When The Answer is NO, Part 1

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In the summer of 2002, Shira and Joey Arnold were delighted to learn that they were expecting their first child. They excitedly shared the news with family and friends as they began to plan for their new family. Weeks later, however, Shira and Joey got dream-shattering news. Routine tests at the doctor’s office revealed that their baby was not developing correctly. The couple was advised by medical professionals to consider termination of the pregnancy.

They adamantly refused.

Though Shira and Joey grieved deeply when they heard the news, they determined to trust in God and prayed for a miracle. Little Cayden was born blind, deaf, lame, and with only half a brain. The doctors had expected him to live only minutes, but Cayden defied all odds by living just shy of five years.

Five broken years.

Five beautiful years.

Five years filled with one struggle after another.

Five years filled with one miracle after another.

Five glorious years.

During his short life on earth, through the wonders of modern medicine, technology, and prayers, Cayden learned to see, hear, speak, and walk. Those five medically complicated years were a constant challenge for the Arnolds, BUT GOD brought them through every difficult moment in His strength and allowed them to experience His joy, peace, and hope in spite of their challenges. He strengthened them with His all-sufficient grace.

Cayden’s life was a beautifully broken display of God’s glory. And though God’s answer to their prayers for the healing of his tiny body here on earth was “no,” He provided both Cayden and his parents grace that was sufficient for each moment. For each day. For each weakness.

The funeral was a bittersweet, joy-filled celebration of Cayden’s life. Shira and Joey honored God as their grace-giving, strength-supplying Strong Tower. The Arnolds spoke of their trust-journey. They testified that they had had to choose to trust God and readily admitted that it required constant choosing. They boasted in the Lord as David did in the Psalms when he delighted in God’s all-surpassing strength: From the ends of the earth I call to you, I call as my heart grows faint; lead me to the rock that is higher than I. For you have been my refuge, a strong tower against the foe. I long to dwell in your tent forever and take refuge in the shelter of your wings (Psalm 61:2-4).

One thing God has spoken, two things have I heard: “Power belongs to you, God, and with you, Lord, is unfailing love.” (Psalm 62:11-12).

Your life is purposed to bring glory to God in and through everything. There are times – hard times – when the answers from Him are “no.” When those times come, we need to choose to trust that He said no for a reason.

God is all-knowing. All-powerful.

We are not.

This is not simple, but it is true. When we surrender to His sovereignty, God strengthens His children with all-sufficient grace, and His power is made perfect in our weakness.

Dear LORD,
Help me to trust You in the challenges and the “nos” that I face today and every day.
Shine your glory through my life-cracks today.
In Jesus’ name, amen.


FOR YOUR REFLECTION and RESPONSE:  Are you facing anything now that could be an opportunity for God’s grace to be all-sufficient in and through you? Have you chosen to trust Him, despite His answer of “no”?

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Thanks for doing life with me,




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  1. Please pray for my son, Brian. He has special needs. For sometime , his behavior has been unmanageable. Please help me to help Brian by finding the right treatment/medicine for him.

  2. Please pray for discernment in this decision I have to choose marriage. This is a 2nd marriage. My first 19yr marriage ended 15 years ago. I’ve been living in the bondage of sexual sin since being saved 12 yrs ago and stopped he informed sex outside marriage last Feb. since my fiancé was baptized. I’ve been told by many my fiancé is not saved. Confused. He wants to set a date or end the relationship.

  3. I am praying for wisdom and understanding as we trust God with our finances and the mistakes we’ve made with them. Please add the power of agreement that our steps to be directed by God as we learn that He is our provider.
    thank you!

  4. I’m in the midst of uncertainty right now. My Dad (who is not clearly the man I always thought he was) is wanting to kick my husband and myself out of the house we’ve been paying him to stay in that is and was supposedly to of been set for my future. I’ve been praying for the right way of handling this situation. The whole thing is a lot more complicated even than I can share. Please pray for me.

  5. I am asking financial blessing. Things have happened in my life the last 10 months that I thought I could never handle, with God’s arms around me I made it this far.

    All I am asking is that God hears my prayers and sees my tears. I lost my job and now my unemployment. I pray to God everyday all during the day. I would to be able to help my family in any way I can. I don’t want to be a burden to anyone.

    I have health issues and I need to get them fixed. Please pray for me

  6. Please for pray I have peace at my job and all the negativity is removed. Please pray for my family. Thank you in advanced

  7. Please pray for me, I have been suffering with all the physical and emotional pains of endometriosis for 9 years and neither surgeries nor medicine is helping me. Sometimes I feel so frustrated and sad because this disease stops me from doing so many mom and wife things, chores etc. I pray and ask the Lord to please give me just a medicine or treatment that can ease the pain, but nothing works…I’m so tired of being in pain, I want to give up sometimes. I feel like I’m dying slowly… Lord have mercy on me please!

  8. Standing in the need of prayer. I had a biopsy recently and apparently there is something abnormal because doctor has asked to see me tomorrow. Staying faithful no matter what. Asking for prayers that the news I get is not life altering BUT if it is, requesting prayers for grace, strength and guidance in the days ahead. Also asking for prayers for my husband, Mother and sister as they stand beside me.

  9. I need prayer. My husband wants to move and I feel so content with my life right now that I don’t want to. I don’t know what to do.

  10. I need prayers to help me deal with my husband’s health issues is going to dialysis has melanoma had leg amputated especially for patience and perservance also my youngest daughter has cancer and it seems that Dr’s Are taking forever to come up with a diagnosis she’s in a lot of pain

  11. I’m single 50 yr. old grandmother raising my 3 granddaughters by myself. They are 8, almost 7, and 5, the 5 yr old is autistic. The two older girls biological fathers are MIA and their mother my daughter has chosen a less desirable life. I have a friend I met at church and everyone loves him. I don’t know what I would do without him he was definitely a God send. He loves the girls and they love him so much they have started calling him ‘Dady’. The middle one said the other day ,”Memee, you are always here and I don’t love my real daddy, he doesn’t love me (she hasn’t seen him in over 4 years). Memee, you and ‘Dady’, are my real momma and daddy.” Little girls need a daddy and these want one so bad and the want “Dady” to be their real daddy. They want a mother and a father all in the same house we absolutely all adore him and are so amazingly thankful for him because we literally have nobody else but him and my mom. I’m asking for prayer to make us a “real” family as the girls say. The Lord knows the rest of the situation and we need him to dissolve everything standing in the way.

