What Kind of Impact Are You Making?

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Years ago I worked with a woman in Nashville named Cindy. She was a no-nonsense publisher for a major music company. Each month she listened to the songs I wrote and gave honest, constructive feedback that required this songwriter-chick to have thick skin and wear big-girl-panties. She was salt and light to me in the work place, but not in ways that I expected or necessarily appreciated at the time.

I didn’t always love what she had to say.

Total honesty? She. Scared. Me. Silly.

I wrestled with her strong, bristly opinions while at the same time grew from

the pruning of her wise, professional words. She challenged me toward greater excellence and she wasn’t afraid to speak difficult words of truth.

One thing I will never forget: as she listened to the new songs I wrote, she regularly insisted that I was a “worship leader/worship writer” instead of a Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) writer/artist. Drove me bananas because I was SURE I was a CCM writer/artist.

Over the years, Cindy and I became friends and eventually, I came to realize that she was right. I am a worship leader and worship writer. And it’s not only who I am, it’s who I always was. Even when I didn’t know it and insisted otherwise.

Cindy died in her early fifties.

Cancer stole her from us.

A few nights before she went on to be with the Lord, a large group of Nashville’s finest songwriters gathered at her bedside to celebrate her life that was salty and bright for Jesus. To thank her for her impact, share stories, and sacredly sing her to the other side of glory. A knot held my throat captive as I watched the gathering online via video. What a legacy. Cindy poured wisdom into so many people, she said and did things that caused others to think big thoughts about God, and spurred them on toward excellence.

She lived a life of influence because she was intentional about being salt and light in my life and in the lives of many others.

I want to die like that.

I want to live like that.

Don’t you?

In the Bible, a man named Jabez asked God for all the influence God would give him. Jabez called upon the God of Israel, saying, “Oh that you would bless me and enlarge my border, and that your hand might be with me, and that you would keep me from harm so that it might not bring me pain!” And God granted what he asked” (1 Chronicles 4:10).

Jabez wanted to live with impact to the max.

He pleaded to be a difference maker. I’m right there with him.

We all have influence. The question is will we use our influence to sway our friends toward an awesome movie or will we influence them toward our awesome God? Will we choose to live in a way that causes our unbelieving neighbor or co-worker to want to hear more about Jesus? Will we teach a young wife to understand how to respect her husband, or help a young mom realize that God is honored when she nurtures her demanding, thankless children? Will we help the weary parent of a prodigal see that her child’s rebellion is not her failure and not her child’s final faith chapter?

It all begins with a choice.

If we want to be women of impact, we need to live with our eyes wide open to God-opportunities. We need to get beyond our own agendas and move in the direction of HIS agenda. It is not about doing more of what you are already doing – it is about listening to the whispers of Jesus in the middle of the grocery store, or at the nail salon, or in your cubicle, in the next pew, in your living room, or classroom.

Being a woman of impact is not about doing more each day, it’s about living to be led by Jesus with the days you are given.

It all begins with a choice. If we want to be women of impact, we need to live with our eyes wide open to God-opportunities. We need to get beyond our own agendas and ask God what HIS agenda is. Let’s ask God to bless us and enlarge the borders of our influence for Him today!


Dear Lord,
Thank You for impacting my life with your grace and truth.
Please open my eyes to see the opportunities all around me to point others to You.
Stir my heart to make today and every day count for you.
In Jesus’ name, amen.




Consider the people in your life that you influence. Pray for fresh vision, courage, and opportunities to make an impact in their lives for Christ.



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Can’t wait to hear from you. Thanks for doing life with me,



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  1. What about the one who saw you mess up and can only see that part of you? I am talking about my sister, Pam. I divorced twice and made some wrong choices in life. Now I am blessed to be married to a wonderful man who loves God and we are being used in our community and our church. At present Pam and I do not communicate, her choice, tho I do send her birthday and holiday wishes and I do pray for her.

  2. I want to leave one with my daughter Christina slate that God will not let her handle no than she can he is watching over her in her financial crisis and trouble son that keep her faith God love her and will be there for her through all that is happening in her life is all be well soon Amen thank you.

  3. I would like to impact anyone I come in contact with. But some callings I have are:
    1. To impact those that are sick with similar diseases and chronic daily pain as I have. Fairly recently I joined a fibromyalgia FB post and In Spite of My Illness FB post. I realized there were so many that suffered the same as I did and even much more. Because I’ve come to trust and find my hope In the Lord through many tradgedys, heartaches, struggles, and then sickness beginning 2003 and increasing to being disabled since June 2016. Being a single mom through most of it. I also got married to a pastor the same year. I had no idea my sickness Would decline as soon as I got married to the pout if Disability. I’m on 15 medications and about 11 supplements. Saved January 4 after I had a 8 week old baby die January 1 1983 at the hands of his father. My hope And trust is in my Savior. As He is the one that has brought me through the years with victory. Many struggles. But I feel that even thou God can still use me when I have to stay n bed to encourage others to trust and not give up. Stay in Gid’s Word Take every thought captive.. Believe that the manifestation of healing is on the way, as He said by HIS stripes we are healed. I have an appointment Monday with my doctor Monday to come up with a plan to begin weaning myself off as many medications as possible.

    2. I want to impact my daughter I believe I already have as she thanks me for being a hrisyian mom and teaching her the right way. She’s been in church before she was born and dedicated at two weeks old. She is now 29.

    3. I want to impact my husband He is a Pastor for 30 years now. I want to be the best helpmeat for nim.

    4. I want to make an impact to my 3 sisters and all of their family ilies.

    5. I want to make an impact on the church my husband Serves at.

    6. I want to make an impact on everyone the Lord sends in my path.

    7. Number of perfection. Last, but most definitely the most important, I want to impact Christ so that He will know I want to live for Him and follow His will.

    Thank you for this opportunity and for your awesome ministry and talents you share with us.

    God bless you.

  4. I thank you so much for sharing your experience with your life in our Lord Jesus Christ. I want to be strong in my faith and walk with the Lord. I want to be a good influence in my daughter’s life. I have 5 daughter’s and 2 beautiful grand daughter’s. I love to work for God that was my passion growing up till now. But please remember me in all your prayers my sister’s in Christ bcuz my life with my married life is not good. Iv been married for the past 25 yrs but not happy at all. My kids and I are in a unhealthy relationship. I’m kinda a way from my husband staying with one of my daughter. Please pray for me. I want God to guide me and lead me where He want me to be. That’s why I love reading your page bcuz it help me. Thank you .

  5. I’m new to your site and blog; was recently invited my friend, Judy. This is a wonderful blog and so it the site Girlfriends In God. Thank you for the encouragement. I really want to encourage the the ladies of my church and others, it just seems like “stuff and life” keep getting in the way of my organization and prioritizing of home and church and ministry. God’s blessings!

  6. LLLLLOOOVE all the devotions,,from all three of you women! I wish I could find a church where the people thought talked and walked real life like youu guy do. I find reading your devotions as if you got in my mind and were retailing some of my own circumstances!!!! You really help me and give me comfort with the words you write.

  7. Thank you, Gwen, for sharing about your friend the publisher whose brand of straight truth caused you to grow. I pray for truth to reign in my relationships and for truth and love to overcome areas of deception that have kept my family members in bondage. I am believing for a joyful explosion of truth in my extended family – truth that will set my loved ones free. I pray that the darkness will be lit, lies broken, and for all of my family members to come to know Jesus Christ as Lord. Give me the courage, Lord, to speak if that is what I must do; the wisdom and discernment to know what to do; hope that the situation will change, and the faith to press through in prayer until it does. In Jesus’ Name I pray. Just writing this I am encouraged that the Lord is working in the situation.
    He knows what troubles our hearts and He wants us to share our burdens with Him (even when we feel we’ve failed to make an impact for Christ in our most important relationships).

