What’s Love Got To Do With It?

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I have seen you in the sanctuary and beheld your power and your glory. Because your love is better than life, my lips will glorify you. (Psalm 63:2-3)


Years ago I experienced a memorable God-moment when my flight had been delayed. On that particular warm June morning, I had gotten to the Philadelphia airport crazy-early and was eager to get home to my young family after a beautiful weekend of ministry.

No lie – when I saw that my flight was delayed, I was bummed. My initial disappointment, however, dissolved into gratefulness, as the extra airport time became an opportunity for me to have extended personal worship.

As I sat facing the flat runway, a fiery orange ball began to rise over the horizon that was simply breathtaking. I couldn’t help but to reflect on God’s goodness as He bragged on Himself with the glorious sunrise. I remember sensing His presence and His pleasure deep inside as I considered a few of the reasons that I loved our amazing LORD. And in the chaos of the loud, bustling terminal, I felt a peace and serenity that was profound.

Have you ever had one of those sweet, intensely personal moments with God that simply demanded a response?

Taking it all in, I sipped fresh-brewed coffee as my mind wandered to that classic poem “How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count The Ways,” written by the talented poet of the Victorian era, Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Her poem seemed the perfect backdrop for my worship, and that sweet moment of personal reflection birthed the lyric for a song titled Because that I recorded later that year:


by Gwen Smith and Randy Rothwell


Another flight delayed, sitting here I think of You

Sipping on a dark “Seattle’s Best”

As the sun is rising, I pause to give You praise

A solitary moment in a blur of busy days

Where should I begin?

There’s so much I could say

Why do I love you?

Let me count the ways…


Because You chased me

And then You caught me

Because You cherish me

Because You bought me

You change me deeply

You set my heart free

Because I’m never satisfied

Without Your presence right here by my side


People all around rushing by, just passing through

Carrying the baggage we all own

Desperate for true love, richer life and perfect peace

A chance for satisfaction with a prayer of belief

In Your presence there is serenity

Father of mercy, I love you endlessly…


Hear my heart in this noisy sanctuary as I sit here all alone

You are worthy of a song that’s never ending

I will sing until I’m safely home, safely home

Lord I love You, Oh I love You

Have you really savored our Savior lately?

Have you paused to adore Him today?

What about yesterday? This week?

In the midst of marriage, mothering and ministry, I constantly struggle with freeing up time to ‘just sit’ with God and worship… to behold Him in His sanctuary… yet this is what God desires most! Our affection. Our adoration. Our love.

So today, I praise Him for missed flights that lead to worship. I praise Him for sunrises that demand a prayerful response. I praise Him for the peace He brings to my frazzled. For the calm His presence brings to my chaos.

Before we pray together and tell God some of the endless reasons we love Him, I’d love to lead you to His heart with music. Click here to hear the song “Because” that’s featured on my blog.


Heavenly Father,
There are so many reasons why I love you! You chased me and caught me. You cherish me and bought me with the blood of your Son, Jesus. Please forgive me for the times when the busyness of life crowds out my time to adore You. Hear my heart today as it tenderly and sincerely whispers, “I love You!” I praise you and pray this in the powerful, saving name of Jesus, Amen.



What do you praise Him for today?  Think on that. Make a list. Give Him thanks. Worship! Then swing over to my blog and leave a comment telling me your top 3-5 things!

Read Psalm 63 and then pray for God’s presence, provision and protection in your life.

Write a “love note” to someone special in your life as a blessing. Ask God to lead you in this.
I love YOU! Really do. Can’t wait to read your responses. 🙂 Have an awesome day, friend.

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  1. I praise God that my 12 year old passed to the 8th grade. I praise God for blessing me with two God fearing, humble, kind, smart sons. I praise God for my best friend Lionel who is there for my son’s and me no matter what! God I praise you for Your faithfulness, Your forgiveness, Your unconditional love and Your benefits.