  12. I could really use prayer. I suffer from chronic Lyme disease that’s only getting worse. Can’t afford proper treatment and doctor’s. Husband is military and gone alot and stressed over his job. Have a 3 year old son with special needs. Family does not understand. I rely heavily on my 70 year old mother in law. Have discount hearing coming up, but very hard to get it. Many many financial stresses. Husband retiring and needs another job. So much medical paperwork. Can’t sleep tonight desire my mouth in law taking my son over night to let me sleep. Praying for Good to give me rest.

  13. Please pray for my daughter Stephanie. Pray that God would reveal himself to her in a powerful way. That she would know without a doubt that it is Him. I pray she would open her heart and life to Him. Show her that you that she can trust in Him and know just how much He loves her. Leave her with a peace like she has never known that can only be found in Him. I pray that she would come to church again to hear His word preached. Let her hear each and every word of the message and to know it truly is for her. I pray she would feel loved and cared for by the other members of the church and know she can trust Him.

  14. I relocated from Ohio to Tn, this past June. My Mom was showing signs of dementia since 2012. I started a job in mid July, got sick a few weeks later, and my appendix burst end of August. My mom in the mean time went into rages and horrible hallucinations. She now has mid-stage Alzheimer’s. I have over $55,000 in medical bills and can’t return to work, because she needs 24/7 care and we can’t afford to hire someone, because they cost more then I make. I am praying I can find a work from home job. I am praying God will provide. I am sad, angry, and very scared. I need help!

  15. Lately, I cannot seem to get out of bed. I’m disabled, but I can walk a little around the house – but I haven’t had any strength or even desire to do anything but sleep for months now. My doctor has done nothing to help me, nor the psych nurse he referred me to. I feel guilty because I’m not taking care of myself, my dog, or my home like I should. But when I get up, I’m exhausted, dizzy, and have terrible headaches. Please pray for me.

  16. Prayers For my loved ones & our world 🌎 now and ALL future generations to come to saving faith in Jesus also for ALL kinds of healings and ALL needs. Prayers wisdom words and writing the 3 ☘️📚✍🏻 books JESUS put on my 💕 🎬prayers for my ministry. Prayers for ALL mental Issues that are plaguing our world we know that Jesus is the great physician and he can heal us and He still Heals us. Prayers for Don, Clint, Gary, Matt, MICHAEL, Catherine, Ronda, Jacq, Catherine M. Heather Denzel & HW 🏆

  17. Please pray for full sight restoration for my 24- year old daughter Alyssa who was diagnosed with Stargardt’s 2 year ago. Pray for my new friend Corina who was also diagnosed many years ago. Pray for restorative eye sight and healing. For both of them. Thank you so much.

    Pray for no bullying for Spencer and Trent and for them to be the night men God created them to be without chaos or confusion.

    Pray for Alexis’s destiny and a God fearing husband.

    Pray for Raquel’s walk with God.
    Pray for healing of my husband’s mind, body and spirit.

    Know that I am praying for each one of your prayer requests. Remember, we love and serve a good, faithful God. Remain faithful-filled, siSTARS.

  18. Please pray for a broken marriage, in hopes for renewal. Please pray for three teenage children who are all on different paths, and two not on the right one. I am in anguish daily , worrying constantly, please pray for Gods intervention in all of our lives and pray for peace.

  19. Please pray for Gavin he is about 5 or 6 and has brain cancer. His parents go to our church and are strong believers. Pray that God does a miracle.
    Thank you Elaine

  20. I’m 25 and I have a Traumatic Brain Injury from being T-boned by a drunk driver when I was 12. My brain makes me crazy 😜 a lot of the time bc it doesn’t work the way it should but one of the main parts of my brain that was hurt is the part that controls sleep and energy. I’ve had a sleep study done and I sleep at 65% so I’m always very tired, even though I’m on meds from my psychiatrist. It takes at least an hour, usually more, to get out of bed bc I just don’t have the energy. I don’t like that I waste a lot of time laying in bed when I could be doing things that I want to get done. It’s also not cool that when I’m out with friends having fun that I end up running out of energy, if my pill wears off, bc when that happens, I feel like I’m dead or something!…NOT FUN!!

  21. My husband is sick. Massive headaches, left side weakness, angina and he is 49. But all tests are negative and something is wrong. Please pray for healing and strength and financial security.

  22. Plz pray for my 4 grown-up children that they may get salvation to know our creator, also asking for prayer for my Granddaughter that god give her the strength and peace to carry this baby full term, she has had 2 micarriages back to back I ask Jesus for his will be done in Jesus precious name, thank u lord

  23. Please pray for my daughter who is currently in rehab for alcoholism and some mental issues. She knew the Lord in her younger years. Please pray that God will hook her heart and she will surrender all to him.
    Please pray for my health issues I have Lupus, and am battling a sadness in my spirit.
    Thank you

  24. I leave tomorrow to attend a funeral for my cousins son who died in a tragic motorcycle accident a few days ago. He was only 19 years old and had what we thought was a whole life ahead of him. Please pray that we will have the right words for the family as they deal with God’s answer of no to saving their son’s life. We learned that his organs were donated to 4 families and we know that through this tragedy and “no” from God for our prayer request, He is answering “yes” to 4 other families who have prayed for a donor. We may not understand and the pain is still real, but we do know the One is in control and I pray that is what we focus on through this pain. Thank you for reminding us of this Truth each and every day. God is truly good all the time.

  25. Please pray for me and my depression, and healing from mental illness drug addiction for my mother and children. Thank you.

  26. Please pray for my son’s marriage. Pray that they will seek a christian marriage counselor together. Also pray for strength for a friend who is having surgery today… for Gods hands to be with the doctors and they operate. He has been paralyzed for about 30 years after a hunting accident.Thank you for your ministry and love.

