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Search me. Know me. Show me.

A few years ago my mother in law gave me a 12x magnification hand mirror as a part of a gift. She said that she uses hers all the time and expected that I...

Keep Watch!

I was really excited that evening because I actually had a fun dinner plan … which is not always the case. There was some grilled chicken left over from dinner the night before, so...

Put Your Faith Where Your Action Is

I remember a time, back in 1993, when I was swept up in the whimsical world of wedding planning. Every detail mattered. I was excited to be marrying Brad Smith and I wanted our...

Are Happy Endings Really Possible?

I love a good story. I love stories filled with drama, mystery, action, honesty, hope, grit, tension, release, passion, restoration, and redemption. My favorite stories, however, combine many of these elements and finish with...


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