When Grace Is Complicated

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A few summers ago, I became a watering girl. Now, most sunny days often begin with the garden hose in hand. And I love it. The birds sing melodies in all their chirpy cuteness and the plants respond with claps of gratitude. (I seriously think they clap … in their own way. Moving on…)

Early one morning I unwound the hose and watered our small cucumber garden. Then I headed toward a few thirsty plant friends in the back of the lawn along the fence. As I began to water, the flow trickled to a stop.

I looked up and spied the water-stopping nemesis. A kink in the hose.

So frustrating.

There was plenty of water. It just couldn’t flow because the hose had flipped and kinked. I tried to flap it out from where I was across the yard, but this kink was a good bit down the line. It required that I drop everything and address it. Once the kink was fixed, the water flowed smoothly and the rest of my plants got their drinks.

What a picture of faith!

Just like a hose is connected to a water source, our souls are connected to the Living Water. And though as believers we are always connected to Him and always have access to the refreshment and nourishment our souls need, there are times when kinks happen and the flow stops.

My kinks come in all shapes and sizes. I get flipped over by disappointments, unmet expectations, other people, or simply by my attitude, unbelief, fears, behaviors, rebellion, or unhealthy emotions.

How can I work out the kinks of my circumstances and relationships? By turning to the grace that God offers. By asking for His grace instead of depending on my own strength. By going to Him in prayer. By aligning my life and my choices to the teachings of the Bible. By yielding to His Spirit.

The biggest of all kinks, however, is my sin.

Yep. I said the s-word.

Pastor Timothy Keller said it this way; “The sin that is most destructive in your life right now is the one you are most defensive about.”

Ouch. Big kink. Right?

How can I work out the kinks of my sin? By confession. I drop everything and address it.

Here are two opposite sides of the same kink-coin found in Scripture.

If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. If we say we have not sinned, we make him a liar, and his word is not in us (1 John 1:8-10, ESV).

Anyone, then, who knows the good he ought to do and doesn’t do it, sins.
(James 4:17)

Got a few sin kinks? Sure you do. We all do. Some might stem from blatant rebellion to God’s will, while others might be simply NOT doing something you know you ought to do. Regardless, if you want to have a right relationship with God, you must deal with sin honestly. Nothing can separate you from God’s love, but sin sure can stop the flow of His peace, grace, strength, and joy into your life.

The Anglican theologian Richard Sibbes summed up the good news of Jesus beautifully when he said; “There is more mercy in Christ than sin in us.”


I. Am. So. Thankful.

Let the grace of God work out your kinks as they happen. When you realize your error, drop everything and address it. The Bible says that the Lord’s kindness leads us to repentance, which, in turn, unleashes the powerful flow of His peace, grace, strength, and joy.

Now, I admit this isn’t always easy. There are times when I want to justify my sin and ignore grace. But if I can recognize my stubbornness, pride, arrogance, laziness, over-indulgence, and so on for what it is and remember that God’s grace restores and heals, then I am empowered to handle my sin swiftly and sincerely.

I am so thankful that your mercy is greater than my sin.
Please forgive me for    _________________ .
You know my heart and You know my ways.

Cover me fresh with grace today so that I can experience Your joy,
strength, and peace.

In Jesus’ name, amen.




Time to be a woman of courage! Grab your journal and list a few of your known kinks. Pray that the Lord would reveal some of your unknown kinks to you and ask that He would contend with you in those areas. If you are feeling extra courageous, CLICK HERE to visit my blog and POST A PRAYER that asks God to help you with 2-3 of the specific kinks that you are convicted of today. Then, while you are there, pray for a few of the other women who posted. Encourage one another. Be the body. Be the beauty.

Thanks for doing life with me. Even when it’s hard. 😉




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  1. Thank you for today’s encouragement! I need more of Thee, oh Lord!!

    Please help me oh Lord with the kink of my husband before I kick him out! I know divorce is not in your vocabulary Father, so I just want to be separated from him. Alas, It is your will I need to be done in this marriage not mine. It has been almost 4 years since we have shared any kind of intimacy. We merely tolerate one another. But I know this is not your will or definition of marriage. So I pray oh Lord to cleanse me and purify this heart so I may be open and willing to to your answer in this matter. Lord you see all and know all and I’m open to your Spirit to dwell and advise us both because it has become a kink in the flow of my relationship with you. Above all Lord, I pray for my sisters who have posted here and those who have read about your grace today and I lift up each of their kinks to you Lord so that your spirit may flow fully and infinitely in their lives. Bless your servant who shared your word and may your anointing be forever on her from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. In Jesus’ precious name 💕

  2. Just reading your thought for the day was and is inspiring. I love the word KINK and yes we live with so many. Or I do at least. I ask God today to help me with the kink of mending my relationship with my children . I have asked God to repair this situation and to mend all our hearts. I am for the first time voicing it to someone else ,letting go and letting God do the work.

