You Can Do This!

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You can do this.

Sometimes we just need to be reminded. I know I do.

That day was a whopper. I rose early, worked hard, was intentional, and still felt unproductive. Been there? On top of that, we’d gotten a heavy heap of unwanted news yesterday afternoon. My dad had an aggressive form of cancer.

I couldn’t believe it.

He had been through so much. To explain the details would take a whole book. All I can say is that when it came to the distribution of health challenges, my dad had an unequally large share.

We’d found out that his ear was riddled with the c-stuff and that he would be losing it. But we thought he’d just lose an ear and thought that dad’s biggest challenge following surgery would be figuring out how to hold eyeglasses on his head.

The results of his full body scan indicated otherwise. And so did his surgery.

The presence of disease was more invasive than what the doctors originally believed, so the initial ENT removed himself from the case explaining that the scope of dad’s surgical needs were beyond his abilities. Great. Then they met with a specialist to see if surgery was even possible and to mapped out a treatment plan.

Far from Pittsburgh, I shared the pain and prayed along with my family.

As I prayed God changed me.

My heart still ached, but a peace held me. His peace. Him. Jesus, my Prince of Peace. And as He held me I remembered to exhale. To breathe deeply of His hope.

I remembered that our days are known and numbered by a loving God who has a plan for each of us. I remembered that I am not alone in this and that my Lord knows the agony of suffering. I remembered that though earthly diseases are completely rank, that God is still good and His strength is made perfect in my weakness… that His grace is sufficient.

My family and I got through it. Dad got through it. Mom got through it. We all did. Not on our own, but with God. And though the outcome was fierce and the quality of my father’s life diminished after his surgery and eventual passing, life went on for both him and us, because we know Life. The source of life. The way, and the truth, and the life.

We know Jesus, so everything is possible. In life and in death. 

No. This truth didn’t change the challenge.

It changed me. It changed all of us.

It changed how I face challenges today. Because if I’m really taking faith seriously. If I am really telling the Lord that I want everything He has for me, and am asking Him to be glorified in my life, then I have to want everything He allows to pass through His hands and into my life.      

I have decided.

I’ve drawn a line in the sand of my life.

I want everything He has for me. The good and the bad.

I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. (Philippians 4:13) It’s not just a familiar Bible verse that can be found on a T-shirt, bookmark, or bumper sticker it is a truth that I can cling to. It is a tested truth. And it’s one you can cling to too.

We can do nothing of eternal value without Jesus, but anything and everything with Him.


Dear Lord,
I ask that You would receive the maximum amount of glory in and through my life. Drench me in the power of Your presence and wring me out so that others might be drawn to You. Keep my eyes open to opportunities to build others up in faith and keep my heart firmly rooted in Your love so that I will always be prepared to give an answer for the reason of my Hope.

I ask this in the powerful name of Jesus, amen.

FROM MY HEART TO YOURS:  It’s been more than two years since my dad took his last breath on this side of eternity. My sister and I sang old hymns to him in the hour he was ushered home. I miss him so much, my whole family does, yet we praise God that dad is completely healed and whole in the presence of God. He was a very good man.

Life changes with loss. It’s hard. If you are in the trenches of grief I want you to know that you’re not alone. Ever. Even in the darkest of nights God is with us. And healing comes in time.

Swing by my blog with any comments or to post a prayer. I love hearing from you.

Thanks so much for doing life with me. It truly is an honor.

Warmly in Christ,



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  1. Dear Gwen,

    Thank you for sharing your heart! This last devotional touched my heart just when I needed it. My father is fighting his own cancer battle and we’ve seen God’s hand in this journey many times and are so thankful for the miracles he has performed in the last 2 years since his diagnosis. Once again, things have taken a sudden turn and we are awaiting more testing. I am asking that the Lord will give my father His peace, strength and surround him with His love and that my father will lean on Jesus totally and completely. That he mature spiritually. We hold on to the hope that God can heal and perform another miracle. And that the Lord will give us the strength we need (especially for my mother) and His love and peace too as well as opportunities to minister and encourage my dad through all of this.
    God Bless You!

  2. This devotional and prayer
    really speak to my current situation. I am struggling with health problems, one we cannot diagnose, another is just chronic pain;
    But The Lord has sustained me and lead ne to trust that He has this. And he will be glorified.

