What You and Wonder Woman Have in Common

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In the first few moments of the movie we watched her light up and ask hard questions as her beautiful mama told her stories at bedtime. Brave curiosity and fearless adventure twinkled in her eyes as she ran about and soaked in the activities and people of the all-female, Amazonian warrior-filled island of Themyscira.

Diana, princess of the Amazons, grew in skill, wisdom and stature, training as an unbeatable warrior. She loved justice. Loved peace. Loved goodness. It was all she knew… until the day a handsome American spy, Steve Trevor, crashed his plane in the waters off the paradise island and Diana dove in to save him.

As she grew to know Steve, Diana learned of the danger, death, destruction, and darkness in other parts of the world. Of the war to end all wars. Of atrocities, injustice and brokenness that crushed the innocent and eminently threatened all life.

The weight of angst and compassion within left her breathless.

Diana Prince, Wonder Woman, could scarcely fathom the thought, let alone the harsh reality of this type of evil.

This is what she trained for. This is what she existed for, to defend against and crush evil, to protect the weak. She had to stop the war. To look evil in the eye and snuff it out.

David felt a similar rage about the injustice that surrounded him when he penned Psalm 58. Not much warm and fuzzy going on here, just hazes of heaviness. Snapshots of darkness. Brutal pictures of brokenness that left him pleading for divine retribution.

“The wicked go astray from the womb;
liars wander about from birth.
They have venom like the venom of a snake,
like the deaf cobra that stops up its ears,
that does not listen to the sound of the charmers
who skillfully weave spells.

God, knock the teeth out of their mouths;
Lord, tear out the young lions’ fangs.
May they vanish like water that flows by;
may they aim their blunted arrows.
Like a slug that moves along in slime,
like a woman’s miscarried child,
may they not see the sun.”

(Psalm 58:3-8)

David wanted God to look evil in the eyes and snuff it out.

I do too.

In a day of advanced civilization, it seems impossible that humans would be sold into sex slavery and fly planes into buildings… inconceivable that missionaries would be gunned down by extremists, and churches and schools would be left in pools of blood on the other side of hate.

Yet, in spite of the jagged crevices of injustice that abound, we are not helpless.

You are not helpless.

Evil can and should motivate us to pray without ceasing.

And confidence can rise even in chaos because we cry out to a listening Lord.

We have authority in Christ to stand strong against forces of darkness, trusting that the One who made all things will eventually make all things right.

Holy Father,
When injustice and depravity overwhelm my heart, turn my eyes to see Your hope. Crush and contend with all that is evil in the world, Lord. You are the Healer of the broken and Friend to every sinner who knows the sorrow of each scar. Heal our land, Jesus. Give us wisdom, courage and confidence to trust Your eternal plans to avenge all darkness with Light.
In Jesus’ name, Amen.



Write down or think through 3-5 evils in the world or in your life. Spend time in prayer asking God to crush them for His glory. Join in a time of powerful community prayer against evil by posting a prayer on the wall of my blog and reading through the prayers of others!

Love and blessings to you, friend.



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  1. Gwen, I pray that God will break the doubt, distrust andbitterness that holds a shadows over me and my son and bring peace between us. Pray for me and with me.

  2. Our Lord and Shelter of Refuge. We plead your blood on earth today. We plead for your constant protection in these unsettling times. Father, Lord, Abba Father shield all Frontline workers, our families and all loved ones from the claws of the enemy. We ask your Spirit to guide, lead and be with us through all our challenges I. JESUS NAME, AMEN!

  3. Jesus Thank You for all that you do even in this crazy world right now. And Thank You that I have a God that I can turn to in this time. But with all the unrest that has happened this weekend, rioting and burning, Jesus heal this land of ours. I pray for the scientists that are finding a cure for this pandemic. For all the Dr.s (one being my son), nurses and the first responders, keep them safe. I pray for the Christians that we are able to witness to the lost. Thank You Jesus, Amen

  4. Father God please help me to continue to trust you in your plan. I have heart ache over the injustice in our world today. Please help me to remember your everlasting plan. I love you In Jesus name. Amen

  5. PrAy for all the students who lie on teachers and the parents who are worst than the kids. Have no respect for adults, our society or environment.