    I love your devotions they are making me really pay attention to the word of God. Thanks Gwen Smith keep the word flowing.

  3. My kink as of late, is my grumbling about my sibling, whom I’ve never had a very food relationship with. He has accused me of being secretive and contrlling with regards to our Mothers home sale. Even though she has asked me to handle this, I avoid discussing any decisions with him because, in his eyes I am not doing “it” correctly.
    So he is right in his accusations, but I “justify” my actions to avoid his criticism.
    Big kink indeed.
    I am thankful I have the sense to pray for him and this situation.

  4. Dear lord thank you for your love and grace please forgive me for always wanting to do my own thing and rebellion towards you. Please help me with my laziness, my fear, anger, and sexual impurity.. I pray that you will show me how to please you in these areas and hold on to your teachings so I can be the woman you have intended for me to be. Thank you Lord and in Jesus name i pray amen.

  5. Dear Lord, thank you for making me take time to read Gwen’s words to us today. I suffer dearly with depression, fierce emotions, a harsh tongue dear Lord. Please help me to let go of these kinks. They are taking over my life and I don’t want this dear God Please Father help me to let go. Amen

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      Billi, thank you for reading the post today. I am so glad that it blessed you and has given you the desire to draw closer to God.

  6. Dear mighty Lord, forgive me for talking about other people, I wish my mouth had a filter that when those thoughts or opinions come to mind I may keep it to myself. Forgive me for spending too much time cleaning and not enough time in your word, let me be an example of a Christ like woman so that my children follow my steps. I pray for a renewed faith and good heart ❤️ Amen

  7. Each day I awake thankful for a fresh start. However by the end of the day I look back on all the things I needed and wanted to do in service and feel like I have failed yet again. Vicious cycle to have allowed myself to continue. I pray that tomorrow I will be able to stay focused and keep my goals guarded that put my spiritual relationship first and foremost! Praying to be able to go to bed feeling less guilty and start feeling more fruitful in my faith and service.

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  8. Dear Lord,
    I pray that you will help me when I am quick to anger with my family. Help me to remember that you are in control, help me to calm down and be patience and kind.

  9. Such a wonderful image and so easy to remember – kinks! I’m very kinked up in my relationship with my husband right now; and that I have a tendency to drink too much & eat too much of the wrong things (as a way to deal with the frustration). We had an argument last night and I know I wasn’t at my best. We haven’t discussed it yet today because we have workers in the house. I need grace over this big time, and the strength and courage to handle the discussion in the best way possible. Asking my husband for forgiveness is harder than asking God.

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  10. Gwen:
    Once again you peeked in my window. I have so many kinks. Stubborn, selfish, over indulging in food and clothes. I don’t want to look at grace I want to justify my thoughts and my need to be right. Today, I need thee more than anything.

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  11. Lord, please forgive me for having anger toward a lady at church who said something about my grandson that wasn’t pleasing to me. Also, please forgive me for my worry, fear and anxiety because of my husband being sick this week. Help me to show him I cherish him. Help me to sit at your feet, Lord, during this busy time, have good health, lots of strength, and to make good food choices.
    In Jesus Name, Amen

  12. Father, thank you for your words nudging me through Gwen’s devotional. Father I instantly felt your spirit bring to light my many kinks. The kinks that are cutting off my fresh supply of you and your Holy Spirit. Forgive me Lord for my secret, prideful judgement of others around me. The in-laws that sometimes feel like sandpaper, the school moms that seem to snicker and whisper. Let me not return my own revenge with ugly, venomous gossip. Father remind me that I am to be your light unto the world. Give me eyes to see people the way you see them and a heart to love them the way your love them. Thankful for James 3:11 for I needed to be reminded to know that fresh water and salt water can not flow from the same spring. Cover me today with your grace Father.

    I surrender this to you today Lord-
    I love you.

  13. Today I have to tell my mother-in-law how bad she hurt my feelings. See I was in rehab for addiction my drug of choice was percription pills. I have been out for 3 weeks and she has not called me or texted me. Maybe I am being childish about this but they are my feelings and a big kink in my recovery. God I ask you to give me the strength to call her and the courage to tell her how hurt my feelings. God please. help me with my recovery I feel your love all around me throughout the day.

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  14. Lord please forgive me for not getting closer to you as you want me to, I don’t read your word as I used to and I can feel that lukewarmness in my spirit I have been fighting it but didn’t prevail, please lord do not leave me alone, I can do nothing without your spirit in me. See me through this lukewarmness Lord. Amen

  15. My kinks I feel today are temptation , words out of my mouth in flesh , lack of Faith ! Please pray for me that God fills my vessels with His Love and Grace and Mercy so much that it overflows unto every soul that I come in contact with ! I pray that He uses me as to show His LOVE to everyone ! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    God is Love ! Amen praise the Lord from whom all blessings flow!?