  3. I ask for prayers for my children, especially Jonathan and Kameron. We are battling the beast of addiction and it has crippled my family. Please pray that through Christ Jesus we will overcome this and He will receive all the glory

  4. Thank you so much for your inpactful reminder that we can get through any challenge with God’s help. I was at a particularly low point in my life very recently after unwanted and unforseen complications following hip replacement surgery. I know God is with me and has helped me through many other medical challenges but I hadn’t been able to wrap my brain around the fact that I had the physical and mental capacity to be productive and continue to be a force for good. Your message and matching bible verse did it for me. It was exactly what I needed to realize that I could, with the help of the One who strengthens me, actually get up and be productive. Thank you for your fabulous message.

  5. Four weeks ago my husband was let go of his position. He was a Manager of a Network Engineer Group of a large data center for 15 years. It was a shock to both of us . To say the least, we were devastated. He is very worried because he is 60 years old. We have no savings and we had just started investing in our retirement. Our faith has been shaken to the very core. But we are both Chrstian’s. God has taken care of him every time he has needed a job even when he wasn’t looking. We remind each other several times during the day that God is in control and that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Physically, I am not much good to my husband, because I have been sick since the first of December. I have been having trouble with my Asthma and my COPD. I’ve been in the hospital three times since December. There is very little I can do. But I do pray…all the time. I just don’t know how to get God to answer prayers. I don’t ask for inappropriate things but practical things, like getting a good job for Bruce. Oh, and that we can sell the house fast. Anyway, sorry for the long post. I’ve never posted on the blog before and don’t know what the protocol is. I read Girlfriends every day and I love it. I also read yours and Sharon’s special stuff you do on email. You ladies are phenomenal and so inspiring. I have bought several of your books. They all are great. You are all great spreading the word of God.✝️

  6. Dear Lord,
    First of all- thank You for Your goodness and grace that You shower us with even though we are always struggling to keep You first in our lives. It’s so easy for our son nature to try to take over our new nature in Christ but we must fight every single day to put on the new nature that Yoi provided to us by sacrificing Your life on the Cross!
    Thank You that we not only can be saved from hell but can be set free from sin and become under new management (the management of the Holy Spirit)! Only the Holy Spirit’s mighty power can overcome the old sin nature. Please, help our souls to be bold & courageous and fully devoted to You! Help us please get rid of any idols in our lives (idols=anyone or anything we put before God). Please, lead us to a place where we spread Your honor and glory to the world!
    In Jesus’ Name, Amen

  7. I ask for prayers for all my children especially Daniel and Desiree. I pray for Patsy and family. Please lift our current situation up to our Lord and Saviour
    Please keep all families going through turmoil in prayer.

  8. So, my mom has been in the hospital for 3 wks. She had colon operation for diverticulitis, the healing is going well. The drs found traces of colon cancer.
    My siblings, father and I have been by her side through all of this.
    We are now in th the process of bringing her home.

    I need strenghth in dealing with my over controlling sister who wants to be the shining star. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be the fave, but shes bossy, demanding and rude.
    She says shes a blvr of Christ. …

  9. Morning Gwen, because we have an enemy who is out to kill, steal and destroy we need to stand and hold on to what the Lord tells us in His Word. I know, because of the battle that happens in my mind, But, But I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Without Him, oh my, how would we make it. He is our Savior, our Redeemer! Love you dearly, Joyce Longstreth😊

  10. This helped me this morning…My Mom is dealing with some health issues and my Dad is dealing with memory issues…I feel so weak trying to cope with it…but I realize
    I am not alone in dealing with this…Please keep me in your prayers…God Bless You…

  11. I really look forward to you devotional each day…I do miss them on weekends. May God richly bless all three ladies.

    HOWEVER, I am puzzled over something, on several days within the last month, I have received earlier printed devotions that have very recently received. What’s going on?

    Thank you,

    1. Post

      Hi Debbie! I post my personal writing on my blog a week or two apart from when they might be featured with Girlfriends in God. Perhaps the overlap occurs because of this? I hope and pray you are growing in faith through it all. Blessings, Gwen

  12. Today, my prayer and great desire of my heart is to see my husband saved. He is a wonderful man and I love him with all my heart; however, he is not saved. I want to spend not only this life with him, but eternal life with him. My prayer is that God pierces his heart with the truth and brings him to his knees. We went to the movie “I Can Only Imagine” last night and my husband loved it. He has the most loving heart but bases his beliefs on scientific facts, not faith. Please pray that my husband Don will accept the love and Grace Jesus died to give us and will open his heart to love and forgiveness.

