When God Does a New Thing

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I admit, I’m a sucker for the makeover shows. It doesn’t matter what kind… home makeovers, fashion makeovers… or even the shows that take a person from drab or flab to fab. I just love to see an amazing transformation! Don’t you?

A few years ago we “transformed” our family a bit when we added a bouncy little puppy to our family.

Steeler Smith

Meet Steeler Smith.

Fun, right? Mostly, yes, but there is a bit more to the story…

Let’s just say that it took a good while for our precious new addition to get the hang of potty training and healthy chewing patterns. Our little, little dog caused us big, big problems when he chewed up and stained our family room carpet.

It. Looked. Awful.

Eventually, when he grew into his bladder and learned better doggy habits, I was ready for a makeover of a carpet-kind for my munched-on, stained-up family room. So I went to the home improvement store, ordered new carpet, and waited with excitement for installation day.

When new-carpet day finally came, I watched the installers painstakingly remove the old flooring layer by layer. First they pulled back and removed the stained, chewed up carpet. Then they tore out the worn down old pad and put all the nasty, soiled carpet and padding in their van to take to the dump. Thank you!

Carpet Install Pics 2013.075

Next they cleared away the remaining debris – cleaned the entire area – and installed the fresh flooring. A fluffy new foundation of padding and carpet! It was a beautiful transformation and I was giddy with gratitude.

Carpet Install Pics 2013.076

Carpet Install Pics 2013.077

Carpet Install Pics 2013.078

The whole process reminded me of this truth: God is all about beautiful transformations.

He is an active, deeply personal, infinitely caring God who restores us on a heart level with makeovers of a masterful kind. When we turn to Him in repentance, He takes the broken, stained areas of our lives away and replaces our mess with a beauty that is far beyond ourselves – the beauty of Christ.

The Bible has a great deal to say about transformations that occur when we turn to God:

“Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.” Isaiah 43:18-19

“Those who look to him are radiant; they are never covered in shame.” Psalm 34:5

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!” 2 Corinthians 5:17

I am living proof of the scandalous nature of God’s grace

grace … of His willingness to forgive and restore ugly, tattered heart places. I don’t write from a platform of perfection, but from a foundation of grace that was finished and established by the blood of Jesus Christ.

He gave His life so that you and I could live beyond our pasts – beyond our disappointments – beyond our biggest mistakes and our deepest pains. He bore a cross so we could be forgiven and made new. So we could have abundant life. Full life. Not a held-back-by-the-stains-and-shames-of-your-past life.

I don’t know where this finds you right now, but God does.

He knows and sees everything – and He loves you like crazy.

We all have brokenness that needs fixing and stains that need to be cleaned. We all need a makeover! The good news of the Gospel is simple: when we call out to God and seek His heart and forgiveness through Jesus Christ, He does a new thing! He meets us with mercy, forgives completely, blesses us with grace that we don’t deserve.

Are you ready for the Lord to do a new thing in your life today?


Dear Lord, I’m so grateful that You love makeovers as much as I do!  You know my heart and You know my messes, failures and wounds. Please create a clean heart in me today, Lord. Would You do a new and beautiful thing? In Jesus’s name, amen. 


FOR YOUR REFLECTION and RESPONSE: Are you ready to move forward in God’s fresh grace today? Leave a comment that says, “I’m ready for a new thing!” Or give a One Sentence Testimony Using just one sentence, POST a comment below that sums up your experience with His deeply personal grace!


Then take a moment to listen to the song Broken into Beautiful.

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  1. Teach me your ways o Lord … help me to know your will for my life. I am READY for a NEW thing here in Newfoundland, Canada!

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  2. Thanking God for 2Cor5:17, Psalm 34:5, Isaiah 43-18-19 and the rest of His precious promises and encouraging words. I’m ready for a new thing as He directs, being content and thankful as I wait on Him in Christ.

    1. Yes, I am very much overdue for a new thing, my efforts need to improve and my isolated lifestyle needs to end. Today is a new day and the song was very nice. Gives me hope.

