What To Do When God Says NO

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psalm 84.12

A few years ago, I was on my way home from running errands. As I approached our neighborhood, my cell phone rang.

“Hi, Mom. It’s Kennedy. Where are you?”

“Hey, baby! I ran some errands and will be home in just a few minutes. What’s up?”

“Well, I wanted to see if you and I could go shopping for a new bathing suit this afternoon, and— don’t say no —I’d like to get a feather in my hair. Can we, Mom?”

Oh. No. She. Didn’t!

Don’t say ‘no’? I thought. Really? C’mon girl. I’m the parent. You’re the child. Get a grip.

What I said to her was, “Honey, we are several weeks away from swim season. I’m not sure that today is a good day for all of this. And by the way, you’re free to share your heart with me and to tell me your desires, but you do not get to tell me what I can and can’t say no to. I’m pulling into the neighborhood now and will see you in a minute.”

Later, as I considered her angle—the way she positioned her request—my heart leapt with conviction. How often do I approach God with a request wrapped up in a demand that He not to tell me no?

Jesus told His disciples that they could ask for anything. He even said that when we ask in His name that what we ask for would be given to us.

“I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father. And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Son may bring glory to the Father. You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it” (John 14:12-14).

Let’s consider the context here. When Jesus said “You may ask me for anything,” it wasn’t an open invitation for the will of man to reign. It was an invitation for man to participate in the will of God through prayer. It was about us asking for things that will bring glory to God the Father. Asking “in my name” is all about the will of God being done on earth as it is in heaven – not the whim of mankind.

Is God obligated to answer our prayers in the way we want Him to? No, He’s not. Does God want you to have a million-dollar home and drive a Hummer? Not sure. Does God want you to be healed of that diagnoses, disease, or physical challenge? Possibly. Is He able? Yes.

I don’t know His exact plan for your life. What I do know is this: God is a good and faithful God. “The works of his hands are faithful and just; all his precepts are trustworthy. They are steadfast forever and ever, done in faithfulness and uprightness” (Psalm 111:7-8).

When it comes to God’s character, faithfulness doesn’t mean that He will always come through for us in the way we expect. It means He will see His plans through to completion, that He will keep His promises, that He will continue to work in our lives for our ultimate good – not necessarily our immediate happiness.

If we think that God can’t say no to us, then we’ve put ourselves on the throne and not God. Prayer is not about getting God to do what we want Him to do; it is about releasing God’s will on earth as it is in heaven (Matthew 6:10). It doesn’t change His mind and He’s not a genie in a bottle whose wish is our command. God is God—and He is faithful, no matter which way He moves.

Prayer quote matt 6.10

I really, really, really love my daughter. But just because she asks me for something doesn’t mean that I’m going to grant her request. I love her too much for that. God is our heavenly Father. Our parent. He wants mature, wise children. Not spoiled children. He loves us too much for that.

He even told His own Son “no” in order to accomplish His great purposes. On the night He was betrayed, Jesus was distraught to the point of sweating blood in the Garden of Gethsemane. Crying out to God, He “knelt down and prayed, saying, ‘Father, if you are willing, remove this cup from me. Nevertheless, not my will, but yours, be done’” (Luke 22:41-42, ESV).

God said no to Jesus because the request of His Son did not line up with His will. And because God said no, you and I can experience grace, forgiveness, peace, and salvation. In order for God to be glorified in His life, Jesus had to submit to the will of the Father. In order for God to be glorified in our lives, we, too, must submit to the will of the Father—and His will is always what’s best for us because He is faithful.

At times the wounds of life leave us reeling. At times God allows trials and temptations that seem unbearable. Even in those times, God remains the same and He can be trusted. We must choose to trust. And that choice is directly linked with the promise of blessing. Psalm 84:12 says, “O Lord Almighty, blessed is the man who trusts in you.”

No matter what you pray for or desire, you can trust Him, whether His answer is “No,” or “Yes.”


