Who Defines Your Worth?

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Years ago, I bought my daughter a really cute jacket at the mall. It was a hoodie made of a cuddly fabric with cream, lavender, and mint green horizontal stripes. The jacket zipped up in the front and was well crafted, stylish, and simply adorable.

When I bought it, I felt like the price on the tag was a fair one, so I gladly pulled out my wallet and paid the retail amount. I was a kid in a candy store on the way home – fully anticipating a shriek of happiness from my little bag-of-beans when I gave it to her.

I wasn’t disappointed. Kennedy loved her new coat, and I was pleased with my purchase. Happy dances all around… until a week later, when I saw the same jacket in the same store at a greatly reduced price.

Are you tensing up with me?

Suddenly, I felt schnookered! As soon as I saw the red line on the price tag of the unsold coats, everything changed in my mind – Kennedy’s jacket wasn’t worth what I paid for it.

When we speak of the worth of something, we often consider it to be a relative term. One that has shifting factors. For example, the jacket I bought was thirty-nine dollars, and a week later it was nineteen ninety-nine. The jacket didn’t change, but its’ perceived worth did.

Now, consider the worth of a woman. Are the factors that determine her value based upon variable and shifting factors or are they based upon fixed factors? Seems to be a silly question, doesn’t it? Fixed, of course! But, if the answer is so glaringly obvious, why do we struggle so much as women with feelings of worthlessness? Why do we walk around feeling like that red lined jacket? I think it’s because we often allow variable earthly factors to define our worth.

There are many reasons why women feel worthless:

Because they’ve been abused (raped, molested, physically abused, verbally abused…)

Because they’ve been told that they’re worthless (by a parent, spouse, sibling, teenage child, or another…)

Because of choices they’ve made or that have been made for them (divorce, infidelity, abortion, promiscuity, eating disorders, addictions, uncontrolled anger…)

Because they’ve been cheated on (infidelity, internet affair, pornography…)

Because they’re co-dependent (conclude their value based upon other people – “If my husband isn’t okay, I’m not okay.”)

Because they don’t collect a paycheck (stay at home moms that have left the work force, laid off employees, displaced employees, those on disability…)

Because they’ve battled an illness (unable to care for family, perform basic home duties, participate in ministry or Bible study like they once did, can’t drive, cook…)

Unfortunately, the variable factors that we use to define our worth are endless. Many of us feel worthless. Why? We’ve felt ignored, invisible, insignificant, useless, undesired, ugly, unloved, or forgotten. We girls are emotional; broken in many ways. Great portions of our identity and of our personal value are wrapped into combustible packages of emotion – how we feel about this or that. The truth is, our worth has nothing to do with our feelings.

Trust me, I’m not going to try to convince you that I know everything there is to know about feeling like a woman of worth or about being a woman of worth. In fact, the more I know God, the less inclined I am to pretend to have life or faith figured out. I’m constantly tempted to define my worth with activities, emotions, and accomplishments. I’ve come to realize, however, that way of thinking is a spiritual dead end road. Scripture tells us that anything we do in our own strength or of our own goodness is of no value to God. “All of us have become like one who is unclean, and all our righteous acts are like filthy rags” (Isaiah 64:6a).

What I DO know is this: because of Jesus Christ, I’m a woman of highest worth. Not because of anything else. We are His daughters, made in His image, precious in His sight. In light of this, we need to set aside feelings that diminish our value, and embrace our proper identity: Child of the King of Kings.

Hear this, friend: feelings of worthlessness are from Satan himself. It burns me up that the enemy has such a strong grip on God’s daughters in this area. We need to associate the word worthless with the word lie. {Tweet this!} That’s exactly what it is, a big, fat lie! God wants every one of us to experience hope and healing in Christ and have an appropriate sense of self-worth.

So let’s go back to Kennedy’s new coat for just a moment. Imagine walking into God’s department store. There on the rack, you spy a coat that is just plain fabulous – I mean stop-you-in-your-tracks fabulous! One-size fits all, the tag reads. Yeah, right, you whisper under your breath. Then you flip over the price tag and it’s crazy expensive – way beyond what you could ever dream of paying. Like, if you added up every dollar that ever passed through your hands – then multiplied that by ten thousand – that kind of expensive. Then imagine the storeowner walking over to you, slipping the coat off the rack and onto your shoulders.

“It’s a perfect fit,” He smiles.

“Sir,” you manage with a whisper, “I could never afford such a coat. This is meant for royalty and I’m, well, just an ordinary girl.”

“Oh precious woman, this coat is made especially for you, and the price has already been paid in full.”

As the owner straightens the sleeves on your arms and adjusts the collar around your neck, you notice his hands – nail pierced hands. And suddenly you realize that this is the covering you were meant to wear all along.

You are precious and highly valuable in the eyes of the One who sees. And you never, never, never have to worry about being on anyone’s bargain rack again.