  27. Thank you for your ministry❣️ Your daily emails bring much hope into my life and may God continue to bless you 🙏🏻 I do have a prayer request…my husband was laid off August 1/19 and we are seeking His wisdom on what next? He is 61 and I am turning 58 on November 14. So least to say our options aren’t as great as they were when we were younger. We both want to be still for this season and wait soon His direction but it is so difficult and a lot of people keep asking, so did Paul get a job yet? This causes panic and we really want to do His will. Please pray that a door opens for our next right thing.

  28. Please pray for my son. He struggles to find what God wants of him. The problem is he isn’t seeking God’s counsel. He has served the military, been a cop and now in a radiology program where his wife works. He is not getting the grades he wants or feels he deserves. He’s afraid his wife is going to be disappointed in him. (It was her suggestion he try this..) They have 2 small boys. I have encouraged him to ask God what He wants.
    Please pray for my son that he will find peace in God’s desire for his life.
    Thank you

  29. My prayer request is for my son. I need prayers that the relationship he has restarted with a young lady will not be toxic as in the past. That if things begin to reoccur as in the past, he will have good sense to end it .

  30. Please pray for my son Kyle who is in college and has a major test tomorrow in differential equations. Pray that he studies the correct material pays attention to detail and scores a B or better to raise his grade. Pray also for the professor…that she helps him and scores test so he passes.

  31. Pleae pray for my husband Shane. He is struggling with service related PTSD. Also, that he will return back to church with me & turn back to God. Prayers for myself as well, that I can listen to God’s directions to be used in the situation to help him. Thank you & God Bless.

  32. Pray for my son Shaun who is struggling with depression & my husband Bill who is struggling with alcoholism & for their salvation. Thank you.

  33. Please pray for my 9 year old grandson who at his young age is dealing with depression and anxiety. He is in counseling thru school but we also want him to feel the love of Jesus. As this is unfolding in our life, I am finding out that there is an epidemic of children ages 9 and 10 dealing with depression……..going as far as committing suicide. I believe that there is no more powerful force on earth than mothers and grandmothers praying for the children we love. Thank you for your prayers.

  34. Prayer for the days in chronic pain when I know Him and trust Hiim but still struggle with depression. I know he loves and lives in me. My prayer is to still have a joy that others see even in my blah days. Thanks

    1. I know exactly how you feel as I too have chronic pain, among other health issues. May God give you more good days than bad days.

  35. My 36 year old daughter desires to have a relationship,marriage, etc, but this hasn’t happened yet. She dates someone and really likes the person and then the guy says he’s not ready for a long term commitment or whatever. This has happened at least 6 or 7 times in the last couple years. She is getting so worn out and frustrated, disappointed and wondering what is wrong with her. She loves the Lord and only gets through these times because she ca talk with Him. It hurts my heart to see her go through this time and time again😥 I trust God and know that He has a plan or whatever but in the meantime, my daughter’s spirit is being broken. Please pray for her and or me too.

  36. Please pray for our children will come back to knowing God in a real personal way. Tim,Aimee and Kristian that I can have that faith in Him and believe. My husband is going through Radiation pray God will kill all the bad cells on his head.

    1. I’m going through the same with my five daughters, I’m lifting you up in prayer 🙏. Our Father knows our needs. May God continue too bless you 💕..

  37. I’m in a single season in my life. I have three sisters, the older two of which were 21 when they got married and the younger of which is now 21 in a committed relationship. I am well past that age and so I am struggling with comparison and wondering what is wrong with me, as well as if God will ever allow me to have a family. I know others have greater problems than I, but for right now this is my Goliath. Society puts a lot of pressure on single pressure and sometimes this pressure is crippling. Please keep me in your prayers.

  38. Please pray for my husband, our marriage and our family. My husband’s mom died 2 years ago. He then walked away from us and his faith. He is depressed and focused on worldly gain. Pray for healing of his mind, his faith and our family.

  39. Please pray for Jerry and Lori. Jerry was diagnosed with ALS. Lori is faced with taking care of not only Jerry, their children and all of the medical concerns. Jerry is no longer working and there are financial concerns as well. God is good and gracious, yet at times Lori’s cup is empty, Jerry is struggling every day with his new self. Please send up your prayers of strength, hope and guidance, wisdom and understanding. Thank you.

  40. Please pray for me as I’ve been struggling with God’s purpose for my life and with depression, honestly almost my whole life. I feel so lost and feel like everything in my life is so out of control, even though I know God has a plan and is holding me in the palm of his hand.

  41. My husband Ralph is an alcoholic and our marriage is struggling. Prayers of healing for him. Strength and listening to Gods plan for me. Thank you.

  42. Pray for my granddaughter Amber. She struggles with her identity as a female. Please pray that her parents do not allow her to start on hormone therapy.

  43. Please pray for my marriage. Just found out about infidelity. Not sure I can forgive or get over the hurt. Not sure if this is God’s plan: shutting one door for a new door to be opened.

  44. Please pray for my husband and I to conceive and carry a healthy baby full term. We have suffered two miscarriages this year and some days are easier than others. Please give us strength and peace to remember this is all in god’s timing, to fully surrender to him.

  45. Please pray for my husband and me as we try to sell our home. Pray that he will send a buyer to us. More than anything I want this to be God’s will in our lives.

  46. Good morning! Please pray for friend Molly who is battling cancer and for salvation for her and her family. Thank you

  47. Asking prayer for my daughter, for healing and Gods direction. Also for myself for patience in situations, to see things another way, for peace and that God will send help to live tomorrow and to be able to enjoy the new journey. Thank you and be blessed!

  48. Please pray for our son who needs restoration in his mind, body, spirit and finances. He is a good young man who has made some poor decisions. God is faithful and I pray that he restores him.
    My husband and I are grateful to be able to help him financially but for him he needs a job.
    I lift our son up daily in prayer but know that when 2 or more pray that God hears our prayer and so I ask you to all pray with me for this wonderful person
    Through Jesus’ glorious name I ask and pray.
    Thank you Lord. Let us lean on you our strength and redeemer

  49. Please pray for my 16 year old prodigal son, he is trapped in a world of addiction, sex, lies and filth. Tearing our family apart with devastating effects on our younger children. HELP!