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  16. Amado Creador: gracias por amarme de esta inexplicable y formidable manera. Gracias Padre por tu Gracia y tu Misericordia para conmigo. Gracias por hacer de mí una nueva Criatura en Cristo. Padre Creador, tu conoces mis faltas, muchas son, innumerables, vengo a tí a exponerte mis faltas en relación a mi matrimonio, mis constantes faltas de sujección a la autoridad de mi esposo. Gracias porque tu Espíritu me muestra siempre el error en el cual estoy, y lo hace amorosamente, dulcemente sin hacerme sentir culpable. Gracias porque no tienes memoria de mis faltas una vez las confieso, me arrepiento y me perdonas. Alabado sea tu nombre por la Eternidad. Amén

  17. Lord please forgive me for all the kinks in my life, past and present sins. I know I am not perfect Lord like you. I will fall. Thank you for always picking me up. Lord, please forgive me from any improper thoughts and actions and for not controlling my mind. It is a dangerous place when I dont let you in Lord. Lord, please forgive me for all the times I’ve lied and cheated and schemed to benefit myself, whether intentional or not. Lord, please forgive me for my lack of faith and trust in you and for trying to lean upon my own understanding of my current situation. The kinks I have in vanity, selfishness, and greed are what get me in trouble. I care too much what people think. When i only need you oh Lord.

    Please pray for my relationship. It is still so new, but I feel the Lords intent in bringing this man into my life. I got so caught up in work and vanity and trying to get ahead, that I forgot everything I had. I now see everything I have and want. I know I cannot change the past and can only move forward. I desire our bond to not be broken but to grow so that I can lead him closer to the Lord so that we may be a light unto Him and glorify Him together. I pray for a blessing on this relationship and repent for any wrong I have done.

    1. I fully understand your prayer. I will reply in spanish.
      Padre, esta hermana está entregandote sus debilidades, lo cual solamente la hace absolutamente fuerte en tí. Gracias Señor por el disernimiento que tu Espíritu le ha dado para identificar honestamente sus áreas de debilidad. Solo tu Amor, Oh Dios, puede arrancarle esta hermana de las garras del maligno, sólo Tú, Oh Señor, puedes llevarla a nuevos niveles de honestidad, conducta ética, humildad y seguridad de quién es ella en tí y no quién es ella para el mundo. En el nombre de tu hijo Amado, bendice a esta hermana, escudriña su corazón, limpia toda perversidad en ella y llévala al camino Eterno, el cual es el camino que ella desea recorrer.

  18. As a college student, society’s want for us and the Lord’s want for us sometimes conflict. Without God and His Word, I would be so lost. I know I have many sins and Lord, I am truly sorry for them. I am imperfect but through You and Your love, I am forgiven. And for that I am truly grateful! Please help to continue to show Your love to all of the juveniles I come into contact with everyday. They need You so much Lord. Please, to anyone reading this… pray for the youth in the juvenile justice system. They have so little hope and many of them have never heard the Word of God. Lord Jesus, I love you so.

    1. Kailee your prayer struck me. As a child my father was incarcerated. I saw the emptiness & hopelessness in these grown men every time I visited my dad. If adults are lost and hopeless how much more do juveniles feel this?

      Dear Heavenly Father: I pray for Kailee, her heart is yours. As she interacts with young people let her words be your words, let her actions be your actions, let her love for them be your love for them. I pray they see your glory, goodness and love through her. Let your spirit radiate around her so that they may be drawn to her. Father I pray that with time, hearts are softened and questions start to swirl awakening their spirit. Let them ask what is so different, so beautiful about Kailee that they will want to know and seek. I pray for your hand to be over her at school and in her everyday routine. Always remind her that she is your beloved. Bless her abundantly Father. In your Holy name I pray this. Amen!

    2. Blessings to you as God fills you with his grace and power to live in this world but not be of this world. Thank you for remembering the juvenile justice children. I work with them daily and do see the hopelessness that only our Saviour can replace.

  19. God is always and forever will be good! Us humans, not so much but we are so fortunate to have a loving Father. The kinks that I deal with today is trying to love myself and letting go of the past. Of course my past isn’t pretty but I can say that it has definitely made me stronger and I thank God for giving me the strength to survive. But, I am a victim of domestic violence and loving my self is hard. I hold on to these negative events that has happened in my past and it causes me to not be myself at time. I catch myself dwelling on the past that I begin to become depressed. I need prayer to help me release these kinks for good because I am now engaged to my best friend and I want to be free of the hurt and pain that I’ve gone through. I want to finally get rid of this fear and anxiety. God is the third connection in my relationship and I know he will do great things because He has been doing so already. Pray that my fiance and I find a church and that we continue to stay on the right path. Thank you Gwen for uplifting each and everyone of us up each day with your devotions. God Bless You Always..