  13. This is exactly what I needed at exactly the right time this morning.
    Thank you for reminding me that we can do all things through Christ.

  14. I am so thankful I found Girlfriends in God! The devotionals are spot on. I love reading them to start my day & activity in the Lord. Today’s devotional is especially close to my heart. My 34 year old son re-dedicated his life to the Lord in January 2018. Two weeks later in February he passed away. I now know how much power this scripture holds. I miss my son so much & would not be able to get through each day without the Word of God, His love. His peace. His joy. His comfort. I love my son with all my heart & cannot understand why this happened. But I know I serve a God who knows the end from the beginning & my son is now in the arms of Jesus, waiting for his family to join him. I am at peace because I know the Most High God. He loves my son. He loves me. He loves my family. And He loves you! Praise the Lord forever more!

    1. Post

      Oh, Denise! I’m so sorry for your loss!! And so grateful for his professed salvation. Praying for you now. 🙏🏼💗 Gwen

  15. Thank you for your devotion! I look forward to each morning before I begin my day. My prayer is to fully trust God and believe in the power that he’s put in me to do all things through him to influence the people around me, to be creative,to be a leader, and to be a conqueror. Thank you once again! You are truly God sent 🙂

  16. My aunt is fighting Cancer. She is depressed and has said Why does God hate her so much. She has lost all faith. She raised me when my mom left. I continue to pray for her to find peace and the love of Christ.
    I am up for a higher position at work. I know if it is God’s will then it will be. But the extra pay increase would help our family.

  17. Thank you so much for being so faithful!!! These devotions everyday get me through. Well that and prayers. My son went into the Army, he is struggling with his physical training test. I have been praying for the lord to just wrap him in his glory. He has had so much on his plate while he’s there 13 hours away from us. His cousin, who was more like a brother was killed in a tragic car accident. And his grandmother had a heart attack. He couldn’t come home for anything. Please help me pray for him. His name is Zack. Thanks again for sharing your bible study with me.

  18. My daughter is depressed and suffers with anxiety. She had for many years. She has tried many medications with little help. This effects her daily life. The biggest problem is not seeking help and following through. My prayer for years has been to get the help she needs and trust in the Lord. She doesn’t follow through. She is 20 and now pregnant. Her anxiety levels are sky high and I am so worried about her and the baby. I pray daily for strength and guidance to get through this. This was my prayer before the pregnancy. I ask for prayers in hopes that all will work out and that she will allow God into her heart.

  19. GWEN, thank you for all of your prayers and all of your honest and hard lessons that you share with your readers. My faith is small when I look at the problems and the suffering that I am going through but when I look at Jesus and what He has gone through for me my faith is strong and I will trust Him and Him alone. God bless you and your ministry as it has saved my life !

  20. Thank you for sharing! Our lives -mine & my husband’s -have been overwhelmed with adversity, hard times, & attacks for more than 18 months. He unfairly lost his job, in a company where I still work. He has been diligently working to fulfill the vision for a company that was given to him by God. Our finances are totally depleted. It has been revealed to us by the Holy Spirit that his business partner is lost & horribly conflicted by the voices that haunt her. And just as we see what appears to be God’s Devine deliverance, all of the battles have heated up to an almost unbearable level.
    But God has this. We cannot see with our physical eyes, but we have the promise of God’s protection and deliverance. Your words are an incredible comfort and encouragement. We HAVE drawn that line in the sand. And through God, we will overcome. Thank you for praying for us!

  21. Dear Gwen,
    Today is the day that we are signing the papers to put our autistic daughter Bella into a skills-based program in her middle school. She will get a certificate rather than a diploma, and that has been a tough decision, and one that we still struggle with. When I opened the GIG web page, I was hoping for some words of inspiration, and your post did just that, reminding me of Philippians 4:13. Thank you.

