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Help Me Choose My New Title


Gwen Smith

September 26, 2013

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Hi Friends!

I am about to publish my new songs on an EP and am struggling to determine which title I like best for the project. So, I thought I’d ask you to help me!

Here are the two title options that were just sent over from my designer. Both titles are from songs on the EP. The cover photo is the final. I’d like your help in picking the best title. Feel free to leave a comment below as well.


Option 1 – My Strength, My Song  (same title as my new single)

Option 2 – Lost in Praise

Can’t wait to hear your opinion! Thanks!


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About Gwen Smith

Gwen Smith

I am an unashamed, imperfect worshiper of Jesus Christ. I cling to His goodness to cover my mess and purpose my days to live out the hope of the Gospel. It is my joy and passion to inspire women to live fully in grace and truth. I write books, devotions and songs. I speak. I sing. I worship. I post, pin and tweet. I am intensely in love with the Word of God and believe, wholeheartedly, that the Bible is divinely inspired truth.


63 responses to “Help Me Choose My New Title”

  1. jewel jace says:

    Lost in Praise…when praising, meditating and worshiping our Lord….what a fantastic feeling to get soo into doing so, you “loose” yourself and get filled up with the peace that we receive from Him.

  2. pastup says:

    My strength My Song says it all

    Ken Wooster

  3. joyce gortz says:

    1. my strength my song

  4. Nikhila says:

    I would go for lost in praise if the albums have songs that just would take all my attention and basket me in his love…but I would choose my strength my song if the album was touching me weakness and I was going to be transformed by my worship….

  5. I like My Strength, My Song

  6. Diane says:

    Option 1 – My Strength, My Song (same title as your new single) 🙂

  7. disqus_mnOeAyU5UK says:

    I do like “Lost in Praise” as if you are praising so much that you are lost to the things of the world. “But My Strength, My Song” describes your Heavenly Father and I love that; so it is my choice.

  8. Kim Ketola says:

    BTW I know a worship leader who often gets lost in praise and it’s kind of annoying that he forgets we’re all praising together here when he launches into the chorus–seriously–the eighth time through. I’m sort of anti- being lost in praise in public 🙂

  9. Kim Ketola says:

    my strength my song

  10. RondaSlauenwhite says:

    Lost in Praise

  11. Hazel Aycock Clements says:

    Hazel Clements
    I like option 2-Lost in Praise

  12. Karina Oakes says:

    My strength, my song or His strength, His song

  13. Galinda Barefoot says:

    Lost in Praise is my vote.

  14. Rosemary Rhodes says:

    my strength my song!

  15. Agatha Wright says:

    Lost in praise

  16. jai says:

    Lost in Praise! Ya know how sometimes when you’re praising God and you just get so caught up in it you are “Lost in Praise!”? I love that!

  17. Helena Fulmer says:

    Option #1…”My Strength, My Song”……I think that says i all. <3

  18. Melinda Bales says:

    My Strength My Song- speaks volumes!

  19. Sandra La Fleur says:

    My strength, my song…….

  20. Kathy A. Rice says:

    Always “My strength my song” Love you gurl! <3

  21. Sandra Johnson says:

    My Strength My Song 🙂 <3

  22. Diana Oriol says:

    I love the single title best! It appeals more to real human struggles and victories

  23. SimplySaidMom says:

    Option #1 – My Strength, My Song! So excited for you 🙂

  24. Patti Raiford Lann says:

    My Strength My Song!!!

  25. Gabrielle says:

    Both are good, But “My Strength My Song” is better!

  26. Christine says:

    “My strength my song” …giving God the glory

  27. Chrisrenee says:

    OPTION 1

  28. fingernailmusic says:

    I want to lose all my inhibitions in praise of my saviour and my God, but only because he is “my strength and my song”. so, my strength my song for me

  29. Liesbeth says:

    Lost in praise! Definitely…

  30. Karryle says:

    Lost in Praise! It reminds me of how I long to be when giving or singing praise to God. He also inhabits the praises of His people.

  31. Ethel says:

    My Strength, My Song. It’s catchy and sounds very personal.

  32. Kimberly Shultz Powless says:

    My strength My Song

  33. Heidi says:

    I prefer Option 1. For some reason I get an error when I click on it though.

  34. Linda Jones says:

    (and bless you for asking us!)

  35. Linda Jones says:

    I like my strength, my song…since i get all my strength from Him…! They are both so true, but that one sticks with me. Just my thoughts…

  36. Azaria says:

    My Strength , My Song! 🙂

  37. Kitty Johnson says:

    Option 1

  38. Donna Arms says:

    My strength My song.

  39. Regina Sims says:

    lost in praise

  40. Pamela says:

    My Strength, My Song! 🙂

  41. gladys hernandez says:

    My strenght, my song god bless you

  42. Princess70x7 says:

    Mesh the two… My Strength in His Praise ….but difficult choice, Lost in Praise!

  43. DeAnna Rasmussen Barr says:

    “Lost in Praise”!
    “HIS STRENGTH, My Song” I would like:)

  44. Marilyn Goodwill says:

    “Lost in Praise” is my pick. That’s what happens when I listen to the words of your songs, I get lost in praise to our God. Love you, Gwen, you’re such a “girlfriend”, asking for our opinions.

  45. Becky says:

    The same as your single name…”My strength My Song”

  46. Anne says:

    “My strength, my song” is my vote! Its a tough pick!

  47. Linda Scott says:

    Option 1. I don’t like the word “Lost”. – it’s more like “Found” in praise or “Filled” with praise. Over “Overcome” with praise. But lost sounds like someone before they know Christ.

  48. Debbie Veilleux says:

    Lost In Praise…It’s not about us, but Him. When we become unconscious of self, It’s the praise He can savor and dwell in.

  49. Patricia McFatridge Mohr says:

    Lost in Praise, coz that is where I love to be, I would buy that title over the other one. Love to be lost in praise

  50. Cindy says:

    Lost in Praise…
    God bless you!

  51. Michelle Soto says:

    my strength…my song!
    speaks of deep intimate worship of who HE is to us.

  52. Elsa Sanchez says:

    Lost in Praise, cause when you praise and worship that is exactly what happens to you, you get “LOST IN PRAISE”! Amen

  53. Angela Martin says:

    Lost in Praise… love it

  54. Humberto says:

    Lost in praise is my favorite.

  55. Yohani Ham says:

    “My Strength My Song”, sounds more passionate and intimate to me.

  56. Maryrose Prosperi Orange says:

    My Strength My Song is my favorite – just sayin…

  57. Alice G says:

    My strength, my song…

  58. Becky Will says:

    My strength my song

  59. Kathi Hicks Wilhelm says:

    1! My Strength my Song- strong and positive. hmm… can I rig the vote and stuff the ballot box with this choice? 🙂

  60. Susana says:

    Lost in Praise.

  61. ME says:

    My strength my song! 🙂

  62. Misti Paulding says:

    My Strength, My Song!! (Lost in Praise great title for the next one!)

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