When Your Heart Needs Healing

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A friend of ours has struggled for years with heart problems. He’s gone through seasons of wellness and seasons of strain. Last year his health challenges moved from the back burner of his life to the front when his doctors recognized the need to operate.

He didn’t just need a simple procedure. He needed open heart surgery to the max. I mean we are talking valve replacements, ablations, hole repairs and more. You name it – and the surgeon pretty much had to do it.

In the wee hours of the morning prior to his surgery, our friend’s heart decided to cause problems that led them to the Emergency Room instead of the Operating Room. Thankfully, his surgeon rushed to the scene and took him right into surgery. Hours later, his heart was repaired.

In the days that followed, scary set backs came and went. Each one was dealt with head on. Thankfully, after 8 days in the hospital, our friend was able to go home to fully recover.

I asked his wife how I could pray for him. Was there anything specific?

Her answer surprised me. “Just pray that he will have the will to press on through the healing process because it is going to be a long, hard hull.”

When I hung up from our conversation, I paused and reflected on her request.

In essence, I will be praying for him to have the heart {the strength, the guts, the determination} to fight for his heart to heal fully.

Wow. I know that struggle well.

Week after week, friend after friend, loved one after loved one, struggle after struggle, conversation after conversation… this is one of the biggest challenges we face. Having a heart fixed on healing. To press through to a place of wellness and strength: spiritually, emotionally, and psychologically. To not back down from the resistance before us in light of the rewards that awaits us. To run the race of faith well!

I’ve asked God for forgiveness, but I just don’t know how to forgive myself.

I know the Bible says God loves me, but I feel invisible. I don’t FEEL loved and adored.

I believe that God has a plan for my life, but I’m so tired of waiting for it to develop.

I want restoration in my relationship, but I will not be the one to make the first move.

I’ve lost my love and hate being alone. I no longer have the will to live or dream.

I know my eating patterns are unhealthy and they undermine my wellness, but God loves me just the way I am!

I worry all the time and struggle with anxiety. I really want to trust God, but often fail.

After we go through initial heart repairs with Jesus, many of us find ourselves as wounded believers. Close to whole, but still broken. We want healing but won’t or don’t know how to move forward in the direction of the Healer toward the complete wholeness He has for us.

This is hard stuff. I know. I struggle too. We all do.

Every one of us is a work in progress. Our challenges and failures are real and should be acknowledged and confessed. But our faith that God can and will tend to our wounds must be greater.

So I joined in prayer when our friend faced months of therapy, doctors appointments, medicine changes, financial strains, emotional exhaustion, and unseen struggles.

And I am grateful that we pray to the one true God who loves, sees, hears, purifies, answers, comforts, protects, forgives, provides for, refines, restores, redeems and heals those who cry out to Him. He is the great Surgeon who rushes to us in our emergency rooms and takes us to the operating room of His presence.

The One who knows how to care for each wound, burden, and bruise.

So, when your heart needs healing: PRAY.

PRAY when loneliness, laziness, or depression takes up residence in your heart.

PRAY when you are tempted to anesthetize with food, wine, exercise, shopping, or pain pills.

PRAY when the arms of that man seem more attractive than the purity you are called to in Christ.

PRAY when your doubts are stronger than your faith.

Press through barriers in the strength and grace of Jesus. His plan is good. His faithfulness is unwavering. His presence is accessible 24/7.

When your heart needs healing, move in God’s direction and give Him the burdens of your heart.

Pray. Believe. Trust.

Do you not know? Have you not heard? The Lord is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He will not grow tired or weary, and his understanding no one can fathom. He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. (Isaiah 40:28-31)

As they say, “the struggle is real!” Thank you for allowing me to be honest about the challenges that tangle me up. Please move in my heart and in my circumstances today so that I can move forward in faith as I hold tight to the hope I have in Christ.
In Jesus’ name, amen.


Read Hebrews 10:19-39. Journal any verses that you would like to memorize or remember. Consider what “heart healing” would look like for you. If you’re ready to move in that direction, I sure would love to hear about it and pray for you. CLICK HERE to leave a comment on my blog.

I’m so glad we are in the struggle together. Thanks for doing life with me,


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  1. I realize the date is a little off I am in the catch up stage. What I wanted to say was that this hits so hard to home I suffer from anxiety and depression, as does my daughter. I take medication to help with mine, But my daughter refuses to do so, I have tried to help her but she seams to always have an excuse or come back why she won’t get help. I am totally at the end of my rope on this problem, however there are other things that add to our situation and that is that we are homeless and have been for quite some time. I know God has us like this for a reason. But we have been like this for starting our 3rd year. I thank God that I do have a van so we are not totally out on the street. I know the Bible says to be content where ever we are or or what ever situation we are in. I don’t say anything because I know God is in control, but my daughter is constantly complaining. How do I keep on keeping on in all her negativey I try not to say anything because I feel I have already said all that needs to be said. I know God has his timing and He will make all things right but how am I to hang in there until he seams it’s time to make it right?

  2. I struggle with my self worth. I am told my all that I have a beautiful spirit and that it shines through. I feel uncomfortable to let myself embrace my own sprint. I run from happiness when it starts to feel uncomfortable. I have grown up knowing I am a Daughter of God. Even when I have run from his presence I have known in my heart that I am his. I need healing that I may be able to embrace my own light and I king for the day that I can feel comfortable to let it shine. I wrote the following poem in one of my darkest moments where the light was far off in the distance and I was to afraid to walk towards it.

    I Am His

    I may not always see within me the spirits loving light
    But I am a beautiful daughter in my Father’s sight

    I may chose at times to walk alone and not with Him
    But his outstretched hand is never failing
    Nor does his light of love grow dim.

    I’ve felt a sad sort of comfort within despair and doubt
    A home I made familiar
    To the point I feel there is no way out

    But now when life is darkest and I don’t want to carry on
    I am blessed to have never forgoten just who to rely upon

    So as my shaken foot steps
    And often unsure heart draw back to where I know joy is
    I will learn just what my Father means when He tells me I am his
    Tasha Joseph

    Some day I would love to see this poem put to song. It might be bold to say that I would love to hear it from you.
    Thanks for bringing the light of God to so many women who are looking to grow in the grace of God

  3. I have been hurt by many people in the church.. leaving me to not trust or care anymore.. I have been mentally and physically abused by people..it doesn’t ever leave my mind, hurt and anger keep coming up.

    1. Post

      Thanks for your honesty, Jennifer. I’m so sorry for your pain. Praying for you right now, friend.

      Blessings and Peace,

  4. I am struggling with rejection. My relationship with a wonderful man is over. He broke up with me after 9 years. I keep thinking if only I were smarter and prettier. The devil keeps putting thoughts in my head such as he is with a woman right now and I can vision him holding her and kissing her. I need prayer and healing.

  5. Praying for healing of my heart & my son. My husband needs salvation. Plus, he needs to learn how to love me as his wife the way God intended and his son. It’s been long years of struggling and wondering how long I can my bear the pain, not feeling loved or shown any attention by him to me or his son.

  6. My heart has been damaged. God has really been helping. My story is long. God brought my son custody of his now 14- year old daughter 3 years ago today. She is beautiful, kind, loving but she’s still a teenager. Haha. Her step-Mom recently left and took her two little brothers because step-Mom is hard, demanding, and unsaved. They really don’t call it a separation but it’s hard on everyone. Step-Mom wants my granddaughter to be perfect, robotic and anything she does causes a major blowup with lots of unkind statements that have the potential to cause permanent scars. Some days I have difficulty getting through cause satan loves sending aggravations and bullying us. Prayers that God will be able to get through to step-Mom (Kayla). She has built a wall around her heart to keep God out. I know God can transform this for His glory.

  7. I know it’s been over a month since this was sent, but my daughter and I are in desperate need of prayer. My daughter has Oppositional Defiant Disorder and at 11 years old it’s a extremely bad. I hate that she is always, almost lierally, in trouble. Please pray for a reduction of her symptoms and more peace in her soul.

    As for me, this situation is extremely stressful. I am a mess all the time. Please pray for me to have God’s peace that surpasses understanding and the ability to deal with her in a calm manner.

    Thank you so much. I’m sorry this is so long.

  8. Please pray for me to overcome anxiety and depression. I also request prayer for my mind and thought process for work that I will perform this job God Blessed me with to His pleasing.

    I’d also like prayer for my children who are also being tested on their jobs and that the the depressed spirits flee from them.

  9. Please pray for my grandson travis(24)To be released of this oppression and depression and anxiety and hopelessness about his life due to family addictions have kept his parents from being there for him also his grandfather does nothing either. He hates God because he has not seen any change in His family. Pray for him to feel God’s hand on him

  10. Please pray for my husband. Tomorrow he will be going into surgery for the removal of his prostate. I’m in need of strength during his recovery process.

  11. Please pray for my heart and mind. I am in bondage for the fear of having breast cancer. I’ve had biopsies in the past and everything was fine but another mammogram is coming up.

  12. Gwen,
    So incredibly much resonates with this writing on heart healing. My heart is so heavy. I need to make change, really big significant change with how I see myself, forgiving myself, how I treat and speak to myself, to change the way I present myself to the world because of the “law of attraction” you know… what you give out you get back, if you think and speak negative, you will attract negative etc. I need to get out of my own way and decide to live, not to just exist and settle for what all the lack I focus on. I’ve been living like a victim for way too long, not rising above my circumstances, I NEVER BELIEVE in myself, and I need to BELIEVE that thedeserve God’s grace, accept that I will get it anyway, I need to practice gratitude and BELIEVE, even with a mustard seed size faith at times, that God is waiting on me to get out of the way so HE can do what he has been working on. Trusting them with God,
    It feels soooo overwhelming to believe that I will actually change, but it truly is a must. I have already experienced some good starter steps forward and then lost them by stepping backwards I knew it was going to be hard, but, wow, it’s going to be really easy to fall into old habits. I find this very scary and sometime wonder why I even try, as this will and felt just how hard it’s going to be. Unfortunately, I return to where my old habits are and I MUST NOT grow faint and weary. I must press on. So I’m excited to begin your I Want It All book study and thanks for listening.

  13. Thank you for the continued great devotionals. I’m 25 and been married 3 years, already separated for almost 1 year. I’m asking for prayer for my failing marriage as nothing else has helped. God bless you.

  14. Hi Gwen,

    A distant friend shared you on her face book, I felt like it was for me.
    I have suffered from clinical depression for 4 plus years. I struggle and I feel at times that god is distant. I know he loves me. I think when we hurt and suffer inside that we forget about god not on purpose. It feels so distant! I am a worrier always have been. I worry about my two grandsons and then nephews because of all the crud in the world! And now schools are scary it’s like how can u prepare a child for that?! My oldest grandson Alec is 18 and graduated:). My little one is 5 and he is so precious I want to be well I really do. I have so much to share but I can’t do it here. Thank you prayers

    1. Hi, My name is Melynda and I too struggle with clinical depression. I completely understand. I have very high anxiety as well. It is hard to battle this even with treatment…..

      I too can feel very far away from God, and very impatient that I continue to read, God has a plan for you….. I know it’s in HIS timing and I respect that, but I lose hope because it’s been so long. I do see Him working in my life, truly I do and I thank HIM as well. So many thoughts I have, just like you. I don’t lack thoughts, that’s for sure. Plenty of those ……I offer prayers for both of us to keep being the best we can be extremely grateful for our many blessings.

  15. On Monday my daughter who is 27 found out that she was pregnant. Today she started bleeding, so we found ourselves in the ER. The doctor there told her she was not pregnant. She was so disappointed, I am too, to be honest. But I know that God is in control. I’m so afraid that she is going into depression, she knows the Lord but doesn’t have a relationship with Him. She also has a 9 yr old daughter who is very close to her. She thinks that she will disappoint her and her husband. I need guidance to speak life into her. She was starting to get close to God and now she blames Him. I’m really not sure how to pray for her.

  16. Please pray for my husband who stopped going to church. My son who is job-hunting, my one daughter who is having financial problem, and my other daughter who has health issues.

  17. I receive and read the GIG devotions everyday and they are very helpful. I have struggled with mental health issues most of my life as far back as i can remember; some of it is because of chemical imbalances and some from bad things that have happened. I have been feeling bad (mentally) for a few days and it seems to be getting worse… I know the truth but it’s hard to apply right now… I am really struggling and I need all of the prayer i can get. Thank you!

  18. Please pray for my dear friends, my daughter’s godparents Michael Korbe and wife Donna. Tomorrow am he goes into Mobile Infirmary for heart cath and expect to have to do surgery. He has other health issues that will affect him.

    Also for my daughter Savannah HARRISON and son Brandon HARRISON to one day heal and forgive each other and truly be siblings. This is a long-term situation that breaks my heart. She is 26, he is 35 and he is ADD/ADHD/OCD/Sociely Anxiety Disorder and probably 209+ lbs. overweight. He is back living with me after a sadly daily marriage. Savannah is very successful, having been recruited once she completed her MA by Microsoft to be on the Xbox team. Her brother always dreamed of such work, but didn’t have the perseverance to excell. He is extremely intelligent but cannot stay on task, has no filters and poor social skills.
    I have prayed over this situation for years. She is 3,090 miles from me which breaks my heart but I moved heaven and earth to move her to Seattle. I flew her home this past Christmas and it was terrible. It had been four years since they had seen each other but they could not get along. We had all met at my sister’ in the Atlanta area. I ended up leaving to get him out of there and let the others have some fun. I missed her last two full days back home because of all this. Please pray for them.

  19. I have always led a very active life and loved it! 18 mos ago, I had an accident at work. I went to open one of our commercial size refrigerators and it fell over on top of me! Fast forward, issues with Workers Com who refused to pay, a mediation settlement and loss of my job. As one result of the accident, I had to have a total knee replacement and a meniscus repair in the other knee. The concussion I sustained resulted in severe cognitive impairment. I had to apply for early retirement, lost my health insurance and waiting to hear about the approval or not of my disability claim. My husband lost his job in 2009 when the banking industry took a hit and hasn’t been gainfully employed since. He’s working 2 part time jobs now. I am still waiting to see how God will use all of this for good. My quality of life is in a ditch and I’m no longer able to do those things I enjoyed most! One of those was being a fun, energetic grandmother. I miss that the most. Many days I have lost that hope of running the race before me. What if there’s no race to run anymore? I have come to believe that God has had me still for a reason. He has worked in my heart like never before. He has given me true believing friends. I’ve been able to attend a Bible study that has truly met me where I am. And this should be enough, right? So why do I long for the days of being active; playing tennis, running, riding horses, which was my real passion. I miss those things. Is this a trade-off? While I praise God for increasing my faith and helping me become secure in His love and grace, why do I still miss those things that brought me joy? Am I being sinful in my discontent? I wait, read, and spend a lot of time on the couch surrounded in ice packs. I am often fearful, lonely in this journey and full of anxiety. My secure future is gone. I want it both ways but I know that’s impossible. So yes, there are many days I lose heart, knowing that there’s much more healing to take place.

  20. Oh I so need some heart healing!! Over the last 5 years my husband has been dealing with back pain. It’s caused him to miss a lot of work, kids sports events and family gatherings etc. For a very long time I felt like he was using his back as an excuse to stay home. I have harbored a lot of anger in my heart. Six months ago he became unable to work at all. The anger stirred……. why couldn’t he have made better choices and taken better care of himself so he could provide for us? I have been jealous of the fact he can stay at home and do housework…. things I always wished I could do instead of work. My anger is keeping me from helping him. My anger is making me miserable and stressed. I don’t wanna live this way. I need heart healing!!

  21. Oh, Gwen – I have been reading, praying over and keeping the GIG devotionals for quite awhile now. This one has really touched my heart today. My husband had a massive subdural hematoma last summer and has some long term memory and cognitive issues that have changed both of our lives. Now I’m dealing with complicated real estate issues with his difficult sister. Today’s devotional is an inspiration and a comfort to stay the course and heal my heart. Bless you!

  22. Please pray that my husband and I will be able to move into the house we moved to Indiana to build. Also please pray that I would be able to find a fantastic full time job and that God would direct our finances. Also please pray that I would not grow weary in trying to do what God wants me to do. Also please pray that I would find a small group at a church where I can grow. I have not really found one since I moved from Reno, NV.

  23. I am praying, I loved the comment pray when your doubts seem stronger than your faith. I was up early this morning crying out to Jesus because that is where I am in my life right now. I need your prayers please.

  24. Please pray for my grown children-they are facing challenges and God is teaching me to back off. This has been very difficult for me and I have obstructive sleep apnea and have been having issues with my CPAP machine. I try to relax and sleep with the machine. I have memorized several verses and I try to pray and quote those also. Currently, I take 5 mg of melatonin every night as well to help me sleep! Some nights are better than others; just like most people! Trying to calm my mind and fall asleep is easy one night and the next night I will fight with the machine! Going to bed earlier surely will help some and I try not to beat myself up about it. Every 3-6 months I go to a neurologist who reads the report and says “what happened?” I think I will just tell him, life happens! Thanks for all your devotions and encouraging words that I know will be in my Hotmail every single day, Monday through Friday! God works through these words to bring me comfort and peace! Love the GIG’s!

  25. I thought I had allowed God to heal my heart completely after being sexually abused as a 10 year old by a male member of my family and after trying to fill the emptiness inside with relationships with men from 16-26. I allowed the lord to bring healing and forgiveness to my soul but after a recent conversation with a friend I knew there is still some hurt inside that I have not allowed God to fully bring restoration to. I am ready for Christ to bring healing because I want to be able to move forward and not have any bitterness or shame from my past.

  26. I know my girls suffered when their dad n I divorced. I did not handle it to their benefit. I cannot forgive myself n be happy because I hurt my girls n I cannot fix it. I feel I do not deserve joy or happiness.

  27. Very grateful for GIG and soooo ready to move forward!! God bless each & everyone of you and may he bless you with peace/prosperity…

  28. I am ready for the Lord to heal my heart. After six years of mourning the loss of my son to estrangement, not death, I am ready to allow the Lord to take my heart and make me better not bitter and show me the purpose for my pain. I know He is faithful and I want to trust him with my heart today.

  29. My heart has been broken and I know that God is healing me. My husband left last summer and we seem to be at a standstill. It has been quite difficult to find my footing but I’ve spent so much time with God that I’ve grown significantly. I continue to look to Him for complete healing which is what I want and need. I’ve totally surrendered my life to God. God is faithful and all is well!