  2. I praise God for waking me another beautiful day. I praise God for my wonderful family, children. I thank the Lord for loving me and never leaving me. For guiding me and straightening me everyday. I love you Jesus!❤

  3. I worship and thank God for not being annoyed by me, forgiving me, His daily new mercy, love & so much more!

  4. I praise Him for everyone and everything He has blessed me with. I praise Him for delivering me from the pit of despair I was in and trust He will deliver me from the pain I am in now. I praise Him for the protection He has provided us over my husbands military career. I praise Him for all things great and small. I even praise Him for the bad days and the hard times because without them we would never know of His unfailing love. He loves us even when we don’t love or believe in ourselves. I praise Him for the amazing Savior that He is.

  5. I am grateful that He is with me through all of life’s messes. When the road is extremely bumpy or the valleys are shadowy dark I can turn and run to Him.

  6. I am grateful for His faithfulness- that He is who He says He is. That He is able to love me unconditionally despite my faithlessness. I am grateful for His mercy and His forgiveness and for Him removing my guilt from me as far as the East is from the West.

    I am grateful for the hope that He gives me that I can be conformed into the image and likeness of Christ and not being forever imprisoned by this mortal weakness.

    I thank Him for hope, for second chances and for grace

  7. I praise God this morning for the beautiful sunshine and warm day that he is providing today. I praise him for this special quiet moment before waking the kids to start our day. I praise him for my amazing family and thank him for putting them in my care until we all go home to him someday. Thank you Lord for the blessings you’ve given me and help me to see them each and every day!!

  8. I praise and worship God for who he is for showing me how much he loves me all the time, he has changed my life and it’s never been better since he called me out of the darkness. His amazing grace and mercy is priceless I thank him every day for his unconditional love and for our Lord Jesus Christ truly blessed through his Holy Spirit, he has proven to me anything is possible when you put him first!?❤️?❤️

  9. I praise him for all things big and small. I praise him for always being my keeper. He let’s me know when I am walking the wrong way or fixing to make the wrong decisions. I praise him for my health. I may not be as healthy yet as I would like, but I could be alot worse. I have been fighting depression lately and it’s been so hard. We’ve had alot of circumstances in our family that has made me cry out and ask why? But, I still praise him in the good and the bad. He is my strength! I could not make it without him….for that he deserves all the glory and praise.

  10. I praise God this morning for the opportunity to see my son get an academic award, the ability also to use the brain he has given me to think. I am more than greatful for the ability to work and help my family and finally and i`m most greatful for the persons in has placed in my life to be an inspiration, I can see also where this has helped me to also help others.

  11. When my father died 3 years ago, my 39 year old daughter 2 years ago then my mother over a year ago. I thought I was gonna lose it. I didn’t even want to be here. I’d ask God why my baby girl, why not me. Mothers aren’t suppose to out live their children. Her oldest daughter was about to have twins, that she’d never see. Why my baby why not me. GOD carried me through everyday and today I can enjoy the 3 other kids I have 17 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren I think of them everyday sometimes I cry sometimes I smile. But only as God why not me once in awhile.

  12. I praise him for who he is and what he does for me every moment of my life
    I praise him for sending his son to die for my sins that I may have eternal life
    I thank him for his unending love and compassion, for his faithfulness. He loves me despite my faults, many are the times I have wandered away from his presence but still he chooses to love me…I praise him for the storms I face in this life because it is in them that I see his power manifesting, he calms my raging seas
    For his blessings, provision and protection…am so thankful. For my family and the wonderful Man I have I thank him….I have a lot to be thankful for and in all this I’ll praise his name forever

  13. I praise the Lord for all He has done for me. Without my Savior I’m nothing and I wouldn’t have come this far without Him. Thank you Lord.You are amazing

  14. I praise God for saving me from all the darkness on this world that tries to consume us and separate us from Him, I praise His Holy Name Jesus Christ because just by saying aloud the the name of our Savior the enemy must flee, I praise His Holy Name for always loving me and never leaving me

  15. I praise God for this devotional today! I praise God for who he is, my Saviour Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirt, and my blessings! Praise God from whom all blessings flow! I love you, Lord! If I had ten thousand tongues, I still couldn’t thank you enough! Praise Ye the Lord!