Holy Father,
I’m humbled to be viewed as precious in Your eyes. Thank You for taking on my sin so that I could take on your righteousness. Please help me to see myself as You see me. Help me to thrive in Your beauty as a woman of worth!
In Jesus’s name, amen.


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Thanks for doing life with me,

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  1. I am a woman of worth! We are attempting to buy a house in Michigan because we are planning to move there permanently. We need a down payment to buy the house. We need a miracle from God. We believe this is going to be our forever home. Please pray for us in this endeavor. Thank you! I’m

  2. I am a woman of worth! I needed to be reminded of that today.
    Just reading this reminded me that I am royalty, and who my Daddy truly is. Nothing is impossible with him.
    Thank you Gwen.

  3. In 2011 This very scripture God spoke to me with. Isaiah 43:4. “You are precious and honored in my sight”. Now today after reading What is my worth there is no need for anything else to be said at this time.

  4. I am a woman of worth. I will submit to my Heavenly Father’s leading. Father, help me to hear your voice and your voice alone. Help me to push out negative thoughts, fear, doubt and know that any action I take will be one because I heard from you and I am obedient to you. MUCH, MUCH MORE OF YOU, less of me. Let me see me, the way you see me, let your way be my way. In Jesus name, Amen!

  5. This same issue has been on my heart for years. For women to know their worth and where they can find it… to stop believing the lies of the enemy and who he uses to reinforce that lie.
    My heart breaks for those who feel their value is based on what they are or aren’t to others… like they need a warm body to cuddle up with all the time or they just aren’t loved or loveable.
    I am seeking ways to help others find out how they are so worthy of the one true King and know how He sees them…. BEAUTIFUL

  6. “I am a woman of worth!” God reminder me through this post that: 1. Him define my worth. 2. My worth has nothing to do with my feelings. 3. I need to associate the word worthless with the word lie. 4. I am precious and highly valuable in the eyes of the One who sees (Him). 5. Because of Jesus Christ, I’m a woman of highest worth. Not because of anything else.

  7. “I am a woman of worth”. All of this relates to me in one way or another. My prayer request would be, that no matter the trial, I would remember my worth in Jesus.

  8. I am a woman of worth! Although as I write this, am having a hard time believing. Unemployed & Overwhelmed. Please pray the Lord will lead me to a new stable job that is the right fit for me. Thanks & blessings to you all.

  9. I am a woman of worth! Prayers for myself, my Mom, and my cousin to continue to know and see it despite what we consider to be faults in our lives (for me, the feeling of betrayal by my husband’s infidelity, and my unhealthy lifestyle; my Mom’s bitterness for past injustices -too many to list here -; my cousin’s displeasure with her physical appearance and wellbeing).

  10. I am a woman of worth. Prayers that God sends His Spirit to remind me of this often, as my husband of almost 32 years recently divorced me. Prayers also that he realizes that the holes in his soul can only be filled with God. Thank you, Gwen, for your uplifting words today.

  11. God is an on time God, yes he is! My yesterday and evening was consumed with feelings of worthlessness. God gave me the strength to read his word in Philippians 4:8-9 to think of things that are honorable and praiseworthy. Today’s blog reiterated the truth, that my worth has nothing to do with my feelings and that because of Jesus Christ I am a woman of highest worth, not because of anything or anyone else. Thank you for your words of encouragement and I pray for the young women who carry the burden of self-doubt and low esteem, that they seek the Truth that is found in knowing Jesus Christ.

  12. When I start feeling worthless I remind my self that I am forgiven, chosen, child of the Most High God, loved by a God who gave up his one and only begotten Son Jesus! I am doing a Bible Study by Sonlife or knowing Him! Jesus said, come See, follow me and I will make you fisher of me!

  13. I’m a woman of worth!

    Thank you Father that you loved and valued me so much, that you gave Jesus. I’m so grateful for that covering.

    Thanks for this reminder Gwen.

  14. Thank you for this reassurance of our worth in Christ. We are precious, loved and forgiven. We all need encouragement.

  15. I am a woman of worth! Prayer requested to show my worth to me and help me find a job where I can use his guidance and grace and spread his love to others. Amen!

  16. I am a woman of worth! Please pray for my husband to accept Christ and stop the verbal and emotional abuse .

  17. I am a woman of Worth! I ask for prayers that the reality of God’s presence is more and more known to me every minute of every day!
    Thanks Gwen for this message today- much needed❤️

  18. I am a woman of worth! Praise God! I so needed this, we sometimes have to be reminded of who we are. Thank you for allowing God to use you in the way He do for His children.

  19. My husband is Dirvoring me. I do not feel like a women of worth. I feel very opposite of that. I feel so many negative emotions about myself to many to write down. My heart is broken and sometimes the pain is overwhelming. Yet this is God sent that I needed to hear this.

  20. I am a woman of worth!
    Please pray that I can start to feel this way truly deep down. My job constantly makes me feel like I’m not good enough and my co-workers and management make me feel like I am a bother. I just need new employment…a breath of fresh air ❤

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