  30. Every life struggles are real. it is so hard to have faith through these times.
    But I know our God is almighty and whatever our struggles are he will
    get us through them.
    my adult son not wanting to be a part of my life for over a year now.. I pray
    and know God will comfort my heart.
    My husband out of work for the past 4 months, I pray and know God will

  31. I love this post, it is so real. Yeah, the struggle IS real! I have felt like quitting so many times over the last year it isn’t funny. But I don’t even know how that looks. Curling up in bed with a sack of cheetos and refusing to come out? Sleeping for a week? This post was a good reminder that God loves me, plain and simple. I have to keep wrapping my head around that fact over and over and over again. God bless, all.


  33. I needed this today. Please pray for the physical healing of my body. I know God is Truth, but sometimes I am fearful. I have fears about my salvation. I have asked Jesus for forgiveness and I know He forgives, yesterday I sill struggle.

  34. I seem to be at a crossroads and don’t know which way to go. I’ve had the pleasure of working for my church family for 8 years as an Admin. Assist. and God has used it to bless me in so many ways and I don’t mean that all have been rosy. I’ve had quite the character makeover that has stretched me with more spiritual growth and the opportunity to do things I never thought I could before.
    This latest struggle seems to be over whether or not I should quit. I feel like God is calling me to do something different, but I don’t know what it is. I have been dealing with so many different issues that have led to some major heart aching and resentment for quite a while now as well as health struggles and I know God wants to heal it, but how do I know which way is God’s way?

    He has blessed me with the privilege and opportunity to write articles for our bulletin that have helped others in their walk. If I quit, I not only lose that “ministry” blessing, but a resource of paying off a major bill that I committed to do and also for natural remedies God has used to show me how to improve my health.

    I’ve also been asked the same question by other women I had the pleasure of helping along my journey…How do we know this is God’s will?

    Thanks for all your articles that have helped so many along their path to healing including mine.
    I’m asking for prayers for clarity and strength to move forward as He leads the way.

  35. Wow, hit so close to my heart today. I felt this was meant for me. I recently was in a very short relationship, it didn’t work out. I fell for this man fast & hard, but now I’m broken, I want to reach out to him, but I KNOW better. I’ve tried to start reading more of the bible.

  36. Please pray that I get a job soon! I would love to be in a positive environment. I have been feeling stuck in my life and would like to move forward. I know God has a plan. Thank you

  37. I am struggling in my work place. I have been a teacher for 32 years and this is the hardest year I have ever have. i have lost my passion. Four years ago I became the science coach and started working with teachers instead of students. My job is to coach teachers to become better at their craft. I have never felt so lonely, unappreciated, and insecure in my life. I am struggling with depression and the desire to even get up in the morning and come into work. I have been praying for God to speak to me and give me guidance. I can retire in four years, but am struggling with my purpose and how to get my passion back. Please pray

  38. My heart needs healing, on Oct 26th someone very close to me died. She was my first cousin/sister/best friend. Then a few months later on Feb 13th, the day after my 31st birthday, my Mom died. This has really taken a toll on me and my life, I have a sibling but there has never been a connection there and she is very jealous hearted to say the lease. God is the only One who can heal my brokenness, I ask for prayers. God Bless

  39. I’m on my way to recovery from some ongoing hurts that I’ve let become “my identity” in many ways. I’m ready to live victorious in the strength and healing that is already mine. It is a hard thing to push out the lies that have lived there for decades, and to rest in the truths that are so new to me. Please pray for that. May the God of Hope fill me with all joy and peace as I trust in Him. And Now unto Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly more than we can ask…or even imagine… yes Jesus!!!

  40. Dear Gwen
    Very fitting that you write this today. It would be my sons 33rd birthday today. He went home to the Lord 7 1/2 years ago. Perfectly healthy, handsome, smart, witty, kind hearted, and loved by so many. Died in his sleep. Do you know when a perfectly healthy 25 year old dies and there is no evidence of any cause, they call that Natural causes. Talk about crushing your world. …. i am a “Wounded Believer”
    I would appreciate your prayers today, cause i know if it werent for the prayers of others and my belief in Jesus I would not be on my feet today. Thank all you “Girls” for these devotions, they help.

  41. I struggle with fear and anxiety when dealing with difficult circumstances and I feel like a “fake”, that I don’t really have faith in God. I have seen his mighty hand at work in my mother during her illness and it was through this experience that I humbly accepted Jesus into my life. I need prayers in moving forward in my relationship with Christ despite my fears.

  42. Yes I want a healing heart . Having carpal tunnel surgery on mar 1 . I’m strong & know everything will be better after. Luv all yur advice. Thanks dear have a blessed day.

  43. I am having a really heavy heart right now and feel like everything is crashing down my husband is changing into such a mean, hateful person and I know that’s not him. he is wanting a divorce not caring that we have children involved and how it will affect them and how devastated our 5 year old daughter will be, and the fact we made a vow to God and eachother. I don’t want my marriage to fail. Please pray my husband realizes his words,thinking and actions and starts putting God and our marriage first. Pray a hedge of protection around my marriage please

  44. I don’t know if you will ever see this as I’m sure you get a lot of emails but I need prayer for so many things. I struggle with the plan God has for me and waiting for it to come to fruition, I struggle with really bad eating habits and an addiction to television and in the last few months I have been struggeling with going out, being around people and sociliazation. I just don’t want to do anything or if I’m invited I have to force myself to go if I go at all. I feel like I’m slipping away from God and everyone around me. Please pray

  45. I do pray for comfort and healing for your heart and your soul. Sometimes we do not know why God allows Such situations and pain. But I know my pastor told me God only gives his biggest battles to his strongest warriors.

    So please no although it seems like such a lonely and Painful Pl., God has the power to heal. Continue to pray and stay strong and you will feel His Hand upon you.
    God bless you

  46. Please pray that God will heal my heart, mind, body and soul from a domestic violence incident. God knows all the details and I need discernment to know which way to go from here. I am lost and confused and torn in so many directions. Each part of me pulls in a different direction. I need guidance and overwhelming peace to come over me.

  47. I am so sorry you suffer with anxiety problems because of my recent health challenges I am finding that very difficult for myself as well.

    I will pray that God guides you and protect you and comfort you. And that he will protect you and your home. And Jesus name a man

  48. Please pray for me I’m having health challenges with my neck and ear and balance problems. Doctors keep searching but not finding true answers. Im going to another specialist in a few weeks.
    . It is of course causing me a lot of mental and physical stress.
    Its been a rough road and creating more marriage problems.
    Please pray that the Lord reveals the answers and bring a complete miracle healing to my body mind and soul.
    I would love to join back in daily life again since this problem is debilitating and keeps me from traveling in a car or a daily basis.
    I’ve never had such equilibrium and spasm problems to create such an imbalance.

    I’m trying not to let the enemy get me discouraged and defeated. I pray throughout the day on a daily basis and I know he will never leave you nor for sake me. And I know my pain has a purpose. So I’m praying for guidance and lots of prayers to restore me. I’m trying not to let the enemy get me discouraged and defeated. I pray throughout the day on a daily basis and I know he will never leave me nor for sake me. And I know my pain has a purpose. So I’m praying for guidance and lots of prayers to restore me.
    And that God would put it on my husband’s heart to have more compassion and patience and comfort in the situation. I know he believes he is trying but only we know what full fills us from them

    Thank you so much for my opportunity to share. The Lord put it on my aunts heart to share your website with me a few months ago and I’m truly blessed to be able to read it every day. You have inspired me and my friends and family in my life with as well.

    I pray for all of you others who are battling whatever challenges or before you. May we all continue to pray for one another. In Godsname amen

  49. Please pray for me I struggle with anxiety disorder. Also I need guidance my home of fifteen years is in foreclosure praying God will open a door for me and my two children.

  50. I need healing from a broken heart. A trusted friend has shut me out of his life completely and I don’t know why. I hurt very much. I have depression and anxiety and need God’s love and protection. Please pray for me. I read your messages all the time. Very helpful. Thank you!

  51. I need prayers for a broken heart. I’ve been completely shut out of a trusted friends life and I really hurt. I really need God right now. I’m just putting one foot in front of the other. The whole situation makes no sense to me. I want to text in God’s love. Thank you for all your messages. It really helps me.

  52. I will admit I am typically pretty particular about who I ask to pray for me so this is a huge step for me. My son was beaten to death in Greece on 7/7/17 and we are praying for a trial date, and that the murders be convicted and locked up for the maximum amount of time (25 yrs). In addition, we are praying for healing for all of the people impacted including the murders and their families and that people truly start to show genuine love and compassion for all people even if they don’t know anything about them.

  53. Thank you for your devotions, I’ve shared parts of them with others struggling and they are thankful for God’s words to them. Please pray for my daughter and 4 years old grandson. They have been living with us for 17 months since her husband left. They are now divorced and she is ready to move out onto her on. I pray that she will be able to handle truly being a single parent on her own with her son. Please pray for strength, peace and for her to stay calm when things get tough. Thank you.

  54. please pray for me and my husband. He is Canadian and I am American. They would not let cross into states even with his passport. They said needed a visa. We got a imagination lawyer and did app for visa .we where told it took 2 yrs. I bought a home in southern California due me having lupus and I am there due can’t take weather in Montreal. He is there. I got my congressman Ruiz involved and fax a letter from my doctor and it will fast track his app so oleasebpray he gets here soon.

  55. I remember reading this devotional just the other week and questioned why it showed up again so soon. Well, I have decided that God wants me to really get this one. Thank you and your “girlfriends” so much for this daily devotion. They have carried me through the day so many times. Today, I ask for prayer to restore my marriage to a happy, secure, godly relationship. That my husband overcome his alcohol and drug addiction. That I can be the wife that God wants me to be. Also I ask for prayer for my mother who lost her husband 6 months ago and who is struggling with grief. Thank you so much and I declare and have faith God will hear our prayers.

  56. My family is emotionally sick and in need of healing. My son carries hurt and pain from his past. My husband carries bitterness in his heart. And I carry guilt and shame for not being stronger for my son. That is it in a nutshell. This prayer request is a mountain. Please pray that God will move it. And that I will be obedient to God and be able to discern his will. Thank you.


  58. So needed this, Lately I have wanted to turn in my mommy card with our last teenager in the house. I know I can’t do that but Lord knows I wanted to. The constant attitude and lack of love towards us hurts. I ask for your prayers for healing in my baby girls heart. I know she carries pains she keeps hidden. I pray God shows me how to be that mom she needs. She knows she is loved by us . I pray she learns to lean on God and seek His Love first.

    In His joy

  59. Good morning,

    Thank you Gwen, when I come to my computer dreading the day ahead, you always put me in the Christ frame of mind. I am bent, but I do not believe broken, I am at the crossroads of something great, I just need to know how to listen for his voice, be still and wait for my next step in life. Life can be hard when we don’t know how to connect with our faith, this is what my heart needs a healing for. May you and everyone who has entered a message here have love in their hearts, make the first step and be persistent in their love of God.

  60. Apr 28, 2011 we lost our youngest son(40) in a car accident. August 31, 2017 our oldest son(48) passed away in his sleep. I am confident of their presence with Jesus, but my 25yr struggle with anxiety and panic attacks has worsened. Jesus is my hope and strength, daily devotions, bible study, sermons are a large part of each day. I know there is refining and spiritual growth in my life, but I long for the joy, happiness, peace and calm of Jesus and His healing. I need and appreciate any and all prayers, and thank God I have a loving and supportive husband (father of our sons) who stands by me daily.

  61. Pray for my family. This past week we were preparing for my mom to have open heart surgery to remove an anuerism right above her heart. However, after several tests the surgeon said she would not survive the surgery and told us to let her live her life as she was able because he felt her current quality of life is more important than the surgery. The anuerism was classified as a “mega anuriusm” and she is now considered a high risk patient for any future surgery. The Dr is a Christian man and told us that God is the only one to determine how long she has and if HE chooses this as the way to call her home then it will be quick and painless. For that I am grateful. Pray for peace, acceptance, strength, guidance, and healing. Thanks.

  62. I am praying for a financial breakthrough in the form of a job. I have been working part time for the past 8 years and it has been a struggle. I have outstanding bills to pay. And I have been praying and fasting to the effect. I do get weary at times as I wait for my breakthrough.
    Please pray for my son who is attending university that he would focus and finish well, for his return to the Faith.

  63. Thank you for your posts. I find them to be my morning.devotions.
    Prayers please for health issues. I retired Jan 12th knowing it was time and looking forward to what God had for me in this next journey. I’ve had one health issue after another over the ensuing weeks and now dealing with a very painful knee. I’ve dealt with each but am struggling to see the direction and purpose. I have faith that He will bring me through it and I can begin a new journey. Pls pray for guidance for me.

  64. Hi Ladies, Thanks for praying in advance. I have gone through a lot. I married wrong. This man cheated profusely, lied, tricked and even molested our boys. 🙁 we have been separated for 4yrs and were only together for 3.5yrs. I have sole cusdody of the children. We just started counselling. My ex is taking me to court Friday trying to gain access to the boys–which is very scary. At the same time, I find myself having to leave my local church which I have attended for 30yrs..i am 39 this year. They are telling me I am not biblically allowed to remarry ever. I have taken the last 3.5yrs to study scripture and know I am free to move on as he is even in a live in situation at the moment. I just want to get a divorce so that when/if God brings a Godly man I will be able to have a relationship moving towards marriage. I don’t want to fall into sin and hopelessness which I feel is a big risk if I attempt to remain single for the rest of my life as they are preaching I have to. My boys are 7 and 4.5. Switching churches is tough, all of this is so tough. Please pray for me and the boys to recover. My ex to gain the mental health help necessary and to keep him from hurting anyone else…as he just switched his job to work maitnence in parks and school grounds 🙁 I am trying to leave my church in a godly fashion and hopefully keep some relationships as not everyone agrees with leadership on the matter. God is very good to us and He is sustaining us and guiding us. Thankyou so much for your prayers and I really enjoy and have been blessed by your devotionals. Thanks

  65. We are studying Rick Warren’s book, “Daring Faith” at church, which is helping me expect God to answer my prayers. My son needs prayer, please. He is a victim of the opiod epidemic, being prescribed pain medications for back pain. He has had 3 surgeries on his neck, but still has pain, depression & cannot work a full time job. He has lost most all his possessions & living with his father (we are divorced). He is single, has no children, is saved, but is struggling, emotionally. He is wondering where God is in his life, right now. God Bless you & thanks for your prayers.

  66. Please continue to pray for me, my heart has been severely damaged.. He left me 10 months ago and we have a daughter. The things he said and hurt he caused have been extremely painful and am having a hard time healing.

  67. I am praying for my son Jason, who has been taken drugs and his girlfriend is going to have a baby and he wont keep a job. He has been raised in church and know whats right. We have stopped helping him and told him he cant live with us any longer. The struggle is real on top of my husband being laid off and getting a job that pays half of what he made. We still have the same bills. Please Pray for my Son!!!

  68. I would like prayer for peace and joy again in my heart. I made mistakes which have changed my life, I know God forgives but I have trouble forgiving myself. Please pray that I fight the sadness O can sometimes feel.

  69. Good morning! Your column “When the Heart Needs Healing” today resonated so much with me. I lost my husband 3 years ago and am still struggling. I think I have an eating addiction and Donny know where to turn. I can’t forgive myself even though I know that Our Father had countless times. I don’t feel worthy to be loved so much by Him. Please pray that I may truly find my easy to Him. Thank toy and God bless!

  70. I would like to pray for focus, strength, courage, and commitment for the upcoming months; as I face a tumultuous and busy time. I would also ask prayers for our upcoming National Day of Prayer Community Breakfast. As the lead planner; I need vision and wisdom I don’t feel I have this year. Thank you.

  71. Gwen I struggle with anxiety which causes me to focus so much on those fears and worries it’s hard to live life and think of anything else nonstop. I think it’s also depression, I don’t want to be medicated because maybe I want children, that I haven’t gotten pregnant in the past year and my job is very stressful. I want peace in the midst of turmoil and to ch age my thought pattern to that which honors God. I want healing from my mind. Thank you for I believe in the power of prayer.

  72. Thank you. You have been such an inspiration. I struggle with depression and a husband that drinks to handle things a failing marriage and the loss of our daughter years back. I need prayer to pull out of the pit and move in the direction God has me to go in!

  73. Thank you. This message is very much what i needed to hear. I recently had time in the hospital with heart problems. Im well now, but im having to change jobs again to earn more money towards paying bills. The heart problems are real and so is the struggle. And the best part is learning day by day again to lean on the Lord for His strength and courage to keep fighting through. He is truly close to me when life is hard. Thank you. Patty

  74. Please pray for my family and myself. We need healing as a family , I have depression and anxiety. Please pray that my son finds God and that God can help him change and forgive ppl. I have 4 granddaughters that need to know God also. Help me make the right decisions in how to talk to them and my children. I know I need to set an example. Please help me do the right thing.

  75. I found out recently that my husband has had a long term affair for 7 years. He has decided to stay with the other woman and leave me and my children after 23 years of marriage. My heart is hurting. I am looking to God to heal me.

  76. This comment is a prayer for my daughter. She is 14. She has been struggling with headaches, depression, and anxiety. She tends to take on the problems with others and not let them go. Which causes some of her anxiety and stress. She just recently started opening up a little to me. She has a lot of Godly wisdom for her age yet the depression tends to push it down. She now spends more time with us and not alone in her room. Here is a poem she just wrote. She has found a way to communicate without actually having to come right out and tell her father and I.

    The hand of light reaches toward you through the damp dark cave of darkness.
    The demons are keeping you there because they are cold and heartless.
    You try to find your way out so they push you to fall,
    But the light peers through and the shadows run past on the wall.
    When you look up your staring deep into his loving eyes.
    The man who made earth, heaven, and the skies.
    You follow him through the darkness with hope in your mind.
    What you didn’t know is the demons are followin not far behind.
    You reach out to grab his nail pierced hand but he fades away,
    And your back where you began.
    Johanna 2/27/18

    Thank you for taking the time to read and pray. Her poetry speaks truth for many

  77. Please pray for the healing of my heart from worrying about my children and the choices that they have made and are making that is affecting all of us that love them. Especially my daughters and son in law. They all need deliverance and salvation from drugs. One of my daughters is suffering from depression and mental illness because of the different types of drugs she has used. The other and her husband who is a veteran drinks and smoke marijuana. I pray for their deliverance and healing and salvation. Please be in agreement with me in JESUS name! Thank you!

