Working Out The Kinks

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Mercy in Christ

I became a watering girl last summer.

Not because my black thumb suddenly turned green, but because my husband had ordered a heap of mulch and I was determined to not have a lame bare patch in the landscaped section of the house. No sir-eee! Mulch should be the accessory, not the main feature. My opinion.

So, in response to the mulch mountain I drove my spontaneous little self to the gardening store and bought us some new bushes, a few flowers, and a tree. And I quickly learned that once all of said planty-purchases were in the ground, they required… gasp… maintaining so they could take root.

Totally cool. I thought as I strapped on my big girl panties. I can do this!

So now I’m a watering girl. My sunny days often begin with the garden hose in hand. And I love it. The birds sing melodies with all their chirpy cuteness and the plants respond with claps of gratitude. {I seriously think they clap… in their own way. Moving on…}

Early one morning I unwound the hose and watered our small cucumber garden. Then I headed toward a few thirsty plant-friends in the back of the lawn along the fence. As I began to water, the flow trickled to a stop.

I looked up and spied the water-stopping nemesis. A kink in the hose.

So frustrating.

There was plenty of water. It just couldn’t flow because the hose had flipped and kinked. I tried to flap it out from where I was across the yard, but this kink was a good bit down the line. It required that I drop everything and address it. Once the kink was fixed, the water flowed smoothly and the rest of my plants got their drinks.

What a picture of faith.

Just like a hose is connected to a water source, our souls are connected to the Living Water – Jesus. And though as believers we are always connected to Him and always have access to the refreshment and nourishment we need, there are times when kinks happen and the flow stops.

I can think of a few times when, just like the hose, I flipped and kinked up the flow. Can you relate?

Our kinks come in all shapes and sizes. We can get flipped over by disappointments, unmet expectations, other people, or simply by our own attitudes, unbelief, fears, behaviors, rebellion, or unhealthy emotions.

How can we work out the kinks of our circumstances and relationships? By depending on the strength of God instead of our own. By going to Him in prayer, spending time in the Word, and by yielding to His Spirit.

The biggest of all kinks, however, is our own sin.

Yep. I said the s-word.

Pastor Timothy Keller said it this way; “The sin that is most destructive in your life right now is the one you are most defensive about.”

Ouch. Big kink. Right?

How can we work out the kinks of our sin? By confession. “If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. If we say we have not sinned, we make him a liar, and his word is not in us. (1 John 1:8-10, ESV)

“Anyone, then, who knows the good he ought to do and doesn’t do it, sins.” (James 4:17)

Got a few sin kinks? Sure you do. We all do. Some might stem from blatant rebellion to God’s will, while others might be simply NOT doing something you know you ought to do. Regardless, if you want to have a right relationship with God, you must deal with sin honestly. Nothing can separate you from God’s love, but sin sure can stop the flow of you experiencing the power of His peace, grace, strength, and joy.

The Anglican theologian Richard Sibbes summed up the good news of Jesus beautifully when he said; “There is more mercy in Christ than sin in us.”

I. Am. So. Thankful.

Let the grace of God work out your kinks today, friend. Sometimes we just have to drop everything and address them. The Bible says that the Lord’s kindness leads us to repentance – which, in turn, unleashes the powerful flow of His peace, grace, strength, and joy.

Want MORE of God’s peace, grace, strength, and joy in your life?

The Living Water is waiting.

Drink up, friend. Drink up.

“Who shall ascend the hill of the Lord? And who shall stand in his holy place?
He who has clean hands and a pure heart, who does not lift up his soul to what is false and does not swear deceitfully. He will receive blessing from the Lord
and righteousness from the God of his salvation.”
(Psalm 24:3-5, ESV)

Lord, I am so thankful that your mercy is greater than my sin. Please forgive me for ____________ . You know my heart and You know my ways. Cover me fresh with grace today so that I can experience Your joy, strength, and peace.
In Jesus’ name, amen.



Time to be a woman of courage! Grab your journal and list a few of your known kinks. Pray that the Lord would reveal some of your unknown kinks to you and ask that He would contend with you in those areas.

If you are feeling extra courageous, CLICK HERE to post a prayer that asks God to help you with 2-3 of the specific kinks that you are convicted of today. Then, while you are there, pray for a few of the other women who posted. Encourage one another. Be the body. Be the beauty.

Do you know how much I love doing life with you? Way. Way. Way much. 🙂

Blessings and Love,



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  1. My own kinks that stop the water flow are lack of purpose. I need God’s direction. I am losing confidence in anybody including myself and trust.
    I feel as though the only one in whom I can trust is Jesus.

    Jennifer here. I feel you. Let’s pray.
    Father God. Thank You that You know us, each and every detail of us. The very hidden parts and the parts we expose. Thank You for not condemning us but allowing us to run to you. Run into your arms. Broken and wounded and You hold us and You love us. Words can’t express our love.

  2. Jennifer, I am there. I feel you. Let’s pray.
    Father God. Thank You that You know us, each and every detail of us. The very hidden parts and the parts we expose. Thank You for not condemning us but allowing us to run to you. Run into your arms. Broken and wounded and You hold us and You love us. Words can’t express our love.

  3. Father God, I pray for grace over my finances, over my son, Joseph well being, my son, Michael’s well being and my, daughter, Karin education. In Jesus’ name I pray. And may you bless all those who have been touched by this article. Anen

  4. I’m struggling with trusting the Lord, accepting constructive criticism & a little bit of pride. I want help to do better, but I don’t want people to know I feel like I don’t have things under control, I am a teacher & I love teaching but every time I take a job teaching I struggle with the same things. I spend too much time away from my family (time management), classroom management (I want to be firm, fair, & consistent), I worry (especially what people in authority over me think of me). This is where trust comes in. God placed me here for a reason & He thinks I can do this job. It’s ok that I don’t have confidence in me but I should have confidence in Him, and be secure in Him.
    I need Him to steal my show!
    I need supernatural wisdom, strength, endurance, hope, peace, to be filled with the holy spirit, & for Him to fill my heart with love so that it overflows & He is glorified in my life. I have a loving, kind heart, & truly care about my students, I just need help to do better with the things I struggle with. I want to be perfect & it all to get better overnight, but I’m willing to work at, I just feel like I need more clear direction.
    Oh and I need prayer against attacks from the enemy & not to fall apart & cry at work when things don’t go well or I have a bad day.
    Thank you & God bless you.

  5. Lord you know my heart and all my intentions. you know how hard it can be when I want the best for my family but yet I am pushy. Father I have all sorts of kinks in my Life. Lord in my marriage and in my own daily encounters. Father as a wife I need to submit and humble myself but Father it is so hard for me. I have no patience for my husband and pretend that I do. Father give me your peace so that in moments when things get complicated I can learn to be calm and just give it to you. Father help me that even though he does not look at you the way I do but I shall respect him. Lord and in your time I know you will bring him to his knees Lord. Father forgive me for all my wrong doings. Especially as a Wife and Mother Lord. I am blessed that you allowed me to have these roles and help me not to abuse it. Lord, You are good and your word is so good. Help me to honor you Lord in all I do.

    I also pray for the women that struggle with their own life. Help them to lean on you and not their understanding. Lord help us to grow closer to you that we may mirror you to others.

    Thank you Jesus


  6. Oh Gwen..I am not even sure where to begin..I feel like i have bottomed out in many ways and feel absolutely exhausted.. men, kids, finances, heath, motivation, circumstances that i did not ask for.. i know i am not a victim and am blessed in many many ways..i just cant seem to feel well or get to the truth…my heart is broken and seems to stay that way..i have much to do and do nothing.. thank you for your strength and mercy in your love for us women..i dont even know how to word it anymore other than my body and soul are tired.. hurt and to you and thank you from my heart and i thank GOD for all i DO have and what he has in store..