  22. My dad died 6 years ago, a month after I had my son, his first grandchild. They met for the first and only visit when my son was 2 weeks old and my dad passed away about a week later, happy. But it felt so mean, that he would finally get what he had wanted for so long and not get to fully know him. And yesterday a friend said to me about a big thing that she was going through that God was not cruel, and I have to admit that my first thought was,”Well it feels like it sometime.” But this devotional reminded me of how God lifted me and kept us all lifted through that time (and me going through post partum things at the same time). I always hold onto that but I needed that reminder. I don’t know why God does what He does or allows what He allows. But I know He is faithful.

  23. Always encouraging & uplifting to read through your blogs Gwen, thank you for sharing and may the Lord continue to grant you more wisdom and strenght to keep bringing hope to the lost and hurting world through your ministry…I must say this statement stood out for me and opened my eyes to a whole new level “If I am really telling the Lord that I want everything He has for me, and am asking Him to be glorified in my life, then I have to want everything He allows to pass through His hands and into my life” It reminded me that everything that happens in our lives God has already weighed it first and He is in control. May he receive the Glory and may we find peace as we learn to trust in his sovereignty in all circumstances of our lives.

  24. Thank you so much for this testimony and the many wise words you write in your articles. You are such an inspiration. God Bless you and your family

  25. I know how you feel. My dad pasted away will be 6 years this August. He was a great man. Lived for the Lord 68yrs. He was the glue that held his family together. It was hard. Then my mom was diagnosed with dementia. The only way I made it thur was my relationship with Jesus. I’m d i fferent now. I have changed for the good. My family divided. But I pray for them everday. I felt as I had lost it all. But I didn’t. I had Jesus Christ. He has never left me. I know my mom and dad are healed and are with Jesus. And I know I will see them again. So don’t ever give up! He’s a ways there. God Bless! I enjoy your posts

  26. Thank you for sharing God’s Word and your testimony.
    It helps others going through grief of a loved one.
    My mom passed away from cancer this January.
    It has been so difficult. My heart aches and I miss her so much.
    I used to talk to her almost everyday.
    So may days I feel lost and no one around me seems to understand.
    I am so thankful God does. The only thing that makes me feel better
    is knowing God has made it better and fixes everything.
    Maybe not right away but that my Mom is in heaven and the love
    He shows me each day. I am so thankful for the Mom He gave me,
    the blessings, the time we had and all the special memories.
    I may not understand all that happens, but I trust and know our God
    is good and able. I love the scripture where Jesus says he will never
    leave nor forsake us and that he has left us a comforter, the Holy Spirit.
    What a awesome promise! We each have His presence with us each day
    being a child of God and we know he will never leave us. Wow.. How Great.
    Thank you Gwen, Sharon & Mary for the Girlfriends in God ministry and all you do for your sisters in Christ.
    Prayers, Love and Hugs

  27. Hi this post hit hard to what I’m dealing with I just lost my dad. I must say it not easy thing to deal with. but , I ask myself I’m worsted of god, do he hear me. why I can:t express myself like other speak his words . but I know I truly love god and everything he have to offer me. where to begin.

  28. I and my family are in the trenches now. My beautiful aunt Jana is in the process of making her way to her heavenly home. Please pray for her to not be afraid. She isn’t ready to go and we certainly aren’t ready to let her go. She just turned 60 and has 4 beautiful grandchildren. God help us all!

  29. Thank you for these sweet reminders.. I’m in the same foot steps my sweet Dad passed away 5/31/13 some days it feels like yesterday and some it feels like years. I also lost my older sister 12/27/73 she was only 18 yrs when God called her home. even thought it has been 45yrs some days it feels like yesterday. I know that our Heavenly Father is always there he is my strength & my Lord & Savior Jesus Christ is my strength. so sending prayers to all who has loss loved ones for piece & comfort. warm hugs

  30. Dear Gwen
    Thank you for all your encouragement through these letters. It is so good to be reminded that no matter what we go through God is right by our side, often carrying us as we stumble along the path.
    I have told numerous friends that I do not know how I would have coped without the Lord in my life when my son died and my marriage broke. My son was only 31 with a beautiful wife a three year old son and 5 month old twin girls. He was shot so it was a huge shock for us all. I have seen my daughter in law struggle with the grief and her parents question it all. But God brought me peace, yes a very sore heart, but peace. Steven had made a commitment to the Lord as a child so I was assured that he had just moved home. The Lord has abundantly blessed me with amazing friends who have carried me through the sadness and pointed me to the cross, as have you. So a very big thank you.
    We never stop missing our parents, they are so intrinsically a part of who we are, but when we are assured that they have just moved home we can know that we will see them again and rejoice together in the Glory of the Lord! Fabulous!
    I pray that your ministry in word and song will continue and grow and blossom.
    God Bless
    Until they all hear
    Judy Lundsay