Dear Lord,
Faithful One, You are my Father and I know that you have a plan for me. Please bind me to Your will and teach me to desire Your heart above all else. Help me to hold unswervingly to the hope that I profess, knowing that You are faithful (Hebrews 10:23).
In Jesus’ name, amen.


FOR YOUR REFLECTION and RESPONSE: In spite of our wandering ways, God remains steadfast. Read and consider the following verse: “If we are faithless, he will remain faithful, for he cannot disown himself” (2 Timothy 2:13). How does this verse encourage you? Have you been praying for the Lord to answer according to His will or according to yours? Let’s take this conversation deeper. CLICK HERE to leave your answer in the comments section of my blog.
Thanks for doing life with me. Can’t wait to hear from you!



Today’s post is adapted from Knowing God by Name by Sharon Jaynes, Gwen Smith, & Mary Southerland by permission of Multnomah, division of Random House, Inc.  Get your copy today from your favorite Christian retailer or CLICK HERE to order the book from Amazon.



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  1. Thank You for sharing this today! I have a wonderful 31 year old daughter that I have been praying for since she was born! I have always prayed for her health, happiness and safety and that God will always be in all of her decisions. She has had a very difficult time finding that right guy and I fervently pray for God to guide her in the right direction. Sometimes I worry that I don’t pray in the right way or in the right mindset. But I truly pray with an earnest heart. Sometimes I get discouraged that it hasn’t happened for her, but this helped remind me that it’s not on MY timetable, but God’s! ❤️

  2. As I am reading this, I’m sitting in a hospital ER waiting room while my husband arrives by ambulance in full cardiac arrest. Although I am sitting alone, I realize I am not alone and as difficult as it is, I hold His hand and pray His will, not mine, be done. Hardest thing I’ve ever done, but, oh so necessary.

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  3. I am in a new place in my life. Jobless for 4 months now and all three of our children are in school now for the first time. The Lord has placed me in my uncomfort zone for a reason! Although, I’m not exactly sure where to go from here He has put on my heart to go back to school. This terrified me at first!! But I am ready to face my fears, through Him! I am okay with Him saying no to the things that won’t work in my life. Thanks, Girlfriend!

    Danielle ❤️

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      Yes. You ARE ready, Danielle… because you are not alone. Keep seeking God’s heart and He will lead every step. Blessings, friend.


  4. I do remember this devotion and I thought it looked familiar when I read it in my email this morning. This year sure has been a season of loss and wondering what exactly is God doing. I have seen His hand and that He is faithful. I have also seen that I am the one who has the emotions and the “feelings” that are constantly changing. Even when there is a particular circumstance where it looks like maybe God is going to answer some of my prayers and then the very next day something will happen and it is clear that the answer is “no”. “No” is a word that is difficult to hear most of the time. It can be “no” to a job, “no” to a relationship, or a “not yet” when it comes to our finances. Whatever the reason is for us, these are mine, I do know the ultimate goal is us praising God, going out and telling people about Him and at the end of our lives we will be with Him. All the other things in between are because He is a good God and he does want the best for us His way. The “bad” stuff may not even be God, they may be sin in our lives, our flesh desires, or the enemy trying to get us to believe his lies.

    Thank you for the GIG devotionals. I receive them every morning in my inbox and they are my favorite. When I get the opportunity to read them, many times if not always, they are an answer to the questions I had the previous week.

    1. i read the devotional daily and most if the times they are divine,and i love the examples/story that u give some of our daily experiences.i have learnt to see/and look for God in my day to day life experiences.

    2. i read the devotional daily and most of the times they are divine,and i love the examples/story that u give some of your/our daily experiences thst we so often take for granted.i have learnt to see/and look for God in my day to day life experiences. My desire is like u said n scripture says ..
      let His will but not mine be done of earth as it is in Heaven

      thanks so much and God bless u girlfriend:)

  5. What do I do when God says no? Sigh, let another peace of my heart die, another part of my soul wither. God has done nothing but say no to me since I gave my live to him 17 years ago. No to healing my marriage. No to taking any of the responsibility off my shoulders (I have a Peter Pan marriage). No to ever having one of my dreams realized. So I just sit and keep on keeping on. Maybe there will be a reward in heaven, but I’m guessing that i’ll be lucky to just get in.