    1. Father God you are this lady’s confidant. Help her to enter into Your rest. A place where she can start to grow in the knowledge that she has everything she needs already within her. And that greater is He within than he that is in the world. Amen

    2. Post

      Jennifer, let me encourage you that God sees all you are going through. He understands your struggles. All he asks you to do is to draw near to him. Don’t worry about the things that are on your to-do list right now. Just close your eyes and seek his face. Rest in him. Know that he wants to comfort you and to surround you with peace. If you can begin to read a Psalm a day, in the mornings, that will give you something for your heart to contemplate on. You will soon find that even though life may remain crazy for a while (as it often does when you have children) you will begin to experience a calm that you never knew before. Don’t give up, my warrior friend!

  7. Father God, I have many kinks – disobedience, unhealthy emotions, pride, anger, fear. Please forgive me for allowing these sins to consume my thinking and stop the flow of your power, grace and mercy in my life. I chose to lay these kinks down and replace them with the truth of your word. Thank you for your protection,
    comfort and peace. I am your sheep, you are my shepherd. In the name of Jesus I pray. Amen.

  8. Lord,
    Help me with the kinks in my life. Help me to realize I don’t always need to be in control. To put faith in You. Please help me in my marriage. I am working to make it better but sometimes feel bored and look to other things to bring me excitement. Please reveal how I should help my brother. I know I shouldn’t give him the money he asked for but how can I help him in his anguish. I will try to rest in your hands and have faith you will show me the way.
    In Christ’s name I pray.

  9. Please pray with me that my faith may grow. Life has me beatened up. I am discouraged. Broken relationships and too many responsibilities have weighted me down. Lack of interest in Spiritual matters has taken its toll. I need to feel the His presence . I thought at 70 life would be so much easier . It isnt. No emotional support at home. Lord please help me in your precious name I pray. Thank You.

    1. Post

      Terri, I pray that God will surround you with peace and comfort to press on through the struggles that this life brings. I know that he has a plan for you and that you can be such a blessing to those around you. Praying!

  10. I am blessed by the ladies who have revealed the kinks in their lives. I to feel overwhelmed when I consider all of the kinks in my life. I can identify with so many of them. I seek the Lord with all of my heart, yet fill so discouraged when I fail to live as I know He wants me to live. It seems no matter how hard I try those sins of selfishness, pride, fear of the future, jealousy, resentment, gossip, and even self righteousness come creeping back in to discourage me. I am so thankful for such a loving and merciful God. I pray God’s blessings, strength, and wisdom for each of these sisters who have posted on this site.

  11. Ladies as I was reading some of your post, I realized that I am not alone, I needed this today because I didn’t read it until today, just know that God sits high and He looks low but He have each of us. No weapon that is formed against you will prosper,it will form but remember it will not prosper. If you sow in tears, you’ll reap in joy. God got you in every situation. God loves us, ladies in all of our circumstances. I pray that His will be done in each of your lives I pray that He heal, deliver and set the captives free. In the name of Jesus I pray, Amen.

  12. Lord God, I give You thanks for the many blessings that You have bestowed upon each of us, Lord I pray that You help me with the kinks in my life which are doubt, worry, being slothful and disobedience. I pray that You work on me as well as the others that have posted, to be the vessels that You will have us to be, and I pray that You continue to give Gwen what she needs to teach and inspire Your children. I pray that God blesses each of you richly. In the name of Jesus I pray, Amen. Praying for each of you.

  13. Lord, please help me to overcome the kinks in my life.


    Lord, You know me better than I know myself. Work within me to make me the woman that You want me to be today!

    In Jesus’ name. Amen!

    1. I pray for strength for you Elaine – to discover or rediscover the truth of who you are in Christ and to embrace the fullness of the truth of His word.

  14. Lord Jesus, I lift up all who have posted in prayer. May your grace and love give them peace and the strength to surrender their kinks to You.
    Help me Lord, with my resentments for the hurts I try so hard to let go of, but seem to always creep back into my thoughts and effect my actions. Help me to let go of the arrogance that creates a false safety but really isolates me from people You bring into my life. Please forgive the laziness that results and give me strength to act on your calling. In Jesus name!

  15. Thank you God for allowing me and my family to awaken each day with another opportunity to fully experience. My family (except my Dad) are not church goers, but we are believers and while my sister is a Buddhist, she too is a believer who has kinks (as do all your children). I have been a people pleaser my life, but that has been a façade, because the smile covers the frown when I do from an insincere place. Lord show me the strength that you have given me to do YOUR will, not man’s. I harbor resent towards my husband because I feel he doesn’t do as much as me around the house, and I have been a pretty nasty wife when I start to compare his contributions to mine, work with me please to be the wife he deserves (and can you mostly work on me to see life not through a measuring cup but rather a half full glass) and my last kink that needs some work is my always seeing lack, rather than the abundance of love in my life. I do not know scripture (except in bits and pieces, but I am learning more from GIG-thank you for sending me to the site in the first place), am not your most obedient child (duh-you didn’t know that right?) but want to be more aware in order to be available to hear your voice, make the changes that you instruct me to make and to love YOU more in order to love me and others more. These things I pray in your name, Amen.

  16. Thank you Lord for forgiveness. I love you and want to be an example, a light that always reflects You. But, I find myself, many times, embroiled in the verbal barrage from my husband that is mentally exhausting….. And my sin is I need You the most Then, but I cave to Sin and mindless activities (TV, computer) that give Satan more firing power for the next round. Please forgive Me Jesus. Empower me with the boldness of your Holy Spirit to Not engage because of my husband’s belittling or negative comments. Instead Lord, give me wisdom in the moment and a constant thirst for Your Word. Amen

  17. I pray for everyone on here, lord! Many posts have made me cry. They have also made me realise I am not on my own in my struggles. I have many kinks, self absorbed, fear, worry, anxiety which is overwhelming and causes nasty physical symptoms and sheer panic, letting the devil attack and feeling overwhelmed instead of trusting more, being afraid of what people think and always wanting to please, sinning asking forgiveness but then feeling so guilty still for not letting go of the guilt, turning to people instead of my Lord. I have been ill a long time and and ask forgiveness for feeling down and wanting healing my way, totally and straight away instead of waiting on god and his timing. Struggling with losing my lovely mum. I feel so much shame for being weak. I’m sorry my beautiful Saviour. You died for me and yet still I am so hard on myself and feel bad I’m not perfect. I know in reality I’m human and sin every day and your grace covers all my sin and you are full of unfailing love for me. Help my mind, body, emotions and spirit be healed in your way and time. Help me to grow through this and not give in. You are our hope. . Praise you for all your blessings, the good and the bad. Help all these lovely siblings of mine too. Strengthen us and help us be courageous and brave. In Jesus name. Love and prayers to you all.

    1. Post
  18. Please pray for my sister, Pat who is undergoing chemotherapy for recurring breast cancer, pray for my cousin, Emmy who is being treated for pancreatic cancer, please pray for my sister, Celia who is trying to get her husband back from Australia, (God knows the reason), please pray for me to let go and let God. He knows the problem. Thank u and God bless u all. Prayers for all you.

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  19. My Father…God! Thank you for holding me close and always taking care of me. Please forgive me my weakness and send the Holy Spirit to inspire me to see my sin and to repent to you. Love you my Father! Amen!