  31. Thank you for sharing I read this story as I sit at the bedside of my grandfather at 1:30am looking through my emails for some comfort through devotionals and this spoke volumes to me. We just found out that my grandpa has cancer and he was brought in because he fell down then test were ran and everything went downhill so fast just 8 days ago he was admitting thinking he would be out soon and now I sit at his bedside in hospice. I know God is giving me the strength to be here in place of my mom who is taking it so hard you see this week my grandpa celebrated his birthday on St.Patricks day and my mom 2 days later so it’s a hard memory she is trying to come to grasp with that this time next year he won’t be here with us. I still have my grandma who suffers from dementia she just thinks he’s sick not dying. I don’t know how she will react once my grandpa takes his last breath. All our family is tired trying to come day and night and I know my grandpa is tired too. Please keep us all in your prayers. I know my grandpa with meet our Good Lord soon. For that I have peace in my heart. God Bless you all and thanks for reading.

  32. Gwen, You look so much like your handsome dad. Your words reminded me of the peace we experienced when we lost our baby boy at the age of 20 months…He would have been 29 years old this month. We have that scripture engraved on his stone…2 Cor. 12:9 “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” God is good. ALL the time! I can’t imagine how different our life would have been without the 20 months God shared him with us. We found out just how sufficient His Grace is. Thank you for sharing your heart with us. You are loved. Hugs from my heart to yours. <3

  33. Oh Gwen! I love your heart and I am gaining so much from the I Want It All Bible Study! In signing up for this on-line Study, I knew I was so safe. There would be no distractions, no false pretense, no judgement, no competitiveness; nothing to hinder my need to hear the still small voice that I had been so in tune with prior to our daughter’s Homegoing. Since Heidi’s passing, my heart has been completely paralyzed. I didn’t trust, I resented, I feared loss of any kind, I regretted, I was angry, I felt alone and abandoned, so I just shut down and consequently my heart froze. We buried our precious Heidi on Good Friday. Easter has been a time of just going through motions, unmoved and unaffected. God has used this study to impact me like never before! I am overwhelmed! The Holy Spirit has been nudging me to RISE AND BE HEALED!! I know my spirit has been revived, restored, renewed and refreshed! I have literally felt my heart soften!!! Isn’t it just like God to HEAL Heidi by receiving her into Heaven during the Easter season and then choose this very exact time of the Easter season to HEAL my brokenness!! God has been nudging me to get off the sideline! I know I have been given the strength, courage and fortitude to get back in the game of life! With a heart overflowing, I can truly say, to God be ALL the glory!! I am a living witness to Psalm 34:18!!

  34. I lost my husband a little over a year ago and I am still in that hole of darkness. Death is a hard thing to deal with. I pray and ask God to pull me out of the despair but I can’t seem to get out of it. I talk to a counselor but I still feel lost. Please pray for me. Thank You Gwen

  35. We have been struggling for years, a daughter sexually abused and turned to drugs, my husband lost his job a yr and a half ago and no prospects. We have been hit at every turn. My daughter is doing better but still struggling with worth , image, anxiety and depression and Satan’s continued attacks. Her sisters are resentful. Good news is inevitably marred by another attack. Still we are hoping in God and remaining secur in His promises even though that cloud is still lingering. We are only standing because of His mercy and grace. We have a long road ahead. Prayers are always appreciated.

  36. I read this today in my email and it was a blessing as my mother had passed away the night before. She was the rock of our family but I know she is no longer suffering and what is more painful now is watching my fathers pain and grief

  37. I don’t always read everything that comes to my inbox, but I am happy I did today.This is just what I needed right now. My 19 year old son, Jared, took his own life 2 weeks ago, after battling the beast of depression for about 5 years. My husband and I did everything we could, Jared fought to be happy everyday. He just have the strength to keep fighting for his life. I am beyond heartbroken, but know that God is with me and will get me through this nightmare. One thing I’ve wanted to make sure I do through all of this is to glorify our Heavenly Father and let others see that He is still good. He is giving me this unexplained strength and moments of peace. If it were left up to me I’d be curled up in a ball in the corner of my closet. Please pray that I can continue to glorify God and rely on his strength and peace.