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      Thanks for sharing with honesty. While I don’t have any simple solutions to your frustrations and disappointments, I will pray for you right now and encourage you to begin a gratitude journal to keep your heart hopeful when discouragement sets in.

      Blessings in Christ,

    2. I can so relate. I felt the same way for years. What brought change for me was a gratitude journal and in deliberately looking for His blessings, I have found a new way of looking at life and Him. I will be praying for you. In being grateful for the little things, I have found such joy. I pray you will find it too.

  6. Thank you for today’s devotional. I’ve struggled for several years with God saying no, over and over and over. At times the pain of it is unbearable and the grief can be overwhelming. I believe and know that God doesn’t desire his children to live in such a state, at times its hard to remember He is always present and carries us through the tough times. Our family has lost two amazing, beautiful little girls back to a birth parent. A home that doesn’t seek or honor God, poverty, etc. I pray for those two previous children daily, and their older half sister we were able to adopt. I lack clarity on how this could even happen, and what God wants me to learn from it. I miss them every single day. My son and daughter in law raised the youngest from infancy to 2 1/2. No one understands the pain and the missing of them. My husband is emotionally unavailable, abusive and has “written off” what he call the “mess” of the foster/adoption life my son has been called to. Our marriage is an Epic Fail. I have no desire to be anywhere near this man due to his continual rejection, anger, and his direct defiance of a Godly relationship. Prior to his death, our pastor tried his best to help and reach out to my husband to no avail. This cycle has been constant throughout our marriage. I cannot bear the responsibility of keeping it together, as that’s not my role. I no longer even know how or what to pray for. I try to do my best to praise Him daily for the blessings He has placed before me, that I recognize them as such and do my best to trust the outcome will be greater than what I now experience.

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      Dear Lord,
      I lift Kim to You today and ask that You would allow her to sense and know the height, width, and depths of the love You have for her. No one understands loss better than You, Lord, so I ask that You will meet her in the wounded corners of her disappointment and pain. I thank You, Lord, that You are able to heal even the most broken relationships and I ask that You would bring restoration and peace to Kim’s heart, marriage and home. I ask this in the Name that is above all other names, the name of JESUS. Amen.

  7. I been praying for a long time for a few things. Right now I’m in a financial crisis and I cant seem to figure out why. Right now I’m in the RED and just want to be back in the BLACK. I do believe that God will provided. I decided to stay consistent with giving God back the 10% he required even though I’m in the Red.
    I been praying for a financial blessing for a long time to pay my mortgage and other bills. I need a increase in my income and a permanent job. (currently been with a temp agency for 3 years now). I don’t understand his plan for me. I need to survive with shelter, etc. I was thinking maybe God wants me to give up my house or something. I cant understand why I’m in this place (struggle, trials). I been praying about it everyday. My faith is like waves because sometimes I can say I’m just going to give it to God and then I take it back and start worrying. At times I wonder if God even hears me. The struggle is so real to me that I don’t understand why God is allowing me to deal with this struggle for so long.

  8. Job 1:21Modern English Version (MEV)

    21 He said,

    “Naked I came from my mother’s womb,
    and naked will I return there.
    The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away;
    blessed be the name of the Lord.”

  9. I have prayed both ways, sometimes praying like God has no option but to say yes and this is often how my prayer goes d more desperate I get the more I pray dis way, a few times I pray according to his will, may God help me to always stay in his will n pray in his will and take out the idea of God is a genie or magician from me in Jesus name Amen, thanks Gwen for this message needed to hear it on a day like today wen I am celebrating my birthday.

  10. Thank Gwen for sharing, now i fully understand
    What is it about when the verses that said “you may asked for anything”… many times i keep praying to God for what i want and desire but totally missed the part of God’s plan in my Life.