  16. I praise and am thankful to God, first of all because he Loved me/us so much that he gave his only son Jesus as a living sacrifice for our salvation. He has taken me out of a life of sin, desperation, loneliness, sadness and hopelessness. He has healed me and continues to heal me from the wounds of my soul and is healing me from my outside body as well. He blesses me in ways I never imagined and he is with me and has not and will not ever leave me.
    Thank you God, you are worthy of all worship and all praise!!

  17. I praise God and thank Him because no matter what struggles my family or I are going through or have gone through, I know He is right there by our side. I have to constantly tell him “Lord, I have to trust You and give this situation to you”. I thank God for loving me and my family no matter what happens or goes on in our lives. I know that everything we go through is for a reason. Thank you Jesus for loving us who are so undeserving. I love you Jesus so much! 🙂 I’m just so thankful!

  18. I want to thank God today for the opportunity to sit and play a Bibke board game with my 5 year old this morning. Thank you God!

  19. I am thankful for enough to pay my bills, for people who love me and the awesome love of God in my life!! So grateful

  20. Got my crosswalks email this morning and got a chance to read your amazing words. Brought to tears in worship because I can relate so well. I live in LA and when I recently had gone to the beach, I felt that same wonder and awe as a seagull flew over the ocean…. the water was endless and shinning as if it were to glorify God. The waves were crashing in a beautiful praise, and the seagull soared without ever clapping his wings, confident and resilient! God was being praised by all of his creations in that moment, including me! I felt small, yet important. In awe, yet awesome. Blessed and called to bless at the same time. I know EXACTLY how you felt in that airport. Loved, provided for, safe, filled with the water of a well that will never run dry.


  21. I thank God for sacrificing His only Son to save me from my sins so that I can have eternal life with Him in heaven. I thank Him for my beautiful family, my friends and my conveniences. I thank Him for the person He made me to be. I praise His holy name and appreciate Him always having my back. I am far from perfect but I know He still loves me through all my faults. Thank you Father for your love, your faithfulness and your forgiveness. I worship and adore You. I love you Lord.

  22. I Praise HIM for sending Jesus to save me, so I can spend Eternity with HIM!!!

    I Praise HIM for loving me even when I get soo wrapped up in my daily life and struggles, and forget to ask for HIS guidance.

    I Praise HIM for sending my husband to me at just the right time..and in sending me my husband He also sent a bonus of two awesome children, a dog, and a house!! 🙂

    There are sooo many more things I could Praise HIM for, but I will stop right here…

  23. I praise Him because He has loved me from the beginning! He has always been beside me, carried me so many times.
    I praise Hime for my amazing husband that He chose for me.
    I praise Hime for my children, grandchildren and my extended family.
    I praise Him for our home chosen by Him.
    I praise Him for our community and what He has planned for it through His people.

  24. I praise God for his unending love, His mercy and His grace. I’m so thankful to live in a country where we can freely worship our Lord and Savior. Praise God!

    Gwen, thank you for this devotion…. .it truly touched my heart.

  25. I love the peace and quiet as I sit on my front porch listening to the birds, crickets, frogs owls
    I am thankful I can walk with my beagle, Blue
    I love the sound of the cows down below us when they are ready to eat
    I’m thankful for my family and especially enjoy my grandchildre’s laughter and hugs
    All of this because God is so good!

  26. I praise him for giving me calmness in my storm. I praise him for for giving me this life and family. I praise him for saving me! Our God is so good!!!!

  27. I LOVE HIM because he Loved me so much HE sent HIS only SON to suffer and die and be raised me so I can live with him forever! I LIVE HIM because even though I may have struggles HE is right there providing what I need! I LOVE HIM because HE was waiting for me to come back to HIM when I had stupidly walked away! I LIVE HIM because HE brought a wonderful man into my life!! I LOVE HIM because HE gave me an AWESOME Church family!! I LOVE HIM because HE created such beauty!! I LOVE HIM because HE is so Faithful to me even when I don’t deserve it!!