    1. Post
  38. Dear Gwen,
    Just over 3 yrs ago my mom breathed her last and entered into her forever home. Hard, you bet the hardest thing I’ve been through, BUT GOD!
    To say my mom’s home going was a beautiful thing sounds really weird, but when she did breathe her last I heard the Holy Spirit say “we are standing on holy ground!” God’s presence was there to usher her home-BEAUTIFUL! A gift from our Father! The comfort and hope we have in Jesus was completely solidified in me as I walked those halls of grief. He is so faithful and good to us!
    Love you Girlfriend! Blessings,

  39. Dear Gwen,
    Your devotional today really spoke to me, Five years ago our daughters baby was born prematurely by 10 weeks , the following month my husband had open heart surgery, then three weeks after that our grandson Calvin was killed in a four wheeler accident, The Lord put it on my heart to read the book of Job, I came to the realization that the devil was trying to break my families faith, I am happy to tell you the opposite occurred our faith is stronger than it has ever been, Tommorow would have been Calvin’s 16th birthday those are hard days, our grandson Ethan is 5 now and perfect in every way, as a Grandma is not partial, Ha! Thank you for all you do to share the word,

  40. Bless you and your family.
    My family is going through things and continue going through them. My brother who I don’t know how he gets through one day to the next. His daughter has lymphoma, he has taken his in laws in, they are dealing with health issues . His beloved dog has a heart condition, and our mom has been recovering from a fall. God gives us things in an overwhelming order; don’t know why so much has fallen on him. I pray everyday for strength and guidance. Hoping everyone can keep him and my family in prayers.

  41. Bless you! I know so many people who need this blog today. Thank you for sharing life with us!!! Loss is so hard, but through Christ we can do anything! I can look at my life as it goes by and I have seen God’s hand in so much. There is no denying He is with me through every single thing good, bad and ugly, He is there giving me all I need. Peace, strength, love, compassion, understanding, forgiveness, healing, and provisions beyond anything I can ask or imagine! Praise Him through Whom all things hold together!!!

  42. Oh, Gwen, how I need this right now. I lost my husband to cancer in January. Three weeks later my mother died. This has been an incredibly hard season of grief for me and for my daughter. Thank you for your post today.

  43. Just reading it brings back the pain of losing my dad and that was 18 years ago…2 years ago I said goodbye to my mom….those feelings of loss never go away…but with God I can and have moved on…He does give strength for each new day…He does give peace and joy… What a glorious day it will be when I too walk thru those pearly gates and see all the loved ones who have gone on ahead.

  44. This is so anointed so real! Yes to all God has for my life. Everything He let’s pass through HIS HANDS

  45. Today’s reading was like looking in a mirror for me…today we learn when my father in Pittsburgh will have surgery to remove a cancerous bladder and have a colostomy installed. He is a trooper, having already survived cancer 4 times! I will be his caregiver after surgery. My prayer is that God guides the doctor thru it all. Amen!

  46. Just lost my mom 3 weeks ago. She was 93 and knew Jesus but it just leaves such a void. I lost my dad 12 yes ago and as long as I hard my mom I felt like I still had part of him. But I am grateful for how things played out her death wads very peaceful and I have seen God through the process again and again.

  47. My mother passed February 18, 2018 after dealing with dementia. I know she is now at peace with the Lord. During this time I have become stronger being an only child who am now helping younger cousins who are going through similar issues with their mothers, my aunts. God is giving me the strength to honor my mother by staying grounded in the Word.