  6. These are the evil things that just get me so angry: child abuse, any kind of sexual abuse (especially to children) and animal abuse. I pray to our God to heal the perpetrators of these horrible crimes, and to heal the innocent victims.

  7. I pray against the evil of division and hate. I pray Lord that you would heal the wounded hearts so that we could unite and love one another. To live in harmony with each other as we Praise and worship you Lord.
    In Jesus name, Amen!!

  8. Lord, I hate the selfishness that is in me. I’m tired of the fear in my heart, doubting you. When will I not recognize myself, and see you in the mirror?

    1. I have Pray the same prayer my dear friend. If you keep asking every day for the Lord to change your heart and you keep seeking him and his word every day and listening to praise music the Ward will change you from the inside out and give you the fruits of the spirit which are gentleness and kindness and love and patience. He loves you and he will turn you into the woman that you were created to be just have faith and be patient.

  9. Heavenly Father, thank you that You always help us to look inward–what are the evils in our own lives? What can I do to be more like Your Son, Jesus Christ? Father, I lift up to you every heart that is seeking Your will. God, please help us to stand together, and extend Your love to a lost and broken world. Give us the courage to be different; to be set apart and live for You. I ask that You please awaken the hearts of my family members. Please stir their hearts to want to know You, God. Please convict and convert my mom–use them all for Your glory. I recognize that I cannot change them; nor can we change ourselves. Only Your grace and love, by the power of Your Holy Spirit, can people change. Please start a revival here in my family and community, and all of the world. Jesus, please open the eyes of the blind, set the captives free, and heal the broken hearted. Unite Your church and help us to love, encourage, uplift, and stand strong together, that the world might know that we are Your disciples. May they see true hope in us and cry out to You for salvation, Lord. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  10. II Thessalonians 3:3 (NKJV)
    “3 But the Lord is faithful, who will establish you and guard you from the evil one.”

    2 Thessalonians 3:3 (NLT)
    “3 But the Lord is faithful; he will strengthen you and guard you from the evil one.”

    2 Thessalonians 3:3 (NIV)
    “3 But the Lord is faithful, and he will strengthen you and protect you from the evil one.“

    Hallelu Yah!

  11. Holy Heavely God:

    There are so many evils in this fallen world, the increase of Christian persecutions around the world, the increase of hate in the hearts of many people, drug addition, terrorist hooror, mass shootings and the culture trying to disregard Your Word and Your Truth!
    May the Church, the Bride of Christ have a urgency to be what Jesus- our unlitmate example- taught is to be: “the salt and light” of the world!” HALLELUJAH Amen.

    Romans 12:21
    “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.”

    I Chronicles 7:14-15
    “14 if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land. 15 Now My eyes will be open and My ears attentive to prayer made in this place.“

  12. Lord As we stand in agreement (( we crush disappointment, we crush stinking thinking, and we crush and restore lost dreams.)) Circumcise hearts heavenly father in your precious name we ask amen…

    Attitude of gratitude

  13. Lord God, Maker of heaven and earth…..I pray for Your divine intervention to end all human trafficking, child and animal abuse in this broken world. I pray for evil dark hearts to be forever changed in Your holy name. For those evil ones to see their evil ways and to no longer have the desires to follow Satan but to long to only serve You.
    Bring caring and loving people into the paths of those who suffer from human trafficking, abuse and neglect to be rescued from such horrific suffering and to be placed in loving care, experiencing true love (Your love) for the remainder of their precious lives. All for Your glory, my faithful and loving Almighty God.
    All this I pray in Jesus’ mighty and holy name….Amen and Amen

  14. Precious Jesus,
    I lift up this city to you Lord. There is so much evil hidden in what the world cals magic and tarot cards. I pray the truth would be revealed and peoples eyes would be open. You are the Alpha and Omega! No one knows the future but you. I pray for my generation God and for my daughter as she grows up in this world. Lord , may they grow up to know who your son is and may their faith grow strong. Give us as parents the strength to trust in you and rely on your Holy Spirit for guidance and counsel. Show us Father how to lead our children and may they be like you Jesus. Amen