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  20. Heavenly Father, let me lay at your feet today and absorb your peace and love. I pray that others experience your love through me.

  21. Thank all of you for sharing your kinks it reminds me that I am not alone! The kinks I struggle with is: pride, exceptance of unforgiveness (from God) in certain areas, and the foods I put into my body that the Lord has made clear are not good for me. These foods (sugars, foods that are moldy and create fungus and yeast in the body) will create a great chance for cancer and I still give into the flesh. And when I eat these foods I feel really bad praying before I eat because I’m asking God for a blessing for the foods He has shown me not to put into my body. And in these area I have a hard time with excepting grace. I will pray for all you sisters today as we walk this journey together?

  22. Good morning,
    Thanks for such an awesome illustration. I believe the kinks that I have right now are lack of reading God’s Word like I should, negative thoughts about others instead of praying for them, and allowing situations to cause me to worry.

  23. Lord please forgive me for not trusting you to take care of my financial needs, forgive and help me to keep my word when I give it, thank for your love and be with all who have reply to this in Jesus name I pray

  24. Lord please forgive me for all the kinks in my life, past and present sins. Lord, please forgive me from any improper thoughts and actions and for not controlling my mind. Lord, please forgive me for all the times I’ve lied and cheated and schemed to benefit myself, whether intentional or not. Lord, please forgive me for my lack of faith and trust in you and for trying to lean upon my own understanding of my current situation.

    For anyone who reads this, PLEASE pray that I can mend a relationship with someone very important to me. I have unintentionally hurt her and she now sees me as stressful and toxic-two things have never been. I pray that her heart and mind are opened and that she can forgive me for the unintended pain and stress I put her through. I desire our bond to not be broken but to grow so that I can lead her closer to the Lord so that we may be a light unto Him and glorify Him together.

    1. I relate to your post. I have a kink in a relationship that may actually be a complete break. I have confessed the sin and my error in this relationship and the person did reciprocate though became so distant that we have not spoke in years. I try to connect with her but she does not respond. I believe God is in control but sometimes wonder what else can I do and then think there is nothing more I can do so I accept that reconciliation is not for us at this time. I struggle with this. God’s grace is sufficient and overall I have found peace perhaps the struggle keeps me humble. Perhaps the distance keeps me hungry for God. The bond between my sister and I is not the priority perhaps this is the case for your relationship too. The bond between God and I is the priority and my husband and I. I hope this helps and I understand your pain I believe pain serves a purpose and I hope yours subsides and you continue to grow in love with Him. Please pray for me too that I would keep my priorities straight and continue to be an extension of Christ’s love.

  25. My Husband is not an easy person to talk with. he will fuss if he thinks I am not handling somethings his way. So I just don’t tell him it keeps the fussing away. He is a good man and works hard for the Lord. he loves God,but I just don’t feel I want to be told I should have done things his way. He is gone a lot over seas doing disaster emergence service. He has so many others to worry over and so much to do that I just take care of as much as I can without even talking about the details. We have been married for 38 years, but I feel bad about not telling him I put my company car in the ditch and it has cost the company $500.00 to fix it. it’s not that I had an accident it’s the fact that I did not want to bring this up with him. But I am not feeling honest at this time. this is how I do things to just get along. So please pray for me to overcome this dishonest . Just not feeling that our lives don’t need to be like this. Prayers please.

    1. thank you Gwen for your ministries to us out here in our walk with our Lord. I know prayers work and I just want to be a good servant of Christ.

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  26. My prayer is that the Lord can help me with at least 3 of my sinful kinks: lack of discipline to be in His Word on a daily basis, lack of love and attention to my husband, and busyness getting in the way of God’s will & not mine. By being in God’s Word, I know in my heart and mind that I will be more receptive to hear his voice. …but there is the fearful part of me that is concerned of what He may ask of me. I know I need to let go and let Him take control. It seems to be an ongoing battle. I let go and then take back…over and over again. I am so blessed even through the sinful kinks I have. He knows my heart and love for Him. I’m a work in progress. 🙂

    1. Angela, I can relate to your “kinks”. I, too, fall short of staying in God’s word daily and making myself too busy. Too busy for quiet reflection. I send up “missile prayers” constantly, but often fall asleep during my nighttime prayers. God also knows my heart and knows that I fall short in these ways- and others! I am so grateful for His grace and I, too, am a work in progress! Thank you for touching my heart with your thoughts. Pam Kemper