  8. A wonderful reminder to trust Him in all things and wait for His perfect timing for our lives! I just love GIG’s! Read it every single day and have bought several of Sharon’s books and at least one of Gwen’s! And have Gwen’s CD’s! Would love to win this companion track to “I Want It All!” ( which just happens to be the book I bought!) Keep on keeping on for Jesus and the Bible! You three women are awesome and so encouraging even when you’re saying things we sometimes would rather not hear! You always speak the truth with love!

  9. I truly want to impact anyone I come in contact with. I know God gives us “winks” and special encounters with people who just radiate His love. That’s the kind of impact I pray I can have and not to miss those opportunities that God so generously places before us. I have also realized that we don’t really have to venture out too far to see the real needs of those closest to us. This world is full of so much evil and my commitment is to share Jesus with everyone I can and to share his goodness and love. God is so good! 🙂

  10. From the Comments seems the email was delivered to my inbox way after…………….maybe because of the destination, a beautiful country Kenya in East Africa. 🙂

    The words of Jabez have challenged me today I had to search for an exposition of the same, see in a world which is full of materialistic gospel and coming from a conservative Christian gathering it almost feels like a sin asking God for His expansion. But I am freed today, I more like the words Jabez asked that after God has expanded him His HAND to be with Him…This is my prayer today

  11. I’m a hairstylist in Orlando, FL. We moved from TN about 2 and a half years ago and I’m starting over with my business in a this beautiful state. I feel like God has laid it on my heart to share or even mention HIS name to these clients of mine. I hear him whisper when to bring him up and it’s fascinating. I pray that he will open doors to my business so I can bless my family but speaking his name is what he wants in return. So very cool!!

  12. I would like to impact women struggling with marital problems and depression have that word of wisdom for those that are going thru a divorced ??

    1. Katherine,
      what a blessing you can be to other women. I am struggling right now. My husband separated from me 13 months ago and only 3 weeks after a devastating home fire. For some reason I have been drawn to this site and just now by rinding your comment. From day to day I just don’t know what to do anymore…..

  13. My brother who is stuck in a web of issues that Christians tend to “judge” rather than help. I pray that I can be the one that He and his girlfriend and future baby can look back on and say “I’m someone they saw God in, and I helped them seek a relationship again with him.”

    Thank you for this post, it is exactly what I needed today.

  14. I want it all Gwen. I want to impact others life and let them know that we have an awesome God. I don’t know where he is leading me, but I pray I will be ready when he does.

  15. I want to be a influential impact on my children, grandchildren, sisters and brothers. I want to let everyone know that God is real and we need Him. We’re lost without Him. Each and everyday, whomever I meet, I just want God to fill me with the courage, wisdom and knowledge to tell them what a awesome God we serve!! Right now is the time to get to know God, let Him come into your heart, let Him have total control. He did an amazing sacrifice for us, we owe Him our all. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, so that we might live!!

  16. I want to impact a woman who is a terrible gossip & a young man who is a Muslim that they come to know Jesus and I have the actions to show them.
    God bless & may my family and I have a happy Easter.

  17. I want to make an impact on my daughters-in-law to become a better wife, a better mother, a better friend to others, but most of all to be a Christian. I want to show her a better way and a better life.

  18. Every morning I start my day with the daily devotional in my inbox. I then decide who to send it to, hoping to brighten their day too. I pray to God so that my eyes are open to all the opportunities he has for us to witness to others. I pray that people notice something about me that makes them want to know more about Christ. Just being kind to people is a good start, God puts people in our lives for a reason – we just need to take that first step. I pray that my grandchildren are filled with the Holy Spirit and we as parents and grandparents need to live the life not just talk the talk. I taught third grade Sunday school for a few years and it is amazing to see how those children have grown and accepted Christ. Sometimes children would come to our church on the church bus, some of the kids never having heard about God or Jesus. It amazes me that right here in the U.S. there are people who don’t know anything about God. If all Christians would walk on Faith to share the message we can reach so many more souls. Thank you for the wonderful ministry you do and the stories you share.

  19. I want to impact my grandchildren. A couple of them have been going through way more than they should ever have to. I want them to know God is ALWAYS with them, even when sometimes it’s hard for us to see.

  20. I want to impact my daughters , granddaughters, the ladies
    Ladies in my church and who ever else God puts in
    My path or whatever He has planned.

  21. I want to impact my husband, children, my extended family and friends and my coworkers! Somedays, like today honestly, I feel like I’ve failed. I try to do more and be more and it never seems good enough. But this is a reminder that it’s about His agenda! Not mine! I am limited in what I can do, but He can do the impossible and He will give me what I need each day to continue this journey! I’m so glad I have Him because I couldn’t make a day without Him!!!!

  22. This has been a desire of my heart for a long time. To be person who would make a difference in this world. Change one person at a time. Be an inspiration to others and help the through their messes. I would love to be able to leave a legacy behind for many years to come. I love the Lord wholeheartedly, and I want to share what He’s done for me and let others know what He can do for them. I’ve been through some battles but God has fought them for me and He’s never left me. Praise God for His almighty faithfulness. And I know He is not done with me yet for He is taking me on yet another greater journey in my life. He is opening new doors for me and I’m truly excited. God is Love and I want to share Him with others. There is not enough love in this world and my prayer has been that His light shine through me wherever I go that people would see Jesus. Thank you and God Bless You All.

  23. Right now my life is a mess. But God. It is so messy I do not know where to begin to share. But God knows all about it. He is soo gentle and kind and full of mercy. In all of this He has taught me that it is not because of me…but because of who He is and what He has done for me and everyone on the cross that He is always a lamp unto my path because He is personal…for the here and now..not just the God of yesterday. I grew up in a Christian home but never got that when Christ died He took away my sin the ones in the past, and the ones now and the ones in the future. (not that i try to sin) But its His grace that covers me and that He forgave me and I need to forgive myself. I never really understood the how Jesus must have felt when God the Father turned away from Him. Sometimes in this messy situation when I’m looking around and not up ( I have to stop and remember He is my portion) not what I am praying for. I realize I need Him every nanosecond. I have found on the journey so far that He is full of mercy, loving, always blessing, (i just need to open my eyes and look) Those coincidences are not that. So I am trying to learn everything He is teaching me in this valley. Learning to be still and listen. I pray that everyone is hungry to seek Jesus….because you will find Him if you do not give up and don’t let go when you have….Love and trust and obey Jesus.. we can reach out to those around us……just by a smile on our face, a listening ear, a hug……

  24. I want to have an impact on my grands. We don’t live close to them, but want them to know and love Christ. We do speak and communicate with them frequently, but it’s tough! Prayers and thoughts are welcomed!!!

  25. Having just recently gone through a divorce, a car accident, a job change and a move… God called me to leave everything familiar and comfortable to me on the East Coast, take an initial pay cut (when I’m already living paycheck to paycheck struggling to pay the bills) and brought me to the desert…literally (I.e Las Vegas) where I know absolutely no one. He made the way so clear I couldn’t doubt that He wanted me here. It’s been 12 days and it has sure been a struggle making the adjustment…I miss my friends, my church, my familiar hangout places, my job, but I’ve been continually reminded by those that I’ve met since I’ve been here that “Gods hand must surely be upon you” as He has placed me working as a personal trainer and group fitness instrcutor among some of the wealthiest and influential of this town. I was telling a friend that I find it ironic that I’m surrounded by so much wealth and yet barely have enough to live day to day. I know God will provide as I pick up clients, He has always come through in the past, but I definitely have had my few “emotional breakdown” moments. I’m a small town girl, only 31, who loves starry nights and fireflys and the country side…and snow! The hot desert city atmosphere is NOT my choice of places to live, yet I know God has placed me here for a purpose. Over the years I have been blessed to be known for my “joyful, uplifting spirit and incredible energy” (which I know is Christ shining through me and sustaining me) and though all the recent difficulties I had over the past year, God has taught me to truly lean into Him and CHOOSE JOY each and every day, and to trust and understand that BECAUSE He loves me, He allows storms to touch my life to grow my roots of faith deeper in Him. I only hope that if God so chooses to use me, that I can share that same love, joy and hope of Christ with the clients God places in my path…knowing hat as I live out my faith, God will take care of the rest. I am encouraged by the stories I read here, may God enlarge all of our territories as we love those and shine for Jesus to all He has placed around us

  26. To be used of God, to show someone the way; the desire of my heart is to be a blessing to the lost and even those who have Christ, but need encouragement. You ladies are such an encouragement. I look forward each day to reading Girlfriend’s In God. It’s part of my daily devotions. Blessings to all of you for your faithfulness!