    1. I would like to recommend a book – Prayers for Prodigals 90 DAYS of PRAYER FOR YOUR CHILD by James Banks. ISBN 978-1-57293-452-8

      My daughter & son-in-law is facing the same situation with a 20 yr old daughter. We, as a family, are praying through the book. We see “baby steps” of change, but also times of going backwards. Not only do we see changes in her, but in us as well. God is faithful and will not fail to keep that which is committed to Him (2 Timothy 1:12.)

      Praying for you, your family and your son today.

    2. Praying for Kathy, we are going through the same battle. Oh God touch our children put your power of love in them and wisdom to make good choices. Help us as parents to be strong in you and don’t give up. In the powerful name of Jesus!! Amen

  50. I am 51 yo and found a lump in my breast last night I know that God will take care of me and I’m very blessed by all his glory …. please pray for me that I declare total healing in Jesus name !

    1. I am praying now. If you have a lump, you need to have it looked at. I am a 29 year breast cancer survivor and I know early detection means everything. God can heal, but he can heal trough Doctors.

  51. My uncle, who is not a Christian, had a heart attack and is in the ICU. He is critical and needs prayer for his body and soul. His name is Hugh.

  52. Pray for my husband today as he has a doctors appointment follow up from surgery that we will praise and thank God for his sovereignty as we walk thru this time in our lives. Pray for our grandchildren to seek God’s direction for their lives.

  53. Hi Girlfriends in God is a great support.Please pray for me to have children.I am married last six years.I am barren.I am waiting but nothing is happening.

  54. My prayers are for my three grandchildren who each have medical problems. I pray they are able overcome the challenges they face and if it is in God’s will to be healed. I also ask God to give the parents the strength they need in caring for them.

  55. My friend is a convicted felon and has been trying to find a job its been hard for him I have been trying to remind that God can do anything but every no pushes him further away please help me pray God shows up and so him his Grace

  56. My prayer request is for me .
    The damp air causing me a lot of pain. My legs and back and head aches which effects my mobility and thinking. I am trying to finish a book and I need clear thinking.

  57. I have been in church my whole life, but as I have become an adult I have found where my strength truly comes from. I am starting fresh on my journey with God to really trust and folly Him every single day. It’s a work in progress. Where I am right now is trying to conceive where the odds may not be in my favor. I would love a prayer of Gods will, and that it may be a sweet, healthy baby for my husband and I. Thank you!

  58. Gwin I love your devotions.
    I ask for prayers recently divorced never saw this as my journey but if God allowed I know He has a purpose I continue to confess this!!!!
    Prayers for my house to sell until it does I’m stuck paying a high mortgage by myself and can’t move forward. Bless my finances that God will continue to provide since I am by myself no family close at all no children.
    Prayers for unshakable trust!
    To feel Gods love daily and His presence all around like a big hug.

    I thank you GWEN for your inspiring words daily as I read your bible studies.
    Thanks so much Emily

  59. I pray for Jesus to reveal his purpose for me during this season of my life. I want to do exceeding abundantly more for him. I want to be a blessing in my marriage. I also need prayer for my husband that Jesus would ignite that fire in him once again like it use to be. I want me husband to truly embody the love of Christ in my Household, that he would lead me and respect me. May Jesus be the center of our marriage always.

    Thank you! Praying for Robin right at this moment & her family.

  60. Hi. I want to thank Girlfriends for your support through this ministry. My prayer request is for my youngest daughter. She’s been married for 2 years and was just told that her uterus is facing backwards and won’t be able to conceive. She says it’s ok because she really doesn’t want to have children. But I know that deep in her heart that is not true. I pray God will reverse her uterus, and make it right, even if she chooses not to have children so that she won’t feel guilty because it’s her fault for not having children. Help me pray. Thank you.

  61. My prayer request would be to see Gods hand in delay of my licences back was suppose to be reinstated aug 28…its now Nov 28…I paid dearly for my DUI in 2011 gave all to God and haved walked this consequence for years the lord promises he will restore what the locust have eaten..just waiting with a brand new car in my drive way..sits as they delay my license…

  62. My prayer may seem trivial to some but it’s so big to me. This situation is requiring me to trust God- even if the answer is “no”. Recently my parents wanted to bless me with new flooring in my guest bedrooms because they had a hard time matching tile in their house and my carpet was a dog-hair catching mess. A mistake was made and not enough flooring was ordered and my front bedroom is one box short of being complete! They discontinued the laminate flooring at the factory and there doesn’t seem to be anymore… anywhere. An 8foot x 18 inch inch strip is the only place in the entire house not done in this tile. 1/2 of the doorway and wall of my front bedroom is not complete. I am so disappointed. In the meantime my dad died of his melanoma and his last gift to me is undone. We have been grieving over his loss in our lives. I am praying for a miracle that 1 box of flooring be found!! We have been searching the entire United States! It is looking humanly impossible. This is a situation where a God-size solution is needed!! Moreover, I want to trust God- even if His answer is “no”.

  63. Please pray for my marriage; For my husband and I to get back to a place of passion, respect and support for each other. We are in the most stressful time of our marriage and are struggling with finances, high school age kids, and not much time for each other. I am trying to trust God’s plan and am so thankful for your pod casts and daily devotionals.

  64. Prayers for my Bishop Stanley Choate, his family and church family from New Hampshire. He is in ICU and we need prayers for his complete healings.

  65. Our good friend is dying of sarcoma. It will be a matter of a few days now but his wife has been faithful in her hope for a cure. Please pray for her and for his son, that they will continue to look to God even though the answer was “no”. And pray the Holy Spirit would soften the hearts of those in the family who would choose conflict over love during this difficult time. Pray for Gods peace for Chad as he leaves his earthly family and friends to be with Him in his eternal home.

  66. Please pray for me, for God to settle me and help me and answer me, for his peace amongst my siblings n mom, and me, thank you jesus

  67. Please pray for me…I have had 2 neck surgeries over the years and now I am experiencing pain that travels up my neck into my head and gives me horrible headaches. I have had epidural injections but not helping. Please pray for some relief as I volunteer in a kindergarten and 1st grade class.