  27. Lord thank you Loving me! Lord help me see those things that doesn’t serve good to in my life. I’ve been besting myself up behind financial issues. I’ve been hard on myself for not being able to be there for my niece like her beloved mother would want me to be. Show me Your Will for my life and the relationships in my life. Heal my hurting body in Jesus name Amen! Your Daughter Sherelle

  28. My kink is laziness and gluttony! I have found myself wallowing in this, knowing that it only leads to death, however I am stuck. Have you ever walked thru thick mud and you can’t move, that’s how I feel. I know in my heart that God can move me…..but I am almost paralyzed in it. Lord today remove me from the mud….change me and help me take the hard long steps out of this muddy pit! Be my strength …. help my eyes to not look down at how thick I have gotten myself buried in the mud, but keep my head up and my eyes on you…..as I grab your hand, help me Lord to not let go……..

    1. Thank you Kelly … remember when Peter was walking on water and he took his eyes off Jesus and he “started” to drown … but he didn’t drown … he cried out, “Lord save me” and HE did!!! I pray that you reach out like Peter did God is right there sister? keep you eyes on Him … read 1Peter 5:6-7 and a great sermon from Pastor Steven Furtick with Elevation Church called “When Anxiety Attacks” great sermon I encourage to listen to.
      God bless you❤️

    2. I could have written your post. Let’s pray for each other and don’t give up. I know one of my kinks is not being willing to accept the physical limitations that an autoimmune disease places on me. So then depression etc sets in. I pray that I will seize the opportunities to do all I can do within my limits and be joyful in that rather than being hard on myself for not doing “everything” I see others are able to do. Thank you for listening.

    1. Hi Melissa,
      A year ago I had to deal with the kinks you’re dealing with now. I learnt that the only way to deal with fear, rejection and pain is to submit them to God and trust him to heal me. It took months for me to be completely healed but it was so worth it because not only was I healed, God also strengthened me for the future and now, no matter what happens I am secure in him. In letting go of fear, I had to trust that when God said in his word that he’ll never leave nor forsake me, he meant it! He told me that if the whole world rejects me, he accepts me and even though I can’t see him in person, he is there and he is also watching over me. In letting go of pain, I told God everything that hurt me, I laid it all down and let it go. That way I was sure that anyone that had hurt me was going to ‘get it’ from God (almost like my father fighting for me, lol) I later learnt that God is just and sovereign and he loves all equally, not just one, and so if he helps me to do deal with my pain in love, he’ll deal with whoever hurt me in love.

      Knowing all of these gave me peace and security and allowed me to be free to grow in the Lord.

      You also have a part to play, get into the word, pray, and be intentional about living to please him.

      All the best Mel❤

  29. Dear Gwen,

    I truly needed this today! I am such a happy person usually and here lately life has finally seemed to take it’s toll on me. Many things I have gone through and many times I have seen God’s mercy and miracles in my life. When I was young in a car accident the doctors thought they were going to have to amputate my foot, God saw fit to guide the surgeons hands saving my foot and after many months I could walk again. My son was ran over when he was 2, God worked miracles, after nine years of complete faith, many doctors, therapist, and with at one time doctors telling me he had borderline intelligence, my son is an extremely smart 18 year old who will be graduating with the Class of 2017. So much more I could write about how God has worked miracles and how my attitude was positive, but right now in life I am just down, tired, a complete lack of faith, I have told a few lies, I have lashed out (very unlike me) at people I love, and I premarital sex with a man I was in a long relationship with. I have felt such guilt for doing all these things and trying to remove myself from this unhealthy relationship I am in. I know God can do all things, and I am ashamed of my behavior and feel even worse when I hear so many say “you are such a good woman”. I raised 4 children by myself for many years after my ex walked out on us, and I feel blessed that God helped me each step of the way. I know without I would be nothing!
    I pray for all the women on here and know God will guide them in their hardships.
    Thank you for giving me this outlet so I could get this off my chest! I really needed it!

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  30. Good Morning everyone,
    I thank God for your daily devotional, and for the ability to read it and soak it in, especially when it is showing me I need to work harder on putting Christ first. I sometimes fail at this. I have several kinks: I have become an emotional eater, not good. I also seem to really wonderful why God hasn’t supplied a Christ loving man for me. I just need prayer to let go of this. If God wants me single, the so be it. I am sometimes quite content, but other times loneliness hits. The desire of my heart is to be in a Christ centered relationship, serving Christ together, praying and reading His word together. I will need to totally surrender to His will for me…that needs prayer.
    I am a 56 yr old divorced (12yrs now) woman and have been in recovery (AA)for 31 yrs. I know what surrender is. I just need extra prayers. God is so good. I need to quit focusing on my past mistakes that I have honestly repented for, and stop allowing Satan to throw them in my face.
    Thank you for your time you take to share with us daily. I am so grateful for Sony many things, especially for salvation through Christ. Have a great Thanksgiving.
    Blessings to all.