  3. I am definitely “Ready for a New Thing!” In Jesus Name! I am claiming everything that he has in store for me right now. It’s been a long time coming and I realize that he has just been waiting on me while i was waiting on him, he has always been there. I claim the ministry that he bore in my heart some years ago; i claim all the gifts and talents that lay within me to come out and work it out; I claim my future mate/husband; I claim the positive attitude and atmosphere that will take me all the way… Thank you Father for second chances and for your continuous love!!

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  4. I’m surrounded by the theme of “Transformation”. I’m doing the study Having a Mary Spirit which is about holy makeovers, your devotion, and an upcoming retreat titled “Transformation”. Lord, have your way with me. Change my ❤️. Make me more like you. Help me to radiate your love through my life so others can see you.

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  5. I AM READY FOR A NEW THING IN YOU FATHER GOD! I Thank and Praise God for your encouraging words and your song Gwen. Keep me in your prayers and I’ll do the same for you and all the other ladies. Enjoy your day that the Lord has Blessed You with!

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  6. I’m ready for a new thing! I accepted Christ as my savior and I am made a new. I have fully let my past sins and trails go and am concentrating on my new life. My new attitude and my gifting. I am going as a mighty servant to spread the good news I know with a relationship. I am a reflection of Christ that people see the good news and want some too.

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  7. I really needed to hear this beautiful song today. It speaks directly to my heart and soul. Yes, I need a new thing in my life and I know our GOD has that for me if I only let go and let GOD.

  8. I enjoyed the devotional and it was very lifting as this past year has been very discouraging with my youngest daughter being sick and not knowing what was wrong with her and in December finding out that I have cancer and have to have surgery and insurance we have been paying for will not cover it. But one thing I do know God is still in control and we will find out what is wrong with Tabitha and I am going to have surgery and we will get the $1000.00 deposit we need for the hospital. My Lord supplies. I am ready for a new thing as my Lord helps me through these problems and will keep me and my family.

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      Lord, You are loving, compassionate and kind. Please look favorable upon your daughter, Diane, and her family. Surround her with your love and provision. Teach her beautiful lessons in the strains. Draw her close to your heart and lead her in your ways in and through every trial. We ask this in JESUS’ name. Amen.

      Blessings and Strength to you, Diane!

  9. I am ready for a new thing! Lord I thank you in advance for this wonderful new thing You are going to do! I pray this in Jesus precious and mighty name!

  10. Hi Gwen,
    I was moved by your post about God doing a new thing in one’s life, to write a bit. I have been virtually jobless since June 2015. I am divorced and childless at age 53, and I still live with my family. Finally, I have been asked to accept a part-time job at the youth and family services agency where I have been volunteering since 2012. I accepted it. It will be a new experience in my life for the next five months to pilot a new program for them. There are many areas in my life that need a “new” thing. I’m ready for new things in my life, and look forward to many more “new” things that God has in store for me. Thank you God! And thank you Gwen!


  11. I am SOOO ready for a new thing!

    “Transformed” was my God Word a couple of years ago but still to be made new and grow and change!! 2016 was such a bad year for me……my mom passed away, my daughter went to jail for 3 months….. I was just so upset, depressed & overwhelmed with it all. Praying 2017 will be a NEW & BETTER year….full of God’s grace and mercy!

  12. Seriously??? How could you POSSIBLY get bent out of shape over this darling little creature? Those eyes!!! Ok, just joking. He is a sweetie, though, and I know that you are enjoying the new carpeting. Yes, GOD, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze give me some new beginnings! I have been dragging my feet for 20 long years on this one thing about myself that I have been longing to change. Give me courage to look myself in the eyes and see me as You see me and give me what I need to do this thing once and for all. Oh, Lord, there is so much that I need to change that I know doesn’t fit with what You have in mind for me. I want to do what You want me to do!!! Thank you Lord! Amen.

    1. I am ready for a new beginning in my life, so much drama with family members ! I know God knows my heart better than people and he sees my truth & I am tired of trying to prove myself to others . I have a good heart but I just can’t continue living the stress of others ( family) gives me . I am a 66 year old wife, mother of two sons and eight grandchildren, and never have been connected to either daughter in laws other than when need help with children ? Sorry too much !!