  20. Lord of lords, King of Kings,
    I pray for each of these ladies and their families. For strength and faith to live boldly and confidently as our true identity is revealed when we are hidden in you.
    I pray for my ears to be good listeners to the people you surround me with and to tame my tongue and use its power to lift others up. I also ask in prayer for patience because patience brings perseverance and endurance. Sometimes it’s hard but you are mighty. I lift these requests to you and trust in you for your plans are for our good and your ways are higher. Thank you for being so much more then we are and for your love. Your all sufficient love.
    Praise be to you Yahweh, Abba Father

    1. I need prayer as the man I have a relationship with is in the army and he says he can not get to his money and he wants me to send his son money for his school. I have a limited budget which was hacked the last 2 months and I am just now starting to get caught up. He my love one seems to be a Godly man and does pray for me and for us in our relationship. My friend says we need to depend on God to open the doors for me and us to be able to send his son money he needs for school. Even though I strongly and know that God is in this relationship, I still have a little doubt that God will open the door up and I don’t like this doubt as I truly believe that God has made our relationship to each other. So I need prayer that I will know know that God will open the door up so I can help my friend’s son whom will call me his mother to be able to get his schooling done. My friend says he will pay me back when he retires from the army in Jan. So please pray that I can and be what God wants me to do and be now. My friend and I believe we are to love each other in Jesus’s name

      1. Post

        Praying God will give you the answers you need and that he will send someone to you who can give you wise counsel on what to do with your financial needs.

  21. Dear Jesus,
    There are so many kinks in my life right now. That I do not even know where to begin. I have been in rebellion against you. I am so sorry for living in sin and not following you in my life. Please help me get rid of my sinful kinks my pride, my coveting and idolatry of myself and others. Please give me the strength to turn away form my sin and cling to you even when my sinful flesh does not want to.

  22. Thank you Lord Jesus!
    He has been so good to me and my family I am a wife and a Mother of six daughters and soon to be 5 grandchildren. My husband and I have been serving the Lord for over 20 years together we have struggled with many things and through our Faith in the Lord we have been able to overcome many things! GOD is Faithful and full of Mercy and Grace! We have struggled with Poverty,Sickenss, a nearly Broken Marriage/Adultry, Drinking,Depression, Abdonment issues. A few of these things are still a struggle for my husband and myself even though we are serving the Lord. Because of my husbands affair and the circumstances surrounding the affair it has caused Fear and Anxiety to be a daily struggle for me. The biggest “kink” for me has been trying to heal from the adultry because it was with my Twin Sister in my home. In additon to this it was during a time my husband was proffessing to serve the Lord and going to church with me , …. Needless to say it is a daily prayer and a huge process for me to be able to stay in my marriage forgive,trust and move on. I decided instead of divorce we would work on the marriage I am still very raw struggling with shame “What people must think of me and my family how in the world can they be Christians? I deal with these thoughts my faith is shaken and I am afraid.nearly every breath is a prayer to GOD for courage and strength to be able to move on I have learned my true Love is the LORD he has never left me or disapointed me and has seen me through all of this! I have and am clinging to him with all of my might. Help me pray for this overwhelming feeling of fear,confusion and anxiety pray for my familly my husband is still struggling with drinking and I with the issues of what he did. We both acknowledge there are still issues so I know and understand it is all about choices now, I want to remain in my marriage and continue the healing process I Surrender all to the Lord and remain hopeful that we will continue to keep our eyes on the LORD even when things are overwhelming or we fail each other Thank you for this Blog and Forum to encourage and to all of the BRAVE women on here Blessing to you all in Jesus Name!

  23. Lord i thank you for your mercy that is greater than my sins.i ask for your grace and mercy to straighten up the kinks in my life,especially the kink of sexual sin yet am unmarried,which i feel the devil has used to attack my family,relationship and even church,i cry for your deliverance and forgiveness,Lord also deal with kinks of pride,prayerlessness,not reading the word of God as well as irritability towards my fiancee.thank you Lord for your grace,amen!

  24. Father God, I thank you for your grace and mercy which is new every morning! I ask you to search me and remove anything not like you, specifically my strong will, distrust and bitter spirit especially towards my husband I fight this daily and know it is due to past hurts, unfulfilled expectations, and a misguided perception of self and relationships. Lord, I know I have been forgiven so many more times for my own sins and wrongdoings and desire to extend that same mercy to him but Lord I find myself falling back into that blame and shame game. I love him and he has big heart for you, his family and friends (even those who haven’t presented themselves friendly). I had been praying for you to change him for so long when I needed to pray for you to change me….Lord, help me to not only read your word but allow it to massage into my heart and spirit so it can reveal those areas that need mending and show me how to trust again! Lord, forgive me for judging and thinking of myself more highly than I ought. Help me to not give up on my marriage and become more bitter as my days go. Lord, I ask you to expose those areas in both of us that are not like you and help us become more like you! I thank you in advance that we will walk in wholeness, truth and love! I thank you that even those things I have not even realized are hurting my walk with you, you are already working it out! I praise you and give you all of the honor due. It is in Jesus’ name I humbly submit this prayer. Amen

  25. Lord, thank you for this beautiful morning and for the gifts that you have so graciously blessed me with the the tools by which I can use to share them with those around me. I have many kinks and with this whole job transition I am going thru and having to learn things from scratch – that in You, thru You and with You I can learn the tasks placed before me – that I am not perfect and that it takes time to learn and grow and to be confident in the tasks at hand – and I am going to get kinks from time to time, but that I may lean in to you and relax and request Your loving hand to help me undo the kink – to shake off the fear, the tension and the anxiety and absorb the information I need to grow thru the kink fix and continue on my way. These past 6 weeks have been full of kinks and at time I have felt as though there are knots in the line or something just completely blocking the flow that is far more challenging to unravel then a kink, but may I see You to replace my anxiety with calmness, my fear with peace and my anger/frustration with joy in knowing that the circumstance I am facing is a learning tool I can use to grow from and each customer I am faced with is an area of ministry on so many levels. Praise You Father for how you will work in my life today – may my heart with overflowing with your love and peace. Its in You name I pray, Lord. Amen

  26. Dear heavenly Father Lord Jesus above I come to you and ask you to please forgive me of lying for I do not serve the father of lies I serve you my Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior! Lord forgive me for worrying about my future and doubting I will not have an earthly husband … Allow me to trust you God please! Please forgive me of coveting and judging others I know that is not really me ! I surrender to you now Father and I trust you in Jesus name I love you Amen

  27. Father God I Thank you for your grace and mercy. Thank you for your pure love that does not leave us even when we abandon your will. Lord I pray that you will guide each of us on this post to surrender our hearts to you, Each dark place you will fill with your light each tear will be restored with days of joy. In your perfect love all fear will be cast down. Relationships will be restored as we reconcile ourselves and hearts to you. Lord in showing us our kinks you are just gently pulling us back into your will with no condemnation and allowing us the opportunity to be delivered from sins that will be remembered no more. In Jesus name I pray amen

  28. I was civic Ted of being on my phone too much – mainly facebook. Please Lord, help me to choose a certain time to “check in” and focus more on You and Your eird. Amen

  29. Dear God, I hardly know where to start. I don’t think I have kinks…I have great big tangled knots! You know that I have not been listening or talking to you and I am very grateful for these devotionals which has helped change that. But the horrible black kinks need to go. It starts with my selfishness. I am always thinking about how I am useless, I fail, I am no good – I post things on social media to get boosts of praise but am really just thinking about myself instead of being confident in you. My husband is not a kind person, but instead of still pouring myself to be a godly wife I get resentful, bitter and full of hatred – please instil in me a calmness and love. I pray also for my secret sins – I have been stealing things from the shops. We have very little money and a big family and in desperation I would sneak things in my bag or not pay for others in the self-serve line. I started it terrified and then it became easy, too easy. I hate it so much but justify it ! I pray to just simply stop it. To try and be more careful with my money and budget and not feel I need to sin to provide for my family. I am also struggling with wanting to look at rude things on the internet. I don’t even know why, I will just stop, I feel disgusted with myself. Thank you God, I truly want to be a godly woman. I want to be a great example to my children and a joy to my husband. Amen