  28. I l praise Him because He has covered me with His everlasting Love.
    I Praise Him because of Who He has shown me He is in my life, I have never had to Fall any farther than my Knees. I lPraise him because he is my Peace. Without Him, I’m Nothing and Nobody. I Praise Him because of Who He is. He is The I AM


    Well ,i thank you sister Gwen Smith for your wonderful word of “GOD “& GOD IS SO FAITHFUL TO YOU & TO ME & TO ALL OF US , B’cause he is Mercyful LORD SLOW IN ANGER , ABOUNDING IN LOVE & AFFECTION , HIS PRESENCE & GRACE IS SUFFICIENT FOR US .To live in today ‘s life & even will face the difficult times , with presence of our LORD .Amen ! Amen ! LORD I LOVE YOU SO, much & your inspirational word of “GOD “love you from my heart & also i thank you & i praise you for your kindness ,Goodness .

    Thanking You

  30. There are so many reasons to love God. The most important is because He loves me. I am thankful for every waking morning. My family and His provisions.

  31. I love God because, he gave his son up so that I could live….
    I love God because he loves me even when I am not worth his love ….
    I love God …Because he is with me always and gives me many beautiful reasons to go on in a world that is so lost.
    I love God because I know it was his miracle that gave me my precious granddaughter…..I thank you Lord for many blessings and for walking with me always…you pick me up constantly and put me back on track …I love you my Heavenly father……

    Gwen, thank you so much for these daily devotions …it’s a wonderful way to start my day and remember that God is always with me and I can speak to him anytime of the day….

  32. I praise Him, for Him, for Jesus, for the Holy Spirit who is my best friend. He is my greatest love and very reason for living. For eternal life. He is faithful, merciful, gracious, always providing. He is perfect in all His ways. He is perfect love and gives us perfect love, that can only come from Him. He is my, our, perfect Daddy and yet still the creator of all creation, mighty and all powerful. He loves us and cherishes us, even when we make mistakes. He shows us how to walk with Him, and picks us up if we fall, and continues to help us walk fully surrendered in His strength. He won’t let anyone pulls us from His hands and He will never forsake us. This is just a few things I am so thankful for and praise Him for daily. We are so blessed and so rich, regardless of our bank account…we have Him!♡♡♡

  33. I praise God for being with me always, for the blessing of my health, and for my wonderful family and friends!

  34. Praise God for
    * salvation
    * getting us through our daughter’s death when I thought I would never smile again
    *choosing my husband of 44 years for me, when I was too stupid to pick him as my life partner.?

  35. After reading that poem, I think back on times when i thought I wouldn’t make it out of a very tough time in my life. Every thing was falling apart, literally. But God…He stepped in right on time. I didn’t understand the moves but God knew! I just thank Him for keeping us, His grace, my God His Grace!! I’m also thankful for the blood that His Son Jesus shed for us bc He knew we would mess up over and over. I’m glad He chose me!! I will love you Lord for all of my days.
    Be blessed!

  36. I love Him for my salvation through His son Christ Jesus. I thank Him for the gift of my fiance and so grateful for making dark and lovely. so many reasons but mention a few.

  37. I am so thankful for My Lord and Savior – His amazing Gift to me ! Praises toThe One who is seeing me through this season of grief and loss of my beautiful husband . I am so thankful for having him as my life’s partner and all of the love we shared! I am thankful for family and friends who continue to offer love and support! Thankyou to Gwen for your beautiful music and of course to Sharon and Mary for sharing their gifts as well. Girlfriends in God is an amazing gift each morning ! Our God is an AWESOME GOD!!!

  38. I praise God for all his goodness in my life and for giving my hope when things look dark he always surprises me with his glory! Thank you God for healing my daughter and bringing her back to us!

    This is such a beautiful inspiring song Gwen, thank you!!!

  39. I praise God for His faithfulness to me, for His grace that helps me through difficult times, for His love that is incomprehensible, and for His wisdom that is my guide.

  40. Dear Gwen,

    First of all,thank you for all that you do to glorify His name!
    I am blessed because God chose to pull me out of Islam
    into His arms.
    I was raised as a Muslim,and through a dream of Jesus and more of His leading ways
    I became a Jesus follower!
    I am at aww of how He chose to rescue me and to bring me from the
    Middle East to America.
    He works in mysteries ways!
    God bless you!