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      You’re a hoot, Beth. Yeah… he’s cute alright. His damage? Not so much. 😉

      Excellent pursuit with Jesus, friend. HIS WAYS are the best ways. TRUST that! Meditate on Psalm 139 today and pray with the Psalmist at the end…


  13. I am REALLY ready for a new thing. Ready for God to fix the brokenness in my life!
    The week before Thanksgiving my husband of 33 years dropped the bombshell on me with divorce papers. I had no clue. The week later my dad passed away.
    I am ready to move on with God’s plan. Thank you for this devotion.

  14. I’m ready for a new thing in 2017! I want to walk out true discipleship and with God, I know that’s possible….in Jesus name!

  15. Feeling totally worthless in a fruitless job search and financially strapped. Have been really strong in my faith since Oct but with little money and bills coming in and no firm job offers, I am wavering. I know God holds my future, BUT I am scared which is foreign to me. Please pray for peace and resolution for me along with renewed faith in God’s all powerful and loving wisdom of what is best for my future. Thank you for all you do!

  16. 2016 left me broken. If I had not been a believer it would have destroyed me. I am so thankful for a Heavenly Father who is forgiving and will never leave me or let me down, even when it fills like the rest of the world has. I will never be lonely because He is always with me. S So yes, I am ready for the new. I am ready for a makeover. Bring it on 2017!! With God by my side…I’ve got this!!!

  17. I’m so ready for a new thing too! Thank You dear Lord that with You all things are possible. I’m trusting You to do a new thing in me!

    Thank you too dear Gwen. I love your devotionals and. your heart for our awesome God

    1. Before I came to Christ I made a bunch of poor choices; especially with guys. I didn’t know what love really was. I did not have a strong father figure, but now I do. Our father is a protector, a teacher, a counselor, a leader, and has mercy, love and compassion for His daughters. Thank you Lord for hearing my prayers and forgiving for the choices I made. You are my love and my one and only. Amen!

  18. 2017 is my year for new things! I’m ready! Bring it on, God!!!!! Your devos are such an encouragement. I read them first thing in the morning when I get to my office! Thank you!

  19. please please please lord You know..i am too weak to repeat it and i know i dont have to because You see all inside my heart and soul… please help me.. in Jesus name Amen.. angels be with me today and always…..and this seems selfish as i write..i realized as i was about to hit enter it was me me me… but i also realize too that it has to be me me me because if not, i cant take care of others and what needs to be done..i want to be a better mommy..friend..daughter, sister etc… but ‘me’ is damaged and in pain.. help me so i can feel alive again and help my babies to see their light.. thank my god.. i can hardly breathe..thanks be to You

  20. I’m ready for a new thing! Been out of work since before thw holidays because God asked me to leave a place where I was being held back. I now need direction! I need to know what God wants me to do. Especially if it means using the writing talent that he has given me to bless my family and others.

  21. I am Ready and Need A New Thing. Lord I know you are Faithful and Love Me. In all my brokenness and mess you do. Please keep making me a New Creation and please forgive me on the days when I mess up and fail being the old me. I Love You Father.

  22. My “word for the year” is renew. “Create in me a clean heart, O God. Renew a loyal spirit within me.” Psalm 51:10 NLT
    My testimony has/had become stagnant. I feel “stuck.” I AM READY FOR A NEW THING!!


  24. I am ready for a new thing, a new year, a new me. I have made bad decisions in the past that haunt me. Thank you for your words

  25. Your Blog and the Song touched me in a way you will never know. I was broken into so many pieces I felt like a cracked vase. Then I remembered that HE loves our cracks because HIS Love can shine through them.

    Thank You so much for the Beauty of your time and for the encouragement you give.

  26. I am ready for a “makeover”! Each and every day I am ready for what God has in store for me! My desire for a makeover comes from within and a deep desire to be whole in God’s eyes. Your words make me realize that I am not alone in my thoughts..and I look forward to your thoughts! You are a blessing!

  27. Thank you so much. I am ready for a new thing. I have been having trouble reminding myself of my past mistakes and failures. I just pray that I just keep focusing on Jesus and his eternal life, and forgiveness. Again, thank you, I needed to read this today.
    God bless

  28. I am ready for a new thing LORD. I praise you in advance for my makeover. Prepare my heart as I walk into this season of grace, mercy, favor, and prosperity. Use me! Help me to be a living breathing example of YOUR love. I am so grateful for what you have done, what you are doing right now, and what is yet to come. FATHER, I THANK YOU AND BLESS YOUR HOLY NAME. IN JESUS’ NAME AMEN!