  68. Hi Gwen,

    Please pray that the strongholds regarding employment that seems to be over my family will be broken. My husband has been job hunting for 2 years and even side jobs fall through.

    Please pray for our child who will be born soon.

    Thank you

  69. My husband wants a divorce please Lord give me the strength to get thru this without bitterness & being angry show me your saving light in my darkness Amen

  70. Please pray for my daughter Kylie who is struggling with her new sobriety and has walked away from God. Lord please help her to surrender to you and see her need for you daily. She needs to take action in her life to begin to move forward

  71. Gwen please pray for my son Brandon that he will get to know God and trust
    God’s will through his own suffering and to realize that when he does that his life will change.
    Karen Hunt

  72. Good Morning Dear Gwen… I recently came across a resource for parents in this situation and would love to share… http://www.abelspeaks.org. YOU and Girlfriends are a true blessing in my life. May God continue to bless you for all the days your words spoke directly to my heart. Much Love.

  73. Asking for prayer for my daughter that is in a constant battle with depression, anxiety and panic attacks. I know that the Lord has big plans for her however the enemy is fighting hard to destroy her. She has had suicidal thoughts and I praise Jesus that she had the courage to seek help however she is under constant attack. The minute she feels good about herself or her life, something happens to put her back in a tailspin. She’s so fed up that she doesn’t even want anything to do with God. She is a single mom and all these issues are also affecting my granddaughter. I pray and consecrate her and my granddaughter everyday but I feel that I need some strong prayer warriors to help bring down these walls that she has built around herself and destroy all of satan’s strongholds.

  74. Please pray for God’s favor on my business and finances. Give me wisdom with my time and money. Please provide the funds so that I can pay my bills on time and keep providing for my family. Please give me continued strength and intelligence to do well in my Surgical Technologist course and pass my finals. Lord, as a single mom of children who are mostly grown but look to me for your example, help me to shine You as I make the changes in my business or whatever it is that You want me to do. Help me to be present in my day so that I shine You and enjoy my family while having the time and energy to do my classes and get the work done. In all things I serve You so help me to find time to care for this temple of yours. This sounds like so much and if it is not your will provide me the opportunity to hear Your voice and have clarity so that I am in Your will. I trust You Lord. You have not removed it and You have provided even in the 11th hour. Please help me to know that I am in Your Will.

  75. God said no today for a job my husband had been in process for 3 months. He is a recovering alcoholic and been out of work for a year. Our marriage has been hanging by a thread. I tried to be positive about God’s plan but he pushed me away and we ended the evening in a huge fight. We are supposed to go to counseling tmrw but he doesn’t want to and says he will tell me if he”s going to quit on us in the morning. Please pray that God’s will be done and our hearts softened.

  76. Please pray for my Husband he having some tough decisions to make for his health. And please pray for my son going through some hard times.

  77. Good Day

    Shalom! Thank you for this testimony. Please we need prayer for protection strength grace and mercy. My son just l;ost his job and have 2 adorable girls 7months and 2 years old. Please help me pray for God grace and mercy to find a suitable job for him where he can use his talents all for the gory of God.

  78. my son is running from God, he has been for years. He knows he is because he is so scared. Therefore he is living a life so far from the Lord and is destroying himself, prayers please

    1. Gina I lift your son in prayer that he may know how wide,long, high and deep is the love of Christ for him. Ephesians 3:18. I pray this over my son because he too is running from God and has gotten himself into so much trouble with alcohol. I pray in the name of Jesus that your son is set free from the lies and chains that satan wants to bind him in. I declare that the plans that our Lord has for him will prevail for God’s plans will not be thwarted. I declare that your son will accept Christ and set his heart to serve Jesus as his Lord. Your son will have a great testimony and will do great things for the Kingdon and for the glory of the Lord AMEN! Keep my son in your prayers and I will keep yours in mine.

    2. Lord, please surround Gina’s sons with your angels and protect him. Help him to see your unconditional love and acceptance. Lord, help Gina illuminate that love even when it’s hard, even when, as a momma, you want to snatch them up and make them see. God, we claim your promises that if we raise our children in your ways, they will not depart from it when they are old.
      Claiming Victory in You!

      Gina, we went through this with our daughter and I often told God that it was obvious our definition of old didn’t match. However, at 36 she has finally come around. There where times when we had no idea where she was, but God is faithful!

  79. Yesterday was a day of no’s. I feel like this year has been a year of no’s . I struggle to find my footing. Do the no’s mean I should let go of the dream and do something different or is it just a building block to make me stronger for what is to come? Have I failed to hear God right? What do I do now? In the meantime, in the waiting? Is what I’m doing getting me off track? How am I going to make it financially, mentally, physically? These are all the things swirling around in my heart and head. I struggle. I want to be totally surrendered to what God has for me. But the not knowing. The no’s. The wait. It’s hard. My prayer is that my mind is renewed and my heart tender to whatever He brings me each day. That I rest in His strength and not my own and that I see glimpses of Him each day even when I see nothing else.

  80. My husband died last Christmas &, having sold our house, I am staying with my daughter until I can find a new home to buy. Twice this year the sellers have changed their minds & the home I hoped for has been taken away. I am still waiting with hope in my heart but it is so difficult. I value every prayer for God’s provision of a perfect home for me in my final years.

  81. Please, pray for my daughter, the stress she has lived with for so many years has taken it’s toll on her health. The lord is in her life, though she struggles to commit her life to God. She has found the strength to leave her partner who mentally abused her. May she find happiness and contentment in the Lord

  82. My 13yr old granddaughter is emotionally impaired. She will still exhibit tantrums. Her academics are poor. But, lately she has been becoming inappropriate with boys. From the first day she was “diagnosed “ I have prayed for her. I refuse to believe she is broken. Please pray for her.

  83. Hello.. I am requesting prayer for my husband and myself. When I read “The Answer is NO” Part 1. It hit home with our family at the moment. We are a couple that waited later in life to find each other. He is 41 and I’m about to be 35. We have only been married for 2 years now. I guess we had to kiss a lot of snakes before we found each other. We are trying to start a family because we both LOVE children so much! Last November I had to have a surgery where my body had some major shock. The whole year I have had some problems with my body. I was going to a doctor that said here take this medicine “Provera” and “Exercise”. Yes I am a heavy person and know I have to loose weight but I prayed there was something else. I asked a dear friend of ours that is a doctor of nursing to help. She recommended another doctor. So far I have had some results. I go back to this doctor on this Monday 10/21. There we will find out if we can have a child or what to do next. I just would like a pray of answers and comforting in whatever is God’s answer. Thank yall for the thoughts and prayer!