  48. Good morning Gwen, I just wanted to make a small comment regarding your post this morning. My dad too, is currently suffering from the heartache of small cell cancer. I’m truly sorry for your lost of your earthly father. I have Jesus in my life so I have faith and understand the circle of life and in a way I’m imagining him pain free the day God calls his name and decides it’s time…. Our human hearts still hold on to the emotions God has given us to feel empathy and compassion and most of all the small traces of what we know as true love. My sister and I recently saw the new imagine movie together, which is wonderful btw….as you know we all go through pits and trials I just wanted you to know my heart goes out to you as I understand you will forever miss your dad and life will never be the same. It takes time but I hope that you have found your new “normal” daily life since I know it will not be the same. Please pray for my dad to have deep peaceful breathes as his time with us is certainly becoming very limited as the days pass. Thank you God bless

  49. Our God is good in times like these, I know and remember when my Mother had cancer for the second time and I was far away but when she needed me most God made a way that I was by her side taking care of her. My Mother went to be with the Lord thirty and half years ago. She was my best friend but I know she is healed and made whole and in heaven. God gives us strength in these times and peace. At this same time my husband and I were between churches as He is a pastor and He felt helpless at this time as we came back to live with my parents with our three children but this is how God let me take care of my Mother in her illness until she passed. My Dad was able to work and I was there to take care of my Mother and the home. The Lord provided pulpit supply for my husband to preach for income. So our God does supply. I was only 34years old when my Mother died and she was only 63 years old which I thought was young but as you said God has our lives plan and when He calls us home it is our time. I also loss my Dad to cancer several years later to cancer and know they are both healed whole in heaven together. Praise the lord.

  50. Gwen,
    Thank you for reposting this. I so much needed to read this TODAY.

    Keep encouraging us to live for God and His glory,

    Ruth Bergen

  51. It’s encouraging to hear how you are handling all this by leaning on God. My father also has cancer and it’s slowly taking over his body going from his kidneys, to lungs, then his brain…had brain surgery, and now in his sinuses. I’m thankful this life isn’t it and we have a much brighter future in the afterlife with Christ.

  52. Gwen, I’m so sorry you and your family are going through this difficult time. My prayers are with you. Our home is facing health issues right now. Including one with C. I have turned it all over to the Lord. I know life is changing, but he will help us through it…in Jesus name Amen

  53. Gwen, you have my mind and heart on you and your family this morning. My dad was diagnosed with lung cancer and was gone very quickly last year. It definitely was the hardest thing I’ve ever been through. As I read your devotion this morning, as I do every morning, and read your words and thoughts of disbelief, it brought back all those feelings I had last year. I know that you know this, but God will bring you through it all. Spending time with him each morning is where I gained all my strength. Yes, I cried and was in anguish many days. Depressed and did not want to be around hardly anyone except my sweet dear husband for about 6 weeks, but God was there. You will feel his presence like never before. A book I would highly recommend is “when you lose someone you love”. It explained so much of what I was feeling and kept me focused right where I needed to be. I am and will be praying for you and your daddy! Tina from Stockbridge Georgia.

  54. Dearest Gwen-I know intimately how health can literally knock one down to their knees! My health is up and down and all over the place! But-God is there with me, He gives me strength and peace! Last year my husband had cancer-lung and thyroid. We prayed, and I was scared! Long story short, surgeons took out his thyroid….lung dr wanted to wait and see. First, his lung was half full of cancer…then it was a nodule. It stayed that way for 7 months. After the thyroid was removed, the surgeon told us the other cancer hadn’t grown! I praised God for that! Then, a month later he had another pet scan done. It was completely clear! The Dr’s couldn’t explain it! We could! God healed him!
    I hope you can find hope in my message! I know God still does miracles! For me, His grace is enough! He hasn’t healed me yet…but I have a serious upgrade in heaven! In His Love, Debbie

  55. Oooops! I forgot add my SO THAT: I am writing a book of fiction SO THAT men, especially women, will come to know our Lord.

  56. Wow, Gwen, my prayers are with ALL your family! I never experienced cancer but both my mom & step-dad suffered through theirs. Sadly, neither survived, but they each were believers!

  57. So very sorry to hear that your father has cancer. Miracles still happen. He will be healed. Either Jesus will heal him on this earth or he will take your daddy to heaven and give him a brand new body! Praying Jesus will be done and praying for peace for you and your family.

  58. Gwen, my family went through a similar battle with my father in law two years ago. It was not cancer it was his heart. He fought a long battle that in the end he lost. I like what you said about God’s peace holding you and knowing that God will be glorified no matter what the outcome. It’s hard to remember our days are numbered and God knows best. In just two weeks two years will have passed since we lost Pop. I will always miss him and have days that I long to talk to him again. But God’s peace still holds me and carries me through the lonely days. I will continue to pray for your family.