  29. I am READY for a new thing! I can hear God speaking to me and thankful I have HIM on my parenting journey. I am also thankful for you! Your Girlfriends in God is something I look forward to reading daily. I even go back into old ones on Saturdays and Sundays.

  30. Yes I’m ready for transformation, I love the Lord & know that I’m saved by His blood, but I got myself into stituation I she have never been in.
    I’ve had no symtoms no morning sickness, no constipation , no nausea, no food cravings, no increase in appetite, no extra bathroom trips in middle of nite, no weight gain. One postive mid Oct , 2 neg blood test, all other .net hpt,.
    I real think I’m 23 weeks.
    Prayers please. Going to see gyn this week

  31. Yes Lord! I am ready for that new beautiful life
    you planned from the beginning, that I keep messing
    up. Love and Praise you Lord! Amen❤

  32. I have been going through so much lately and the enemy has been lying to me as he does everyone. Because of the illness I went through, my hospital GI doctor had said to me on the day I was leaving, “I don’t know if you realize how ill you have been, but you are fortunate to be going home.”
    Having 2 surgeries in December, one to fix the initial problem and one to correct the botched surgery of the first surgeon. and now another in about four weeks, which is a continuation of the repair, my spirit has been down.
    With the illness I couldn’t concentrate to read my Bible, I couldn’t remember verses to comfort myself nor could I remember even one line to a worship song, the enemy used this to tell me I’m not really Born Again.
    Coming out of anesthesia from the first surgery was horrifying, I was in a nightmare and the enemy told me this is your life, hell.
    Now I know these are lies from the very pit of hell, the problem was I was on so much pain medicine and they were dumping bag after bag of three different antibiotics in me my discernment was confused.
    People who I thought were my friends never contacted me, that was and is painful.
    Today’s devotion was a gift. A gift of renewal, of leaving the past behind, the illness, the fact that my surgeon denied me surgery day after day which caused an organ to become gangrene which then leaked out into my body causing me to be septic. Leaving this behind knowing that God will deal with him (the first surgeon), I pray for his Salvation, please do the same. Leaving behind the sad feelings about my friends. Allowing the Lord to take from me the lies drilled into me day after day, I was in the hospital for two visits totaling 16 days.
    Leaving it in Gods hands and leaving it there.
    Some may wonder how today’s devotion and the song ‘Broken into Beautiful” has anything to do with the things I just talked about, but you know, that’s between
    God and myself and He used this to minister to my heart.
    I know there are so many others who are going through much worse things than I did, I just have to leave in Jesus’ hands all this garbage and not take it back. I’ve always have said that the greatest garbage man out there is our Savior Jesus. He doesn’t even scrunch up His nose at the most putrid things in our life.
    Thanks for hearing me out and may God’s Blessings abound in your lives!

    1. Kathy, may God take today to not only provide you a new start in healing, but allow you the opportunity to heal completely and that you would see each day bring you complete and utter blessings of love and security to do all you want to do. Stay strong sister! Love and blessings to you. ~Mina

  33. Yes, I am ready for a new thing!. My failures hit me so hard and I am feeling so condemned and I’m trying to see myself how God sees me. I often fail to see His love for me. My thoughts and feelings about today’s moral standards were not in line with God’s word and I’ve been begging for forgiveness for my massive failure. I need God to change my heart and opinions so that it is in line with his Word. I need a total heart change, I feel so distant from Him. Reading your post gave me hope. God bless you

    1. Pam,
      I don’t know how the replies work here and if you’ll even see it, but I know the Lord will deliver it to you. The enemy wants you to feel condemned NOT God. I don’t know what you’ve done and it doesn’t even matter. If you have repented then God remembers no more (Isaiah 43:25, Hebrews 8:12). It’s not that He can’t remember or only forgets sometimes or some people. He remembers no more ALWAYS when we repent! When you have repented of whatever you have done use those scriptures to combat your thoughts because they are the truth, not your feelings. And if you haven’t repented then repent now. Then “Submit yourselves before God. Resist the devil and he will flee” James 4:7. Sometimes I forget the first part of the scripture (submit myself to God) and then the second part won’t happen. Submit, repent and know you are forgiven (it’s not about “feeling” forgiven it’s “knowing” that you are because God said so). Claim His promises sister and worship Him. I will say a pray for you because I know I can go here all to quick also.