    1. god bless you for your sincerity and may the lord grant you the desires of your heart. the first step to answered prayers is to confess our sins. then, we pray a heart felt prayer and ask openly what you desire and believe him for it. Lastly, you praise GOD!

      may your portion be that of Peace, Love, AND THE JOY OF THE LORD. continue in being a loving wife, but read 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 to guide your on what LOVE IS…..

      as for your financial need and lack, remember that you must FIRST, have knowledge, THEN have understanding, and FINALLY comes wisdom!!!

      you now know and understand what is right and wrong, NOW apply wisdom to your life and see how the lord will provide for you and your family.

      when you seek FIRST the kingdom of God and his righteousness, then all things will follow. for our God says, if he feeds the birds and the flowers, how much more a precious child like you!!!! trust in him and he will provide like he did for the 5,000.

      find a good church with support and may you be better every day! God BLESS YOU and your family

  30. Lord thank you for your love and compassion. I ask your help in being strong and not drinking even if others around me are. I know it is not good for me. Also, please open up a door for a job that I can really enjoy and make the money I need to make to pay my expenses. Please give my husband and I direction in where we should live and to be able to come to some agreement on that. So many things are giving me anxiety about our relationship. Show me the right path to follow. I pray for many of the other requests I see on this blog.

  31. Heavenly Father, I ask for your grace and forgiveness for the many kinks I have in my life. What comes to mind first is my need for control. Lord I ask that you take this burden away from me. It shows up daily in my life at home as a wife and mother. It shows up in my job when I would rather fix everything myself than ask for help or delegate to others. It shows up in my finances when I try to manipulate and move things here or there. When I “rob Peter to pay Paul.” When I try to figure everything out on my own Lord. I ask Lord that you reveal any kinks to me that I don’t see and that you help me to overcome them. I want to seek you first Father. Not my will, but Your will God. Order my steps according to your word and keep me on the straight and narrow. I love you Lord. In Jesus precious name, AMEN.

  32. Heavenly Father, I need your grace and mercy to remove my will and my distrust in my husband and in you. I have been hearing you loud and clear I need to trust in you in all I do! My will of buying a new house 1200 miles away before my husbands job sends us there is selfish. Even if we can afford 2 households so I can be a snow bird, I know I need to trust that you will take care of me. That my physical pain and depression that has increased the last 2 winters does not mean you won’t be there. I need to trust that you can help me and I need to let you. I keep saying I can not and will not survive another winter like last year. I know I don’t have to if I give it to you. I can’t, you can, I just need to let you. Please Lord help me stand strong in you. I know you have been working in my husbands heart. He is even going to church with me now! I need to stop trying to change him, that’s your job. He has not even been looking let alone seeking other partners. I need to trust in you that you can bring him back to you. I can’t you can, I need to let you. Lord if I am meant to stay here and not fly south please do not let me find that dream house for that dream price! My husband would allow me to buy it but don’t let me if it is just my will and none of your will. If this is your way of taking care of my pain and depression in winter then bring me to that dream house. Help me trust more in you, help me quiet the noise of this world so I can hear you clearly. It is in your precious Son’s name I pray, AMAEN

    1. dear sister,

      i have no idea who you are or where you are, but i do know God has a way to work out EVERYTHING according to his will. I saw this wonderful blog yesterday in my email and i didn’t have time to do the daring challenge, to come onto the website and post my kinks, because i didn’t have time. i was too busy serving those whom the Lord has sent me to work with/for.

      Since this was too good to pass off i made time today, during my lunch hour, for this very task, and as i was getting ready to navigate the blog. i just began to look over all the brave postings, and YOURS IS THE FIRST one i come across. i am certain in God’s work, and the fact that coincidences DO NOT exist. it is by pure divine appointment that i have read your posting and my job is to deliver you a message from God.

      your heaven sent answer is the following: re-read your post and realize how you have said that you HAVE BEEN HEARING God loud and clear and you NEED TO TRUST HIM/GOD. YET, you acknowledge that you remain in the same level of faith because you state that you KNOW you need to trust him.

      if you believe in God’s word and in his will, today i represent your angel and i have come to deliver your message as clear as God can make it for you. Stop trying to do what only God can and will do PERFECTLY.

      when we do things ourselves we cause ourselves unnecessary pain and stall our blessings. as you read this, pray this:

      ” Lord God, i believe in your word and your ways. i surrender it all to you and i ask that you take control. Let me dwell in your shelter and find rest in your shadow for you are my refuge and my fortress. (read psalm 91 when you finish reading all of this, and make it your prayer). i trust in you and i know that you will give me a long life and show me salvation, protection, and rescue me ALWAYS!
      I ask you to forgive me for all my sin and i ask that your mercy and grace cover me always.

      i remove all bondage of sickness, pain, mistrust, anger, resentment, fear, selfishness, and stubbornness, in the mighty name of Jesus! i declare myself free and i believe your mercies are new everyday!

      i love you lord and i desire to seek only your will, in Jesus name, AMEN!”

      if you prayed that and believe in the perfect will of GOD, know that it is SELFISH to move before it’s time and if you keep looking for your DREAM home, the enemy will blind you to convince yourself that it was GOD who put it available for you. you also stated, for GOD not to let you buy this home, if it came to the decision you would make. Let me remind you that GOD is so merciful and gentle that he will never force anyone to obey him. but i warn you, don’t make mistakes that we can prevent. Surrender EVERYTHING in prayer. YES, even purchases. GOD WILL DIRECT YOU and you will be saved from unnecessary pain and suffering.

      God created marriage for a man and a woman to unite and be one. how can you be one with your husband 12,000 miles away? you need your husband as much as he need you. you mentioned you suffer from depression, your medication is a double dose of LOVE. read 1 Corinthians 13: 1-13 and give your spouse this agape LOVE. and he will return the same agape love.

      you also mentioned that God has worked on your husband’s heart and that he is no longer looking for other partners. GIRL, wake up and SEE GOD IN YOUR LIFE. don’t let the enemy blind you from all the goodness you have already. OPEN THE EYES OF YOUR HEART! GOD is working already and you cannot despise small beginnings for every work of the lord is perfect and is completed at his time.

      be warned that when we surrender it all to God, God’s grace is sufficient. Look up 2 Corinthians 12:7-9 where it talks about Paul and the thorn on his side.

      read the scripture and pray that the Lord deliver you a clear understanding and that his Grace be sufficient because when you are Weak THEN YOU ARE STRONG.

      your strength will come from the Lord and he will assure that everything you have endured will move you from glory unto glory!!!

      i pray that you read this, re-read it, and believe it!!! i want you to know that GOD loves you and wants you to be whole!!! i know you are ready to trust HIM, may you be blessed with peace, strength, love, WISDOM!!!! God bless you always and know that even though i don’t know you, i already feel connected to you in spirit. my life is very similar to yours and i know that GOD has done amazing things for me and he will do them for you too! if you ever need to reach out to me, do so, and i promise you that i will help you in the perfect way that GOD has intended for us to build each other up.

      FYI- this is the first time i ever read a blog, and definitely the first time i reply. but i know that it is all for THE GLORY OF GOD!!

