to lots of organizations and sponsored five children until they were eighteen years old! I feel guilty because I cannot do more. I give more to local places that are closer and where I can give a helping hand! I work with inmates now, there is always a season in giving and god wants me humble all the time!

  15. It is very difficult to not judge the homeless/needy and wonder what got them into their situation. What do they do or not do to put them where they are.
    I need to change that thinking for sure

  16. Hi. Oh I think this book Walk it Out is very helpful to us. How many time God tell me to do something or give to others and I don’t do it because I think I can’t do it or I have not what they need or most of the time fear paralyze me. But the only thing God want that we simple share what we have. As believer I have to do it. Thank you Gwen for share this post with us. Thank you Tricia for the inspiration to write. Blessings!

  17. I am now a senior citizen but I was at one time in my younger days living in the worst gang infested area in Detroit and doing anything I could to survive. This realllly touched how I once was and now helping those very people any way I can. Mostly by listening. Ms. Baxter

  18. I am struggling with something similar…. my beautiful, first born daughter is 29, She is and always has been my sunshine. She is employed, but can’t currently afford her own place. Her landlord has given her notice that they will be moving in August. She is basically a single mother of my granddaughter, who is 5 years old, and is pregnant due in about 4 months. My sweet girl is not married, and the baby daddy doesn’t have a job, runs amuck, and is in and out of jail/prison. My pregnant sunshine asked if she could stay at my place with my gbaby. I live in a one bedroom apartment, with my husband. I told her yes of course, but baby daddy is not welcome. She got upset and hung up on me. It just so happens that my mother has an available room, and has offered it to my sunshine. But, sunshine says she only going to stay there temporarily as she is not going to keep baby daddy’s kids away from him…. ???!!! What the heck… Please pray for my daughter, grandchildren, and that baby daddy. And me, because I feel worried… but, God is in control… I know this…

  19. The hardest thing to do is give when you have little to work with. I’ve learned from God that we give “Time, Tithe and Talent”. If after tithe, food, household and personal needs and bills there is little or nothing monetarily to give, we still can render time and talent with the Lord’s love asking for discernment to know the “when’s, where’s, why’s and who’s” to give time to. And, most important to pray to know “how much time” to make sure family and personal needs are not ignored.

  20. This is a good reminder to help the poor and needy and leave the rest to Jesus. I struggle with giving the homeless individual on the street corner a dollar. My logic mind says… why..what will he use it for?. But when the Holy spirit prompts me, I will remain obedient.

  21. Tricia’s words are powerful! I first “met” her on the Grit ‘n’ Grace podcast and have enjoyed following her since then. Thank you, Tricia, for another powerful lesson!

  22. Hi Gwen and Tricia! Thank you for sharing this truth with us. It’s a wonderful reminder to follow the call from Jesus and help those in need. They are all around us if only we will look. Praying for you both today. Blessings!

  23. I enjoyed today’s excerpt of Walk it Out. I consider myself a giving person, my struggles are when I am the one in need sometimes I get frustrated at other people’s reactions. Even people that I have helped in the past. BUT, our Lord ALWAYS comes through for me. I too am a single mom. But, I was married for 25 years, and it is still hard sometimes to adjust to a one income family.

    Keep up the good work!!

  24. Love, love, love this call to live sacrificially. It challenges me and it also makes me grieve for the many many Christians who gives very little of their God bestowed treasure to others. I need to be praying for them and for myself to be willing to pour out from the abundance that God has so graciously given to us

  25. I know that uncomfortable feeling in the pit of your stomach about helping those who are somewhat “scary” people. You know, the ones, those who may leach on to you when all you want to do is freely give and not hang tightly with. I find these desperate ones are the ones who need love and compassion all the more. So, give freely and let God do all the rest.

  26. Today I gave to the homeless standing at the gas station. I took the time to talk with her and to let her know ‘I see you, I care, how can I help.”. She actually cried and said people walk by and avoid her, she gets that and possibly the why, but still hurts. Sometimes all she needs is “a smile” or a “hi “. It matters she said. Now my turn to get misty eyed.

    Three quotes from MOther Teresa that resound the message here and yes I would so love to get this book and read it. Here are the quotes that always make me stop and think:
    ‘If you judge people, you have no time to love them.’,
    ‘Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.’,
    ‘Peace begins with a smile..’

  27. I could use a little more help on the gift of giving. I don’t have much as it is. I am the one struggling right now but if there is a way to help then I try to do what I can. I am hoping I can do more when I get back on my own feet.

  28. Thanks Trica, what a great reminder to just share what we have and open our eyes to those in need. Much of the time we (me) are so caught up in our own lives we fail to recognize those God has put in our path. My prayer today is for God to open my eyes and heart and be intentional.

  29. What a beautiful thing to help others. It is s real struggle in every day life for me. Being taken advantage of once by a family who was not in real need (I found out later). I hesitate to help again. This was inspiring to me. I hope I can read the full book. Thank you for sharing.