      Your sister in Christ❤️

  34. I am always ready for Jesus Makeover!! His love transforms me/us in a way that can’t be described in human terms! Praise God for his Precious Grace and praise be to Him on High for His graciousness! Thank you Gwen and blessings to all!!

  35. I am ready for a new thing! 😉 Thanks Gwen! I have enjoyed following you these past few years as you share with us songs, Gods’ Word, and how to live with God’s grace in daily.

  36. I am ready for a new thing! 😉 Thanks Gwen! I have enjoyed following you these past few years as you share with us songs, Gods’ Word, and how to live with God’s grace in daily.

  37. “I am ready for a new thing.” I woke early this morning needing answers from God and I got it thru the Girlfriends of God and this as well. Thanks you so much for devotions. I have read several of your books and have your CD.. I am Broken into Beautiful..

  38. Hi Gwen I am really inspired by your devotionals.Im recently divorced & sometimes feel as though(sometimes) God is leading me to Charlotte, but the jury is still out, so we will see.Either way I would like very much to visit your church. My daughter recently relocated there soon to be a year now.All I have tosay Iis keep doing what you are doing.

  39. Lord i’m ready for a new thing!!! I repent of all my rebellion. I give you all of the brokenness in my life. I receive your love, grace, and beauty for ashes!!!

  40. I have gone through so much in the last year and last month with surgery that I just wanted to give up. But one night laying in the hospital bed something said to me It’s Done! (So Shall It Be). I hold on to these words and try to stay positive. Keep me and my family in your prays and i will do the same for you.
    Danyel Edwards

  41. I’m definitely ready for a NEW thing…the old has passed away; there needs to be something NEW to replace the old…in Jesus’s Name, Amen…

  42. I am ready for something new and wonderful in my life! God, I know You love me, I have faith in You, and I trust You completely!

  43. I am so ready for a transformation!! 2014 was filled with lots of stress, confusion, and disappointment. This new year I am ready to have the Lord help me to see His perfect plan for my life!! “Lord, I am asking for Your mercy and forgiveness for all my transgressions. I am giving my life fully to You and trusting Your plan for my life. Please create a clean heart in me today. Amen!”

  44. Im ready for a new thing. Im in so much need of prayer, favor and faith. By the way, Steeler is adorable. Blessings.

  45. I’m ready for a new thing!!! I’m so thankful that Jesus paid my sin debt and that He cleansed me from my sin and made me white as snow!!! Hallelujah!!! Praise the Lord that the old is passed away and I AM NEW!!!

  46. I am ready to let go of a 7 yr Strong Hold… and completely have faith that The Lord does have a Much better plan for my life… That I can’t see yet!

  47. I am ready for a new thing! I need a complete transformation as I have really struggled to understand all that has happened in my life over the last few years. I know Gods plan is the perfect plan. I am ready to leave the things of the past behind me and move on to the wonderful life that God has promised me and my family. My goal for 2015 is to stop looking back and focus on the wonderful future that God will provide. I must take myself out of the equation and forgive the past. That is my promise to myself. Thank you for all the wonderful messages you send out each day. You are a wonderful inspiration and God is certainly using you for His glory! Happy New Year!

  48. Lord, I am so ready for a new thing, to be transformed into the person you made me to be, not the mess I have made. Transform me into that person and help me see myself through your love and your eyes.

  49. I am straddling two worlds, the Christian and the secular. I find myself desiring the material stuff. For example I desire to have this particular higher level job and every time I interview for a vacant position I don’t do well and hence I am not chosen for the job. Although I do parts of the job right now I must past the interview. It is very frustrating, I get very disappointed and down on myself and thinks that folks are judging me. Then I am reminded of Jer 29:11; Rom 8:28 ; Joshua 1:9. So now I have agreed that I am not running after this particular job., I am leaving it alone. So I am definitely ready for a transformation. I am ready for a new thing . I am looking forward to Him changing my mourning into dancing. Thanks so much for the opportunity to share.