    Because God has the best for us. Not necesaary he Gives us the desire of our heatt if it not accoirding to his will.. thanks for sharing. So blessed and being reminded.

  11. This passage made me go back and evaluate the things that I’m praying for to determine if the prayers are personal or will they benefit the kingdom,

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  12. I am 28 and recently went threw a divorce. It wasnt necessarily messy but very hurtful. I am 2 hours from my family and friends I have been begging and praying for a transfer for my job to be closer. Last month I just decided to stop begging and let the peace of trusting in him take over and my anxiety and stress are pretty much non existent. There is a reason God has kept me here this long and I am opening up and trying to find that reason. I just started reading your devotionals last week and every one has helped me in some way. Thank you!

  13. Hi Gwen! I so appreciate this devotional today. I have been asking God to heal my husband for over 2 years now. He has stage 4 colon cancer. In the midst of our journey with this dreaded disease I became angry with God and questioned why? The Lord brought us together to only have us go through this and perhaps to loose him. See we got married in Feb of 2014. We struggled with our relationship because of the hurt of this world and bad choices we both had made, but God convicted us both, I was 1 of the most beautiful things I have been a part of. He restored our relationship and so we honored that by getting married living as a couple who love the Lord. 2 months later he was diagnosed with cancer and told he has 2 years max to live. I love the Lord and he has truly blessed us through this, but I want to live out my life with my husband, get old together.
    I trust the Lord and I have faith that He is in control, but I am the child who wants the feather I my hair today.

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      Oh, Jane. Thank you for sharing this. I’m sorry for the pain you are going through and for the struggle of your husband. I recently lost my dad to cancer and know of it’s sting. Praying for you both right now.

      Blessings in Christ,

  14. My mom passed away from pancreatic cancer in June and I have felt lost. She was my best friend and we prayed for healing for her and I believed and then it hit the point that we prayed for Gods will over her even if it wasn’t the healing we so badly wanted for her. It’s hard when Gods plan is not your plan especially in a situation like this, but I am not bitter or angry I am glad that my mom is free in heaven rejoicing and singing!!!! It hurts and I’m slowly very slowly healing, but I will say this I have been through many tough times in my life and tried to force things to go the way I thought they should and then God says wow!!! Stop read my word and shows me what to do how I should respond and Everytime his way is the best way.

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  15. I’ve waited for years for an editor, musician, sale of my house, right place to move to. “Lord I just don’t understand why I’m anchored at the dock,” has been my prayers! I’ve had more things happen to me than Job, I am disabled, keep adding to that because of my insistence of not being disabled, I’m pretty sure this project is right on cue, because He continues to bless me with ideas. Right people, right time? I’m trying to be patient! (I once thought I had great patience, and then the Lord sent my husband home for six months!) I don’t have many praying friends, please pray for God to be glorified in my life!

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  16. Gwen, I have been reading GIG even though I am a man. It has really been a blessing to my life.
    On this devotion, it really feels sad and disappointing when you pray about something and you get ‘No’ as an answer. I recently applied to be enrolled into the military as a Medical Laboratory Scientist. When I submitted my application, I told God I was really interested in the job and had even started preparing for it but I don’t know if it is His will for me to go there. I therefore asked God to establish His will in this application by (He) deciding the outcome of the process. I wasn’t given the Job (even though I met all the requirements) but I knew it was God’s will that I don’t get that Job. It was very painful to accept that answer but I know that God’s will for my life is perfect. I just pray that God strengthen me to abide in His will even when the answer to my request is ‘No’

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      Thanks for sharing this, Albert. It really is hard to hear no. I agree that that is a very good and productive way for you to pray.


  17. Recently my husband sat me down and we talked about lead in our church of 13 years of ministry to take a leap of faith to becoming the State Minister. We prayed and know that it is where the Lord is calling us. The one thing that we are finding now is we can’t find a house. There are plenty of homes on the market. There is one house that would fit our needs perfectly….enough bedrooms, an office for my husband and a room for my office as well….(my room would be more prayer room/scrapboom room). Every time I pray this house comes to mind. If this is the house that God has in store for us…..we need answers. Our time to vacate the parsonage is quickly approaching.

