Why Your Redemption Story Isn’t Yours

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There is a feature on my cell phone that allows me to decline an incoming call.

There are a thousand reasons why I might choose to hit the “decline” button when my phone rings. Sometimes I’m writing and have a deadline to make. Decline. Sometimes a call comes in when I’m mid-conversation with a friend or when I’m connecting with my family. Decline. At times, true confessions here, I decline a call simply because I don’t have the energy or desire to talk to the person who’s calling me at that moment. (Don’t judge me. You do it too.)

Similarly, there are times in my life when I try to ignore the promptings of the Holy Spirit as if I were declining a cell phone call. Times when I just don’t feel like doing what I know God wants me to do. Times when I don’t want to hear the still small voice that whispers to my soul: “forgive him” – “release your anger” – “humble yourself and ask for forgiveness” or “focus on my plan for you … not on my plan for another person.”

One such time took place several years ago in Tennessee.

It was after the final session of a three-day ministry event. I was focused and fervent, determined to head home to my husband and three children as quickly as possible. I busied myself wrapping microphone cords, loading products from my resource table, and prepping to leave. While I was mid-busy, a friendly thirty-something woman and a friend came up to me. I was courteous to them, but in a “see-you-later, girlfriend” kind of way.

Not getting my subtle clues, this woman inquired excitedly about the book I was in the middle of writing. I lifted my head with surprise as she announced, “I can’t wait to read your book! Your enthusiasm for the Lord is so contagious, and I just know you have an amazing testimony!”

Then she and her friend stood there expectantly. Decline.

Okay, feel my pain here. It was day three of a three-day event! I was exhausted. I was done. Yet this woman and her friend wanted to hear my testimony. So, I did what any normal fleshy woman would do. I told God, Not now, Lord. I’m going home. I’ve done what I came to do and now I’m going home to my family. I’m tired, slightly grumpy, definitely hungry, and done. I can’t tell these girls about my abortion right now! Nope. Not going to go there. Please don’t ask me to!

So I looked up at these two sweet women and, with a forced smile, said, “Yeah, I’ve got a doozy of a story, but don’t we all? Thank God for grace.”

There! Now they should leave me alone, I thought.

But God kept nudging my heart. Tell them, Gwen.

Before I had a chance to continue my dialog with the Lord, another couple of women came to join our conversation. I was so not amused.

God, are You kidding me? We are done here!

But He kept nudging.

So I finally conceded and shared my testimony with the six women who had gathered to speak to me.

Within minutes, two of the six were crying. They’d had abortions as well and for years had lived under the weight of shame. We instantly became a bonded band of blubbering sisters. The story of my redemption from brokenness and the beauty of healing I found in Christ had become a tool in the hands of God that afternoon.

What had once been a wound became a weapon… but only because I accepted the call. (Even if it did take me a while to concede.)

Jesus told his disciples that if they loved Him, they would obey His commands and His teachings (John 14:15-27). A simple if-then statement. If you love me, then you will obey. He also told them that when He returned to the Father in heaven, He would send the Holy Spirit to teach, to guide in truth, to convict of sin and to remind believers of what Jesus taught (John 16:7-14). To help us. To empower us.

The Spirit of God lives within every Christ follower.

He equips us for each task as we yield to His leading. When God prompts us to do something on His behalf, He is faithful to lead the way and to bless our obedience – for His own glory.

It’s all about His glory. He simply wants our willingness and our obedience.

Friend, God’s plans need to be our plans … even if His plans seem to “interrupt” our plans. Let’s be women who accept His call. Are you willing today?

Dear Lord,
Please forgive me for the times when I choose my plan over Yours. Align my will and heart to Yours. Help me to express my love for You by obeying your Word and by responding to the promptings of Your Spirit so that You can be glorified in and through me.
In Jesus’ name, amen


Is there something God is calling you to do today? Are you withholding forgiveness from someone? Are you aware of a need that God wants you to meet? Does He want you to end a toxic relationship? Spend a few minutes in prayer about this.

God calls each of us to be witnesses of His hope. Right before He ascended into heaven, Jesus said, “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” (Acts 1:8, emphasis added.) That call—that commission—will look different for each of us.

Friend, what does this look like for you today? Write about it in your journal, tell a friend or tell me about it.

Have I told you lately that I love you? ❤️

I do. Very much.