    1. Shari,
      I have been where you are regarding a position at work. I was doing the job that I wanted in addition to my regular job responsibilities, but they didnt want to offer me the job. The minute I was willing to release it, I got the job. So hang in there! Praying for you!

    2. Shari; Without me knowing you, from past experience, I’d say
      you are not spending much time with the Lord in quiet time.
      I may be wrong, (but probably not)…Remember the bible says
      “seek FIRST the Kingdom of God and all these (other) things
      will be added unto you”. Quit trying to obtain promotions, and
      other things and focus on your relationship with God. Even if
      it’s hard at first (and it was for me); over time you will look forward
      to those times alone with the Lord and you will see things begin to
      happen in your life that you’ve been praying for. God wants you to
      know that when these things do happen, it was HIM that supplied
      that need, and the glory belongs to Him alone. He doesn’t want you
      to look to your job, your boss, even your church to provide for you.
      All those things are good, but ultimately God is the answer to all
      of your needs.

  50. I am always ready for a new thing with my Lord.Everyday is a beautiful day with Him.Love your Blogs and your music.Thank you for sharing! God Bless!

  51. I am ready ready for a new thing, Lord have you way in me from now on my life is in your hands. you call the shots take over. Thank you 🙂

  52. I learned to lean on God late in life, but I feel so blessed to know that it is never too late. I can tell all the college students in my church what not to do. I felt God chasing after me, wanting a closer relationship with me. He was ready to forgive me and then has blessed me many times over. God’s grace is enough!!!

  53. I’m ready for a new thing. I start a new job tomorrow and am so happy. God closed a door on me that he knew was unhealthy for me and opened this new one. I’ve been in an unemployment cycle on and off for two years, it’s time to break this cycle and do what God has planned for me. A pastor told me to pray when I was ready for God to lead me to where I am supposed to be and I did, boy did I not realize what I would go through when I did it, but I wouldn’t change a thing. I can honestly say I am happy and at home both literally and in Christ.

  54. I am ready for a makeover, my life is full of sadness and despair. I love the Lord but I feel deserted by Him right now. I feel so lonely

    1. Rita,
      I will be praying for you. I pray that you will feel the presence of the Holy Spirit lifting you out of sadness, loneliness and despair.
      ” May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit”. Romans 15:13
      His everlasting love endures forever.

      Praise God in all circumstances

    2. I know how you feel. I’ve been through a lot and mostly my fault, but God is so Good. I will pray for you and that your faith is restored in God. My friend said to me at the beginning of my new tenure of unemployment not to worry about things I can’t control. I pray daily for strength and guidance and God has done amazing things for me. It blows my mind at his blessings. I have a job now without ever having interviewed and I am paid bi-monthly which was more than I expected. I’m an educator with a Master’s degree and couldn’t get a job because I had too much education! God is Wonderful, he has answered all my prayers even the one that started my stretch of unemployment. I pray that God would lead me to do his will and that I was ready to be happy again. Little did I know that I would lose my job the very next day, but without despair, God has carried me through. I know he will do it for you. You have me in your life now as well as God, so don’t feel so lonely!

  55. I’m ready for a new thing ! 39 weeks 5 days into this pregnancy, I hope my baby boy comes to greet the world soon !

  56. I’m definitely ready for my transformation. I pray for patience in waiting for this awesome restoration! My heart is somewhat like your old carpet! Praising God!

  57. This prayer is very hard for me to pray. My heart has been so closed to Jesus so I am praying your prayer – Dear Lord, I’m so grateful that You love makeovers as much as I do! You know my heart and You know my messes, failures and wounds. Please create a clean heart in me today, Lord. Would You do a new and beautiful thing? In Jesus’s name, amen.

  58. Oh God! I’m ready, more than ready for a new thing, A great new thing. Dear God transform me into a new being. change me and mold me.