    1. Post
  84. Please pray for my son, Jason, 26. He is still living at home bc he can no longer work bc of the pain of TOS (Thoracic Outlet Syndrome). He was a HVAC Tech. (Heating and AC work). The specialist said he is 100% disabled til further notice. Although I praise God that after 2 denials, our health insurance gave him continued coverage for 6 more years. He was raised a believer and has turned his back on God….only believing in Scientific ways. He is in agony with pain and Botox is not working and surgery is major if he has it. I can’t stand to watch him in so much pain and wonder why God would push this non-believer this far and why he is not getting well. “I believe, but God help my unbelief.”

  85. Prayers for my daughter Kristy to find a friend and a social life. I am so frightened that the loneliness will be too much for her someday. Also my niece Amanda who has gone thru trial after trial the last few years, I pray the Lord brings her peace and continued strength.

  86. In Jesus Holy name, I lift up these prayer requests to You, God. Please bless each one w/Your Love, Your Grace, Your Mercy and Your Everlasting Peace. Let them feel Your Awesome Presence; to strengthen them, to guide and direct them thru each of their life journeys. God we love You so much and KNOW that YOU are our ONLY HOPE. Please continue to bless these ladies as only You can. Thank You for loving US…and please continue to forgive us. Thank You for lifting us up out of our own hot messes. We don’t deserve You or Your Amazing Grace, that’s for sure. but we are TRULY blessed to know You and Love You! In the ALL Wonderful Name above ALL names. Jesus, Amen!! 🙏❤😘❤🙏

  87. Please pray for a successful conclusion to my workman’s Compensation case. It has been a long, painful and broken path. I’ve been strong and blessed through it all, thanks to our Lord,

  88. Please pray for healing in my children’s minds and hearts; for healing of their addictions and mental illness. That they would embrace and live their lives in God’s truth, clarity and understanding.
    Please pray for healing of my husband’s mental illness and addictions. Please pray that I would experience ongoing belonging and purpose.

    1. Post
    2. I pray in the Mighty Name of Jesus, that whatever the devil has stolen from you will be restored, that the desire of your heart will be fulfilled and Grace shall restore and locate you and your whole family in Jesus Name. Amen.

  89. My son, 24 yrs old, was diagnosed with a schizophrenia Please pray he continues to stay on his meds and counseling. And may the Lord place a godly mentor/friend in to his life.

  90. I’m facing some difficult medical issues. They found a lesion on my brain and my pancreas isn’t working properly. Im exhausted and going through alot of testing. I’m really leaning on our Lord and really need prayers.

    1. Post
    2. Praying that you may encounter our Lord like never before through this trial. And give you continuies strength. Jesus never leaves us or forsakes us. Praise the Lord.

  91. Dear Gwen & Sisters in the Lord;

    This is Patricia Conti I am 62 years old have known the Lord along time; practically my whole life but in my late twenties I started to have a relationship with Jesus my Savior & yours. I had a back surgery over one year ago and it left me with nerve damage and I have nephropathy in my right leg (nerve pain) & my foot is numb and sometimes throbbing. So I was able to go out on a disability retirement and have full health benefits paid by my employer. Which was thank God an answer to prayer. I get very frustrated with the medication I must take just to be able to sleep and also to keep the pain away so I can walk & function. So yes I have asked God to heal me from this and deliver me from the medication and its side affects. Please keep me in your prayers for this request; and yes His grace is sufficient for me. But sometimes I just want to scream out to the Lord for deliverance. I thank God he gave me a beautiful therapy pet and we go to Nursing homes, Rehabs & to libraries where the children read to my pug Sasha. And we are trying to bring Gods love, peace and joy to the people and children we visit. Thank you & Gods Blessings!
    Pat & Sasha

  92. Please pray for my marriage. I am getting my own place, just found out that he is not even willing to pursue me, because I was the one who left the home. Which is true, only because it became unsafe for me. He also is not willing to financially support me, fearing divorce and having to pay me for a lifetime. Pray God softens his heart. The order of protection goes till Dec. 18, 3 days after our 40th anniversary. Thanks for your prayers for strength and endurance as I continue the journey. Bless you! Lisa

    1. Dear Gwen & Sisters in the Lord;

      This is Patricia Conti I am 62 years old have known the Lord along time; practically my whole life but in my late twenties I started to have a relationship with Jesus my Savior & yours. I had a back surgery over one year ago and it left me with nerve damage and I have nephropathy in my right leg (nerve pain) & my foot is numb and sometimes throbbing. So I was able to go out on a disability retirement and have full health benefits paid by my employer. Which was thank God an answer to prayer. I get very frustrated with the medication I must take just to be able to sleep and also to keep the pain away so I can walk & function. So yes I have asked God to heal me from this and deliver me from the medication and its side affects. Please keep me in your prayers for this request; and yes His grace is sufficient for me. But sometimes I just want to scream out to the Lord for deliverance. I thank God he gave me a beautiful therapy pet and we go to Nursing homes, Rehabs & to libraries where the children read to my pug Sasha. And we are trying to bring Gods love, peace and joy to the people and children we visit. Thank you & Gods Blessings!
      Pat & Sasha

  93. Pray for my husband, Rick. Needs healing for chronic pain from hips, buttocks, to toes. Cannot sit for any length of time. Also, dynamic balance needs restoration.

  94. Please pray for me – my family, purpose be reignited in me… it’s been tough. Reconnecting in a r church – my husband and I growing – my adult children and Ministry

  95. Please pray 1 Thessalonians 5:23 (CEV) I pray that God, who gives peace, will make you completely holy. And may your spirit, soul and body be kept healthy and faultless until our Lord Jesus Christ returns.
    Thank you

  96. Please pray for my son and his addiction. Pray that
    the Lord will heal him and that he will be able to go study
    and find a jo

  97. Blessed be the God we serve.
    This message is so accurate for my life when God say’s no to my lifelong desire. I am so blessed by this devotion.
    Pls pray for me that i will be able to stand firmly and to be able to forgive.
    God bless and Thank you.