    1. Andrea thank you so much for sharing. We have similar stories. I have been sober for 22 years and 6 of those wonderful years I have been walking with the Lord. About 3 years into my walk I was finally content with being single I had been in and out of relationships my whole life searching and searching for something that only God could give. Until I became a Christian I couldn’t understand because of the scales on my eyes and my heart was not right. I was talking with God ? and saying I was finally comfortable being by myself and knowing that He has filled every need. If I were to be given the gift of being single (scripture says it’s a spiritual gift) he would fill my loneliness if I were to have any BUT … if You have a husband for me I can’t even imagine how glorious it would be. And for 2 weeks I prayed, “thsnkbyou Lord for the husband that you are preparing for me”!!! And 2 weeks later I met my husband and 4 months later we were married! Now with that said I’m not sure what plan God has for you BUT I know it’s GOOD and GLORIOUS and something you can’t imagine sister because that’s how big our God is!!! The enemies biggest tool is discouragemt; he likes us to slumber and be sleepy, depressed and not praying. But what God wants for you He will ALWAYS deliver! 1Peter 5:6-7 has been very helpful to me! And know that in the Greek v6-7 are actually one sentence. Which was very helpful to me because the second part, v7 can’t be done without doing the first part v6, and that was the hardest for me. Hope that was helpful to you❤️

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  31. Thank you for your thought-provoking image. I want to get that kink out! I am guilty of the sin of pride. Recently, a dear friend has been going through a terrible loss. When I see hurt in people, my reaction is to run toward them, offering…what? Well, when I offer myself, it is so weak and insufficient. When I offer God’s strength and love through whatever God is calling me to do, and point to Him, I get the order of things right. I am not the Savior. I am not someone who can possibly “heal” through my small, always-lacking efforts. No, Christ is at work in me. So, my sin is to think for a moment that I am capable of doing what only God can do–heal, restore, comfort. And isn’t it tempting when people recognize me and my efforts, to think that I somehow deserve praise? Oh, that they would see any work I do and glorify Him. He might use me to do good. But, it is His work alone. When I recognize this, I can rest. I can trust my beloved friend is in His care. His grace is sufficient for me today–and for her. I have much to do today in the life He has given me. I do not need to worry about how others will make it today, without me(!) Ah, such pride. They will make it today because He is at work, He is carrying them, providing for them. He is The Lord.

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  32. Lord forgive me for weakness in my faith and letting fear in when it comes to my family and finaces. Thank you for these words and these women who help me to follow your closer . Prayers for all of us who study these pages as we grow together in the Lord .

  33. Dear Lord, thank You for allowing Gwen to be Your servant and teacher in reminding me that Your grace is a whole lot bigger than my sins! Forgive me my King for my pity parties that I so often choose to control my attitude! I simply just hate it when I do that! And lately it’s more! For You to love me the same whether I’m in a pity party or standing firm in faith just blows me away! I know that I will never find that kind of love and grace, save in You, my King! Thank You, my God, for revealing Yourself to me in this way! You are so amazing! There really is no language on earth that really can do justice in describing Your Glory! Thank You for Your amazing grace that accepts us, with all the dirt and grime, and saves us from our evil selves, and loves us to literal death, and then chooses to make Your home with us…forever!!! Truly “humanly crazy” and truly a beautiful “phenomenon” not humanly apprehensible but only by Your Holy Spirit! O Lord our God, how Great Thou art!!!!

    1. Post
  34. First, thank you for the reading today. I struggle with many kinks but one in particular right now. I know that this kink is big and stopping the flow of trust and love in my family. As a mother, my head tells me one thing but my heart tells me something else. This link is big enough that I want to just run away and wait for it to blow over. However, I also know that it’s ultimately me that has to unravel that kink. I ask all my sisters to pray for me to trust, trust in God to believe that his will in my life is what i need to look for and follow.

    Thank you,

    1. Post
  35. Praise God for such a timely Word! Ty Gweneth for allowing the Lord to use in such Awesome, ways! Three of my kinks are: 1) inconsistency in my thoughts/emotions/finances, 2) non-disciplined in a few areas, and 3) sometimes not prioritizing my alone time w/God.

    1. Mary, I will pray for you. Anger and dissapointment are real. God knows exactly how we feel about things that make us feel terrible. I pray that He will bring forth joy in your life, every day, even if it’s the little things that you can see beauty in. He knows what’s best for us. May God comfort you and shower you with His peace. Amen.