  59. I am most definetly ready for a new thing! Enough of trying to work things out in my strength! When I am weak He is made strong! I don’t understand why my journey is so hard, but I am willing to lay my burdens down again and let Him restore and renew me. He gives me beauty for ashes and the oil of joy for mourning. Yes. I am ready for a new work in my life! Praise His name

      1. I totally agree!! I lay down my burdens, brokenness, past experiences, and anxieties! I let the words…. ” nothing can separate me from your love Jesus… Joshua 1:5″ echo in my heart, mind, and soul! Join me in knowing that our journey may be tough yet as God disciplines us we know he will never leave us or forsake us! I am ready to be made new! 🙂

  60. I’M READY FOR A NEW THING! Dear God, I pray that I will be a transformed person this new school year! I pray that I will no longer partake in the gossip, but do what you led me to do, to teach children and make a difference in their lives! Thank you for your devotional and beautiful song!

  61. Change occurs naturally….we make it hard when we fight it. I am no longer fighting…..I am ready for something new.

  62. I am ready for new thing. I want to go all the way with the Lord. Lord speak to my heart and purge me with hyssop and make me whiter than snow. Restore unto me the joy of salvation.

  63. I a so ready for a new thing! I woke up this morning feeling ugly and broken and list! Lord, please forgive me of my sins…all of them…..bring on the new thing! I know you will meet me with all the wisdom and energy I need!

      1. Dear Gwen, It was so lovely to receive your reply. It really encouraged me that you answered. I’m determined to keep on trusting. God will make a way. May He bless you richly too. Hope you have a great day.

  64. I am ready for a new thing…Thank you for the path that you have made in the wilderness and the streams in the wasteland.

  65. Ready for my ‘makeover’! – Let’s do this Lord-make me to be who You need me to be in this life.Gwen, I love that puppy’s face-just precious.

  66. I feel that God is working in me.It is a long hard road.By His Grace I will make it.Oh,may I make a suggestion? FORGET CARPET!!! IT is NASTY!!! YOU CANT CLEAN IT!!

  67. I am ready for a new thing. My husband died 8 months ago. We were high school sweethearts and had been a couple for 34 years. As I go through my grieving with God holding my hand, I am often fearful of the future. I need to trust Him to lead me to what is best for me in this next phase of my life. I am not ready for a new man..I am still in love with my husband! But I know what Jer. 29:11 promises about hope and a future that God has planned for me!

    1. Oh, Moo. I’m so sorry to hear of your loss.

      LORD, please meet Moo right where she is today. Comfort her. Guide her. Give her wisdom and draw her to your heart in deep ways. Lead her in your truth and in your grace. Help her to cling tight to your peace and your Word. Allow her to sense your love and trust your plan freshly today. In Jesus’ name, amen.

      Blessings and Love, friend,

  68. I am ready for NEW!!! It is amazing this morning I picked up my Bible and Journey devo to read about Moving on, speaking of moving your child to college. This will be our daughter’s first year of college, we move her in Aug 15, 2wks… Then I click on the computer to read the GIG for the day and it is talking about NEW… God is truly speaking to my heart this morning. We are going through a lot of new in our home and I know the God is in control of it all. He is leading and guiding. Praying that I will continue to take a step back and follow Him, not try to take the control.. Thank you for these beautiful words today. May God continue to bless us all each day.

  69. I am indeed ready for God to do a new thing in and with me! Thank you for the opportunity to share! 😉

  70. I’m ready for a new thing. Abba Father create in me a clean heart and mind. Fill me with your Holy Spirit.to teach me to follow your ways and your will. In Jesus precious name I pray. Amen.

  71. I am ready for a new thing! I prayed Nu Birth’s prayer below, & I realized I’ve been terrified of a new life, even though I said I wanted one. Sometimes it’s easier to live with what you know & understand than to give it all away for something unknown. Thank you, Lord Father, and thank you Gwen & Nu Birth.:)

  72. I am so ready for God to do a new thing in and thru me that my life is so transformed ,it will cause others to ask me what or how I can give testimony to what God did.

  73. I am ready to be transformed into a woman with a gentle and quiet spirit which is precious in the sight of the Lord. 100% committed.


