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Please Make The Pain Go Away!


Gwen Smith

January 12, 2016

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Preston dribbling2

As the basketball game heated up and the man-to-man coverage got up close and personal, he took an elbow to the ear. Seconds later his world went silent on the trauma side. Stunned, he continued to play and pointed to his ear as he ran down the court telling his coach about the situation.

“I can’t hear in my left ear!”

Wait, what? I read his lips from the stands and wondered if I accurately interpreted what my son had just communicated. (My stomach did the I-hate-when-my-kids-get-hurt twist.)

Preston shooting2

“I think he just told coach that he can’t hear out of his left ear!?” I said to the friend beside me.

My guess proved to be accurate.

Preston came out of the game and spoke with the athletic trainer. She listened to the recap of what happened, evaluated his ear, and then allowed him to go back in the game since he wasn’t in pain and no bleeding was visible. He finished the game in an oddly muted reality.

Preston BB running

We got home late with our tall, tired teen and decided that we would get him in to see a doctor if his hearing didn’t come back or improve by the next day.

Morning did not bring the healing we had hoped for so we headed to the urgent care.

The doctor listened to the accident recap and then looked inside Preston’s ear. He saw through the tympanic membrane and quickly identified the source of the silence: bloody fluid had puddled on the other side of his eardrum due to the blunt force of the trauma.

THE BAD NEWS? There was no immediate solution for the hearing loss. An invasive procedure could be done by a specialist, but wasn’t recommended.

THE GOOD NEWS? He said that Preston’s hearing should return and his ear will eventually heal. His body will absorb the fluids over time. We just have to wait. It could take a few days. Possibly even a few months.

Preston dribbling

The diagnosis was as much sweet as it was bitter, but honestly we were hoping for a quicker solution. A speedier healing. A faster resolve.


Make the pain go away, Lord! Now. Now. NOW!

I like things to happen right away. {You too?}

When our hearts are wounded from unexpected relationship traumas, we want to click a simple prayer button and make everything whole and well.

When questions are many and answers are few we want vision for a mile but often get just enough sight for the next step.

When our over spending choices slash us like falling prices, we try to throw a little sanitizing scripture on the gash of our debt and get out of it in the microwave minute of extended credit.

Preston shooting

But life doesn’t work that way. Freedom doesn’t work that way. Quick faith fixes are not a biblical guarantee. Healing often takes time… and doesn’t always look like we want it to look. The way we think it should look.

Yes. God does sometimes rescue and bring us healing immediately, but He’s not obligated to. He’s God, He’s able, and He’s sovereign. Remembering this helps me to trust Him when life gets scary and stressful. {Tweet this!}

I think on this and a barrage of questions flood my mind.

Are there really life-impacting lessons to be learned in this lingering?

What if God wants to use the strains, stains and disappointments we face to refine us – restore us – strengthen us – and to draw us to His side in the desperation?

What if God’s plan is to teach us to know Him in new ways as we struggle to hear, to hope, and to heal?

What if instant healing or quick answers would rob me of greater depth?

If these “what if” wonderings are on point then I’m all for the waiting. Because I really do want to be a woman of depth. Don’t you? Isn’t that what faith is all about? The assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen? (Hebrews 11:1)

If I always get what I hope for right away and can always see clearly, then how will my faith grow?

Preston is waiting on his healing and I pray that the lessons we learn will be rich along the way. And in the waiting of each trial, you and I will grow in faith as we lean in closely to listen to the whispers of the One who is compassionate, faithful, and trustworthy.

Please forgive me for the times when I tell You how to fix me. You are the all-knowing One. You are the all-powerful One. You are the God of all wisdom, grace, compassion and strength. I need You, Lord, and I choose right now to trust the plan of healing You have for me and for my loved ones. Thank You, Father.
In Jesus’ name, amen.


UPDATE: I wrote this post several weeks ago and I am happy to report that Preston’s ear has healed and his hearing has returned. We are grateful.