  78. I am struggling so hard. I feel my faith so weak but I continue to cry out to the Lord. I have COPD and now have to under go some tests due to damage done to lungs and possibly my heart. I have prayed and prayed for the nicotine addiction to leave so I can start healing due to still smoking for that craving. Am I relying on others prayers? I ask for prayer all the time, I am lost.

  79. Good morning. I.pray all is well. My prayer request is to finding my way back.to God. I have not prayed in a while and have stopped believing anything for myself and family. We are also in a financial struggle I feel weighed down by daily, hourly really. As you said in today’s devotional, the struggle is real. Thanks for listening.

  80. I have had 7 years of struggle. I have had unexpected surprises that I never even saw coming during this 7 years of struggle financially, job wise & prett much everything else. I have prayed until I could pray no more and whilst everyone else gets their prayers answered I am still waiting for mine to be answered. The last straw for me was my Dads passing away in New Zealand as I migrated to Sydney Australia & had to fly back for the Funeral. My relatives on my Mums side( Mum passed away in 1995) paid for my flight to N.Z as I had been out of work & couldn’t afford the flight home myself but what I didn’t see coming was Me staying in N. Z for longer than expected – everyone of my relatives decided for me that it was time to return to N. Z permanently to which I cannot stand to do, they never asked me what I wanted so I felt as if they were looking right past me not at me. So at the present moment I am back here with support from my family of which I accept with both hands along with gratitude & appreciation along with a dose of humbleness I just don’t like being back in the Country I was born in & want to hi back to Aussie and knowing that God has my back, I told my family this as they assumed I was back in N .Z for good – I have run from my immediate family all my life coz of the hurts that were done to me both verbally & so this is a real life challenge for me facing all of this. I came back for my health as I haven’t been that well since I had a stent put into me coz of a blocked artery & I just want the opportunity to return to Aussie again as I love it over there & am soooo bored over in N.Z I am not the type to look and feel happy on the Outside when I am not on the inside. My attitude to being here is one of frustration and heart brokenness. May I please ask for prayer in all of what I need regarding all of this as I feel so lost with the desire to get back to Australia. Thank You Sister.

    Kind Regards and Blessings
    Miss Geraldine O’LEARY

  81. In the daily life is always a struggle and I tend to fall short in the essence of what is going on at the time. I’ve truly have engaged in your daily emails of scripture and did the 5 day prayer that was offered. Which in all reality has been a blessing and I share all that I learn from you Gwen with others. Thank you for inviting me to the bible study I Want It All. I’m looking forward to engaging in this journey with you and implementing into my own life. I recently lost a cousin to Liver Cancer, just was ment for him to move on, even tho I prayed. God sure is amazing he knows who he wants here and challenges us all we do to be a better person. Share his amazing Love with everyone. I’ve already started seeing my prayers take place, moving people in and out of my life. Been a blessing, now that I’ve learned how to ask in the right manner and at the right time. I love the 5 finger prayer it helps alot for me so that I can touch all bases of my life! Have a blessed day and can hardly wait for the I Want It All bible study to start!

  82. My youngest son died in February of 2016 after being in the hospital for 11 months!! My oldest son died January 31 of this year from the flu, in lived in Maryland, I live in California!! I am having a very hard time with this!! Need lots of prayers!! Thank you !

  83. Loneliness and depression are constantly vying for a piece of my heart. I get involved in Bible study, do devotions every week-morning with my kids and pray with them on school nights, but my work leaves me feeling disatisfied and my urban environment feels so oppressive. Sometimes I just want to escape to the mountains and do something that brings reward and pleasure. No wonder teachers experience burn-out. I sometimes feel like I am teaching a wall. The work and effort kids put out is so poor, I want to quit. Teaching internationally in a place where I don’t know the language leaves me with limited options for friendships and it always seems like everyone else manages to hit it off with someone else but me. I get left out. The years of loneliness are really starting to wear on me.

  84. Thank you so much for this beautiful post!! It reminded me of Jesus’ promise of forgivenss, and that he left us the gift of the holy spirit. It also reminded me that my trust and faith is in him first and always. I can depend on only him. His perfect will shall be done in my life. The struggles are real, but reminding me that patience and endurance is something that Jesus had, and I want to be like him. Because he is faithful, he never lets us down or disappoints. Man disappoints, but God never does. I will wait upon his timing, and he will keep his promises as always.

  85. I was struck by the verses 37-39 in this passage as when Christ comes back as He has promised we are to be faithful and just and treating all to see those come to the Lord. Many who are hurt cannot only not forgive but try to get back to those who have hurt them. In verse 30 we are reminded that Vengeance is mine, I will repay says the Lord. Our job is to win those who are in the world and do not know the Lord so they may be ready to meet Him when He comes back. This is very hard for humans but with the help of the Lord we can love our enemies and those who have hurt us. We can forgive all because He forgave us when were sinners and still when we fall short.

  86. I pray:
    God, enlighten what is dark in me, strengthen what is weak in me, mend what is broken in me, heal what is sick in me, and revive whatever peace and love has died in me.

  87. Please pray for my marriage. This is my second marriage and I rarely feel loved by him. It’s ironic that I always felt loved in my first marriage, however he was continuously unfaithful (sleeping with many women). Anyway, it’s difficult because he has his own grown children, and I have mine. I feel like we live separate lives and don’t share dreams, goals, faith or children. I often question why I’m here (I moved to Texas after I married him 6 years ago) and I feel so isolated and far from my own family and children (they all live in Arizona).

  88. Gods timing is spot on with today’s word. I’m going through a divorce after 24 years. My court date is in a couple weeks (March 5). The same day your series starts ( can’t wait). If i can please ask for prayers, i would truly appreciate it. My husband has made this very hard financially, emotionally & has caused a wedge with our daughters & myself. His love for money has turned him away From God. I pray for favor & for God to move the mountains on March 5, for me. Thank you for touching my life daily & allowing me to share your daily messages. God bless you & your family.

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  89. Dear Gwen,

    There are things that my husband has done in the past that broke my heart and also caused a lot of anger towards him. I’m talking about some very serious life changing and illegal things for which he has paid his debt to society. During that time of paying his debt he became a Christian. The thing is, there are times that the old anger starts to pop up out of nowhere. I would like you to pray with me that my heart will heal completely and all anger will dissolve. Thank you!


  90. O MY! The Father of Light certainly knows when it is the right time for something to come into my email box. Thank you for hearing that this needed to be shared this day. I needed this encouragement this day. Life has not been easy. I am not going to go into it all because it would take days for you to read it. But I have seen the Father work so many changes and blessings in my life. The journey does not stop though. He continues to refine. Sometime the furnace is very, very hot. He continues to mold and for the most part I welcome it al because I am in awe at the changes I have seen in myself. Not so much for unsaved children and grandchildren but in myself. All things are in His wonderful hands and he can see the beginning and the end. He has a vision for each of us and I try to catch His vision for myself and let Him work out His vision in my children’s and grandchildren’s lives. He is ever faithful. I am a widow. Have been for 12 years. I am 73. In those 12 years the journey has been amazing. Do I still struggle, O yes, but my faith has increased amazingly. I have seen how he can provide even tho I live on pensions. I have seen how he has changed me in to a person that is content where He has me. I have seen His hand in so much of my life. He still is working in areas of my life that I truly do struggle with but I know He is ever faithful and that He loves me in spite of my discouragement and failures. Blessings.

  91. I am heart-broken at this moment. My oldest son, wife and granddaughter are moving to England for an unknown amount of years. She is from the UK and misses her family and friends. I understand this completely! However, it does not take away my tears that fall when I think about them moving. They are moving May 31st of this year. I am so grateful to have had the time with all of them! I am also very, very sad.
    I know I can save to go over there and they will come back and visit which helps on some level. I need to rely on God to help me through this sadness and grief.
    Thanks for listening and for your prayers.

  92. Hi there. Thank you for this. Four years ago my husband confessed to me that he had an affair and that the woman was pregnant. On May 4 , 2014 a baby girl was born …..ON MY DAUGHTER’S BIRTHDAY AND IN THE HOSPITAL WHERE I WORK (I’m a Paediatrician). It has been very difficult. The little girl is now almost 4 years old and the struggle continues. My hubby thinks it’s ok to keep stuff for the outside family in our home and sleeps over at the other home when the mother has to work (to baby sit). It has been painful at times. Praying for strength and wisdom to go on.

  93. Dear Gwen,
    Thank you for sharing your wisdom, faith, hope, love, etc for the Lord. I have followed GIG for many years and I can witness how the Lord uses you to reach those of us who are on the same quest, share the same “hunger and thirst” to know God more & more intimately. So many times of enduring circumstances I will read your posts. I know the Lord put them there because they address my exact needs. What you share always helps me see through things to receive the blessings and to not allow the interference of the negative entities…I find this to be true when I pray, ask the Lord to “talk” to me and direct me to His Word. Then I will open up the Bible and there will be verses that address my needs. I’ve been doing this for years and years, very sweet of the Lord to reach me in the ways He does. HE meets us where we are in ways we can be reached if when we call on HIM….
    Thank you for your heart, love for the Lord, sharing and writing about it all!
    I am registered for your “I Want it All” bible study and have already read a lot of your book, just love what you say and share. You are an amazing woman of Christ and a blessing to all of us, I am excited to have the study start soon! Love and blessings.

    1. You said it beautifully, so I’ll just agree and send my own Thanks to Gwen!
      Yesterday was one of those days for me, challenges that bring doubt, fear, feeling of isolation, loneliness and depression. All in the midst of so many things for which I am so grateful… The guilt for feeling bad…is overwhelming. Yet the feelings are so real and painful at times that I doubt my “heart” to get through it. Your message was so timely for me…Thank you!
      Please pray for me to know exactly what the Lord wants me to do.

  94. Thank you for these words today. I am struggling with trust issues. This helped. Please pray for me to have trust in the ladies of my new women’s group..I know the Lord has led me to them.

  95. I am still struggling with the death of my husband. It has been a little over a year and I am still broken. I’m depressed, anxious, feel unloved and unwanted. I feel useless to God. Will you please pray that God will heal my broken heart. Thank You

  96. I am a wife, mother and care giver to my husband. He had stage 4 colon cancer almost 10 years ago. The years we have spent with doctor appointments, scans, surgeries, check ups, blood test, medication have been tiresome. My life became his life giving because long term illness reeks havoc on ones soul. As much as we don’t want to share what the caregiver goes through; because its all about the sick one, the reality is that behind the patient is a loving wife, mother, daughter, etc. standing in the shadows wondering how they got there. My whole marriage has been caring for my husband. I pray for God to give Him a heart that is kind, loving and appreciative that he has life. His heart has hardened because it takes so much energy to keep pushing on. He was saved for a purpose. I pray he finds that purpose and in the meantime does not forget that Jesus loved us first and has called us to love in return.

  97. I have been feeling like this, i am 65 years old husband wants a divorce, finances, in shambles, i don’t have A CAR. bUSINESS IS NOT DOING WELL, BUT I CHOSE TO GIVE GOD MY BURDENS, BE CAUSE I KNOW THE PLANS HE HAS FOR ME. YET THROUGH IT ALL I HAVE LEARNED TO TRUST IN GOD.

  98. “Therefore, brethren, having boldness to enter the Holiest by the blood of Jesus, by a new and living way which He consecrated for us, through the veil, that is, His flesh, and having a High Priest over the house of God, let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience and our bodies washed with pure water. Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful. And let us consider one another in order to stir up love and good works,” Hebrews‬ ‭10:19-24‬ Thank you very much for todays teaching. It was encouraging. God bless you!

  99. The “struggle is real” I Praise God for you sister because just when I needed a Word for healing of my heart, God used you I so needed this today, I am praying, believing, and trusting. This journey gets hard sometimes but I know who holds me. God bless you all!

  100. Dear Gwen,
    I have re-read this particular post a few times. Thank you and thank you for offering to pray for me. Not only did I lose my mom and my spirit became crushed, but I am about to start medical school and financially it has been difficult. I am blessed with the siblings I have and I am grateful to God for opening this very big door for me. Please, lift me up to the father. That He will meet my needs and strengthen me to complete this big work that He has begun in me. Thank you for everything.
    Sincerely, Yaya

    1. Post

      Yaya, I’m praying for you now that God will provide for all your needs and that he will give you the strength and courage to conquer the tasks you’ll face in the coming days and even years!

  101. My husband of 21 years left me and my two teenage sons 12 weeks ago and filed for divorce. We don’t understand why. I’ve been working on surrendering my marriage to God, but it’s so hard to leave it at His feet because I miss my best friend so badly. We are both believers, but he seems to be so far away from God. But I can only work on my own relationship with my Savior. He is refining me in the fire and I must keep the faith!

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  102. I love reading your daily devotions. This one really pulled my heartstrings. I am fighting brain cancer, I have an amazing husband of 36 years, but yet, my brain works so differently now. I push him away a lot. I also try to hide from God. I get so depressed and feel basically numb. Cannot work, our granddaughters live in other states. Life for me is boring and worrisome. Plesse pray that I can be a blessing to my husband, family and anyone. There is a reason God has me here on Earth still, I just want to feel something! ! God bless u!

    1. Post

      Gina, I am so sorry that you’ve been diagnosed with brain cancer. Please know that I’m praying for you now. Know that God is a loving Father and you have no reason to hide from him. Run to him now and seek comfort in his arms.

  103. Hi Gwen. My name is Kristin and I am 22 years old. I struggle with anxiety and OCD. I’ve been asking The Lord to heal my brokenness for a long time, and I get pretty hopeless at times. I’ve recently started taking medication again and I’m really hoping God will use this time that I’m on meds to dig to the deeper issues in my life. I could use prayer to sincerely learn to trust God and not be afraid, and that He would give me strength not to go out and try to find satisfaction in the world. I think that is my biggest fear right now… giving up everything God has for a little satisfaction to make me feel whole. Thank you.

    1. Post

      Kristin, I’m so glad that you’re working toward a solution for your anxiety and OCD. I know that these things can take a while to improve, so please stay the course. Keep God at the top of your priority list and seek Christian counseling if you feel like the deeper issues in your life are causing the anxiety. Always remember that God will never leave you, even in the trials. This life is always going to be full of storms, but thankfully, we have Him to walk with us through them. I’m praying for you now!

  104. Hey Gwen. I love reading your articles. They always minister to me. I need prayer concerning my life. I’ve always been a caregiver. First for my husband, who is now deceased, and now for my 33 year old son who is a quadriplegic. I’m 61 years old and have widespread pain every day. I have no help at all. My 42 year daughter is always angry with me. She expects me to help her. She’s verbally abusive and won’t help me at all. She’s taken advantage of me and her brother. I finally had to walk away from her. She has 3 boys, my grandchildren, who I’ve never been able to have a relationship with. I am so tired. Physically and emotionally. I have to do everything concerning Kevin and the house. It’s so hard when I’m in pain and tired. I need help desperately. In trying so hard to trust my Heavenly Father. I’m too tired to go out. Thank you for praying

    1. Post

      Cynthia, I am so sorry for the trials you have been and are still going through. I know it seems like it’s too much to bear. I am praying for you now that God will send you someone who can help you, and also that a miracle will take place in your relationship with your daughter. Please know that God is there to see you through these trials. He’ll never leave you.

  105. I am in need you prayer warriors. I recently received a “Dear Jane” letter from the man whom I thought I could trust, believed that he loved me and wanted to marry me, has since gone back to his ex-wife to reconcile their relationship and remarry for their 15 year old daughter. He feels that he was a failure as a husband, father, and the spiritual lead of the household. So , therefore he needs to reconcile to “fix” his failure stating that it is Gods Will. He just up and left without any explanation leaving me in the dark…until the letter was read through a mutual faith counselor. I am completely devastated. He said that he is at peace with his decision and that he is following the Will of God. How is the Will of God meant to hurt me and my children and him being at peace with it. To me that’s not Gods Will but his own. I understand about breaking of relationships but not at the expense of someone you loved. He never talked with me about any of this. Came as a complete shock and to those around him. He always said he would never get back with his ex. I and everyone else believed him. His daughter has emotional problems and he feels responsible for how her mental state is developed. Blames himself and thinks that this is the only way to fix her and his failures. I need prayers to help me understand and to help me heal. I am trying to keep my eyes on the Lord but it is so very hard when I can’t seem to get him out of my head and heart. I need help. Thank you. Angie

    1. Post

      Angie, I am so sorry for your pain. Please know that I have prayed for you that your heart will heal. It is hard for us to accept the decisions of someone we love when it goes against everything we’ve hoped for and dreamed of. But if this man feels he needs to try to reconcile with his ex-wife, then you have to step away and let him try to do that. Knowing what’s in his heart is impossible, and you won’t know if this will work out for him or not, but you must guard your heart. Put your focus on healing and on seeking God’s will for your life. As much as it may hurt you, it may be God’s will for this man to bring his family back together. Yes, he could have handled things with you differently, but there’s nothing you can do about that now. All you can do is turn your thoughts toward the One who will never hurt you, leave you or forsake you. Blessings!

  106. Thanks for your sharing . I do have my own struggle in my studying because sometime I suspect my choice I suspect my own ability. I’m so tension of it. I pray God everyday and I give thanks to him because he gave a wonderful experience and some more. Can you please pray for me for the coming exam?
    God bless you. Amen.

  107. Your devotion really hit me.
    I have struggled with my weight since I was a teenager and have tired every diet out there with not much success..now as I am older it’s not coming off every fast at all..I have gained instead of losing..I still try to eat healthy but I can’t seem to stay away from breads (Carbs). I am 400+ pounds overweight and struggle with getting out of house to exercise..I fight depression and many health issues..everyone I know me to stop eating but I just can’t seem to stop..I need help and have no where to turn.
    this last month (17th) I lost my mom to many health issues but many to contested heart failure..I feel I have no one to talk to about anything..my life right now is out of control from my house, eating, no exercise, how I feel, and Spiritually too is suffering. I need help and prayer please? Thank you for letting me pour out my life and what’s going on in my life..

    1. Post

      Angie, thank you so much for sharing. I am so sorry for the loss of your mom. I lost my dad recently. It hurts terribly. I would encourage you to try to find a church home, if you don’t already have one, and to find some Christian counseling, which can help you heal from this hurt. I know it is hard to control our food cravings, but when we do, and when we fill our bodies full of good nutritious foods, we feel better. Even depression can be helped when we eat the right foods. It may take you a while, but please make positive steps forward to begin your healing process. You will benefit so much from it. You also want to think about having a healthy heart, since you lost your mother to heart disease. Please seek out local help as soon as you can.