  41. I praise Him for His unconditional love and His never ending Grace! I’m thankful that He never leaves me or forsaken me! Thankful for His word that teaches, guides and encourages me. Thankful for the beauty in His creation that surrounds me. Thankful for you, Gwen, as you share His ways and His love through your music and your words! God bless you! ?

  42. This was right on time. I praise HIM because HE knows me, loves me. No matter what HE is always there for me. I trust HIM and I know HE has the best for me.
    May God continue to use and bless you and your family.
    Yes, the song is good.

  43. I thank God that he has been in my life and in my children’s life
    when I was too weak to do what should’ve been done
    and he stepped in.
    I thank God that even with my sons severe anxiety
    and panic attacks he is a happy person.
    I thank God for my mom that he taught
    me about him.

  44. I praise and thank him for the true sacrifice of his life to forgive all our sins. I am a sinner and desire to repent and give all my sins to him. I am grateful for the struggles he has allowed me to face so that I may strengthen my faith and love for our Lord! I praise him for keeping my children safe and healthy in this world of sin and tragedy!

  45. I in awe of God and his power to answer prayer .. This last Thursday my baby granddaughter received a new heart via transplant .. I felt God’S peace in the midst of this alll… He chose to save her life .. and yet another life has gone to be with him .. that’s a lot to take in … I have been changed in a way that has humbled me like no other … During these last two years .. I have lost my marriage ..after 36 years … I had to start my life again .. we got into a car accident .. then my grandbaby got so sick.. but I stand in total awe of God and his love for me .. how he took me on a road like no other but he takes care of me … he has shown himself to me .. I watched the sunrise .. and sunsets also waiting and the beauty that has been shown .. I can’t hardly wait to see Our Lord .. what beauty will await us … the best is yet to come

  46. His love…his protection from the trials of this world, the beauty he provide in his creations, and the love of the people he has placed in our daily lives…

  47. For God’s love is steadfast, God’s faithfulness endures forever, God’s mercy is infinite, God’s power is great, God’s deeds are awesome, God’s grace is amazing, and God’s creation is beautiful, those are the true seven wonders of the world even better life. For God showed me equal generous love that was so warming when I my self thought of me as despicable, it’s only right that I Debbie myself to him and learn to give him my best and reflect his love to all, amen!!!!!

    1. When I am weak God’s provide s strength, when I am Dumb God’s provided wisdom, when I am afraid God’s is my courage, when I am sick God is my healer, when I am broken God is my mender, when I am lost his is my compass and guidance, when I need learning God is my teacher, when I need training God is my coach, when I need comfort God is my comforter!! For God is all in all, without God I’m nothing, with God I have everything, thanks be to God and glory to the highest

  48. I can’t get enough of my God. It’s as if the Psalms were written just for me. My time of distress, that gives way to thanksgiving, then a heart so full of praise that words can’t do it justice. How do I count the ways?
    You Lord are my all and all, nothing and no one comes before you. Being a mother, that is a huge statement, but it is exactly how it is to be. He is mine before anyone else.
    My soul is desperate to be in your presence. How many times did I cheat myself by watering down a prayer with hardly a true thought towards him? It was like being on autopilot. Sure I was praying like he has commanded ( so I thought), but anything you are doing that isn’t giving your all, you can’t, more can others appreciate. As I took time to sit and be still( a command for our own good) I was able to experience what he had put into motion before I was one day old. That moment when everything is in chaos, yet you are at peace. My favorite times to look back on are those times I would yearn to be in the presence of the Lord to escape the issues of this life, It was as if I could feel the storm all around me, debris flying, wind howelling and lights flashing, yet the whole time my eyes and attention was on the storm calmer. Nothing else existed and I just basked in his presence.
    Reading more of his word. Now I’m not much into reading, but when the Holy spirit is guiding and helping you, it was as if the words would jump off the page. Learning more everyday about my savior heart is so amazing. Our conversations moved from a quick “Hi”, “Bye” and maybe a couple of thumbs up to this daily time spent with the one who breathed the stars in heavens I’m in awe of you conversations. Believe me, you can’t experience that “Awestruck” moment with a drive by prayer.
    Finally, believing, receiving and acknowledging his promises. They have been there all the time, yet it wasn’t until I read them, prayed them and expected them to be for me that they real had meaning. How is it that I am this loved? The accepting part really is hard, but it becomes so much easier as you spend time with him and are allowed to know him more. I take him at his word and believe that every promise is mine. Anyone reading this, please, don’t cheat yourself out of the most amazing relationship you’ll ever have by only giving back flimsy faith. You were created to experience the wonder of our Heavenly father and all he has waiting for you.
    I could go on fo awhile more, but I will leave it as it is. God bless, no, seriously… God bless YOU.