Read Hebrews 11 and take a walk down history’s holy halls of faith.

Write a “by faith” statement for your life. What would you like to be written about you in the archives of humanity? {Share your “by faith” statement with me in the comments section!}

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About Gwen Smith

Gwen Smith

I am an unashamed, imperfect worshiper of Jesus Christ. I cling to His goodness to cover my mess and purpose my days to live out the hope of the Gospel. It is my joy and passion to inspire women to live fully in grace and truth. I write books, devotions and songs. I speak. I sing. I worship. I post, pin and tweet. I am intensely in love with the Word of God and believe, wholeheartedly, that the Bible is divinely inspired truth.


10 responses to “Please Make The Pain Go Away!”

  1. Lateish M says:

    By faith, I trust, believe, and wait patiently for God to prepare me for my husband.
    By faith, I trust, believe, and wait patiently for God to prepare my husband for me.
    By faith, I share His word and believe His word for the full salvation of my loved ones.
    By faith, I will accept His call on my life.

  2. Candace Wiebe says:

    By faith I let go of hatred and anger from
    sexual abuse.

    By faith I forgive, trusting that only God
    sees the big picture and God is just.

    By faith I turn to God when I’m in need. I
    trust God to care for me, be my hope, and give me peace.

    By faith that I sought reasons to live and
    ways to endure when the pain was so great that I didn’t think I could endure
    another day.

    By faith I took my husband back after his
    first affair and loved him.

    By faith I raise my children and pray for

    By faith I am willing to work towards
    restoration of my marriage.

    By faith I keep moving ahead, day by day,
    trusting that God has a wonderful plan for me even when I can’t see it.

    By faith I trust God to bring beauty from

    By faith I look for the beauty and value of
    all people, and by faith I know that I have value too.

    By faith I look forward to earthly death, to not be
    separated from God but be in his presence for eternity, and by faith that I
    keep running the race until God brings me home.

    By faith I search the scriptures for comfort and wisdom, trusting
    that God’s wisdom is pure, without fault.

    By faith I know that all I need and long for can be found in

  3. tangoforlife0878 says:

    You loved me through all the years i sabotaged myself, even when i attempted suicide You loved me. i now walk with You, in complete faith and total trust. i know i am completely loved. my heart is no longer clinched in desperation. when i feel the hint of despair creeping in i turn to You and You send the Holy Spirit to me and my heart is filled with JOY! Thank you Lord, God!
    Praise the Lord, our God ! Amen !!!!!!!!

  4. Diane says:

    By faith, Diane rested in the knowledge that her beloved GOD was always with her; in the loss of her firstborn son to a sudden and violent death, in the awful silence of waiting to hear if her second-born son was still alive following a plane crash, after the loss of her husband’s job, the forced sale of their house, living with relatives until HE restored what was lost… for by faith, Diane believed and trusted her GOD.

  5. Lynn Tate says:

    By faith, Lynn believed her children walked with God.

  6. Teresa Hawkinson says:

    After all I have been through in the last 5 years–breast cancer; knee replacement; emergency shoulder surgery following a fall; and now facing a surgery on my collarbone after falling and breaking it, by FAITH I still can smile and say, “you can’t have my joy~~not today, no way”!!

  7. Deborah in Jacksonville says:

    By faith Deborah believed God & it was counted to her as righteousness.

  8. Phyllis Pendleton says:

    By faith, I know my son is delivered from alcohol. By faith, I read God’s Word each day about healing when diagnosed with cancer. By faith, I prayed for my sister to find a husband. I have seen only one of these prays come to light but I choose to continue to pray by faith.

  9. JenB says:

    By faith, I will move FORWARD as a victorious child of GOD, mother, caretaker0 and future wife.

  10. Liv Louise Mekeel says:

    By faith, I will put my trust in the Lord. I will stop listening to my own fears and follow Gods plan for it is greater and He is greater.

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