Thanks for doing life with me,


Portions of today’s post are taken from my book, Broken Into Beautiful. My full testimony is featured in the book, along with Scriptural truths and stories of how God has brought restoration the hearts of many other women who had painful life wounds. Experience God’s healing and hope in your life today as you read Broken Into Beautiful.

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  1. All I can say is I admire you so much more now Gwen. Wow I had no idea.
    I’m full of tears writing this because this time in my life was most painful thing I’ve ever endured. Your being Raw and open so will I…….I don’t tell just anyone this but I feel it’s God Way of helping to heal 10 years later 😢you were brave enough to speak your truth so here is mine…
    I suffered my own loss but mine was through ectopic pregnancy in 2009. I almost died from it, And God carried me through darkest time in my life. As I type this I weep uncontrollably but Thank you for being brave and helping me to continue to heal my pain

  2. Hi Gwen ok here’s the deal. For years after “coming back” to the Lord, I would in seconds tell my testimony. And believe you me I was saved in 1972, but from 1974 till 1984 I lived a very ungodly lifestyle. When I gave Jesus the control of my life I wanted everyone to know that He was(is) my rescuer and healer. But one time I shared and someone repeated my testimony inaccurately placing me with things or places which were untrue. Call it pride but I corrected them abut the details they misquoted. Since then I have been cautious about sharing my life with just anybody. Now I wait for the leading of the Holy Spirit to share. The result is always God glorifying. Thank you so much for your transparency and love for Jesus!

  3. You were right on me with this devotional. I have a young friend that calls me several times a day. I try to call her first thing in the morn. Before I start my day.
    But, this has resulted in her calling back several times a day. So now I just don’t answer until I can get a break. I need to say I am old enough to be her grandmother. Can’t really figure out why she likes me so much!! Ha. I’ve gone thru too many things to list the last being my oldest grandson taking his life. I am still so devastated over it only by the GRACE of GOD do I deal with it. My salvation is sewing, quilts,bags you name it. Love it, we have made totes filled with goodies for 10 yrs. Thru our church for Blume/St.Judes in Charlotte. Please pray for me to listen more and get an attitude adjustment. This friend is on dialysis lost sight in one eye and home bound. I love her I just need to make more time for her.
    No way to write a short note. Love you thanks for starting my day.

  4. Thank you Gwen for being so real and courageous. As I read the comments, I’m almost embrassed to even ask for prayer as my struggles seem so small compared to others. I have fought depression for over 5 years after the loss of my Mom. I have never been the same.I know my Mom is with Jesus as she was a Child of God that loved the Lord with her whole heart and as much as I miss her, I know she is rejoicing and healed. My walk with the Lord is not what it used to be. Motivation to read the word and pray are hit and miss. I go to church and try to live each day for the Lord. I used to have that Passion and Fire and I so long to have that again but I just feel that I am in the boat on idle. Not moving forward, not moving backwards. I feel like Paul when he said “I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do. Romans 7:15”. (Not being in the word and have a consistant prayer life) I long to have the Joy I once had. I get angry sometimes because I have begged God to take this away. I have no reason to be depressed. I have a wonderful loving family and church family. I am so blessed! But yet, I have that empty feeling. Just ask that you pray for the JOY, Passion and Desire to feel my cup. Thank you and all of the wonderful people at GIG for your dedication to the Lord.

    God Bless!

    1. Post
  5. Gwen, thank you for your devotion, I’ve struggled with alcohal addiction and went to treatment 6 Years ago. I’ve had long bouts of success and some ugly relapses that have left my family damaged. During my full addiction I was unfaithful. The shame and regret is almost impossible to bear at times . I love God so much and have seemed a stronger relationship with him daily . I know he’s there and hears me and I try to serve others when I feel that nudge of the Holy Spirit! I recently relapsed 2 times in one month . Leaving my family torn again , my husband doesn’t show me love like he used to and is actually hurtful at times with words or ignores me and won’t do counseling . We have 5 children ages 7 to 22.. well my 16 year old whom I’ve had a great relationship with over the last couple of years . He told me he’s done with me and wishes I wasn’t here and when I said I wouldn’t drink again I did! He’s just done and hasn’t talked to me in 3 weeks. My heart aches for his love and Forgiveness because he had a strong relationship with God. But he says not to talk to him!! I deserve all the mistrust and avoidance from them and my children and my husband . I feel I don’t deserve love or love from my husband anymore from his avoidance but my heart craves his love and theirs!! I’m right back on track again but crying constantly in my room from guilt and remorse for hurting them ! Anyway your devotions I love and just felt I needed to get this out !!! Love and God Bless you for your ministry

    1. Post


      Praying for you now, friend. Healing is a journey… DO. NOT. GIVE. UP! Love that family. Even when love is not returned. God will provide and He is faithful. I strongly suggest you get connected with Christian counseling, a Celebrate Recover group, and or AA. Trust wasn’t broken in a day and it often takes a while to rebuild. Be patient. Trust God. Grow in holiness and allow the fruit of the Holy Spirit to be evidenced in the new, recovered you!