    I don’t know what to do anymore?

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  18. Thank you for your posts. I have been feeling let down by life. I was turned down for a position I had been volunteering for. I had been asking everyone to pray for me. This would have helped me and my three kids financially. I am a single mother. The position I wanted was working in a center for domestic violence. I assumed it was God’s will. When I did not get the position I felt extremely worthless. I’m still working through this and praying for guidance

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  19. I have been praying for a healing of metastatic breat cancer to the bones. I know that God could heal me but don’t quite know how to go about it I have pleaded and asked I have had a lot of blessings in my life but don’t quite know how to face this

    1. Post

      Donna, I am so sorry to hear about your cancer. I pray that God will choose to heal your body fully and completely, if it be His will. He can take something even this tragic and turn it into a blessing, as I have seen so many times. Blessings!

  20. A poem that my mother taught me.

    As children bring their broken toys in tears for us to mend,
    I brought my broken dreams to God because he was my friend.
    I hung around and tried to help with ways that were my own.

    At last I snatched them back and cried, “How can you be so slow”?
    He said, “My child what could I do, you never did let go”.

  21. What a beautiful verse…it says to me even if I give up or lose faith, God never does! What a mighty God we serve. This was an inspired devotion for me this morning and I’m sharing it with friends. Thank you for doing what God has called you to do. ❤️

  22. This verse encourages me to never give up. Even when I feel my faith is not strong enough or good enough or deep enough, I can rely on the Lord’s faith. He will not disappoint me. In any sense of the word. I know sometimes I feel that the Lord doesn’t hear my prayers. He doesn’t move fast enough for me. But He does. Sometimes I am just to blinded by this world to see it. He hears every prayer I pray and He answers them all. In His time and in His way! It may not always be the answer I want to hear but sometimes it the answer I need to hear. The Lord knows better than me what is actually good for me. So I can rest in His love knowing He’s got it all taken care of! Praise the Lord for He is good; His mercy endures forever!! Hallelujah! Thank You Lord for always knowing what is best for me! Amen!!

  23. Thank u so much for sharing this. You truly listen to His leading and His voice when sharing these posts. On the night before you posted this, I had prayed for God to show me the meaning of this verse. I have read it and prayed it many times but did not know if I was missing something or if maybe I did not have enough faith. I stuggled because I walked through cancer at the age of 39 and lost my arm to it. I never got angry with God that my healing did not come as I hoped but I struggled with understanding why. This post was His email to me! Thank you so much. I wept through reading it and it encouraged me so much. Thank you
    again for allowing God to use you to bless us. May God bless you in return.

  24. Thank you for this website – it helps me with stay grounded as well and is a safe place for unusual “questions and confusion”. Is there an answer to my question from yesterday’s message “what to do when God says no”. I was wondering about the term “disown Himself” and what that means as I thought that sometimes a compromise can be made to show love?

  25. Thank you for this devotional. Yes I feel like a spoiled child when I get a no from God. But I know that He has a better plan for me. Thank you for the eye opening and comforting message at the same time.
    God bless!

  26. Love this message thank you!!! You really opened my eyes this morning. Thank you for allowing the Lord to use.

  27. Love this message…I have been ultimately praying for God to provide for what I want and MY will for my life. This devotional really helps me come back down to Earth and realize that I should be wanting HIS will and he is in control. You inspire me, and every woman out there. Thank you for the encouragement.

  28. I don’t quite understand the term “disown” Himself. His will be done on earth as it is in heaven is clear but I know that there were times when God did change His mind or what we perceive to be a test later so as I parent I know I sometimes change my mind and provided an alternative to show love (is this the same?) Can you please clarify this for me?

  29. I always pray for the Lord s will because I know that what ever He does is right for me, It may not look it to me but it is and I will find out, It took me awhile to learn this and so thankful I have!