  15. Abba father I lift up my daughter Aimee. She will want to follow Jesus and not this world and movies. She will love you with her heart not head knowledge. Comfort the ones that have lost loved ones from cancer I left them up to you. In the precious name Jesus

  16. Please pray for the Lord’s guidance on a very important business deal. I have a hard decision to make in the next few days. Also pray for my finances it seems like every time I see the lights of the tunnel here comes a train. I have been through the ringer the last 10 years so I know what God can do but it just seems like lately I can’t get any answers. Thank you for praying. May God bless all of you and meet you’re every need.

  17. Heavenly Father, my heart breaks for those souls who commit suicide and for the people who mourn them. Please heal the hearts of those who have lost loved ones to suicide. Grant grace to the mother and father who is suffering the loss of their son today. In your name, Jesus, I ask you to comfort.

  18. Dear God,
    I confess my need for you today. I need your healing and your grace. I need hope restored. I need to be reminded that you work on behalf of those you love, constantly, powerfully, and completely.
    Forgive me for trying to fix my situation all on my own. Forgive me for running all different directions and spinning my wheels to find help, when true help and healing must be found first in You. Forgive me for forgetting how much I need you, above everyone and everything else.
    I humbly come to you and bring you the places I am hurting. You see where no one else is able to fully see or understand. You know the pain I’ve carried. The burdens. The cares. You know where I need to be set free. I ask for your healing and grace to cover every broken place, every wound, and every heartache.
    Thank you that you are able to do far more than I could ever imagine. Thank you for your mighty power that acts on behalf of your children. I reach out to you believing that you are restoring and redeeming every place of difficulty and all the battles I’ve faced, for your greater glory. Thank you that you will never waste my pain and suffering. 
    I ask for your healing over every part of my life – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. I ask that you’d make me strong and resilient for the days ahead. I know that you have great purpose for those who believe in your name.
    Help me not to allow the distractions and struggles of my days weigh me down to the point of exhaustion. I know that your desire is for me to live this life abundantly and free. And my greatest desire is to reflect your love and light to a world that so desperately needs your hope.
    For those I love who are facing cancer or a hard diagnosis, I pray for your covering of healing and grace. I pray for your strength and your great peace to fill their lives, reminding them that you are close. Thank you that nothing is impossible with you. Thank you that you’re fighting for us and you are bigger than anything this world throws our way.
    I lean fully on you Lord, for You alone are able. I love you; I need you this day, and always.
    In Jesus’ Name,

  19. Father, in your name, I seek you wholly. I thank you for your saving power, for your forgiving heart, for forgiving me of my sin. Father, today, I ask you to heal the addict. Put the evil one who holds them hostage, under your foot; make him a footstool. Heal my precious daughter today from her addiction Father. Today, may a child of yours cross her path and open her eyes to you. In the precious name of Jesus I pray

  20. Heavenly Father, deliver those who are bound in sin by addiction. Show them that there is another way…that YOU are the way, truth, and life….that they don’t need drugs or alcohol to get by…all they need is YOU. In your precious and Holy name we pray. Amen.

  21. Lord, I thank you for the many blessings you have given to my family. I ask today that you help me to have patience and perseverance to hear you and your will for my life. I pray that those in darkness turn to you and feel the light of your presence and see that faith and giving over to your will can crush and destroy the enemy of evil. In the name of Jesus, Amen

  22. Father thank you for GIG and the way they minister to my heart.
    This one today is motivating to pray as never before.
    Thank you for the movies that are exposing the abortion industry. I pray for strength and protection for those in this fight. Bring healing to the women who have had abortions, that they might know you and your love.
    Thank you for President Trump and Vice President Pence and the way You are exposing the corruption in our government. Protect them and raise up legislators who will be honest and ethical and help restore our country to honor You.
    I pray for the destruction of the evil that is sex trafficking, free these captives. Bring justice.
    In Jesus name