  108. Hi there,,, thank you for your blogpost, it touched my heart and soul as I am sure it did with many!!

    I was pushed out of a very good position at work 7,5months ago which gave me the option to come ‘home’ after being away 15yrs after a heartbreak divorce that sent me packing… but sadly being back I have found that it isn’t home anymore… I am incredibly lonely but never alone as God is with me. Have gone through huge amounts of inner healing but now going through a pathetic mid-life princess crisis at the age of 46yrs as have no idea how or where to move forward.. don’t know how to hear from God but am so in love with Him… His gentle pruning and loving forgiveness never ceases to amaze me,,,, my heart hurts and I don’t know how or when it will heal and in which direction i need to move forward in….

  109. Hi Gwen,

    I’ve been struggling with insecurity, anxiety and fear for some time now. I want to trust God’s plan for my life but it is so difficult, my doubts are stronger than my faith.I just need my faith to grow during this difficult time.Please pray for me.

    1. Post

      Dear Heavenly Father, please show Leshoto that you have a plan for her life and that she can place 100% of her faith in you.

  110. Thank you so much for this devotion I really needed to here what Lord is saying about the pain am going through. I want to forgive and move on but whenever I of what has happened anger and unforgiving rushes back and I would feel this hate. Help me to pray and to let go and let God rule in my life

    1. Post
  111. Thank you for this devotional. Lately, I feel disconnected from everything, I don’t know why. I feel dazed, lost, irritated, alone. I have a beautiful 3 month old baby who keeps me smiling but, with my older daughter 8 1/2 and my stepson 12. Their attitudes just tick me off all of a sudden or I explode when they fight and I don’t understand why… I know I need a deeper connection with God. I just ask myself why so much happens. I feel overwhelmed, my mom is diagnosed schizopfrenia and along with that she has drug addiction, they arrested her for arson recently and I feel like it’s a never ending battle with her, It irritates me that she doesn’t grow up. She has been like this for 10 years hard core. My stepson moved in with us full time last year and his mom comes and goes when she chooses or when she feels like she has too, and I deal with the disrespect from him while she’s in and out whenever, my daughter disobeys me and I have to repeat myself over and over again and I have all house duties over and over, like never ending. I was dping fine and I don’t know if it’s birth control, post partum depression (which I dont think because I adore my baby girl.) I just feel like my lifes a chaos. I thank you for your message, I truly believe it’s God sent.

    1. Post

      Paulette, I’m sure a lot of what you’re experiencing has to do with the changes your body and hormones have gone through during pregnancy. Just continue to cry out to God when you have the desire to explode. Trust him to see you through.

  112. please pray for me…I’ve been widowed for 32 years…as I get older I seem to be so lonesome…I would like to have a good christian man in my life to share our life together…I’ve meet this man and we have been talking almost 2 years now..only seen him one time…but have come to truly like and maybe love him…he is seeming to loose interest in talking to me…and it breaks my heart so…I’ve prayed that God would send someone like him in my life but God seems to never answer my prayers..why doesn’t God send that special someone like this to share my life with?…have I done so terrible that God isn’t answering my prayers…I’m at the point I had rather be dead than to be alone…and it scares me…I’m just that lonely…and want a special christian man in my life…

    1. Post

      Linda, I am so sorry that you feel lonely so often. Have you found a local church that you can become a part of? Is there a women’s ministry that you can involve yourself in for times with other women your age? I know you want someone to call your own, and maybe God will provide that for you one day, but I encourage you to spend time with other women, pour into women younger than you, volunteer, do whatever you can to fill your life full with things for the Lord. You never know, you may meet a wonderful man while doing some of these things. But do know that God wants to be first in your life. He wants to be your man. Blessings, Gwen

  113. I want thank God first for being a part of a women ministry that God has been using to help us through this walk. I would like the sisters to stand in agreement for my success in the medical field help to retain the skills and more skills to allow those who don’t know to know you through me that you may get the glory and that God would connect with God fearing women that would Love me like Christ in the spite of my fall and that i would Love them like Christ I Love yall for being there for me in Jesus Name

  114. Hi Gwen, thank you so much for your devotional. I really get a lot out of them. I suffer really badly with insecurity, and it is affecting all my relationships, especially that with my husband. I know that I need to find my security in Christian, but some how I just can’t get there! I was bullied terribly as a child at school and my first husband was mentally and verbally abusive, a day I just can’t get past that. I really need help! Blessings

    1. Post

      Angela, I pray that God will release you from the bondage of insecurity and that he will show you that to him, you are awesome!

  115. After a house fire, and being displaced for 14 months, we moved back in on April1,2016, then my husband of 37yrs moved out on the 3rd. I felt sucker-punched. I did not see this coming, and now he tells me that he “loves me” but he has not been “in-love” with me for a long time.
    I am heart broken, and I am so sad that I find it hard to go on. I got married at 18, he did not want me to work or go to college, so I have been a stay at home wife/mother. I don’t know anything else, I will soon be 56 and now I have to work and take care of everything my self. He has done some things that are not good, but despite all of this I still love him and want my marriage restored.
    Please pray that God will change his heart/mind and put our family back together. We have 6 children, 3 still are still at home. I miss him so much and I can not see me w/o him here. Please pray for us.
    Thank you

    1. Post
  116. Hi Gwen!

    Gods timing is one of the most perfect things that I have truly come to love and look forward to on this walk.

    I used to be in the habit of reading the “Girlfriends of God” devotions every night but somehow fell into a pattern of “oh I’m too tired tonight maybe next time” (and you know how that snowballs)

    Anyway, I am only 21 and been struggling with feeling “too young” to make a difference or “too naive”. This also has brought on feelings of being inadequate in comparison to almost everything in my life. I don’t work as hard as my boyfriend, I don’t save enough money, I need to be kinder and find more genuine friends; etc. This has started to overcome most of my thoughts on a day to day basis.

    Tonight I was very emotional feeling very broken trying to put someone very close to me up. The only thing I could think of was “I somehow broke myself trying to build you up”. This kept replaying over and over again in my head and I am not sure why. I love this person very much and I don’t want to admit this possibly being true.

    Anyway, I decided I would check out today’s “girlfriends of Gods” devotional – where I found this amazing blog! How fantastic is Gods timing?! The moment where the only word I was thinking was “broken” and I read “healing! ”

    This is more word vomit than I expected – however please pray for my continued healing in finding myself and my confidence again, as well as thank God for your amazing writing abilities and talents you have been able to share and help others like me! Thank you!!

  117. Hi Gwen thanks so much for your heart healing devotion. I lost my husband just 2 months ago and am sometimes angry at God and scared for my future for being alone. I want to trust Him for all of my needs but sometimes the flesh gets in the way. Pray that I can seek Him in all I need. Thank you so much
    Love to all. Sharon

    1. Post

      Sharon, I am praying for you now that God will comfort you and that you will allow yourself to fall into his very capable and loving hands.

  118. Hi Gwen. Thanks for this devotional. I’m so glad that God knows just how to heal all of our brokenness. I’m trusting Him to put me back together again better than I ever was before. God bless. Ruth

    1. Post

      Ruth, dear sister, you’ve put your trust and faith in the right person! God will heal you. Continue to follow him.

  119. I lost my husband 5 months ago and I feel lonely, depressed and lazy. I have to sell my house and have been trying . I need God to show me what 2 do. I have a 15 son and a severe handicap son who is 20. I never did all the paperwork and bills so I’m trying to get that all straighten out. Some days I just lay on the coach and sleep. Pray for direction and getting my house sold.

    1. Post

      Kathy, I want to pray for you right now!
      Dear Heavenly Father, please comfort this grieving widow. Lord, be with her as she goes through the process of selling her home and of caring for her children. Please provide for her every need. Amen

  120. My heart definitely needs healing. I have been struggling with insecurity for so long. Please pray for a breakthrough. It causes me to cry, fear, doubt, worry, be anxious, and fret. It’s so challenging for my family. I have also been on short term disability & will need to return to work in July. My muscles are still spasming & I need physical healing. My husband also needs prayer for physical healing for a severe infection. Thank you
    I live your blog’s, they often help me to be encouraged through all of my struggles. Thank you!

    1. Post

      Dylene, I pray that God will comfort you and continue to heal both you and your husband from your illnesses. It’s scary to have to go back to work after being out for a while, but I know God will walk with you every step of the way. Cast all your cares upon Him!

  121. Need prayers, I’m numb. A week ago today my Father passed ,I was there ,he was my rock ,the one person ,place you always knew you could go to .miss him every second .please Lord help me with my path ,my journey in you

    1. Post

      I’m so sorry, Angela. I know your pain. My dad died 6 short months ago and it my heart still aches deeply. Praying for you now.


  122. Thank you for your message. I need heart healing today as a mom. My 2 sons 10 and 7 go to see a retinal specialist on July 11th. My father has a rare eye disease called choroidaremia. I carry it & have genetically passed it on to my sons. Typically it effects makes & they start losing vision in their mid twenties to possible total blindness in their 40’s. God has done a miracle in my dad who at 69 still retains some vision. His eye dr is baffled by this. The boys don’t know yet. My oldest struggles with anxiety & I’m concerned how this will effect them, and their future dreams. I’m praying for a miracle in them, but find myself doubting a lot, crying a lot, almost mourning for them as a mom. I’m praying for them to know & trust the Lord, and I do, but struggle trusting all at the same time. My heart just aches about the whole thing. There are many other life circumstances that surround all this. I guess I’m just seeking peace, faith, and steadfastness. I want them to fully trust God is in control, & whatever He decides to do in them is good…I want them to have hope. I’d appreciate prayer. Thank you.

    1. Post
  123. Gwen,
    I am having joyless days, not because everything is so awful, but because I fear. I fear what I cannot see, I have been playing with God for so long, and now I fear that I do not know how to come to him, how to pray to him. I catch myself asking for healing, but read that I should not ask for anything but give thanks. I don’t know how to give thanks when I feel empty, mad, invisible, overlooked and unworthy. I don’t want to be jealous, but feel that everyone in my husband’s life comes before me. I try to push those feelings down, but they roar from some place I didn’t know they lived. Your posts sooth me and give me time to reflect on what is really important. I intellectually know that I am loved by the best, now I have to learn to love myself, put myself first and learn to internalize the love I know that God has for me. This is not always easy. Thank you for being a lesson learned and providing a place to find comfort in my walk.

    1. Post

      Dolores, oh, sister, I know you are hurting so much. Please know that I’m praying for you and that God is there to comfort you. Just cry out to him. He will answer. It’s hard to get started, but once you do, you’ll feel him with you and each day it will become easier to seek his face.

  124. My heart needs healing today and for the future as well. When I had my son I was so into my alcoholism/addiction that I used to deal with my mental illness that I allowed his paternal grandmother to raise him. I got sober a little over four years ago after a suicide attempt. Since then I have tried to get a hold of him by sending birthday cards and leaving messages on his voice mail on his cell phone but I have never gotten a response in return. I also lost my second husband to kidney failure during my first year of sobriety. Thank God that he has never left my side! I am in the process of trying to help other alcoholics to achieve sobriety by sharing my experience, strength and hope with them. Keep me in your prayers! God bless you for sharing your story with all of us! God bless you and your family!

    1. I pray for you. I pray that the Lord in all His mercy and love will heal your relationship with your son.
      Stay sober and in the moment my sister.
      Much love.

    2. Post

      Pamela, I’m so sorry for the hurts that you’ve had but so proud of you for kicking your addiction. Keep reaching out to God and continue to use your pain to help others.

  125. Hi Gwen
    Thank you for being real and hitting exactay how I feel I have a lot worry and trying to learn to let go and trust God it’s hard I had a hard childhood and no father and my mothers husbands boyfriends were not good examples so it makes really hard for me to open my heart and trust God and know He is with me and loves me
    Thank you for your prayers I pray God continue to Bless you and help you in all your needs and help so many

    God Bless you

    1. Post

      Elena, thank you for sharing your heart! I know you’ve had experiences in life that make it hard to trust anyone, but you’ve put your faith and trust in God and he will never let you down. Keep pressing on.

  126. I have awaited this day for almost a year; the day when all of the belongings are moved out for the person who has most recently broken my heart. Despite nearly 6 years of time having past, he cannot see the ways in which he has hurt me right to the core. It has been a difficult year, and I should be rejoicing that it is over, but because of the circumstances, my heart feels like it is permanently broken. If this relationship, with it’s length of time, and effort given can’t seem to work, then will another relationship ever come along that will???
    I feel like I have been in a time of testing and refinement for a very long time, and I need to know that it will end, and that I can again be a happy person. I feel that I have given my all, but it hasn’t been good enough for this person who was supposed to be a God-fearing man. There are many unanswered questions for me, and I try to give it to God; I am praying that he answers soon. . .

    1. Post

      Monica, I know it is hard to see right now, but things will get better. Your heart will heal and you will be ready to love again. I want to encourage you though to focus that love on God because he loves your heart more than anyone ever could. He is the ultimate MAN. He is the only one who will never let you down. Praying for you!

  127. I need heart healing. I am on the verge of divorce. My husband has lied to me about his drug use since before we were married. I have pushed through for several years looking for God’s Blessing, i’m tired. I’m worn. I’m losing hope. I appreciate your devotions and understanding words of wisdom.
    Thank you

    1. Post
    1. Post
  128. I need so much healing for my broken heart. I was in a 10 year relationship with my boyfriend and best friend when he broke it off about 2 months ago and moved out. I have NO FAITH IN GOD, I DON’T TRUST HIM, I DON’T WANT TO TRUST HIM, I DON’T RELY ON HIM NOR DO I WANT TO, I AM ANXIOUS ALL THE TIME, I DOUBT AND WORRY. This is one of the THE worst trials I’ve been in. I don’t have any hope for me, for my future or for my boyfriend and I. I can tell you that I know GOD orchestrated this, not sure why, not sure if this is more about me learning to love GOD first and myself before any man or needing time alone to have a deep relationship with my LORD and SAVIOUR but the struggle is real, this darkness is real, my pain and hurt is real. I’m struggling so please ALL pray for me. In JESUS CHRIST name!

    1. Post

      Samantha, it’s so hard when you go through such a gut-wrenching breakup after all those years. Please know that in everything that happens, God is there with you. He may have allowed this, as you say, to draw you closer to him, to show you that he should be first in your life. He is a jealous God. He doesn’t want us to put anyone or anything before him. Even though things like this hurt, like discipline from a parent, if we let them, they can grow us. Please continue to seek God even though you feel like the darkness will overtake you. God loves you more than anyone ever could.

  129. Please pray for me, I lost my daughter to cancer 21/2yrs. ago..she has a 23yo son and 14yo daughter, I am 65 and not working. We lost our house, and am living with my sister. Your heart needs healing, I know that God has a good plan for me, but I struggle with my finances and keeping the kids. HELP LORD!

    1. Post

      Jan, I am so sorry for the loss that you experienced and for the burdens that weigh upon your heart. We can’t see it when we’re in the middle of it, but the trials we go through are there to strengthen us and grow us closer to God. Continue to lean on him. Praying for your financial needs right now.

  130. Skinny people eat unhealthy too but aren’t usually criticized for it. In fact they are looked upon as healthy. Whereas fat people are looked upon as unhealthy. Even if both people eat the same.

    In my Church and others, fat people are kind of tolerated but not really accepted as equal. People will say, “He/she is a nice person…” then a slight mouth down turn. Children already learn that some people are “better” and they must not become like those who aren’t.

    I wish my husband and I were more freely accepted. He doesn’t want to go to Church with me because people look through us.

    1. Post

      Kim, I am so sorry for the feelings of un-acceptance you feel. I pray that you and your husband will be able to find a church home that will love you no matter what!

  131. Dear Gwen,

    So enjoyed your writing on emotions and mostly life in general. I am 65 years old have been divorced for 15 years but the loneliness is still so over,whelming sometimes. I live with my daughter and her husband and 3 teenagers and 1 8 year old little girl. To say the least this place is hopping most of the time. They are always on the go with school functions, soccer games, track meets. Now that it is summer they are going and coming all the time, sometimes I feel lost in it all, I have one big room divided into a small bathroom and bedroom and a living room and and kitchenette. The only thing is I feel so alone so many times, I am a Christian lady go to church and SS every Sunday go to a Sunday evening Bible Study, and I have a good many friends but we rarely get together except for at church. I know God has a plan for the rest of my life and I trust him with my life.
    Thanks so much for listening to me, I so enjoyed your writings. Thank-you for listening to me I also have a weight problem and that is very discouraging for me.

    Love you and enjoyed sharing with you!! Sheila

    1. Post

      Sheila, thank you for sharing. I pray that you will find many opportunities in the future to connect with other believers!

  132. Hi Gwen,

    I read your email today about the heart needing healing and thank you! It hit home and it was just what I needed. I love Jesus with all my heart, but it really hit home how we can, especially me forget how to come to Christ in overwhelming situations. Please pray for me now, as I am going through a horrible time in my marriage. My husband does not have the faith that I have in God. He is always a Debbie downer and can be one of those “sandpaper” people that Mary always speaks about in her emails. I get so broken sometimes living in this kind of environment, as I have health issues and this tends to exacerbate them.
    Anyway, thank you so much for your devotionals and your blogs.

    1. Post
  133. Similar to the story you shared in the devotion today, I have been struggling with chronic back pain supposedly caused from a car accident and several herniated discs. It has been a roller coaster for the past 12 years while undergoing many treatments and therapies with no relief. I am trying to trust in God and his miraculous power to cure me from my pain. I would love any prayer. I so appreciate your daily devotions. Thank you so much for being vulnerable and sharing your life with so many women. You have been a HUGE encouragement to me on a daily basis.
    Much love and respect,
    Aimee Robertson

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  134. Good afternoon! My heart needs healing as I start the process of divorce and I haven’t even been married a year. I have endured significant verbal abuse along with him having an affair and multiple lies that continue to surface. Thank you for the work God is doing through you and for your prayers!


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  135. I have a precious friend the needs God’s healing in a mighty way today. Her road to wellness and strength: spiritually, emotionally and psychologically will be long and tough. Please help me lift her up in prayer and ask God to wrap His mighty arms around today her today and let her feel His love.