  36. I am so happy to see do many woman reachingout with their kind in prayer this morning…I pray that I will make it through this fast I’ve been living with a man for the last 9 months and though it was my plan to get married I always felt that I was out of order and that this was not apart of my destiny. The holy spirit would bring see several scriptures to my remembrance however I would ignore them justifying my actions I’ve since left the situation I struggled with going back but I believe I have made a decision so marijuana will Fast and pray his grace has already been evident please pray my strength one of my greatest desire is to be married and have a family but I know I need to wait on God’s Divine timing please forgive me for my sins Lord thank you for your grace the Bible says a righteous man falls seven times I believe it and receive that in Jesus name amen

    1. Post

      Oni, that’s so great that you left the situation you were in. God will bless you for making right choices. Praying his comfort will surround you.

  37. Yes I defiantly have those kinks,Worry,Faithless, Fear, that Bad things will happen to me!!!!
    This Devotional is such an Inspiration to me please pray for me, and i will be praying for other’s ?

    1. Post
  38. Dear Gwen,
    Thank you for sharing your heart with us. I need to cultivate a spirit of gratitude.
    I have been reminded that we are to be anxious for nothing, but we are to bring our request to our Father with thankful hearts. My prayers often center around what I want God to do for me, when I need to spend more time thanking him for what He has already done, and even thanking Him in advance for what I know, in faith, He is going to do!

    1. Post
  39. Good mornings,

    Your devo have changed my life along with the other women who write with you. I have so many kinks: unbelief that I deserve an accomplished man with the type of past I have. I have a few male freinds that are in relationships that have helped me financially in really tough times in my life and im wodering if it is sin to accept their help? Since their partners dont know about it? Again do I deserve to be given a husband of this is my sin… I am 29 and dont want to keep getting in God’s way. Help me pray. I will be prsying you both above.

    1. Post

      Jasmine, I believe that God will bring you a husband when it is his timing and his will. When you seek him and grow in the knowledge of his word, you will grow to love him so much and the desire of your heart will be what he desires for you. I don’t know if he has a husband for you, but please remember that God is the only one who will always love you no matter what and the one who will fulfill your heart’s desire. As far as taking help from men who are married, if their wives don’t know about the help they are giving, I would be cautious with accepting their gifts.

  40. Father,

    Today we need you to coat us with your love so much that you are the only one we need to please. Forgive us for relying on everyone else but you. Help us to come to you first and feel the satisfaction that only you give. We know longer want to be people pleaser’s constantly looking for the approval of others. May you be the approval required in our hearts and minds. We love you Lord we all our heart, soul and mind.

  41. I am being challenged on what I can do to help my stepson as he is in need of finances and his father is in the army and can not help him right now. I sometimes wonder if I am just wanting to prove to my husband I can do anything he asks me or if I am just being used?? So is my sin trying to do what I can for my stepson or is it that I am doing this on my own and not seeing God in this situation and how do I keep all the love going. I love my husband, but he seems to be close then not sure of our relationship since it is so distance I need God to guide me and to open the doors up so I know what I can and will do for this young man that is part of my life??

    1. Post
  42. Gwennie!

    How is it that some devotions speak straight to me? Like you knew what was going on the last few weeks girl. Nevertheless, God has again pointed me to his words from your pen (or tablet), so that I know he’s listening. My jealous thoughts, anxiousness and harsh tongue can cause chaos in my own life. All because I allow the whispers to get to me. I’m letting grace and love cleanse me of this and provide clear thoughts, clean speak and allowing others to see his light through me. Taking those nasty kinks out, allowing his life to flow through me!

    Got a lot of watering to do! Have a fulfilling day! ❤️❤️ Mina

    1. Post
  43. Lord, forgive me for worrying about Your plan for my life and my Husban’s life, moving forward. I often question your wisdom in moving us to a new place, the sale of a house and the fear of financial trouble. I am sorry for my lack of faith.
    Thank you for grace. Your grace is sufficient and you are in control. Thank you for loving me and having a perfect plan for my life. May I honor You and Your plans through trusting You.

  44. I have many kinks in my hose. Sins of many years ago that I have asked for forgiveness keep coming up and I don’t know why. I sin everyday I’m sure. I’m not the person I was years ago I have grown and changed but my family look at me as if I’m still that person,that I’m hiding behind the bible. Am I. I don’t feel like that same person. I share God’s word I use even experiences as how God has saved me. He is with me where ever I go. I so need prayers especially at this time of year. Thank you God Bless

    1. Post

      Billie, don’t let others drag you down. Just keep that focus on the Lord and on his word! Sometimes people who we’ve hurt in the past have a hard time believing that we’ve changed. But God knows that you have and that you are striving every day to live by his standards.