      Love you and God bless!

  33. Father in heaven. God I am so thankful for the growth in my Christian walk. I am still struggle with worry and pride. I pray that you will equip me with tools to overcome these kinks in my life, in Jesus name. Thank you for giving me the realization that these need correction. I love you Lord, because you first loved me.

  34. Lord I come before you to thank you for being in my life. I realize that I have been going against what you tell me about gossiping, complaining ,selfish, self centered and having this religious spirit that causes me to be mean and unforgiving. Lord there are many other things that are deep inside of me that I tend to forget about so I ask that you will help me cause I can’t do it on my own like I have tried. Thank you for your amazing grace and mercy.

  35. Father God in the name of Jesus forgive me for sexual sins, lying, not paying my fines after breaking the laws of the land years ago forgive me for my sins of commission and omission, for doubting your ability to do all you promised me for all the years I abused drugs and really messed my record up abandoning my children, for looking for love in men or family instead of your perfect love, for not being a good Stewart of my money, for all the times I backslid, for gossip and low self esteem, for gluttony and abusing my TEMPLE thanks for deliverance in EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE AREAS COMPLETELY if you have kept me drug free abiding by the laws helping my children and grandchildren having my own place and going through college I know you will continue to love me through all my kinks and very single person here asking for forgiveness and MERCY and grace in Jesus Name Amen

  36. Thank you Father God for this day and this message I read on today, help me Father God to be quick to forgive, to show others love and to be open to receive love as well, to not doubt or be focused on those negative emotions that may hold me back because of my past experiences with people, to continue to focus on taking better care of myself and allowing you to work in me and through me and to learn to trust, to trust in people, and to trust in your timing, and to continue to seek you and your word so that your mercy, grace, peace and joy will touch me, my heart, body and mind each day. Thank you Father God for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for where would I be without Him, and for those you put in my path and life to continue to grow and learn in my walk with you. Amen

  37. Dear Gracious, Loving, and Heavenly Father,
    I come to you today asking you to please forgive me for searching so hard for love, please forgive me of adultery, and please forgive me for fighting your will. Lord, I know you have plans for me, and I know you will never hurt me. Please give me the patience to wait for the man you have chosen for me and please, Lord, give me an understanding of your will for me. Lord, please watch over each and everyone one of these ladies who come to you in prayer and may your will for them be done and may they learn to follow that will.
    In Jesus Name, Amen.

    1. Ashley thank you so much for prayers and cry out to the Lord. I would like to share a little of my own testimony to hopefully give you some support and edify you and encourage you. One of the most important things God wants from us is to Love Him with all of our heart. In the beginning of my Christian walk, when I answered the calling, I came from such a sinful life (as we all do right) and the Lord had me by myself for the first 2 years. And in those 2 years I was in great despair of loneliness because I had no friends and part of the time I couldn’t work and I paced my apartment floor hour after hour crying out to the Lord because I was sooo lonley!!! Our gracious Father kept me like that for 2 years so that I would learn to search Him, get to know Him how He talks, His tone, His Love!!! I dated one person and knew he was not who the Lord had for me so as soon as that was clear to me I broke it off. I was journaling one night praising the Lord thanking Him for ALL that He delivered me from … and then ? I said, “Lord I am finally ok with being by myself and knowing that You complete me. I’m not sure if you have a husband for me or you have called me to singleness (talked about in the New Testiment as a “Spiritual Gift”) but if You do have a husband for me I know that it will be beyond what I can imagine. I started crying with such Peace!!! I thanked the Lord every day for 2 weeks for the husband that He was preparing for me! See God WILL deliver what He says He will EVERY time!!! He NEVER changes, His word NEVER changes!!! Seek Him sister with all your heart! Confess your sins daily! Ask Him to search and cleanse your heart and to give you the strength to die to your flesh! He will do ALL of that!!! Have another sister that you are accountable to (not easy but very important and it it says for us to confess our sins one to another). God wants sooo much for us but we can’t/don’t want to get out of the way. The ending to that prayer … 2 weeks later I met my husband and 4 months later we were married. Yes … if your gift is to be married He will deliver … if your gift is to be single He will give you all that you need!!! Seek first the Kingdom of God!!!
      I will pray for you sister!

  38. My name is Paul….My beautiful wife, my blessing from God likes to read this with me. I have bouts of very hard anxiety which really makes things difficult. We are both Christians but I really struggle with anxiety…..That is a major kink that I face …..I have people praying for me but it’s very hard to think normal when your anxious….I ask for continued pray for me and my family….my family means the world to me…..I find these devos to help us along our path in life…which I’m sure most of you agree is not always easy….but somehow God has always made a way…..thank you for these devos.

  39. Father, please unkink my temper, it blocks You love, mercy, and grace from those who are close to me. Also, please help me to love more and more from your unending source of love that You poured out for me to take freely from. Thank you, Father, for Your mercy and grace that I don’t deserve. Help me to live every minute of every day pouring it out on others, so they can see who You are. Thank You. Amen.

  40. Dear Lord, I thank You that You are God all by Yourself. I thank You for Your love, mercy and grace; for Your patience with me and for never leaving me nor forsaking me. I thank You that in You, I am. Please give me wisdom to know when to go and when to stop. You created me so You know me and You know my heart and that’s where the kinks start. Please forgive me for allowing the circumstances in my life to overwhelm me. I know Your Words of trust and belief and I stand on them. After being in prison for almost 20 years, my husband has been home for almost 4 years and instead of things getting better they are getting worse. He is living in the past and drinks almost everyday. We’ve gotten to the point where we barely speak. He has a short fuse and he explodes over the most insignificant thing. My sin is that I dedicate him to you. I lay him at Your feet along with all the baggage that comes with it and when I see him like that I start hurting and worrying all over again. I don’t sleep when he’s not home. I pray but I’m not in the Word as I should be. Sometimes I don’t open my Bible for days. I’m a mess. But I know that You are the God of messes. You are able to take my mess and turn it into a message for Your Glory. Father I need You. I am desperate for You. I need Your peace. I Praise Your Name, Jesus. I glorify You and I thank You. I know that there are no coincidences and no mistakes in You; nothing happens without Your knowledge. Even in this trial, I thank You because I know that Your word says that You work all things for our good. And for all of us, I declare Your righteousness over us all. God bless you all and thank you for allowing me to vent a little.

  41. Lord, I ask You to give me the courage to take that first small step of faith toward You like Peter did as he walked on water. Unlike Peter, I need to keep looking at You or I, too, will sink. Even though I talk to You about everything & the Holy Spirit speaks to me clearly, I have many kinks. I have failed so many times at getting them out, that I am afraid to even try one more time. But, You, my awesome Lord, keep calling me across the water to You, telling me not to be afraid, that you are right there. I know that I am not walking in the light, as my kinks cause deceit because they are secretive. I want to spend my days completely surrendered to You. I need your peace, grace, strength and joy. Help me to see that the tradeoffs will give me those things & they are worth any & all discomfort I may experience. I love You so much & want be pure & holy because You are & I want to be like You.

  42. Dear Heavenly Father,
    First thank you for everything that you do for me. I have my kinks of being angry and not forgiveness for some members of my family because of causing me and my daughter Spain. My other kink would be telling little white lies. Lord I know I am not perfect by no means. But I want to have peace and joy in my life not pain. Please also touch the other ladies on this group that also have kinks in their life. In Jesus name I pray Amen.