  27. I pray that I can be a vessel with God’s love & peace flowing in & through me. I want to impact everyone I possibly can… those I interact with & even those I don’t… when they see me, may they see who Jesus really is… when they hear me speak, may they hear God speaking to them. My job includes helping people every day, and I pray that I will always be open to God’s will & what He wants me to share with others. We also have a youth ministry, and I just hope & pray that all the youth feel & see God’s love all around them!

  28. I have been diligently seeking God, and, praying/studying to discover my true purpose according to His will. I have always been very headstrong (putting it nicely :), and; I have always been the type to have a plan and work it. The only problem was, my plans often conflicted with Gods plan. When that happens…well, you know who wins! I have finally, after 47 years of life, arrived at the point where I am totally relinquished to God, and whatever His plan and direction is for me in His kingdom. I’ve always noticed that people who seem broken, hurt, and just plain tired, seem to be drawn towards me. Whether I’m in the grocery store, out taking a walk…wherever. They seem to find me and engage me i conversation. I don’t know if that is part of my purpose, but, WHATEVER it is, I am excited to see what He has in store for me to advance His kingdom!

  29. I work in a government agency. I used to be fearful of taking about all that God has done for me. One day the Lord gave me insight to trust in him and be the Salt and Light in the place of business. I want to make an impact in my workplace and encourage others to do the same.

  30. I want to impact children in foster care, of care and at risk. My desire to instill Godly hope in these children runs deep and wide. Using my own experiences of aging out, overcoming, finding success and returning to ‘rise up’ others, led to starting a 501(c)3 nonprofit to do just that. I want to be led by Jesus to live purpose to my utmost best for His glory with EVERYDAY I am given. Dear God, please guide me on the hard days. Strengthen me to bring You to them, at a time when they need it the most. Dear Lord, I ask for healing on the days when my leg acts up and interferes with the positive thoughts I want to convey each and every day. You know I have unspoken prayer request, I ask for your comfort there as well. Most of all, I pray you fill me with joy each and every day so precious children of need can see the possibilities by example. That they too have a full life of Godly purpose waiting for them as well. Amen.

  31. I always strive to make a difference in my co-workers and families lives by my actions and words – praying that I my words and actions will always reflect the Lord’s words. I try to make a concerted effort to always be aware of small ways the Lord is guiding me continually all through my daily life.

  32. I want to make an impact on all i interact with. I want strangers ti notice that theres something different about me because of my walk with Jesus. Every morning befire i get oit of bed, i ask god to send people to me that i can m in nister to in some way. And He does! Even though i may only have a 60sec encounter with customers (i cashier) there is always someone who shares their troubles with me. Fortunately, i have a boss who is not offended that i take a few extra seconds to pray over someone right then and there in the cashier line! God can work miracles in even a 1 min encounter!

  33. I want to impact my daughter who is 6 years old and diagnosed with autism and adhd. She has kept me going for the past six years. I also want to impact other children and youth with the love of Jesus.

  34. Hello, my name is Maribeth and I’m a lawyer and married. Recently I started leading a little study group with some friends (new in faith) about what is true womanhood according to the Word of God, specially now when womanhood has been redefined according to what the world dictates. This was something God put in my heart some time ago, and I am very grateful that God has giving this opportunity to expose His word and truth with single and married women. I really just pray and ask God that He will use me according to His plans and that my sin doesn’t stain His Holy Word and that even though I am a great sinner, He is a greater God. So I really hope in God that I can impact my friends in ways that they really want to know Jesus better and make Him their true Savior and Lord. So prayers are very much appreciated. Thank you Gwen for letting God use you for the teaching of His Word. I am very thankful for all of you! May God continue to bless you and all the other Girlfriends in God. With much love from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic! <3

  35. I want to impact my family. I want share the God’s word with them the way Jesus did in love and mercy, without condemnation. I want them to know Jesus is the only thing that will the void in their lives and how important it is to give your life to Him!

  36. I would like to influence my students, my family and everyone I come in contact with. Your blog speaks to me every day that I read it, and I subscribe to quite a few faith-related messages. Thank you for your influence upon me; I start my morning by reading this blog. It is extremely inspiring!

  37. I start each day with the devotional and I know it has given me strength and direction. I’m trying to “find my way” after the loss of loved ones and praying for an open heart to hear God’s plan for me. Thank you for assisting me in my quest.

  38. I want to impact a co-worker. She is an atheist, but confided in me yesterday that her husband is a sex, porn and alcohol addict who has had multiple affairs in their 19 year marriage. I get that. That was my life for 25 years. Im a hair dresser. God has brought so many women to my styling chair who are in this exact sisituation. I have often wondered how God would use what I went through to help others and glorify Him.

    Yesterday after telling me her story, she hugged me and thanked me for listening and helping her understand a little more about sexual addictions.(I read a ton, and took a few classes when it was happening to me. ) We didn’t talk about God, or how He healed me, that will come later. I didn’t quote scripture to her. I knew that wouldn’t work. But the seed of kindness, empathy and friendship was planted. God will make an opportunity for more in His timing.

  39. I want to impact my family and my husbands family. There is z lot of hurt and division between a lot of them. A lot of them don’t believe in God and most say they do and do otherwise. I pray I can influence them to let go of old hurts and move toward a better future for us and most of all for our kids and grandkids. Thank you for the inspiration today. God Bless You! ❤️

  40. I read your devotion today on Girlfriends in God. I want to be a better impact at my work. Praying especially for Teresa and Janet. Praying also that God would keep me strong in my faith to make an impact for Him through hearing his quiet still voice.

  41. Yes I want to live intentionally aware of the opportunities God brings to me. I want to be open to God’s agenda not might own. I want to sing “Jesus loves you” to each sweet Grandchild as I tucked them in bed. I want to talk with my family at the supper table about the blessings of the day and even the weather that God sent the warm inviting sunshine or the strong rainstorms to bless the birds, the farmers and his beloved children even more. I want to be the word of encouragement to Mom’s and young adults at the markers table at the church children’s club as we listen to children recite their Bible or explain the meaning of a verse they just said to encourage a child’s heart. I want to be a Jabez and bloom in the little spot I am planted sowing seeds of God’s love and grace to others.

  42. I want to impact my family, cause right now we are such a mess. I want to be a light for Jesus in a dark and dying world, to draw people to Jesus Christ. I want my family to see the Lord as a refuge and a hope for their lives.
    My husband and I are retired and in the process of trying to find out what we are supposed to do with the rest of our lives.
    Thank you for your words of encouragement, and may the Lord be with you.

    1. Love this! I pray your light shines through the brokenness in your family. This is how I feel as well. Gods Bless you! ❤️

  43. I pray that I can widen my borders and have the courage to be the salt and the light for everyone I encounter. I pray that I can be a reflection of Jesus in the way I live and interact with those around me. Let me be one that encourages others to know the Lord like a very special friend in my life did for me. Your devotions and all of them from Girlfriends in God are so inspirational to me. Thank you to all of you for your time and devotion to God!

  44. I am a poet and devotion writer who desires to impact those living with depression, bipolarism and PTSD from the perspective of one who lives with these realities. I’m sure I’ll have my prickly, honest person who’ll guide me through the publishing process and I hope that I will be both thick skinned and brave enough to endure and see their help as the growth God desires for me. Thank you, GIG, for making a wonderful difference in my life & in the lives of those I share your devotion with. Blessings.