  30. I raised Daisy May, Cockatiel , from 3 weeks old. I was mom. She was all I had in this world. I am a disabled veteran and am housebound. Daisy talked, played peek-a-boo with me, gave me kisses, cuddled up to take a nap, etc. and never wanted me out of her sight. She’d say, “VICKI COME HERE RIGHT NOW!” LOL! She made me laugh, kept a smile on my face, was the child I could never have and the reason why I got out of bed everyday. One day I noticed her breathing was a little labored after a short flight from my shoulder to her cage (2 ft) I took her to the vet. Had to leave her at vet in an incubator on oxygen. Prayers went up all over the US! Daisy died in my hands next to my broken heart. Until today I did not understand that scripture. It is going to help immensely in my grieving/mourning. Thank you.

  31. This was an Awesome message today. I have been praying Thy will be done in my life. I have a strong will and I need to be reminded that I want GOD to be Large and in Charge of my life. I am believing GOD to give me clarity right now while I am tossed in between my decisions. Yes GOD is Faithful!!! Thank you Woman of GOD for being available to Him. Keep letting Him use you! GOD Bless you and your family and your ministry!

  32. Sometimes I have a hard time giving God my whole prayer.. by that I mean I feel like I pray and then I take over. Whether it’s doubt that God will do it for me because of what I did just yesterday or because I don’t want to wait. I don’t give Him total control. I know that’s an issue and I want to do better and I have been getting better but it still comes. Every devotion sticks with me and makes me a better individual daily. So thank you… for every word you allow God to say through you.

  33. I have been diligently been praying for Gods will to be done in our lives. We are raising 3 of our grandkids and the public school they are attending leaves a lot to be desired. There is a christian school several miles away that I really felt like the Lord was leading us to for the kids. I have been praying for a house in or around that area. I felt that we should have our house completly packed up by the end of may and that we would be moving in june. I have driven around eight hundred miles or so looking for a place at the time we are no position to buy but I know all things are possible with God so I put it in his hands to work out. Every road we took always led back to one house which was for sale by owner so I really felt like that was the house God even worked it out so my husband could see the house since he is a truck driver and not home much but when we talked to the owners and told them what we could do they said they couldnt do that, that we would have to get financing which I completely understand. So it kinda left me with a unsure feeling. I know God has this and if He does want the kids in this school then I know He will work out all the details. Maybe He is just teaching me to wait upon HIm and to trust HIm. It is not my will I want done It is Gods will for our lives that I want. His ways are so much better than ours.

  34. I have to say ouch & Amen! I am NOT God & need to stop trying to be Him. Psalm 100 says “it is He who made us, we are His” & not vice versa. Much needed reminder… He said no to me in December & that response was a super glue tough pill to swallow. But He remains faithful & just & I am learning to trust Him more. Parent/child relationships always remind me too of His relationship with us, His children. I love my Abba, Father because He first loved me. I am so blessed.

  35. Hey listen Gwen I read your article, Most likely God, will never say no, because he loves us and he is God. Also one reason he will never say no is because he want us to come to him and consult with him.
    Secondly your comparing yourself to God in the story with your child that’s not right, because no one on earth can compare themselves or think that they are God. The only people who are closer to God in the planet are children. Scripture the new testament says if you want to be God like, be like children: Your child is more godlike than you, because their hearts are innocent and good.
    The biggest mistake you can ever make is thinking your child is spoiled.

    1. No no no guest !!! re-read please God is speaking to us through this lady …Ask Him to work His messages into your heart ❤

  36. My business is construction and I am a woman. I struggle to get respect from the guys and I feel compelled to fight for what I believe in 24/7 . I was burning out and getting myself sick trying to control the business. I recently hired a general manager a man and an new amazing office manager a strong woman with construction experience and now all those plans and policies I have pushed for somehow sound differently coming from them. I released my pride and praised God for bringing the plan to fruition God’s way. I struggle to release my plan and trust God an be open to alternatives every day. Thank you for reminding me of God’s will today.