  43. Thank you God for your forgiveness in our lives. God, I have some kinks that need to be worked out in my life. God, those unwanted kinks are not welcome in my life or my family life. God, I asked that kink of arrogrance be remove, I asked that the kink of theft (ID) be removed, and I asked that lies be removed from every mouth

  44. My flaw is going along with my boyfriend/manfriend and not getting married, drinking too much wine and talking about people. I know the Lord is working with me on these issues and I pray everyday to stay strong and reclaim my life.

  45. Dear Precious Heavenly Father. I am overwhelmed with all the kinks in my life. I feel like I can’t come up for air at times. Please give me the grace and courage to get through this time. Please forgive me and show me how to deal with my kinks in the most Godly way pissible. I love you Precious Savior ! Thank you for your never ending love grace and forgiveness…

  46. Dear God, I am so thankful for your love and the peace that you give me. I feel like my kinks involve to much pride and Impatience. Please show me my other kinks and help me grow in your word and in love for others.

  47. Father, in the name of Jesus, thank you for your compassion that never fails and your tender mercies that are new each morning. Your everlasting love, with no motive, has redeemed me from sin and the curse of the law. I bow humbly in your presence, full of worship, crying out to you in reverence for the eternal and majestic God that you are. Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty! The earth is full of your glory. As much as I need You, O Lord, I must worship. In spite of myself, in spite of my failures, You are my God and I will forever praise you. My kinks are in desperate need of your grace and power to heal, transform. Help me with being so defensive. Help me not to give in to my flesh by quarreling with others who have falsely accused me. Help me to master my emotions and not want to choke, punch and throw things at people who hurt me. Help me, Lord, that I will undoubtedly know Your love is enough and I would not settle for the temporary love a man offers. Help me to accept and rest in the healing of my wounds. Bless everyone here today, Father. You are able to do exceeding abundantly above that with the power of unity and love we have on this thread. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

  48. I am so kinked by all my fear and disappointment that I am angry at people and am having a hard time trusting that God can do all things. Please forgive me Lord and help me to trust and to love.

  49. Oh gracious Father,
    Thank you for your presence in my life. Thank you for waking me up with a fresh , new morning and another opportunity to live for you. I have many kinks. Show me all of the and help me not to be overwhelmed by them but to work on each one as I continue to seek your will for my life. Help me to be easy to forgive; to not talk about other flaws behind their backs; to be honest about my feelings; to take better care of myself and my home; to spend more quality time with You; to pray for my husband more; and to not procrastinate. I know that there is more Lord. I trust You and I love You.
    In Jesus name,

  50. Please unkink my attitude, unfulfilled expectations, complaining, harsh words, remind me daily that it is a process and you will unkink the areas in your time, not mine.

  51. Precious Heavenly Father – I am so grateful that you see me and know me and yet love me with an everlasting love. You know me far better than I know myself and understand the unseen motives that direct my actions. Thank you for convicting me this morning of the resistance that I carry in my heart to giving selflessly and lovingly to my husband. Thank you for revealing that this is based on fear and reminding me that fear never emanates from you. You have said “Do not be afraid, for I am with you.” I want to remember this! I want to live in the constant assurance that whatever boat I’m in, I’m not there alone; rather I am accompanied by and protected by you. So, what if I choose to give generously even that which I am afraid to give? Can I lose in that equation? Certainly not in your economy. I have been hurt – that’s fact – and I might get hurt again; but this “not giving” is assurance of another type of hurt. The hurt of increased separation. May I remember today that giving love, acceptance, consideration, mercy, attention and respect are acts that honor you and honor my marriage. Please restore the years that the locusts have eaten, and enable me to be used by you in the process. I ask these things in the precious name of Jesus, my Lord and Savior.

  52. Father, my deliverer, my provider, my ever present help in time of need, I praise you that I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I worship you for your greatness and your love. Lord please forgive me when I worry about my finances and how I will make ends meet each month. You have proven yourself faithful month after month and yet I continue to doubt and be fearful that my income will not be enough. Lord I also ask that you forgive me when I covet the possessions of my friends and family, and when I am envious of their wealth and financial stability. I ask that you grant me the grace to be content with the many blessings you have given me and help me to remember every day that the riches of this world are nothing at all compared to the blessings of love, grace, family and friends that you generously pour over me daily. I thank you for your constant provision and ask that you promote me among my enemies that they may see your glory in my daily living. In all I do, I strive to be your disciple and I thank you for the opportunity to serve in your name. Give me guidance and direction for every day and grace enough to share with everyone I meet. In Jesus’ mighty name I pray.

  53. I used to be so much closer to God and so much more faithful in my walk with Him. But having 3 of my kids have emotional disorders, a husband who drives 2 hours to work 6 days a week and is sometimes gone from 6 am until after midnight all for us to pay our bills and have $50 to live off of for the week as a family of 6, and neither my husband or myself having any family around, has left me feeling angry and exhausted and wondering why a lot. I am really struggling with my attitude because it’s summer and my children and myself are stuck at home most days and I don’t get the opportunity to be social. I miss when my faith was strong, my walk was beautiful and sweet. I find myself clinging to my faith by a thread and that there is hope and it will get better. I so need to get past this and move forward in my life with Him. I feel “yucky” because the struggle with my own attitude is so bad and the other emotions it is bringing out leaves me feeling so far away from my Jesus. I just want to go back.

    1. The power of prayer through Christ is great. I pray that He continues to give you strength and replenishes you with His goodness. He is always there, no matter our circumstances. (I have to keep thinking substance over circumstance.) It is so difficult to see it when our emotions take over. Do not give up- Proverbs 3:5-6. Abundant blessings to you, Alicia, and your family. With love, Melissa.

    2. Father in Heaven pour down financial blessings on Alicia and her family so that she and her children may experience joy this summer. Cause her to live as an example of contentment to those children. I ask that you provide avenues for her to gather with others to have fellowship and to be able to feel support from her community. Lord we know that you are very capable of doing all things. In your name Jesus we thank you in advance for what you will do. Amen~

    3. Father I love You and thank you for this blog. I thank you for all the shared prayers that brought some of my other kinks to the forefront of my mind. I thank you for Alicia and her heart and spirit to want to rekindle her relationship and closeness to you. Help us both to be more grateful with what you have provided us with. Please help her children Lord and increase their finances Lord. Help her to have an attitude of gratitude and believe and trust You more for her needs and the needs of her family. Help her to seek You and spend quality time with you daily so that peace and joy can be restored even in her current situation. In Jesus name, Amen!

    4. Thank you for the prayers! I feel God working more as I have been open about my spiritual struggles and have seen some of those prayers answered! I do love my Jesus so, and I love seeing faithful women praying and supporting each other! Such beauty to behold!!! I am grateful as today has been a day of blessings!!

  54. Dear Lord, thank you for carrying me through in difficult situations I know that I am loved. Please help me work on my kinks; Jealousy of another parents child; seeing the beauty in my own children; discouragement at my job, I need the energy to keep trying to come up with new ideas, events, and recruit people’s help; a big kink is disappointment and discouragement. Lord help me see the positives in my life and help me to be loving person who radiates your love.

  55. FATHER Thank YOU for working on my kinks: 1. Lack of patience, 2. Short temper, and 3. Faith! I pray that YOU strengthen my faith and other areas where I am weak. Help me to be a more patient and loving grandmother, mother, friend, sister, cousin, member, and friend, and any unmentioned but needed areas! LORD, I surrender and submit to YOU because more than husband, or financial freedom or any other thing or person, I want more of you! I want a deeper, closer, more intimate walk with you! I pray those on this post that are crying out to YOU today for one reason or another, and I say have YOUR Way! I pray for the manifestation of YOUR Glory in their lives In JESUS Name, Amen!