  45. I am praying for impacting my grandchildren. Three of them, their mother has turned lesbian, and three of them, their father abandon them when the twins were 3 weeks old, and sister was 16 months old. He was using drugs. We need impact in the lives of the parents and the children, for the salvation of the children, and forgiveness and healing in the lives of the parents.

  46. We have two daughters – high school and middle school – and our pray has been that the Father God use us – to be His hands, His feet and His voice. I have been feeling the Holy Spirit’s leading to be more intent about sharing with their friends.
    And on another note – Thanking God too for surrounding my girls with Godly people who can mentor them in His ways!
    Thank you for your devotion today! It has confirmed something I have been feeling! The needing to push further into God and ask daily for His leading!

  47. I am a theatre teacher and own a small theatre school. Challenges abound as I try to get young students ready for shows. It is a tiring, stressful and often daunting and overwhelming job. However, with each new challenge we all face it together, pray to God for His wisdom, guidance and discernment, and trust in Him for our strength and abilities. I have recently thought of leaving one of my homeschool groups but one of my seniors wrote me a note stating, “Mrs. S, I have learned more about trusting in God from you than anyone else. I know I perform for an Audience of One and He deserves all the glory and honor.” Now, if that does not bring a teacher to tears nothing ever will. This helped me realize that my students watch and hear everything I say; even if I do not think they do.
    Influencing young lives is not an easy job, but I do thank the Lord He is beside me to guide me and bring Him to my students.

  48. First, thank you, Gwen, for your beautiful words in this devotion and every other devotion that I have read from Girlfriends in God. I’ve been going through a rough patch and the words that you, Sharon, and Mary share each day have kept me going and have helped me to deepen my faith and relationship with God. So thank you from the top of my heart!!

    I taught elementary school for 29 years and felt that Spirit helped me impact the children and families that I taught. What a blessing. I just retired and feel that I need to reach out to others and am searching for my next adventure. I try to impact each person I come into contact with each day with a smile, holding the door, a compliment,etc. I need to be more intentional about where I need to be right now. Thank you for reminding me to depend on God for guidance and to listen carefully to His direction!

    You all are a gift to so many- I appreciate the time and energy it takes to create these devotions- thank you!! God bless!

  49. I Amin the process of becoming a Stephen Minister to help, support, listen and offer whatever encouragement & comfort that I can. I lost my husband June 2016 to two forms of dementia. I participated in a Alzheimer’s support group and attended two Grief Counseling sessions. What I have learned is that being there to listen to others pain is healing for others and your own pain.

    I feel so blessed to be able to help support others in honor of my husband Steve.

  50. I’ve been trying for several years to impact my oldest daughter. She’s made many bad choices in life that have caused her so much pain and heartache. She’s been heavily addicted to drugs and been in and out of jail either for stealing or possession. Her first arrest was from domestic abuse. She is 37 years old, living with us again and totally miserable. Once again, she is spiraling downward. Her body is wracked with scars or bad health due to improper nutrition and use of drugs. I try to point her to Christ, but she has gotten to the point of not wanting me to talk about it. I pray every day for God to intervene and do something miraculous. He has many times brought her to that point, I think, but she goes right back down. Our family life is greatly affected. Her sisters refuse to let her in their lives to shelter their children and relationships with their spouses. I understand their concern. I keep asking the Lord to lead me each day to impact her life in some way. It gets very hard and I do want to give up. But then I think of her eternity. Jesus has to be my guide through all of this.

  51. Hi I would love to impact my 3 kids ages 8,6 and 3. I would love to be able to help them overcome my divorce and for them to stop being angry and throwing tantrums. They are very bright doing very well at school I would love to learn how to nurture that. They love learning about God and the life of Jesus Christ I would love to keep light burning! I would love to impact them in such a way that they can face life’s challenges and now that their strength lies in our Lord and with him in our hearts we can face our Goliath courageous spirits.

  52. I want to impact my Son who I feel is a prodigal living his own life at age 25. I prayed for him while in the womb, dedicated him to the Lord, brought him up in the church, both my husband and me, I feel did the best we could. He did accept the Lord at a younger age and was baptized. But with his choices he has made, I feel somehow I failed. Thank you for putting that phrase in your devotional for “those weary parents who think they failed and this is final faith chapter.” That spoke to my heart this morning big time. I am learning to let go and trust God but it is hard.

  53. What a wonderful devotion!!!! I’ve prayed that prayer so many times and as we are about to move from all of our friends and a town that we love I know that God is enlarging our territory. Thank you so much for sharing!

  54. Good morning. I so desperately want to impact the lives of my two grandsons, Bryson who is 5 and Brody who is 2.5. They are the loves of my life and two of the most precious gifts God has given me……..and I DO NOT want to take those gifts for granted. Every time Bryson gets in my car, he hears that I have my “Jesus Music” on, and if for some reason the station has been changed, he asks me to switch it over to “Jesus Music”. His sweet little heart loves Jesus and is truly beginning to understand what Jesus did for him. He’s been asking questions lately about Jesus living in his heart, being with him every day, seeing him when he acts ugly……..I’m so proud that he is yearning at this young age to know more about Jesus. I pray that my love for God shines through to my grandsons till the the day I take my last breath.

  55. I want to impact my neighborhood. I just moved into a new neighborhood and I have noticed that first of all, everyone comes home and walks right in their homes. There is no communication with anyone. Second, I have noticed that on Sunday people are out doing yard work in the early morning hours. It is about the only time I see people outside of their homes. I want to change this. I am prayer walking and praying for a way into this community.

  56. I want to impact everyone I come into contact with & not be afraid to move when I do hear those whispers from God! It’s so rewarding to hear His voice & then act on it. “Jesus help me to be led by your Spirit!” God is good!

  57. I want to live the life that God has for me!! My children are grown and gone and I know God has to have more for me to do!!

  58. I want to impact my family, my adult children and grandchildren. I want my life to reflect Jesus and point them to Him. God is doing a huge work of healing and restoration over the last twenty years or so and is still working it out! He is turning the Titanic around…slow and steady. So thankful! God is good….all the time.

    Just finished this study and really loved it. Thanx Gwen!

  59. This was so on point for me! I truly want to live by HIS agenda and not mine. To show my children the same Grace and love God shows us, to be the best wife I can be. To show my husband God’s love through my actions! Thank you so much for this today! Always on point and what I need to hear! ❤❤❤

  60. I am so inspired as I read through your book, “I Want It All.” I am WMU Director at a small country church. I also lead the children’s missions program, “Children In Action.” I want to be an impact on the lives of these women and children, that they would desire to know an grow in God’s love for them.

  61. Good morning! In reference to Who Do I Want To Impact? My coworker’s. Oh yes, some are Christians but so many are not. There is so much sadness, gossip, etc., etc., etc. I’d love to be their bright spot in life and the one they know that will encourage and pray for them. I am confident that I’m there for ‘such a time as this’ for so many of them. I’m claiming the same prayer as Jabez spoke..Lord, enlarge my borders and my sphere of influence to cast the net and draw them in…in to Your embrace, etc.
    I’d enjoy receiving the Giveaway.
    Be blessed,

  62. I want to impact my son. I want him to come to Christ. I would also like to have an impact on my meighbors who live in the same apartment building. There are a lot of areas there that need God’s touch.

  63. I want to impact anyone I come in contact with each and every day. Encouraging them with truth about God’s love for each and every one of us! Thank you for your book and devotional “I Want It All.” It has been a blessing!

  64. This devotional made me realize I have to stop hiding my hurt. I want to use my tribulations to help others. I was in an abusive relationship for several years which I finally escaped and now I’m happily married. I would like to be able to help other young women do the same so I’ve been prayerful to God in helping put those women in my path and me in theirs. I want to be salt & light to a young women in need and have a great influence and impact on her life. Even if it’s just one.