    1. Post
  136. I can certainly feel the pain for the few moms here who need healing from relationships with there adult children, as I am one also! My son 37 years never talks to me or calls, he will chat maybe when were at his brothers house, but other than that I can text, send emails he doesn’t respond, I feel like I have done something to make mad at me, I really need to let go of him and let God take care of it, there is a lot off others things I should add to this story but I can’t because it would take months!!! So I need my heart to be healed I feel so sad and hurt the way he treats me>


    1. Thanks you for sharing that. I know the heart pain. I have 5 adult children. Last nite another arrow pierced me…my one of two daughters. I didn’t want to see her pics on FB of bars she was at anymore. We use to be closer. Just different flower pics were sent because I like gardening. She’s in CA & I in PA. married & a hairdresser. Love her very much as all of them. She text back & to angry with no understanding that it it is hard to watch these pics. She sYs I am calling her an alcoholic. That she likes her new life in CA. She’s positive thinking person. No drama. She liked writing me & now really doesn’t . She does not want to talk on phone. She doesn’t like that either. One time I talked longer cause I missed her & got nervous & talked more. Felt her on the phone being uneasy. I said talk please. She and it gets worse. My heart drags on the floor. I want to love her. No way to be able to. After texting me..I was burnt & truly hurt. I knew I has it & just break loose for my heart was in terrible pain. I love the Lord & get thinking how hard it must be to watch His children. I am not God. My flesh hurts. My church is so organized I can’t find a shoulder just more religious garbel. Have a good husband & he goes away trucking overnight. Have 2 Bassettes, old cat & a nice neighborhood. Had foot surgery & need more time to heal. Had my knee replaced over a year ago. When my daughter came home she told me how awful it was I had surgery because she wanted to take me to tea. That I should do such a thing. I love the Lord but last night was more then I could take. Depressed & crying a lot to go to sleep. I didn’t want to go to sleep. Today I got up & slugged along. Husband home yet he had appts. Heart hurt. Grateful to read this post on heart hurt. I had read scripture too. Helped a little but this reading help more. I am not right yet…need more time. Don’t know what good I am with or to anything right now. Just hold that God gets it. Some medicine.

      1. I feel your pain and heart you need to cry out to the Lord he will hear you, and let go off all that pain give it to the Lord! I know it is easier said than done!

    2. Post
  137. I really needed your message today. I have a 17 year old daughter who has chosen to turn from God and go live with her father. I recently moved to a new home and she doesn’t like it there. She has turned away from me and left. She will not respond to any of my messages. I am heartbroken and break down daily. I plead to God to fill my heart with anything that gets me through the day. I know I have to relinquish control and let God take over. I am just scared that she will never return.

    1. Kelly God tells us that if we are really his, then no one can snatch us out of his hand, she will return, the hard part is waiting!

    2. Post

      Kelly, continue to pray for your daughter that God will protect her, but also that he will draw her back to him.

  138. I love girlfriends in God. I’ve been a Christian all my life, raised my children in church, but I did get off track during a very bad divorce. My son and daughter were 12 and 10 at the time, respectively. After giving my life to Jesus again, I’ve devoted myself to my kids and my grandchildren. But there have been consequences. My son is now 35 yrs old, a very successful businessman but he’s an atheist. He cannot forgive me nor his Dad for things that happened during the divorce. He’s lost, he’s mad, he only cares about his work and makes fun of anyone’s faith in Jesus at every opportunity. My heart is broken. I pray and pray but I see no change. Pls help me. Pls pray for my son, Skip. Thank you.

    1. Post

      Vicki, just continue to pray for healing and that your son will realize that God will never leave him or forsake him. Be there for him as he needs you. Ask God to give you an opportunity to show your son your love for him.

  139. Gwen,
    Thank you So much this is such a reminder that our story is not over. To all the women that their relationships are in the trenches fight LIKE you have NEVER fought before. I fought for my husband to come back for 9mths. I prayed and pleaded and he had his own will. So now I have to realize his life isn’t with mine anymore. I still love this man that I had to end my marriage with him yesterday but I feel peace that we are soldiers of GOd and I fought until I was released.
    Blessings Dianna

    1. Post

      Dianna, I’m so sorry that your marriage ended. Keep seeking the face of God for your healing and comfort. He knows how hard you fought to keep things together. I’m so glad you’re at peace.

  140. Just like many others today, this devotion came at right on time. I’m a single mother and at times I feel over whelmed with responsibilities. I know and trust God. But sometimes, I feel like it’s me against the whole. Pray that I will have a healing heart to Trust God more and have faith knowing God is with me. I want to have a true heart full of assurance of faith even through my trials.I refuse to let Satan take control. Thank you so much for your devotions.

    1. Post
  141. My home life is falling apart, my husband threatens day on end to leave, at this point I don’t care if he does. I am trying to find a new career for my family, I get no support from him or family. He blames me for my sister making false reports to CPS and causing them to be at my home 4 times a week. He says the house is never clean enough, I always yell at the kids, some days i have to as they don’t listen, and he just sits there never helping, he expects me to work 40 hours, come home, clean, feed and bathe the kids without a single complaint, sigh or yell. I CANT DO IT. I am burnt, and I tell him this and he doesn’t care. I cant afford to live alone on my ‘salary’. I don’t have an outlet to go out and be alone, I have no friends and if I ask for help from him or my dad I don’t get it. I am completely done. I want to give up
    I try to give it all to God, but it seems to burden me to give it to Him. I feel i won’t make it alone,

    1. Rachel,
      God is our Savior. He will take over as soon as we let go of the control. I know how this feels to be threatened to leave. I know that I need to let go and let God still after he is gone. I will be praying for you and your situation sometimes we have to NOT think and pray and LISTEN ..

    2. Hi Rachael….thanks for posting. I can feel your pain and I pray that God intervenes soon to allow you a new beginning. I pray that He will make a way where there seems to be no way! We were never meant to do ‘family’ alone. Your husband is not doing his part. Be kind to yourself…..do what you can and trust God with the rest. Do you have a church you go to? If not, try to start going to one and ask for help! You need the Body of Christ and I pray that God will lead you to a church that knows how to love and help you and your children. I pray for protection over you and your kids. Don’t give up! God is right there…..keep believing it! He will never leave you or forsake you and He’s NOT like your earthly father or husband!!! Father, open the floodgates of Heaven for Rachael and her children….meet her every need I pray, in Jesus’ Name, Amen!!!

    3. I am so sorry to hear of these demands placed on you. Of course you can’t do all of that. That is ridiculous. You are not a robot. You are a human being. I will pray for you. Please make time for yourself…maybe find a women’s support group at church or anywhere that nourishes your body, mind and soul.

    4. Post

      I encourage you to become part of a local church, if you are not. Find other believers who will be with you to support you. If you’re trying to go this alone, it’s going to be so much more difficult.

  142. Good Morning My name is Shirley Butler and I’ve been reading the Girlfriend’s in God daily devotionals for about a month now and I love them, it helps me get through my days. I requesting pray about my health. I was diagnosed with Hyperactive Thyroid
    disease, Graves disease and Myasthenia Gravis. It has definitely been different dealing with these illnesses but I can say it has made my relationship with God much closer. I was so lost and confused, even had thoughts of taking my life, I felt so overwhelmed but I got on my knees and begged for forgiveness. I DO NOT WANT TO GO TO HELL! plus I’m on many medications one is a steroid (prednisone) and the side effects make you feel up & down, but God is good and I’m take it day to day.

    I’ve been praying for my strength. I want to become a swimmer, I want to exercises and not feel overwhelm or tired. I want to become the woman God so desired for me to become. Lately I’ve been picturing and dreaming of this women God wants me to be. Healthy, Spiritual leader, Giver and Servant for the Lord.

    I’m Ready!!!!

    1. Hi Shirley,. Years ago was diagnosed with Hypo thyroid. In bed 3 mos. Very sick to put my head up, stand up or walk. I crawled downstairs for some food & back up. Kids in High School & husband worked. Then thyroid numbers got better but pain in my ribs & all over body got huge. Later diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Long rest. Tried being out for a walk with dogs to park. Inventually walked more & more. Got a lot better. We moved & did Curves 6 yrs. Had set backs. Kids were step children & moved back with their Mom. Time passes & needed back surgery & then knee surgery. Before back I cMe Thur left breast cancer. God is good yet all emotional or physical pain. Latest is IBS. Life is ferries with plenty of pitts. I have things I like to do but just do what I can. God is there. I want to serve Him. I am at a low & hope for this to pass. Blessings to you for healing!

    2. Post

      Shirley, I’m so proud of you for fighting this fight. Keep going, sister. Don’t let your circumstances overwhelm you. God is right there with you to fight that fight.

  143. Hi Gwen,
    Life seems to be hitting hard from every angle lately (physically, mentally, emotionally, financially) and all I do is seem to survive. Like many people that is an all too common thing. I want to stay positive and just keep pushing through even when things are hitting me hard. I recently had a past boyfriend try to get back into my life and because I am single and quite frankly tired of being alone, I let him in a little. I knew I shouldn’t because I knew he would just end up hurting me again. And he did. I have no one to talk to about this either because I was embarrassed to even let my family or friends know I was talking to him. They knew about what he had done prior to this and can’t stand him. I didn’t want them to think of me as weak and look down on me. So I am alone even more now in this mental and emotional battle. I want to be able to move on and have asked God for a new relationship or just some kind of distraction. It takes every fiber in my being to not call him or contact him. Honestly i dont even know what to pray to God anymore. I just want it to all be gone. But thank you for your devotionals and for the encouragement.

    1. Hey Victoria….I just had to send you a note, cause I was in a similar situation a few years ago. What really helped me was when I was crying out to God, He told me “You are worshipping the created not the Creator”. Whoa! I didn’t want to make any man an idol in my life. It was very difficult like you said, but so worth it. Trust me….you will be so much more content if you fight this now before it gets any stronger. God has a plan for your life and you know it’s not with this guy, so ask God to take away your feelings and replace them with a deeper hunger for the Lord. Don’t let the enemy take any more of your heart or your time! You were created for such a time as this!! Not to be hanging out with a loser…..how do you know that Mr. Right is not right around the corner of your life….don’t miss him cuz you’re with Mr. Wrong! Blessings to you and I pray you take up your cross and follow Jesus!!! This world has nothing for us and Jesus died to give us everything!

    2. Post

      Victoria, I’m so sorry for the pain you’ve gone through. I encourage you to find a women’s ministry that you can become a part of. Focus on clinging to God and growing more into the woman he wants you to be. When the time is right and when you’re where you need to be in your relationship with the Father, he may then bless you with a new relationship. Just remember that going back to what was bad just because you’re lonely or for whatever reason is never the best for you. You deserve to be loved and honored and cherished. Keep your eyes on HIM.

  144. Hi Gwen,
    I do not know if you remember me or not, but I am the one who has messaged you before about my current struggles dealing with breast cancer, menopause nightmare, autoimmune thyroid disease, and a dependency upon a very addictive prescribed med (benzo) given me for sleep after my diagnosis, which I’ve had a bad reaction to but cannot stop cold turkey. I am weaning off gradually and am so low now that the withdrawals are very intense. I think I’d rather never sleep again than to be dependent on such a horrible controlled substance and beat myself up for trusting my doc and getting on it in the first place!

    As slowly as I am having to go, it may take a full year from now to be free of this horrid drug. Drug rehab places just do not work w/ this particular class of meds, or at least do not work for most. Please pray that I can endure the remainder of this taper and that my cancer does not come back during this stressful time.

    This has been so very difficult on my husband, as I am unable to drive now or grocery shop, or even cook, etc. We cannot take getaway trips for him to ‘recharge’ etc., so I pray this horrid med and my condition do not cause problems in my marriage.

    My oncologist took me off the cancer med hormone blocker, as it was way too difficult to wean off my med while having zero hormones. I am still feeling the effects, however, of the hormone blocker as it brought my estrogen to zero. I feel as though I am living in a nightmare. There is no magic pill nor remedy as I taper…. I just have to trudge through the very best that I can. I pray and pray, but at times feel that God is silent on this one, even though I know He still cares. I need His strength and comfort so desperately. Thank you for reading this and praying for me.
    Sue from TN

    1. Hi Sue…..I am so sorry for all that you’re going through. I am praying with you that God will surround you with peace and the ability to safely get off this drug totally. Can I ask which one it is? I also am on one called Alprazolam for anxiety but I mainly use it for sleep. I’ve been wondering about starting to go off it. I am going to talk to my doctor about it. I also am waiting for bilateral hip replacements and due to the pain, am on pain meds. I thank God for them but I know there will be a time of withdrawal just because of the way our bodies work. I totally believe that God knows and hears us in this struggle. It’s real…..and God likes transparency. Father, help your daughters in this struggle. You are our help in times of trouble. The righteous have many troubles but the Lord delivers us from them all. Thank You God for helping Sue wean off this drug….abundant grace for her I pray in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

    2. Post
  145. I love reading your devotions. Thank you so much for sharing your stories and God’s word. I struggle with PCOS which causes weight gain, adult acne, extra hair growth, and so many more things. Please pray for me. The weight is the main issue. Easy to gain, very hard to lose. I struggle daily with eating. I feel like I would need to basically stop eating to lose weight.

    1. Aw Aimee…..I’m sorry to hear about your struggle with PCOS (what does that stand for?). That must be very difficult. I understand the weight gain…I too have 30 pounds that need to go. I quit smoking which is a good thing but that doesn’t help and I’m waiting for hip surgery so can’t move much which has also added pounds. It’s very discouraging, I know. And the older we get, the harder it seems to be. It’s tempting to try a new quick fix. Father, I pray for Aimee….that You would give her a new strength to fight this weight battle. Show her something new…..a truth that will help her. I pray for someone to come alongside her to do this with her. So many of us struggle with this issue Lord….Your daughters need help! We praise You and thank You for Your answers. In Jesus’ Name I pray, Amen!

  146. As I see you have many in need. You probably will never make it to my comment, nearly impossible. My name is Kim if I wrote what I have done, seen or been through it would be at least three books. I have had great faith since I was a kid because of things that happened to me as a child, which caused me great pain through my life’s intaraty. I am 50 and every time I think I have the pain or hurt concerted bam bam 20step’s back no forward. Like I said I have great faith this itself kept me a live during very very very bad choice’s as an adult. My problem is not faith, but trust and letting go of my will and allowing God His way in my life which I do know in the end would be my light my freedom, I wish I could take the next step. But instaed I love to torch myself, this way no one else can torch me. ( Silly uh? ). It is the truth though. I lately feel a need to finish this misery, by all means not by hurting myself I do that on a daily bases, but when I say the need to end this, I mean allow God His awesomeness, let go let God. Here is bottom line HOW??? HOW???.
    If you got to read this thank you very much and pray for me through Jesus precious name that I may have a complete healing, that I will learn to trust GOD first than humans, that I may let God shine in me like never before and I become a true warrior of God. Thank You again.

    Kim Khalil

    1. Post

      Sweet Kim. I’ve been reading the requests all day and I’ve read yours. I’m praying as I go. Praying for you now. My advice? Move FORWARD in HIS strength and allow the past to be the past. Need help navigating this? Read my new book, I Want It All. Let me be straight – I’m not trying to sell you anything. I don’t even care if you borrow it from a friend or from your local library. The reason I wrote it is to help women move forward in and hold unswervingly to the hope, strength, truth and healing of Jesus.

      You are loved and prayed for!

    2. Dear Gwen, I am also needing to let go of my past and and my guilt from them hurting me and needing to forgive, forget, and releasing it to Jesus
      Christ and be free of all guilt and fear today, by freeing myself to God to do His full work, because of painful struggle and struggle process in settling down my emotional baggage. And giving this rest to God, which I started in sanctification for myself , the first time in 1995, then sanctification again 6-25-2014, and doing an Un-Hindered Class at my church in 5-12-2015. And need to finish this last thing of emotional baggage of forgiving others and forgetting, and releasing my past to Jesus Christ to live a complete encouraging and joyful as casting off the weight of emotional baggage and walk freely in life.
      I meet with the Un-Hindered Prayer person again on June 30, 2016 to complete the process for me to free and live the life God has created me to be and live the fullness of the life God has prepared for me to live. Also, pray God will also heal my Huntington’s Disease, for there is no cure for it and I just found out in 3-25-2010, that I had the gene, from my Father, who passed away from it on 9-6-2005. Kelly Frye Sharpe.

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  147. Gwen this is right on time for me,I couldn’t put a name on it until I read ur devotional. I have been struggling w/depression,recently relocated to be cloiser to family,I am trying to find a job in my field, God has directed me to purchase a home,so that I can minister to my children n grands, need salvation. I am a creature of habit n order so having my “things” in storage ,living w/my mom ,was I’ll but thank God for healing!!!
    Overall I need a “complete” healing. God please anoint my heart to walk in our grace, I thank u for heart healing, understanding wisdom n direction!!!!

  148. I , myself have lived with a rare lung disease that affects the heart for over 10 years , this devotional reached out to me on both sides of the storys! I need extra prayers to keep fighting on the bad days , pray more wish anxious or depressed and in general , prayers for finances and emotional issues .

    I do try to remind myself , I’m his masterpieces , still in progress and yes , we are all broken .

  149. Thank you for all the help and many words of encouragement. I am living apart from my wife, and it is just killing me. (I am a man. I came across you site and started reading and really liked what you would say. I hope it’s ok I am a male). My heart, mind and soul needs much healing and prayer. My wife and I have been apart for a little over a year. We have been through all the ranges of a breakup. Anger, tears, not talking,all of it. For past 2-2 1/2 months something has happened. We are getting along great. She has a 21 year old daughter who works but still lives at home. I have 2 daughters of my own. Her daughter was just like my own as her dad was far away. I have been her dad since she was 9 years old. We missed each other very bad and I think that is part of us talking again. My problem is, we are stuck being friends now. I don’t know where this is going. I want her back as my wife. She was my best friend and we were both faithful, it was being off work from back surgery that started this. Money problems. But now work and also made enough money on stock’s that money is not a problem. I just need prayer and Kami does too. It is killing me. All the things on your list are so true to my life, not eating, not wanting to do anything, everything on your list is me. Help, please help. I don’t want to live this way, it is killing me being apart. If I go to our house and help her with things it kills me to leave. I miss our hugs, kisses, and most of all just talking and holding each other. The only hope I have is in God. He is only one that can move in her mind and heart to forgive me and give me a chance again. So will you PLEASE PRAY for us, and have friends pray too? I can’t go on through life living this way, there is no hope, no joy, nothing good anymore. And I miss laughing. Thank you in advance. Bill.