  98. I read you all most every day…so I feel safe writing this. My only companion, whom I love very much is looking like he has kidney disease. His name is Ruby, and he is a 12 yr. Old kitty. I am in the process of doing research on how to help him…I am on a very limited income, and I want to put him on a natural diet, that also has nutrients in it. That’s where the money comes in…yes I have adult children, but I see one twice every other month! And then they switch off. I don’t have a car, so I have to rely on taxis to get to my medical appointments and I take a special bus to go shopping in the middle of the month. One of my children takes me shopping at the beginning of the month, my major shop.
    So you see Ruby is VERY IMPORTANT to me…I have asked God to please help me…but I want his will…not mine! Please pray for my boy… Thank You and God Bless.

  99. Your blog post today has me in tears, both for that family struggles, loss, and evidence of joy and strength. I was also deeply touched and in tears about my own struggle. For them, my struggle wouldn’t compare, but for me, it is very painful from a lifelong struggle with ADHD and dyslexia. I am an ordained pastor and only my husband knows what it cost me to learn and prepare for that, but I had a calling that couldn’t be denied and as I struggled through it, I learned how great God is and that his grace is sufficient. Just as a quick example, I had to write a paper for a theology class and I felt so lost and confused and didn’t know where to begin when I stood in the library near the stacks. I was moved to go to a certain stack, reach high on the shelf and pull a book down. The book contained exactly what I needed to structure the paper. Events like that built my faith for finishing the degree (at the top of my class, I might add) and sustained me through my ministry. Yet, now at 77 years of age, I am being called to learn Russian, of all things and I am so tired, just tired of a lifetime of struggle. I’m having such a hard time connecting the sounds to the Russian Alphabet and remembering them. On top of that, a woman is in the class who is having a hard time with me, which makes it more stressful. I pray every day that the Lord will bless her and that’s easy for me to do, but it is still hard to be around. Will you please pray for me? Psalm 61:2-4 was a scripture that I clung to over the years, so reading in your blog post struck me to the core. I will do so again.

    Thank you for your posts; they have ministered to me again and again. May the Lord pour out His riches of love, grace, strength, and peace over you day after day.


  100. I recently finalized a very long and nasty divorce from my abusive narcissistic ex-husband and he continues to mentally and emotionally batter me while using my 4 year old daughter as a pawn. I have been heavily struggling with the court system mostly due to my financial situation while he manipulates everyone including the judge and his lawyer with his lies. He also continues to brainwash my daughter but I can’t get anyone to listen without a price tag attached. He tries everything in his power to make me look like I’m an unfit mother because he is pure evil and will stop at nothing to continue to hurt me. I am in desperate need of prayers to make it through this. I need prayers to help me understand how the system is failing my daughter and I so miserably. I need prayers to help me understand why God chose ME to go down this path of infertility (I had my daughter via IVF), abuse and finally divorce with continued abuse. I need prayers for strength because this has been a 4 year process and I am physically and emotionally drained.

    1. I am praying for you! God is always there with you even when you don’t feel him.
      God hugs you!
      God is closest to those with a broken heart!

  101. Help me pray to accept Gods will as it relates to a relationship with what I thought was a potential life partner. It is hard to accept that it was not meant to be despite signs I saw that suggested otherwise. I feel rejected, abandoned and disappointed. Not to mention lonely and wondering why this area of my life feels like a constant failure. My hearts desire is to be married and share my life and love with a life partner, serving God as best as possible.

  102. Please, Dear Lord, I pray that the diagnosis for my loving husband is that of No Cancer. Should the result be otherwise, please give us the strength to bear it with grace and courage. Guide our walk with you in all situations and circumstances. In your name I ask.

    1. Post
  103. I just read latest Blog received via email. It touched me in such deep way because I am Struggling So Hard everyday due to Lupus, Most extreme pain/inflammation That Keeps me in constant Agony with fevers and No energy. I Rely on the Lord to keep me going. This Blog Really helps me to keep trusting God Even when it’s too painful. God knows Best in all circumstances

    1. Belinda,
      I am praying for your healing. For the correct treatment for your body to be revealed. For the glory of the lord to shine through your suffering and strengthen you. Many blessings

    2. Hi Belinda,

      I pray our Lord gives you the strength, peace, hope and faith you need to battle this disease. I know how debilitating and discouraging it can be for I have struggled with Lupus for 40 years. God Bless You!

  104. Please pray for my husband. He is facing shoulder surgery soon.Pray too that his company understand and not grow impatient with him having to be off for another surgery. Finally join me in praying for the sick homeless elderly and our youth. May God wrap his arms around all. Thank you Lord Jesus, in your name I pray. Amen

  105. Dear Lord,
    Please help for me to decide if I should leave my current position without another job at this time. This position has been my life for almost 12 years and the stress of this job plus the hours expected to work have been overwhelming for many years.. feel I have been called to this hospital because it helps save Children’s lives, but is this the life God has in mind for me. I lost both parents in a year and 1/2 and the stress of all of this has caused additional stress to my life. Please help give me a answer or a signal to guide me in the right direction. In Jesus name. Amen.

    1. Post
  106. Pray for my 43yr old son who is homeless. I am trying to get him in government housing and they are saying they only have places with 3 bedrooms and he can’t have it. Because he’s single. Winter is coming again and I can’t think about him being out in the cold another winter He can’t stay with me because of other circumstances. Breaks my heart but I’m trusting god for the answer to this situation.

    1. Praying for your son, Lorraine, and you! May you find comfort in our Lord Jesus. And that the Lord will provide shelter for your son.

  107. Lord, please change my Daughter’s husband’s heart. Lead him back to You and to his family. Give Tara the strength and conviction to move forward every day, in trusting faith in Your love for her. Help me to trust You to take care of her and her children.
    Thank you for loving us so perfectly and thank you for grace.