  56. Kinks: Rebellion. Doing my own thing not following Gods. Disobedience. Also, sexual impurity. Father God, thank you for Jesus. Thank you for your Grace. Love. Mercy. Thank you that where sin abounds, your grace abounds more! Thats music to my ears. And your mercies and loving kindness are new every morning. Refreshed. Oh my God, how much we need that! And you know it so in your loving ways you provide. Cover us and grant us your grace to super abound over all our sins. We confess them to you for thats what they are and..we dont want to stop the flow of your love presence and grace in our lives by concealing it and we cant do it on our own..we desperately need you. I need you Jesus. Thank you for the gift of your holy spirit. We breathe you in now…we breathe out your grace..with every breath we sing of your love forever and our lips never will cease to praise you our God! Amen!

  57. Father God, I am so grateful that You love me more than I can imagine. I am glad You care enough to be involved in my small life here on earth. Abba! I wish to acknowledge my sinfulness towards You and towards my husband. I have been deeply hurt by his actions and, in turn, I have developed a sinful attitude towards him and the person he sinned with. Help me, Father, to overcome myself. Help me to find forgiveness for them; as You found forgiveness for my sinfulness. Help me to find the strength and courage to rebuild my marriage in spite of my current hopelessness. Help me to rise above myself, my emotions, my feelings….and be the woman of God You desire me to be. This is hard, Lord! I am struggling. Please come to this sinner’s assistance. In Jesus’ Precious Name. Amen.

    1. Father, please bless Gail give her the courage and strength she needs to find comfort in you to forgive those who have hurt her… To remove the enemy from her marriage. I know how hard this is… I to am have been dealing with the same strom for the past 5 months Lord. Give us the strength, courage, wisdom, and peace to release and repent. Knowing You LORD are in control!

      In Jesue Name,

      1. Thank you, dear Stacey, for your kind words of prayer. Thank You, Father, for walking beside us as we face these difficult storms of life. I pray that Stacey will feel Your peace that passes understanding. I pray that she will be comforted and uplifted in order to continue facing whatever storm is surrounding her. I thank You, Father, for the love and community that brings believers together in prayer. In Jesus’ Name. Amen. Blessings to you, Stacey, for now & always.

    2. Father I ask that your pour out your grace and love on Gail today. I praise you that you are in the midst of this situation and that you reign over this family and this home. I ask that through the struggles Gail is facing rightbnow, that you will bring her into a closer walk with you and that your love will burst forth through her every action bringing her family and all who know her into a closer walk with you as well. As Gail seeks forgiveness for her sins today, help her to also offer forgiveness to those who have wounded her. Give her grace for each moment that she may extend that grace to those around her. Raise this family up as a beacon of your forgiveness and love, that they may set an example of the union of Christ and His bride, that their community may come to know you more. In Jesus’ mighty name I pray.

      1. Thank you! A computer glitch interfered with my reply to both you and Jennifer Wise (my maiden name is Wise!). So, forgive the short, but very sincere, reply that simply says thank you and Blessings.

  58. Father, I thank You that You never tire of me the way I am tired or fed up of myself lately! I am overwhelmed with constant worries regarding my son’s graduation, an internship, even his future spouse, my running to food when stressed or angry, my inability to help my sisters financially, not loving or honouring my husband, pride, arrogance, fear, resentment, envy, lying, critical, being judgemental of others…………… I am so sick and tired of not being a better person! I counsel people at Church but I don’t do the very things I advise others . Help me to be a woman who honours You in every area of my life. Help me to see Your hand in my life. Help me Lord to feel your presence at all times. Amen

    1. Father, I come to you on behalf of Rahab. I ask that you comfort her and pour out your peace upon her. Lord send your servants to impress on her that she is a daughter of the most high God. Remind her of her worth, her beauty, and her strength in you. Give her rest from her burden, and ease her pain. Bring a clear vision to her heart and renew her faith in you. I thank you for your grace and forgiveness in Rahab’s life and praise the work you are continuing in her heart. Continue to lead her closer to you that she may be a light for her church family and all those who know her. Set her as an example of who you have called us to be in Christ Jesus. In Jesus’ mighty name I pray.

  59. I have given up hope that my husband will ever lose weight. He is severely obese, and I worry about him all the time. He promises me that he’ll exercise, eat better, etc., but it never lasts. We’ve had several arguments about this (well, I cry, and he just promises that things will change), and I’ve told him that this issue is driving a wedge between us, but he doesn’t seem to care enough to do anything about it.

    I’m afraid that my daughter and I will be left alone someday, or that he will end up with diabetes or worse. I have generalized anxiety disorder, which doesn’t help matters. I know that nagging him is not helping, that he needs to decide for himself to change. But it’s so hard to sit back and watch him destroy his health. Watching him eat junk and drink soda is painful. This is even affecting our intimacy, since he weighs 316 lbs and I only weigh 117. Please pray that I can give this matter over to the Lord, since He is the only one who can help us.

  60. My heavenly father my sin is fear, anxiety, over financial problems. I have recently come to a wonderful church and gotten active in it and I love it.For one month we have had over 3000 dollar’s in car repairs I know because I am be becoming faithful again and my hope and being encouraged in te LORD , Satan is attacking my family snd putting these worry in my head. Lord please help me trough these storms I know you will not let me drown giv be me help me to remain stong
    You are my lifeboat

    1. Praying for you, Kelli, that your fear and anxiety will cease and that Satan’s attacks will be unsuccessful. Praise God that you have found a wonderful church!

  61. Dear Lord, My God, I thank you for carrying me in difficult situations, that I am forgiven, and loved. Please help me work on my kinks; impatience with my family, learning how to function in a new house and new financial arrangements, and believing that you love me and that I am forgiven. Help me grow closer to you. Reveal to me the path I should take, help me to be loving and show grace to others. I thank you for the work you have done and are doing. I can see it and so can my family.
    In Jesus name Amen

  62. Heavenly Father please rid me of my tongue that speaks less than glorious about friends and family, so thoughts or deeds they may want to keep secret; Lord help me be consistent with my tithing; and help me with using food to calm my spirit and my turning away from your welcoming arms.

  63. Father please help rid me of my constant fear of never being enough. Please help me be brave and bold enough to walk in faith. Please remove my doubts and show me Your way so I may always remember You guide my steps and make a way when I feel hopeless & overwhelmed. Take my heart & hand & guide me through the darkness and remind me my Faith is bigger than my fears. Most of all, please help me be mindful of your mercy in all I do. Help me forgive myself of my failings as easily as I forgive others. Help me learn to love myself as easily as I love others. Please give me strength, courage & love in the coming days of transition to a different house & place. Forgive me when my fear overcomes me & grant me Your peace by reminding me of Your promises. And turn my kinks into coils, so I may be stretched allowing Your mercies & grace to flow freely through me to help quench all those who thirst for Your living waters….always. Thank you, Lord, for all of Your mercies seen & unseen in my life. Father, I pray for all others working on their own “kinks” as well. Bless them & cover them with Your love & grace. In the name of Jesus I pray, amen.

  64. My kink is not being able to extend grace and forgive the person who terribly betrayed me. She has shown no true remorse, has not sincerely apologized and has not asked my forgiveness. I know I am not supposed to put conditions on forgiveness but I’m finding it extremely difficult to “just forgive”…Knowing what she has done to me, and so many others, and watching her just continue on with her life, still maintaining relationships with people she has done the same thing as me to, and knowing those people have no idea is so upsetting. Seeing people just believe and accept her lies; knowing that her entire life is based on nothing but lies, yet she still is living her life with no consequences is hard. I know God will not let her continue on indefinitely, but I am having a hard time waiting on His timing and plan. I pray He will give me a heart of grace, mercy and forgiveness.