    1. Post

      Bill, I’m so sorry that your marriage is undergoing these trials. Just keep praying and asking God to protect your wife and to give you many opportunities to show her how much you care. Remember too to keep your focus on HIM. He is the only one who will never leave you or hurt you. No matter what your wife chooses to do, God is the ultimate provider of joy.

  150. Gwen, thank you and the Lord for this devotion today. I was on an abusive marriage for 11 years. Just 4 weeks after I miscarried our first child, and after an abuse filled weekend, I found a letter the next morning demanding a divorce. The letter was so full of harsh, hateful words. I went to church (alone) that morning because I didn’t know what else to do. You see he had everyone fooled about what kind of man he was/is. He served on the worship team every Sunday after being horrible abusive on any given Saturday and God was the only One who know what may greet me at home Sunday after church. Our neighbors knew more than our church because when he was angry at home which was often he was very loud. I remember getting ready for church that day like a robot. I look that my husband gave me that morning was so full of anger and hate that I felt the hairs on my arms stand up and I thought my heart was going to beat out of my chest. I grabbed my Bible, the letter and drove myself to church. I came clean with my Pastor of 6 years about the events that occurred that weekend and throughout my 11 year marriage. I was more than willing to work on my marriage and had been praying for and believing for a miracle for 11 years, but it become very obvious he was not willing. It turned out that he had been having an affair with a married woman from work for over a year maybe two. I feel like in the course of 12 weeks I lost everything – my husband, my baby, my dreams, my love and then sometimes I realize I didn’t loose love because he didn’t show me love. And in that moment I don’t know what hurts more, all the love I lost or realizing that I didn’t lose love at all because I have yet to know it; I only have it too freely for way to long. I write this in a place of brokenness I have never known before but I am going to pray for a fight to want to heal in Jesus’ name. And the days when I think I miss him I remember what the Lord has rescued me from. I have yet to know the love & protection of a husband but I pray someday I will – all I have ever wanted was the love of a man who loves Him more than me and to be a mother. Please help me to surrender my brokenheart and shattered dreams to the Lord and see that He is still good and that perhaps there is still good in this world for me.

    1. Oh Michelle….your note brought tears to my eyes. I am so sorry for what you have gone through with your husband, but you are right….he never loved you….love is the opposite of what he has shown you. I hope you stay as far away from him as possible. God has a plan for your life and it’s a good one…not one with someone who treats you like dirt. You are a daughter of the Most High God. You are Royalty. I pray that you allow God the time to heal you so you will be so full of Jesus, that only a godly man would turn your heart! Surely goodness and mercy shall follow you all the days of your life!! Remember that verse!! There is so much good for you down the road….let the Lord minister to you in your brokenness….let Him heal you! I hope you feel supported in your church….but if he continues to go there, I hope you find another one. And please go for counseling! It helped me so much as I was going through a nasty divorce. Father, thank You that You are always there for us and that You have a good plan for Michelle’s life. Help her to look to You for everything cuz that’s where her help comes from…You, the make of heaven and earth! Protect her from her husband….I plead the blood of Jesus over her and place the Cross of Christ between her and that man. Send warring angels to fight on her behalf I pray in Jesus’ Name, Amen!

    2. Post

      Michelle, thank you so much for sharing your story. Wow, I can’t believe all that you went through. I am so thankful that you’ve been rescued from that abusive relationship. Continue to put all your trust in the Lord. He’s so good!

  151. I pray for my marriage to a loveless,alcoholic,selfish,jealus husband that Knows the word of God yet dosent choose to follow it can be restore of all the hurt and loneliness I feel being with someone so hearless, Im desprate part of me wants to give up take my 3 children and move on the other part says love is long suffering yet 13 years of this hell seems way to long. There seasons were he reflex and trys to be a good Christian then it all falls apart. And honestly Ive cryied out to God “were are you” because husband tells me that the only one that can change him is God. Please pray for me and my 3 beautiful children may God give me the guidiance I need and for me to feel his love in me to do what is rigth for this marriage!

    1. Hi Erica,. I was married to an alcoholic 18 yrs till separation & 21 total when divorced. I went Alanon over 30 years. Helps to hear how it goes with alcohol & to hear God thru it all. I am married now to a new man 26 yrs. We are good. My ache is for the adult children. Let it all sit with God yet admit recently another child hurt. Glad for reading on the heart today. It help. Blessings to you!

    2. Post
  152. As a child I always had to deal with the divoice of my parents. I did everything I could to not blame myself for the divoice but as I got older I soom knew the truth. My childhood pain has followed me for mosted of my life. I had both parents in my life but on my father side I always felt it was not a ture bond between us no matter what I did he could never have a 100% happy feeling about it. Because of these feeling I as a grown lady have a hard time bonding with any man because I can’t let myself be free to accept if its real or fake. I have one child and she is always saying u never like to hug mom . Life is to short I know but struggling to change and this is a problem with anything I do because I have a wall that is bigger than concret. My heart is full of pain dealing with depression from lupus and living off disability income. Praying everyday for a piece of mind. Now the lupus has began to take over my eyesight. Please God I need my eyes and I just need a hug from you . Nothing eles matter. Take away the pain and show me what to do. I love my daughter and I pray everyday for her to be a sucessful young lady . She is much stronger than I am because she hate the ideal of falling into my footsteps.

    1. Post

      I’m praying that you will begin to let go and learn to love freely. Time definitely is too short. Drink in the beauty of the love God has given you.

  153. Hello ,I am from India.I do read your devotions.I need a healing .We don’t have children.Its been three years after our marriage.Me and my husband has many health issues and I am jobless.Please pray for us.

  154. Please help me live without understanding the spoken word. The hearing problem is my major cross. I don’t understand how it is a blessing. My other pains I can bear but this one is so hard to live with.

  155. Please pray for me as I navigate life living alone. My husband of 18 years, hung himself July, 2015. I found him and feel like I’m in a nightmare that won’t end. I know that
    “God has this”, but I struggle every day with what to do with the rest of my life. I work, but I know God must have something else in store for me. My children are grown and have their own lives. They do not live close to me. I struggle with depression and anxiety.

    1. Wow DD…..I am so sorry about your husband. That must have been horrible. I hope you’ve gone for counselling….that is a very traumatic thing you had to deal with and it helps so much to talk about it with a qualified counsellor. God does ‘have this’ but He uses people to help His kids! I think its amazing that you are doing so well. Be kind to yourself. Rest in His love for you. He’s healing you…let Him take the time He needs. The rest will come in His time. I also struggle with depression and anxiety so I pray Lord, that You would show DD that You are pleased with her, that You love her and that You have a plan for her life. Give her peace as she waits on You. You began the good work in her and You will complete it. Heal her Lord and bring Your people into her life that can help in the process. I pray in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

  156. Thank you for sharing your devotions – so often, they hit home. Today I am dealing with anxiety and depression, feeling hopeless and overwhelmed. Thank you for your words of healing.

  157. Everyday I read this devotions I’m strengthened;this one about Jesus healing our hearts need prayers I’m angry with myself my family especially my elder sister she is not saved.I don’t even know how to treat her.pray for my heart to be healed completely angerbitterness

  158. As others have said, today’s message is right on time. I am going through a breakup, and besides grieving the loss of the person, I am also grieving my future hopes and dreams. I believed this to be the plan for me life, however, it has become a detour. Praying for peace and life renewal of His purpose for my life, and an understanding of the word “No.”

  159. To write to you, is to admit there’s a problem. So I guess I’m taking a step fwd. I’ve had struggles all my life. Sometimes fully trusting God…sometimes running. Now I’m at a place were I can’t run… Anxiety sometimes depression has such a grip. I’m not healthy anymore. Taking multiple medication. I’ve hit my all time high of 330lbs. Im miserable. Not enjoying life at all like I used to. A year ago my aunt whom was like my momma passed. I stood I BELIEVED!!! GOD CAN DO ANYTHING….but she didn’t make it. Haven’t been able to stand back fully spiritually or physically. Not sure specifically what to pray for..
    Broken sister in Christ

  160. this devotional touched my heart… “When the heart needs healing”…
    My husband committed suicide a month and 15 days ago.. my 8th wedding anniversary is Today – June 28th. I feel my heart is in pieces and I have no idea what or how I will be once I put the pieces back together… so after reading this, I realized that it is not up to ME to put those pieces together, but it’s HOW GOD will. so, with brokenness in what’s left of my heart.. I chose to praise and Trust Him.. because there is nothing else. thank you for your writings… God Bless you.

    1. Rebeca,
      My heart goes out to you. My husband died by suicide almost one year ago. I know the pain and desperation you must be feeling. I can tell you that God will help you in your healing process. You only have to ask. For me, I am still struggling with it all, but God is helping with the pain. I will pray for you as you go through your new life without your husband. Feel free to email me if you would like someone to talk to. hunterdi4@yahoo.com

  161. I need my heart to be healed of bitterness and unforgiveness that is tangling up my life. I need to let go but don’t know how. Please pray for me

  162. Thank you. My hearth needs mending in many ways. I am battling with forgiveness and protecting my son. His father attempted suicide 5 years ago and battles with alcoholism and untreated mental illness that has led to my son only seeing him in a supervised setting. There is also a protection order due to his abusive ways. A few months ago he feels that he should have our son unsupervised, but has not resolved his issues. Our son is not comfortable with him outside of the protective eyes that he’s known for the past 5 years. I am battling with forgiveness of his abusive treatment to me when we were married and forgiveness of his suicide attempt. I pray that he seeks the help he needs and that he truly finds God to help him. I battle with protecting our son. My heart is being torn apart everyday dealing with this and the litigation we are going through. I try so hard to step back and know God has a plan and all will be well, but I am scared and weary.

    1. Aw Mama Bear….I would be feeling the same way you are! I pray that God helps any judge to see the truth of your husband’s condition….that God will protect your son’s heart. Remember that God loves your son even more than you do….He told me this about my 3 children when I had to let them go be with their dad for weekends. It was hard, but God protected them and allowed them to see what their dad really was up to. Cast all your cares upon Him cuz He cares for you. It’s a well-used verse, cuz it’s so true. God cares about every little thing you’re feeling. Father, thank You for protecting Mama Bear and he son. Thank You for Your love and faithfulness that never leaves us. Help Mama Bear to work through forgiveness so You can deal with her husband as You know best. I pray that you would give her rest and peace, in Jesus’ Name, Amen!

  163. Gwen,
    My heart has been broken for many years. I am most definitely a wounded believer. I love the Lord and I believe He desires for me to be whole, redeemed, and free, but I struggle to move forward in the direction of complete healing. I was adopted as a child so I have ongoing fears of abandonment, my father died when I was 6 yrs old, my mom remarried a man who verbally, emotionally, and sexually abused me, the person who led me to the Lord murdered his wife (my spiritual mother) and is now in prison, and ALL these traumatic events have left me broken. As much as I want to be healed, living in shame and hurt is all I’ve ever known. Please pray that I will continue to seek God for healing and that I will one day see myself the way He does and truly believe He loves me and will use every painful experience for my good and His glory. Thank you for sharing this devotional today. God’s timing is perfect.

  164. To God be the glory. Thank you so much for this blog and post. I am happily married thank the Lord, and have always been a people pleaser the majority of my life. Thanks be to God within the past 8 years (sad to say I’m 40). Once, I became serious about serving the Lord. I had to learn to remove some people out of my life, that consistently hurt me. I know that God forgives me for how I handle situations with people. I learned the hard way recently, this young lady came into my life, and joined the church I attend. We became friends, and she became friends with other young ladies in the church I attend. Even, when her behavior changed towards being selfish. We still were talking with her, and sharing Scriptures with her. When the other two ladies backed away. I was still hanging in their encouraging her. Because, my praying grandma never gave up on me. I was holding onto an unhealthy situation which God didn’t ordain. Through the last hurt she dit to me a few months ago. I started praying more to the Lord. That she truly accept Jesus into her life. When, the time permitted itself. When she came to church one Sunday. I was able to with a smile tell her, I forgive her. To let her see the pain she caused me no longer bothered me. Because, of the love I have for God in my heart. I learned to love her, and show her love. I know I can’t constantly be around her. Because, her views are different than mine, and don’t include God all the time. I have learned to love her at a distance, and am still able to show her love.
    Forgiveness took awhile for me to understand and give. Through my becoming closer to God. God forgives me everyday. I have learned to extend the olive branch to others, and let God do all the straightening out.
    Thank you so much.
    Have a Blessed day,

  165. HI, Gwen.
    I am struggling with my faith… I’m willing to follow the advices that I read on your article. Please, keep me on your prayers.

  166. This was exactly what I needed to hear today. I lost my younger brother (26 years old) in a tragic auto accident 29 days ago. I cannot write down all the crazy scattered emotions I have been experiencing since that day. Please pray for me and my family as we struggle with his loss. I have almost unbearable grief and anxiety right now. It weighs me down so much that I am having trouble functioning daily and I have a 4 year old on the autism spectrum that needs me to be here completely. Grief, anxiety, doubt, these are the three most prominent prayer requests in my life right now. Please pray for me.

  167. Thank you for the daily devotional I love it, please pray for me my heart is in need of a complete healing, I been married for 22 yrs 3 yrs back my husband abandoned my family and me and went into the world and live his life the wreck less way was out being with all kinds of woman got one of the pg well last yr in May he came back and surrendered his life to God and we got back together it’s not easy for me with trust I am trying but I need all the help I can don’t get me wrong things are moving slowly but surely but my heart is just in need of one of the over haul surgery for my heart thank u

  168. Please pray for my daughter, Hannah. She got the gardisil shots as reccommeded by the dr and has been dealing with severe health issues ever since. She has been accepted into the nursing program in the fall but is required to take several vaccines before August 1st. Her dr highly recommended that she not take the vaccines because they all have neurotoxins in them that could harm her even more. Her heart is torn and she has no idea which career path to take now. We’re asking for God’s healing and guidance. Thank you for your prayers…

  169. Loved this. It’s exactly what I needed. I’m struggling to find peace again as I’m haunted now by the memories of my father physically and emotionally abusing me from as far back as I can remember until I was 15 or 16. I’ve been diagnosed with PTSD and anxiety with depression by my psychiatrist, see a therapist on a regular basis, and on numerous meds. What I haven’t done is give it over to God. Not sure how to do that. Somewhere along the way … I’ve become lost.

  170. Thank you so much for your devotions. I have been reading and studying with you for about 3 months and the devotions each day touches me in some area of my life. God blessed me when I found you and the other girls with GIG. I am struggling with weight problems and need your prayers. God blesses me so much in my life and I need help with this. I want to turn this totally over to God and stop taking it back from Him.

  171. My heart is sooo hurting right now , if just feel that I go the extra mile for everyone and we it comes to me I’m always last or lost in the shuffle of everyone else’s mess, and If I complain about it then I’m wrong. so tired of being the bigger persons. Just really hurting now. and confused ..is it me??

  172. I feel like I have ruined my life and I will never be happy again. This is a direct result of decisions I made. I am 59 years old and just feel there isn’t time for me to find what I so desperately want-someone to love me and for me to love. I know it is said that Jesus is enough-but I don’t feel it. My heart is broken and I pray and try to give thanks and trust in Him-but I feel so sad. I lost the man who said I was everything he ever wanted and that he loved me with all his heart-that he wanted to marry me and for us to take care of each other. But he didn’t love me enough. I know God is there but I still feel abandoned. I have prayed for Jesus to take me home to be with Him.

    1. Hi Robin….I just had to respond because I’ve said some of the exact same words as you. And I’m almost 59 too! You know what I’ve learned? Ask God for the grace to forget about men for awhile and build your relationship with Jesus. You will, then, be healthy when your Mr. Right comes along and in the meantime, you get to know Your Lord and Savior! There is so much to learn and God longs to spend time with you! He’s the Lover of your soul! Let Him be your husband/boyfriend now. Don’t worship the created, worship the Creator! It’s been tough at times for me, but so worth it! Lord, thank You for Your plans for Robin’s life. I pray You would give her strength and grace to seek You first before any person. Cause her to know how much You love her and want to spend time with her. Bless her in every way, in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

  173. Thank you for this devotion! I have some health problems that scare me so bad… if you are reading this and have a second, please say a prayer for me. I believe in the power and that if people pray for one another they can be healed! Thank you.

  174. I have a great niece who tomorrow will be 2 weeks ago she took and overdose. by the grace of God she is still with us. I do not know all that happened to cause her to do this. I do know she has a low self esteem, her and her mom have some issues, she like a boy that is bad news for her. She did go to a facility for 5 days and is home. Her parents are struggling financially. Please pray that this brings her parents closer to God first and then each other then bring them all closer to HIM first then closer as a family and that God can use her and her family to help others and bring them to Christ. Thank you

  175. My heart has certainly been broken for so long! I know that I’m a child of God but have been living as a wounded believer, you couldn’t have worded it more perfectly. Struggling with private and ugly sin that has led to a brokenness and shame. I feel so ready to take the steps to restore my relationship with God and allow him to fully heal that brokenness I feel. I’m so glad I came across this blog and have subscribed to receive this every morning. Thank you for allowing God to show you exactly what to say.

    1. Bless you for sharing Danielle! I just wanted to say that I felt your decisiveness to be restored….that is awesome! There is nothing that our God can’t heal or deliver us from…..I know this full well. Father, thank You for what You have done, what You are doing and what You are going to do in Danielle’s life, in Jesus’ Name!!!

  176. Gwen,

    Thank you for sharing this message it was as if you were speaking directly to me. I have had so many failures at my own hand and when things get tough, I fold up like a cheap tent! I have been seeing this pattern through my life and it needs to stop. I have let failed friendships, my poor relationship with my mother and all the arguments we had, seem to be set on a permanent 101.5 Loser that plays continually in my head.

    I need to let go and be the person God has created me to be, instead of this lifeless shell that I have become. May God bless you and your ministry.