      BLESSINGS in Christ,

  6. Gwen, thank you. I get so caught up in the daily routine of going to work, then to come home to make dinner, then to clean and go to bed that I don’t think that I take time to really listen to the nudging much anymore. I have been nudged in the past week to read a devotion at night when I lay down. It helps relieve me of the anxiety that buries me. So, I thank you for creating this message that prompts me to pay attention to the nudges.

  7. I read this today and find myself with more questions that answers. The truth is, I don’t know what God is asking of me anymore. I feel like I’m in the middle of a battle field and one side wants me to seek God for my healing and to take the time that I need for that to happen; while the other side is requesting that I forgive everything I have lived with my partner and give our relationship another chance. I know what stops me is fear of failure and disappointing those that have loved and cared for me in the process of my separation. I pray everyday to regain my courage and to be able to clearly see the path God has in mind for me but I just cannot see it. What can you do when you feel God is pushing you in all types of directions?

  8. This is an awesome testimony. I would love to use my stories as an inspiration of hope to someone. I’m hoping God will use me as an instrument of faith and hope. Thanks for the stories.

  9. FIrst I would like to thank the Holy Spirit for nudging me and directing me to read this email. I deleted my whole in box but something about this one said I should read it. Glad I did. I can truly relate to the declining of phone calls as it relates to my spiritual walk with God. I am working on humbling myself and displaying patience to those around me. I pray that you continue to encourage and share your testimonies – for the bible says -…we are overcome by the words of our testimonies and the Blood of Lamb.

    God Bless you.

  10. That was a great word. I/we can be so selfish at times. Our first baby died a week before she was due. The umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck. I had an abortion before I met my husband and believed that was why my second baby died. Thank God for His mercy and grace!! God would never do that to us. He has forgiven me and He has helped me to forgive myself. It still hurts and I’m sure it always will. God has had me share this with other women who have lost their babies and felt it was because they too had had an abortion. I am so thankful God loves us and uses us to help and encourage each other! Thank you, Gwen for being so real!! May God richly bless you and the whole GIG team!!! ?

  11. Thank you for your final comment today “Are you withholding forgiveness from someone?” It spoke right to me. Yes, I can’t forgive my husband – I am so angry! How do I do this?
    Please pray for me. The circumstances are such that I cannot ask people I know to pray for me. Pray that the Holy Spirit will take away my anger and inspire me to forgive.
    Thank you and God bless you.

    1. I know exactly what you mean. I feel I cannot speak to any either about my pain in my separation.I’m Praying for you to find what you need in God to heal yourself and make room for forgiveness.

  12. Hi Gwen,

    I loved the lesson that I just read and I too feel God is tugging me to do what it is right. I am battling with divorce. Although I am still currently with my husband, we constantly fight over things that no longer make sense. I feel really tired with the relationship but I feel God nudging me, telling me that his plan is much different than my own and I need to stick through with it. I feel encouraged by your message enough to trust and remember that God does have a plan in my life and his mercy is eternal. I pray that God gives me the strength that I need to get through each day and that my marriage will get better. If you can lend a second of your time to pray for me, I’d be so grateful. I’d also like to thank you for taking your time out of each day to share that one special message that draws a lot of people to call on God. Your messages are truly a blessing and I appreciate all the love and dedication that comes daily with each one. God bless and thank you again.

    1. Sabrina, I’m praying for healing in your marriage and a changed heart for both you and your husband….over 30 years ago I was pregnant and my husband did want a baby, I was a new believer and still learning, but I ended up listening to the lies of the enemy and went in for an abortion.
      After that I was so miserable and started falling out of love with my husband, every time I wanted to talk about it, he didn’t want to hear it, so I drifted farther away from him…..until we both started going back to church together and an elder couple out of no reason, wanted to treat us to a couples retreat. (God had planned this) so we went, and one of the assignments was to go off alone with your spouse and share “If God would give you another chance in life what would you do differently”. So my husband spoke out with tears running down his face and said, I am so sorry that I denied you a child and please forgive me and I pray that God will allow us to have a child.
      So you see, this was the beginning of my broken heart being healed. God restored and healed us, and my love for my husband was restored.
      We tried 10 years, but nothing happened, we excepted it, and moved forward in the Lord growing deep for our love for each other and deeper in love with God still knew my deep desire of wanting a child.