  23. Prayers for my marriage of 26 years. My husband wants a divorce. He is under attack from Satan.. He believer in Christ but He isn’t Lord of his life. Prayers for my children. They are believers in Christ but He isn’t Lord of their lives

    1. Thank you Heavenly Father for the breath of life. Thank you for the grace and abundance of provision I and my family have been blessed to receive. Thank you for your Son and the grace and mercy He brought to us through the slaying of the Lamb. Father crush the stronghold Satan has on my husbad’s childlike heart. Set him free from captivity to truly leave and cleave to his wife and three children. Let all that he does be true efforts to love and serve us as commanded… as Jesus loved the church that he died for her. Release him from the clutching grasp his dysfunctional mother has tangled around his codependent heart. Open his eyes to love, TRUTH and JUSTICE! Allow him to break free from the chains of bondage placed upon him at childhood. Allow the liars of Satan to have their teeth punched out and vindicate the oppressed. Show him his responsibilities as a husband and father. Release him from the aanointing. He had been cast into of son/protector and free him to be able to live fully in your glorious annointing. Let him be a man oh Holy Lord.

    2. Cynthia, I will be praying. I can honestly say I know what you are going through. I was just recently divorced after 34 years of marriage. It was not what I wanted but God will not go against the will of man. My ex did not want to surrender to the Lord because he would have to give up the life he was living. The last 10 years of our marriage was the hardest thing I have been through but God did bring me through it. I could not have survived mentally, physically or emotionally if not for the Lord. Praying your husband and children will make the Lord the Lord of their lives. Praying for you for wisdom and peace as you go through this trial.

  24. Please pray for Jack and Lucy’s protection and God’s healing and guidance in upcoming court battle and aftermath. Thank you

  25. Lord I pray for my student and her sisters who are being sexually abused at home. I plead for protection and healing for her body, heart, mind and soul. Overwhelm her with her soul. Give me wisdom Lord Jesus for I feel so helpless. Lead me. Thank you Jesus for your love and mercy.

    1. Jen, I stand in agreement with you asking for protection and healing of these sweet girls. I pray God will give you the wisdom of how to best help them even if it is to only listen. Lord I ask for these chains to be broken in this household. I pray You are invited in so the family can heal. If that is not Your will I pray for an alternate home for these girls. A safe, loving home where they feel protected, respected and loved Lord. I ask You give Jen words to comfort and love on these young ladies. To share You with them. As she mentioned it is more than their bodies being harmed it is their hearts, souls and minds. Lord I ask that You remove this harm from them. Amen

  26. Father I come to You and ask that You would come against the hatred, lies, deceit, anger and pride of the those seeking to destroy Your children and this world. Bring to light all that has been wrought and planned in secret and in darkness. All that has been and is hidden bring into Your glorious light. Father arise and come to our defense, end the mocking, scorning and arrogance of the wicked. Open eyes and ears so that truth is seen and heard. Avenge the oppressed and knock down the oppressor(s). Give wisdom and discernment to those in authority and may all see Your judgment upon the wicked and be afraid. May the oppressors fall into the snares and pits they have dogged and planned for the innocent. Replace the lies of the enemy with truth, replace hatred with love, anger with peace, deceit with integrity, anxiety and fear with hope, confidence and peace, weakness with strength, unbelief with faith and trust in You. Bring a speedy end to the situation my daughter finds herself in , give wisdom and direction for decisions and help her to put her business on track, may it be profitable so she can take care of and provide for her children. Thank You for hearing and answering my prayers. In Christ’s precious name I pray. Amen

  27. Good afternoon, my name is Debbie and I am a missionary in Fiji Island. I came here 6 years ago from California , God called me back for ministry as a teacher at the school. While on school break I have been asked to speak on another Island at a camp for teens. Some of the girls are in an orphanage , others are in villages with the parents. These young ladies are age 10-18 . The one that I have learned is prostitution and slave trading these young women is at an all time high. I love this Island and never thought this darkness would come the Island of Fiji, even mothers selling their daughters, and If the child refuses she is whipped for disobedience. One instant the young girl was beaten, tied and burned to death because she didn’t want to comply anymore. Please pray for the girls in the orphanage because their are some who want to leave because the feel the rules are to much . We know that drugs and prostitution is the way out for them and these girls take the easy way out. Rape from family members is another stronghold. At times it’s both mother and father who commit the crimes. Thank you so much for all the prayers that are lifted. God bless you. Debbie

  28. Prayers for my family. They are believers in Christ but He isn’t Lord of their lives. Some days it’s hard to be strong because I’m the only one praying and walking with Him. They’re 3 grown children living at home and my other 2 live outside Anchorage and have steady jobs. God is faithful always and so gracious. Thanks for praying.