    Thank you for this website it helps me stay grounded.

  37. I am praying to God that he gives me direction in my life. Right now I am praying what to do about a bad knee as I am so afraid of going to the doctor and Who. I pray His will. And His strength and courage. Thank yo

  38. Thank you for the wonderful message this morning, that no matter what I face that He will be faithfull to me, by carring out His plans for my life. Amen

  39. What do you do when God promises you a particular ting but when you look, time and time again, it doesn’t come through and yes, you have been praying… You have been Fasting.

    1. Hi Monique. I’m going through the same thing. God gave me a desire to pack up and move my family to another state, but everything that we’ve been doing to make it happen always seems to fall through. I’ve finally came to the realization that even though I say that I want to fulfill His Will, I was really only looking forward to my own plans. After lots of tears, frustration, and questions, I’m finally at a point that if God decided that it is actually in our best interest to stay, I’ll be ok with that. I now TRULY only want to fulfill His Will. No matter what He decides, I’ll be ok because I know that He is taking care of us.

      Perhaps you should really evaluate your motivation for His promise. Yes, you want it to happen, but do you want it to happen for your glory or His? Your timing or His (I REALLY struggled with this one)? Be really honest with yourself. It took me a while to realize that I was only looking forward to the good it would bring my family, rather than the good it would bring for His kingdom. We are to put God before all things. We just need to make sure that we are truly doing that. I hope this was some help to you!

  40. Every morning I begin with Girlfriends in God. And this morning is exactly why I am so grateful for your love of the Lord. 7 years I have begged for “My Will” and been bucking his all out of the incredible “stubborn” -ness of MY WILL. Wanted this relationship and without a doubt the prayer has gone unanswered. Now, I could not be more grateful for “unanswered prayer” Pride and ego, get behind me Satan! kind of thing. Seven years, such a biblical number and I will not be continuing into the Eighth. Just wanted to say that I have never been more aware then I am today that when something is not in God’s will…. Chaos, dysfunction and hurt is most often the end result. Amen to submission to God’s will ……..not mine!

  41. I agree ladies! It is hard sometimes to not get caught up in the thinking that “if God loved me, he would do _____ for me.” But that is a humanistic approach to the way God is; God already loves us and already did the most important thing for us by giving us his son, and yes he has blessings and promises that he keeps for us but reveals them in his timing and his plan. I would have never met my husband if God didn’t tell me no! It was more like He told me “I know” instead of “no”- I am so thankful that he knows me more than I ever could and I pray the he continues to use our lives to fulfil his will and for his kingdom!!

  42. This reminds me of “how to laugh your way to a healthy marriage” In the seminar Mark Gungor makes the point that it is not what God and/or Jesus did/does/will do that makes Him King, but who He is! All of our western praise songs are built around thanking God the Father and God the Son for what they’ve done, not simply for who they are! When I read 2 Tim 2:13 it reminds me of exactly that; God is faithful not because He’s doing it for me or anyone else. God is faithful because that’s who He IS!! He cannot help Himself but to be faithful. I don’t know about you ladies, but that is very exciting to me! If God were faithful because I asked Him to “do” it – what about the times He says ‘no’? that would mean He decided not to be faithful. But even in the face of our faithlessness – He remains faithful! Praise God!!

  43. Yes, i have been praying about a 5 year relationship I’ve been in. Of course i would like God to answer according to what I want, however, I know ultimately God is right and his will, will be done. God has a way of drawing us back to him and I am ashamed to admit that I have not been making him a priority. Waiting and loving in faith while I reconnect with God and allow him to show me the way.

  44. Thanks Gwen for sharing. I want to thank God for His faithfulness & it encourages me to know that He is never-changing & He is the same yesterday, today & forever. We can always trust & sit His will for our lives & the lives of our love ones even when we don’t understand, esp in those times day. He so blesses me all day long throughout the day, as I realize this & live it out peacefully in Him & as I learn who my Father is & His beautiful ways…Amen!

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