      So here at the age of 64 my husband and I were checking out this new outlet and just about ready to go home when I said,” look they have this store here”, and he said, (let’s save it for next time). But I felt a tug from within and said, I’m going in real quick, so he followed and we meet this young girl who her father had lefted her when she was 5, her Mom lives in Hawaii and doesn’t have a close relationship with her. So we had her come over for dinner and afterwards we turned on Greg Laurie, which he does a Harvest Crusade, and Harvest America every year, so she ended up rededicating her life back to the Lord, it’s been three years now and we call her our daughter who the Lord has given us and she calls us Momma & Papa! So my whole point is that as we trust the Lord and wait upon His work in His timing there’s always
      a miracle in His grace and mercy!!! I had to change my heart the way I was feeling about my husband many years ago and allow God to fight this battle and He did! “God will turn our ashes into beauty”! Keep your eyes on Jesus, our healer and comforter….

  13. Good Morning

    Thanks for your devotional today it really spoke to me. I have asked the lord to forgive me my problem is forgiving myself.

    I have a prayer request for my sister in law she has cancer and has not been doing very well. Also pray that I will hear when the holy spirt is talking to me. Thank you so much for your words everyday.

  14. Wow! Hit the nail on the head today! First I have to tell you that I Truly can associate with your story today. There are days that I will get questions about my son, who died when he as 15. It seems like the hardest days to answer those questions- what happened to him or do you mind talking about it… are, in hindsight, the times when I needed to share it the most..although inside I was screaming no not now God please!. However after each time I could feel God comforting me and His grace flowing over me and I could see and feel the impact it had on the one/she I was sharing it with.
    Today I’m having a rocky morning… struggling with finding a job, an upcoming move to be closer to our daughter and a sudden health issue for my motherin law that apoears to be the onset of what appears to be dementia.
    This morning I’m exhausted and frustrated trying to get her help and staying confident that in this all God is in control. I’m seeking His guidance, wisdom and peace…to even know where to begin today. Prayers please.

    I thank God for the Girlfriends I God email I get every day. It truly is a blessing to me. Keep up the good work ladies!

  15. I do so want to do everything God wants me to do; when He wants me to do it. His timing is perfect. He is God and I am not! Each day, your devotions speak to me in some way. Please pray for our adult daughter, Erin. She was finally diagnosed with Chron’s disease after about 2 years and a mis-diagnosis! She has really been suffering and so many women at our church have been praying for her. I am praying that God will use this whole experience to bring her back to Him or to Him if she has never chosen Him. Also, we have an adult son who has been through a horrendous time and I am praying God will do the same for him. Thank you and Sharon and Mary for the faithful way you stand with me every single day! Many blessings to you all.

  16. There is a young lady that we have gotten to know over the last year. She is married to my daughters ex fiancé. My daughter and I have come to care very much about her, in fact my daughter and her have become best friends. I think this is an example of the beautiful caring hearts that they both have.

    I recently saw a Facebook post where this young lady answered some questions. When I saw the answers, a few worried me. Do you believe in miracles – more coincidences. Do you believe in God – she left it blank. Do you believe in heaven – I’m not really sure.

    Now, I feel God wants me to do something for her. And it’s not that I want to “decline this call ” its more that I do not know how to answer it.

    Please if you have any advice, I would greatly appreciate it. ??

    Thank you ❤

    1. Nikki,
      The mere fact you and your daughter have become such great friends with the person married to your daughters ex fiancee shows the true love of God.
      You were out in this person’s life for a reason. Perhaps showing the powerful, unending of our Father is the starting point?
      Listen to the soft voice in your soul. He will never deceive or guide you astray. In fact, he will equip every step. Be yourself and seek his will every day every step.


  17. Thank you for today’s devotion. I have been doing this (girlfriends in God) for about 2 weeks now. I enjoy it every morning. I have felt the need to add more time with God on a daily basis. I do that with extra prayer and keeping g a prayer journal. Your devotions and my Guide post daily devotions. Then in the evening reading my Bible and praying.
    I pray for God to show me each day how to serve Him. I often feel that it’s time to change jobs and I pray for His guidance. I want to serve Him in the way He wants me to, in His perfect will.
    May God give you guidance each and every day.
    Thank you!