  30. I loved reading this exerpt. It is very descriptive of the struggle we face. Do we give to show the softness and compassion of our heart? Are we going against our Christian nature and hold back? How much do we give and when does it become a crutch? I’m very interested in reading the rest of this book! Thank you for sharing.

  31. Very real and honest. I too have dealt with the confusion of how much to give to someone who is struggling, and it’s in my own family. When is it enabling and when is helping? A very big issue in my own life. Thank you for sharing.

  32. We can never outgive God and we should give with a pure and clean heart, not expecting anything in return, only that the person receive a blessing and us be blessed as well. Sometimes, it is a struggle when you give and give yet don’t seem to see the fruit from what you do, but don’t be discouraged, be of good cheer and clean heart, God knows before we ever do and that’s all that matters. God Bless!

  33. I would love to read this entire book. I never struggle with giving but I do struggle with how much to give of time or money.

  34. Loved reading this excerpt and connected with what you are feeling in so many ways. I remember one incredible moment when a mentor reminded me that even if we think someone might be taking advantage of a situation, we must remember that it is our job o do what is right first…and that is to share of our blessings with others!

  35. Yeah, this book will challenge every Christian women. It looks like it will be a book that you will have hate/love relationship. From just reading the devotion about it will also make you look at your own heart to see where it is. I love reading books that challenge you. It would also make an awesome small group bible study book. Good idea for the ladies at my church! Going to have to bring it up at our next meeting.

  36. Thank you! It has been on my heart to spend more time and money to help those in need! I needed to hear this TODAY 🙂

  37. This sounds like it would be a great read/study. There are many times as a mom where I question if I am raising my boys to be self sufficient, giving and responsible. Thank you for sharing.

  38. Gicing has been such an integral part of my life. Even growing up in the Hindu religion, my mom taught us to give whenever we could. After coming to the Lord, giving seemed natural, sometimes, challenging but nonetheless, I try my best to give whenever I can. Also, I learnt to keep change in my car for the people who come to the car asking for change.

  39. Thank you for sharing your ministry. I am searching for my new purpose, and working to hear God’s voice as I go step by step.

  40. Thanks for sharing this message. Yes, it hit me right in the heart. Just yesterday we passed a homeless man with a sign asking for help. Usually I keep a box of granola bars or healthy snacks that I can share, but I had none this time and passed him by. I am asking the Lord to nudge me when I need to give and to give generously with gladness and kindness, remembering that we can never out give God.

  41. Oh wow…. that hit home when you said I may have to give up something I want to meet the needs of someone else. I know what I need to do, thank you for the reminder that God is in control of meeting all of our needs. Bless you!!

  42. I am going through some things at work and have a hard time letting it go and Letting God. I know I have our Lord’s unconditional love, but it hard when I am constantly being under attack by some one here. I have no problem helping others where I can, but there is always more I can do. These blogs and morning readings are really resonating with me. Thank you!

  43. LOVE!!! Stepped on my toes! But needed it.
    Tricia said everything I’ve said in my head. Even when helping others. I don’t need to question-Just need to do what I’m lead to do.
    Also seriously Tricia’s a grandmother!!?!? (She looks 25!) AND a mom of Ten!!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Blessings!!☺️

  44. So often I know things that need to be done for others and my intentions are good but follow through never happens! Too often I let life get in the way. God says to know to do good and not do it is sin! So often I must confess this shortcoming!

  45. I’ve struggled with so much of what you wrote. People desperately need help. How can I know I’m not perpetuating their need? I packed food at Feed My Starving Children for the first time. It was eye opening to think how much I waste when so many are in need of food. I think I “need” variety when all they need is food, even if it’s the same rice pack day after day.

  46. Thank you for this devotion. I do need to share more . Sometimes when I am out all I can think about is to complete the task. But what did Jesus do He was intentional about sharing himself with others. I pray I would look more for those divine appointments designated to advance the Kingdom of God,

  47. Hi Tricia and Gwen, thanks so much for that devotion! It really made me think about how much more I should be doing! I would love to read your book!

  48. Good word and something many of us secretly struggle with as our flesh judges others. Thank you for capturing this so eloquently!

  49. I would love to read this book as it addresses many of the struggles I have when it comes to “sharing what I have”.

    I’ve also just found your Graceology podcast and I’m loving it! 🙂

  50. After reading me mind and heart was flooded with the remembrance of a pastor friend we recently lost to cancer at the age of 60. Because of his childhood he not only was a minister of the Gospel but an “ advocate “ for AmaIng Grace Children’s Home in Mexico and most recent started Baptist Charities. He was a man of humbleness and grace. He poured his life into helping the poor needy and and privileged. He did it all expecting nothing for himself.
    My I live everyday as an instrument for God’s use!!!

  51. First of all, Happy Friday! Second, I too, had my first daughter while a teen. Thirdly, God is so good and faithful isn’t He? This is what I have learned about compassion: Jesus does the prompting and we do the doing. We can’t concern ourselves with the ‘what ifs’ because us and the recipient may miss out on a HUGE blessing! We are to love ALL people always. I am the local mission president at our church and compassionate ministries is my thing. I love doing God’s work! Would love to have this book and read your stories! Thank you for writing and sharing! You are truly unique!