    1. I’ve been in a similar situation, and you’re right… God will not let her continue on indefinitely. I’ve seen the destruction that has come to the person who betrayed me, and I can only feel sorry for her now. It took me a long time to forgive her, and even now, I sometimes have feelings of bitterness. I pray that you will be able to forgive this person, even though you will probably never forget what she has done. I pray that you will not become bitter from this experience.

  65. My kinks are always being overwhelmed and carrying burdens that I know my God constantly reminds me to let Him carry, impatience with people who can’t or maybe won’t figure life out and continues to blame their wrong choices and decisions on someone or something else, having no tolerance for people who shamelessly lies to advance their own agenda in life, pride, arrogance and laziness. Yes, I have kinks but thank God for His unending, unfailing mercy that is renewed every morning.

  66. My God. The racism is too much. The murders and hatred of racism has led me to feel aggressive and angry towards white people. When Tamir Rice (12 years old) was shot dead within 3 seconds of the officer arriving at the park where he played quietly with a toy gun from a toy store, my heart ached for his family who could be my family. Freddie Gray suffered horror when his spine was severed and his cries for help went ignored. Why God? Why are people- your children, being murdered just because you blessed them with a brown hue and Satan pressed them into poverty? Then, in church, where I feel the most peace, they slaughtered 9 people. We are people, a glorious people! Like the others, they had no weapons and there is no story here. There is no struggle, no crime, no lie. So yes, I am angry. Help me God because it seems no one is accountable! And white people are not showing they care! Why aren’t they outraged? Why aren’t white Chrisitans speaking out?! Help me forgive. Help me stop hurting. My heart aches for my people- each murder steals self esteem and belief in our humanity. Help me forgive this ultimate theft of life and hope.

    1. Quoted from Sophia A. Nelson in an article, The FIGHT AGAINST RACISM…“We have a decision to make as a country: do we focus on the evil and the darkness that took place or do we focus on the light and the love, and working toward unity. Instead of waiting for the next event—we need to be proactive and we can do that in three ways: Express our sameness as human beings. That we are all God’s children and thus worthy of loving one another as such. Validate our uniqueness, so that we can learn from one another about what separates or divides us as human beings. Nurture the sense of belonging. Meaning that we all need love, that we all have value, and that we are all part of the same human community.”

    2. My sister I am praying for you … Although the Situations you speak of are all real, the group of people you have placed as the author of your frustration will be the root of demise. Ye racism is real but so is GOD. Ask him to sooth your frustration with his love so you can see clearly who and what the problem is and its not “white people” it’s evil in PEOPLE!!! I am an African American woman with plenty of White friends who would agree and are angry with the injustices we have seen as of late but despite it all, God is love and if we approach this by grouping/judging one race the Devil wins because it is counterintuitive. Much love.

    3. Oh friend, I am so glad you posted this prayer. I just want to reach through my computer and hug you tightly as I cry with you. As a white sister – and that’s exactly what I am: your sister who loves you deeply and embraces the differences that God created us to use for His glory – my heart has been overwhelmed with grief at the racially driven crimes and murders that have been taking place. Your people are my people because we are all HIS people. I apologize on behalf of those of us who are fair skinned for any pain that has been inflicted on you. And for any indigence or indifference we have displayed. May the LORD deal severely with any of us – white, black, or whatever – if and when we (those of us who follow Christ) deny His command to love one another. Surely it is true: the greatest of these is LOVE. I am praying for healing, restoration, love and unity among all of us for the glory of GOD to rise among us. Truly.

      Lord, let your healing love reign.

      Blessings and Peace in Christ,

  67. My kinks are worrying about financial things, giving up cigarettes and premarital sex with a man I’ve been with for 10 years Father forgive me of my sins and allow me to totally surrender to Your will and Your way my flesh is weak

    1. Thanks for being a woman of courage this morning, Karlisa! Praying for you now. You can do this. I encourage you to read a few passages of Scripture over the next few days: Psalm 84, book of Philippians, book of Colossians… We are transformed by the renewing of our minds.

      Blessings and Love,

  68. Lord you know my kinks. Because sometimes I cry at night about them. I pray daily for more patience and no stress in the daily life with little boys. I treasure them but want to love them even more then I already do! And please help me in my busy life of working 2 jobs to not forget to love my husband well. There are days I feel so weighed down and know that Satan has put such a grip on me. But when I seek your face it all gets better! I know being A mommy requires me on my knees with you every morning! Thank you Lord for your new mercies every morning.

  69. Lord, forgive my faltering faith. I broke up with Bob because we were having sex and I knew it was wrong but I hated to let him go since he’s the best man I’ve ever know that loved me, treated me with kindness, tenderness, patience, we laughed more than I laughed with anyone, yet despite all the RIGHT things about him, I knew I wasn’t living a sanctified life of purity that you require of me. Forget that we are 57 and 65 — that part of our relationship was not honoring to you. So, I followed your guidance and broke it off. Since then, my heart continues to break, then I regroup and remember that I was obedient and you bless obedience. Let me be patient and wait on you and let YOU soothe my lonesome heart and let YOU be all that I need.

    1. Thanks for your courage to post your prayer, mn cash. I am joining you in prayer now and want you to know that you are not alone. Keep moving in the power of HIS grace, friend.

      Blessings in Christ,

  70. Dear Heavenly Father, I need you help, forgive me for not being a loving wife, I am really struggling in that area, please lord transform my heart and give me the grace to love my husband, to respect and to honor him, in Jesus name I pray

    1. Prayed for you Sherry! I’ve had to pray the same prayer this past year! It’s better but always something to remind myself!

  71. Our dear and heavenly father, creator of heaven and earth and lover of my soul, i humbly come before your holy throne of grace..asking you to forgive me for the sins i have committed. Father i pray that you may pour your grace in my life that i may leave by your word, i know lord you know my heart better than anyone and so am asking you to help me submit to you oh Lord in everything i do. I am having a hard time submitting to your throne fully and that has made me fail to accept your presence in my life. I am also have a hard time on trusting men, my pride and my self praise have blocked me from accepting others for who they are, when i too am a sinner. Father come through and rescue me from the evil thoughts that have corrupted my mind, give me the power and the strength to trust in you whole heartedly, and believe that you love me and want good for me. In the name of Jesus amen

  72. Hey Gwen,

    I thank God for your Ministry through Girlfriends in God. I pray that He may expand your sphere of influence (I am in Kenya) and continue to use the three of you (Mary and Sharon) to impact the lives of women.

    In the spirit of identifying kinks, I do not usually follow through with the activities at the end of the devotions (as much as I enjoy them). Today however, I have a lengthy list of kinks that I would love to share, so that we may pray for each other, encourage and build each other up.

    I struggle with: Pride and Lust (this affects my thoughtlife a-lot) and with laziness, disobedience and doubt. I am praying for humility, purity, dilligence, faith and obedience. And while we are on it-that I may follow through with GiG activities/challenges.

    Bless you!

  73. Our Father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Heavenly Father I have be struggling with pride, faith, and my prayer life. My children although are not bad kids they all have some kinks that you witless found undesirable. I know that my home is under spiritual attack and at times I am exhausted, the love of my life has “friends” of the opposite sex and they text often. He said nothing is going on but it is destroying our friendship on my end because it makes me uncomfortable. I pray Father that you will give me the peace and will to break the chain that has me in bondage and that you will bring your peace, love, joy, kindness, into my home. In Yahshua name I pray amen.

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