  18. Abortion is something that is mentioned in church periodically and especially now with all the demonstrations. My parents chose for me to have an abortion when I was 15 due to a well planned date rape as revenge for my father. I feel guilt and shame and periodically think about that child. How do I get past the guilt and shame when I clearly had no control over the situation?

    1. Post

      Oh, Sara. I’m so sorry for your pain. There is no simple answer to your question, but I do believe that my book BROKEN INTO BEAUTIFUL will help walk you through healing and a process of forgiveness. Please email my assistant Sherri with your full name and email, and tell her that I said I would send a complimentary copy of my book to you. Praying for you now, friend. Thanks for courageously sharing.

      Warmly in Christ,

    2. Post
  19. I am so glad the Lord led me to your postings. I am desperately in need of prayer. I am 56 and lost my job the beginning of December. I had already been off on disability due to a major car accident in August. I was laid off rights days after I returned to work. I’m trusting that God has a plan for me for something better, and praying. I do get scared especially after another job rejection. I’m scared that my age is against me and I’m scraping, not able to pay all my bills. I have wonderful friends and family who are helping right now.

  20. Thank you for always being honest. My question is, what to do when you keep praying for the Lord’s direction in your life and it never seems to come. My life story is quite complicated and I want to be able to help others, but can’t seem to figure out how. I have no clue why I am here. It is said we all have gifts to share, but what if we never figure out what?

  21. Gwen – Thank you for being so honest in your writings, it helps me to realize that I am not the only one who has feelings of doing things my way instead of God’s way. I want God so much in my life and I do scream out for him to help me down the right path, it seems as though God doesn’t listen but I know he is leading me down the path which is better for me. Your words give me encouragement each day to make the best of every situation. Thank you so much for being so honest with your words. May God continue to Bless you so you can Bless us! Prayers for the Holy Spirit to guide me through all life has to offer.

  22. Good morning!
    Thank you for the great devotion today.
    You’ve motivated me to talk about God today on my post with my knitting Instagram. I have 233 followers, but that number is growing.
    Thank you,
    Prayer request: husband job (starting his own company, no income for now)
    I have Rheumatoid arthritis and am experiencing a flare along with strep throat.
    Severely special needs son is sick too, and then for our two other kids…
    You can check out my ig account steffer_knits
    Thanks for daily devotions and prayers!!!

  23. I thank God there’s a woman out there that He can use to let women know that all that they’ve done in their past is Just that the past. I’ve had abortions and think what would my children be like.(not out of pain do I think this) When I go home to be with the Lord I’ll meet them. God’s forgiveness is powerful. Love you for all that you do.

  24. Thank you Girfriend. Un fact God is so living that feel Bad Just thinking I know better or do I? Thank you for reminding me that I need to stop trying and trust that God will Always do thé best for me.


  25. Thank you for the devotion this morning. WOW! It definitely hits home! Sometimes during all the business we forget to take some time just to meditate on the Lord and listen to him. We, including myself, have all went before him in prayer and gave him a list of our wants and needs but are we taking time to listen to him? I know I don’t always do that. I’m ready to give him my list and then I want him to fix everything. But what is he asking me to do? What does he want to tell me today? I want to be obedient to him, listening for his voice whether it be loud or a still small voice, and following through with what he wants me to do. He is an amazing God and deserves my attention without feeling like it’s a job but because I want to listen to him. I want to answer his call and I’ll do whatever he wants me to do.

  26. What if your story involves wrobgs your children did that torb your family apart? Is it okay to tell that story? I struggle with this because I have felt like sharing my hurts as a mom but don’t want to cast ill-will towards my child from others. Quite honestly I still have not forgiven him completely but I don’t want to tarnish how others think of him because of his bad choices years ago. I don’t know if it’s God calling me to share to help others or the enemy trying to use me as a tool against my son? Its so hard to differentiate.

      1. Thank you for this reply as I needed this as a reminder for my husbands actions and reactions. He battles satan daily as we all do but a deeper level and it breaks my heart and at times I just ask him why he continues on in this manner I get so frustrated. I simply want a God filled home, marriage and husband. Simply being the keyword.
        For Lynn I have to agree no matter if you are working with small children or adults postive is much more powerful than negative

  27. Gwen, it is so encouraging to read what you have to say! It always touched me and today I must say that I started to just continue on without writing but felt I needed to do so. I grew up in church, singing etc. but a trauma/drama for the best of me and I moved away from God. Thankfully I repented and returned to His love. My problem now is I am disabled and homebound, I have a loving husband, wonderful sister with a wonderful 11 year old daughter. We live in a small neighborhood of awesome people. The issue is most are not Christian or ever been in church. I need prayers on how to deal with them, I just don’t know.