  45. Lavonne

    November 21,2016

    A Need for working out kinks. I worry about a man of 10years we’ve been broken up for a 1yr. Need prayer to have strength to not think on what he’s doing or
    Where he’s at or who with. My heart aches for him but I know he’s not healthy to have in my life. Pray on what God may give your mind. Psalms 23:2 is what I hold on to.

    1. Post

      Lavonne, I challenge you to start every day with a prayer that God will distract you from thinking of this man who you say is not good for you. I also challenge you to start each day with a direct order to the enemy that he has no power over your life and he cannot continue to make you think of this man. Let the Lord lead you into the work he would have for you each day and choose to be a blessing to someone. It will really help you in your quest to stop thinking of this man.

  46. Dear Gwen thank you for such an honest and refreshing article. I needed to read this today! I don’t know where to begin with my sin kinks but I know that God is Good, he always has been to me. I know he has called me into His Family and even when I think how can I carry on walking with Him as it seems I take 1 step forward and 10 back God lets me know I must keep on walking each and every day. Without His Grace and Mercy I know I am nothing. Thank You Lord. God Bless You All.

    1. Post
  47. I need prayers for guidance in raising my teenage daughters to be caring kind independent and compassionate adults. I have been a failure in this area.

    1. Father God I lift up Carmen and pray that you would lead her in caring for her children. Lord I pray that your grace would cover her and that you would show her that you do fill in the gaps when we fail as long as we are seeking you. Lord I pray for your love and power to be with her and her daughters and that her daughters would seek you, follow you and live for you. Lord be glorified in this family that they may serve you as individuals and as a family. Lord I pray for this mom’s heart to be lifted and protected as raising teenagers is not often easy. Lord, I pray for strength, wisdom- your wisdom and your presence to be with her and her daughters. In your precious name I pray amen

  48. Dear Gwen,
    Thank you so much for this devotional. I went to the Lord in prayer and He showed me my “kinks in the hose.” I confess to the Lord my sin of comparing myself with others, and He says to write all that I am thankful for in this very moment. As I fill my heart with thankfulness, I forget those comparisons and focus on His love, mercy, and unconditional love for me. I thank Him for creating me in His image.

    1. Post
  49. Thanks for this Gwen,
    It’s reminded me that I don’t need to be afraid of my sin and just to confess it – knowing I am met with grace, forgiveness and healing rather than condemnation.
    Which gives me hope! Would love to come to one of your conferences but I live in the Uk! Thanks for all you do xx

    1. Post
  50. Dear Gwen! Thank you for your encouraging devotionals each morning,they have help me to gain more strength spiritually. My kinks are worrying, neglect to pray more and complaining. I pray the lord will help me to overcome my weaknesses and depend on him more. The lord bless and keep you . Thank you

    1. Post
  51. Dear Gwen smith i Ask that you pray for me and my family. I personally have trouble with relationships and lost a man that I loved all because i wanted things to be my way.

    1. Post
  52. Thank you Gwen for your encouragement today
    I come to the Lord now asking forgiveness for being so defensive!
    Thank you for reminding me that there is more mercy in God than there is sin in me!

    1. Post
  53. Thank you for reminding me that is grace always covers my sin. Is difficult to grasp the Fathers love when we have difficulty truly loving others inspite of their sin against us. Lord today I ask that you would help me to see and love others as you do. Help me control my thoughts and my tongue so that only you and your love is seen in me. Thank you Lord Jesus for your grace and equip me to spread your love to others, allow me to be your vessel. In the name of Jesus Christ I ask. Amen

    1. Post
  54. Dear Gwen, I so enjoy Girlfriends in God. I am 65 years old. I have been married 46 years, have two daughters & two grandchildren. I truly love the Lord. He is my everything. My husband & I have a active prayer life & love reading His Word. Gwen, the sin that I have struggled with for most of my adult life has been smoking. I don’t drink or use drugs. I have sought The Lord daily to help me. I know I can’t be the effective witness, that I wan’t to be with this sin hanging on. Please put me on your prayer chain for this habit. I wan’t to glorify My Saviour.

    1. Post

      Gayla, I’m so glad that you’re with us here!! I pray God uses you as a witness to younger women and that he releases you from your habit of smoking.

  55. Thank you so much, needed this one so much, realized that my guardfull attitude toward my husban, pride n selfishness and unforgiveness gets in the way of my walk with the Lord, I often take my eyes off of God n His word and onto the circumstances and my emotioms, please pray for me

    1. Post
  56. Dear Gwen,

    Once again you have encouraged and challenged my relationship with the Lord. Today, as I come to the Girlfriends in God conference, I am coming by faith and facing my fears! The Holy Spirit continues to remind me that my fears and worry are the sinful kinks in my life. God has called me to trust in Him and His ways. As I surrender anew today, I cling to Proverbs 3:5-6 as I long for The Lord to heal me and use my story for His Glory! ? See you later today!

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