  65. I got this devotional when you posted it on your blog recently and it spoke to me just as muc today. I am earnestly seeking God’s guidance on how I can find a new work opportunity that gives me greater opportunities to be an influencer and do work for Him. Thank you for your honesty and wisdom.

  66. I want to influence my step daughter, who is 7
    She has had a hard life and her dad and myself have custody of her. This poor child’s bio mom inflicted so much pain on her at such a young age. I want to be that salty light for her! I’m due in 13 weeks with my first biological child, a son, that I want to see Christ in me as well. Love your devotions!!

  67. As always God, in His perfect timing put this devotion before my eyes when it was just right for me. I want to be more intentional about my interactions with others in letting His light shine through me. I’m not always good at that in the everyday mundane interactions on the road, in the grocery store, etc. Right now I have two precious little granddaughters visiting me and more than ever I want to demonstrate God’s great love, grace and mercy in my life so they can be influenced by that. Thank you for your words of wisdom.

  68. As always God, in His perfect timing put this devotion before my eyes when it was just right for me. I want to be more intentional about my interactions with others in letting His light shine through me. I’m not always good at that in the everyday mundane interactions on the road, in the grocery store, etc. Right now I have two precious little granddaughters visiting me and more than ever I want to demonstrate God’s great love, grace and mercy in my life so they can be influenced by that. Thank you for your words of wisdom.

  69. My husband. We have been married for 39 years and I try to be a role model to him. But I tell you the devil really does his best to sabatoge that. I pray that he will some day have a personal relationship with our Lord. I can count on my hands the number of times he has gone to church with me over the years. We were married in his church by his Pastor. He said he was saved as a youth and I have to hold on to that. Please would everyone pray for me or someone else to be the one to that will reach him. Thanks

  70. This really spoke to my heart and goes along with a series we are going through right now in my church in regards to become disciples for Jesus. My heart is that through my life that I would be a reflection of Him. At home, on my job, at my church… in line at the grocery store – I want my light to shine so bright for Jesus. Thank you for your transparency each and every day. You are a bright light shining for Jesus.

  71. Thank you for your obedience in answering God’s call! You are making a huge impact for Him! Thanks for living your testimony and sharing with all of us! I want to make an impact sharing God with my adult kids. All 3 were brought up in Christian homes. In their earlier 20s the situations they face daily are nothing like we faced at their ages. We all need the Lord more than ever! I want to shine His Light for them to see Him!

  72. Thank you for your story! All I can say is WOW that is what I pray for everyday-how can I make a difference the lives of those I touch. I pray for opportunities to tell people about God’s great love and forgiveness and mercy-I try to live my life as a testimony.
    I am praying that God opens the right door for me to enter into as I seek retirement-I feel there is so much more that I can do!
    Thank you again for your story and for the opportunity you give others.

  73. I want to impact my husband and children, the teenager girls God shares with me and the ladies and families He brings into my life through work, my friends and neighbors. My mission is to encourage people God puts into my life to love God and love people – your quote today that it isn’t about doing more but doing what He calls us to each day is a fresh breath and light into the batttle I face each day with satan as he continues to tell me I am not enough and have not done enough.

  74. Please God use my body as a instrument to impact the lives of others as I walk through this journey of life with you. Amen

  75. I would like to impact my 2 year daughter, my teenage son, my husband, my mom sister, and niece. I want to be about my Father business and have him to use me to reach other ppl. But I get so distracted about what I need I forget is all about him and his will. I pray by me reading this I will be more mindful of allow myself to be use by God

  76. I dusted off my iPad after not doing morning devotional with GIG for longer than I am going to admit. Your devotional awoke my hunger to get closer to God and be intentional about finding a way back to dig deeper in my faith. Morning devotions are a part of that for me. Thank you for the inspiration. Since this book appears to be more of today’s GIG message …. I want more. I have 30 minute each way commute for work and works love to spend the time with this audio book!

  77. I help to run a volleyball club in Katy and we teach what we call a “FO1 Moment” each week to our player/coaches and any parent that stays durning practice. We strive to teach these girls that God loves them very much and has a plan for them to be a light of goodness to the world. We are not overly evangelical unless we are asked specific questions but we speak biblical truth to them. The ages are 11-18 and I want to impact these young ladies to know who God is, to know God is for them even when it feels everyone else is against them.

  78. I want to impact my two sons, ages 18 and 23. There is so much distraction in this lost and fallen world and much of it is designed to keep our children from focusing on Jesus and from reading the Word of God.
    My sons lost their father’s presence in their lives nearly four years ago when my husband walked out on me after 23 years of marriage. He left me with 25 cents in the bank. We eventually lost our home and are now living in a relative’s trailer. Both of my sons have specific disabilities. They are bitter and angry and hurt over their father’s rejection and abandonment of them and me, and I often worry that they view God in the same way, believing that like their father, He does not care about what happens to them either. I am always telling them that this is not true, but, it is not easy to really know if what I say is making a difference with them. Please pray for us. God bless you!

  79. I just recently retired and I am loving this new chapter of my life.
    My husband and I also recently moved to Texas which is
    Far away from both our children and both of our families.
    It is hard but God has blessed us in so many ways and one blessing
    Is our beautiful, sweet granddaughter! She and other
    Grand children to follow are the lives that I want to
    Impact! God bless you and all you do!

  80. Thank you for your message today. This really challenged me in three ways: First, to look how to widen my narrow borders, even a little bit each day. Next, how to make good use of my time, even bringing my tween daughter with me in this venture. And finally, what is the specific message God wants me to give. I need to be in prayer and in His Word (there’s that time management thing again) in order to hear His prompting and be equipped to be His hands and feet.

  81. I strive to be a better witness to family and friends as I know I should witness more and live a more godly life myself. These daily reminders help me refocus every day when so many things threaten to take over all thoughts, time and energy.

  82. Last Tuesday I found out my district boss passed away at 50! She left behind 2 sons and hundreds of employees that loved her. She was a Light in our company and left me wanting to be a better person!!! Perfect timing for this devotion I have chills at the similarities of these two women! Thank you allowing God to tell you what and when to share his message!!!

  83. I want to impact All that God puts in my path to impact. Use me God to be salt and light. Whatever the assignment, when God says go and do, I want to be the woman that says, “Yes Lord, here I am.”

  84. I want to impact my Mom,toddler and husband I want to impact my neighborhood and on bad MS days I still want to shine I want the world to know there is a light and you can live so happpily if you let Jesus to impact your life for others!! Nothing feels better than the presence of Jesus in your life!! Giving to someone is the best feeling in the world that is my favorite thing to do!! Sparkle someone who is feeling and looking Dull and that is my brother in law right now if you guys can pray for him he’s in a deep dark place, lost everything but praying he gains everything and even more from the love of Christ. Praying for his heart to accept Jesus and life for him into money can buy that!! Love to all

  85. I want to impact every life I come in contact with, from the checker at the grocery store, the teachers at the school, the young mothers at church, my children and grandchildren and whoever God brings into my life that day! I want to be a beacon of light pointing them to Christ in this dark world.

  86. What true words. I loved today’s reading and would love to read your book! I know a woman of few words but I have a huge heart for the Lord and want to have impact on all around me.

  87. I want to impact my family and friends as well as those around me. I pray Godd
    Opens my eyes to those in need that I may impact that are in my path. I pray for strength, wisdom and faith to make me stronger in him .

  88. I want to impact my children to have hearts for Jesus! I love them so much and want to be with them for eternity!! ??❤️

  89. I want to impact my Daughter she seems so distant from life. When I found Jesus I came to life and the feeling is amazing. She needs to have this wonderful feeling as well. I call myself a baby Christian because it has been 5 years since I was saved but I have so much more to learn and thirst for it. God is Great. Thank you for your wonderful message. God Bless.