  28. Gwen! You are REAL. Don’t ever change that girlfriend. I’ve been struggling with what my plans need to be at work instead of allowing for God to show me his. Thank you for the reminder, not saying I always like the fact that again, I was WRONG, but that God whispers or even sometimes shouts, “you need to trust me.”
    So, let’s let him show us his plan in his time. Let’s work together to be patient; not my best trait, but never the less, I’ll try.

    Love you girlfriend!❤️❤️?


  29. My husband was unfaithful to me for several years. We are on the brink of divorce. I fought hard for the marriage and now I’m tired from the battle and I want to be done. Last week he asked if there’s a chance we could reconcile, God is working powerfully in his heart. I’m not sure I want to but we have two small children. The Lord reminds me that true repentance and true reconciliation are possible but sometimes I don’t want to hear it. Praying I will follow God’s best plan for me and for my family. Thank you for sharing honestly, Gwen. Obedience is costly yet rewarding. You set a good example. God nless

    1. Actually disobedience is costly. Unforgiveness and bitterness is costly. Obedience brings blessings beyond our wildest imaginations.
      My ex-husband was unfaithful. I let a root of bitterness and unforgiveness take root. I also took ungodly counsel and gave up on my marriage from what I thought to be a mature believer..
      Don’t ever give up and don’t ever quit fighting for your marriage.
      The only one who wins in a divorce is the devil.
      We are now both remarried. And I again find myself in the postion of giving it all to God and letting God fight the battle while I stand for my marriage. I have my moments when I want to quit. I am tired. But the devil doesn’t get the victory this time.
      Don’t hang onto your hurt. Give it to God. Let the Lord heal you and your marriage. Let the Lord transform you, your husband, and your marriage.
      With God all things are possible.

  30. Please pray for me I have I have a mentally challenged Sun who doesn’t like Authority and doesn’t like me telling me anything and he doesn’t understand a lot of things that I say to you the other day he got a little bit out of hand and I lost my temper when I told him that he was not going to do that anymore and he pushed me thank God he protected me in I just don’t know I just don’t know what to do could you please pray that God would give me later it would give me God it should help me to be more understanding and give me the wisdom whatever I need I’m taking on calling I’m calling and trying to get extra help it and see if if if it is what it is if it’s changed over the years and I just want you to pray for me that God will show me what to do in is everything thank you so much for girl your testimony and it talks in Jesus name amen

  31. I thank you for letting God to use you in a mighty way. I’m experiencing some things in my life that I need for God to help me to deal with. I’m hurting inside. Sometimes I don’t even know what’s going on with me. I cry out to God and I feel like I’m not being heard. I always tell Him that I’m desperate for Him, and I really am! I need God’s Holy Spirit to work in and through me. I need Him to show me His direction and will for my life. Please pray my strength in the Lord!

  32. Lord, let me hear you speak when students in my classroom need to be shown God’s love. Help me in my own life to hear your nudging to share my story with others. Help me was a wife and mother.

  33. THANK YOU for being obedient to God’s directions and call. In doing so I’ve been reminded WHY my story isn’t mine, but His and others like I once was. After a crack addiction and loosing my children to the state in 2006 God sat me down and got ahold of me! And boy I was ON FIRE for God….but something happened…it was like I can’t describe the decline in my walk and witness for God. It’s been just over 10 years since He literally lifted me out of the dark hell of addiction and even though I proclaim His love, mercy, and grace I feel as though I’m just using words and the power that was once behind those words has weakened. It’s like my fire burned out. So….after reading your story I’ve asked God to restore the desire and the fire! Keep me in your prayers please as I try to walk on obedience once again and yield myself to His plan.

  34. I feel broken. In my brokenness, I feel like I can’t share my testimony sometimes…similiar to the decline feature on my phone also. I want to be fixed and healed from pain and hurt. I think I forgave my soon to be ex husband, but have such hate for him. I don’t want to feel that way.

  35. Thank you, Gwen. I am 18 months sober from method addiction/alcoholism. I am also a survivor of domestic violence. I know the healing & saving grace of God”s love. I am ready to tell my story…simply waiting on God”s perfect timing!!