  75. Kicked out, left alone, seclusion .. this is what my husband and I have been through for the last 6 years … but I believe the “rivers in the desert” is happening. 🙂

  76. I’m ready for God to do a New Thing in my life. I’m heading towards 70 and I want to finish my life in a way that it will bring Glory to my Lord. God is an Awesome God and He is worthy to be Praised.

    1. Bless you Patti. You are proof to everyone that it’s never too late to choose Christ. I wish you many more years of reflecting His glory!

    2. YES!!!! SO love that, Patti. The farther we go in life the deeper we have the chance to go in faith… serve on and worship with every breath, friend! 🙂


  77. “Those who look to him are radiant; they are never covered in shame.” Psalm 34:5 – thank you for this verse! I AM ready for a new thing – to live free & unashamed.

  78. I am so ready for this change and transition. I’ve just received a wonderful blessing from God this week and started feeling guilty about the mistakes of the past. It’s a new day and I am a new creature…thank God!

  79. I am so ready for God to do new things in me for me for His glory. I am ready to leave the past and move forward into that which He has called and anointed me to do!

  80. I’M SO READY FOR A NEW THING….. AS I REPENT OF THE THINGS I DONE AND HAVE CONTINUE TO DO; LORD I ASK YOU REBUILD ME IN MY MIND MY SOUL AND SPIRIT…. FIX THE BROKENESS, SELFISHNESS, ALL THAT’S NOT OF YOU LORD, TRANSFORM ME MAKE ME NEW, I BELIEVE IT AND RECEIVE IT IN JESUS CHRIST HOLY NAME AMEN.. As I read your story I too realize it been looking some for up lifting some pulling up of some old things as well as present. … So I truly Thank you for confirming and agreeing…. As I Pray for you I ask that you Pray for me….Be continually Be Bless

  81. I am ready for a new thing !! I am ” tired” and ready to let God fix the broken me- The song was beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes.

  82. I needed that !!!! I too am praying that God will use me to His honor and glory in spite of my weaknesses and all of my mess. with His grace and mercy I know that I will make it…right now I am down but not out as His grace is really sufficient….hallelujah

  83. I am ready for a new thing-God holds the king’s heart in his hand like a river and let the streams flow toward those who please him- Proverbs

  84. I graduated from university with great hopes last year, and have nothing to do and nothing to look forward to everyday. I am in despair and feel very hopeless. I know God has great plans for me, but I can’t help feeling rubbish and low about myself. Please, if anything, I am ready for a new thing, father God. I still wait for you.

  85. I am truly ready for a new thing. I was really encouraged by this devotion. Now I feel free and ready for God’s makeover in my life.

  86. I’m ready for a new thing and I am so thankful that God knows me better than I know myself. He knows exactly what needs to be changed in me.

  87. This Word was right on time …… I know that I am in a new season in life and stepping into new things, and this message confirms just that.Yes i am ready for a new thing!
    Monica !

  88. Beautiful song….great testimony. As we all continue to SEEK God, know and hear HIM, HE will make us all beautiful. God bless you and everyone as we draw closer to HIM and try our best to be like HIM.

  89. Our New England Chapel will be hosting a retreat based upon God’s transformation of our souls; I look forward to sharing this piece with the over 70 ladies who will attend the retreat; it is my prayer for my own renovation as well as every other attendee’s heartsongs. Thank you for the lovely post.

  90. Great story. I could really relate. I have a new puppy that’s bringing change as well. I’m a blogger and you’ve given me a great inspiration to blog about! :^)

  91. I’m ready for a new thing! So grateful that God can create in me a new heart each and every day, because in this flesh, having a sinful past, I cannot do it alone. Thank you Lord for your grace and mercies!! Make me new again this morning, forgive me of all my yesterdays… Let’s start a new day together, with You leading the way!!

  92. I’m ready for a new thing!!!! Great reminder of how God has and is still transforming me! I love that song Broken into Beautiful!!!!

      1. Everyday I am reminded of God’s matchless grace towards me. Another chance and opportunity to live out the scriptures. I still fail but I know He is at work in me both to will and to Do of His good pleasure. It is wonderful to know I’m given a second chance even before I fail! Thank you for such a beautiful song. I think it describes all of us as we put our faith in Christ Broken into Beautiful. It doesn’t always feel that way but the bottom line is it is true.

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