  90. I am embarking on a new employment journey. Not exactly by choice, but certainly inevitable. Divine providence has followed my 5 months of due dilligence work through a complicated business merger. I pray for God to make me freshly aware of how He is bringing the workplace to Him, and how I can be used for that purpose. Amen.

  91. I signed up for GFG not realizing how God would use you all to speak to me. Today’s post from you speaks volumes to me. I just told my class I teach at church how we had to move out of our comfort zone and share God’s love. So I will be praying for who and where God will lead me next. Thank you for all you havedone.I also have heard you speak when you came to First Baptist Church in Athens, loved you then bought your worship cd, beautiful through and through. Thank you for sharing, blessings on your day.

  92. I am always in awe of how you ladies know just what I need to hear even though you don’t know me… you really put me on my knees asking God to speak to me and through me to the people I am around.. and today is no different!! There are so many people I want to be able to impact.. my family… my community.. the people that come into my business.. people I see at the store… but mostly my husband and daughter!! Don’t get me wrong.. we are a God loving family, but I want them to see how God impacts me and works through me on a daily basis.. how I am a woman on fire for Him and His word!! And that being a woman on fire for Him will make me a more loving and understanding wife and mother.. and it will help me to inspire them and others to want to be like Christ!! Because in the world we live in, EVERYONE needs Jesus in their lives!! Because life is just really hard sometimes! But with God by my side I know there is nothing I can not do if He wants it for me!!

  93. I want to impact my children and my coworkers. I pray that every day I am in God’s will and am serving Him!

  94. I want desperately to make an impact in my baby sisters life for Christ. Two years ago March 9th I was with her when the doctors found a matastic tumor in her btain. Stage 4 Lung Cancer at the age of 46! She’s never left any doubt about how she feels about God and Christians in general. But, I was also in the room by her bed when she looked me square in the eye and declared she did not believe in God. She continues to fight the cancer and has good days and bad days. She has undergone at least 4 surgeries to remove tumors and can no longer walk. She has made it clear that she’s not interested in hearing anything related to a loving and merciful God and she wants as little to do with me as possible. And so…I PRAY!!! I FIGHT for her behind the scenes and on my knees asking God to bring someone into her path tjat will break through and share the gospel with her in a way that will reach her. I want my prayer to impact the life of Shawna and I know that time is short. Please have my girlfriends in God put her on their prayer list and help me fight the battle for her precious soul. Thank you.

  95. I want to make an impact with those that I come in contact with daily. Whether it is someone I know or a complete stranger. I know that God can use us even when we do not realize it. I don’t always follow God’s lead to step out to make a difference, but that is my prayer to listen and hear him speaking to me to reach out to others.
    Enjoy your devotions.

  96. Jabez prayed a powerful prayer. In praying the same I better hold on because God will give me wonderful opportunities to influence those in my life. I pray for eyes to see that I don’t miss the chance and ask God to give me the right words to say. May I be a blessing not a hindrance to His work.

  97. I am a librarian. I interact with about 400 kids each week. My desire is to encourage them to be readers and to see a caring, Christ centered adult. The problem is that it is not the library side of things that impacts them the most. It’s my behavior over little things. Sometimes I think I sound like a harpy. “Stop that! Don’t do _____! Will you please stop _____!” There are so many opportunities to show them Christ and yet I’m sure I miss opportunities than I catch.

  98. I LOVED your message today and my choice is to strive to be a woman of impact in my church and community. I will soon be facilitating a study using your book I Want It All and am so excited about the possibilities to reach others. I am listening for God’s whispers!

  99. I love your devotion for today. I have a plaque with those very words from the bible that my daughter gave to me when we lost my son, her brother years ago. I read those words every chance I get as I try to bring my family closer to God. My son’s death lead me back to Him and I am trying to help others do the same. Love, love, love your devotions, Girlfriends. Keep up the good work. And Thank you all!

  100. I have witnessed to many, and pray that the seeds sown are growing. I, too, am a musician who loves to worship the Lord. I share that musical gift, and now am working on giving a word of love and playing in nursing/rehab homes. I pray that the words, music and love are visible and lasting influence to others.

  101. As a public school teacher I am limited by law to what I am allowed to say in front of an audience of JR high students, more so lately due to a district lawsuit. I want to make an impact on my students even if I am silenced by ignorant laws.

  102. Thank you, Gwen, for sharing God’s word, placed on your heart, and for being salt and light to start my day! I want to impact my son Matthew’s life. He wil soon be 21 years old and does not have the Lord in his life right now. I pray that God will lead and guide my husband and I as parents. I pray that I can live boldly for the Lord, as a strong witness before my son. And I pray that Matthew will come to know Jesus with arms wide open! Please lift him up in prayer! Thanks!!

  103. Gwen
    thank you for the very important reminders that it is HIS will and that if we listen we will be led and able to do so much more than we could do on our own. I know I appreciate these important messages. Thank you for having an impact in my life!

  104. Very interested in reading your book. Not having a good vision on where I can make an impact, so hoping this would help.

  105. Great lesson today. Throughout the lesson I thought about how I can be the salt and light to my team at work. I want to impact my staff and volunteers statewide that I work with daily. A lot of these individuals are struggling with the results of cancer in their lives and are passionate about the cause, but may or may not know how God can transform their lives. So many of them have such wonderful talents and influence in the community to touch so many lives. I certainly want to make an impact on my children and grandson. I want them to see themselves through the eyes of Jesus and utilize their God given talents to impact others.

  106. 18 months ago my best friend and husband of 43years moved out…..long story is he got involved in sending money to a “woman” in Africa and Russia, using our hard earned retirement savings without my knowledge….we had just gone through financial planning and set our course to retire in 2 years, we had a life plan, and we’re excited at the promise of time to enjoy our togetherness. after confessing and many tears 90 days later we agreed to begin again, and 3 months later the guidance counselor was in awe of the hard work we had done. When 6 weeks later he moved out again, and was sending more money….I am determined to be open, honest, and not angry as it has proven time after time not effective…he tells people he loves me but can’t live with me anymore…he is still protecting me and taking care of financials, but my heart and soul are very broken…my best friends tell me that pain does not show….I hope to always be of good influence to my family and acquaintances.

  107. I want to continue to impact the youth that I serve. I work for an organization that helps young people ages 16-22 that have dropped out or failed out of high school to return to school. My specific role is to help them regain faith and confidence in themselves. I do this by providing assistance with applying for employment, applications for career school and college, financial aid, scholarships, preparing resumes & coverletters, etc. it saddens me that so many of this generation and those that should love them have given up on them, they receive little if any love. These youth experience things I don’t think our generation could’ve withstood. I pray for and with them individually and collectively everyday. I want them to always know and remember how much God loves them unconditionally and that nothing is too big for Jesus!

  108. We just moved a few months ago so am in the process of making new friends…believers and non believers…I want to encourage and challenge those who already know our Lord and Savior as well as be salt and light to those who don’t! May the Lord work through me in all that I do…

  109. I want to impact my daughter and husband. My daughter is 8 years old and starting to hear and see a lot of things I never had to deal with at this age. She is also very curious and asks lots of questions. It also amazes me how much she watches me and tells me that she wants to be just like me. So I need to be aware of this and make sure I am leading by example all of the time and making those decisions that will have a positive impact on her. I am also guilty of putting her off when I am busy doing something. I tell her to hold on a minute too many times during the day. I want to nurture her when she needs it, not when it is convenient.
    I also want to impact my husband. We are in the process of starting a new business that we felt we were led by God to do. He is very stressed and sometimes retreats to his own space. I want to be an inspiration to him and help him in all the ways I can, reminding him of why we did this, why it is important and just showing him that I am there for him and so is God!

  110. I want to impact my grandchildren’s lives.my children and my husband. I want to especially impact my stepdaughter’s life. I have been chosen by God to raise her baby, for now, maybe forever.