    1. I know exactly how you are hurting but God is true Compassionate and a restorer for those whom he loves.Wait on the Lord but be mindful that Satan will appear in the form of what you are asking God for.Two years I prayed for God to fix my husbands heart.He did but for another woman.That was painful but I thought that he had changed.He moved in with this woman so I asked God to send me someone because I was lonely.THIS man I thought was kind tender hearted and for a year we kicked it.His father became and I supported him mentally and physically .I went against 5 years of celebacy being kept to find that this man was heartless, manipulative,and the treatment of his father was a News flash.I am so disappointed with myself but God knows.If I am faithful in asking his forgiveness he will hear my cry.I forgive myself and pray for the man I thought would be different than my husband.Yes we were together for 30 years so I can emphasize with your brokenness. Sister hold on God is sending. You Beauty for your ashes.Yet,be watchful try the spirit by the Spirit. Everyone who confesses Jesus is not of the Spirit.I pray for the happiness that God can only provide.Ask God to restore you with finding the Beauty of you through his Holy Spirit.God is making room for new exciting unwavering joy to rush upon you. I AM EXCITED FOR YOU BECAUSE I know the God we serve.Happiness begins by knowing truly to whom You belong.Trust,pray and Wait on the Lord.I promise you in Due season you will be Made Whole.Sister in Christ …Gigi

  177. dearest gwen, i thank you for being the light of the lord today.. my heart is in shambles and has been for so very long.. my gut which i believe is god’s whisper, i believe is true but i have been lied to and betrayed and my good nature just trampled on by a man who claims he’s victimized constantly..his work his ex his life..all excuses for the pain he has caused me when in actuality i know he has cheated and lied to me. all the things he was so devastated by in his life…he has done to me.. i have been MORE than understanding to the point of degrading myself..i am a good woman..i have neglected myself and feel very sick..i truly need your prayers and and strength today and always.. thank you for this message today. timely as always.. so much today i needed this

  178. Hi Gwen,

    Today’s devotion was meant for me. I move through phases of depression now and then. I thought I was healed until now when I am just sadden without no particular reason. I am a mother of two, a teenager and a toddler, and it saddens me the most when I feel so broken, yet I still have to give them my utmost love. Tears just fill my eyes. One thing I know is for sure is that God cares, he sees my heart and is ready to heal it completely. In Jesus name, Amen

  179. I desperately need healing in my heart with my family that had rejected me and judged me because I’m different.

  180. Please pray that I continue to put my faith and trust in the Lord and that my relationship with God only grows stronger. I’m a college student and there are so many distractions that seem to try and pull me away from God. I’ve been holding on but life struggles and hardships are only making it harder to trust in God. Please pray that I don’t lose sight of God and miss out on all the blessings he has for me. Thank you!

  181. Desperately needed to read this today. My husband of 31 years, that
    Was an Associate Pastor, Elder, strong family man,
    My best friend and only soul mate, left me for his secretary
    Who calls herself a christian, but continually posts
    Pictures on facebook of their adulterous relationship.
    It’s like he’s a different person that has followed satan
    down a path of destruction and cannot see what he has done
    to his beautiful family. I filed for divorce after I found out he moved
    in with her, but believed God to restore my precious family. (At the
    advice of my christian counselor.)
    2 days ago I found out he took her to London, which was “our”
    top Bucket List vacation, and she is posting pictures proudly.
    I’ve let go of the restoration, but desperately need my shattered
    Heart healed, so I can move forward again and see what God
    Has for my life. There have been so many times I wanted to just give
    up, but wouldn’t because of the 2 amazing “miracle” children God
    gave me when doctors said I would never have children. I never realized a broken heart could physically hurt.
    Thank you for your blog, I just saw it today and signed up, and I look forward to reading more. I’m a journaler too, so I will read and meditate on Hebrews 10 today.

    1. Sweetest Donna my heart goes out to you, I was very touched by your heart break. I am in tears as I pray that God will bring peace to your heart. We don’t know why these horrible things happen but the only hope we have is through Christ knowing that HE will turn the ugly around and make something beautiful. I pray for your beautiful family and all that they are having to go through May God bring you all healing. In Jesus name I pray . Amen

    2. Oh Donna….I also just wanted to say I am so sorry for what your husband did. I don’t understand either. My husband did a similar thing. He even went missing for 7 years. Kids and I were devastated but God is faithful and we are all doing well. He, unfortunately, died at 57. I too am so thankful for my 3 children….but it took a long time for feel whole again. Please give yourself time to let God heal you. I believe there will be beauty for ashes in our stories because God is a good, good Father. Blessings to you and yours.

  182. I thank God for these daily devotions and I believe today’s messages was sent directly for me. Please my broken heart needs a healing right now. I am struggling with my marriage. My husband in not in a good place right now and I pray that God delivers my husband from his troubles and the depression/ grievance of losing his mother. I pray for the strength to carry my husband and our family. I pray that my support is received as just that and that the devil leaves this family alone. I pray that his faith is restored and his spirits are lifted in the name of Jesus. Amen

    1. Tara,
      I am praying for you I know exactly how you may feel. I too went through his with my husband and he completely shut me out, I will pray for your family I know that it was the hardest thing our family has gone through, My husband also had depression before so keep your head up.
      Submit to God resist the Devil and the enemy will flee..
      Blessings Dianna

  183. Hi Gwen,

    Thank you for sharing this. I have issues with fear, worry, and procrastination. I seen to one step forward and two steps backward. I get stuck in my endeavors to move forward in attaining goals that I have. I believe that I am in a transition period in my life and I know that it is in God’s plan to move me forward, but sometimes I seem to just get “stuck” which is caused by inaction on my part. I know that this is brought on by fear and worry.

    I would appreciate your prayers as I endeavor to maintain confidence in Jesus.

  184. Hi Gwen,

    Thank you for sharing this. I have issues with fear, worry, and procrastination. I seen to one step forward and two steps backward. I get stuck in my endeavors to move forward in attaining goals that I have. I believe that I am in a transition period in my life and I know that it is in God’s plan to move me forward, but sometimes I seem to just get “stuck” which is caused by inaction on my part. I know that this is brought on by fear and worry.

    I would appreciate your prayers as I endeavor to maintain confidence in Jesus.

  185. This message today really touched my heart. I am in a marriage of 26 years and my husband has experienced multiple medical issues from lung cancer to prostate cancer to lung collapse, PE, to major lung surgery and a lengthy recovery. We have a lot of dysfunctional issues with a sister and his best friend who believes they need to know everything that goes on in our relationship, household, disrespectfulness of our marriage, resentment and downright competitiveness by his children from another marriage fueled by this sister and best friend. There are a lot of past issues that I’ve had to forgive my husband for and my in laws and step children continue to try to resurrect these past issues and relationships with my husband. I’ve spoken to him countless times and he acts as if he can’t go to the bathroom without them knowing. I am a very devoted, private, caring wife to the point that he acts as if his well being is my problem. I am strained tremendously as I Pick my battles carefully. My prayer is continued healing for my heart and that I walk in the path that God has designed for me.

  186. Please pray for my oldest of 3 daughters. She is angry and not speaking to my middle daughter because she is expecting her first child. She has been trying to get pregnant since last August and is getting married in October. Has found out she PCOS and elevated insulin. I have had to move both of my parents in with me because I am an only child. We are a close family but our lives have been changed with all these events and their is division. We all also suffer from anxiety anddepression. My mom is a worrier and I am and my 3 daughters are. My youngest has had terrible anxiety attacks since my parents moved in
    I’m a strong believer and have really been challenged with the sin of worrying handed down and rebuking g this. We need spiritual emotional and physical healing and healing from division in our family. It has been so hatd. We have been very blessed through the years and I know we are to count our trials as Joy and I’m trying.

  187. So many of these requests seem way more important than maybe what I need. God knows by need and my desire. Thank you for sharing with us and thank you for praying for and lifting us up. I know God will hear and I will see Him move. Many blessings to you as well.

  188. glad i read this today! i too love all of the gig and read and email them out everyday during the week. thank you for this one today. just have few unspoken prayers. thank you for what you guys do. keep on doing these! these help me not only to get me through the day but to also email them to my felllow girlfriends. God bless!

  189. Thank You for allowing me to leave my post,well right now my heart has been truly broken by my children,it’s never enough,you do so many things for them and appreciation is not there,ridicule is though and I just can’t take anymore abuse from them.I continue to Pray for understanding,what more can I do,I’m being drained and I’m sixty years old and My love for Jesus is evident and I love my children,but all they love is what they can get from me,and I can’t continue on this battle anymore. Thanks for allowing me to reply.I Thank God for my being able to speak through you.

  190. Ive been waiting years (about 35!) for the healing of my eyesight. which I believe God has promised me. Recently Ive been tempted to give up hoping. I got James 5:16 a few times recently and I know God is dealing with spiritual issues that may be blocks to my healing. I pray I’ll be able to press on

  191. Thank you for this message today, it was right on time…I seem to be praying the same prayer for my child, myself and my health. Again thanks for helping me to release.

  192. Your daily devotions are a saving grace that the Lord has provided for me. I have been married for almost 31 years. My husband has told me he doesn’t love me anymore. This is devastating for me because I love him with all of my heart. He has moved out twice but he has come back now and stated that he wants to try to get back what we have lost. We are in counseling with a wonderful pastor and it is helping but it is a long painful road back. Please pray for restoration in the love of my marriage and pray for me for the difficult days ahead.

    1. Sharon,
      PTL that he wants to try my husband told me also that he doesn’t love me anymore. I am praying for you and your marriage right now, My marriage wasn’t saved in Jesus name keep the HOPE and stay obedient.
      In Jesus Name Dianna

  193. Good Morning,
    God bless you all. I’m learning the word and accepting Jesus Christ in my life. It feels so good to add your daily devotional to my moring prayer routine. I’m worried about my husband, siblings, grandchild, and my job. I need prayer with my marriage which has been nonexistent for years and I pray that the marriage work and I pray for God to keep it together. I need prayer for my husband, who drinks, suffers with anxiety and depression. I need prayer for my 6 year old grandson, who was hurt emotionally, physically and mentally by his 10 year old cousin. I need prayer for my family and finally, I need prayer with my job as a supervisor. I deal with over 89 staff members that continually resist change that’s needed for the several less fortunate students with disabilities. Prior to taking this position, I meet all lisecnse requirements. Due to a minor loophole, I am now required to take two state leadership exams on July 5 and 7th, 2016. These two exams may be possiibke requirement in order to keep my position. Please send prayers my way. Have a blessed day.

  194. This couldn’t have come at a better time. My heart is broken for my children and my family. We sure could use prayers to heal the “generational mess” that we are dealing with. Thank you and God bless you all.

  195. I need prayer for my son. He is having marital problems and said he is loosing faith.

    I also need unspoken prayers for my granddaughter. Thank you.

  196. 5 years ago today, I was in the hospital in a coma, on a respirator, receiving dialysis because my kidneys & my liver had completely shut down. God healed me & restored me, but every year, symptoms come back, I stand firm in the faith & I WILL NOT receive what the enemy is trying to send me, but I get tired of being nauseous all the time, pushing past pain to persevere. I need prayer for continued strength. I have too much to live for & I know God still has work for me to do.

  197. Thank you for those! God always knows the words I need to hear and today I heard them through you! I need prayers for my husbands broken heart. We had dear, close friends who betrayed us and lied about us and continue to do so. These are friends we’ve vacationed with, friends we’ve known for years and we’ve raised our children together. When I spoke to the wife, explaining to her that her information was wrong and that she was spreading lies our friendship ended. Then the hate campaign began. We live in a tight knitted community and this other couple began spreading lies and gossip to get people to be on their side. We’ve taken the high road, trusting in God, staying faithful to His promises and it’s really taking a toll on us! It’s like we’ve had a divorce and this other couple has gotten all of our friends. I’m blessed and I still have many close wonderful friendships with many people but my husband is crushed and lonely. The unfairness of this situation is so overwhelming! To the point that he wants to move away after our youngest son graduated high school next year, leaving behind a community that we’ve lived in for all our lives! Please pray for healing of his broken heart, for me to continue to bite my tongue and turn the other cheek for the 1000s time, for these people to stop trying to continue to hurt us! This has been going on for over 2 years now!
    Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Kate….that is just terrible and I had to say I’m so sorry. It reminds me of that Psalm where David says the pain wouldn’t be so bad except that it was from friends who he used to go to Synagogue with. I pray that God will heal your husband’s heart and help him to see who’s really behind all this. The enemy who kills, steals and destroys. My ex was spreading rumors about me years ago and I wanted to get a megaphone and tell the whole town the truth….that he was lying. Jesus stopped me and said “I stood silent in front of my accusers Bonnie and that’s what I want you to do”. It was hard but in time, people came to me and apologized for believing the lies. I pray that the Lord will cause people to see the truth in your situation!! God bless you both….richly and in a mighty way!!!!

  198. My heart has needed healing for a long time. Been through two marriages (still in the second one) both not being the Godly marriages I had hoped for. And more internal struggles all my life that I have difficulty sharing. I am just glad the Lord loves me and wants me. Even though I fall short of His glory everyday. I have tried to be faithful in my walk with the Lord, and He has blessed me with two beautiful daughters, a son (who is with Jesus) and one of my daughters has given me two grandsons, one that just loves me so much he is almost “attached at the hip”. I love him too, because he and I have a special connection that no one else in the family has. (We were both unplanned pregnancies). God is my strength, my joy and my hope. I couldn’t make it through any day without Him.

  199. My heart is bleeding. My husband passed away on June 5th. We were on our way to Disney World. He was sleeping getting well rested for the drive. After I packed the car and let the kids play outside while their dad got dressed i found him unresponsive. They said he died of heart failure. Which is odd because he exercised all the time and watched what he ate. I am now a 39 year old widow with three sons (ages 10, 7 and 4) who need their dad. I was blessed to marry my best friend and soulmate. We had a great marriage anchored in Christ. The anger, emptiness and fear is deep in my soul. I feel like I’ve gone to the Court of the Lord and have been sentenced to the death of my husband and the rest of my life of heartache and loneliness. Out of all the men who are bad husbands and fathers I don’t understand why he chose to take my husband and my kids father.

    1. Oh KYG….I don’t know either and I’m so sorry. This has got to be so difficult for you and your sons. Please hang on to the goodness of God that you remember…that you had before this happened. I pray for protection around your heart…..the enemy would like nothing better than for you to become angry and bitter at God. I know you can yell and scream at God cause I have and read the Psalms….lots of anger and emotions in there. I know that God has His angels all around your home and your boys. I pray for strength to get through each day. Take care of yourself…..go to your doctor, try and see a good counsellor and be kind to yourself. I had to be a single Mom to 3 children when their dad walked out and God was faithful although it was very difficult at times. I’m thankful you had a loving husband. God bless you and your sons!

  200. Thank You Gwen and I thank the Lord that he used you to help hurting people. I am one of those people and after reading the comments by others I hurt for them.
    Those comments on your devotion spoke directly to my heart and have voiced my own hurts, I struggle with putting in words the pain I feel so I tend to bury that hurt even further which I realize can only hurt me even more. I pray that the Lord will continue to speak and heal my hurts so that I can become the woman He wants me to be. I especially like your comment that our faith has to be greater that
    God can do this Amen! Bless you and I will keep this devotion in my bible to keep reminding me.

  201. As my husband and I are leaving a new adventure in life, I need prayers for courage and strength and BIG faith! God bless you

  202. Reading others comments is enlightening to know I am not alone in my struggles. I know God’s got me but at the same time it is so hard to grasp and wrap my mind around the why’s, ifs, what ifs and when’s. To cry ourselves to sleep at night and to wake up not feeling refreshed. So many have far more troubled than for me to have a piety party makes me feel guilty but it is still so hard to think I need to crawl out of bed and move about the day. I tell myself “give it to God, he is in control”, “he has me in the palm of his hands”. These are constant reminders to
    Me day in day out ,, hour by hour. I know I will be ok just all the unknowing and everything is in Gods timing not mine. I pray and pray and pray I will be like Joseph ,, my life is like Joseph .. He persevered, he never lost faith, neither will I.

  203. This spoke to me today. I have been blessed in so many ways so I feel as I am not worthy of prayer for my struggle. My husbands job was relocated to another state and so we placed our house up for sale and purchased a new construction to close in December. The buyers of our current home had second thoughts on the day that the moving truck was packing us up and officially backed out of the contract the day prior to closing. I have two children in college to pay for and am living in an apartment temporarily while our new house is being built along with maintaining mortgage and utilities for our existing home. I’m TERRIFIED that we won’t be able to sell this home that we desperately need to for our new one in just a few short months. I pray constantly and try with all of my heart to give it up to God but I don’t know if I’m doing this right because the weight is so heavy and the burden doesn’t leave me. I’m growing tired and my health and family are suffering from stress. I know that it’s about a plan from God that may not be what I want but I don’t feel He would have placed us here if this isn’t where He wanted us. I guess I just don’t know how to trust Him and let go. I want to. With all of my heart but I’m scared. So so scared

    1. Hi Anna….your note touched me and I just wanted to say that a counselor once told me to walk through, in my mind, the worse possible thing that could happen. Would you still be alive? Would your kids be ok? Would your husband still be there? The questions were all yes. The worst possible thing was losing money….well it’s all God’s money anyways so He can do with it as He wills. It all worked out. I sometimes think He just wants us to trust Him no matter what. He will never leave you or forsake you and if God is for you, who can be against you – those always help me too. I sure don’t want to make light of your situation….and I pray Lord, that You would speak to Anna’s heart and give her what she needs to face this situation head on. In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

  204. I literally said “my heart hurts” before reading this. Someone who I really think doesn’t have my best interest at heart called to tell me all about a woman my ex was seeing supposedly while we were together. I’m upset because we still communicate and have a deep bond. I love this man and found out he might have betrayed me. He won’t admit to or deny anything and I know I’m going to move on but right now I’m just hurt. I thought we’d be together again. I’m praying for healing and the strength to find peace even though I don’t and won’t know the full truth.

  205. thank you for your devotions! I need all the help I can get praying for the heart of my husband of almost 21 years. he has succumbed to Satan and his sinful/evil/selfish ways and has hardened his heart to the Lord and anything good. I am desperately trying to save my marriage with God’s divine intervention. Also for marriages around the world that are just like mine and for the world in general. we have become such a heartless/selfish society with few morals and values. I also pray for every obstinate spouse who has lost their way and been overtaken by Satan’s evil ways.