  108. Please pray with me, for me and along side me. I like so many feel I’m out in the financial wilderness and have been there for many years. I try to lay down my “idol” desires only to take them back up again. Lord only YOU can pull me up out of the muck and mire. God please forgive me as YOU are the only one I wish to worship and lift up my praise to. Please hear my voice as I pray for relief from the emotional, mental and physical stress of my financial debts. FATHER, I come boldly and ask for relief! In the most beautiful name of names – IN JESUS NAME, AMEN

  109. Please pray for my husband that has a terminal diagnosis. That God will ease his pain and that he will not suffer to long. That God will give me strength and trust in HIM. Thank you and God bless.

    1. Post
    2. So very sorry, Sandra. I am praying right now that My sweet husband does not receive that same dreaded diagnosis. I will pray for strength and courage for you and your husband. It’s scary.

  110. I thank You Heavenly Father for glorifying Yourself in my life and the lives of my seeds. Thank You Lord for the gift of our lives. Thank You Lord for the permanent full time employment am seeking for, thank You for divine healing on my body and soul, thank You for victory over the plans of the devil to distract me with debt collectors harassment and thank You for giving me Your Yoke, burden and taking mine. Thank You for the precious Blood of Jesus for saving us in Jesus Name amen.

  111. Praying for Michael Johnson, a relative who is not saved. His wife is and they have 2 children 4 and 1. He has 2 more that are 7 and 9, from a previous marriage. Thank you for your prayers.

    1. Please pray for God’s healing in my family and for Him to restore unity, love and peace in my family as well and for God to rebuild all broken pieces in our lives. New Godly friendships in Jesus’Name.

    2. I agree by faith with you that our God Jehovah Jireh and Jehovah Rophe the Greatest Physician and Healer has healed you completely and made you whole in the body and in the soul in Jesus Name amen. When there is health there is wealth. It is well with you and your family amen.

  112. Please pray for God to fill me with the Holy Spirit to know His strength to make wise food choices, so to honor His temple

  113. Please pray for me, I am trying to find a better paying job with some flexibility to be able to help take care of my elderly mother.

  114. Please pray for my son, going thru very difficult times. He is an alcoholic and his decision very poorly to want help. He is in jail at this moment cause of his drinking. I pray every day for him but I need help in prayers for him.

  115. Please pray that God will restore my relationship with my son and daughter-in-law so I can see and enjoy my two grandsons (2 and 2mos) again.

    1. I am praying for you Karen. I know the pain you are feeling. My son has chosen to stop communication with me due to influences from his father, my ex husband. They have a three month old I am not able to see. The loss I feel in being estranged from both he and my new granddaughter brings me sadness. God has been faithful and when my heart is full of sorrow he strengthens me with his love. May God restore your relationship with your son and may the love your son has for you be deeper and more honoring than it has been in the past.

  116. Please pray for healing in my body as I have been dealing with chronic pelvic pain… vulvar pain, burning, and inflammation.

  117. Please pray salvation of my three children Kaleb,Karnesha,Khloe daughter-in-law Jackie. Break addiction of sexual perversion off my male Freind and salvation of my Freind Dennis Joe and Linda. Please pray I have wisdom concerning whether to do my bathroom and how to finance it. Please pray healing of my body. Blood of Jesus over my mom b try brother family
    Christina has favor and get a job

  118. Praying finances will improve and also salvation for my two brothers. Also I have a prayer request for a friend whose marriage is falling apart

  119. Please pray for our two daughters. Our family is broken more that it has ever been. One of our daughters has not talked to us for 6 years(except for 1 time when there was a death in the family). It breaks our heart as her parents because we are a close knit family. Also pray for our younger daughter who is living the gay lifestyle. Her partner had a little girl who just turned 6. She started kindergarten this year and just loves school. She was enrolled in a school in Louisville and her Mother took her out of school and rode a bus to TN. Of course she has been uprooted but started a school in TN this week. Her Mother had started drinking. It was very hard on our daughter. Please pray without ceasing that our oldest daughter will start talking to us her parents. Please pray that our youngest daughter will be still and know the plan God has for her in this live.

  120. Please pray for healing and restoration in my family in every area and salvation. I feel so tired.. I feel so alone. That we would have Godly friends and mentors.

    1. Marie, there is a lady in our church who prayed for years for her husband to be saved. They were married for 70 yrs. He had a heart attack and she thought he was dead. She called out to God and reminded him of his promise to her to save him and her household. Well to make a long story short he pulled through the heart attack and at 92 yrs old he gave his heart to Jesus. 96 days later he went on to be with his Savior. PTL! There is always hope. Gal 6:9“ So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up.”
      I agree in prayer for your family please agree for mind. Several of my grandchildren need salvation and a few of my children need to get back in Church. My oldest grandson needs delivered from drugs. Thank you for your prayers.

    2. The Lord God that has started His work in your life will perfect it all for His glory in Jesus Christ name. Trust in the Lord with ALL your heart and lean not to thine own understanding but in ALL your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy path. You are a bless child of God.

    3. We are never alone, Our Heavenly Father is always with us. Lord in the Name of Jesus by FAITH I decree and declare your inner peace unto your child and I ask that You minister to her and let her be fill with Your Holy Presence. Thank You Lord for answers to prayer by faith in Jesus Name amen

  121. I ask for prayer as I struggle with lower back pain, I am trusting God for healing, I have been visiting the doctor, spending on physiotherapy treatments but the pain is stubborn..please pray for release for me.
    I am separated and have no partner to lean on and this even adds to my suffering.
    But I am so glad I found your 7day prayer devotional which I journeyed through with a friend. We were both blessed!
    I leave my request for your prayerful support and am persuaded to believe that God will release me from this pain I have been struggling with for a very very long time.

  122. I am a single woman of 46 years with 3 children, 2 girls and boy. I am in a financial crisis, credit bureau and under administration. I can’t apply for any loan even though I qualify because of my financial background. I request for a prayer for my names to be cleared from credit bureau and administration so that I can apply for a loan and build a house for my children. Pray for me please.

  123. Good Morning
    I am asking for prayer in the healing of my relationship, which has become a bit strained. I pray for discernment, wisdom and strength for both me and Jacob and that God would be kept as the center and focus.

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