  111. I want to learn to want to make an impact on others. I want to impact my husband who is suffering. Also I want to impact my coworkers and 2nd grade students who need to feel OK and safe. I want to impact my nieces and nephews and let them know…they are loved. I want to impact my sister who lost her husband and continues to struggle financially and feels lonely. I want to impact my nephew who I fear has lost his way. I want them to experience the hope and love and grace that I am learning to about through daily devotions. My life is richer everyday because I am starting to learn that God made me for a reason and I am precious. I waant all my loved ones near and far to experience His amazing grace!

  112. I’ve been blessed to have some wonderful impactful people in my
    Life and I want to do the same for others. His love is ever healing and hopeful. I want to bring that truth to everyone.

  113. I want to be an influence to so many family members that know there is a God but do not have him as their personal God. Another person would be my last son. He was born and raised going to church. Gave his life to God at around the age of 10. Now he is 39. About 2 years ago he confessed to us that he was gay. This has broke our heart’s, but not our love for him. I know he is blinded by satans lies. Please pray for him and us that his eye will be opened and that he will return back to his loving God. Pray that I will have the influence on him to help. Thank you for your inspiration to be bold and brave in dreading God’s word.

  114. God has gifted me with being able to see the Rose he has placed in woman to bloom. I feel He has called me to encourage woman that they can be al He intends them to be, to help encourage their journey to be His blessed daughter. These devotion have really blessed me.

  115. I want to impact my coworkers. I have worked with them 17 years. Some know Jesus but not all. I want to daily be the difference… Not the gossiping, grumpy, just there for the money worker but the one who brightens the day because Jesus is shining brigehtl in my life and they want what I have.

  116. I am a manager of several employees and I want to impact them in a good way! It’s a very stressful environment with daily negativity but I pray they see Jesus in me and that I stay positive and live a life for Christ!

  117. I want to impact my husband and I want to impact young people (adults) that I come into contact with. So many young people seem to be flailing and are searching for guidance and direction in their lives. I want them to use their God-given talents to soar in life and honor Him.

  118. After reading the devo, my thought and prayer is that I will know what God’s purpose for my life is in terms of having it all RATHER than what I might think having it all means!

  119. I want to impact the students I teach and friends and family. Sometimes it is hard to show my Christian beliefs in the school where I work. But reading this devotional gave me a new outlook on this and I will be looking for God moments.

  120. Thank you, Gwen!! I want to impact my 13 5th and 6th graders that I am blessed to teach each day, I want to impact my grown kids and grandkids. Through God’s grace, I am preparing to return to India and God is already making an impact in my prep to go. Today is the Lord’s. I hope to have an impact for Him on each life that comes into my path today.

  121. I want to impact of course my family my and friends, it I believe He has given me a larger impact than I already know. I am starting to write and also write songs and I believe that those are meant to impact many. But I also know that by allowing Him to use me that even at times when I may seemingly only influence one, it is the right one that needs to see/hear it and that God can also multiply my efforts.

    I believe He is leading me in the areas of writing, music, and media (radio) but more importantly I think He is showing me the ways to impact those around me praying, studying His word, helping, etc.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  122. I want it all, all that God has me here for; all the wisdom, courage and knowledge to carry out His purpose and plan and magnify His name. At 52 years old,I came to a harsh realization that I’ve spent so much of my life wishing it were easier instead of focusing on how much God is glorified while being allowed to work ‘all things together for the good of those who love Him and are called…..’ ,. I want it all…all for Him. Thank you all for giving me a reminder each day of why I want it all✝️!

  123. Thank you for this word. I needed it today. As a youth leader and elder’s spouse of my church, it is easy to loose the focus of my calling and feel overwhelmed. I look forward to reading this book.

  124. I work in special education with PreK children. Although they are only ages 3-5 I believe with all my heart that this is a vital time in their lives. I want to impact every child that I work with, with a “sweet sweet spirit” where they will just know and understand that it comes from God. I pray for my students everyday (one impaticular that has a lot of behavior promblems) please may I always remember that I may be the only Jesus that some of them ever see! I want everyone that I come in contact with to see Jesus in me.

  125. I wanna impact all with whom I’m in contact with every day. Some days I am not feeling up to it, but then I do it, and that person, in turn, blesses my day with the smile I craved and needed. We’re living life together and some are longing for any sign from which they can see Christ through us! So let’s DO it!

  126. I am a principal of an elementary school of poverty. I pray everyday for God to lead me and guide me that mission field. I have been there for 24 years. Dear Lord, please help me impact my staff, parents, students and community with your grace and truth! Please let everyday count for YOU! Thank you Gwen for this!! We will begin your Bible Study soon after school!!

  127. God has been moving me with His words through GIG for the past couple of months as my ladies Bible study group has been studying our way through “Knowing God by Name”. When I found the book and the website, I loved that there was a video for each week and as I prepped to lead the group I was intrigued by discovering the daily devotions. So, I began making them my morning devotions with my coffee. It has become an epic, open the flood gates time with God for me. And all he has done so far is move within me – changing me on the inside and it has begun to come out now – epic! God has used the GIG website to move in me ways I didn’t think this old gal could move, I’m not really old, just enough to feel it some days. Living intentionally is my new motto and that includes being still alot more. I want to be more intentional and influence more as His peace grows in me . . . getting older is growing on me now. I’m excited to see who God is bringing into my life next – I want it all, too Gwen.

  128. I want to impact my 29 third graders…..but especially the 7 boys that have been a challenge to me this year. I want to see them with new eyes today and a new attitude and make a difference in the way they see life. I want them to see Jesus in me.

  129. I love GIG, Weekends are long without it.
    I desperately want to I pact my daughter who’s faith has been locked away for years.
    I can only do it through Prayer as she has been estranged since Oct. Last year.
    Please Pray for Ashli.
    Thank you for sharing your love for Jesus. My other daughter and I will be see I g Jayne next week in Pa.

    1. Praying for you and Ashli to be restored to each other. I was estranged from my daughter for just a few months and it was heart wrenching. Keep on loving her unconditionally just as God the Father loves us unconditionally. I would call my daughter when I knew she wasn’t home (I didn’t want to be hung up on) and leaver her a message that I was thinking of her and that I loved her and I was was here if she needed me.

  130. Every morning, before the sun rises I emerge myself in my Bible study as well as reading your blog. It is a very uplifting way to start my day. Just wanted you to know that. You, as well as the rest of the girlfriends in God, are impactful in a very positive way in this woman’s life. I’m a wife, Mother of 2, stepmother of 3, grandmother of 8, daughter of my Mother who is 91, a nurse, church goer, and I have a few other hats. Many hats, many daily pulls and struggles. It is so easy to let myself get caught up in it all with feelings of inadequacy, sometimes bitterness and exhaustion. I have it all from a worldly standpoint but I realize not from a Godly view. I do want to be impactful instead of just going through the motions as the song says. Looking forward to reading your book. Thank you Gwen

  131. I want to impact children and today’s educators. I want them to be positive toke models. More importantly, I want them to love each child that crosses their path because we don’t always know what that child is dealing with internally or st home. Love unconditionally. I also pray that Jesus give a me the ability to br a role model to them.

  132. I’m a teacher, a single mom, I coach three sports, I’m a Sunday school teacher, and I play in the youth band at church…my whole life revolves around children. Besides my own children, I spend most of my time with teenagers. I pray that God uses me to lead these children to God. I pray that God helps me be a positive influence on these kids! It’s definitely a challenge to get enough sleep, maintain enough patience, keep up my energy, and stay focused on my Number one role: child of God.

  133. I am a fifth grade teacher. It is my first year in this school. It was clearly a divine appointment from God. As the new kid on the block I began a weekly prayer time on Monday mornings for any teachers who want to pray over our school, our staff, and our impact on those we come into contact with each day. When we pray we also ask God to show us the people who need us most, open our eyes. I also believe in trying to be the best version of myself. My teaching partner has said my impact in our building has been incredible bc of my positivity and compassion. She’s also thanked me for challenging her to be a better teacher.

