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Dan Simeone

EPISODE 51 – Kate Battistelli

My guest on episode #51 of Graceologie is Kate Battistelli. Kate is the author of a new book THE GOD DARE and mom to the amazing GRAMMY AWARD winning artist Francesca Battistelli.

Is there something GOD is asking you to do that you know you couldn’t possibly do on your own? Deep down inside, you know you’re on this planet for a reason. God has a plan in mind just for you. In fact, He chose you for His plan before the foundation of the world. He designed you very specifically for this time and this place, and He’s perfectly equipped you to accomplish His purpose on earth.

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Dan Simeone

EPISODE 50 – Lisa-Jo Baker

Do you ever get discouraged by the un-glamorous sides of midlife, momming, matrimony or muffin-tops?

Episode #50 is full of intimate and inspirational reflections on midlife. My guest Lisa-Jo Baker invites women to get a good look at their middles and gives permission to embrace them–beyond what the media, the mirror, the magazines, or our teenagers say. Through gutsy, beautiful storytelling, she admits out loud what most women are thinking about marriage, parenting, failure, and how badly we all want to buy those matching Magnolia Market mugs.

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Dan Simeone

EPISODE 49 – Rachael Gilbert

WHAT IF as a result of facing fears and taking intentional steps forward from where you currently are, you ended up with more time, money, energy, passion and purpose than you ever imagined possible? Sounds pretty amazing, right?

Episode #49 is all about PURSUING YOUR DREAMS with CONFIDENCE. My guest is RACHAEL GILBERT. She and I have a great time talking about the labels we give ourselves, the limitations we place on ourselves and the impact these have on our willingness to chase those personal and professional goals.

Rachael and I agree: God often surprising us with assignments and opportunities, especially when we’re willing to say YES to HIS nudges.

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Dan Simeone

EPISODE 48 – Danna Demetre

Ready to win the battle when it comes to food and your midlife metabolism? Danna Demetre, co-author of the EAT, LIVE, THRIVE DIET book, is my guest on the episode 48 of Graceologie.

Listen in on a powerful and practical discussion that covers topics like body issues, weight struggles, intermittent fasting, metabolism, and the roll emotional stress plays on health.

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Dan Simeone

EPISODE 47 – Chris & Emily Norton

Have you ever been so overwhelmed with adversity that you felt paralyzed? Yeah, me too. Today’s conversation gives us a glimpse of the grace God provides to help us be strong when we are weak.

In this episode, Chris and Emily Norton join me to share their story of how they found courage to press on past fear as they battled unbelievable odds with determination to discover that life’s lowest moments can be our greatest gifts.

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Dan Simeone

EPISODE 46 – Kate Merrick

Kate Merrick joins me to talk about her newest book, HERE, NOW. She shares some practical ways you and I can live beyond the distractions of the world to live FOR and FOCUS ON the peace and presence of JESUS.

If you’ve ever needed a digital detox, been distracted by doubts, or struggled to prioritize what really matters, then this episode with Kate Merrick is going to help move you toward the COURAGE and CALM that your soul’s longing for.

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Dan Simeone

EPISODE 45 – Heather Avis

There are times the Lord allows us to venture into unexpected places on our own… and then there are times when He takes us by the hand and leads us down paths we never expected to walk… let alone even knew we wanted! That’s the case with my guest on episode #45 of the GRACEOLOGIE show.

Her name is HEATHER AVIS. Many follow her popular Instagram community – The Lucky Few. Heather’s an Author, speaker, wife and MOM to 3 adopted kids – two with Down Syndrome, one with a different ethnicity – and she joins me for an insightful and valuable conversation about her new book, SCOOT OVER AND MAKE SOME ROOM.

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Dan Simeone

EPISODE 44 – Trudy Cathy White

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from, there are mountains in life we ALL have to climb. Sometimes they’re steep with pain, trials and loss. Sometimes the climb is about understanding who you are in Christ, or how to be a godly parent and leave a lasting legacy.

In episode #44 of Graceologie, my guest Trudy Cathy White shares openly with a heart of wisdom, depth and humility about finding God faithful in her journey. Each story and Scripture she shares will point you to the promise that God himself is much like a mountain: steadfast, strong and mighty.

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42 & 43

Dan Simeone

EPISODES 42 & 43 – Kristen Clark

For the modern Christian woman living in today’s sexually charged society, embracing God’s design for sex and purity can often feel like an impossible pursuit. As the culture seeks to normalize things such as pornography, erotica, and casual sex, both single and married women of all ages feel immense pressure to conform.

On episodes #42 & #43 of the Graceologie Podcast, my guest is the enthusiastic and wise-beyond-her-years Kristen Clark! We have a candid and fascinating discussion about sex, purity and the longings of a girl’s heart.

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