  36. Always praying for His leading to others and to my family…the devil likes to sneak in when I’m tired…Lord help me to listen to your Spirit in the midst of my tiredness and all that is going on…help me to know when to share and when to just sit and listen… We have just moved to TX for my husband to go to DTS which is such a gift but ‘starting over’ at 50 and 44 has its challenges. I also have always worked full time until this past June and am hoping to be able to stay home most of the time with my kiddos…so am being very prayerful about what to get involved in or where to possibly get a job…my heart is soft and open and want to be able to be somewhere that God’s story of redemption can be openly shared…Lord lead me on the big and the small…

  37. I have no idea what I’m suppose to be doing or where I’m suppose to be doing it. I’m not satisfied with my church and can’t shake the feeling that there is somewhere else I should be, I’ve been praying about it but so far no answer, to say I’m frustrated is an understatement. Prayers appreciated. I love Girlfriends in God it’s part of my morning ritual Thank you so much for making my mornings.

  38. I know I need to forgive a certain person but have found every reason to not do it. I know it’s against God’s word and have been struggling with this for some time. Lord I ask you to help me release this bitterness and forgive. Cleanse my heart from the hurt incurred and replace it with love. Please pray my strength in this matter. I want to do the right thing but my flesh tells me to stay mad.

  39. At 48 I had a massive stroke. I shouldn’t be here let alone functioning on my own and working. Two and a half years ago I up and moved from Illinois to Montana, I had wanted to make the move but was scared I woke up one day and the Holy Spirit told me to go, here I am and am somewhat lost not sure what God wants from me here. Have volunteered at centers for pregnant moms etc. Nothing has really clicked.

    Thank you

  40. Thank you, Gwen. Your words confirmed what I knew in my heart and had determined to do only… I pray that I might do it with more grace today. After a long week, I still have today to finish well for a friend who is returning from holiday hopefully to find her renovations finished by myself and my husband and her home peaceful for her son who has autism. God give me the strength and grace for toay. Thank you again for the written encouragement. ?

  41. Good morning grace sister,
    As I had shared with you when we met at The Spruce Lake Retreat, your music especially “Broken Into Beautiful”, has helped me so much! Even before I knew your testimony I would listen to that song every day all day to help me threw healing from my abortions! The whole album helped me more than you know❤️My favorite verse is Isaiah 61:7 “Instead of shame and dishonor, you will enjoy a double share of honor”! Wow He says a double blessing for my shame and dishonor and that means shame that was given to me (through the childhood I had) or the shame I gave myself through sin; He will give me (us) a double blessing!!! I look forward to all He has promised me!
    I remember a few times I passed up listening to the Holy Spirit and I was convicted immediately and sometimes I did not repent as quickly as I was convicted! Ouch … but I continued to pray that God change my heart! And He has and still is!

    Thanks again sister for all you do.

  42. I’ve heard your testimony, Gwen; & it is powerful! Can’t say I’ve always let God’s agenda be mine, but those times when I have — well it is nothing short of miraculous. When I’ve allowed the Lord to use my thoughts, mouth & heart, He has spoken through me — often unknowingly at the time. Only later has someone commented upon something said that served as a healing balm. The words weren’t mine, but those of the Lord. It is humbling to be used as his mouth piece under any circumstance — no matter how small.

    Of course, I cannot claim to use my tongue in his service continuously & obediently. Regretfully, I’ve used my tongue in less honorable ways. It may be the smallest member of the body as a whole, but it can be wicked as we are warned. Please pray for me (& every believer) to measure my/our words carefully. We never know who is listening & what conclusions they draw based upon our testament through our words.

  43. I know God wants me to do more because I have an urgency in myself to do more. I just don’t know what or where my church is limited in what they do. I’m also dealing with family issues my father wants to evict my family from his home because of my siblings and we have no where to move to. Please pray for my family

  44. Woman of God, thank you for letting God use you in the way that He do, you are such an inspiration to so many. I give GOD praise for you. My prayer for you is that GOD will continue to bless you richly, as well as each of you!