    1. Melissa you are a true inspiration to many! Thank you for sharing your journey of a new teaching opportunity! I too teach, science at a small rurally school in central WI, I am blessed with so much support and spiritual guidance. I pray each day to follow in the footsteps of the Lord to the best of my ability. I long for his closeness yet have so much work to do to truly ‘get there’ I will continue my faith walk every day!
      Again thank you for your story!

  134. Great morning! I am grateful for this message! I woke up this morning yearning- yearning for direction- direction with everything in my life. Thank you for helping me realize that the more of Him in my life is the only navigator I’ ll ever need to get me wherever He leads me.

  135. My comment is simple: I feel as though my prayers have not been answered in years. Abandoned, and misplaced going no where.
    All is want is true prayer from you ladies. I have no friends, and really I really believe I’m lonely (hadn’t thought of it this way until just now).

  136. I want to impact those that God places in my path. Most of all I want to impact my family, people in my church, strangers and my co workers. I want them to see that there is something different and desire to know what it is. Thank you Jesus for impacting me!

  137. I lost my job unexpectedly on March 9. Needless to say, I was devestated and went into a short period of depression. But, all praise to our God, I began a new career(or should I say new place to be able to minster). My prayer each morning now is “God please let me show your love, mercy and forgiveness to those I come in contact with just as you have shown those qualities to me. ” I am excited to see where and how God leads me into these unchartered waters.

  138. This message today was very insightful and motivating, certainly the confirmation I needed as to my path. Thanks for sharing, be blessed.

  139. Dear Gwen, this is so amazing! Just this week, I was praying the same thing, “Lord I want to life to point others to you”. The desire of my heart is to impact everyone that I come in contact, in one way or the other.

    God bless your ministry!

  140. I want to impact lives that are and have been spiritually and emotionally wounded. I want to direct them to see that though man might have caused you pain, be of good cheer God is not a man. Also to those who feel like they are not good enough, that in Christ none of us is, but yet he loves us.
    Lord grant me this I pray for your glory in Jesus name, Amen!

  141. I want to make a positive impact on my cousins as they are still young and innocent. Thanks so much for the word. More inspiration from God in Jesus’name

  142. I want to impact others living with a Chronic illness like me. I want to help those who don’t think there is hope, that any one cares, and to show them they are not alone. Many times when you are diagnosed with a Chronic Illness, friends will leave. They will walk right out of your life. I want to impact others to let them know and see, that the greatest, best friend they can have, God is not going to walk away, he is standing firm by them and he is in it for the long haul.

  143. I want to make an impact on those around me or those whom the Lord places in my path. I really appreciate your writings and would love to win. Thank you.

  144. Time has taught me the impact I think I am making just may not be the impact I am making. Only submitting to Christ in me to flow thru me will be an impact for Him & His kingdom; and it will take heaven to see what the impact is.

  145. As a pastor’s wife, you have an influence and impact on many. My heart is burdened for our youth and my hearts desire is to make a positive impact on the youth of today. After all, they are the adults of the future. My prayer is to be the example that thr Lord wants for me to be! ❤️✝️

  146. I want to impact my children. 3 of my children are grown (1 is married) and I have a 17 year old still at home. Two of my 3 grown kids became Mormon after their dad committed suicide 5 years ago (it’s a very long story). I prayed everyday that God would give me the compassion, words, and wisdom to get them out of that church. 3 months ago they both left the church. I still pray for them everyday to come to the Lord. My 17 year old is struggling with worldly things and I want be an impact on his life and show him that Christ is the way.
    You are an inspiration to me Gwen! I enjoy your blog, your words pour into my heart.

  147. Thank you for this post. I do want it all but until reading your post I felt like my legacy would be a position or a “thing” that I do.

    After reading this I am comfortable giving advice and encouragement as the Holy Spirit leads. His legacy is enough. I want to be a vessel; not a name. His position is good enough and I can rest in wherever he leads me.

  148. I want to impact everybody I come into contact with. I want to spread the life of Jesus with. I have the privilege of working with the little ones in our church and teaching them about Jesus and showing him the love he has for all of us no matter what we have done. My joy is watching and listening to the children tell their parents what they have learned during our class. There is times that I feel that they are not listening, paying attention, or get what I am trying to teach them but they really are. I am making a difference in their life and it is such a blessing.

  149. I became a Christian in 2013 and handed my life and my heart over to Jesus. I was Baptized again in the river in Aug of 2013. For years I prayed my husband would also do the same. Last year on Easter Sunday my husband was Baptized at our church. I cried and praised Jesus for answering my prayers. Now my prayers are for my son. He was raised Catholic and lost his faith in his late teens, now he is 24. I pray for him all the time and I ask Jesus to help me to show him that our Lord is real, He does answer our prayers and Blesses us beyond belief. So I am trying to impact upon my son how Jesus can change his life if he would just believe. Please include him in your prayers.
    Thank you Gwen for daily prayers and devotions.

  150. I really needed this today, I have been praying for God to use me to spread his word. After reading this I realise he is using me right where I am, in my family, I my everyday life. I think sometimes I think the way God uses us is in a grand way, forgetting he also can use right where we are, where that is.

  151. I want to be a positive impact on my grandchildren. The world in which they have grown up and are growing up rarely offers positive impacts. I want to be such an influence so that even after I’m gone, they can look back and know that I loved them and tried to show them the right way to live their lives.

  152. I want to Impact everyone I come in contact with in my daily life.
    I want others to see Jesus and His Love when they look at me and feel His love and care when they are around me.

    Smiles& Prayers!

  153. This post both blessed me and empowered me. I’ve just recently cried out to Father God that I was finished trying to do my thing; what does He desire to have me do. Right now He’s blessed me to be a homemaker for my husband of 25 years and our two teenage daughters. I want to be a greater impact on them and thus glorify my God whom I love more with each passing day.

  154. Once again your words are what I needed to hear today. I am struggling with where God is leading me after being laid off in February. I feel a pull to be in a role where I can impact others but no sure what that looks like or how to start looking. Thank you for being so real and honest in your writing and music.

  155. I feel so lost in this department right now. I have worked in special education for 20+ years until last fall. I went on medical leave due to back pain. I am now having surgery, but due to the type of work I probably can’t return. Helping special children has always been my passion…. And I believe that giving children the extra attention to grow with joy is where I’m blessed. But now what???
    Please pray for answers for me once I recover or maybe in my recovery that God uses me to glorify him. I want to serve God using my creativity and art to enhance peoples perspectives on life if I can somehow! Art of all kinds brings something special to peoples lives and I would love God to use me and my creativeness He’s blessed me with to bless others!
    Thank you Gwen for being Gods messenger…. It is your strength whether writing books, devotions or one of your inspirational songs!
    Blessings to you and all the women here seeking God’s love and guidance.

  156. I needed to read this today. I took a new job back in February as a property manager for a 96 unit apartment complex. My husband and I have been praying for a year for an opportunity for him to be able to retire from his factory job that he worked for 28 years, and allow him to find a retirement job that he enjoyed. God answered our prayers BIG! When I was offered this job they also needed a maintenance man. My husband loves that type of work, so on March 1st he retired from the factory and joined me as my maintenance guy! Here’s what God is doing in our lives now! The apartment complex has been under bad management and maintenance for several years and some of the tenants are what we may consider “less than desirable” to deal with. In the beginning they were bitter and angry, and some of them just miserable with their lives. Within this past couple of months we have tried to just be a light to them, to show them the love of Jesus, to get things fixed and we have even given some of them furniture and basic things needed for their apartment. We are already seeing some of them change their attitudes and warming up to us. We believe that God has placed us in this position for a reason. It is our goal to show them Jesus! It’s not going to be an easy road, and we are just getting started, but we love being there, and pray that we can just touch some lives by showing them kindness and compassion.

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