  59. These are the moments in life where our faith is tested….I have discovered they come in all forms to people. I have known people to have used “BodyTalk” to help cancer abate….I’m sure there are locations where you live. God works through all the angels here on earth.

  60. I pray that God would use my journey with breast cancer for His glory. He has opened up an opportunity to have a Bible study in my breast cancer doctor’s office. I praise Him for that. It is a fulfillment of Romans 8:28!!! As only He can do.
    I pray God would bring you and your family a continued peace as you walk this journey as I my He can give.
    In Christ,

  61. I love the GIG devotionals. I have at.least three other women now reading them because of how they have touched my life. Gwen the phrase drench me in his power and wring me out so others may be drawn to God touched my heart. I will pray for healing, for peace. Rhonda human understanding for you all.

  62. Thank you for sharing. I pray for you and your family and may Gods love shine on all of you and bring peace, understanding and healing.

  63. We just went through advanced cancer treatments with my father in law and with prayer the doctors couldn’t believe how well he did. He was told he had a few weeks to live, but God kept him with us for almost a year. We know that He is powerful and we pray for your dad to be healed and you all to be given His strength and peace to get through this time.

  64. Lord, I pray that you would bless Gwen and her family during this rough time. Give them strength to endure through as you work your will in this situation. I thank you Father for Gwen, that she is able to encourage others through all of this.
    This devotional reminded me that I am an intercessor for my husband SO THAT the strongholds in his life WILL be broken!!

    1. Yes and amen. Thank you, Lord, for Lee. Help her to stay the course as a blessing and intercessor for her husband SO THAT You can be seen mightily in and through it all. 🙂

  65. Gwen, I walked a similar journey with my mom that you are walking with your dad. I know He will use you in a mighty way, not only in your mom and dad’s lives, but in all the doctors, nurses and others that cross your path as you love on him. I am praying that the peace of God, that surpasses all comprehension, will guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus and He will give you a strength beyond anything you could imagine. I am also praying that the Great Physician will heal your father. Thank you so much for your faithfulness to God and His word. You are a blessing.

  66. Lord, we thank You in advance for hearing our prayers for Gwen and her family. Most especially, drench Jerry in Your grace and mercy today Father, SO THAT, this disease is stomped out and gone from his body. Let it be Your will Lord, and hold this family tight in Your embrace.

    1. Yes, Lord. We want Your will to be done. Thank You for the grace You provide moment by moment. You surely are an awesome God.

      Thanks, Maritzz!


  67. Praying for you, sis. Praying for God’s peace, love and strength for you and your family. I’ve experienced His love, peace and strength like a blanket before, and even though what I went through was really hard, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Thank you for your real and encouraging devotionals to us, and may God bless you.

  68. I also have been in the same.Knowing the only way thru was God and faith.My youngest child in his 20s suffered for 18 months with bone cancer before God took him home.My hardest was the nite before he passed my husband &I prayed with all we had and asked God please if is his time please today either heal or take him home that was hard but as he answered no more suffering for him.Daily I pray to keep my faith and mind strong.Hardest 2 years it’s been for us but my husband and I have came closer in the last 30 yrs. I pray daily for all who are affected from cancer.

  69. Cancer treatment center of America. Its a Christian place. Jesus is at the heart of it. Cutting edge technology. They have a location in Philadelphia.

  70. Gwen, I so enjoy your encouragement from the devotionals. Now, be encouraged in the God that so loves you and your family. He is there, He is in control, He will see you through. I am so sorry for your pain and grief in this very awful situation. Lifting you and your family up in prayer as you walk through this.

  71. In the midst of this storm, God WILL send a rainbow SO THAT you and all those with whom you come in contact – other suffering families, doctors, nurses, patients – will know the unbounded joy and peace that can only come from God. Just as you bless us with God’s beautiful words in the devotions you share with us, so shall God give you the open doors to continue sowing His love. One of my favorite verses is from Esther – “for such a time as this.” I will pray for your dad and all of you that God will sustain you through your This, and just as importantly, that your fragrance of Christ will cover every door you walk through SO THAT they will know you by God’s love. Thank you so much for taking the time to encourage us in the midst of your storm.

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