  45. I am just so thankful for your faithfulness to God to share all these inspiring stories and words of wisdom that you share to help others. I lost my mom unexpectedly on Christmas day and have been struggling with things….I feel empty and loss and altho I know that God is my Savior and he never leaves me I feel guilty in not knowing what to ask him for to help me. I do believe God is always right on time and so there is absolutely no bitterness or hurtfulness in him choosing to bring one of his children home…I just want my joy back and my heart to be full like before…. its so achy and just cant seem to find the laughter I once had. Please pray for me as I rely on God to restore me back to where he wants me to be and also to show me what I need to take from the journey that he has me on. I pray for obedience in him and wisdom to know what I am to do. 🙂

    1. Sweet Lora, be patient with yourself. You are grieving. There is no right or wrong way to grieve. It is a testament to the love your mother inspired. It is important to learn how to be our own best friend & how to parent ourselves. What would you tell a friend who came to you with the problem you describe?

      Joy will be yours again. It takes time. The Lord is teaching you many valuable lessons during this season of pain & grief. You will emerge with a new understanding of what it means to let go & the transitory nature of this life.

      A little over 3 years ago my mother passed. Six weeks later, my sister-in-law also died, totally unexpectedly. It was a very sad period in my life as well as my poor brother’s. It took more than a year for me to heal physically & emotionally. [Though I didn’t mention this I had to have 2 foot surgeries within months of both deaths, changed my state of residence, sold my house & began renovations on my brother’s home. It was definitely a trying season!!!]

      Bottom line: things got better. A great deal occurred that I did not understand at the time. I was sorely tested, not by God but by Identity Theives on the Internet. However, what was meant to cause maximum affliction was used by the Lord for his glory & my ultimate good.

      You will laugh again. You will remember your mom without the pang of hurt her loss now conjures. Ministering angels & friends will comfort you as you will learn how to comfort others. Go in peace & hold fast to the promises our Lord gives to us.

      1. I also lost my sister Dec 31st, the exact same day my father passed away 21 years earlier. I cant begin tell you of the pain I feel. She was only 53. She was my best friend too. I need God in my life more than ever. I cant even cope with day to day things right now. Everything is magnified. I love the Lord but feel so alone. I ask for your prayers. There are so many changes in my home and I need God’s guidance.

    2. Lora thank you sooo much for your words of inspiration and encouragement. As someone that has been through loss I see that you are joyful and your heart is full. When I look upon Gods word and how He talks of His peace I see you in your situation. When I read about joy in His word I see you in your situation. We as Christians don’t get our peace and joy from our circumstance but from who we are in Christ! Your heart is going to hurt and you aren’t going to be jumping for joy (in the worldly sense), but it sounds like you are claiming who God is and who you are in Him!!! Praise the Lord sister❤️ Don’t let the enemy in to deceive you that you don’t have peace and joy because our peace and joy comes from Him not our circumstance.
      I will say a prayer for you and may His peace continue to wash over you!

  46. Thank you. Just yesterday the Lord prompted me to copy something that I had written a couple of years ago and give it to someone that I have never met,but I know of her struggle ( she is the wife of my husbands Co-worker) . After praying about it off and on all day ,I began to doubt myself, because I truly have no idea how it will be received. After reading this today, my decision is made. I will send it to her. God already has a plan in place and is preparing her heart to read my story.

    This is a little difficult for me, as no one has ever read this. My story , in written format, has been private . I have told a few people, bits and pieces, but no one has ever been privy to all of the sordid details of my past.

    Thank you for encouraging me to send it, and I ask for prayer. This is a leap of faith. I’m exposing the most vulnerable and private pieces of my life.

  47. Hello Gwen ,great story I know how you mustn’t felt wanting to go home you were so exhausted from your trip but you are a woman of God love that about you .really enjoy your music God has really blessed you with a talent .thank you so much .

  48. Dear Gwen, please know that your words come at such a day and time, that bring so much encouragement. Each day I look forward to reading, and feel a connection through OUR LORD. So many days your songs have uplifted me! You are a gift, being used to bring the joy! May the blessings of Ephesians 3:20 be given to you today! Keep loving, keep sharing, and keep singing!!

  49. Gwen, thank you for reaching out and shaking me at those times when I know God is leading me in a direction I do not want to go. Forgiveness is one of the hardest things I struggle with but through my faith in God and prayers I am getting there.

  50. Thank you, Gwen for your blog, words to heal others’ souls/lives, and for encouraging
    each of us ty o find God’s grace in any given moment.

    My family could use additional prayers as we pray from where we are at – for healing of a situation and family member, who has clouded judgment.

    I thank God for meeting each of us where we are vunerable to lifes’ perplexities.

  51. Gwen, THANK YOU for being REAL! The grace you live by is encouraging and tangible for all of us. I so appreciate your transparency for us who are barely doing life due to life.

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