  52. Years ago I was in a very serious car accident. In short, I was crushed on my right side . Punctured liver and kidney, broken ribs, fractured pelvic and several other internal injuries, It’s was a miracle I lived for was in a car that was wrapped around a tree. My fema was crushed and had to be replaced with a frame and several screws. I was a miracle that I did not loose my right leg. After several months of being in hospital and rehabilitation, along with occupational therapy, it was finally blessed to able to stand on that on feet and do physical therapy. The therapist had been working on strengthening the muscles in my legs so I could stand. That first few months my body had to adjust to being on my legs. I was wobbly and had to learn to balance my self. It was scary and painful. But I remember the therapist saying through my therapy -“No Pain – No Gain! You have to Walk it Out” Today, I am a walking miracle. Thank you God! There are days when I hurt more than others, especially no that I am older. I am continually in and out of therapy. But I am thankful, because I can walk and did not loose my leg. Your book is a personal testament to me and would a be a great blessing. I am a living, walking miracle, that in the walk with God, sometimes we go through pain – but if we can just “walk it out” and not give up – we can make it!

  53. Having this book would be a great joy to read and benefit myself then passing it on and allowing others to be blessed

  54. How ironic that my husband and I were just discussing giving to
    a family member asking for funds. Irresponsible behavior characterizes this family so I said let’s wait and see if the need is met through another source. We prayed and had peace to wait till next week. God directs our steps. You are right. We could be getting in God’s way to teach them dependence on Him. We may end up giving to her, but it will be directed by our Provider and we will have peace.

  55. it’s a good feeling giving a helping to those who need help, they truly appreciate it and we receive the blessing because it makes us feel better helping someone in need. we are God’s hand and feet it’s our way to also tell someone about God and his son Jesus, so they can get saved and be a CHRISTIAN.

  56. Even when we have little to nothing we need to try and help the homeless in some way. Like going and buying them food and maybe giving them a set of clean clothes or even a blanket or jacket. Something that we all take for granted could be that something that someone really needs.

  57. I definitely what to help these young moms. I work for a Crisis Pregnancy Center and have the same questions. How can I help them be a better parent and also independent and not dependent on society. I pray for each individual because they are so unique and come from various backgrounds. God helps us to give sound advice and tools to surviving in our world today. He is the answer!

  58. “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” (Matt. 25:34–40)

    A daily reminder to think of others above self—so critically needed TODAY!

  59. Oh how convicting! I have thought about this so many times. I’m going to help those in need but then I get so easily distracted by “the cares of life.” I so need to read her book because I know with all my heart that this is what God has called each and every Christian to do!

  60. Give and it shall be given to you pressed down shaken together. Sometimes you receive financially, sometimes your health or a relationship. Whatever you can not out give God!

  61. It’s so difficult sometimes to give to those who are sincerely in need. And sometimes what the need is spiritual in nature. Thanking the Lord for helping me to be a giving person by nature and praying for the cynical side of me who sometimes struggles with the real need as opposed to the requested need!

  62. This came with perfect timing. God’s timing always is 😉 I don’t want to be a phony with my faith, or maybe a better way of putting it is wishy-washy/lukewarm. I want to walk the walk and not just talk the talk. The little insert of “Walk It Out” was enough to draw my attention. Even if I don’t win a copy, I will still plan to get a copy. I just heard a short sermon on hearing from God and I believe with the personal prayers I have been praying over me, I just heard from God. Thank you for being obedient in writing this book and for posting.

  63. Being rather poor myself, I struggle with what to do for others. Should I overextend my own budget and trust God for the rest? Should I be more conservative and save in order to be able to help more? It’s a continual tug-of-war. I can relate to the struggles the author describes. Helping others too often becomes a “we think about it too much” thing instead of a “just do something” thing. Where is the middle ground?


  65. I was told from a young age that others have less and it was important to love and care for them( in my childhood home at church). My family and I have always given to those in need whether here or in another country. Everything belongs to and comes from God. He provides.

  66. Tricia…. Love this!! I have never had much, but I have more than many. Many have helped me in rough times, I’ve been totally blessed! It’s only right that I pass those blessings to others…whether I have my own needs met or not…for i know the Lord won’t let me go without my needs!! Thank you for sharing…blessings.

  67. Would love to read her book. So many need help and it is so difficult in this day and time to know how to give, but God will direct our paths. God Bless!

  68. I agree that this is very hard, but as your title implies just walk one step at a time. Don’t worry about tomorrow. God will provide for our needs. Thank you for the reminder, Tricia!

  69. This excerpt gave me chills, I cannot wait to read this! I have been working with a group called “Young Lives” here as well as a few new international students helping them (buying groceries, etc.) and my thoughts are very similar, I have a hard time understanding why it is so hard for people to help and yet sometimes I wonder if I am doing too much…just amazing, looking forward to reading more!

  70. This would be a good book to read and pass on to others. God is my strength and my light in the darkness. Thank you.

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