  49. I thank Him for restoring my grandchild life. For the miracles and prayers that are answered and for the ones that are not. I thank Him for watching away ny sins though the blood of His Son. I thank Him for toughing my heart so I can follow Him in obedience, and this world.

    I slso thank Him for putting godly people in my path like you. May He continues to bless you, so you can continue to bless and inspired us.

  50. I thank and praise God for who He is in my life, just for who He is. I thank Him for sending His only begotten Son to die for my sins and yours. I thank Him for saving me one day allowing me to worship and praise Him. I thank Him for just loving and keeping me when I didn’t have enough sense to keep myself. I bless God for each of you today for sharing and inspiring us with such a loving and encouraging word. Gwen keep letting God use you to help your sisters in Christ. Thank you for all you do.

  51. I praise God for the gift of life for my child who had a severe disability as he has brought so much joy to others who always see a smile on his face. I thank God for a husband who is my cheerleader, loving me when I feel unlovable. I thank for God for allowing me to work in a area that I help others find ways to bring out the best in themselves. I praise God for allowing his son Jesus to die on the cross for my sins. I thank God for flowers, just seeing and smelling lift my spirits!

  52. I love God with my whole heart and thankful for His goodness. Through this time in my life where it’s been the hardest to understand the “why” in my life. My 28yr old son committed suicide in April 20, 2017, and my heart aches so much. God has been faithful. My tears worship Him when words are not enough. I know that He will turn my ashes for beauty and His timing and in the meantime I will continue to seek Him more everyday. He comforts me and reminds me that He loves me beyond my comprehension. I trust Him and worship, praise Him for only through His strength in Christ Jesus am I able to stand. Praise you Abba Father.

    1. You are right Jackie…someday you will be able to smile again through the help of Christ . Our daughter died in her sleep five years ago and without the love of Jesus I never would have made it through . My heart is with you and I will pray for you .

    2. Jackie thank you for your inspiration and example of perseverance! I pray that God continue to sustain you, heal you, and use you in a BIG way for your hurt. I’m sending you a great big hug. My son has been gone for 11 years. I understand your hurt, pain and loss. Most of all God knows?your pain?

  53. I thank Him and praise Him first because He is God, creator of everything and in control of everything. I thank Him and praise Him daily for the life He’s given me through His precious Son, Jesus Christ. I thank Him for answered prayer, the gifts of my husband, children, grandchildren, extended families and friends. He is a great God and worthy of all praise, honor, and worship. He blesses me daily! I love Him so much!

  54. First for my salvation through the precious blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.
    Second for my husband of 53 years who loves Him also and allows Christ to be his head in our marriage.
    Thirdly for our pastor who is such a beautiful example of a personal relationship with Jesus and teaches us how to “grow in God”.

    Be blessed all over again, Gwen. Thanks for sharing

  55. I praise and thank him for his sacrifice. I praise and thank him for my life. I praise and thank him for my husband and family. I praise and thank him for the ministry he birth within me. I praise and thank him for his never ending love.

  56. Gwen to spend just praising God for all that he is . He is might all powerful all loving and gracious and he loves me! Wow that just is so wonderful and so difficult to wrap my head around. I don’t know why it is so difficult to spend that time each day just sitting in his presence enjoying and being quiet enough to hear his voice. That is my quest lately. Thank you for the beautiful words and song they spoke to my heart.

  57. I praise God because He always chases me when I begin to go off track (I love that- Thank you, God!), He is full of surprises, and He speaks to me. Thank you, Lord.

    Gwen, you are such an inspiration! Thank you for posting this. I love the song!

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