  29. God I ask you to please bring my children to you and let them lead their children you also, Let them know that you are the only way. That you are trying to get their attendtion. Heal our marriage that we are slow to speak and quick to listen. they all depression and anxitey anway from everyone


  31. Father God, with the authority you have given me as a believer, I come against the spirit of death and destruction that is plaguing my city. I speak comfort and healing to the families who have lost children this past week to the gun violence that is running rampant. I speak peace to the hearts of those who would repay evil with evil. Lord help us who are called by your name to not be afraid to take a stand against injustice in all forms – especially against women and children. I ask that you would bring back the church of Jesus Christ as a safe haven for those in danger and in need. In Jesus’ mighty name. Amen.

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  32. Dear Lord, my heavenly Father, I come to you now and ask you to please put an end to all sickness and disease. To please stop all hatred in Earth, and to open doors of love and companionships to the lonely people of this earth, giving them comfort, a home, a true friend and let these friends lead them all to You so that they may know Your peace and mercy and grace and joy. May all who lack salvation in You turn and come to You our Lord and Savior who offers us all unconditional love and grace, Who meets all of our needs every day. May all the nations learn of You and Your great love and comfort and find You and receive Your salvation for all of our lives. I thank You, Lord for all You’ve already done and for all that You’re doing and for all that Your going to do. Thank You, Lord, for going ahead of us on our journey’s making our path’s straight, and for staying as close to each of us as our next breath. May we always keep our eyes on You and our focus on heavenly things. I ask this in Jesus’ name, Amen

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  33. Father, I ask that you confound and confuse those who operate in the sex trade. Destroy their plans and set the men, women, boys and girls free that are trapped. And, Father, I pray for those who suffer domestic violence. Bring peace into homes that are destroyed by anger, drugs and alcohol. Finally, Lord, I pray for our leaders. Help them do your will and seek justice for our nation. We praise you for your mighty works, in Jesus’ Name, Amen

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  34. Dear Lord, I know that you are God and that you are angry with the wicked everyday. You are almighty and you see the evil which prevails the earth. You see the senseless murders based on hate and ignorance. But if your people would stand and be light and salt we could turn this world upside down. My prayer is not for the wicked because they are deceived by the evil one Satan. But that those who are twice born would seek your face and turn from their wicked ways and stand for truth. In Jesus’s name a-men.

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  35. I’m so thankful to other great women of God who like wonder women. Step up and went to fight against injustices that is happening throughout this 🌎. They 👀 a need they gave their all to help. We as Gods children should all be about our Fathers business. For He will cover us that why we should always pray for God is our source in all things.

    1. May we all have compassion and show God’s love to all people. Thank You, Lord, for hearing our prayers, In Your Holy Name, Amen

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  36. Dear Heavenly Father, I am asking that the evil of selling children into slavery for sex be eliminated and those that are doing this see the evil of their desires. Help them see that their sin hurts these innocent children. I also pray for those addicted to alcohol and drugs and ask that their addiction be replace with a healthy lover for You and Your teachings. Finally, I pray for our leaders who are misguided by greed, power, and intolerance. Clear their thinking of these evil desires and replace their thinking with the teachings and justice according to Your Holy Word. In Jesus name, I pray, Amen.

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  37. Dear Lord,
    Long before the practice of abortion was prevalent in this country, children were being ripped from the arms of their parents for profit. I pray that our nation would acknowledge her sinful past and pray for forgiveness.
    In the name of Jesus who died for sinners,

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