  206. This devotion was right on time this morning, thank you God.
    The struggle is REAL. Prayers that God would heal my heart completely, and I would accept it and move forward in joy

  207. The devotional today is what i needed to hear.
    The insert speaks about me in volumes: I don’t know how to forgive myself. I feel invisible. I don’t FEEL loved and adored. As you stated, I believe that God has a plan for my life, but I’m so tired of waiting for it to develop. I’ve lost my love and hate being alone. I no longer have the will to live or dream.
    I know my eating patterns are unhealthy and they undermine my wellness, but God loves me just the way I am!. I worry all the time and struggle with anxiety. I really want to trust God, but often fail. I won’t to be whole, I want to be set free and believe that God can heal me and remove the layers of doubt, fear, depression, and no confidence. I attend church every Sunday and Friday sing on the praise team, really really struggle to pray on prayer calls. Its hard for me to comprehend the message preach, my mind is in a fog. I feel like I’m losing everything, everything is drying up. I don’t have the proper attire to wear, but I still push, I’m in school and its hard to comprehend the work, my car broken down, my glasses broke. But I still push past my pain and inadequate self, and I still trust God to pull me through. Please Pray for me…

  208. I don’t what to say, just that I have lost my way, I feel lost, numb, i just go through the motions, i have lost my first love. I Jesus to be my all, I am even afraid of dying and not getting to heaven.

  209. Thank you for a very timely word. I struggle with many things daily-depression, lack of self worth, loneliness. And I continually fall back into searching for the fix from the approval of others, food, etc. My logical self knows deep down only God can heal this place but I’m challenged each day to keep that perspective and I frequently fail. My expectations and hope need to be in Christ and Christ alone for all healing. It somehow helps to know others struggle with similar issues. I believe God has the power to heal, yet somewhere there’s doubt this power will be used to heal me. Please pray for me that I will turn to the One who can heal me each day in every single area of my life instead of turning to the world for help and validation. Thank you. I lift each of you in prayer as well.

  210. I need the lord to remove stress and worry from my life. Help me to stay focused on Christ because things in the past i have done that wasnt right but i know i wasn’t functioning in the lord. I was allowing the enemy to use me and i feel as tho the enemy is still out to get me because i choose to follow Christ and have Christ add the head of my life. I need favor in my life and financial miracles that only the lord can do and i claim and recieve it right now. I ask the lord to take the enemy by the head and cut it off. Bless my unborn baby, to not have down syndrome. Bless me that i have a safe and healthy pregnancy since I’m taking alot of steps to prevent preterm labor. Bless my childern and god guards them with his angels and shine a bright light on them that only comes from Christ. Bless my family and friends and my kids fathers as well. Give me favor lord abd take away the stress and worries thats trying to consume me Christ.

  211. Thank you for sharing this with us. I need prayer to press on. I am in a financial mess. I’ve been laid off from work; about to lose my car and I’m way behind on my house payment. I am trusting God to help me through this, but so much doubt creeps in and my fight is almost gone.

  212. Boy this is a good one as they always are? although I will never be completely unbroken until I breathe my last breath I struggle with this too. I was really struggling with “my broken” heart a year ago and I kept praying and praying for God to heal me. What I realized was my heart was already healed when I asked. But I’ve had a broken heart for a long time and sometimes it takes a while for the wounds to heal and for my thinking to be lined up with His truth not the lies in my head. The enemy would for me to continue is despair, discouragement, doubt and worry. These are some of his biggest tools and because of what I have learned my whole life to “process” things, “think” things over, it’s hard to undo that voice in my head. My only way to combat that is the sword, His word, His promises, and His truths. If I’m not in a battle I question my walk lol lol because God says I am going to be in a battle, I am going to be tempted (not by Him because He DOES NOT EVER tempt with sin EVER), but to press forward in Him. What did He tell the disciples while He was in the Garden just before He went to the cross? Pray lest you be tempted! My temptations are: depression, anger, rage, self righteousness and I could go on. So as much as I still struggle I pray for God to bring to the forefront of mind (cause the enemy loves to trip me up with confusion) His word, His truth and His promises. When I am in battle, which I will always be in, I have to know who my enemy is but even more so know the Victor … God has already won the battle and the enemy knows this but he is going to always continue to try and distroy me. What can one do, take my body but can not take my soul(I forgot the verse that goes with this lol)

  213. Like many this devotion came at just the right time. My marriage of 26 years is in jeopardy because I found out my husband had been having an affair but our marriage was in trouble long before that. But now it is hard to know if it is a marriage that should be saved or if it is time for us to go our separate ways. I know cares about me but God may have a better life out there for me also, it is so hard to know what God wants.

    1. Kim – I too am dealing with this very issue. I found out on July 25th of last year that my husband was involved in an affair that had been ongoing for several years! I was completely devastated, angry at God, and sure that I was unlovable. We are both Christians and had been involved in church our entire married life. He broke off all communication with this woman and even went to a couple of counseling sessions but we had already done a lot of what the counselor suggested before we saw her. I still have “heart problems” and most certainly trust issues. God continues to work with both of us to bring us to the place in our marriage He wants.

      As long as you both are willing to work – and it is extremely hard and often messy work – your marriage can be saved. When you can’t see beyond the hurt, when those visions come into your mind, when you’re not even sure you want to go on – trust God! He sees your hurt, He knows your fears, He wipes your tears and He will provide the strength.

  214. Thank you for your email on healing the heart. Everything you list was for me. If I don’t get my blood sugar under control then I will have to have shots. I can’t afford $300.00 dollars. I don’t have a income right now. God bless you

  215. There’s a word for every situation we go through and this is ministering to mine. I recently relocated to a new state a few weeks ago for a job that I thought I had. When I got down here, I was told that they decided to go with someone else. I asked God why did you make this possible for me to come down here and then have the job taken away? A few days later, I was offered another job and I knew that God had heard my prayers and answered them…. Last week my hours were cut severely at this job and I started doubting if I made the right decision to move in the first place. A few days after that, I was involved in a car accident and my car was totalled. I had an interview the next day and panicked because I didn’t know how I was going to get there let alone get around and apply for other jobs. After speaking with the adjuster, he told me that had there been any more damage to the radiator, the car would have blown up. I was ok physically but mentally and emotionally, I was drained. I felt that I was doing everything wrong and time after time things just never worked out for me. Then I heard a word, Cast all your cares upon him, because he cares for you. Weeping may endure for the night, but joy comes in the morning. I know that God has something many plans for me and he hasn’t given up on me and I won’t give up on him. I’m going to continue to trust and have faith that heven will do what he said he will do. Thank you so much for this word Gwen! Please keep me in prayer

  216. Good morning ladies, i had the pleasure to read this story and passage, today this was perfect for me. On yesterday i decided it was time to walk away from 14 year long unhealth relationship, i gave it alot of thought, prayed and jumped. Afterwards i began to seek Gods face and word for directions and healing, then I woke up this morning and there it was Gods words and direction. Thank you thank you thank you so much I really needed this today I am claiming myself healed strong and lead by God.

  217. I need prayer. I struggle daily with depression and self worth. I am a Medicaid case worker and I struggle to love those I am working for whether that be my employer or clients. Know there are true needs out there but also know there are those that use the system. I have a true problem with lumping all of them in the same category . I have come to hate my job and even hate you I have become due to the job. Find myself praying for small to even very large things to happen so I don’t have to go to work. Small as in electrical problems that would lead to closing or large as in me needing to stay home permanently due to a disability . Please pray that I will Let God take over. I am so tired. Thank you.

  218. Hi all can you please pray for the lord to come back in my heart to be then lover of my soul.
    Thank you. God Bless

  219. Thank you, Gwen. I needed this, as my heart also is in need of healing. My dad, who was an elder at our church, took his life in a fire in September of 2014, just 7 months after my mom lost her four year battle with ovarian cancer. At the time, I was 33 years old, the oldest of three girls. It is still a daily struggle trying to deal with such a loss, and my heart is is desperate need of healing.

  220. Thank you Gwen for sharing this. Certainly reflective of my current life. When I read about comfort over the purity we’re called to, my heart was pricked. When I got to “eating” outside what’s healthy for me, well let’s say it this way – banana creme pie and banana pudding ice cream for dinner last night. I appreciate you for speaking truth. My ‘hearts’ needed that.

  221. Hey Gwen. Well in a few hours I will be in front of a judge. My husband filed for divorce and it has been a horrible roller coaster ride. Your devotional today has helped me immensely. Whatever happens, I will go boldly and confidently into my faith walk knowing Abba is holding my hand and walking me throigh it to my new and redesigned future.
    I am confident in this moment–i might be a little shaky later–that this did not surprise Abba.
    Pray that when I feel shaky that I reach up to grab Abba’s waiting hand. Today. I am like a toddler taking her first step into the new world of walking out my faith as a divorced woman. I think I might be a smidge excited ?
    Blessings to you and your family
    Betsy in New Windsor, NY

  222. I started off my wanting to talk about the struggles that I am experiencing in my marriage. But God really laid something on my heart. I know that there are many situations where people are abused etc. in marriages. But from my own perspective, some of the things that I experienced in my marriage is because of my own selfishness. I honestly had a sense of entitlement about everything. My husband is not innocent but neither am I. God has really shown me how I have grieved him by how I treated my husband. To anyone experiencing marital strife (seems to be too many) I pray that you will surrender to God and allow Him to fill the empty places in your soul. I looked to my husband to make me happy, to fulfill me, to be my savior…and I made him an idol that I looked to, when all I needed was God. I now know that no matter what life brings, He is there for us all.

  223. I had challenges as i jus gt married
    My husband makes me feel invisible at times he is moody and dznt want anythn from me other days he can laugh with everyone else but not with me
    Im still in pain over all this
    I feel as if he doesnt care about me Nd him

  224. One week ago my first born,my best friend, my daughter died. She loved Jesus, served Him with her whole self, loved her family and they rose up and called her blessed, had two precious new grand babies and an adoring husband and she died, quickly, no suffering, just went home to Jesus. Why? Oh my heart aches so I can”t make any sense of any of it. Please pray my Lord will help me.

    1. Bless you Annie. My heart aches for you and I understand your pain, my son passed 6 years ago. Nothing prepares us for a loss like this. Our Lord is there with you, just climb in his lap and tell him your hurt, your anger, your fear. He really will give you peace and strength. I will keep you in my prayers.

  225. Simply said, I ask in the name of Jesus for my heart to be healed from a very broken relationship. I know that I am not the definition of my past. I seek to move on to a future full of hope, faith and love and to know it!

  226. I am really struggling with the disease of addictions to heroin and weed. I know that God wants to do a work in me and that he has delivered me yet I keep falling into the enemy snare. I no longer have the desire to do drugs yet I am afraid to let go and let God. I have that spirit of fear and self loathing. Why can’t I forgive myself. Pray for the ultimate healer to restore my heart

  227. Thank you for writing this. The struggle is real and I am learning to trust God through the healing of my brokenness. Asking Him to show me what my eyes cannot see and my heart does not believe for myself according to His promises.

  228. Thank you for this devotion today. It’s lovely. Please pray for me as I move forward towards my complete healing! It’s a beautiful thing, what God does for us each and every day ❤️

  229. When your heart needs healing was for me. I need restoration in my relationship. We don’t communicate at all.. We don’t spend time together because he works off from home. He says he love me but he doesn’t show me that he loves me.i need strength to move forward. I don’t know what to do.i hurt more and more every day.

  230. This is what I needed to hear today! Please pray as I am struggling with health issues with my husband! He has quit drinking for over a year but his is not good! This year has been hard and I just strength to take care of him and try to work too!

  231. Life has challenged me I. Many ways. Especially loosing my husband almost 5 years ago after 20 years together. A very rocky relationship. Raising my son, Jack, with autism alone and caring for the house, bills, us, and everything else I was afraid and felt alone. Yet the lord was there! I found a great church and strengthened my love for him to go out ne. Without God, I wouldn’t be where I am now. It’s not always easy, very hard sometimes, but, he gets me and Jack through. So grateful.

  232. I love your devotion and so uplifting and I know God is so good ,l,m having heart problem. Need surgery I,m seeing my consultant Monday the 4th will you please pray for me l don’t want this operation. But I place my hands in the Master Hands I do need your prayers thank you very much and God bless .

  233. Please pray for my husband to get a kidney transplant and that i am a match, i want a healthy life for him and us to be together many years more then nine almost married years

  234. Thank you so much for posting this. It was just what I needed. I have one question: How do we heal our heart if it’s been damaged or broken for a very long time? When the wounds are still covered in band aids? I know prayer and His Word are where we start. What other things can we do for healing?

  235. Thank you Gwen! This devotional touches my spirit because the past few months I have been stuck while still healing from a divorce, coparenting with my ex, and preparing for a blended family as my ex plans to remarry. Many times I’ve though I was doing great until I realize that I’m suffering from it all, mild depression, emotional eating, lack of interest in my job, etc. I’ve realized that I’m tired of pretending to be strong all the time, and I am still broken and need healing. I just ask that you pray for my healing and ability to completely move forward. I will pray for you and your ministry as well. Thank you!

  236. Gwen, Thank you so much for your message on “when the heart needs healing.” It’s a wonderful message and I am very inspired since I fall short of His glory when I am hurting. Praying that God will always strengthen my heart when I stumble (like so many times); and lean only on Him for healing, comfort and for His joy and peace to guide me all the days of my life.

  237. Gwen. Thank you so much for your “bare it all” approach to humanity. Many believers feel as if they are the only ones with deep issues of life. I myself was one of them. Transformed yet struggling. A series of events began to happen just after I reached a breaking point, got down on my knees and worshipped through tears. Suddenly I felt liquid love pouring onto my head and consuming my being. Since many seemingly catastrophic events have taken place; divorce, major health issues of family members lost every penny I had due to a false accusation of fraud by a patient. (I’m an RN) I say seemingly because each event forced me to look inside my heart rather than anesthesitize my feelings with whatever. Like an onion the Lord has peeled back layers of bandages and shown me the wound, why it happened and the affects. Then the gentle wind of the Holy Spirit brought healing and deliverance in a way I didn’t think possible. I have days where I give to the whispers of the enemy and get a little down. They are fewer and further between as time goes on. Joy has emerged in the midst of crises I have deep hope in Christian that is inexplicable in the natural. God is an awesome God! Jesus died to set us free. This is now reality to me rather than a cliché. Your blog posts have been so inspirational and always come right on time! Please pray for my strength to press through, to believe the unbelievable. The next court date is June 25th, whether then dread I anticipate it with hope as I know God will not fail me. I’m up again Goliath. It’s me a court appointed lawyer and God; vs A huge team of lawyers, investigators and analyists. My atheist (soon to be a believer) lawyer said,”Well kid it’s not just nor fair but it’s you against the beast.” Could there be a more perfect stage set? Please keep me in your prayers as I will you. Praise be to the son of God!!! Hallelujah

  238. If you only knew how much I needed to see this today. Just yesterday I was crying out to God angry, lonely, confused. Today is a little better knowing that God will heal me and that He has not forgotten me. Your devotions are often so in time for me…but today I felt like it was written directly to and for me. May God continue to guide you in encouraging others!

  239. This devotional touched my heart! I have been struggling for the past few months with heart wrenching marital issues and I having been trying to conceive my second child for a very long time (my first child is 10). These two issues are constantly on my mind and I constantly worry. I don’t want to worry anymore. I need to-I have to give it all to my Lord and Savior because I know he’s going to fix my broken heart and bless me with more babies. I just have to be patient. Please pray that I find the strength to step back and Let God!

  240. Thank you for this devotional. It speaks volume to my situation now. Please pray for my son Junior who is going to trial on May 21st. Pray that God’s will be done and pray for my family strength in God to accept whatever the outcome.

  241. This is a beautiful devotional I believe that God is talking to me and my troubles that I have in my heart. Please pray for my children Bryant, Kristy, and Donny that they find Jesus in their hearts. I lost my mother six months ago my heart is broken right now but I know she’s in a better place not suffering, I need restored strength I ask this in Jesus name Amen.

  242. I have tears in my eyes typing this…the devotionals yesterday and today was God Himself talking to me!!!
    i feel blessed beyond words…through the struggles,i see joy
    Thank you.

  243. I believe in God with all of my heart. i love Him. its become crazy the past few months. i had trust issues. I need him badly to help, but it looks like issues and problems and needs confront me everyday and sometimes, He is just quiet. i feel hurt sometimes, but God is all i have and i will keep running to Him. i want to grow in my faith in Him. i am a singer in church and i am passionate about His work. but lately, problems are weighing me down. Its hard to pray and study His word. reading what you shared has been a blessing to me. and i can feel some strength inside of me to keep pressing on and praying.

  244. verse 39 But we are not of those who shrink back to destruction, but of those who have faith to the preserving of the soul. ~

    I desire to NOT fall back into the traps set for me by the enemy of my soul. Looking FORWARD to all that God has in store for me. Praise You, Jesus, that the work is done, and You will be victorious in my life. CLAIMING it. Pray for me. For old hurts that rear their ugly head, for old tendencies that die stubbornly. Thanks for this blog.

  245. Last year I was hospitalized for a blood clot in my heart , The Lord healed me within a month. I was stressed out due to my son-in-law cheating on my daughter . The girl is constantly bothering my daughter on social media it’s real ugly then on top of this I lost my mother and a aunt within two months this is tough . I’m losing my faith

  246. The timing perfect,I need so much to fall before my Father I’m in a rut with my flesh waring against the spirit…at work of which I’ll be retiring this year, I’m always Angry & I just realized this….. About things that aren’t fair…..Life isn’t fair! I get it….. if I got what I deserved ..Oh Boy!.I need to remember this …that God gave me a second chance & He isn’t finished with me yet….I want His will for my Life, if I’d only get out of the way

  247. Thank you Gwen…just what I needed. My heart needs healed…please pray with me. My one and only child, 30 yr. old, hasn’t spoke to me since before Christmas. We had an argument and now he shut me out of his life. He lives in another state and I’m too poor to go there. We spoke weekly or at least every other week before so I miss that connection deeply. I pray God will reconnect us almost daily. This past wknd was Mother’s Day….it only depressed me more when I didn’t get a call. I have other health issues that add to how I feel. I need to increase my faith that God’s plan is good and quit with my pity party. Pray for my heart to heal please. God bless you.

    1. I know how heartbroken you must be, Tammy. But God knows it more than anyone, and he cares for you. I just said a prayer for you and your son to be reconciled. You need to believe that God will answer in His time.

    2. Tammy I know how you feel as I have a daughter and son who have had nothing to do with me in over 3 years, and this year not a Mother’s Day card or anything. This happened because of property changes in my family, I guess it goes to show what money can and can’t do! Surely money can divide a family and it really is the root of all evil. As a breast cancer survivor I thank the Lord for his mercy on me, but I continually pray asking and placing all my problems in his hands, then I turn around when he doesn’t answer them quicklyand try to do things my way. Please all girlfriends in God pray for me as this is only the first layer of my problems, so many more underneath. Love to all, Peggy

  248. I love your daily devotions. I so needed this one! Thank you so much and I thank God for speaking through you.

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